i wonder if anyone notices elena in this

Surprise! (ReaderxJared)

Request: Can you make a Jared one shot where the reader is Jensen’s little sister and also jared’s wife and she’s an actress playing elena gilbert on the vampire diaries & at a convention a fan asks jared about how the reader and him met and how they fell in love and how the reader has sex/kissing scenes with paul wesley & ian somerhalder on the show and the reader surprises jared and jensen at the convention and tells them that she’s pregnant? {sorry that it’s so long. i tried to make it short}

Warning(s): fluff


Notes: Okay so I think I got this right: Reader is Jensen’s sister and Jared’s wife, she plays Elena on TVD… Jared is asked a question about you and your sex scenes with the boys, and then she surprises them by saying she’s pregnant. I hope this is what you wanted :)

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So I was watching old Minecraft Let’s Plays and it happened to be episode 60, King Ryan. There’s a part where he jokingly tells them to kill Gavin and when they all respond enthusiastically,he mumbles “Huh, save that one for later.”

Fast forward to episode 90:

Did anyone else notice

how much Elizabeth’s and Jeronimo’s faces changed when Bonnie starts interviewing Damon? Because if you look at their faces before, they are laughing at what Bonnie is saying (I think she’s calling Damon a drama queen). But as soon as she starts her mock interview, no more smiles? I wonder why. Can somone please gif this scene? I haven’t been this excited for an ep of TVD in a long time.