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SasuSaku Doujinshi - After the War

This is set after Sasuke and Naruto’s final fight, Sasuke is taken in as a prisoner for defecting from Konoha and for various other crimes he committed. Sakura, as a medic nin, is assigned to look after Sasuke to check up on his arm.

- Credits to the amazing original artist. Permission has not yet been given so please refrain from reposting this doujinshi elsewhere. I tried so hard to look for he/she but to no avail :( If anyone happens to know, please message me ASAP!

- This is a doujinshi I translated and edited myself (Vellichor14)

Please read from right to left.

Thank you very much and enjoy this wonderful fluffy doujinshi.

Aww, did anyone notice Sasuke’s blush in the last panel? I had to look twice to spot it. So adorable uwu

Check out the YouTube video I made for this doujinshi. See it again like a movie!


Just a little something odd I noticed about Narti’s cat...

Here is Narti, one of the new Galra Generals

Here’s what we know about Narti 

(EDIT: thanks to @swirnn​, who pointed out that Narti has:)

“-Mysterious past.

-Unable to see or speak, however she can “see” through her galra cat.”

(emphasis mine)

Huh, that’s some pretty distinctive coloration, kinda reminds me of something….

Honerva’s cat, Kova!

“But wait!” you say. “Kova is so much fluffier than Narti’s seeing-eye cat! They aren’t the same!”

While it could be that cats in this sector of the universe just share coloration….

THIS is what Kova looks like post-quintessence experimentation.

Same coloration, body type, face markings, and tail as Narti’s cat.

What does it mean? Either Narti has a 10,000+ year old cat as a guide, all Galra cats look like that these days (which means that all galra cats have had quintessence added to them, or their ancestors), or Narti and her cat are specifically the results of quintessence experimentation, potentially by Honerva/Haggar herself.

As a final note: I also think it’s quite odd that Lotor and his squad all model their colors after Haggar’s old cat. I wonder what, if anything, this implies about Haggar’s involvement in the creation of these mixed species generals.

(Edited to give credit to @swirnn​ for original top image - which I’ve now switched to a different one - and notes about Narti, from this post)


Edit: yes I know he already has a scarf. Plz read the desc in case anyone is wondering xD

So ehm..i wanted to draw something for @stavetale cauee they’re awesome and admire them. Yet my art is absolutely crap cause I’m legally blind XD

ANYYYWAAAYSS *ahem* here we have Mune,who made a scarf for Stave,cause Mune thought he was cold. XD
Keep in mind that Mune is a mentally disabled (aka weakminded) five year old,and that he isn’t super bright XD

Stave: @stavetale
((I hope ya see this XD))
Mune: @undermoon-au

Also those stars were a pain in da butt to do,yet i love his design so much XD

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Hi!! Can you recommend your favorite accounts about Narnia?

Hey there! I have loads of favorite Narnia blogs (in fact I think basically all Narnia blogs are amazing) so it’s really hard to decide on just a few blogs to share with you. I’ve decided to talk about the blogs I’ve had the honor of getting to know/really admire, but know that I love all the Narnia blogs that I’m following! (And also there are so many blogs I love that I’m probably forgetting to mention but I can’t remember them right now oops.)

@lucypcvensie​ ➤ Not only is Eysha’s blog full of wonderful Narnia content, she’s such a sweet and caring person. She’s super fun to talk to and is a great encourager. I love the edits she makes, especially her moodboards, and the posts she reblogs often make their way to my queue.

@nylonsandlipstick@tumnusses@spookysusan​  ➤ I’ve put these three people together because I consider them the “Golden Trio” of the Tumblr Narnia fandom. Nina, Isa, and Lala all make beautiful edits and gifs and have so much skill in making such pretty things! They’re all nice and friendly people and are really good at explaining their own opinions in a polite yet firm way.

@rhindons​ ➤ Niki has so many wonderful Narnia gifs and she also does this really creative Narnia cooking project that I haven’t seen anyone do before. She also posts some cute and funny non-Narnia content, but no matter what she posts, I enjoy seeing it on my dash!

@sheisthehighqueen​ ➤ Though Lydia’s been pretty busy these past few months, I definitely recommend following her blog! She somehow can find the time to make some really gorgeous Narnia/PJO crossover edits. Honestly all her edits are beautiful.

@scarletgalaxy​ ➤ Jas’ blog is amazing. She makes all types of Narnia content, from edits to gifts to crossovers, all of which are beautiful and well crafted. Her blog also includes a few other fandoms, but the main one is Narnia. Jas is a great person to talk to and she explains things very well.

@highqueenlucy​ ➤ Mainly Narnia, but involving a few other fandoms, Clarice’s blog and edits are stunning. She has some really beautiful gifsets that look like they took forever to make. She’s a wonderful person, always friendly and patient.

@pensivethejust​ ➤ Lloyd has a roleplay blog where his muse is Edmund Pevensie. Not only are his posts interesting to read, he’s a great person to interact with. Besides the roleplaying, he reblogs lots of Narnia content. When I feel the need to reblog some Edmund stuff, Lloyd’s blog is one of the first ones I go to.

@queeensusan​ ➤ Priscilla is a blessing to the Narnia fandom. Her gifsets are beautiful, especially the coloring, and I am constantly in awe whenever she posts new content. I haven’t really talked to her myself, but she seems like a really good person!

@istillliveinnarnia​ ➤ I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jessie is so creative and talented. She’s the only person I know who does cosplay, and has come up with cool crossovers I’ve never thought of before. Her Narnia edits are really pretty and should be liked and reblogged all the time!

@fyeahnarnians​ ➤ Reblogging various Narnia content including icons, gifs, text posts, and more, Mo’s blog is full of amazing posts. I often find edits or other Narnia things that I haven’t seen before. Her edits are gorgeous!

@bythelamppost​ ➤ This Narnia sideblog is very lovely. Polly reblogs great content that I love seeing on my dashboard. She also brings up really good points and ideas in discussions relating to Narnia (and other topics) and states them in a respectful way, even if she disagrees with people.

@coravis​ ➤ Aimee owns a beautiful blog, from the theme to the edits. She creates pretty typography edits, black and white edits, and beautiful moodboards. It’s always great to see her posts on my dash.

@jillpcle​ ➤ Molly’s blog is gorgeous and is definitely worth following. She posts a little of other fandoms  too, but no matter what is posted, it’s very beautiful. Her Narnia gifsets are beautiful and all the gifs are so pretty, I can’t imagine the time it takes to make everything.

@cairparavel No matter what Caspian posts, may it be edits, gifs, or personal text posts, I love seeing them on my dash. Cas is funny and kind and it’s great following this blog!

@passeurdaurore This blog seems to somehow make and post lots of beautiful gifsets and edits constantly. Wenn seems like a lovely person and I hope to talk to her in the future!

@queensusan One of many talents, Wind not only makes edits, she also writes. Her posts are always welcome on my dash and I often add her edits to my queue because they’re all so pretty!

@digorykirke Meredith’s blog is amazing and reblogs lots of fantastic Narnia content. She seems so nice and encouraging. Her gifsets are all really cool and creative, I especially love the TV tropes series that she did.

@edmundblake Vanessa is so talented, she makes tons stunning black and white gifs and graphics. She reblogs lots of Narnia content that all look really nice. She definitely is someone to follow!

@dailynarnia A super amazing Narnia blog run by multiple people, this blog reblogs amazing Narnia content multiple times a day. They’re from all different people so it’s a great place to look for other Narnia blogs to follow!

@caspiandefensenet @pevensienet @ladiesofnarnia @narniaincolor I’m totally not recommending these because I’m part of some of them. I know these blogs are networks but they’re all really amazing. Not only do they post really nice content, the members are all really talented and can make beautiful edits. Follow all of them!

Okay, I know that the four dimensions in Arc V are AUs of the previous four Yugioh series, but… imagine if they weren’t.

Imagine if Yuma tried his best to defend Heartland against the now-corrupt Academia. Imagine him and Astral fighting to their very limits and beyond to protect everyone, but ultimately, there are just too many of them. Shark, Rio, everyone Yuma knows is helping him fend off the invaders, but even they can’t handle an army.

And in the end, all of them are carded. Even Haruto, who Kaito tried especially hard to keep safe. Kotori, Shark, Tetsuo, Rio… none of them could survive Academia’s massive invasion. Kaito vows to avenge Haruto and everyone else.

Even Yuma, for all of his abilities, who never gave up even when his bitter end approached him head-on. This time, his Kattobingu wasn’t enough. Yuma lost.

Once the battle is over, the only ones from the original cast left are Kaito and Astral. However… no one can see Astral, and since he can’t interact with anything, he can’t do anything to help anymore. He still looks after Yuma’s carded form to this day, searching for a way to return him and everyone else to normal.

Edit: Just in case anyone was wondering, this is legitimately what I thought happened before it was revealed that they were AUs. So for a while, whenever Yuto brought up Heartland, I would die a little inside because it meant that Yuma and the others were most likely dead. It made the show a bit painful to watch at certain points.

So I’ve been playing a lot of Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (loving it so far(it’s free on 3DS if anyone wants to play it(it released only a few days ago so I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of it))) and one of my favorite parts about it is that MAGOLOR IS THE SHOPKEEPER.  (He’s from Return to Dreamland for those not in the know.)

He got a palette swap for this game and a lot of people have been making jokes about it but this

This is the best headcannon/ joke I’ve seen with this yet

(Art is not mine.  I found it on ifunny, but the comic has a signature that I can’t read.  “CourtesyCall” I think?  If anyone can find the original artist, I’d very much appreciate it.)  [Edit: I found them.  Or more accurately, they found me. Here they are: @courtesycalling ]

I’ll probably be posting more Kirby stuff along with my other crap because I forgot how wonderful these games were.


Hello everyone and thank you for following this blog! I have been part of various fandoms for over 10 years and yet this fandom is the first ever to both inspire and encourage me to make my own fan content. I never thought I was skilled enough to make even a single edit and so I never attempted it. I just happily looked at and reblogged all the wonderful art and edits that can be found here on tumblr (and beyond).

I have been having so much fun sharing my love of Outlander with all of you. It is such an incredible love story and yet hardly anyone I know in my ‘real life’ have even heard of the books or the show. My love for Jamie + Claire just can’t be contained! So here I am.

A special shoutout to the wonderful and creative bloggers @jewelstew @ecampbellsoup and @you-sweet-summer-child. You guys have been my biggest cheerleaders and I will never be able to express just how thankful I am to have met and become friends with all of you!

As always, I love prompts. So, if anyone has a particular quote, line, relationship, scene or concept in mind please feel free to drop it into my ask box. If it’s OL-related, I bet it’s perfect!

A x

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Anyone special in your life right now, Feli?

“S-so blunt…”

(( not the most sure how to answer this atm because of how fresh my account is, and due to the fact i haven’t actually rped with any accounts here yet. Im still new to this forgive me))
((edit: tagging @ask-2p-italy-luciano-vargas bc i need to interact with luci and his wonderful and lovely mun
or atleast have some for when ya come off hiatus ))


Not sure if anyone has already pointed this out but in the pilot you can spot Emma’s baby blanket on one of the chairs in her apartment. Just imagine her coming back to the apartment after a rough day and just staring at that blanket while she’s eating dinner in the kitchen, wondering why anyone who loved her enough to make her such a beautiful thing, would give her up. Imagine her not being able to sleep at night, sleepwalking to that chair and just sitting there hugging the only link she has to her past. Imagine her smelling it and touching it trying so hard to remember anything about her parents, their faces, their voices. In 1x04 Emma tells Mary Margaret she’s not sentimental, yet she’s held on to this blanket like dear life.

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I haven't lived in Australia for a long time, but was wondering if you like Dr. Harry? Is he still on tv? He looks like the stereotype of down home folksy vet :)

Dr Harry started hosting Talk To The Animals when I was in primary school, young and impressionable. I certainly watched those shows on a regular basis, and Harry’s Practice when it came out a few years later. I have also read one of his autobiographies. 

The vet industry has something of a mixed opinion of his television shows, for various reasons including not having an accurate portrayal of things, not having the most up to date information or allowing repeated filming of problem behavior in anxious dogs. You’ve got to remember that he was a very early television vet, there wasn’t a while lot in the way of lifestyle shows 25 years ago, so in some ways he was a pioneer. I suspect that’s why there’s now an Australian Veterinarian Association statement about Vets in the Media are expected to abide by, including myself.

Reading the autobiography was particularly insightful, as it discussed the difficulties in traveling around the country for ‘house calls’ and some of the techniques that were employed by the film crew to get the desired shots. Lots of things were staged (like the silly hat), and it seems really difficult to practice as you normally would, while you have film crews trying to get what they’re after.

I know he also used to do appearances at pet shows and similar, and must have been presented with all sorts of interesting problems that he was expected to come up with good answers for on the fly. I know this because at specialist practices I did work experience with, we would sometimes see clients who had been ‘told by Dr Harry to see X sort of vet’ about a problem. And in that context, it was probably the smartest thing Dr Harry Cooper could have said.

So not perfect, but I’m yet to see anyone who is. Nothing seen on those shows should be assumed to represent real practice though, because of camera angles, staged shots and post production editing.

I like to think he would also pour through the letters his show would be sent by people with their animal problems, and also wonder whether any of those viewers had contacted their own vet. Different times, same general public.

He still shows up occasionally on TV segments, but doesn’t have his own show any more. You’ve got to remember the man in 74, and he had a major health scare a few years back. He deserves a chance to take it easy and do what he wants with his time.

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OHMYGOSH, honey, I gotta ask you for a HUGE favor! Yana seems to be tweeting about Lizzy's birthday not beeing decided on but sometime in spring or something. COULD YOU PLEASE TRANSLATE THAT PROPERLY? (It's a very important matter to me since there are so many false rumors!) PRETTY PLEASE?~) Q///Q

Hi!! I’ve just checked it, and yes, Yana’s talking about Lizzie’s birthday :D

Yana’s twitter posts from 10/14/2016

I’ve been told “Happy birthday, Lizzie!”, but why!? I haven’t decided on Lizzie’s birthday yet, neither in the manga nor in the anime. […] -Toboso

I haven’t decided (on her birthday) yet, but I think Lizzie was born in spring. Anyway, it’s definitely not today. -Toboso

Now I see, it’s this one [*a post by ‘Tower Record Anime’ in which they listed all characters who have birthday on 10/14, including “Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford” from Kuroshitsuji]…! I’m very sorry to say this because they put effort in writing such a long name in their tweet and introducing her, but Lizzie’s birthday is uncertain. I’m sorry… I wonder where they got this information from? -Toboso

Ewww! There seems to be an information website where not only Lizzie’s birthday, but also Ciel’s height is mentioned (I actually haven’t decided on either of them yet). This kind of website is problematic since anyone can edit the entries as they want. Well, there’s no real harm if they decided on these things by themselves, but I feel sorry because I received a lot of birthday messages [even though it’s not Lizzie’s birthday today]… -Toboso


  • Lizzie’s birthday is not 10/14
  • Ciel’s height is not 152cm (5'0")

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Good afternoon, I was wondering, given some previous talk about Troma, where to start with their various works? Also, I can't seem to find your ask page from your theme, had to type it in manually.

I’m surprised anyone can ever find it.  It’s hiding in the little red and white question mark (EDIT: Welp, nevermind.  For some reason, it ain’t there.  Gonna have to fix that).  My theme is desperately in need of a change, but that is yet another thing that I cannot do until I can get this “licensing has stopped working” crap figured out that’s preventing me from running Photoshop.

When it comes to Troma, they fall into two main categories: Films produced in-house, and films acquired for distribution.  The best place to start with Troma is their in-house productions (luckily, Troma has made most of their library available to be watched online via their official Youtube channel, so clicking each title will take you right to the movie!  However, I highly recommend picking them up on DVD or Blu-ray if you end up loving them, because the releases are always loaded with hilarious and wonderful extras):

  • Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. (1990) - Save for the Toxic Crusaders cartoon series, this would be your gentlest introduction into the Troma film universe, as it was–under the funding of Namco (yes, that Namco)–intended to appeal to a wider audience than most Troma fare.  It’s honestly one of the greatest and most enjoyable films in existence.
  • The Toxic Avenger (1984) - The film that first brought Troma widespread acclaim, this is absolutely quintessential viewing for anyone interested in the company’s films.  There is no choice.  Unfortunately, this one is not located on Troma’s Youtube channel, but you can still watch it for free online at Frightpix (they have an entire section dedicated to just Troma movies!).  Frightpix is also available as an app via Xbox Live as well!  There are currently three sequels in the Toxie saga, and they are also all worth watching (the first two were originally shot as a single film in Japan, where Lloyd and the crew won the affection and respect of the Japanese filmmakers they worked with by adopting Japanese customs while living there for the filming).
  • Class of Nuke ‘Em High (1986) - One of my personal favorites, mainly because of The Cretins.  If you’re also a fan of raunchy 80′s high school movies, this one’s for you!  There are four sequels following this one, with the latest being Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol 1 (2013), and Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol 2 (2016) (the latter will be out this year).  While I haven’t seen the series’ comeback, I personally enjoyed the first two Nuke ‘Em High sequels, even though I can understand why others didn’t care for them.
  • Troma’s War (1988) - This one got ol’ Uncle Lloyd in a bit of trouble back in the day, and it’s easy for the average person to see why.  It’s certainly not for the easily-offended (i.e., tumblr), but if you have a reasonable sense of humor, it’s…ridiculously entertaining.  I adore it.  Morton Downey was an asshole (if you don’t know how this is related, take a look).
  • Tromeo and Juliet (1996) - This is about as far-removed from the Bard as it gets, but this Tromasterpiece carries the honored distinction of being co-written by James Gunn, who would later go on to write the dialogue for Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Lollipop Chainsaw (2012), as well as write and direct Slither (2006) and Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).
  • Terror Firmer (1999) - It was this film that caused the Troma crew to run afoul of the NYPD numerous times, to the point of having their filming permit revoked (which, of course, didn’t stop them.  If Larry Cohen can shoot without permits, why can’t Lloyd Kaufman?).
  • Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006) - I will forever lament that I didn’t find out until too late from an ex that there was a screening of this within driving distance where Lloyd went out to lunch with a bunch of the audience afterwards.  I have had people reproach and shame me for recommending this movie to them.  I stand by my decision.
  • Mother’s Day (1980) - While this was made prior to Troma developing its distinctive style (at the tail end of the “sexy comedies” era that came prior to the unleashing of The Toxic Avenger upon the world), it was written and directed by Lloyd’s brother, Charles Kaufman, with Lloyd and Micheal Herz serving as associate producers.

Now, when it comes to the films picked up by Troma for distribution, not all of them are gems (Lloyd will be the first one to admit this, especially if anyone mentions Croaked: Frog Monster from Hell).  There are some films that became known due to being part of Troma’s distribution library, but have since been picked up by other distributors, and are thus no longer under Troma’s label, such as Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town (1989) (believe it or not, My Neighbor Totoro was originally distributed by Troma!!  They were the ones to first bring it to the United States!), so I can’t rightfully recommend those particular films in this post.  However, I can recommend a few that are still under their distribution, and are very much in line with the spirit of the company:

  • Redneck Zombies (1989) - Anyone that’s been following me long enough saw this entry coming.  Yes, this film is crude, shot-on-video (complete with cheap video distortion effects!), and sports plenty of offensive toilet humor and lampooning of sexuality that would never past muster with today’s audiences.  It’s beautiful.
  • Combat Shock (1984) - This is a film that requires an amount of patience to really appreciate.  It’s ugly, grueling, and has no happy ending, which is exactly how it should be.  Despite some outrageous elements, this is not a “fun” movie.  It’s a man’s life completely breaking down.
  • Cannibal! The Musical (1993) - Before they found mainstream success with South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone created a musical about notorious American cannibal Alferd Packer.  Troma was the only company willing to take a chance on it.  After their show debuted on Comedy Central to massive success, many companies tried to talk Parker and Stone into cutting ties with Troma, and passing distribution to a bigger company.  Both Troma fans, the pair declined, and it remains a proud part of the Troma library.
  • Surf Nazis Must Die (1987) - Not gonna lie: You’re either going to love this movie, or fuckin’ hate it.  There doesn’t seem to be any in-between.  It’s either going to be the most boring thing you’ve ever seen, or one of the most strangely charming.  Either way, it’s got a badass old black lady busting out of a retirement home, and blasting the shit out of a bunch of Neo-Nazis.  Long Live Leroy’s Mama!
  • Rabid Grannies (1988) - This oddity from Belgium (don’t worry–it’s in English) takes a while to get going, but once it does, it’s…something else.  I think it at least deserves credit for having some amazing poster artwork.  Also, it’s demonic old ladies killing and eating their relatives.  That’s a good afternoon watch right there.
  • BUTTCRACK! (1998) - Admittedly, this isn’t a feature-length film.  It’s also not exactly a cinematic masterpiece.  What it is, though, is…uh… Hmm.  I’ll leave that up to you to decide.  “Churn the milk and make it butter, churn the milk and make it butter!”
  • Monster in the Closet (1986) - Always believe your kids when they say there’s a monster in their closet, because they might just be telling the truth.  Notable for two reasons: First, it features a very young “Fergie” in her film debut.  Secondly, it’s got LGBT monster representation: Why do you think he’s in the closet?  This horror spoof is a lot of goofy fun–give it a chance!
  • Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters (1982) - Before there was Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2002), there was this.  Previously a serious Indonesian action film called Perempuan Bergairah, Charles Kaufman got his mitts on it, and filled it full of toilet humor and absurdity.  Needless to say, the original director wasn’t pleased.
  • Def by Temptation (1990) - This supernatural thriller, written and directed by James Bond III (yes, that’s his name), revolves around the lives of young black men in America, and has some surprisingly, subtly critical things to say about the emotional and sexual baggage they carry, and their treatment of women.  Highly underrated, it also features Samuel L. Jackson!
  • Story of a Junkie (1985) - This is actually a critically-acclaimed documentary chronicling the downfall of a heroin addict in the 1980′s.  The “actors” are real junkies, and the sequences of hard drug use are entirely real.  There is no moral high ground; no preaching.  Just reality.  While not as “Troma” as the rest of the films on this list, I think it’s worth recommending, and good on Troma for giving it greater exposure.
  • The Taint (2011) - This is what it would actually look like if the world was really how tumblr “feminists” describe it.  That should be enough to ignite interest.  I’ll leave the rest in your capable hands.
  • Father’s Day (2011) - In the words of the great Arlo Guthrie:

    “ Mother rapers…Father stabbers…Father rapers!

    Some sick bastard is out to rape and murder the fathers of the world, and it’s up to a one-eyed former prison inmate named Ahab, a young male prostitute named Twink, and the devout Father John Sullivan to take down the man responsible–the same one that killed Ahab’s father long ago.  This film managed to be banned in Australia, which I’m sure the cast and crew are very proud of.
  • Bugged! (1997) - Another film headed by a black cast, this is essentially another “big bug” movie, but with a bit more goofiness to it than something like Phase IV (1974) (okay, maybe I’m kidding myself that Phase IV isn’t also pretty damn goofy).  In terms of production, it’s not the greatest, but being amateurish doesn’t mean that it can’t also be fun.  That’s really what Troma’s all about.

Lastly, because it brings me a great deal of personal joy, I must recommend the Angry Video Game Nerd’s video on the Toxic Crusaders video games, which features a delightful guest appearance by Lloyd Kaufman (I own the game on Sega, by the way.  It’s not great, but I’m not ashamed):

Tromaville may not be a place for everyone, but for those willing to visit, it’s a welcome vacation.

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Did you happen to catch Reaves rubbing Sid's head (for luck, one assumes?) last night? It was on the Pens home broadcast, and I was wondering if anyone had made a gif of it. Because I can't make gifs myself. And I love it. Because REAVES RUBBED SID'S HEAD FOR LUCK, OKAY

I did not see it! Oh gosh sorry, this ask is old huh - stupid tumblr not giving me notifications. Ugh. Do you know what time it happened? I haven’t gotten my editing programs set up on my new computer yet but I do have a list of random moments I’m planning to gif if I get around to it.

But yeah, Reaver is very cute with the whole team - the games I went to this season during warmups he was harassing Phil (while Phil did his usual chitchat on the center line with a court of opposing players catching up on the gossip or whatever), snowing people, laughing and being adorable in general. Good stuff.

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Hello. I've been going down your list of stories on fanfiction and I have reached your Ouran fic You are Mine. I read and liked it despite wondering how it'd work because I wouldn't think of putting Honey with anyone since he's like a kid, but you make it work and made me curious about other possible pairs for him. But you haven't update in a long time yet the notes say you revised the chapters. How long ago did you revise and if you don't mind do you think you'll update any time soon? Thanks.

I actually edited the whole fic about 2 weeks ago. Added a few thousand words while I was at it too. The original was from like 6 years ago and was embarrassing.

I’m not sure about updating in the near future, but I don’t think it would have many more chapters should I focus on it again. Sorry.

AU where Rusty joins Shadowclan instead of Thunderclan

I had this idea a while ago when thinking how bad shadowclan had it in the first series, so I wondered why they wouldn’t get a prophecy for a saviour instead of thunderclan?

In this AU I’d have Rusty born a bit earlier so he would become an apprentice around two moons before Raggedstar died.

(pictured left to right by head placement are Raggedstar, Brokentail, Rusty, Stumpytail, Russetfur, Boulder, Jaggedtooth, Yellowfang, and Blackfoot)

I’m planning to expand on this idea and do some short comics of how Firepaw’s experiences would change in this AU, and I haven’t decided how everything would go yet, so please do shoot me headcanons and ideas for this AU to discuss!

edit: wow this exploded!! anyone who wants to follow my posts for this au, I’ll tag them all ‘firestar of shadowclan au’


Based on the Band AU fic: Misfits by @inell

“It’s a sold out show in the biggest venue Misfits has played yet, and the crowd is awesome. Even after all these years, Stiles still can’t believe he’s getting paid to make magic on stage with his gorgeous boyfriend and the best friends anyone could ever have.”

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hi i was wondering why do you think gunwoo hasnt really shown his talents on the unit yet? do you think its the judges/editing team or him or both? because i dont think he even went up when they had the vocal position battle? he's honestly probably one of if not the best vocalist on the show, so im just frustrated and confused why he's getting no screentime at all :( it seems like all anyone cares about is if they can hit high notes and not actual technique...

To start off with, I don’t think Gunwoo is “not showing” his talents. And I don’t think he would be unwilling to do more, considering the audition for Myname showcased his vocals especially. At the moment, he is getting all of the “main vocal” high note like parts, even if they’re shared. The Unit Fanpage also said that they couldn’t “find” his vocal position battle clip so for all we know he could’ve gone up and we just never saw it. It’s not that he’s not showing his talent, he’s just getting cut. 

Based on what I’ve seen, Gunwoo just doesn’t present any drama for the show to latch onto because, let’s be real, that’s the main thing these shows care about. Drama/backstory first, talent second. Because of this, his screen time gets cut.

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Okay so I spent three entire minutes on this but other than that this is legit. Mutuals pls like this post if you are okay with the following:

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The reincarnation of Avatar Korra from the Earth Nation were reported to be twins. This caused the ability to bend the four elements and the ability to connect to the spirits to be split, distributed between the two. The spirit of Raava, resides within one and the skill of bending all the elements was assigned to the other. 

Since it was a time when spirits interacted with the humans freely, the former was always needed and unintentionally favored by citizens from different nations. 

The latter, however, was overcome by technology. His physical strength and talent for the elements were ignored by most, as it was the dawn of the modern times. His own strength was replaced by that of the machines’.

Because he lacked the pure spirit of light that would guide his mind towards right judgement, he started to feel jealous. Angry. His resentment grew into something uncontrollable and before anyone had noticed his envy, he blindly called upon Vaatu so he can become the true avatar, carrying both the spirit and the gifts of Wan.

Lol I think I spent a little too much time with this particular headcanon but I’ve always wondered what would happen if the avatar were twinsMight write an au… dunno yet

EDIT: Okay, this headcanon is too strong. I’ve been spacing out during car trips, formulating way too many plot lines. I’ll make a fanfic so ya better watch out fo dat.


Hi to everyone! First of all, I want to thank my amazing friend Yeni who made this cute and perfect edit to me, her blog is wonderful, so go and check it! :)

Well, I’m doing this christmas ff because I want you to know that this group of people make this year happier to me, yeah, it was a good year, and I wish all of you have and amazing christmas, full of joy, with your family and a lot of beautiful gifts. This is my little gift for you, incredible person, because you gained a little place in my heart :)


PS: I haven’t found my pie yet, has anyone see it? :3

Well, here it is, the people in bold are really important to me wiiii




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