i wonder if he knows how to knit

Pairing: Florist!Steve x Reader x Biker!Bucky
Summary: The morning was looking to be a seemingly normal one at Brooklyn Blooms but a change in delivery makes for an interesting Friday. 
A/N: Okay so this is based off an ask here. This is written in collaboration with @writemarvelousthings, it may be posted on my page but it is just as much her fic as it is mine. I’m so so excited for this series. Please come let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you. 
Word count : 1,158

Chapter 1

The purple door of Brooklyn Blooms stood out amongst the brownstones, like a colourful shell lying on the dull sands of a beach. It had been Steve’s idea to paint it, no longer wanting the flaking grey paint to reflect the sombre mood of the florist and with that first stroke of purple paint you saw Steve’s smile return.You had met Steve as a young apprentice fresh out of floristry school, his mother taking you under her wing in her cosy Brooklyn shop. 

You remember first walking into the shop. Every nook and cranny was covered in plants and flowers of all kinds, the air light with mingling scents. Mostly, you remembered the sheer joy that surrounded the florist, people milling about buying little bouquets of happiness for others and once you had met Sarah and her son Steve the atmosphere made even more sense. Steve and you quickly bonded, becoming friends soon after. So, when his mother got sick Steve didn’t hesitate to ask you to move in with them into the apartment above the shop.

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His Throne [JJK] | 02

Genre: smut, angst, fluff ending

Word Count: 6,840

Tags: degradation, praise, fingering, face riding, dom!Jungkook, prince!Jungkook, infidelity, kinda exhibitionism

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Other member vers: Hoseok | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Jimin | Seokjin

I love you.

You wished you hadn’t said it.

But more importantly you wished he had.

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Song or quote: Gotten by Slash Feat. Adam Levine 
Who: Bucky Barnes 

So nice to see your face again, tell me how long has it been
Since you’ve been here. You look so different than before
But still the person I adore, frozen with fear 

HYDRA had kidnapped [Y/N] for leverage on Captain America back in the forties. Little did they know that even though [Y/N] was a good friend of Steve Rogers, she would have been more useful in using her against Sergeant Barnes. She was the love of his life, the one dame who could take his breath away every single time she walked into a room. She had powers over him that he never thought a woman could have. But, sure enough [Y/N] had them and fell just as hard. 

Fast forward to when HYDRA had their files leaked, JARVIS caught and deciphered most of them. Leaving Steve with the information that a girl he had grown up with was frozen in time just like he had been. There was no argument on whether or not he would go get her because before he could discuss with anyone, he was already on his way. 

It took months for her cope with the fact that her last memory was being bound and gagged against her will with scientists hooking IV’s and strange equipment to her body and then the next, she was waking up to a familiar face but in an unfamiliar time. Struggle was an understatement because she couldn’t understand how any of the things she was going through was actually happening. 

But, time was the only thing that would help her. And eventually, she adapted. [Y/N] wasn’t quite as strong as the others but where she lacked in strength, she made up for in her precision. [Y/N] could calculate fight sequences before they happened, and it was like every weapon you threw in her hand, she knew exactly how to use it despite the fact that she had never picked up one prior. It was scary how she never missed and [Y/N] couldn’t even begin to tell you how she knew how to do some of things that she could do. She just knew.

“The Winter Soldier’s a ghost, huh?” [Y/N] said sarcastically as she watch the shadow move across the rooftops through her scope. Re-positioning the rifle against her shoulder, she looked through the scope again. “Looks well and alive to me.”

“Do you have a clear shot?” Steve asked. 

“Oh yeah, I’ve got a real clear shot.” Zooming her scope in, “Do we want him dead or alive?” 



Alive.” Steve growled. 

[Y/N] chuckled, “Alive it is.” Just as she was about to move her aim towards the man’s shoulder, she caught sight of a pair of eyes that she hadn’t seen in a long time. “No.” She whispered, low enough for her team members to not hear. 

“Hello? [Y/N] you going to take the shot?” Natasha asked, her tone a little annoyed. “He’s going to get away!”

Struggling to regain her focus, she desperately tried to get a good aim on him before he ducked down between two buildings. Cursing in her head, she yanked the rifle away from herself. Running her hands through her hair, she kicked the rooftop railing. “Steve, private talk, now.” 

In minutes, the kid she knew from Brooklyn was waltzing through the rooftop stairwell. His face was laced with concern and slight annoyance. “[Y/N]? What happened? You said you had a clear shot.” He removed his earpiece and turned it off, watching as [Y/N] did the same. 

[Y/N] inhaled deeply, her eyes staring up at the dark sky. “I never asked you about Bucky because I didn’t want to know.” 

Steve’s brows knitted together, he had always wondered why [Y/N] never asked about Bucky. At first, he thought it was because she didn’t remember but after she started to recall memories, it didn’t make sense why she didn’t ask about the man who swept her off her feet all those years ago. “Okay? I’m not trying to be insensitive right now, [Y/N], because I know how much Buck meant to you but why is this relevant?”

She ignored his question, “What did Bucky and I used to tell each other every single day before we left to go our separate ways?”

Steve could never forget, it was like clockwork every time they’d say goodbye or goodnight to each other. Steve had so desperately wanted a relationship like that, to look a girl and just have the words slip right out his mouth before he even thought about them. “Bucky would ask you to smile and he’d say, ‘you’ve got the best damn smile in this town, a smile I could never forget even if I tried.’ And you would follow with, ‘and you’ve got the best damn pair of blue eyes I’ve ever seen, eyes I will never forget in a million years.’”

[Y/N] smiled, trying to remember the last time they had shared those loving words. She wasn’t sure if he actually meant it, but she sure did. “I meant that, every single word.” 

Steve nodded, unsure of where this was going but not going to interrupt her trip down memory lane because perhaps this was why she missed the opportunity to shoot the Winter Soldier. If she needed to vent, Steve wasn’t going to stop her. “I know, and Buck did too.” 

“Steve, what exactly happened to Bucky?”

He inhaled, “Long story short and to spare you the details, he died during one of our missions.” 

[Y/N] turned away from him, looking at the spot where the Winter Soldier had just been. “What was the mission?”

“To destroy HYDRA bases,” Steve stepped forward, concerned. “[Y/N] why are you suddenly interested in this now?”

A tear slid down her cheek, as she turned to face Steve. “You and I are not the only ones who were frozen in time.” Inhaling deeply, she firmly spoke through her teeth. “The Winter Soldier is a ghost, Steve. It’s Bucky, I know because I saw his eyes.”

Kind of tempted to do a part two. Anyone interested? 

His Throne Pt.2 [JHS]

Genre: smut, angst

Word Count: 6,840

Tags: degradation, praise, fingering, face riding, dom!Hoseok, prince!Hoseok, infidelity, kinda exhibitionism

Written by: Admin Jifairy

A/N: Ahhh yes, it’s finally done. It’s not nearly as good as the first (imo) because I wasn’t as motivated to write this one. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! A huge thank you to admin Smutty for reviewing and editing my work!! (PCs to Vikttoria16)

Part 1 Vers: Hoseok | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Jimin | Jungkook | Seokjin

I love you.

You wished you hadn’t said it.

But more importantly you wished he had.

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BTS Reacts - Finding Out You’re Pregnant

request via dms : “a little react of BTS finding out that you’re pregnant?”

Min Yoongi: ‘I’ve never thought about raising a family,’ he casually says in passing, as he watches a happy family walk past, through the window. You’re a week into your pregnancy; you haven’t told anyone. You know Min Yoongi is focused on his career, and having kids wouldn’t really fit into his lifestyle. You don’t want to burden your boyfriend of several years, but you know you’re going to have to let him know about this sooner or later, no matter how hesitant you are. ‘I’m pregnant,’ you curtly confess. His turns around so swiftly; his jaw hangs open for awhile, processing this knowledge - he is going to be a dad. It scares him, and he is resisting every instinct in his body that makes him want to run out of the room yelling at the top of his lungs, but when he looks at you, all he sees is the person he loves, about to give him the gift of his life. The truth is that Min Yoongi has never thought about raising a family - until he met you.

“I … what? Are… are you serious?”
( You nod in reply. )
“… I guess I’m gonna have to get used to more than one person calling me ‘daddy’, now…” 

Park Jimin: You’re nervous as to how he is going to take the news of an unexpected pregnancy. When he emerges from the elevator, he explodes with enthusiasm - ‘jagi, did you watch us on television last night?’, ‘did you see us accept the award?’ - an endless stream of questions pour out of the singer. Hoseok asks if you’d like to go out for drinks with them, but you refuse. ‘Why, are you pregnant?’, joked Namjoon. You stare at your boyfriend while he’s on his victory-high, but the look you’re giving him causes his bouncing to slowly come to a stop. An awkward silence hangs in the air, and Hoseok constantly switches his attention between your still bodies. He mouths a visible ‘oh my god’, exchanging glances with Namjoon. You mutter a weak ‘yes’ - hearing you say that you’re about to give him a baby makes him queasy - but little does Jimin know, down the road, he would be a proud father of three sons, and he would wonder why he ever overreacted in the first place.

“J-Jagi, are you for real? I… can’t even… what!? How!? We… we used a condom, didn’t we!?”

Kim Seokjin: You’re having lunch together, when suddenly, your body convulses, and you make a break for the bathroom. He’s concerned for you, so he gets out of his seat and walks over to the door, calling for you from outside. You quickly retort for him to stay out, and you start retching between words. His brows knit - did you eat something that didn’t agree with you? He’s noticed you taking trips to the toilet a lot more, but he’s always thought it’s because of how much water you’ve been drinking lately. A pang of realization hits him when he thinks of the last possible reason for your sudden illness. The last time you’d slept together was a month ago. Seokjin definitely sees children in his future, and even though he has trouble stomaching all this right now, he’s unable to contain himself. He would want nothing more than the person he loves to bear his child. Having kids would mean the world to him, but he needs to ask you one thing before he accepts this turn of events.

Jagiya… I know you’re pregnant. I want you to know, that I’m ready as ever to embark on this journey with you. I want to be with you and our child forever, if you’ll have me.”
( What are you saying, Jin? )
“… Will you be my wife?” 

Jung Hoseok: You’re at the doctor’s office - you haven’t been feeling particularly well lately, so you decide to take your problem to the clinic by yourself. When the doctor informs you of your unplanned pregnancy, your heart stops. You’re not sure how to get this news to your boyfriend. You ring up Hobi to tell him that you’re dropping by Bighit. His ears are sharp - he is able to detect the anxiety in your shaky voice. He pesters you to tell him why you’re upset, and after at least five minutes of his persistence, you cave in, announcing your pregnancy. There is a long silence on the call, and you’re concerned that he hasn’t digested this news well. Hobi is a family man - the thought of spending the rest of his life with you and his new kids gets him amped to a maximum. Jung Hoseok runs at full speed into the practice room, yelling at the other six members of Bangtan as you hear him wail over the call:


Kim Namjoon: ‘I’m flipping out, what do I do?!’, Kim Namjoon eavesdrops on your phone call as he stands idly outside your bedroom. He’s noticed how tense you are all night, and he’s tried breaking the ice with both affectionate kisses and playful humour, but none of it unwinds you from discomfort. Hoseok finally returns your calls after hours of you dialing him. You had to tell someone, just not Namjoon yet. He urges you to relax, and to just talk to your long-time boyfriend. When you’re through with the call, you find the man himself seated down on the sofa, having been left to a state of uncertainty after hearing the word ‘pregnant’ escape your lips. Namjoon’s undecided about his opinions on having kids - it’s not that he’s unwilling to start a family with you - he just can’t believe it’s actually going to happen. Watching you freak out puts him on edge, so he tries to remain as calm as possible, making the first move, struggling to keep in his panic:

“… Is there something you want to tell me, babe? Like, I don’t know… BEING PREGNANT!?”

Jeon Jungkook: The answering machine on the desk beeps as Jungkook screens through the calls in the apartment. He’s decided to make himself comfortable at home before you return from work, so checking his calls is the first order of business. A medical clinic calls, ‘the results of your blood test for pregnancy are in, and it’s positive - please get back to us if have any more inquiries’. Jungkook has reached a whole new level of freaking the fuck out - he is so shook, that he simply goes about his regular routine around the house, making himself a bowl of cereal before sitting on the couch, waiting for you to return. His brain has short-circuited, and he just stares blankly ahead. Some part of him is wondering why he’s so scattered about you bearing his child - sure, he is young - but if there’s anyone in his life he wants more to have kids with, it’s you. This line of reasoning results in him being more accepting of the fact that he’s about to be a father.

“… I wonder what’s a good name that goes with Jeon…”

Kim Taehyung: He’s casually brushing his teeth in the bathroom, when his eyes catch something unusual in the dustbin. ‘Jagi, what is this?’ You hear Taehyung’s voice from your bedroom, and it clicks in your mind that you haven’t taken the trash out yet. Ohmygod, you think, starting to feel the dread set in. You fly off your bed, scuttling toward the bathroom in haste, panting hard from racing your way there. You find him examining your pregnancy test closely. You’ve been meaning to tell him, but you wanted to make sure through a doctor’s visit, first. You bite your lip, anticipating his reaction - however, when he turns to you, you see tears well up in his eyes. You’ve been afraid to bring this news to him, but you should have known that Taehyung loves kids like nothing else, and to him, discovering that the love of his life is going to bring him even more happiness than they already have, makes him realize: one by one, all of his dreams are coming true.

“Yah, pabo… I can’t believe you’re pregnant… do you know how much this means to me?”

This was hard to do, mostly because I kept juggling back and forth between them reacting as ready, future parents, or unexpected recipients of the news. Either way, I sincerely hope you liked how it turned out - thank you for requesting, please enjoy! <3

A Kiss (Mike Wheeler x Reader)

Originally posted by heckingfinn

Request: Can I request “stop biting that fucking lip!” with Mike?❤️ and “Stop biting that fucking lip!” With mike wheeler please?

Authors note: Sorry this is so short!! I hope you like it anyway!!

“Y/N can you please stop biting that fucking lip!”

Your eyes widen at his sudden outburst. You watch as his face goes pink, eyes also going wide.

“I… Its distracting… you’re… distracting me.” Mikes face is bright red now, his eyes refusing to meet yours.

You always bit your lip, whether it was out of nerves or an automatic function your brain didn’t have to think about. The more you think about it, the more you thought about Mike and how his eyes always lingered on your lips. How his eyes flickered between your eyes and your mouth as you talked to him.

Your head leans to the side, eyebrows knitted together.

“What do you mean i’m distracting you Mike?” you ask curiously, wondering what could possibly be distracting about what you were doing.

“I just… I…ugh, every time you bite your lip i just can’t stop thinking about kissing you and I…I know we’re friends so I shouldn’t even be thinking about kissing you but it’s all… it’s all i think about.” He spoke quickly, his voice becoming almost non existent as he finished his ramblings.

Your heart soared at his words, your mind racing. Does that mean he likes you? Of course it does you idiot.

“Are you going to say something, cause you’re kinda scaring me…” his voice is low, a breathy laugh leaves his throat.

“You want to kiss me?” Your voice is barely above a whisper, as you stand in front of him.

“Yeah… I mean… god yes.” His hands hold both sides of your face as he presses his lips against yours, its short and sweet.

He pulls away, your eyes still closed as a smile spreads across your face.

“Your cute Wheeler, you know that.” You open your eyes to see him staring at you, his freckled face pink.

“Shut up L/N.” He laughs pushing your shoulder lightly. “Do you want to.. I don’t know, watch a movie or something?” He scratches the back of his neck.

“Yeah, i’d like that.”

anonymous asked:

Was reading some asks from a while ago, and since Anti nukes calories by glitching, and is also always hungry because of that, are the Googles or Doc ever worried of how thin Anti can get if he doesn't feel like eating for a while? When he's upset or something's wrong he usually stops eating like most people do, right? But like, in his case, that must be very dangerous

Anti is hiding in his fort one day, staring despondently at a point far away. It’s a gray day, one of those days that come sometimes and make it hard for him to do much of anything. Ollie tugs on the sleeve of his hoodie lightly. “Anti, don’t you want to eat something?”

Anti doesn’t answer and doesn’t move aside from a blink.

“Come on, you know you need to eat something. What if I got Doc to make you an omelette? Or-or Red could order a pizza?”

“Pizza” is usually the magic word around Anti, but this time, the glitch only shakes his head slightly. Ollie chews the inside of his cheek and sighs. “Well, I’m going to leave these grapes and crackers here. So try to eat some if you feel hungry, ok?” Oliver leaves the plate behind and crawls back out of the fort.

Anti looks at the plate of food, and something inside him knows he should eat, that nagging feeling in his gut because his body tears through calories like paper. But then his past comes flooding back to fill his head and make him wince and curl his toes. He passes out later that night, and at midnight, Green crawls in to check in on him.

When he finds Anti, gray smudges under his eyes and his hands chilly and curled, he pulls him out of the fort and carries him down to the clinic. He’s so light, lighter than Ollie even, kind of like a kitten but with more blood and green hair.

Doc gets an IV in his arm and stares down at him with worry knitting his eyebrows together. “How often does he get like this?”

“Not often,” Green says, hugging himself tight. “But still too often.” Green looks up at Doc. “How do we help him?”

Doc grits his teeth and sighs. “I don’t know, Green. Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything we can really do.” He shakes his head. “I just hope he’s going to be okay.”

His Throne [PJM] | 02

Genre: smut, angst, fluff

Word Count: 6,840

Tags: degradation, praise, fingering, face riding, dom!Jimin, prince!Jimin, infidelity, kinda exhibitionism

A/N: Ahhh yes, it’s finally done. It’s not nearly as good as the first (imo) because I wasn’t as motivated to write this one. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! (PCs to Vikttoria16)

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Other member cers: Hoseok | Yoongi | Taehyung | Namjoon | Jungkook | Seokjin

I love you.

You wished you hadn’t said it.

But more importantly you wished he had.

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Reaction To You Breaking Up With Them

NCT 127 + Hansol & Ten’s Reaction To Hearing “Let’s End It”


Originally posted by taesyong

Taeil would listen intently to you, staying silent. He would have a solemn and unreadable expression on his face as he processed it all, thinking of how he could get the best possible outcome.


Originally posted by yuseols

Hansol would take a second to process it. After he would become a little standoffish and cold.
“Tell me 10 reasons we should break up-”


Originally posted by nct-noona

Johnny would likely start arguing with you, a mix of Hansol and Taeyong. He would eventually cave in to his frustration and break down like Ten.
“What you’re saying doesn’t make sense!”


Originally posted by zeusmayo

Taeyong would feel hurt as well, but he would come off as mean instead of weak because he was so hurt. He would put blame on you, causing an argument that he would later regret.
“You’re selfish and you always have been.”


Originally posted by hansolxyuta

As soon as the words left your mouth Yuta would feel his throat constricting, his heart beat increasing. Like Doyoung he would try to point out all the good things you guys had. He would harass you about the reason why you wanted to break up.
“Is there someone else?”


Originally posted by taesyong

Doyoung would be confused why you were talking like that, but he would give you his full attention, trying to decipher your feelings and plan out what he should say. Of course he doesn’t want to break up with you so he would point out all the flaws in your logic and try to get you to stay with him.
“But that contradicts what you just said-”


Originally posted by nctaeu

Ten would honestly feel so hurt. He may try to hide it first, but eventually he would break down while asking why.


Originally posted by nct-team-forever

Jaehyun would feel a blow to his ego and heart. He wouldn’t understand why you wanted to break up. He eventually would reach his limit, his feelings boiling inside and wouldn’t want to see your face.


Originally posted by seungkwansthighs

Sicheng would utter a state of shock, similarly to Jaehyun. 
He’d be more confused than anything, wondering about the cause of all this.
“I thought we were fine-”


Originally posted by kimbaprolls

Mark’s shock would immediately be turned to nervous laughter. He wouldn’t know how to interpret your words at first, letting out a laugh and asking:
Once he grasped the situation not being a joke he would slump, letting his brows knit in confusion.


Originally posted by haecha

Honestly, he’d be very confused. He wouldn’t understand what he’d done to destroy your relationship.
When heartbroken like this, I think he’d probably stay quiet, too shocked to say anything…

Why would you ever breakup with them TT TT


friends to lovers

word count ; 1.3k
2% fluff


when jaehyun told you that he was on his way, that reminded you of how loyal he is. he would never be out during this time of the night. nothing could make him roll out of his bed. nothing, but you.

you and jae have been friends for a while. when he first came to america, you were the first to befriend him.



it was a sunny day, you were walking out of a store with your hands full of bags when a guy ran into you and caused you to drop them.

“oh sorry!…” he said, quickly picking the bags up for you and sliding the headphones that he wore down from his ears to his neck.

“it’s okay…thank you.” you replied as you proceeded to grab the bags from him.

he shifted his arm to the side and shook his head. “if you’d like, i could help you take these bags. it’s the least i could do.”

you shook your head. “no thanks, i’m fine.” you tried to take the bags from him but he shifted again.

“just let me help you, you have ten bags and your hands are small. i bet if i give you these and you take two steps, you’ll drop them.”

you smirked more at yourself than him. it’s time to get some extra coin. 

 you knew that if you could walk from the back of the store, to the front and out of the door holding the ten bags, everything would go well.

“alright. twenty dollars if you ain’t a broke boy.” you jokingly said, grabbing the bags as he gave them to you.

he chuckled and nodded. “twenty dollars? i got it.”

you tightened your grip on the bags and took two steps. success.

you didn’t hesitate to drop the bags and step in front of him, holding your hand out. you cocked your head to the side once you noticed the his facial expression.

it read ; “i lied, i don’t have it.” “actually, i am a broke boy.”

“i said five steps, you only took two and dropped them. that proves my point.” he said, pursing his lips and avoiding eye contact with you.

what a damn lie.

instead of popping off right then and there, you turned your attention back onto your bags. “bye asshole.”

before you could start walking away, he jogged to your side and took the bags from your left hand. “where are we going?” he asked.

you lightly huffed and started to think. he wasn’t a bad guy, he was just annoying.

you decided to give him a chance. “there… what’s your name by the way?”

you pointed to your apartment complex and watched as a smile stretched across his face.

“what?” you asked, curious.

“jaehyun…i live a couple of blocks down. i just moved here and you’re the first citizen i’ve actually spoken to.” he paused. “you still want that twenty dollars?”

“hell yeah! what kind of question is that?” you responded.

“how about we spend it. tonight…if you’re up for it. we can go do something fun.” he confidently said.

“yeah sure. since you’re new here i’ll go with you and i’ll be your friend. you can’t make any more friends though. you only need me.” you said, getting into the elevator and taking the bags from him.

before the elevator doors could meet, you gave him your apartment number and waved. “i’ll see you later!”

after that night of unexpected fun, the two of you met and hung out everyday ; becoming bestfriends.

end of flashbeck


“y/n!?” jaehyun’s loud voice invaded your thoughts and brought you back to reality.

you walked out of your bedroom and opened the door, letting him in. “jaehyun. thank you.” you lowly said, pulling him into a tight hug.

“shut up, let’s go to sleep.” his said, kissing the top of your head. his voice raspy.

he pulled away from you and turned you around. with his hands resting on your shoulders, he guided you back to your room.

he tucked you in before getting in next to you. “what do you wanna watch.”

you yawned and sat up. “tv.”

jaehyun tried his best not to laugh but he failed. “no shit sherlock. be specific. what show?”

“i don’t wanna watch tv. i just wanted you here honestly.” you responded.

“wait. did you watch a scary movie or not?” he asked you, now wondering how you could trick him.

“nope.” you responded.

jaehyun sighed and thought about what you told him. you ‘just wanted him here’.

you didn’t really think about how he would take that when you said it. plus, you always lied to get him to come over when you felt lonely.

but it was something about this time. when you said that, his heart dropped.

he didn’t know if now was the right time but-

“i like you.” he blurted out.

you smirked and your eyebrows knitted together (smirking while confused). you eyed him and spoke. “yep. that’s why we’re friends.”

jaehyun shook his head. “no y/n. i. like. you. as in i want to date you. it’s okay if you don’t feel the same…”

“what?!” you stared at him. “you…like me?”

he nodded and looked at you as if you were stupid. “yeah.”

your mouth was in the shape of an o. you asked yourself ; did my bestfriend of four years just confess to me?

“you’re lying.” you decided to deny. you couldn’t believe it. he was just as bad a liar/prankster as you were in this relationship.

“what do i need to do in order for you to believe me?” he asked.

you had something in mind. something that you knew he would only do if he truly liked you, and you didn’t believe that he would. “kiss me.”

you closed your eyes and waited to ‘see’ what would happen (hdhtdjdh).

a half a minute had passed so you figured that he was lying. but, as soon as you removed your hand, jaehyun’s lips were pressed against yours.

although he wanted to deepen the kiss, he pulled away from you. “now do you believe m-”

you grabbed his shirt and pulled his face close to yours. “i like you too.”

you leaned in and kissed him, deepening the kiss yourself.

but fifteen seconds into the kiss, jaehyun did something dirty. he pulled your bonnet off of your head and ran out of your room.



after you beat jaehyun up and made
him put your bonnet back on, you kissed, and kissed again, and again and again.

bts reacts: you’re really smart

anon asked:  Hi! Can you do a reaction of the boys when you’re younger than them, but you’re super smart and even philosophical?? Something similar to Namjoon personality when he’s on a “Deep conversation” way maybe?Hope you’ll understand and thank you!!!

note: i try to keep these gender neutral so if i use a specific pronoun, just tell me and i can change it! :)

yoongi:  even though the two of you would talk every day, you would tend to leave work and things like that out of it, leaving the time that you had to just talk to each other about yourselves, so he’d never really get the chance to really know how smart you are. i feel like one day, when the both of you had time off, he’d glance at some coursework you’d done, and just wonder why you had never brought up something that you should be so proud of.

“hey, i know we don’t usually talk about work, but i just wanna know- do you find this stuff easy? cause it looks damn complicated, and that’s impressive.”

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hoseok:  but i’m just imagining a really close-knit, sibling type of friendship where you’re just the epitome of what it means to be best friends and he can just sit there and listen to you talk about any work that you had because he finds it all fascinating, and whenever you get recognition for it, he’d always be there, the extra human being that he is, “that’s my best friend! they did that!” and he’d just be all adorable and proud.

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namjoon:  it’s no secret that namjoon is incredibly smart, so I feel like the two of you would just sit for hours on end, talking about the universe in ways that no one else had, questions and answers flying back and forth. he wouldn’t so much take your age into consideration when talking to you, because i feel like as long as the two of you are talking and making good conversation, he didn’t care if there were a few years in it.

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seokjin:  he’d be there, listening to you talk about school or work, and i feel like he’d tease you a little for being younger. just little words every now and then, like “wow, who knew such big words could come from someone so small!” but then he’d justify it minutes later, saying things like, “nah, come on. you know how proud i am of everything you do and how clever you are, don’t you?”

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jungkook“hit me with your best.”

 "where does anything come from? where did the world come from? what was there to start with and why? why does energy exist in the first place and where did it come from if it can’t be destroyed or created? has it always just been there, and-“

"slow down, tiger. you say anymore, and we’ll probably both be on the verge of an existential crisis before it’s even 11 am.”

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jimin:  would love your way with words, the way that you always saw another angle to everything and the way that you explained it would just seem fascinating. he’d love to just sit there on the sofa, the two of you under a blanket, with conversations starting when the sky was a bright cyan and ending when they faded to black and all the daylight was gone.

“you know, i’d never thought about it like that…that’s… wow.”

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taehyung: he’d always seen you as this smaller, younger person that he’d have to protect and always watch over, but seeing you at work, in your element, explaining all these complicated things to the people around you while they stood there patiently nodding their heads in a sign of synchronised understanding, he realised that really, you weren’t as young as he’d always seen you to be at all.

“little ___  , you’re not so little anymore, huh?”

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i ran out of ideas so jungkook’s is literally just a conversation i was having with my friend oops im sorry its so bad lol i just yeah these got progressively worse as they went along i apolgise anyway, i hope that was okay, anon :)

here’s my masterlist, just in case you liked this, and moodboard requests are open cause i just really like making those and it makes me feel like i’m doing something productive when i have writers block :)) also ships are open, if you want one!

last post: boyfriend!taehyung moodboard

last react: you sleep in his hoodie

thanks for reading!

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His Throne [KTH] | 02

Genre: smut, angst, fluff ending

Word Count: 6,840

Tags: degradation, praise, fingering, face riding, dom!Taehyung, prince!Taehyung, infidelity, kinda exhibitionism

A/N: Ahhh yes, it’s finally done. It’s not nearly as good as the first (imo) because I wasn’t as motivated to write this one. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! (PCs to Vikttoria16)

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Other member vers: Hoseok | Yoongi | Namjoon | Jimin | Jungkook | Seokjin

I love you.

You wished you hadn’t said it.

But more importantly you wished he had.

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The Catch: Part Three

     Part One II Part Two                        


You and Bucky were destined for each other, and everyone seemed to know it but you. The day you met Bucky Barnes, you grew closer with your platonic relationship - that is until one night in the heart of New York, things change. While weeks pass of denying anything could ever happen between the two of you, you realize that unconventional love is the best of all.

Notes: tension, angst, fluff. let me know what you think :)

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Birthday Presents from iKON
  • Donghyuk
  1. Scrapbook made by him, since he’s a smart and warm person he’ll make a scrapbook filled by his memories with you and he’ll express his sincere feelings about you.
  3. A costumized big doll. since he went overseas every month he knows that you need (at least) his scent to keep you sane, so he’ll give that big stuffy bear costumized with his scent to keep you happy.
  4. Letter. LOVE LETTER, i’m crying duh.
  • Yunhyeong
  1. DRESSES, “you’ll look absolutely stunning on those dresses, jagi.”
  2. Beauty product (INCLUDING LIPBALM)
  3. A surprise event, romantic dinner at the most romantic place on earth. He doesn’t need words to express how he felt about you, he’ll just keep staring the beauty in front of him. hELPP
  4. bags. he’s a man with sense after all.
  • Jinhwan
  1. his surprise event will be a party at the garden with your family, he knows how much you love spending time with your family so he made your special day with your favorite people a.k.a HIM and your family.
  2. Flat shoes, “I don’t want you to wear high heels. Let’s keep your height.”
  3. 00:00 a.m and he sent you a birthday song. him. singing. at 00:00 a.m.
  4. A poem. about his feelings, your memories together, and how thankful he is to have someone like you.
  5. RING. your name on his. his name on yours.
  • Chanwoo
  1. SCHOOL BAG. A LIMITED EDITION SCHOOL BAG.Since you’re still a student, he gave you that cute and cool school bag, “hey beautiful, now you have to study and stop thinking about me, ok?” no i cant chanuya
  2. “I will grant you 10 wishes!!” he said with his smile.
  • Bobby

woah man i cant think about this boy

  1. Happy birthday baby. I’m not late right” at 00:00 a.m in the morning, his husky voice. iMAgINE iT PeOpleajsadoasndaso
  2. And the next morning you’ll wake up with his face in front of you, “surprise baby girl.” he hugged you tight.
  3. He looked into your eyes, started to rap freestyle about your birthday, yourself, and his love for you.
  4. Bobby taking you shopping but you didn’t really buy things because you just want to be beside him.
  5. Ended up with matching snapbbacks and shoes.
  6. Cuddle night with him, telling how much you mean to his life while you caressing his cheeks telling how wonderful he is.
  7. He gave you his (and yours) favourite sweater hoodie and you being overly-happy about it.
  • June

“What present? I am the present. Enjoy your present, honey.”

  • B.I

dang i cant write this. no. no. no.

  1. His songs for you, he recorded all by himself, he composed the song, he wrote the lyrics, he– you know, B.I. 
  2. He’ll give you dozens of sweater, knit wear, jacket, sweater, “I don’t want you to be cold when I’m not around.”
  3. Surprise event to the disneyland, playing with your boyfriend is the best gift you could get– like, seriously he’s a workaholic.
  5. He planned all the event all day with you.
His Throne [MYG] | 02

Genre: smut, angst, fluff ending

Word Count: 6,840

Tags: degradation, praise, fingering, face riding, dom!Yoongi, prince!Yoongi, infidelity, kinda exhibitionism

Parts: 01 | 02 | 03

Part 1 Vers: Hoseok | Taehyung | Namjoon | Jimin | Jungkook | Seokjin

I love you.

You wished you hadn’t said it.

But more importantly you wished he had.

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Anonymous asked:  Can you write Lysandra asked Aedion to teach her how to kiss before her first date because she was nervous to fuck it up. Thanks ☺️

I have to say, I think this is my favorite piece that I’ve ever written! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Send me a prompt!

Aedion Ashryver and I had lived next door to each other since I was three. The first day we met, he tried convincing me to eat a worm, and I promptly stomped on his toes and stormed off. Apparently, my tantrum had charmed him, and we quickly became partners in crime. We grew up together; squabbling like siblings but telling each other our deepest secrets like best friends.

Fast forward 14 years, and suddenly it’s senior year of high school. Aedion became the star athlete in every sport he played, and although he quickly attained celebrity status in our small school, he never let it go to his head. It was one of the things I admired most about him; he never forgot about his oldest friends.

Currently, I sat in the grandstands overlooking the football field waiting for football practice to finish. At the beginning of junior year, we had worked out a deal: he provided the car, I paid for the parking pass. Thus, I was destined to wait each day after school until he finished practice for whatever sport he was playing that season.

Completely absorbed in my phone (as always), I didn’t notice when it ended early, nor did I notice Beau’s approach until his cleats entered the edge of my vision.

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The Painful Wait. PART 2 (DarylxReader)

Hey guys, here’s part two of The Painful Wait! Let me know what you think, I’ll be posting Part three when I’m finished ✌🏼
Y/N and Daryl have been close ever since the group took her in when they found her on a supply run. Daryl is extremely overprotective and when the group is attacked by a herd of walkers one night, Daryl gets on her last nerve when he locks her in a cell and refuses to let her help. They get into a huge fight and both of them say some hurtful things. Daryl goes out on a supply run by himself to clear his head, but takes longer than he said he’d be. Days go by and Y/N is a wreck. She can’t stop thinking about their fight and what could’ve been her possible last words to the man she trusts the most. 

(Set in the hiatus between seasons three and four )

Warnings: strong language, walker killings, mostly fluff and angst again.

It’s been forty-eight hours since Daryl’s been gone. I’ve been one the edge of my seat, nervously biting my nails and sweating in anticipation. Rick’s been letting me keep watch in the tower, so I’m the first to see him. I wanted to stay up there for longer on the first night, but Carol insisted that I get some sleep. I can’t help but blame myself. He’d still be here if I hadn’t screamed at him, I drove him away. He could be dead and the last thing I ever said to the man I love was: “Go to hell, asshole.”
Beth’s been staying in my cell with me to keep me company, as I don’t sleep, and when I do, my nightmares wake me up. They’ve been different, these last couple of nights. They haven’t been about the drowning, but rather being alone in the forest, unable to escape Walkers. I keep screaming out for Daryl when I wake up, resulting in everyone else waking up. Last night, I didn’t even sleep after I woke up, because I went to keep Rick company in the tower just so I could know if he came back. But still nothing.

I stare at the bottom of the top bunk, anxiously waiting for my next shift in the tower when Beth returns from getting water.

“How you feelin’?” Beth asks.

“Take a wild guess. I just wish that I never said anything. Or that he hadn’t locked me in here in the first place.” I sigh.

“I’ve been meaning to ask… what was he doing in here?” I can’t see her, but I can tell she’s smirking her ass off.

“You really want to know?” I laugh, sitting up.

“God yes.” She eagerly replies, sitting next to me.

“Well, I grabbed a book from the library and headed back here. My shoulders were killing me and Daryl saw that I was uncomfortable and came in and gave me a back rub.” I shrug.

“Oh.” Beth’s excited posture falls in disappointment.

“Then we kissed.” I smirk.

Beth’s head whips towards me with joy, a wide, excited grin smeared across her face.

“What!?” She shrieks gleefully.

I laugh at her enthusiasm, which is actually the first sign of positivity I’ve shown in days.

“You have to tell me everything!” She cries in delight.

“Okay, so he started off by rubbing my shoulders and then he was kissing my neck,” invite my lip at the very thought of his touch. “He told me that he couldn’t stop thinking about me and that I was all he wanted. I could’ve died there and then.” I borderline squeal.

“And then?” Beth encourages.

“And you know… clothes flew off, I’m on his lap and…”

“And!?” At this point, Beth is so deliriously thrilled, I can see a vein about to pop in her forehead.

“And then Carl was shoutin’ about Walkers.” I sigh.

Beth groans and falls back, letting out a long, audible, outraged sigh.

And as if by chance, Carl walks past and throws a concerned scowl our way.

“What’s up?” He asks.

“You’re a fucking cockblock, that’s what’s up!” Beth yells.

Carl quite wisely decides to just walk away instead of asking any questions.

“Subtle.” I remark, earning a giggle from Beth.

“Anyone else know?”

“Nah, just you. And Daryl, but I don’t even know if he’s… if he’s de-”

“Don’t talk like that. He’s gonna be just fine. He’s gonna come back and you two are gonna get this sorted. Then, hopefully, you can screw. Preferably without everyone being attacked.” She jokes.

She’s right. He’ll be fine. He’s strong and smart… the man can fight through anything. I have faith in him, I really do, it’s just that he wasn’t in a good mindset when he left… he even said himself, he needed to clear his head. I just want him back. I don’t want those to be my last words to him. Not him. Never him.
It’s not even just Walkers that I’m worried about. The governor is still out there. I just can’t stop thinking about the endless possibilities of what could’ve happened to Daryl.
My Daryl.

The next day, Rick asks my to join him on fence cleaning as a ‘stress relief’. I oblige, because well, what the fuck else am I supposed to do?
Forty minutes into killing intruding Walkers in complete silence, I begin to wonder which on of the two of us is going to bring up the elephant in the room. Rick and Daryl have the closest brotherly bond I’ve ever seen and it would break my heart to see Rick without his brother. I’m not the only on who holds Daryl in their heart, the whole damn family does. Especially Rick.

“We gonna talk about this or what?” Rick pipes up, stabbing Michonne’s sword into the ground and turning to face me.

“Talk about what? Ain’t nothin’ to talk about.” I lie, continuing to impale Walkers through the skull.

“Y/N, don’t be like that. We’re all worried. You don’t have to put on a brave face all of a sudden… you don’t think I’ve heard you cryin’ at night?” Rick says softly.

I stab one more Biter and throw my pole to the ground in frustration.

“What do you want me to say, Rick? Y-you want me to say that I can’t live without him? Because I can’t! You want me to say that I won’t give up on him until my last breath? Because I won’t! You want me to say that I’m so pathetically and tragically in love with him, that I’d rather die than go another day wondering ‘what if’? Because I am! That what you want me to say, Rick!?” I rant.

“You’re in love with him?”


“I didn’t say that.”


“Yes you did… you said you’re in love with Daryl!” The excitement behind Rick’s eyes mirrors Beth’s.

“Why do people get so shocked about that, I don’t understand.” I throw my arms up in exasperation.

“Jesus Christ! Well that’s one down, one to go, right?” He chuckles.

“Excuse me?” My eyebrows knit together in confusion.

“Do you know how long we’ve all been waiting for you to admit this. You two aren’t exactly ones for subtlety, are ya now?” Rick laughs.

I stand stunned for a moment, honestly not knowing what to do with myself.

“I want to go after him. Now, tonight, tomorrow, I don’t care. We need him. You need him. I need him.” I plead.

Rick sighs and rubs his temples in exhaustion, because he’s clearly been considering it too. I walk towards him and take his wrists in my hands, only to discover that he’s shaking.

“Let’s go, Rick…” I whimper.

“We can’t… it’s too dangerous and I don’t want to leave Carl and Judith. Please understand. I have to stay with my kids. And I ain’t letting you go anywhere either. You’re family.” Rick sobs and embraces me tightly.

We collapse to the ground, still entangled and bawl for what feels like hours, until we hear screaming and shouting.

“Y/N! Dad! Hurry!” Carl hollers.

Rick and I scramble to our feet, racing over to the prison to grab our guns and knives as we see more Walkers have broken through while we were crying. More than all of us.

“Beth! Go take care of Judith! Maggie, Glenn, I want you in the towers, Carol, you and Carl take the entrance. Michonne, Y/N, let’s go kick some Walker ass.” Rick barks.

Michonne, Rick and I charge forward, shooting, stabbing and slashing every Walker in sight. Obviously, we have some pent up issues. I dart over to the fence and shoot anything that looks anything close to decomposing, but it soon all becomes too crowded.
I manage to fend them off, but I fall backwards and one falls on top of me, biting and snapping at me relentlessly.

“Help! Rick! Michonne!” I scream, while desperately trying to push it off of me.

It’s teeth come within centimetres of my skin, until its efforts come to a sudden halt. I look at it’s skull, and to my delight, there’s an arrow embedded in the brain. I shove it off of my body and scramble backwards and onto my feet, spinning around to see the one thing I’ve been craving to lay my eyes on for these past few eternal days.


“Oh my God…” I whisper in disbelief.

He’s covered in scrapes and scars from head to toe, dirt in every crease of his clothes and skin and bruises around his eyes and on his arms.

“Daryl?” I cry out.

He rushes towards me, dropping his beloved crossbow to stop it from weighing him down. I mirror him, dropping my gun and sprinting in his direction. We collide, thrilled tears cascading down my cheeks as I grip onto his shoulders while his strong arms embrace my waist and lift me off of the ground.

“I thought I lost you.” I sob.

“You couldn’t lose me if you tried, Darlin’.” He chuckles breathlessly.

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Um, i don't know if you did that before but, how will RFA react to MC being a virgin? (like didn't even hold hands with a guy before)

RFA + discovering MC is a Virgin


  • ( cracks knuckles ) listen m8 ya boi zen
  • will never ever force something you do not want and he would always ask your permission first ( he may have come to you so strong at first but trust this guy that he always has your best interests at heart )
  • so whenever there is a time when you two are at the right moment to kiss each other and you would never come to him first, he won’t force it to you or would just lightly give you a peck
  • but he would always be the one to kiss you first each time
  • just woke up? expect a good morning honey kiss from zen
  • going to sleep? just the same
  • you, yourself is so insecure at the fact that Zen is a good kisser ( he knows how to do wonders with those lips ) and that sometimes, you are so stiff and you worry he might be turn off at the fact that you never kissed someone and you’re not entirely good at it
  • and hell, every first you experienced is with him
  • but lately, he had noticed that you have been actually avoiding physical contact with him
  • so one day, he straight up asks you regarding the matter, with a worry laced on his crimson hues and a small pout on his mouth
  • “Princess… is there anything wrong?” cue worrywart momma zen
  • and god he looked so worried and insecure?? zen was actually getting insecure?? the world must be ending lolol
  • you hesitated at first because you considered it as p embarrassing on your part but when you told him your concerns, he sighed in relief and laughed
  • you couldn’t help but smack him in his arm because why are you laughing you jerk
  • “God… I thought you were getting bored of me!” he continued to laugh as he pulled you gently to his arms, hugging you tight like he couldn’t get enough of you “But, really? I am your first?! Ahh, god! I couldn’t believe it. How lucky can I possibly be, hmm?”
  • and when he confirmed that he was your first, he couldn’t help but stare fondly at you every chance he gets and he would smile sweetly like
  • ‘This girl is mine and I am her first oh god I am so lucky!’ look on his face
  • he would from time to time, tease you about it teasing with a little cuddling and kissing


  • ok getting your first hand holding with jaehee was a bit awkward
  • the poor girl was so shy that all of her attempts to hand holding was futile
  • you have tried several times too but nah, she would only look at you with a puzzled expression and would wonder why are you putting your hand in the middle of the table while eating that was not so discreet of you actually is2g
  • and you are hella nervous because you have never held hands with anyone before and jaehee is older than you are so you assumed she may have at least done it a few times
  • but she is just the same as you are
  • sometimes, there are moments where you two were walking together while going home and you just want to hold her hand but then she raises it and points at something timing’s a bitch
  • or when jaehee would give you the clean dishes she would graze your hands with her just to lay the idea down on you and you do not get what it means
  • ugh
  • so one day, after dinner, while she was brewing tea on the kitchen, you gathered your guts to tell her straight about your concern
  • “Uhm, Jaehee?” she turned to face you and when she saw that your cheeks were cherry red, she became extremely curious about it
  • “Yes?” she was looking at you, puzzled as to why you were fidgeting so bad “Is there something wrong?”
  • “C- can I… Uhm…” light lip biting “…can I hold your hand?! I- I want to feel it against mine!”
  • she was taken aback by such boldness and you looked hella cute too so she giggled a bit
  • “I’ve been trying to relay that message to you myself…” she walked to you and held your hand, lacing her own fingers to yours “I’m glad it got through.”
  • and you two have been obsessed in holding hands for a week


  • you were younger by a few years than him so he had this mental image of you that you already had a boyfriend before him and that you are very much aware of such physical things and he always has a say to how frisky the younger generation are ( much to zen’s, yoosung’s and luciel’s chagrin aka they are younger than jumin )
  • but jokes on him you’re not he’s your first lolol
  • so one saturday night when you two played beer pong ( you taught him and he doesn’t like beer so he insisted you two use wine of any variants /merlot, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, etc/ gdi trustfundkid and it became a wine pong ) you got hella drunk
  • out of the spur of the moment, you received your first ever french kiss ( it was a bit sloppy because your sorry ass is drunk )
  • and jumin was a bit too so he had no restrictions regarding the kiss ( this was the first time in your entire relationship that he had been aggressive since he does not want to pressure you on to anything you don’t want to do with him ) but when he noticed you pushed him away from you, even a bit, he immediately cut the kiss short
  • he sighed as he messed his hair with frustration and offered to wipe your lips with his hanky “I’m sorry… I might have forgotten to restrict myself. It’s because… you were very gorgeous on my eyes and I couldn’t help but praise your beauty with my mouth– in an entirely different way, of course.”
  • despite your drunk state, you blushed on his remarks because how can he say that without stuttering and with a serious expression?? gdi
  • “If you wish to erase any traces of what happened, I will not have any qualms against it.” he distanced himself from you as if he’d been burned by your presence
  • you immediately grabbed his sleeves as you gently whispered with reddened cheeks, “I- It’s my first time…”
  • his eyes immediately widened in surprise “Are you really?”
  • “Y-yes…” stop biting your lip the man has almost no control
  • “…am I your first, MC?” he asked, his eyes darkening with desire
  • “Y-yeah…” you stuttered because you can’t read his thoughts behind his hooded eyes it was so intense
  • “Then, it is an honor to me. I couldn’t possibly ask for more.” he let out a soft sigh of relief as he chuckled, his deep voice sounding so sexy at the moment “I thought you hated my touch for a moment there…”
  • then he carried you bridal style and laid you to his bed, gently caressing your hair in the process
  • “I won’t force you into anything, please remember that. Then, have a good night. I’ll stay here until you fall asleep.” he said, his voice full of fondness for you
  • and you swear you couldn’t sleep properly that night


  • ya boi yoosung is a virgin too ( did not experience any intimate physical touch except for his mom and he was still a kid back then )
  • so when you two were cuddling together one rainy night, on his apartment, watching a scary movie he couldn’t help but scream his ass off and hug you tight, that in the process he accidentally planted a kiss on the edge of your lips
  • you both were stunned he was your first kiss and you were his too
  • and everything seemed slow mo for a moment?? he was staring into your eyes and you were hella embarrassed because you were so sure you smelled like the flavor of chips you just ate
  • but no, ya boi yoosung leaned in forward, eyebrows knitted together as he watched you intently while pursing his lips
  • he kissed you with eyes shut tight like he was concentrating
  • but his touch is gentle, almost feather-like that you swore it felt like you were just imagining things when it happened
  • and when the kiss ended, yoosung looked like as red as a freshly picked rose, he was blushing hard
  • you didn’t speak because you were so stunned that he immediately panicked
  • “U- uhm!! I’m sorry! Uwah! I did not– I mean, I meant it, but uhm!!” he was stuttering so bad you couldn’t understand what he was trying to say
  • poor boi he was too caught up in the momentum of what transpired and he’s a bubbling mess
  • he stopped fussing when you let out a breathy giggle and he was confused because why were you laughing??
  • “No, it’s alright…” you were so sure you gave him a hearty laugh that his face reddened more
  • “W- was I not good? Um… I’m sorry… It’s my first time…” he said shyly while looking anywhere else but you
  • you held his hands tightly with your own as you admitted that it was your first time too
  • his face lit up like fireworks and he couldn’t help but smile in glee as he fussed more about how the two of you were each other’s firsts
  • he leaned in once more, trying the kiss again
  • it was hella sloppy but he was willing to learn with you along the way 


  • this boi has bragged that he had experienced kissing before such a dork
  • but in truth he did not he only saw it in movies
  • you two were going heads to heads one night while playing FFS Dissidia Duo Decimal /he was sephirothy and you played cloudy/ and every time he beat you or you beat him, you two were bound to receive the punishment of the game Never Have I Ever
  • but alas, his character beat yours badly and he was pumping his fist to the air while smirking at you
  • “Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s time for your punishment~” he said as he rubbed both of his hands, laughing naughtily “Well then~ I wonder what I should ask? Hmm~”
  • you gulped because you know this was a very bad idea because Luciel seemed to be so passionate about finding things about you
  • “Aha! My cutie, how about I ask you… dun dun dun dun!! Have you ever kissed someone before~?”
  • your face flushed and almost gave away what your answer would be this dork!! is2g!!
  • “Ohhh! It seems that actions does speak louder than words!” he teased you more and because you didn’t want him to make fun of you or give him the momentum, you stood up with knitted brows and serious look as you marched up to him, standing just in front of his figure as he sat peacefully
  • he was so surprised by what you did that he gulped and asked, “Oh? What are you doing?”
  • you grabbed him, with both hands, by his collar and smacked your lips to his own you did not know if you were doing the right thing but you still did it anyway
  • he was so surprised by what you did that he blushed so hard he looked like an overripe tomato lolol
  • “Mmph!?” this is the way you will succumb to me luciel lol
  • as you ended the kiss, you let go of your hold and he was blushing hard you swore you wanted to laugh at him
  • “Anything you want to know more? Ah, for your information too, you are my first kiss.” you smirked triumphantly because he looked like he just lost all his powers as he turned to jelly under your gaze
  • he gulped as he tried to re-adjust his glasses, trying to cover up his blush and surprise because wow?? he was your first kiss?? and you were so badass about it omg??
  • “U-uhh…” he couldn’t even properly form his thoughts into words lolol
  • he swore he wouldn’t play against you with games like these any more because he knows you would take it seriously