i wonder if gaston will come back on the show

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Hi! I love your writing. Can I request a Gaston imagine where someone tries to hurt the reader so he gets really angry and protects her and then it's just a lot of fluff?

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; BatB (2017)
Warnings: life threatening situation 

A/N: thank you for the request, darling and thank you for the compliment! I really feel like Gaston would be the kind of man who would kill every single person that threatens his lover..


“Well, well, well. We’ve been searching for you for hours now, little bird,” a man you had never met, said, four others trotting behind.

You got up from the grass, where you had been looking for mushrooms.

“I.. I’m sorry, but.. do we know each other?”

“Oh no, not yet. But you see, I heard that you were involved with Gaston. And Gaston? Well.. Him I know very well. And what better way to hurt a man, than to hurt the woman he loves?”

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Flowers [Gafou Fic]

A/N: An alternate ending to the song “Belle”- this is a chapter in my collection fic, I just thought I’d post it on here because I really liked writing it. 

The huge, golden clock that loomed over the town hit 8:00 in the morning, and everyone was out and about in a flash, opening their windows and bustling down the street. Belle weaved her way through them, accomplishing all of her early morning chores with the same efficiency as always before stopping at the Pere’s library. Greeting Pere Robert and grabbing a new book to reread was always the highlight of the girl’s day, and today, she was anxious to get home with the book she had chosen.

Stopped right in the middle of the path to the way home, though, she saw a tall, burly figure she really didn’t want to. Belle scowled at the approaching oaf of a man.

“Good morning, Belle!” Gaston grinned, heaving out uneven breaths at trying to catch up with her.

“Morning,” Belle smiled politely, holding her breath. The inevitable flirtation was coming… and he was holding flowers, which could only mean one thing.

“I’ve got a question for you,” Gaston murmured, squinting at her. Belle prepared herself.

“What is it, Gaston?”

Gaston seemed to take a second to think something over, then turned back to her, holding out the bunch of flowers. “Do you think he’ll like them?”

Belle was instantly caught off guard, shocked. “W-what?”

“Lefou,” Gaston mumbled under his breath, “I snatched these for him. They’re all his favourite colours…”

“Is that Lefou over there right now… paying the florist for them?” Belle asked slowly, watching the shorter man shell out some coins into the lady’s hand.

“I assume so, I stole these in my rush to get over here.”

Belle’s eyes closed in exasperation, then opened again as she set her hands on her hips. “Why would you come to me? How am I supposed to know?”

“You’re a girl! Girls are good at this sort of thing, aren’t they?”


“Besides, you’re the only one I can talk to about this. Any of the other women would faint if I talked to them, I can have a real conversation with you.”

“Uh huh,” Belle nodded. Honestly, she was still rather taken aback- she had never known those two would make a couple, or that Gaston liked the company of both women and men… of course, she celebrated the fact that a) the seemingly closed-minded man was actually not as closed-minded as he appeared, and b) someone other than her now occupied his attentions. Gaston looked back to her pleadingly.

“Please… give me advice?”

“At least you admitted that you’re hopeless,” Belle chuckled, “That’s the first step.” She peered over the bouquet to check that Lefou wasn’t coming over yet. “Alright. Give him these, and ask him to a nice, candlelit dinner.”

“Wonderful idea! I’ll have the tavernkeep-”

“No, not at the tavern,” Belle quickly corrected him, “Make it personal. Just you and him. I can tell that Lefou is the romantic type, Gaston, this is a real opportunity to do something special for him, show him how much you care.”

“Okay… give him the flowers, then woo him into having dinner with me?”

“Yes, exactly! Although, I don’t think it will be too hard to convince him. Also, perhaps a sonnet or two over dinner.”

“Good idea, I will make sure to bake some sonnet for us, as a side for the steak I’ll prepare! Lefou only deserves the best-”

“No, a sonnet is something you can read to him,” Belle informed the former captain gently, and suddenly looked down to the book she had in her hands. “Here. Read him something from this.” It was a book she loved, yes, but she’s read it a hundred times, and it seemed he needed it more. Gaston nodded slowly and accepted the book, biting his lip.

“Thank you, Belle. Your help and advice are invaluable to me.”

“Shh, here he comes,” she whispered, “Act as if we were speaking about something of the utmost importance.”

Gaston panicked as Lefou approached, and blinked rapidly, trying to think of something. Just as his companion reached them, Gaston blurted out:

“Eggs, Belle! If you need any, you know who to ask!” the hunter beamed with exuberance, and Belle had to fight back a laugh.

“Right…” she nodded, walking off with a wave, “Thank you, I’ll… keep that in mind, Gaston. Appreciate it!”

“Eggs?” Lefou cut in, “But she’s got like, thirteen chickens in her front yard…” He trailed off, frowning. "Is that a book you’re holding?”

“Lefou!” Gaston interrupted him nervously.

“What? Hey, why didn’t you give Belle her flowers?”

“Oh these?” Gaston murmured, “Oh, well… well, because these… these are for you,” he blurted, and shoved them in Lefou’s face so hard the smaller man stumbled back.

“What?” Lefou practically gasped, wiping the pollen off his nose and staring down in awe of the bouquet. It was beautiful… all his favourite colours…

“You don’t like them? That’s fine, those weren’t the best. I’ll go get some better o-“

“No, Gaston, stop,” Lefou giggled in delight, “They’re absolutely perfect.”

From a few paces away, the three sisters sighed, watching the two men exchange shy glances over the flowers.

“I wish that was me.”

“No, you don’t.”

“So cute!”

“They’re perfect.”

“I’d be more perfect for him…”

“Shut up, Paulette!”