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On Censorship and Hypocrisy: Think of the Children, Ao3 and GoT

There’s been a post floating on Tumblr about how people accusing Ao3 of being “evil”. Because… Why should people be allowed to write about rape and pedophilia? I’m so miffed at it that I had to write my own post. 

Some posters have argued that it’s obscene to support something that allows content like rape and pedophilia.

To these people I say:

Oh… You’re right. Rape and pedophilia are crimes.

Tell you what… How about you start by boycotting Game of Thrones before you come at fanfiction? You know GoT? The wildly popular show that has so much questionable content it’s unreal?

I’m already hearing the outcry. It’s different! It’s Game of Thrones *insert explanation of why GoT is awesome.

If you’re a GoT fan, more power to you. Don’t get me wrong - I get that it’s not just gore and nudity etc. I’m probably among the few people in civilization that DON’T watch it, but my friends enjoy it very much, so to each their own. 

But if that’s the case, if you do enjoy watching it,  you are in NO POSITION to criticize anything anyone writes on Archive of Our Own.

I will never NOT be disgusted by the hypocrisy of today’s society. We have shows like Game of Thrones running on TV. Nobody has a problem with those. Stephen King wrote a scene that basically underage gang rape. Granted that was years ago, but the book is still there and it’s being printed as is. (In case you’re wondering, the book in question is It.)

We have media like 50 Shades of Gray - wildly popular, both in books and movies. It’s all over the place. You know what else is a crime? Murder. Enter the wildly popular Dexter, the show about the sociopath vigilante. Also something nobody has a problem with.

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We have Deadpool - with its exceedingly gory scenes - also very popular, and something nobody tried to remove from the cinemas. But they tried to remove Beauty and the Beast, because of Le Fou was gay. (It was actually removed in some countries - I believe Malaysia and Russia, although I could be wrong.) 

“Think of the children”. You fucking with me right now? If you’re thinking of the children and worried about their innocent little minds, you should cancel your cable subscription and put your Internet on safe search. Better yet, remove your Internet altogether. And move out into the wild. I hear Amish communities are nice. Archive of our Own is hardly the fucking problem.

I wonder, how many of the advocates of Ao3′s evil enjoy the sight of Daenerys’s amazing rack on a regular basis? Pretty sure you didn’t have a problem with Deadpool and Dexter slaughtering people. 

“Think of the children” is the go-to excuse for oppression. In my country - and probably not only mine - it’s what people use to justify the anti-LGBT movement. Oh, woe is me. How will the children ever be able to understand seeing two men holding hands on the street? 

And they say this with a straight face, while perfectly comfortable with kids seeing murder and violence on-screen. Cos let’s face it - half the children people try to protect so avidly are already watching these shows. Innocent minds… Not.

Censorship is a very slippery slope. A few years ago, there was a purge of a lot of books with more dubious content from Amazon or other such platforms. Books like… Loving Her Teenage Raptor. Or Milked by the Yeti. Stuff like that. 

At the time, a lot of people had no problem with it, because like these Archive readers, they deemed the content a bit too extreme. But shortly after that, Amazon - and other websites - started cracking down on other content. 

Now, “erotic romance” as a genre doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s all erotica. (And yes, there’s a difference). Some websites don’t publish erotic content of any kind. Even those that do are very strict about it or have all sorts of idiotic ToS about it. 

The nonsense I’ve seen about it is identical to the backlash at Ao3.

I blame a lot of this specifically on the 50 Shades effect. The moment 50 Shades became popular, the nanny brigade came out and started policing. They couldn’t stop 50 Shades - but they could attack everything else. And now they’re coming at the Archive.

The Archive is important especially because everything else curtails freedom of expression, with a few glaring exceptions that everybody overlooks because it’s convenient. Having a place where people can write what they wish and express themselves the way that they wish is an incredible gift.

If you’re talking about those writers advocating rape and pedophilia, perhaps your zeal would be put to better use arguing against George R.R. Martin’s series that is… you know, all over the place. If you’re so afraid for a child’s mental state, you should show disgust for every item of media that displays excessive violence. If you hate the archive, you should not even be on freaking Tumblr - that doesn’t have the nice warning system the Archive does.

Stop it with the double standards already.

And know this. When somebody burns a book you don’t like and you’re fine with it, you encourage a trend. The next book that is burned may be something that is important to you. 

In the meantime, keep your paws of the Archive. You have a problem with it, nobody wants you there. 


today was really eventful

baby got new gear and K I L L E D T I T A N which was actually pretty terrifying but awesome. I decided against going healer which was a good thing because I can off heal that way if necessary (and it was necessary)

I love the floating city and surrounding area.


Can I use your art for an icon/phone background/blog background/header/etc?

Sure thing, all non-commercial use is fine, just be sure to credit me!

Can I dub your comics?

Go right ahead, have fun! I’d love to see the finished thing! Again, no commercial use - please don’t use them in stuff you’re selling.

When will the next chapter/comic/etc be posted?

When it’s done! This stuff takes a back seat to the stuff that, y’know, pays my bills, so update schedules are a lil hard to pin down right now.

Where can I watch Miraculous Ladybug?

If you have cable, on Nickelodeon or Nick.com. If you don’t, Amazon and iTunes can hook you up. And the season 1 DVDs are slated for release in May, with French and English audio. Beyond official releases, I’m afraid you’ll have to do some sleuthing on your own. ;)

Here’s my idea for your story! (Or a comic!)

I appreciate the thought, but I try to stick to ideas I’ve come up with, for a couple reasons:

- I learn more if I challenge myself to execute an idea from start to finish

- I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if I pass on using an idea

- I also don’t want to ruffle feathers if I only use one part of an idea, or interpret it another way

Fact is, it’s just easier and simpler for me to stick to the trash in my own noggin! But I encourage you to explore these ideas yourself!

Can you draw my OC/idea?

I can when I open for commissions! So, not for free, I can’t. BUT you can draw them yourself for free! Even if you think you can’t draw now, just remember, I couldn’t really draw when I first started either.

How many comics have you drawn, and where can I find them?

Infinite. My house is built on a foundation of trash comics, they are many and legion. You can check my comics tag for just about everything (hypothetically. I will try to clean that up.)

Will you reblog this thing?

IDK! Will you be okay if I say no? If you won’t, then maybe think about why you’re asking in the first place. Sure, that may seem harsh, but my tumblr, my rules.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why are you ignoring me?

Because in the last month I’ve gotten 200k notes and nearly 5000 new followers. Which is fantastic, and I am hugely grateful for all of you and your support. It is also a little like drinking from a firehose!

Right now I am trying to keep up with awesome things people want me to see by checking my Ask box (which got something like 50 notes in the last week), my messages (currently three or four on a slow day, a couple dozen on a busy one), and stuff that has recently been tagged for me. If I can’t find the post you want me to see one of those ways, I’m probably not gonna see it. Sorry! But I’m trying to keep this all simple so I have time to make the garbage y’all are here for. So I’m not trying to ignore anyone, but I think you can see how stuff falls through the cracks.

UPDATE 4/17/2016:

What do you use to draw?

My own bloodthirsty ambition. Oh, you mean like materials? Okay.

Digital: I use Adobe Photoshop on the subscription model. It runs on a Wacom Companion 2, which is a tablet computer with a Cintiq screen. I would not recommend it to people looking to get into art as a career; I would recommend it to people already doing art as a career. Or who have similar experience with digital art and various tablet interfaces. You can get the biggest advantage (portability) with something half the price, like an iPad Pro or a Surface. 


Inks - I use Microns for most detail work, brushes + speedball ink for fancy line-weight stuff, and a variety of Kuretake pens for… well, anything. If you cantrack down Kuretakes, buy them, they’re cheap and fabulous. (There’s a your mom joke there but I’ll spare us all.)

Colors - this varies a lot. I use anything from Sharpies blended with rubbing alcohol, to crayons and colored pencils blended both traditionally and with turpenoid solvent. I haven’t used watercolors in a while but when I do I like to lay down lines with colored pencils, then use watercolors and watercolor pencils to paint with. I should do more watercolors. Dang.

Paper - whatever’s appropriate? Like I’ll use the Strathmore sketchbooks for just about anything it can take, but I’ve ripped through pages in them with my burning enthusiasm before. Wet media tends to be their Multi-media books or Bristol. I have some real nice watercolor paper that I haven’t cracked yet out of sheer intimidation.

Misc - sometimes I shade with Tombow Grays or an ink wash. For most pencil stuff I just use a Bic 7mm mechanical pencil. I also use blue or red Col-Erase pencils for pictures I want to finish in pencil or ink. Oh, and water-soluble graphite is a wonderful and terrible medium and everyone should try it at least once.

Basically I collect art supplies like a hermit crab collects crap to put on its shell, so take this all with a hefty grain of salt.

UPDATE 4/27/2016:

Can I translate your comics and post them?

Sure, as long as you link back to the original(s), and aren’t using them to make money.  


Joke’s on you, sucker! My socks don’t match, I’m a broke artist, and my mom has lupus! (The one time it actually WAS lupus!) Anyway yeah I don’t do chain messages, my condolences.

UPDATE 4/29/2016:

Will you do more Relive the Magic? When?

I am going to try to go through each episode, yes! And I try to do about 1 per week as time/life allows. They will continue until either the hiatus ends or I run out of episodes.

If your question isn’t covered here, please feel free to hit me up!