i wonder if fangirls actually scream

Reaction to: Their S/O wearing their clothes on a variety show

Let’s say it is one of their big sweaters because those are nice. But you can imagine it to be any piece you want. 


Zuho: I feel he is a little protective over his clothes (especially his sweaters) so he would be all like “When the eff did you get that? And who the hell let you have it?” He wouldn’t be too like “Give it the eff back” Unless it was his favorite or a new one. After the show is over he would pull you to the side and be like “I want it back” If it is old enough he would (very) reluctantly let you wear it for the day

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Rowoon: He would worry if that one was clean. Like He would see you and he would have a little fangasm but then he would be like “Did i wash that one? I don’t want them to wear something dirty” Once he can talk to you he would ask “Do you know if that one is clean? You shouldn’t be wearing dirty clothes”

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Youngbin: He is a shy baby. He will see you and at first won’t actually realise that it is his clothing. It won’t be until one of the other members go “Hey, Isn’t that your clothes?” And he would go *gaSP* “It is!”, he would be so excited, shy and freaking out because His Baby Is Wearing His Clothes!!! He would somehow shy up but at the same time fangasm. How? Idk man. But he would. After the show when he talk to you he would go “You look really nice dear.” 

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 Dawon: He would make this face that is hard to describe it is kinda like shock and disgust. You know that face Baekhyun from exo made where his mouth was open and kinda looked disgusted? I will put it at the end so you know what i’m talking about. Dawon would make that face though. When he could talk to you he would say “Who said you could wear that?” in a teasing matter. He would end up finding it so adorable actually. But it is Dawon so you gotta sass back. “Me, Mysellf and I” You would answer. 

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Hwiyoung: Probably the only one who is just plain excited. He would see you and fangirl. Yes, fangirl. There is a difference between fangirling and fanboying. Idk really know what fanboys do but they are wonderful. Fangirls scream and cry and spaz. I think fanboys spaz idk guys im a girl. AnywHO He would have his little fit and after the show he would run up to you, and very dramatically do a Jackson hug*, he would set you down and (loudly i would say) “HEY, You LiKE mYCLothES??? I like it too! We should GET MatCHING CLOTHES!!!!! COUPLE CLOTHING!! Do yOu WanT TO KeeP iT?!” He would keep going until you stop him. He would be so happy and excited! He would even start leaving some on purpose when he goes to your house

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Inseong: He would do that mom thing (idk it is a mom thing for me), He would be totally calm, barely acknowledging it, and when he gets to talk to you he would give you a back hug and say “That’s a nice peice of clothing. Where did you get it?” He would just be a teasing gentlemen about it (he is forever a gentle man to meh)

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(Closest i could find to a back hug)

Chani: He would only say one thing “Bu-But i want it back”

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Jaeyoon: Honestly i need another admin cuz idk much about him. All i got is that his is a lil’ shit and i love him. He would probably tease you. Idk really know how tho. I think he might be a diva (his booty says he is lol) so he would probably be like “You look okay, but i look better in it” And maybe walk off? He might keep teasing you? IDK SOMEONE HELP ME

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Taeyang: Sunshine sunshine don’t know much about him either *I sang* Like okay y’all come help me i need it. He might? idk what he would do during the show but after he might go up behind you and say somethingsweet and maybe put his jacket on you? IDK TAEYANG STANS COME ON OUT AND HELP

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* Jackson Hug: it is jackson fom got7 and he would like spin you around and stuff

not gon’ edit thiiiissss

EXO reaction to you fangirling over 1D’s new album

Baekhyun: starts imitating you until you finally kick him out of the room so you can listen to the album in peace  he comes back later again because he’s actually interested

Chanyeol: ‘’Not bad…but why don’t you fangirl over my voice like that?!’’ keeps frowning for the rest of the day

Suho: Burst out laughing when you start talking about how amazing Harry is ‘’Good one, jagi!’’ turns you away from your laptop  ‘’Now look at me!’’

Kai: desperately trying to get your attention, dancing sexily in front of you…and then going from sexy stares to cute pouting really quick when you don’t even look at him

Sehun: ‘’Whatever.I’m still better…’’ sassy Sehun mode on

D.O. : feels betrayed ‘’What did I do to deserve this? My own girlfriend fangirling about someone else in front of me?’’

Chen: feeling competative ‘’Well, I have to say that my high notes sound better than his…I don’t know if you noticed’’

Xiumin: ‘’How about you stop whatever you’re doing so we can have some fun?’’ wiggles eyebrows

Lay: ‘’Jagi, you’re so cute!’’ actually sits with you and listens to your fangirling while chuckling constantly  maybe a little bit jealous when you start screaming about how hot the members are so he tries to distract you

Kris: leaves the very moment you start fangirling ‘’Not my style…’’

Luhan: ‘’Wtf is she doing?’’ watches you from a far, not even trying to stop you and just enjoys the show

Tao: ‘’Right in the feels. You’ll have to buy me something to make it up to me…how about that Gucci bag?’’

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Hey I was wondering if you could do a reaction thing where Exo react to you fangirling over 1Ds new album? Thank you! 

I enjoyed making this since I also like 1D very much!! ^^ 

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it’s honestly surreal. I’m super lucky and I somewhat feel kinda bad (and spoiled) because I had like 3 minutes with them when the average meet and greet gets like 30 seconds. It’s because it was literally just us. there wasn’t a crowd, we didn’t have our phones out and we actually like talked with them it was wonderful. 

I mean not to brag, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Maybe have had me calm down just a bit. but I wasn’t like screaming in their faces haha just in fangirl + anxiety mode. 

But they’re soooooo nice. I remember talking on the phone with literally EVERYONE I sent that photo to and I just kept saying, “they were so chill, they were so nice, THEY ARE SO TALL” so yknow the average stuff. 

Their hugs are amazing, still think I accidentally tripped over Dan’s foot, still convinced they stayed at my hotel, and still slightly convinced that Phil stole my five bucks (I know he didn’t) 

AND they had scruff when I met them. Daniel had hairs on that chinny chin chin of his! don’t even try to fool me Howell I saw them with my own eyes! 
And Phil could grow a beard effortlessly I saw that neck stubble bro. You could pull off the beard. 

Just Perfect

HAPPY BIRTHDAY brooke-to-broch!

AN: This fic is based on one of my fave scenes from a movie Pitch Perfect. I kind of always wondered how that scene would look between Emma and Killian and here is the result. Have fun. Titanium is not mine I’ve just borrowed the words from David Guetta. A big thank you goes to my lovely beta: captain-k-jones and my music consultant the-captains-ayebrows

Rating: M-ish.;P

Emma Swan had always been a loner. Being an orphan and drifting from one foster home to another hadn’t left her much of a choice. Take care of yourself so you can never get hurt had been her motto. And it worked, for the most part, that is. Then she met her college roommate, Ruby Lucas, on her first day at Storybrooke College. From that day on, her life changed drastically because Ruby was a party girl, and somehow she managed to drag Emma along with her from time to time. She actually made her have fun, which explained why they were sitting in a local karaoke club listening to bunch of people sing out of tune.

“This is so great.” Ruby bounced in her seat, screaming to be heard over a red haired man butchering Nothing Else Matters.

Emma scrunched her nose. She had amazing hearing. Bat-like even. She hated karaoke bars. Most of the time the people who sang were terrible at it.

“Well hello there, love.” A smooth, accented voice pulled her out of planning a way to murder the man performing a blasphemy on Metallica. “Didn’t expect to find you here, Swan.” Killian Jones raised his perfect eyebrow as he looked at her. Not that she would ever admit to anyone she thought he was in any way perfect. He had an ego the size of Texas anyway, and didn’t need her reminding him of that.

“Jones.” She rolled her eyes at him. She could not let her eyes linger on his skin tight jeans, hugging his ass in a delicious way. If he ever noticed, she would be screwed. Throwing him an annoyed look, she played with her drink. ”What did I do to have a displeasure of suffering your company tonight?“

He smiled cheekily at her, his white teeth a striking contrast with his dark perfect stubble. Damn! Why did the word perfect seem to be the first thing that came to her mind when she thought about him?

Touche, Swan.” He bit his bottom lip, blue eyes dancing with mischief. “But, I’ve been coming here since freshman year, and this is the first time I’ve see you here.” He leaned in so that his scruff brushed her cheek. “So it’s you who is invading my territory, not the other way around.” His breath tickled her earlobe, sending a shiver down her spine.

She heard Ruby snickering to her left. Killian must have heard her as well because he nonchalantly pulled away from Emma, as if he hadn’t just tried to turn her into jelly a few seconds ago.

“Ruby.” Nodding his head, he welcomed her friend with a warm smile on his lips. “Nice to see you again. Are you going to hit the stage tonight?”

“Nah.” Ruby waved her hand, her red lips lifting in a flirty smile. “The stage is all yours.”

Emma kept looking from her best friend to Jones. They seemed to be quite good acquaintances, if not friends. How had she missed that?  And since when did Ruby sing?

“Are you going to sing, Swan?” His question caught her off guard. Was he expecting her to go on the stage and actually perform? Her instincts screamed at her to run.

“No,” she replied quickly, praying he did not hear trembling in her voice. “I can’t sing.”

He tilted his head, considering her for a moment.

“Well that’s a shame.” He leaned in again. “I could use a singing partner,“ he whispered against her ear, his voice low and hot, and totally not bothering her. No, she did not want to grab the leather collar of his jacket and smack her lips against his. Not at all. She found herself finding it harder to breathe. He smelled so delicious, like chocolate and rum.

His name being called from the console broke the rapidly building tension. Killian pulled away and winked at her with a cheeky grin, then swaggered towards the stage. He looked like he belonged there with a microphone in hand and fangirls screaming from the audience. Before Emma could even wonder if he was actually good, the first few notes from Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door brought out a loud shierk from the audience, confusing her even more.

“He sings in a band, you know.” She heard Ruby’s amused whisper against her ear.

And when his velvet voice filled the room she knew she was screwed.

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If Miyano Mamoru said these words to you, how would YOU, the Mamo fangirl react: *just curious*

A. ‘Thank you, but I have a boyfriend.’

B. “Uhh, aren’t you married?’

C. ‘Excuse me.’ Gets up and once alone, screams silently for eons…

D. Faints

E. *pinches self to see if ACTUALLY dreaming*

F. ‘Are you teasing me? Or testing me?’

G. ‘Can you repeat that? No, I heard you the first time, I just like hearing you say it.’

H. Other

Just wondering is all. Oh, and everyone recognize the anime? HELPFUL HINT: These words are actually addressed to a male character…


For anyone wondering how KICK ASS the band is that Louis just followed, here you go. 


I attended the evening performance of Macbeth at Park Avenue Armory on Saturday June 21, 2014. I’d bought the tickets back in December 2013 for myself and my adorable friend Sam, but the logistics were a lot to consider: I lived in Los Angeles, Sam in England. But we were determined to make this happen.

Fast forward to early June 2014 and I was on the last leg of my move from Los Angeles to the East coast for a job - that much closer, but so much pressure to get there in time for the play!

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please do cover your ears and i apologize if i’m terribly ugly and no i am not chinese, japanese or korean if you’re wondering

here we have me screaming a lot, me fangirling a lot, and a random girl who almost killed neymar

huge thanks to my dad for taking the video (i blame him for not taking footage of David’s beautiful face as he signed my ball tho)