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the feeling of waking up with loved friends and family, tired from spending time with them the night before, is my new favorite thing. feels wholesome. satisfying? even if i’m a little hungover. lately i’ve been wondering what’s overly romanticized and damaging to my actual perceptions but i’ve realized i’m just actually forming healthy relationships and making regular choices for the first time in my life instead of holing up under all my blankets and waiting for the next day again and again. being healthy feels like a constant high and even if my emotions run out of check they’re so much easier to understand and navigate now that i’m not alone. and falling in love with everything is fine by me because i should have done it a long time ago.

If anyone is wondering where I stand on #dickgate:

I don’t actually know. I’m 0% attracted to Adam Jensen so I never actually thought about it. But now that I am…

(under the cut because this is all slightly nsfw lmao)

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↳ I’d end my days with you in a hail of bullets   

My friend’s friend lives and works in Japan in a company owned and ran by yakuza and you don’t believe all the things you hear, in a positive sense! 

They have one worker who keeps spilling all yakuza business details like “oops, ah, never mind, you deserve to know!” He has learnt a little bit of foreign languages so that he can spoke nonsense in those languages, whether anyone understands or not. 

One worker is a gentleman who has written a note in a women’s toilet stating “If any man is harassing you here, tell me and I deal with it”. 

The closest superior tells all the women working there, that “If you are harassed anywhere in this city, tell the man you are working here, and he will leave you alone” - meaning you get automatically some sort of yakuza protection haha. 

Everyone is very relaxed and fun there.

I wonder how their syndicate is actually doing with such a merry mafia members.

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Hey, I'm feeling kinda crappy today and I was wondering if I can get any cute Otayuri headcanons?

aaa im sorry abt that friend!! okay okay lemme try im always up for hcs abt my children

  • when yuri figures out that he likes otabek he tries to keep it a secret bc,,, hello,,, if anyone finds out theyd never let him hear the end of it
  • but either hes terrible at hiding his feelings or everyone just knows him that well, bc they all figure it out anyway
  • and instead of teasing him like he thought theyre,,?? actually rly supportive abt it??? georgi of course understands bc hes georgi and mila only teases him like 25% of the time and viktor and yuuri are #relationshipgoals so like,, of course
  • n at first yuris rly embarrassed but he slowly starts opening up to them abt his crush until there isnt a day where he doesnt rant to someone abt otabek
  • “he sent me a selfie on snapchat today and he looked so good what the fuck what he fuck”
  • “he added one (1) heart emoji in this text??? wtf???/???/ HELP”
  • and when otabek does visit this is when yuri regrets ever letting these fucking idiots know
  • bc yuuri and viktor are giving otabek the shovel talk (”WE’RE NOT EVEN DATING WHAT THE FUCK!!!” - yuri), georgis crying abt how “his little brother is growing up and finding love”, and mila’s become the embodiment of the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face
  • its a horrible trip for otabek in yuri’s opinion
  • but that opinion quickly changes when otabek takes him on a date one night, kisses him and asks him if he’d like to be boyfriends
  • the next morning he finds out that yuuri, viktor, georgi and mila were coaching otabek throughout the entire date and yuri cant bring himself to be mad at them
  • “… seriously though otabek if u ever think abt hurting yuri-” “SHUT THE FUCK UP VIKTOR”

This…actually came from a dream I had recently. Toffee was taking an 11 year old Star Butterfly to school, and he was assuring her about not letting anyone get in her way since she’s different, it was super cute and I died inside tbh.

The comic panels I came up with.
But that dream really drove me into drawing this. Love you wonderful brain you.


Hi VLD fandom! i’m a blog mostly known for my headcanons n short write ups, but i am actually working on a bigger project :O i am going to be making an original VLD audio drama n I need to know who would be interested in voice acting! I am going to need:


note: i do not mind if your gender matches the gender of the character or i also dont care if you have experience or not, just how well u do the role.

so, so i can get a feel for if ppl actually want to audition: reblog this post n tag what characters you would be interested in auditioning for, you can get more than one role too if during the actual auditions you sound different enough. looking forward to hearing from interested people n im so excited for the actual auditions which will be closer to the end of the year!

PS the story will have a pg-13 rating for anyone wondering!

Things I Like In DBS

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Grandpa Goku, Babysitter Piccolo, Baby Pan <33333

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“God damn it Kakarot” - Tsundere Vegeta insisting he was totally not smiling there wtf no you did not catch shit, Kakarot

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WONDER TWINS ACTIVATE - I mean, what, did I actually enjoy this or is this gif just still hilarious to me for this reason

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So with all the critique and hate I like to throw on Super, I figured I’d let everyone know the parts I actually have enjoyed so you know I’m not totally hating it. I can enjoy it, too. x’D I just am sick of having high hopes and getting them crushed and I don’t want to hear anyone saying it’s better than DB/Z and I still don’t like the Black/Trunks/whatever-we’re-calling-it Arc. But there. There you go.

Public Toilets: Tip 2

If a gender neutral restroom isn’t available:

Think of yourself as an undercover agent. You’re currently in disguise and trying to stay as unnoticed as possible.

Choose the restroom that your disguise fits better. Know that it has nothing to do with who you actually are. It’s only a disguise for this top secret bathroom mission.

Walk into the restroom. Try to stay calm. Don’t make eye contact with anyone. Be quick but not too obvious. I promise that you’ll get out of the restroom in one piece.

The baddies won’t even notice you coming and going. You are such a wonderful agent.

I never fully realized what it meant to be in love until I actually fell in love. I never realized that love isn’t just a happy and wonderful and perfect feeling. I mean it totally is, but it’s also the nervousness and the uneasiness that won’t go away until they come home and the stress and the pressure to continue to be what they want. It’s so crazy, love is. But no matter how the feelings get broken down, I wouldn’t want to be in love with anyone else.

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Just curious, if you're all about diversity, shouldn't there be a white character in your header image? I'm a huge advocate of diversity, don't get me wrong, I'm just genuinely wondering if you excluded white people on purpose and why that is?

Just curious, if you’re all about diversity, shouldn’t there be a white character in your header image?

Let’s see, in my header image which is actually an art piece by the lovely @dmolech we have:

Tiana - African American, Pocahontas - Native American (specifically Powhatan), Jasmine (ethnicity unconfirmed but the film is a mixture of Middle Eastern and South Asian elements), Nani - Native Hawaiian, Esmeralda - Romani, Mulan - Han Chinese. All from very different racial/ethnic groups.

diverse dʌɪˈvəːs,ˈdʌɪvəːs/


  1. showing a great deal of variety; very different.

I mean…it’s almost as if…non-white people/people of colour are… wait for it…diverse??? Shocking I know…

And maybe that’s what I’m trying to show with this tiny blog and that’s why you won’t find any white characters here?

Besides white characters in Disney and the media in general are very, very well represented anyway (unlike characters of colour- which is why I decided to make this blog in the first place) so jot that down mate!

How I deal with Sleep Issues

(just wondering if anyone else does this)

you know when you’re so tired and you just want to sleep, but you can’t because, your mind won’t settle? 

I like to make up stories, like full out fantasy rp in my head, and it helps. You start out by creating a character, setting a scene, and introducing yourself to the story, sort of like any fantasy book you’ve ever read, but more like fanfiction, or you could use actual fanfiction/movies/books/Tv shows.

Anyways you do for as long as you want, and ir doesn’t matter if you get distracted because it’s a story and anything you think/forget/add can be incorporated not your story, sort of like a mental delete button, you can keep changing it up, as you please.

It’s both calming and distracting, especially if you close you’re eyes you can sort of mentally envision your story, and see whats happening, and I find that this actually puts me to sleep, the combination of distraction, closed eyes, and mental stimulation works in your favour here, or at least it does for me?

Plus you can continue on with your story the next night, and the ones after that, for as long as you like (I’ve actually cried over one of my stories, that’s how invested I got into it), and the best bit is, if you don’t like how your story is turning out, your can fix it, just mentally delete that bit, you can go back as far as you want, add details and continue on, or you can just scrap it, start a new one.

I was just wondering if anyone else does this, or if it would be worth sharing?

(I’ve actually heard it can be quite common, but it’s great)

Anyone who is mourning Sherlock and TJLC right now, I suggest watching Hannibal and Torchwood for a queer pick me up. Hannibal has a fantastic slow burn gay romance over three seasons. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in its prime, but the creator, cast, and fans are working hard to bring it back! Torchwood is a queer wonder! Every main character is lgbt. Every. Single. One. It does fall victim to the “kill your gays” trope, but it also features an actual “unkillable gay”, so that’s awesome. Hannibal is on Amazon Prime, and Torchwood is on Netflix. Now go get yourself some love from people who appreciate, love, and listen to their LGBT audience.

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Result of my stream from last night!

It’s a chibi Yuuri <3

So, uh, I’m thinking about making this design into an acrylic charm… but before I actually get a company to manufacture it, I need to figure out logistics. 

So, would anyone be willing to buy a charm of this? Just wondering…

BTS reaction to getting shipped with the idol they’re secretly dating


He would find it hilarious but deep down he would ask himself if anyone noticed something since people randomly started shipping the ship.

The fact that they got a cute shipping name would make him a bit shy.

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He would smile and joke about the fact, not really caring about actually getting caught because if anyone didn’t know, the boys never had a dating restriction! 

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“I know, we would totally be the cute couple, right?”

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He would get shy, about the fact that people would like the idea of you dating but also because of the cute shipping name. Seeing all the support you were getting, he would reconsider being a secret

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Giggling and probably blushing too, never really answering if people asked if you were really dating

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He would really enjoy the fandom talking about it and wondering if there was the possibility to actually dating each other.

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Personally I think he would be the member to be the most embarrassed about questions and people wondering about it, still he would never talk about it, since it was no ones business anyways

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I know the gif doesn’t suit the text at all but it was soo cute….

So my boyfriend and I are in a pretty bad situation that basically is leaving us on the brink of homelessness. I was wondering if I put up a link to donate if anyone would actually donate. All we really need right now is money for essentials like food, clothes to keep warm and toiletries. Please please please if anyone is willing to donate let me know and I can put up a link. Even just reblogging to help spread the word around would help us out so much.

((Hey guys! Mod’s back from vacation! I actually got home on the 12th, mistook the date when I wrote the post. Here’s a preview to a little comic that should be done and posted to my main - and reblogged here - tomorrow. The ask blog will get back to its regular activitiy now, so look forward to new posts!))

I just got back from an exam but as expected I can’t stop thinking about YOI loool, now I had to write it down so I can calm myself down

Anyway, it’s about this scene:

Before anyone assuming–no, I do NOT think it’s okay for anyone aged 27 years to do this to a 15 years old boy, If it’s without context. Anyway this will be kinda long so I’ll put it under the cut so I won’t be bothering anyone’s scrolling.

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