i wonder if anyone else has noticed this

I don’t know if it’s me maturing, or the music I listen to, or the people I communicate with, or the ideas I’ve read, but I’ve definitely become a better person.

It’s kind of hard to explain how, so I’m not going to try. I’d like to continue to become a better person, but in different ways, because I still think I’m pretty fucked up.

littlecrisps  asked:

Hi! Wcif the skin tones and highlighters you use? Thank you!

hey! thanks for asking, i don’t usually include them in the links to my lookbooks/posts but i don’t think anyone else has really noticed that they’re custom yet.

for skin tones, i mainly use the lighter ones provided by ea and the darker ones from this set. if you are also referring to custom skins, as in the ones in the skin detail section and not just the tones, please clarify (: i use a huge mix and i would be happy to list them if you’re wondering.

as for highlighters: for most sims, i use the custom face highlight from the “dewy skin” referenced here that appears in the blush section. there doesn’t seem to be a link to it on that downloads page, but i think it’s being customized. i found a working link to it here.

i hope i answered your questions correctly lol if not, just ask again and i’ll try to be more helpful (:

anonymous asked:

I have bpd along with really bad anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes at school whenever i have to do a presentation or if im with a friend who also has anxiety and they ask me to talk to someone for them, i've noticed that i've gotten really good at acting. Like one moment i'll be a mess, and the next i can be totally calm, talking in a fake-professional voice, anything to send the appearance of confidence. It's just a weird coping thing i was wondering if anyone else did/understood??

I think I do the same thing sometimes too. Like idk how to explain it but I’m good at masking my anxiety so people don’t know I have it. People are totally surprised when I tell them I have anxiety. I think this is a type of coping mechanism. Does anyone else do something like that?

atimers, heed my words

the shadow has been acting strangly. it let me look outside yesterday. i just think it’s honestly so crazy… before all this happened i hardly ever went outside. it’s not that i didn’t like it or anything, i just preferred to keep to myself and stay in my comfort zone. i did go on walks a lot with my friends, though. god… i wonder if they’ve even noticed that i’m gone. does anyone else ever get that way? like, you’re having fun with your friends. your clearly all having a good time. they’re laughing. you’re laughing. but for some reason… for some unknown, stupid, ridiculous reason, you decide that they don’t want you there. it really doesn’t make any sense. ah, i’m rambling. anyway, yeah. the shadow let me look outside. i reached out my hand slowly. it was trembling. i was so nervous. i couldnt remember how much i wanted to feel the warm sun on my skin until i saw it again… out there… but of course the window slammed shut just before i could. and i don’t know how i’m supposed to take that? is it a warning? or an offer? is it happy with the amount of work i’ve done for it? am i a good vessel? i don’t know. but what i do know is the answer will come in time. jake farting is the key. i need to give it more. so please, i ask you. help me see the sun again. draw me pictures of jake the dog farting. 

A strange pamphlet

As I was walking around the city someone handed me this strange pamphlet. It was crumpled up hard to read. A tossed in the trash not thinking about it suddenly I came across these Sayers. They have placed themselves across the City of Orgrimmar.  I am not sure if anyone has noticed them yet. They are in several spots around the city. I wonder to myself what are they are wanting and talking about. A sayer handed me another pamphlet it was hard to read. This one had blood on it. This one was kinda crazy with listening to the fires. I am not for sure. 

I do feel a strange aura around them. Unlike our kind. Something is off. I wonder if anyone else has ran into them.

I wonder if anyone has noticed the Zepplins aren’t running anymore? I am going to ask around about that. A guard should know why. I walked up to the towers. The Zepplin workers are missing. I had to fly to Rachet to get to Booty Bay. It’s a two day trip by boat.  There is not enough booze, cigarettes and drugs to make me chill out tonight. I will be on this boat for a bit. I need to get home to check things out. I fear I won’t be there for long. I fear there is something coming and not sure what is.