i wonder if he'll ever see this

“The way her hair falls in her eyes makes me wonder if she'll ever see through my disguise and I'm under her spell everything is falling and I don't know where to land everyone knows who she is but she don't know who I am Sami, Sami, why can't you see what you're doing to me?” -Sami, Little White Lie, 2007                                                                                                                                 “The way his hair falls in his eyes makes me wonder if he'll ever see through my disguise and I'm under his spell everything is falling and I don't know where to land everyone knows who he is but they don't know who I am Harry, Harry, why can't you see what you're doing to me?” -Harry, AVPM, 2009

When you realize Team Starkid parodied themselves

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Hugo seems the kind of person to grow up their whole life not wanting kids, as he gets older and sees his siblings with children he'll love them and be proud. Then perhaps be that man reaching his forties and begin to wonder if he ever truly missed out on having a child of his own. But he's content with life, no love interest and perfectly comfortable with being single. But then maybe a friend of his is in the same boat. She wants kids but feels its too late. Long story short: a platonic bby.

Hmmmmm, this could work. It seems like Penny also really likes babies, and I could see them having a platonic kid together once they get older.

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do think we'll ever find out just WHO the small giant is? like, I doubt he's an older character we know so i'm kinda wondering if we'll ever know or if he'll remain this mysterious figure. tbh I hope he comes to one of karasuno's matches, I would literally die of happiness XD

Do you think Hinata will ever meet the little giant? Because how awesome would it be to see lil Hinata meeting his idol…

Hello. I was wondering if you could tell what are your thoughts about the Little Giant?Do you think he’s still playing, or even if he’s still in Japan?Do you think he’ll meet HInata, and if yes, how would that go?I’ve seen some theories that he’s Takeda sensei,but I believe that was popular only when HQ started to get famous…

Ok so I’m gonna out all my random thoughts on the little giant in one big answer:

  • I don’t think he’s still playing, at least not in Japan. If he was, it would be natural for Hinata (or anyone, really) to know his name and watch his games. Instead, after the Nationals, he vanished and became this “legendary player” no one knows anything about 
  • I don’t think he’s a character we already know (so no, I don’t think he’s Takeda-sensei)
  • I do think sooner or later we will see him. My bet is that he will come to see the final (if Karasuno reaches the final, or, generally speaking, their last game together at the nationals), but I don’t think he will meet the boys. He will stay in the crowd, in silence, with just a proud smile on his lips
  • Actually, if Karasuno end up not winning the nationals (which I strongly hope), the little giant could play a huge role in a hypothetical next gen arc. He could come and train them along with coach Ukai. Or he can take Ukai’s spot in case something happens (we know old coach Ukai is getting worse and worse) and he’s unable to keep training them. Actually, this would be a hell of a plot twist that could create a completely different scenario and breathe life into a story that tends to just repeat itself
  • Hinata met a lot of inspiring players, but never had a true mentor (Bokuto was the closest he had, but he’s in Tokyo and this is his last year), so having his idol teaching him is just what he needs to take his skills to the next level and become the great player he’s destined to be 
  • I don’t expect Hinata and the little giant to love each other instantly, qite the contrary. I hope their relationship would be quite challenging, at least in the beginning (we know the little giant is pretty hot tempered), because challenge is what always made Hinata grow up and blossom from the concrete

At this point I spoiled myself, I NEED THE LITTLE GIANT!!!

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This has probably been asked before but I can't find it. Do you ever wonder what edgriel will think of himself when he's a teen/young adult? Do you think he'll cringe or do you think he'll stay the same when he's older as he is now?

I think that since as you grow older and older, you start realizing how your actions effect people more deeply? Like edge right now thinks what he’s doing or acting the way he is right now is normal for him, but as he grows old he might see things differently.

There will be some habits that stays but i dont think he will stay “as edgy” as he is now. Usually teens dont stay teens because they matured, sometimes they just cant stay as a teen anymore~ due to social interaction maybe.

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The person Tom ends up dating, truly is a lucky person. Tom is so wonderful and caring, Tom is everything you want in a boyfriend. He'll take care of the person, as the person will take care of Tom. I'll be so jealous, but I will always love the person toms with. Unless they do something

right?? i feel like he would be the best person ever. i can’t wait to see that happen one day and be happy for tom. 

I sincerely wonder if anyone ever thought up of this overwatch scenario where two characters (most likely Genji and Zenyatta, but could be anyone else) are looking at the night sky, and one of them points out a shooting star.

But no, it’s not a shooting star. It’s Junkrat engulfed in flames and sailing through the sky while laughing maniacally.

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How long do you think viktor will go beck to competitive skating and what results do you think he'll get

Ah, this is a good question! I’ve been wondering about Victor’s return as a competitive skater quite a bit since Episode 12 aired.

We have one of two things that could happen to him.

  1. The break from skating could affect Victor negatively, and we could see him struggling to get back in shape. (Boo. I do not want to see Victor fall. Ever. He can remain flawless, thanks.)
  2. The break from skating could affect Victor positively, and we could see him come back even stronger than before.

I’m betting on #2.

I think Victor is going to be a major force to be reckoned with for both Yuuri and Yurio. Not to mention everyone else. (Sorry, King J.J.) This ups the stakes for Season 2.

Victor could very well win the World Championship again, and Season 2 could start with a flashback of everyone else just reeling from how badly he owned them. However, I do predict either Yuuri or Yurio will eventually beat him - perhaps at the next GPF. Might take them a while, but oh man. It’s coming.

(How great would it be if we got a movie in between Season 1 and 2? The movie could cover the World Championship, and Season 2 could be the next skating season.)

I’m not sure when Victor would retire! He just got his inspiration back, so we might have a few more seasons of him on the ice.


Nursey has an identical twin, who is just as chill as him (if not more).

Nursey never mentions his twin to anyone, so when his brother comes for a surprise visit no one knows it isn’t Derek. Which means, stupid pranks all over the college, and one of them ALWAYS finds Dex (they have a schedule), and they just walk past him saying “Chill” repeatedly.


Bonus: Dex finds out when he sees them together, and works out Nursey’s twin always wears baseball hats, while Nursey wears beanies. So anytime he sees “Baseball hat Nursey” he flirts like mad, but when he sees “Beanie Nursey” (Derek), he practically ignores him, or at least says very little, just to confuse the brothers.

"Daddy never did get what he wanted."

Tiana Appreciation Week: After Party

Day 3: Favorite Line

I think this line flawlessly reflects Tiana’s psyche. Ever since she was a little girl, you can tell she’s just wanted her father to be proud of her, and after he dies, she can’t help but feel like she owes it to him to make their dream come true by any means necessary. It’s why she works two jobs, takes extra shifts every chance she gets, and is utterly torn to shreds when she loses the sugar mill. We know her father would have been there for her whether she got the restaurant or not. He even tried to teach her that, while she could pursue any career she chose if she worked for it, it would never be more important than having people in her life to care about and support her, and for her to care about in return. But she only understands that she won’t get anywhere without hard work, and that becomes just about her only priority. She still cares about her loved ones - in fact, her caring is the reason she’s going after this dream - but she’s constantly seen rationalizing why she can’t take a break, why she has to put her job before anything else (within reason). She’s always been motivated by wanting to do right by her father.

And then Dr. Facilier shows her how much her father sacrificed for the sake of her and her mother - always putting his own worries aside so that his little girl wouldn’t worry about him. James was more than willing to do it all for her, and it wasn’t a child’s responsibility to feel guilty that he had to. But Facilier knows that she will once she sees this side of him.

He’s exceedingly manipulative that way: he knows she’d do anything to make it up to her father, and he’s ready to take advantage of that. He knows she’d do anything if she thought she’d be letting James down by doing otherwise, because James is the reason she’s been doing nothing but chasing this dream. She’s tried to live her life the way she thinks he would have wanted her to. I can’t help but wonder if she ever felt guilty even before this scene, like she wasn’t working hard enough, like she was somehow betraying him by being outbid on the building. 

All she’s ever wanted is for him to have their dream, even if he’s not there to see it. 

This poem is not about a lover. It’s about the only person that ever filled that void without fucking me.
I could text you and tell you I miss you.
I do it every once and a while and consider it several times a day.
I know you’d say you miss you back.
I know you’d mean it.
But that hasn’t stopped the pain.
It’s started to feel like instead of a void, I have a small hole, made by the ember of a cigarette. And even though the hole is small, it’s the most painful thing in the entire, goddamn universe.
I think my cigarette hole is just under the third rib on my right side. That’s the place that starts to hurt when I run so hard my body wants to stop existing.
It makes me think of you when I exercise.
I started running to reduce my anxiety. It’s less successful than hugging you, but it’s all I’ve got. You don’t take my breath away like sprints do, but runner’s high doesn’t have shit on you.
I didn’t mean for this poem to feel like a cry for help.
You only left physically but it’s not like you could leave your scent here. There isn’t a you to sing with anymore. There aren’t car rides and the assurance of you remembering my fast food order. And I guess that’s why I still haven’t found someone to replace you.
I finally understand what the poets mean about leaving and taking part of a person with you. You sewed up the biggest void I had. You loved me like my parents never could. But I guess you smoke, too.
And when you were packing up to move 45 minutes away, you must have lit a cigarette, gazed at the town you’d always hated, smirked at your ability to leave, and dropped it, still lit.
I think it fell into the third rib on my right side and stuck there.
This poem is not about a lover.
This poem is about the only person that’s ever filled that void.
—  JJ, “This poem is not about a lover”

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Hello! I'm sure I read somewhere that you described the gods as being anthropomorphic (I'm guessing in the vein of the ancient Egyptian pantheon?) and I've been wondering ever since what they actually look like. I've been re-reading TRoT and see that Gandolo is described as being 'fat and infinitely content' which aside from making me think of the Buddha, instantly brings cats to mind! Of course now that I've said that he'll probably turn out to be a very prosperous hippo or something...

Way back in the day, we’re talking dawn of time here, when ambitious fish had yet to crawl gasping onto the beach and there were only two volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire available in stores… I had a notion that I wanted the gods in this story to be something like a cross between Ghede Loa and Greek deities, very hands-on, willing to come and go among mortals as they pleased, willing to talk and trick and bargain and roll in the hay and seriously pervert the course of human destiny. That vision, sadly, directly conflicted with the approach I ultimately chose (Sarah Monette explained it really well recently when she said that my characters have dead serious religions, but I take care to never confirm or deny the objective existence of the gods in their world). As for what the Therins think their gods look like, they do describe them as completely anthropomorphic and generally too proud to take other shapes. The Vadrans do not have gods (as one of them points out smugly in THORN, Therins have a “god of the sea” but Vadrans just have the sea, full stop. It’s there, it’s inarguable, it encloses the mortal world, it doesn’t need symbolic representation, it simply and plainly IS). The Syresti have a pantheon sharing some gods with the Therins under different names (Zamira Drakasha, for example, thinks of Iono as Usharas). The Okanti have a tiered system of distant ruling gods and intermediaries anointed from the ranks of mortal heroes. The Jeremites have a two-god system and philosophy that coincidentally justifies the fact that they’re total assholes. The Jereshites worship the Therin pantheon as representatives of a unifying controller god and privately wish the Jeremites would all die in a fire. The mysterious peoples over the seas, cut off from Locke’s world by the barriers of mists and storms left by those lovable scamps, the Eldren, won’t be revealing their preferences for some time yet.