i wonder if he knows that we notice these things

the go-between

the boy, who looks all soft & angel,
doesn’t make it out alive.

the volcano gets him. a sudden
hurricane. he’s swallowed by quicksand
or other untimely acts of god.

i have to tell you that before everything,
before i let you know that his left
hand is larger than his right,

or how he counts among everything
insects as wonderful things with

before i tell you about the music,
his quiet stories about his dad’s
brown guitar, you have to know first
that he dies.

when he dies it’ll be his eyes we
notice, the way they shutter suddenly
like the blinds on a broken window of
an abandoned house.

Mark of Cain

gif is not mine

Title: Mark of Cain

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 966

Warnings: angst, death

A/N: I know it’s been a while since we’ve had any Dean. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

This was requested by an Anon: I was wondering if you could write a Dean x reader where the reader has the mark of Cain instead of Dean and goes on a hunt where things turn ugly? 

Things had been different since you got the Mark of Cain.  Dean was growing increasingly worried about you.  He noticed the differences in you ever since you received the Mark of Cain.  Dean knew that he was one of the only things that could over power the strength of the Mark.  He always tried to be there when things got out of hand, but sometimes he couldn’t.

Dean and Sam left you with the family they had to keep safe from demons.  Dean didn’t want to leave you alone, but he couldn’t let Sam go alone either.  He had to go with Sam, regardless of how dangerous it was to leave you alone.  When they found out that the demon was possessing the father, they knew they had to get back to you as soon as possible.  The chances of the demon knowing that you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself once you started killing, were too high for Dean’s comfort.

Dean pulled up to the house where you were, quickly getting out of the Impala.  He bolted for the house, leaving Sam still in the car.  When he entered the house, you were sitting in the middle of the floor, staring at a pool of blood.  The way you held onto your demon knife with all of your strength said it all.  

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One of the things I’ve noticed about Zen is that if you mention to him that you want to lose weight or you feel unhappy with it, he gets genuinely upset and says something like ‘don’t hate this body I love so much’ and it honestly makes me wonder. 

We know Zen is an actor and it is literally his job to lie. We also know that he spends a lot of time at the gym and applying face masks to his skin to keep it in a good state. So, consider this: a younger Zen that was actually quite chubby and/or with bad skin (it’s normal for teenagers to have acne, but remember, he waned to be an idol). And add to the fact that he is an albino person, so looks ever so slightly unusual anyway. 

Consider Zen receiving nothing but negative attention for his looks from childhood, all while wanting nothing more than to be famous and to sing and being ridiculed to hell for it. Consider young, chubby Zen having zero confidence and confiding in his brother, because his brother seemed to be the only person who didn’t laugh at the idea of him being a famous singer. Consider teenage Zen hitting puberty like a train and throwing himself at the gym, at cigs and face packs and basically doing anything to distance himself from that shy person he was before. Consider Zen lying about most of his childhood and saying shit like ‘I WAS ALWAYS PRETTY’ like he always believed it himself and only ever admitting the depth of his feeling when he refers to himself as Cinderella to MC.

The Word “Love” 恋

What does love mean to Sanji?

One of the things I was wondering about when I read this arc was, “Is Sanji in love with Pudding?” Although I don’t have an answer, I noticed one detail. 

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Just a little thing I noticed:

Germany doesn’t put collars on his dogs.

No collar while walking it

hanging with the collar-less pups

neck all free

I know it’s at home, but it still doesn’t have a collar.

Does that mean Germany’s bond with his dogs is so good that he doesn’t need to use a collar to prevent them from running away? Does that apply to all nations? What are animals and nations’ relations like? We know that animals’ lifespans extend if they live around nations, but do they form unique bonds as well? 

Is that why Gilbird doesn’t leave Gilbert’s side? Same about Pierre and France. What about Pochi and Japan? And nekotalia? 



AUTHOR’S NOTE: Requested by Anonymous…

SUMMARY: Your writing is really good! Like I have to request! Can I have one where Isaac, Scott and Jackson are fighting over the reader but in the end we find out she’s already with Derek?



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please help

I’m so fucked, please, I need help, anyone, I’m not asking for money I just need your moral support.

I recently moved to Denver to go to college, I’m living with my aunt and my cousin who is 11. it’s been a wonderful opportunity for all of us.

until yesterday when my cousin started asking about who Loki was, reading a charm necklace I have placed on his altar. I told her I’d tell her later and that he was a friend of mine.

Last night she started asking again and was noticeably curious. my aunt came home about that time so we had dinner and I decided I’d address it with her after my cousin went to bed.

so I told her, I lightened it because I know I can get intense about these things and although she seemed not to understand, I figured she’d leave it alone. we decided I would tell my cousin that his altar was sort of like an altar to Buddha or Mary , which is sort of true.

this morning I got a text from my mom asking me to call her ASAP.

my aunt texted her telling her how come my mom didn’t tell her I was “some Wiccan Loki worshipper bringing altars into her house”

I’ve never known my aunt to act like this. it’s completely uncharacteristic and I am blindsided. I’m in my bathroom right now trying to get dressed and think of what to do , but I got my mom to calm down but I’m scared about what’s going to happen when I leave my room. I’m afraid she’s going to kick me out or make me take down the altar - in which case I don’t know what I’ll do. He is a huge part of my life and I love Him so much. I’ve had his altar up for three years and it’s gentle presence is such a familiar comfort.

I just need your moral support. just a kind word that you’re thinking of me or you’ve been through something similar.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have not gone through anything like this before so I’m hurt and betrayed.

please. just let me know you’re out there - Lokeans, Heathens, Polytheists, Wiccans, Pagans, witches, all of you, let me know you’re there

So, let’s talk about the new spoiler from the new chapter of Owari no Seraph

After everything that happened in the last chapter and with the end of the anime, this page really got me, like, how things turned like this? 

So I was watching the last episode again and wondering myself what of this really will happen in manga and what wont. So I something I notice in this Demon!Yuu was the pair of horns. 

In the first time Yuu became demon, he just went half way, having just one horn.

But now he have two, and the same thing happened in the today’s episode, but it looks like the WIT Studio does not give this attention, because the scene when this happen, just showed Yuu passing out. We don’t know what happened with Yuu after that.

So, with this I think a lot of things in this episode may be canon in the manga, and (unlike the anime) they will show us what happened in these four months after the battle. Like what’s happened with Yuu in the full demon state.(And WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED WITH SHINYA I HOPE

Really, I hope the manga explain everything what the anime just show us.

Trust Fall [Into My Bed] by ofherlionheart

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 24225

Stiles’s eyes light up. “Did you see him, though? No wonder the dude is an Oscar winner. He’s amazing. I mean, I’ve worked with, like, Liam Neeson and Natalie Dormer. But Derek is something else – I don’t know, I can’t describe it. There’s just this, this thing about him, when we’re in a scene together, it’s so easy to just click with him, and you know some people hate how much I improvise, but Derek just takes it and rolls with it and adds stuff of his own –” He breaks off when he finally notices Lydia smirking. “What?”

“You’re rambling,” Lydia observes.


“I guess you aren’t too tired to talk about Derek.”

In which Oscar-winner Derek Hale and sidekick-to-the-top-guns Stiles Stilinski are thrown together to star in a new, powerful film. Mix in feelings, long days, late nights, terrifyingly omniscient agents, the Hale clan, Canada, and some UST, and come out with a long story with liberal amounts of UST and fluff.


Y/N: Bucky ?!

You yelled at him but he didn’t seem to want to answer you, keeping a straight face.

Y/N: James Buchanan Barnes ! Why do you want to go away ?

He looked straight in your eyes. You knew he didn’t want to show anything about what he really felt at this moment, but you noticed this little glow in his eyes which always appeared when he was upset. You stared at him, lowering your voice.

Y/N: The thing is…I want to know why, why you feel the need to go, what did we do ? …what did I do ?

You wondered what have you done that could explain this sudden decision while you crossed your arms. After a moment of silence you sink onto the bed in a deep sigh.

Y/N: You know I will not let you go away ?

Bucky: I know, but I will.

Y/N: Why ? I know that I can be annoying and stubborn sometimes, but…

Bucky: It’s not you, it’s me. I’m not like you, not anymore.

Y/N: What do you mean ?

Bucky: I’m not the Bucky everybody see in me, I’m not the hero Steve knew. 

You stood up behind him as he watched through the window, knowing what he meant, understanding what he felt.

Y/N: No, you’re not, you are a new Bucky, a new hero.

You grabbed his hand while he turned his face towards you and then you suddenly took him in your arms, your head against his chest.

Y/N: Please tell me you stay, or I will never let you get out of my arms.

His strong arms embraced you, pressing you against his body.

Bucky: Maybe I don’t want you to let me go.

Hope I didn’t make any mistake :/



SO Here (in Gideon rises) Gideon is talking about what happens when all the journals are brought together. of course we all know now that this is referring to how bringing together the journals activates the portal. i noticed the space pattern looked kind of familiar.

in sock opera bill shows the same image on himself, specifically when he mentions that ‘one little puppet is a small price to pay to learn all the secrets of the universe.’ (knowledge)

the machine was meant to create knowledge’ so basically the portal and knowledge come hand in hand.



Can we take some time to appreciate this scene?

First of all, I’m just loving this transition. You do not see Shiro waking up, but we do know he needed some alone time to let things sink in and that at this point he already knows Keith. Kinda makes me wonder if they either know each other already (there’s actual several hints that they do) or that they already talked earlier. If they did, then Keith obviously didn’t want to bring up the fact he had been gone before. Keith’s concern for Shiro is just great.

Secondly, notice how Shiro is suddenly wearing different clothes?

Yeah, those are not the clothes he was wearing before. And I think it’s safe to say that he didn’t bring an extra set of clothing, nor did the rest of the team. And since they’re at Keith’s place - who lives on his own - the only obvious explanation would be that these clothes are actually Keith’s. That would also explain why they’re so tight on him - I mean, let’s be honest, Shiro isn’t exactly the type who just wants to show off his muscles.

Thirdly, look at this amazing shot. I can’t describe how amazing this is. This is the first time Shiro is seeing the sun again - I wonder if he’s been watching to sun come up the whole time? - and it just looks so surreal. He’s obviously confused and trying to remember what happened to him - another obvious symptom of his PTSD. He’s also looking at his robot arm like he’s never seen it before. The whole setup, colours and overall shot just reminds me of depersonalisation, which is a state in which you feel disconnected from your own body. People who experience this perceive things as very unreal, often questioning if something is real - or feeling like they’re not real themselves. This is a common symptom for people suffering from PTSD. This shot has something very sad to it. 

And then there’s this.

Keith snapping Shiro out of what seemed to be a negative spiral of thoughts. Something small like a touch on the shoulder or just talking to someone can sometimes really help pulling someone out of it when they’re undergoing severe depersonalisation. Not always, but I speak from experience that it can help. Just feeling something with your own body can get you back. This is where I feel like Shiro decides this is the beginning of a new phase in his life, like the sun is finally coming up again.

Idk, I’m probably just rambling, but I really loved this scene.

Is anyone else kinda wondering where Hawkmoth is? Cause… He didn’t get affected at all in Episode 12?? Is he outta town, or???


It’s really annoying when Sakura haters and SasuSaku haters go to the pro SasuSaku tag. A part of me is so upset about the new chapter of Boruto because Sasuke left his family for 12 years and I wonder if Sakura is the real mother. But!!! I don’t think Kishi wants us to hate Sasuke calling him a cheater or a bad father he must have his reasons why he left that we don’t know yet. And another thing Sarada looks more like Sakura her forehead is big just like her mom. And the last picture Sakura is wearing a kimono Sasuke could be in it. Also if Sasuke cheated on Sakura Naruto will be upset!!! If you noticed Sakura looks so beautiful and happy to be with her daughter Sarada and Sasuke doesn’t look evil.