i wonder if he drew it himself

can we talk about the character development tho??

they’ve come so far from their car park days bless

it’s beautiful how his growth as a coach is directly parallel to the growth of their relationship and now Viktor’s so attuned to Yuuri’s moods and quirks and he’s gotten so good at looking out for his boyfriend’s wellbeing im cry

Viktor: I want to see you in your birthday suit!!

anyway LOOK AT THIS  

Viktor’s learned to slow down and be attentive and careful instead of blindly using blunt tactics and he’s watching Yuuri with so much love!! and so much worry!! he knows him so well now, and yeah it was the pole dancing playboy character who drew him in in the first place but this is who Viktor stayed for, this is the person he wants to marry and i just AAAAA

THIS RIGHT HERE. five time grand prix gold medallist Viktor Nikiforov who has never left the spotlight in his entire career is just content to be there and dedicate himself to the love of this one wonderful man and they’re!! so!! wholesome!! [screeching]

«She shrugged her shoulders under a red flowy top and shuffled Converse-clad feet.

“Um, hi. I was wondering if you were the one? I mean, from the notice board,” she rushed to clarify. A blush crept onto her cheeks, making her even more beautiful.

“Hmm?” He lost himself in her whiskey-brown eyes. Out of your league, Doctor. Give it up, he chided himself.

“With my mp3 player?” She pointed inside to the source of the music.»

I just drew some more ficart but felt weird about posting it without adding the scene from the fic it was from. So this is for @skyler10fic‘s ten x rose au, Notice Board ~ It’s very cute and fluffy fanfic and you should most definitely read it <3

That’s why I Love You

Pairing: Phan
Genre: Angst, fluff, oneshot happy ending
Warnings: Self-hate, alludes to eating disorder, light swearing.
Summary: Dan gains weight and feels insecure about his body, and Phil comforts him. Fluff ensues.
Word Count: 2,700
A/N: Hi guys! This story hits really close to home for me, and I drew a lot from my own experiences for the first half of the fic. Any and all input would be great! I hope you enjoy!

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rakuzan + nijimura comforting their girlfriend after she wakes up from a really intense nightmare?

AKASHI: He held you close and whispered sweet things in your ear. “You’re always safe with me, ___-san. Don’t worry.” He stroked your hair and your back, making sure that you were in the most comfortable position. He waited for you to fall back asleep before he drew you even closer and sleeping himself.

HAYAMA: Rubbing his eyes, he wondered why you were shaking and crying on the bed. Instantly, he went alert and he was oh so relieved when he heard it was just a nightmare. “It’s not real, I promise. If you need anything, I’m here, so don’t worry. I’ll protect you against those monsters!” He wouldn’t let go of you the whole night.

MAYUZUMI: Although he wasn’t a big fan of being woken up in the middle of the night, your sobs were practically a wake up slap in the face. He immediately tugged you into his arms and kissed your forehead, asking you to tell him all about it. He’d listen to you and talk to you until you were tired enough again to fall asleep.

MIBUCHI: The gentleman within Mibuchi appeared almost instantly. He sighed, “Oh, sweetheart, are you alright?” He asked you to share your fears with him so that he could comfort you, reminding you that it wasn’t real. “I’m always here for you, remember? Go back to sleep, darling.” He kissed your lips sweetly before hugging you.

NEBUYA: Ugh. He grunted as his eyelids fluttered open to see your curled up figure. His eyes jerked open as he held you close, “Babe, what’s wrong?” He still had that sexy sleepy voice of his as he wrapped you up in his arms. He needed his sleep but he still wanted to make sure that you were okay before he went back to sleeping.

NIJIMURA: Captain Skittles Nijimura looked at you who were crying and trembling and shifted closer towards you. “Hey, what happened? Are you okay?” His hands would capture your face as his eyes searched yours for any sign of hurt. He held you close and whispered, “I’m here alright, I’m here.”

Just Trust Me (Steve Rogers x Reader)

a/n: I’m off today so i can hopefully post one more story. I’m so sorry about all this waiting! Thanks for sticking around. Bit shorter than my normal ones. PS, thank you anon.

Prompt: Please &amp; Thank You Could you write a Steve x Reader where they have been married for more than a year and Steve wants to start a family but the reader isn’t sure because she does my trust herself (she is an avenger with ability to control fire ex) but he ends up convincing her ? I really like your writing (:

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A bunch of Human!Fridge doodles! Eyy!

1.) Mama (one of the giant cans) is very protective over Fridge and for a very good reason. People who don’t like Mama target Fridge because he’s an easier target to get to, thus resulting in Fridge never being allowed to go out alone. I drew a little thing of him going out alone to express what would happen. (Mama’s nickname for him is “Baby Blue” because of his eye color).

2.) Manifestation AU: where all of them manifest into a strong fear, emotion, etc. that they have. Fridge is the manifestation of the fear of being heartbroken/alone (The words are from this song if you’re wondering).

3.) Just some little doodles of the piece of garbage himself

Rp starter

Recently becoming unemployed , Xavier found himself wondering the streets of London when he heard a commotion. He rushed to the source of the noise, seeing three men with knives assaulting a foreign woman who had a bleeding gash on her side. He drew a pistol form the holster around his torso, concealed by his coat and he aimed it at the three men.“Leave the woman alone or I’ll kill you off one at a time~” They all stopped, dropped the knives, and took off down the street. //new third charry.//

I gasped and held my side huffing a bit and then tried to get up then just slipped and hurt myself more “gah!” I said in pain