i wonder if anyone reads my hashtags

1 Year Yuri!!! on Ice-iversary Selfie Callout

I got tagged by @kymbawee and y'all know I’m going to take any excuse to post a good selfie, but for realsies I have so many wonderful people in my life now from this fandom all because @inthearmsofathief hit me up one day and told me I absolutely needed to watch this super gay ice skating anime. You’re all A+, top notch wonderful people and I’m pretty hashtag blessed to have you all here with my meme loving ass.

Trying to go through and make sure everyone gets tagged at least once because y'all are treasures

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and honestly literally anyone else, if you’re reading this I tagged your ass. And if you don’t want to post a picture, don’t worry! I love you, you’re great.