i wonder if anyone else has noticed this

I don’t know if it’s me maturing, or the music I listen to, or the people I communicate with, or the ideas I’ve read, but I’ve definitely become a better person.

It’s kind of hard to explain how, so I’m not going to try. I’d like to continue to become a better person, but in different ways, because I still think I’m pretty fucked up.

Fusion and eyes

Is anyone else wondering where Sardonyx’s fifth eye is? Garnet has three eyes, and when she fused with Amethyst, Sugilite had five eyes.


I’ve also noticed that the only time where a fusion’s number of eyes doesn’t equal the sum of their parts is when they’re fused with Pearl. In fact, the only time a fusion of Pearl had the same number of eyes was with Rainbow Quartz.

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I just realised WTNV has a white actress playing an Asian character (Michelle Nguyen) and I'm wondering if anyone else is bothered by this?

Wow i didn’t know the voice actress was white, but I have noticed that most people draw her as anything but Asian, which is weird because how do you not know that Nguyen is like the most common Vietnamese name. What’s up with that.

So, I noticed today that my screenshots have reverted to .jpg by default, even though I still have -bmp in my command line arguments. I definitely haven’t changed anything.

Looking at my screenshots, this started after the Revenant beta (those were the last .bmp files in my screenshot folder) and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this, now or in the past, and knows how I can fix it :/


Has anyone else noticed this about Sera? True this could be an oversight on the part of the developers but we’ve had a few patches. If this is indeed intentional, I wonder if this is a result of her upbringing or she’s not so you know elfy and all. Thoughts?

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I know everyone has been going on about ATOTS but did anyone notice in NWHS that Mabel 's eyes where the only ones to not be elongated like the rest? Hers kinda stayed circular.Possible meaning? I know people have noticed that both Stans seem to have left something out but I was wondering if anyone else noticed that Waddles wasn't shown? Gompers was...did anyone noticed that Stanford said he would stay downstairs? Possibly to check on the portal (I smell Bill)... could real ford be stuck?

No because I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THIS also the fact that searchfortheblindeye.com hasn’t updated since last year debunks this. False Messiah Theory is DEAD.

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I'm not sure if anyone else has ever caught this so it may be a commonly observed connection, but did you ever notice the similarity between Neurotriptyline and the real anti-depressant Nortriptyline? I wonder if that was intentional from the start (considering Dom's initial drafts were about a mentally ill teen rather than a zombie) or added later as a metaphor? It can't be coincidence.

I’ve googled neurotriptyline before, and I remember it suggesting nortriptyline, but at the time I didn’t know what it was, and I don’t actually remember looking closely or thinking too much about it (until now). I think it’s probably intentional, as you say, stemming from the drug nortriptyline, but altered for the new purpose/direction the show ended up taking.

It fits too: nortriptyline and amitritpyline are antidepressants, although when looking around at the roots of the words (the names come from the chemicals, not any direct Latin or Greek root), it seems that amitryptyline can also be used to help relieve pain. Anyway, if you were medicating PDS, you’d want to do a similar thing to what ami- and nortriptyline do - balance chemicals in the brain and sedate. ‘Neuro’ comes from the Green neuron, which means nerves, so neurotriptyline is pretty much a nerve antidepressant. I guess it depends how much detail went into the name, but the -triptyline part suggests it belongs to the same family of antidepressants (due to the chemical structure of the medicine).

I’m now going to spend the rest of the day drawing parallels between neurotriptyline and antidepressants - how much they’re needed, ways round them, etc. Because antidepressants do have a place and are definitely useful, but people don’t need to be on them forever, do they? The body can redress the imbalance. Hmm…

tl;dr - you’re right, I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all.

I notice “little things” all the time and wonder if anyone else sees what I see. The direction floorboards are facing relative to layout and wall space. The beginning and end of a repeating pattern in wallpaper. The ply of toilet paper. The amount of points a leaf has. Which tiles in an assorted array are the same design. The particular web of a spider vs another web. The aeration level of a faucet’s water flow. How long it takes for a toilet to refill before it’s silent. The kind of grass I’m walking on. The number of lichen types on the trees around me. The number of cracks in a concrete slab or just on the sidewalk. Watching to see when another rain drop will hit the same place a previous drop did. The way air flow affects the steam rising off of a mug or boiling pot. Whether or not a glass’s design will let my hand reach all the way in to wash the bottom. The seed dispersal in multigrain bread. The stitch(es) used in various fabric-made things - especially clothes and blankets. Mentally categorizing every individual ingredient I can recognize in a meal. The size of tableware different people prefer to eat with. The ratio of eye colors in a given group, or hair colors or skin tones. The half-squint a dog makes prior to yawning. The cohesive property of water in the shower or in nature. The pattern of the plates we’re eating on. The ratio of wax to wick left in a candle. The loose and unruly hairs in a person’s hairstyle. The wrinkles in fabrics.
So…am I alone in my weirdness or what?

Giant Woman

Has anyone else noticed how much both Steven and Greg love giant Women? Its mentioned once in the flashback by sour creams dad “Oh man, How big was she?” Then with each new fusion Steven sees he also exclaims “Giant Woman!” like its the best thing ever (even including a song)

I just hadn’t made this connection before and wondered if anyone else had noticed it as well.

Has anyone else noticed that Amethyst a)seemed literally younger in Greg’s flashbacks. Like, a LOT younger. Almost childlike. and b) that her hair went from this:

To this:

Hmmmm, wonder who she got her style from :P

Also I totally miss that off the shoulder strap. That was like my favourite part of her outfit HOW DARE YOU CHANGE IT SHOW lmao.


Honestly, I’m NEVER going to give up on meeting/getting noticed by Taylor even if that means I spend countless failed attempts trying. She means so much to me and has brought me so many wonderful things in my life how I could I give up so easily? So NO. I’m NOT going to give up trying to meet the one person who lifted me up when I was down. I will NOT bring anyone else down for meeting or getting noticed by her. I’ll simply be happy for them and support them along this magical journey. Just don’t give up and don’t bring other people down because you haven’t met Taylor yet. YET.