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He reminds me of a cold breeze during summer nights. When I refused to fall asleep until midnight. He reminds me of a strange note I’ve found above my table when I came to work, saying good morning and wishing me a nice day. He reminds me of sunsets with some drizzles. He’s the one— who I thought of each and every time I see something beautiful. Something wonderful that it makes my heart aches for more. He is someone I haven’t seen for a very long time. But he will always be a book in my series. A star in my constellation. He was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. And even if we hadn’t ended up in each other’s arms, he will always have the character that can make my heart feel warm.
—  ma.c.a // Sometimes in Forever
I’ve been told many times over that when you really, truly love somebody, you would do anything to see them happy; even willingly suffer in silence while they love another.
—  Watching you with her hurts beyond belief, but I find solace in knowing my love for you is real
BTS when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them



Jin was going to prepare dinner, when you suddenly sat down on his lap. At first, he would be flustered, a little shocked by your sudden action. However, as soon as you snuggled up to him, he would giggle about you, thinking that you were so cute. No dinner today, the two of you would be cuddling.

“What are you actua- Omo, your so cute (Y/N)!”

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Tae would absolutly adore that cute side of yours. He would even ask you to sit on his lap sometimes, pulling you closer. Even though cuddling would always end up with him poking your cheeks or trying to tickle you, so be prepared.

“Come here jagiiii~ I promise I don’t pinch your cheeks this time!”

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He would be so flustered! He would love it, no question, but little actions like that always made him blush. He would probably laugh about himself being like this. He wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything but you, so he’d just stop whatever he was doing, wrapping his arms around you. If he was in the mood, he might kiss you.

“W-WOah jagi, what are you…doing?” (Drops pencil but tries to act cool)

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He would be so excited, happy like a little child when you sat on his lap. Moments like that totally made his day. After some time, he would get bored though. So get ready for a wrestling competition or him hugging you so tight that you can barely breath.

“(Y/N) ahhhhhhhh, your so cuteu!”

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Suga seems like the type who really likes cuddling with his s/o. He would literally help you to climb on his lap while he was working on some paper stuff, enjoying the feeling of your warmth. He would play with your hair or rub your back to return the affection.

“Don’t ask, I know you want to cuddle. Am I right? Come here.”

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Jimin would be wondering on what exactly you were trying to do, when you suddenly tried to sit down on his lap. Also he would be laughing at your struggling. He would find it adorable, literally melting when you snuggled up to him and smiling his signature smile. He would really like it, but he woud tease you about it after.

“Jagi, you  don’t need a chair. You can sit on my lap for dinner,”

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If it was the first time you did something like that, he would be shook. Like, literally even jungshook. His eyes would get big when you snuggled up to him,  wondering on how to react. He would slowly hug you back, breathing in your scent. Once he wasn’t nervous anymore, he would get more confident and  maybe even kiss you, iniciating a make out session,

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Hey guys~~ I really hope you like this reaction. I wanted to upload it before, but Tumblr was like “Aish, leave me alone I’m gonna delete everything” so I had to start again -.- However, It’s up now~~

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Got7 Version 

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Kageyama remained utterly true to his word. When he said he wanted to treat Shouyou well enough to make him want to stay, he had meant it.

The second morning Shouyou woke, again far, far later in the day than he’d ever been allowed at the temple, thanks to his daily duties and the bells that rang just after dawn. But here, at the villa, no one disturbed his rest. Even after he had pulled himself from slumber, he stayed curled under the whisper soft sheets, sinking into the cushioned bed below as the gentlest breeze rippled through the room, tossing his hair on his forehead where it poked out from under the covers.

A fine fragrance eventually caught his attention, sweet and delicate on the air, the freshness of flowers. It was so pleasant that it finally roused him fully and he sat up, wondering what it was, intent on investigating. Immediately, he found he need look no further than his bedside.

“Oh…” he gasped, rubbing his eyes as he took in the sight before him.

The entire floor of his room had been strewn with rose petals, all soft pink and white. 

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“You have to understand, when I like someone, everything becomes way too intense way too fast.

You know the stars in his eyes, galaxies in his mind,

Tinkling laughter like chimes on a windy day,

Chocolate chip cookie smiles,

All of it.

All of it becomes way too real.

I can’t help but wonder this marvel that is sitting in front of me because of the successive generations of transfer of genes to create this human being.does he even know how perfectly imperfect he is?

Every freckle, every blemish, every imperfection, is so Goddamn perfect.

Does he even know?

and I realize he doesn’t.

Does he have have the slightest inkling now magnificently unique he is?

Humans truly are.

It’s time they realize it”

Save the last dance for me darling, I want to be the last person you hold tonight

pose referenced from this wonderful shot i always see on tumblr

Code: Realize: The Boys are Back in Town 

Were you expecting anything else? OF COURSE THEY’RE BACK IN TOWN waving “hi” and ready to steal your heart all over again. This illustration was included as a cloth poster in the limited edition release of the Code:Realize ~Future Blessings~ fan disc. Alternately, I would have called this “Impey’s Biker Gang” and I am still wondering how is he managing to balance everyone in there, even if they’re not moving…

Do you like the slick sexy grin Impey is giving, or do you prefer a cute wave like Fran’s? There’s always the “yo” like Saint Germain and Lupin, or the most unique one, a soldier salute like Van’s. The point is, there’s something and someone for everyone in this game and it’s one reason why it’s become a fan favorite among the English-speaking otome community. A salute to you my dears!

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

maybe i was lucky
because he didn’t make
my body bleed
and the bruises
faded quickly;
lucky because she
finally called
my mother,
even if it was just
because i wanted her to.
because four is a lot less
than twenty, or fifty,
and intentions
are supposed
to speak louder
than actions.
but he tells me again
he isn’t yelling,
with raised voice
and clenching fists,
and i begin to wonder
if his hands really did
touch my throat
or if i
was just hurting.
—  poeticallyordinary

i’m afraid the strain has permanently impressed itself upon my shoulder blades, through cracks shaped by patterns repeated in the universe, in dust motes, in suns.

i feel the pinpricks of the stars. i wonder if i always will, or if my senses will eventually give into the anesthetic sort of erosion that seems so intent to pick at my edges. gravity whispers that it wants to dissect me, pull me apart and rearrange the pieces into something a little colder. maybe one day i’ll let it — after all, time is only corrosion to a will like mine.

i am watching, trying to ignore the grayscale peeking at the seams, when a realization strikes me: the day will come when my name will be forgotten and i lost in history and the memories of dead men, and still, the universe will go on — if even the mightiest titans are small in the face of infinity, then what of me, of you? would it be so bad to let go when you don’t even know why you’re holding on, and is it worth holding on when you are questioning the worth of everything you do?

i told someone, once, about the subject of my thoughts — of how i feel like my soul has turned into a freezing, barren wasteland, and of how there seems to be no point in doing whatever it is i do. he told me i was selfish for even thinking that.

i never brought it up again until the day i met the stranger who could fly. he was the first one to come so close in a long, long time. heart in my throat, i asked him: “how do you lift the weight of existence off your shoulders?”

i listened as he spoke and prayed the currents wouldn’t sweep his voice away, and when he finished, i replied, “that’s not easy at all.” he shrugged and said, “what is?” before gliding away. “what of failure? of falling?” i shouted, but the wind ate my words. i never saw him again. i wonder what became of him, that boy of wax and feathers, who gave me a key that i’m not sure even fits — but it’s something.

i don’t think i’ll ever forget his answer. this is what he told me: “you find a purpose and use it to turn the weight into wings. and then, you fly.”

god, if only it were as simple as he made it sound.

OCEAN M., the musings of atlas


Finally some pics today. These ones are from Takahatafudo Temple in Hino.

Within our first few days in Japan I felt ill and after an exhausting one day trip from Tokyo to Kyoto we decided to spend the next day more relaxing.

My boyfriend and me went to Hino and visited Takahatafudo Temple, which was the family temple of Hijikata Toshizou.

Actually we wanted to go there the day before, because they have a small temple festival on the 28th every month.  But the weather forecast predicted rain all day long, so we didn´t go (during our last holiday we went to Hino one day before a Taifun hit Tokyo and we didn´t find the Shinsengumi furusato museum we wanted to visited.We searched nearly one hour and headed in the wrong direction. I had directions from the internet and they led us totally wrong. The rain was extremely heavy and when we finally arrived at the museum we were wet all over. It was hell^^°).

This time however we had luck and it was a wonderful sunny day. There weren´t much visitors and we were the only foreign tourists. You can buy a lot of Shinsengumi merchandising there, even a Shinsengumi soy sauce^^°

If you like you also can rent a Shinsengumi Uniform and a Bokken and take some pictures with the statue of Hijikata.

There were also some letters of Hijikata and a map he drew for his relatives. I saw the map some months ago on tumblr and this and Hijikatas signature were the only things I could recognize ^^° (Unfortunately there weren´t any explanations in english.)

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If the five main trc characters were Disney princesses which ones would they be?

Dear panzyparkinson,

I’m a little surprised that you would ask this question, as the answers seem too obvious to require inquiry. Still, I press on. 

Gansey is clearly Ariel. Ariel is a heroine defined by her cultural dysphoria; all day, every day is Human-Time. Although she possesses absolutely no reason to believe that she’ll get her wish nor any peers who share her desire, Ariel wants nothing more than to be a human. And although she’s given a lot of crap for being naive, the truth is that Ariel is kind of the foremost human expert under the sea. Maybe there is something the matter with me, she wonders, as Tumblr often does in the tags, even as she longs to be part of a different world. And when she does get a shot at being something more than mermaid, she fumbles benevolently. She fails at being human because she has studied rather than practiced, and her every misstep is characterized by her admiration and love for the culture. Gansey, you noble land mermaid.

Adam Parrish is obviously both Belle and the Beast. I want much more than this provincial world, he sings in a piercing number that takes place in the carport behind his parents’ trailer. Belle wants something out of this world, and moreover, she’s got the tools and logic to make it happen. She’s well-read and self-assured; she’s curious and brave. As Belle, Adam could really do anything, if he didn’t spend at least six hundred pages of the series cock-blocking himself by being the Beast. She’ll never see me as anything more than a monster, he thinks sadly, while throwing a table against a wall.

Ronan Lynch is Pocahontas. For starters, she’s the only princess who even begins to play compellingly with magical realism, and she’s the only one with a talking tree buddy. Pocahontas also faces what seems to be an impossible either-or choice: responsibility or the desires of her heart. Does she attend Aglionby/ marry Kocoum, even though both of them are pretty square? Or does she see what’s just around the river bend? Throw in the fact that she also has a host of animal friends and falls in love with a white guy, and it’s pretty obvious to me that Pocahontas = Ronan.

Blue Sargent is not a Disney princess and she rejects your gd gender expectations. She is Mike Wazowski. Mike is unlike any of the other monsters/ psychics around him: he is not scary/ psychic. Deprived of this essential monster trait, Mike is forced to find a different way to become successful in a world that prizes something that he can never be. It turns him resourceful, hard-working, bitter, wryly funny, judgmental. He makes friends with Sully, who embodies everything Mike can’t be, because the other option is to hate him. Ultimately, Mike finds a way to succeed that no one else has, all while being a lot shorter than everyone else in every scene. Really the only difference is that he has one eye and Blue has two as of the time of me writing this blog post.

I couldn’t think of any dead Disney princesses to be Noah. Mufasa? They both died from blunt trauma. Do any of the puppies die in 101 Dalmatians? He could be one of those.



When can I stop thinking about Jumin Han? ….Probably never

GOT7: their crush fangirls over their voice

yep, no problem

also- i think tumblr glitches because I have three anon asks but they’re all blank messages? If anyone sent in a request and I didn’t get to it, it’s probably because they’re being eaten by tumblr


When you texted him freaking out over how absolutely perfect his voice sounded in the latest GOT7 song, Mark would go red almost instantly, a big smile bursting forth uncontrollably. If you told him in person, his reaction would be even more extreme so cute. he’d find it absolutely adorable that you love his voice so much and would wonder if that meant that you like him, too. He’d love how flustered you got while fangirling, which would lead to him basically fangirling over your fangirling well there is a sentence you don’t read every day


Jaebum, too, can be a little shit sometimes. He’d feel his heart speed up when you started losing your mind over his perfect vocals, so he’d hide it by mimicking your fangirl movements and exclamations. He’d definitely feel more confident approaching you- even though he was already pretty obvious about liking you- and would probably let you listen to demos of soundcloud tracks he was working on just to watch your reaction again. Jaebum would love the feeling of receiving genuine compliments from you as it would make him feel like he could do anything


Jackson, honestly, would fangirl with you. When you said his voice sounded amazing, he’d scream, “I KNOW, RIGHT?” and would be just as extra, if not more so, than you in freaking out over how nice his voice sounded. After a bit of this, he’d pull himself together and rap along to all his parts in the song/s while shooting you little winks and smirks to try and get a bigger reaction out of you hit him. if you started singing along to the other parts, though, this could become a weird sort of karaoke session/dance party thing between the two of you real fast


Jinyoung would act like he didn’t like it, but he’s freaking out inside because hell yes, his crush loves his voice and that’s gotta be a good thing. He’d think you were really cute, but would probably tease you and ask if you had a fever, putting his hand on your forehead to check, making up something about how yep, you were definitely sick. But he’d have this small little proud smile on his face because he and his members work so hard this would make him feel that all their suffering was validated


Youngjae wouldn’t really know what to do, he’s so awkward around his crush. He’d smile and blush and giggle a little out of shyness, but he’d feel really proud because damn this boy works hard on his voice and you think it sounds nice omg omg omg!! He’d offer to sing for you and when you jumped on that opportunity, he’d finally be able to work up some confidence around you and his voice would waver a little because you make him nervous, but it’d be gorgeous and you’d probably cry who wouldn’t


BamBam would initially be flustered by you fangirling over his voice, laughing out of nervousness while his face goes red. He’d definitely tease you, though, imitating your exclamations of adoration in the highest voice he could manage while rolling around on the floor or some shit. But then, grinning, he’d randomly grab your hand and tell you to be quiet because his favorite part was coming up. When the beat dropped, he’d dab and try to get you to dance with him, leading to a little mini dance session like with Jackson


He’d be so touched by your fangirling and would watch you with a smile on his face as he laughed at your screams and flailing around. He’d probably sing his part in the latest single or whatever but trip up when he noticed how intently you were watching him. The poor maknae would try to put into words how good it felt to be praised so much by someone he really cares about without confessing to you, but would sort of trip up and end up stuttering and making vague gestures in the air

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So, I have asked this question before but I think Tumblr keeps eating it 😭For Regency AU: Can we hear about Tony raising Peter? Does he sing him to sleep as a baby? And is Peter one of those jealous toddlers who doesn't wanna share his mama's attention with anyone including his dads? Like, if Bucky &Steve are kissing Tony does Peter push their faces away and then proceed to kiss his mama cause he wants his mama's attention? Just Peter loving Tony so much because his mama is amazing! 😊

Tumblr doesn’t keep eating it I’ve just been thinking on it that long lmao

Tony doesn’t sing Peter to sleep but that’s because Steve has it covered. Steve has a wonderful singing voice and he sings the same lullabies to Peter that he used to sing to Tony’s belly. Tony doesn’t understand the words but he thinks they sound nice and soothing. Sometimes even he falls asleep when Steve is singing and then Steve has to carry Tony to bed. Neither Steve nor Sarah tell him that the song is about the ruthless and bloody slaughter of the monsters that would come to get him. (Bucky knows, but he’s not going to be the one stupid enough to tell Tony.)

Peter isn’t one of those jealous toddlers except for the fact that he thinks everyone should be kissing him. Bucky is kissing Tony? Peter wants kisses too! Tony is kissing Steve? Peter wants kisses too! Sarah gives Tony a kiss on the forehead because she likes the way it makes Tony flush with pleasure at the affection? Kisses, Grandma! Kisses for Peter, too! (Sarah adores this about Peter and hopes he never grows out of it.)

And of course Tony is a Good Omega and tries to teach Peter his Omega Hobbies, but Peter hates them. He doesn’t like needlepoint, and he finds knitting tedious, and reading is fun but he’d rather be out riding horses and learning to use a sword with his dads! “Oh,” Tony says when Peter tells him this, doing that thing where he looks like he’d cry except he’s too strong for that, which is somehow worse than crying itself. “Of course. That’s–of course, honey.” And Peter gets to skip needlepoint and knitting in favor of these more Alpha hobbies. (Tony smiles at him and asks how training goes every evening when they’re reading by the fire together, and it strikes Peter how he doesn’t get to see his mother as often. He misses him. He still hates needlepoint but he does ask for knitting lessons again so he can spend some time with Tony. At least knitting will turn out a usable product at the end. What do you do with needlepoint? Throw it on a pillow?)

And when Peter presents as an omega (I have finally decided), he’s so, so scared, because he’s the firstborn child, what if Steve and Bucky are disappointed? Would they wish he was an alpha instead? Will he have to stop sword-fighting and racing horses? And will he have to be married off as soon as he comes of age? So he goes to his mother, because Tony has always comforted him, and Tony holds him and soothes him and tells him he can keep sword-fighting and racing horses, no one’s going to stop him. Of course they’re not going to marry him off as soon as he comes of age–they’re at peace now, no need for politics like when he’d married Steve and Bucky, Peter can pick any suitor he wants, whenever he wants. And Steve and Bucky would never be disappointed in Peter. “They love you so much, Peter,” Tony says, and Peter knows that, okay, but… he hadn’t presented yet. (Steve and Bucky’s only reaction is to look at Sarah, who beams at them proudly and says she’ll send out invitations for a Presentation Party. “Oh no,” Steve blurts out all of a sudden, and Peter’s scared for a moment, but then Steve continues, “Ma, how do I keep from growling at all the alphas that sniff around my son now. Ma. This is serious! Don’t laugh at me.”)

I’m going to try and explain as nicely as I can why Mark x Kieran x Cristina is an unhealthy Polygamy. 
In a healthy polygamy every party is happy with what is happening, but for the moment (end LoS) this is not the case. Kieran is not happy Mark loves Cristina he is understanding of it, allowing it. He would rather share Mark than lose him, which is an unhealthy thought. To Kieran Mark is the love of his life, the one and only. This is not reflected in Mark, who also love Cristina. (Whom btw he’s now known for about little over a month. and half of those weeks she was engaged to someone else) Kieran is even willing to break things of with Mark so he can be with Cristina, which he considers the easier choice. Though Mark won’t let him. 
So there is also an unbalance in priorities, which isn’t something people should just tolerate but be very aware of. It’s important to know where you stand and to make sure that it is equal. The moment you love someone more than they love you, there is an unequalness in the relationship. Which is very much the case with Kierark. Mark has a control over Kieran that is not right at the moment. Where Mark is breaking free from him and keeps pushing him away only to pull him back in when he’s in the right mood or scared. 
I see many people ship this on tumblr, but I have to wonder if they are looking at it from a good representation point of view. Not even to mention good rep for bisexuals in a time where they are still fighting to even be visible and treated well by the world. 
This threesome right now is unhealthy and should not happen. Mark in the end will have to chose, or Kieran needs to leave him and find someone who feels the same way about him as he does about that person. 
This is not a case of Will, Tess and Jem, where she loved them equally and they loved each other very much. They had a shot at making it healthy and making it work. 
I’m not saying you can’t ship it, but be aware of what it is you are shipping and ask yourself why, especially since it’s not healthy or even a happy situation for every character involved. 

dear park jimin,

park jimin is the most cutest thing in the world! he is beautiful, and his little cheeks… oh ): the jimin is, literally, a light at the end of the tunnel. he is an angel, my angel. when you’re sad, just a smile of him animates, isn’t that incredible? everything in it is designed nicely, when it was made, it was carved. the mouth, the eyes, the cheeks, nose, smile, hands, legs, the whole body. he is the sun of that phrase; “tomorrow’s a new day, when the sun sets, everything improves.”, because when he comes, it washes out. the jimin is a guide in the darkness, is the hand that takes you out of depression. when you are on a bad day, just watch a video of him laughing, done! everything improves. you have welcomed the existence of jimin today? i’ve realized how much god was kind to put it in our lives? have you ever thought that the jimin is a way out for bad times that we would have, but thanks to him we’re not even going to get close to these moments? have you ever thought how great is the love the jimin for us, armys? have you ever thought how much he appreciates us? if you reflect on all this, will gets thrill. the jimin says not evolved, but evolved yes! he is amazing! it’s always been, but has become more and more every day. his body is so beautiful, he don’t need to lose weight, he’s beautiful! even when he tries to be sexy is a baby. i love the jimin more than anything, and i know that this is a tumblr of edits, but wanted to share it. he doesn’t deserve any kind of hatred, he is just a baby that even learned to walk straight. the jimin already took so many bad days, i can hardly explain how he does it, just do it. your way enchants anyone, the way he handles the fans is wonderful. when their eyes close when you smile, it’s so cute ): i’m very proud to have this tumblr, i love him too much, and he makes me strong. give me a reason to not give up if he hadn’t given up, i wouldn’t have gotten to where it is. dear park jimin, you’re a prince, wait disney note your presence, will unseat all the princes who have gone there. your body is beautiful, and you don’t need to change it. i love the way it is, and i will never change my opinion about it. if you fall, i will get up, because i know how important my love to your life. feel loved, millions of people are here to love you and give you reasons to go on. i know that this text does not show my love for you, but know that i love you. i know you will never see, but i hope you feel my love. you are my everything, and i will never deny that. i love you even when you’re not around, and i know it’s a love without end. If i were to give you a rose, give you a pink rose. meaning; pink roses; are considered as a symbol of grace, delicacy and elegance and are used to express admiration, sympathy, gratitude and love poetry. thanks for everything, park jimin.

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How would the demon kings + Yukio react if they accidentally kill their S/O? Btw I love your Tumblr! You're amazing!

(oh shit, super cool & dark request, thanks ;) and tysm i’m glad you like my blog!)


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  • He won’t even realise
  • He just thinks your sleepy
  • He wonders why your napping for so long
  • Until he realises your dead
  • This is one of the only times he has a reaction
  • He starts to freak out
  • He’s outraged and overwhelmed 
  • He doesn’t know what to do
  • He realises he must of been too rough in the play fight
  • He wasn’t very good at play fights yet, he couldn’t register the word ‘play’ together with ‘fighting’
  • One of the few times he’s felt guilty 
  • It’s okay in the end though because ehe brings you back 
  • He apologises to you for killing you, with that blank expression…
  • However you can tell he genuinely means it


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  • Tbh he probably lost you in time and space
  • Then when he finds you your like…dead
  • He feels guilty of course, but a small part of him finds it slightly amusing
  • He knows he’s able to bring you back
  • So it isn’t much of a problem to him
  • Although he regrets hurting you
  • Once your back he probably buys you something nice as an apology
  • If his s/o were a demon he’d be slightly less worried 
  • But if they were human he’d be more panicked 
  • He knows how fragile humans are


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  • He would actually be really scared
  • And ashamed
  • But most of all guilty
  • He genuinely loves his s/o a lot 
  • It’s probably in blind rage and they get caught up in it
  • Astaroth feels so torn
  • He never wanted to hurt his s/o
  • He will mentally curse himself and lash out
  • RIP to any random servants standing by
  • He’ll totally unleash his rage out at them
  • He’ll summon Big Bro Azazel to fix his mess
  • After he’ll be a lot more clingy to you
  • He’ll apologies a lot as well
  • It’s rare to see him like this 


  • He’s never felt as terrible as he did in that moment
  • Your the single thing that matters most to him
  • (other then the Illuminati and completing his goal and such)
  • He’s utterly devastated he’s taken away your life with his own hands
  • He would be frantic and overwhelmed if he managed to give you a paper cut
  • So accidentally killing you is the worst thing imaginable to him
  • He immediately resurrects you 
  • After that he’s so ashamed and depressed
  • He’ll apologies to you and then disappear for a while to think
  • If his s/o is a human, he may consider breaking up with them for their own protection


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  • He’s so heartbroken 
  • The one person he trusts, and loves, and can talk to about his many, many, MANY problems
  • And he killed them
  • It was the slip of a gun
  • In the moment
  • No one blamed him
  • But he blamed himself
  • He cant handle this on top of everything else
  • He finally looses it
  • Even though he already has 
  • He spirals out of control 
  • Goes fucking crazy
  • Doesn’t bother pointing guns at his students heads anymore, probably shoots up the school instead
  • He probably is even more enticed by the Illuminati during this time
  • He carves in and accepts their offer on the promise they’ll bring you back
Seeing Their Ideal Type At A Concert

Requested by anonymous- Also, I’m sorry if it’s dumb and horrible and not what you were looking for. I’ve never done one of these before. I did some looking around and made this to the best of my abilities. I’m pretty sure I wrote these longer than most of the reactions I’ve seen, and less open ended and more story like, but that’s just how I roll. They kinda ended up almost more like mini drabbles lol. Scenarios? Whatever. Also, I felt incredibly cheesy writing these. So much cheese. 


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Your banner caught his eye first. A huge sign with his face saying “He’s our only hope!” (Kek) He walked over, prepared to give a bit of fan service, when he sees you. He thinks you are so pretty, and practically falls in love with your smile. He’s thrilled to see that you’re here for him when he notices your shirt with his face. He sends you finger hearts and his signature sun smile. He see’s that you and your friends are keeping up with even the more complicated dances, and notices by your movements that there is no way you are not a dancer. Suddenly this boy who was born extra, becomes extra X9000. Tongue is out, hips are thrusting, and he’s spending as much time on your side of the stage as possible. Unbeknownst to you, his whole performance has become about making you smile as much as possible. He catches the flower crown you throw onstage and wears it for the rest of the concert. As he leaves the stage at the end of the night, he makes a mental note to take a selca with the crown in the hopes that he’d see you comment. 


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(I would like to take a quick moment to say I’ve felt the power of his smirk while looking into my eyes. It’s no joke when I say it’s a life changer)

Yoongi’s stage presence is well known for being powerful and charismatic. So it was no surprise to you that your eyes kept being drawn to him again and again. What did surprise you was the feeling that he was actually looking right back. Several times he come over and did his lines while looking right into your eyes, and holy shit, was that a smirk? You tried not to get excited, knowing full well it was most likely fan service. What you didn’t know, however, was that he was just LOVING how into the music you were. You even kept up with his rap lines. He could see by your blush that you knew the grin was for you, so he decided to have fun teasing you for the rest of the night. Just when he thought you couldn’t get more perfect, instead of turning into a sobbing fangirl from the attention, you started teasing him back. You fan yourself when he’s thrusting his hips at you, roll your eyes whenever he says something cheesy, and pretend to puke when he does aegyo. His gummy grin came out in full force when you threw him a devil horn headband, and you raised your eyebrows at him in challenge. He prances around in the headband and the crowd is loving it. Too soon, the night is over. Two weeks later, you find a new comment on one of your youtube covers… MYG comments: ”The music’s not bad devil girl.”


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Namjoon was greeting the crowd when he saw you, and stumbled over his words for a moment. You were stunning. If tumblr was a person, it would be you (I crack myself up). He spent most of the night hanging around your side of the stage, doing all kinds of silly things to make you smile, talking to the crowd as much as he could get away with. He knew he was supposed to be professional and pay attention to everyone, but he just couldn’t help himself. He was pleased when he saw you get excited and sing along with his parts, and thought it was cute when you tried to rap. At the end of the night, he made sure to lock eyes with you as he was saying goodbye to the crowd and gave you one of his famous dimpled winks. Fast forward a few months later, and the boys are looking over profiles for a model to be the love interest in their new music video. Namjoon’s shocked expression has everyone looking at the profile in his hand. “This one.” he growls. It’s you. 


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He sees a huge poster of him in a puppy costume in the crowd. It makes him laugh so he looks down at the fans holding it and is shocked. You were perfect. Suddenly, he wants to do nothing but impress you. Goodbye puppy Jimin, hello Adonis. This boy is being completely disrespectful and there are way more body rolls, lip bites, and clothes being pulled off than there was supposed to be. He threw his shirt at you, and you caught it, shocked and blushing, while he grins. The night ends, and you leave a changed person, a Jimin stan for life. You are so worked up you film yourself dancing to Jimin’s solo Lie, and post it on youtube.  A few days later, it’s being retweeted by none other than BTS’s twitter. In your messages you find something from someone with a private profile. “Are you wearing my shirt right now? ;) (I’m sorry, he just seems like he would totally fuk boi text, ya know?)


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This boy would notice you right away and turn into a blushing mess. Until the music starts, that is. Suddenly he’s serenading you, and smirking, and just being charismatic AF. You were a little older than him and weren’t even a Jungkook stan, but you kept feeling yourself being pulled in his direction. He certainly moved his body in a way that suggested he knew what he was doing. Soon it was you that was a blushing mess and he loved it. You threw the plushie monkey on stage that you had actually meant for another member and he was quick to snatch it up and wrap it around his neck. He spent the rest of the night with it like that, and when the concert was over and they went to their rooms, he had it in bed with him. Some time passed, and you’re performing an acoustic cover of one of your favorite love songs at a cafe, like you do every Saturday. When the song is over, one of the waitresses brings over some tea and tells you it’s been paid for. You look around, and there in the dark corner of the cafe is a person in a black face mask. He pulls it down and winks at you before putting it back. Jungkook has found you. 


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(The gif kinda explains where I’m going with this one lol)

Ah, Tae. With this boy you never know what you’re going to get. He’s either the most adorable thing to ever exist, or so hot a single glance will melt you into a puddle. When he sees you in the crowd, sex god Taehyung is activated. He’s looking into your eyes while licking his lips. Thrusting his hips, and dancing so incredibly amazing. He’s been pulling his shirt up so much you begin to wonder why he even still has it on. Towards the end of the night, you throw up the two plushies you’d brought for him. He picks them up quickly, and kisses one before giving it back to you with a wink. You both sleep with them that night. The next day you are so inspired (infires!) that you spend all day drawing. You post what you consider your greatest work, Taehyung in all his seductive glory, on tumblr and it seems to be well received. You get a message a few days later. “Do you really think I look like that? WOW. I think you’re pretty too.”


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This man is a born show person. So as soon as he spots you, looking gorgeous and wearing his jersey numbers, he decides to put on the best show of his life. He’s talking to the crowd, dancing his little heart out and singing like an angel. You laughed at all his ridiculous jokes and cried when he did his solo. You were obviously filming and taking pictures, so he made sure to make as much contact with you as possible. At the end of the night, he looks straight into your camera and gives you his famous flying kiss. Several months later, Jin is taking an acting class, to prepare for a drama he was considering trying out for. The teacher reads off names and puts them into groups for a project. As he walks over to his assigned group, he’s stunned, because there you are.