i wonder if anyone ships this....could be interesting

gotham discord server?

hi friends i was wondering if anybody would be interested in joining a discord server for gotham?? non ship specific just for fans of the show, with sub channels for specific ship headcannons etc maybe?

idk if theres already something like that going on but id love to chat w yall, and tumblr messaging system makes me kind of icky as in its not as personal

shoot me a message and ill send you a link to the server? :0

@heartpoisedfanarts @m4dh4ttey @cobbleplots @trans-oswald @featheredriddler @hotgothamite @rockyrants @socktrollqueen
@zimtdrache @mrgoldsdearie 

(also anyone else who would like to join this is everyone i could think of right now)

Regarding Bleach and its ending

I recently found out that Bleach ended and so I decided to read the rest of it (I stopped after the Fullbring arc).

A lot of the western fandom really dislikes the last chapter.


We find out that after a 10 year time jump, Rukia isn’t with Ichigo. She’s with Renji and he’s with Orihime. Personally I liked this ending. Kubo planned from the beginning for Ichigo’s kid and Rukia’s kid to meet at the end. Meaning they wouldn’t be together. I mean it was rushed, lacking in development, and there were many questions left unanswered (some of which are answered in We Do knot Always Love You - a light novel), but considering Ichigo didn’t have any room for romance during the actual series, it still made sense. It makes sense to me that he and Rukia have a really close and wonderful relationship that doesn’t need to be romantic. To be fair I did ship Ichihime, but it was more of a light “it could be nice if they got together, but I don’t think it’ll happen and he doesn’t seem to have feelings for anyone, and I think she needs to grow more herself anyway”. I also found they were interesting as foil characters.

What upsets me is that a lot of the fans hate Orihime or (in much lesser numbers) Rukia cuz of shipping wars or other misguided reasons. A lot of people dislike Orihime cuz she was used as fan service, or she didn’t always know exactly what to do, or she had human flaws as a normal 15 year old. But I love her. So much. She was one of the few main characters who really embodied what it might be like to be a kid in those situations. Chad was nearly inhuman in terms of resilience and strength, similar with Ichigo, and Ishida was never typical even without the ingrained Quincy training and ideology. She was like a tether to the reality of the events that unfolded. I was disappointed in how her development panned out, but I feel that she overcame a lot and grew emotionally even if not as much in terms of OP magic powers.

Hime was what most of us would be like in similar situations at that age - unsure, short on confidence, trying her best, making mistakes, trying to be useful, making some not so great choices in love, and getting upset when traumatic things are happening. But she also had incredible empathy, compassion, resolve, perception, and determination. A lot of people compare her to Rukia, but she was hundreds of years older with a much different life and much different expectations and training. I’ve read a couple rants where someone said they hate Orihime, wanted her to die, cuz she has low self esteem, makes bad choices, and isn’t a good role model for young girls. That somehow she makes it seem like it’s ok to not have confidence or that it’s ok to devote yourself to someone for 5 lifetimes when you’re 15. But I think they miss the point. It’s not good that she has low self esteem, but even with it she accomplishes a lot, grows, becomes happy and learns a lot as she gains confidence. Even without confidence she still moves forward and it begins to grow with her. When she has very low confidence, she is much less happy, and as it grows she is able to become stronger and more content. When she puts Ichigo on a pedestal, she isn’t seeing all of his sides - later she does and it scares her. She accepts him anyway, accepts his flaws. This isn’t a perfect message, since it’s not our job to accept all flaws, like abuse. But we do have to accept some flaws in every person we keep in our lives. A lot of people also hated that she healed Menoly and Loly saying it was unrealistic. But I’m sure there are lots of medical professionals who would do what they could in similar situations. Ichigo also fights for and with people who were enemies and protects them but no one says anything about that.

People also overlook her and Rukia’s friendship often. But I feel it’s an incredibly important part of Bleach, and who these girls are. Yes, Orihime gets jealous of Rukia at one point during the arrancar arc, but she doesn’t let those feelings take over her opinion of Rukia. She feels bad about being jealous, recognizing that it was irrational and affirming that she really likes Rukia as a person. People forget that you can’t control your emotions, just how you react to them. And the fact that these 2 don’t let things like jealousy overtake their mutual support and trust is amazing and beautiful. There is no girl on girl hate here. That is powerful and important. And it truly saddens me that people ignore this aspect of their interactions and that people go so far as to hate either of them.


Delena Forever Ours: July 1 - One Parallel.

Here’s the thing, I had never been particularly interested in OUAT as a show, and would simply watch here and there with my sister; but what really got me to watch it was the constant parallels I would see between Hook/Emma and Delena. (Of course no one would comment on it, and my posts would get very little notes, as many CSers were anti-DE… but that’s another story).

With these 4 characters, I see so much in common. With two magnificent women, one raised as an orphan and the other having just become an orphan at the start of the show. But its not just that. Throughout both shows these heroines lose and find so many people, and are broken time and time again, only to get up and keep going. 

Then there is Killian and Damon. Introduced as antagonists, and existing with a lot to redeem themselves for. Living for centuries means pain and loss - and for some it means bottling up that pain and putting on a mask of indifference. They are deep and interesting characters who unlike others on their show, do not get a magic reset button. 

Anyways, so these two ships come together and I cry in the distance. They help each other become better versions of themselves; and love and support each other in such a wonderful way  - and so when I used to watch OUAT I could see DE in CS and I loved every moment of it.

(shamelessly re-posts an old set even though i’ve improved in giffing… also shamelessly promotes a tag full of parallels between the ships here if anyone is interested)

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I know you're busy with school/work/running this blog but I was wondering if you could help me out? I'm considering writing a RWBY AU of Voltron, there wouldn't be much if any shipping and the plot would follow differently than RWBY's. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in it so I'd like your opinions! I'm sending this anon because if I do go through with this AU I will make a blog dedicated to it. Thank you and keep being awesome! Keith = Ruby, Lance = Weiss, Pidge = Blake, Hunk = Yang

Sorry, but I don’t watch RWBY. But an au sounds really cool tho, maybe some of the followers can help you out!

- Mod Keith

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Hi, I haven't been in the kamunami fandom much since growing obsessed with another anime but one of your prompts made its way into my dash again and I feel in love with Kamunami allover again! I beleive you are this fandoms angel for the ship and our leader! Please continue to be our Kamunami senpai and overlord

Originally posted by lacuna-matata

Angel, leader, overlord and senpai is probably an understatement. I believe shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl is probably better suited for those titles. Her or theapocryphalone with her wonderful work, “Extra Life”. However, thank you. That really means a lot. Most of time I’m questioning whether anyone is really interested in this blog or likes the stuff that I write. I wish I could do more for this pairing honestly, but it can’t be helped that it’s not popular. It’s not on par with Naegiri, Komahina or Hinanami. Even so, I do what I can. At some point I may not be able to continue running this blog, but I hope others will eventually find their way here and be like: “This is the blog that made me ship Kamunami” or “I didn’t like this pairing at first, but this blog made me interested”. Thanks again for the kind message. I hope you have a lovely day.

1,300 Milestone!

So, for this milestone I have decided to do ships! I haven’t done them in a long while so I thought it could be fun! Send me a personality description of yourself (if you want you can send a physical description) along with what fandom you would like from my array of fandomage. They’ll be open all day today!
(Also I’d appreciate if you send your interest of gender as well so I don’t have to guess and risk offending anyone).

Also I was wondering if you guys would like to see the Voltron OC I’ve created. Kinda as a second celebration thing. Let me know if that’s something you guys would be interested in seeing!

Thank you again for 1,300 guys! It’s really amazing and I cannot thank you enough! Love you! <3

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Oh god, I did not expect anyone to think of Pidge and Lotor as a ship! And I must admit that sounds interesting :D Although I wonder what it would be called ... Lodge? Lopidge? Pidglor? Still, I was wondering if you have headcannos about this unusual ship

Right now it’s Pitor, not sure exactly what the mixed letters could be Pidgor, Lodge? 

It is an interesting twist to me too, if it happens. I actually wouldn’t mind the idea of a Science based Lotor falling for pidge as a whole. It would be something very different and unique I think and go an interesting way in both their development. Given that Pidge would probably be someone who understands some of his issues, like Keith would as well. She could probably help him in accepting a part of himself, and not be so worried about being not part of a team. I have a lot of thoughts on their dynamic. Namely one where you have Pidge helping Lotor learn more about himself and herself learning more about the world around them. 

Oh I have a lot. I”m working on a fan fic about it. :)

Hey everyone !

We all know Dreamcatcher is on a break right now, a well deserved one. So it means less news from them, except if they do vlives, I wouldn’t mind at all.

Anyway, I was wondering if you would be interested in some imagines about the girls. Lately I’ve been writing some scenes for Alice, and it was fun to do. For example, I wrote some about Dami and Yoohyeon. But it could be about anyone else, or any sort of ship or not.

So if you want this tell me, whether by message or ask if you wanna be anonymous :).
Progress announcement and...fan art? :’D

Some Trick & Treat news!

☆The game is in the final testing. The steam store page is going to be available in mid-September, and the game will be released on 30th, September.

☆As you probably know that I’m making an ART BOOK as DLC…it’ll be a pdf ebook with about 50 pages (25 double pages) contain all the art and sketches about the game and its development! And I’m drawing a few new ones for it…hope you’ll like it! 

☆Since I have recieved some fan art…I’m wondering, if there is anyone interested in submitting fan art for the art book?? If it gets included in the book you’ll recieve a copy for free! :’D It’s not a contest (and properly not many submissions) so I think there’s a pretty big chance…If you’re interested, read more for the rules!

Reblog appreciated! Thank you for all the support :’D

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why does everyone ship derek and stiles?

i wonder if people that ship Scott and Allison more intensely than anything else gets asks like this, or Scott and Kira, or even Stiles and Lydia. or, is it just intriguing because it’s Stiles and Derek.

dude, i can’t really speak for anyone else, people make their own choices. mine mostly revolve around their dynamic interesting me more than any other on the show on a ship level. i like that from the very first second they interacted, there was snark, banter, something i could get my teeth into. and i just super enjoy that when they’re together, they’re constantly aware of one another, and often take time out of whatever they’re up to to wind each other up, it’s about the teasing, the not totally necessary griping at one another. i like the way they’re both very much drawn in by one another. when Stiles asks a question, or makes a remark, Derek always reacts, he always notices. and for Stiles’ character, for someone who has often felt ignored by others, i find that really important, significant. and i like that for Derek, Stiles doesn’t just roll over and say “how high” he constantly gets in Derek’s face, doesn’t let Derek get away with being just a pretty face, or brooding by himself, he expects Derek to be upfront and honest with him, and more than that Derek is honest with him, Derek does respond, Derek DOES try with Stiles. like, we’ve seen that Stiles likes a good puzzle, and Derek Hale is the ultimate puzzle, that he spent a lot of time in S1 and S2 trying to figure out. 

they keep each other on their toes. they make each other laugh (those dumb lil scoffs at each other and the FACES they pull are my nectar). they never give up on each other. they have banter. they have the i love you but i hate you vibes– like pigtail pulling, push you just to touch you, say something to literally get a reaction out of you, please never stop noticing me– fine line ust. and mostly, tbh, like, i enjoy the way they’ve developed. i like that they’ve gone from not giving a shit about the other, though, constantly being aware of the other, to actively seeking out ways to help one another, protect one another. i like that it’s not what i was expecting, it’s not a cliché, and it’s fresh and unique for the both of them. there’s no pedastals or ten year plans or expectations. and there’s no pressure for me as a viewer to ship it. i super enjoy that because they’ve not been romantically involved on the show, there hasn’t been a scene or a moment where i sighed and went “dude, why.” i enjoy all of their scenes together because i find them compelling just the way they are. i think they’re splendid.

that’s just me, though, like, you can ask around, i’m sure every person that ships anything ever can give you all the reasons they ship a thing. for most people, it’s not about the music playing, or how we’re SUPPOSED to react to a scene, it’s what we dig personally. and i just happen to really like Stiles & Derek’s interactions enough to ship them.

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I HAD NO IDEA PEOPLE STILL BLOGGED ABOUT BIONICLE. Followed instantly, also please if you could, direct me to any other worthwhile bionicle blogs you may know of? Would be appreciated.

Oh, yes, Bionicle’s been getting a bit of a fandom resurgence around here in light of the 2015 revival. I know that’s what drove me to make this blog. With luck, with the Netflix series coming up, the fandom will continue to grow.

As for great bloggers, there’s a lot I’m fond of, and I’m probably going to forget quite a few good people (because I am a forgetful person, and there’s a fairly expansive community). So off the top of my head, I quite like

  • @cross-wired-freak: Pretty much the heart of the fandom round here in my experience.
  • @criticalchronicler: How could I not love anyone with that url?
  • @suddenlyoranges: created the wonderfully ridiculous @revivingbionicle videos
  • @tooner45: Plenty of wonderful insight and, as I have only recently realized, wonderful art.
  • @demitsorou: Friendly neighborhood shipping hell.
  • @ever-quick-singsong: I love when people have stuff to say in the tags, and they tend to have a fair bit.
  • @herora-nui: Plenty of interesting things to say.
  • @bionicle-art-squad: There are far more amazing artists in this fandom than I can keep track of in my head, but a lot of them contribute here.
  • @xfirecorex: Often pretty wildly different perspectives from mine, but worth a look for a different sort of response.
  • @ttvpodcast: Good source of general Bionicle news.

And that’s just a few of them. There’s some awesome artists, writers, and other sorts of contributors to the fandom. I think the best way to keep track of all the stuff going on is just to track the Bionicle tag. That’s what I tend to do. That way you can keep track of whatever thing we’re all freaking out over at a given moment and get a fuller selection of blogs to choose from than the dozen I first happened to think of.

I’ve seen some OW ships have their own “week” (I think the McGenji one is going on right now) and I was wondering if McHanzo has their own week? If not, we could probably come up with our own lil’ week – would anyone be interested in that? 


okay so i posted the top thing a few minutes ago but i realized i should post examples of the shirts that ive made so ppl can know what i make 

so anyways here are some shirts that ive made for myself so far! I hand paint them with acrylic paint (except for the Electric Century one- i used spray paint for the background of that one (the words are still acrylic though)) and basically do all the designing myself (except the Against Me! one- that’s their design, i just painted it onto a shirt)

i also made a Halsey shirt for Charise @lovesick-zombie with this design

but i cant find the actual shirt (the shirt looks just like this except the words are more centered and its a bit cleaner looking) so heres the drawing of the design i did in my sketchbook

the reason I wanna start doing commissions is because I’m planning on going to art school next year and since I’m going into game design I need to raise money to get a laptop for that (my family doesnt have the most money so this seems like the best option because i’ll probs need a pr expensive laptop)

i’m not quite ready to start selling shirts yet (dont have the materials yets + i need to set up a paypal still) but I just wanna see if anyone would actually be interested in buying anything. obviously i’m not gonna limit you to the designs above, but thats just showing the sort of things i’m used to making.

i also was wondering how much people would be willing to spend on these. im not gonna ask for too much anyway, but i just kinda wanna know vague amounts (also if anyone would even be interested to buy anything in the first place)

anyways this is getting long oops but yeah anyways i thnk thats it? so yeah if you could message/reply to me saying if you’d be interested/the vague amount of how much youd be willing to pay/etc thatd be great !

also i probably? wont be able to ship much overseas since thatd be more expensive for me but i would make exceptions if we’re mutuals/friends 

(also feel free 2 reblog this mayb :0)

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First of all, I literally LOVE your drawings, you're really telented! So, I was wondering if you could do a list with all you're destiel art please? Please, please, please? Because I'm on my phone and tumblr is being kind of a bitch right now


Anyway here’s a quick mobile guide:
1.Scroll down to find my whatever pic, go through tags and choose the one that you’re interested in

2. Tags:
- ’#marcia’ is my main art tag
- ’#destiel’ , ’#billdip’ ect. are the tags for ships obvi
- ’#c’ is for solo Cas pics (paintings mostly)
- ’#comics’ & ’#comic’ are for comics (try both I’m not sure if I tagged all my works the same)
- ’#other’ is for everything that isn’t spn
- ’#mother forgive me’ is for nsfw

3. Good luck