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My Future Wife, LeFou!

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Title: My Future Wife, LeFou!
Words: 2,456 
Pairing: GastonxReader
Warnings: Little Bit of Swearing
A/N: Oh dear god I can’t find any Gaston stories I like so I guess I’ll just write my fucking own I guess that’s the only way I’ll ever be happy so enjoy my Luke Evans thirst

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Special Instructions (3/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: M
Word Count: ~3800 (why do they keep getting longer?)
Chapters: One Two

hope u like crazy hot mess emma 😝 🍺🍻🍷🍸🍹🍾🍕 😵

remember a few months ago when i asked everyone to tell me stories of stupid/funny shit y’all did when drunk? thanks for the inspiration ;))

reader requested tags: @lenfaz @ilovemesomekillianjones @like-waves-on-the-beach 


Special instructions: pls send cute delivry guy, i missss himm   

One of the benefits of having a job with odd hours was that Emma could get completely trashed on a Tuesday evening and not give a single fuck as to how it would affect her the next morning. She’d started her own private party several hours earlier when all of her friends had turned her down for one reason or another. (Because they had jobs, mostly. Fucking party pooping productive members of society.)

She was giggling so hard she snorted when she clicked ‘order’ on the website, so beyond caring about anything that she felt no shyness or shame whatsoever.

Drunk did not even begin to cover it. Drunk was several homemade cocktails earlier. She was mixing a bunch of things she really shouldn’t be mixing. She couldn’t remember everything she ingested, but she did recall the two straight shots of tequila that she started off with (and what a way to start), as well as the few gulps of red wine that she took straight from the bottle because she was a respectable, refined adult. She vaguely recalled an almost-daiquiri of questionable flavor, as well as one particularly horrible concoction of Red Bull, triple sec, vodka, gin, and Gatorade because apparently she was trying to liquefy her internal organs.

(It didn’t help that she’d pulled out the entire contents of her alcohol cabinet and placed everything on her kitchen counter, giving her a wide selection of self-destructive options.)

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Tether: Arrow 5x16 Review (Checkmate)

I had two wishes for tonight’s episode.  First, that Oliver and Snoozan break up because, as you all know, I’m super done with her.  Second, that Prometheus not suck because, as you all know, I’ve been super unimpressed so far. @fanmommer​ can confirm these wishes.

Alright, so I didn’t get wish #1 (just a matter of time kids), but Oliver delivered fantastic Snoozan shade,  so I am satisfied. Wish #2 came true however.  The Big Bad does not suck. He’s awesome. 

That and a subtle, but meaningful Olicity scene means I am one happy camper.

Let’s dig in…

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I Had This Dream, That in Another World, I Was Someone Else, Someone Not Me.

Part of my hospital chaplaincy duties is to write a reflection on how it’s going. Identities may be altered for privacy. All the writings are here.

The patient, Jerome, had a trapezoid-shaped hole in his head, and he told me it was from his son.

Jerome’s son had waited in his father’s home until he came back from work, and then he robbed him. Jerome fought back. In the struggle, his son had picked up one of those bright and shiny geode rocks the size of a torso, lifted it to the sky, and wham, in a sick, slicing arc, brought it down into his father’s head. The son was still at large. The father, after six months in physical therapy, still could not get the blood stain out of the carpet in his house. Jerome had lost his job at the oil rig; his wife had left him; his other son took two jobs to pay off the hospital bills, but one evening after dropping off his dad for PT, had been struck by a sixteen-wheeler and died on impact. 

“Chaplain, I had this dream,” Jerome said, scratching his old wound, “that in another world, I was someone else, I was someone better, that I have two sons who love me, my wife never left, I was still at the rig with the boys … I had a dream that I was someone not me. It was extraordinary. It was wo—”

He fell asleep, which he told me would happen. His brain needed to shut down when it overworked itself. A few seconds later, he woke up and apologized.

“I had this dream, chaplain. Do you ever dream that you are someone in another world, a different you?”

I visited another patient, Donnie, who weighed about 1400 pounds. His legs had been amputated and he was nearly blind. He had a neurological deficiency in which he couldn’t stop eating; he had become diabetic and was recovering from Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, or as it’s also known, broken heart syndrome.

“Chaplain, I just think,” he said, eating his third plate of pasta, “I was meant to do … something, anything. Anything. Not this. Everyone tells you that your life is meant to help people, but how the hell can I do that here? Look at me.”

In our chaplain training, we call this intrapsychic grief, the pain of losing what could’ve been and will never be. It is the loss of future, the theft of invested time. It’s not a tangible, physical loss, but an internal shipwreck, the imperceptible emotional shriek in our chest when the picture of life we had planned for so long simply dies.

Donnie, the blind, obese, bedridden man with no legs, ordered pizza for the whole floor. That was, he felt, the best he could do. I told him it was even better than that.

Another patient, Lorenzo, had been in a car accident a few days before, and he suffered anterograde amnesia. He was having trouble remembering the words he had just spoken. 

“Chap—you the chap, right?” He rocked back and forth in his bed, nearly clapping his hands in frustration. “My girlfriend is real worried about me, man, she real worried. I think I’ll be fine though, but my girlfriend, she real worried about me. I’m not worried, I think I’ll be fine, chap. You the chap, right?”

He repeated himself, perhaps, to find security in the canvas of his own assurances. His brain had resorted to a safe mode, to grip onto the word-balloons which were floating away, by constantly making new ones.

I was astounded and bewildered by how much a mass of gray pulp between our ears can determine the course of a life, and inside the soul-box of our neurology is the possibility of a hundred lifetimes, and I was angry that the tiniest neuron could so effectively demolish an entire world.

What separated me from someone else not me, except by the tiniest shred of a neuron, one misfired synapse, one slender thread of chance? 

Another patient, Tony, was telling me that he had gotten weaker and weaker in his legs until one day, on the way home, he had collapsed at the ATM and there were floating heads around him asking what was wrong, but they looked like demon faces, and he tried to kick them off but he couldn’t move anymore. Tony had some sort of encephalopathy that had caused brain lesions and he was seeing things that weren’t there.

“But you know, chap,” he said, breaking into tears, “I got this long-lost brother up in Boston, he’s my half-brother but he loves me like a full one, Mikey, this guy’s made of money and he offered me a room at his place, his house is on this fifty acre property, it’s a mansion. Can you believe it?”

I spoke with Tony’s sister, who told me that no such brother existed, and there was no room, no mansion, no fifty acres. It was a story that Tony had been telling himself for months now, when his legs began failing him. It’s all he wanted to talk about, this promised land. 

Oliver Sacks, in his book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, writes about disturbed patients who “confabulate,” who spin tales all day long in a constant stream of chatter. They cannot help but conjure completely made-up yarns about meeting celebrities or devising inventions or discovering something remarkable, as if the widening chasms in their brain need a desperate momentum to thrive. Or, worse, such activity drowns out the long fall of personality into the abyss, into the unrecoverable ether. One story after another tumbles over the cliff; I may be the last one to hear them. 

It is my role to honor the burial of what can never be done. It is my role to remember what will never become. It’s not just my role; you and I need this more than we think. At every turn, every choice, we die a million deaths each day. How can we stand such a thing, except to tell those stories that never had a shot?

I had this dream … 

Suddenly, Jerome, the man with the trapezoid hole in his head, nodded off again, but his eyes fluttered, like someone was still home.

… that in another world …

He spoke, but a voice that sounded thicker, more weight, more verve. He sat up taller, his eyes closed but working. I took a small step back.

… I was someone else …

Jerome’s eyes quivered and he said, “I am the man from the other world.” He smiled, just for a second. “I am a hundred lifetimes, I am one of many. I am not who I could be.”

… someone not me.

“I am a life never had. I am the man in the dream. The dream wishes he could be the man in the other. We all wish to be awake in someone else. There is no perfect dre—”

And he woke up. Jerome blinked, saw me, and he apologized for sleeping again. I wasn’t sure if I should tell him about the other voice. 

He said to me, “Chaplain, thank you.” He held my hands, his eyes alive and fiery, wet and fierce. “Thank you for listening. I have to believe my son didn’t mean it. He did the best he could with who he was. I still love my son, in this world or the next.”

I left the room shaking. I questioned if I had really seen what I thought I saw. I repeated his words in my head, I replayed the eerie twitch of his eyes, the way his body slipped into another skin, another dimension.

I wondered if I had glimpsed, even for a second, a keyhole into other possibilities, like dipping a toe into the stream of the infinite, where a son did not ruin his father, where a man missed a car by inches, where a promised land of endless acres was waiting at the other end.

I thought about how we’re always dreaming of being someone else, and the others are dreaming of each other, wishing for a world they couldn’t have.

We survive the nightmare, I think, by dreaming. To dream is to cope. It is the brain’s essential defense against itself. We create new dreams all the time, a new canvas of assurances, to wake against the intolerable. It feels like a lie: but what is hope, really, except a story we tell ourselves in the dark to light the way? If it works, who is to say otherwise? The world continues to be cruel and unfair, but we do the best we can with who we are, to dream amidst the wreckage of what no longer is, to bend with the merciless wind. To even share pizza with the whole floor.


Yoongi Scenario: I’ll Give You The Sun.

Request: I wanted to request a “proposal”, where Yoongi asks y/n to marry him. Thank you girls + I’ll put both my requests in one ask! My first request is a late night trip with yoongi (like he calls you in the middle of the night for a car trip and takes reader to the sea [and there he propose to her])

Genre: Romance.

You woke up a bit startled, not expecting Yoongi’s lips just above your right ear making you tingle and confused at the same time.

-What is it babe?-

He kissed your ear making you have goosebumps. -Wake up-

You opened your eyes completely and sat. -But what is it? Yoongi it’s like… the middle of the night- you said not even knowing what time it was.

-Come on, get up and get dressed- he smiled when he turned on the lights and then you noticed he was fully dressed, jeans, a black t-shirt that exposed his collarbones if he leaned forward and a denim jacket. 

You were on a little vacation retreat in Jeju Island, it was your second day on the island and you had big plans for the rest of week, several activities typical of Jeju and of course lots of sleep, both of you needed that. So it took you by surprise that Yoongi was so eager to go out in the middle of the night. But then it made you remember that you used to do it a lot when you started dating, late night trips around the city. A smile came to your face and you got up from the bed, your boyfriend was such a low-key romantic. 

-Give me a second then-

You wondered what you should wear for this night late night extravaganza Yoongi had in mind. You giggle at the thought, he’d frown and grumble if you told him that. You went for a a little summer dress, you were in an island after all, so you had brought mostly shorts and dresses, but you wanted to be comfortable so you threw on the pretty black dress with purple and pink flowers print, the sleeves were long but they got wider from your elbow to your wrist making the simple dress have a trendy cut, you saw the rather low v-neck and decided that you had to also throw on a jacket just in case the night was chilly.

-Where are we going Yoongi?- you asked when you walked out of the bathroom. You had rushed on the light makeup and your hair since part of the emotion of the late night trips was the rush and the unexpected, but you still wanted to look nice.

-It’s a surprise- he said not giving anything away.

You pouted. -I just want to know if I’m good-

Yoongi came closer to you, and this time his smile didn’t fit on his face, it was contagious as you found yourself smiling back. -What?-

-You are beautiful Y/N- he leaned down and pecked your lips. -Let’s go-

You went together hand by hand, the hotel was well illuminated this late, but it was lone aside from some occasional personnel you encountered as you walked your way out of the building, it was a chilly night as you had suspected, you walked through the gardens and the pools the hotel had just before you found the exit to the beach. 

-Yoongi, what is this? where are we going?-

He smiled more and squeezed your hand as you started to walk in the sand, it slipped through your sandals and it was all over his shoes.

-You’ll see Y/N, just follow me-

You laughed. -I’m following you babe, but this…-

-Are you nervous?- he teased and you pushed his shoulder making him laugh louder.

-Wait a moment- you said leaning down to take off your sandals. - Yoongi!- you nagged when he snapped a picture of you as you were taking them off. He laughed and you shook your head knowing it couldn’t be helped -You too babe- you said as he complied and took off his shoes. -It’s so weird you came here with those and not your beloved sandals-

-I forgot, I wasn’t thinking about my footwear for tonight-

You sharpened your gaze with a coy smile. -And what were you thinking then?-

Yoongi smiled like a fool and squeezed your hand again, was he nervous? -Come Y/N-

The sand was cold and it was very smooth to the touch, so it was like a having a little massage as you walked through the scattered umbrellas that were closed for the night and the dozens lounge chairs in which you had come earlier to doze off. The hotel was beautiful at day time, but at this hour it had another feeling, more so with your heart pumping fast at the expectation of what Yoongi had in mind.

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HANKER - Poly!YoonMin

Word count: 7,674.
Summery: It looked like you loved him. And worse, it looked like he loved you. Jimin took a shaky breath before he clicked his phone shut, rubbing his hands on his thighs as he got ready to get up. There’s nowhere left to hide from this anymore.
Genre:  Idolverse.

Min Yoongi of Bangtan Sonyondan was caught on a date with his mysterious girlfriend!

Jimin’s heart fluttered in his chest, before it got so heavy he thought it might have turned into stone. An uncomfortable feeling sank in his stomach and his thumb froze hovering above the illuminated screen of his phone. He wanted to scroll down farther and look at the pictures, analyze every angle of Yoongi’s face to see if he looked happier with you then he looked when he was with him.

He tilted his head back, wincing when it hit the wall a little harsher then he intended it to. He looked up at the ceiling even if he couldn’t actually see it through the dark clouds in his head.

Yoongi really was dating you.

Jimin’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip before he shut his eyes tightly, shaking his head as an automatic reaction his body had for the feelings that rose inside of him.

He knew it’ll be this way, ever since he and Yoongi broke off whatever romantic relationship they had between them. Yoongi had a point when he called it off – a few actually, when he asked Jimin to be whole with what they had. He wanted Jimin to come out to both of their parents about them. He wanted to stop hiding from everyone, and Jimin knew how his mind worked, he knew it’ll come out at some point.

The growingly tense situation finally blew out when Jimin and Yoongi went to Daegu to visit Yoongi’s parents. Jimin kept feeling so self-conscious from how badly he wanted Yoongi’s parents to like him. It was the first time they’ve seen them since they started their thing and he was going half insane with the amount of responsibility he felt was on his shoulders. Jimin honestly barely noticed that he swatted Yoongi’s hands away whenever they reached out to touch him, stepped away from him when he was close and barely looked at him when he praised him to his parents’ ears.

Yoongi noticed though, every single time it happened. He noticed and it ate him up inside, so much that by the time they had to leave, he told Jimin they need to sit down to have a serious conversation.

Yoongi went through so much with his parents, and he reached the part of his life where he’s sure they’ll accept him no matter what. No matter what side of himself he’ll bring forward, they’ll embrace it.

He wanted them to embrace Jimin.

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Kate's Magical Lust (18+)

(note. Short story for @blueberryballoons contains breast and butt expansion, and suggestive themes)

“Humph.” Kate pouted as she sat down at the edge of her bed. She just came home after a long day of college classes. She stared straight ahead into the mirror in front of her that stood on top of her dresser. She eyed herself up and down, straightening her back and turning her head from side to side. She stood up from the bed and turned around in the mirror, bending over and trying every sexy pose she could think of. No matter what Kate did, she still wasn’t confident enough in her body. She didn’t think she was pretty, flawless, or gorgeous as her friends always told her she was. She sighed and flopped back onto the bed, staring up into the ceiling.

“I just wish my body would change, I’m so sick of the same old me. I want bigger boobs and a bigger ass like all the other girls I know. It’s not fair.” She groaned. Suddenly a low rumbling shook the room slightly, flickering the lights on and off. She looked around the room in fear, she’d never been in an earthquake before. She stood up and was about to run for the open doorframe when suddenly there was a loud crash. The double Windows to the left of her bed sprung open and a small purple glittery from came tumbling in through the air like a badly thrown football. It clattered to the ground and rolled a few times, letting out little polite “Ooh”-s and “Eek”-s as it spun.
“Oh dear, oh my, oh heavens.” The small little woman mumbled to herself as she stood to her feet brushing dust and paint and wood chips off of her glittery purple dress. She was no taller than 3 feet, had a face caked with makeup, silver gray hair pulled up into a bun, and carried a child’s plastic magic wand. Kate stood there leaning against the dresser, her hand over her heart with an expression of shock painted on her face.

“Why hello there darling!” The woman cheerfully chided. “Sorry for such a rude entrance, I’m still getting use to the new wings.” She giggled, pointing to the fluttering neon wings on her back. Kate still stood there frozen in disbelief.

“W-Who…” Kate whispered quietly, slowly recoiling from the shock and stepping closer to the magical woman.

“Now that’s no way to greet your fairy godmother!” The woman said playfully.

“M-My fairy wha?” Kate continued to mumble.

“Come give me a hug, darling!” She said so reassuringly that Kate began to step forward. She crouched down onto one knee as the fairy wrapped her small gloved hands around Kate and gave her a tight hug. “My, my, you feel so thin child. What are these people feeding you? Tsk tsk.” She said disapprovingly.

“So you’re my fairy godmother? Like in the movies?” Kate asked with childlike wonder, staring into the fairy’s eyes.

“Yes, yes! Of course. Every young girl has one. You can call me Bellinda.” She said with a smile on her kind, aged face. “Now, I heard you muttering some nonsense about your frame. I understand it’s causing you some distress. In my opinion you should love yourself no matter how you look, especially a girl as beautiful as you.” Bellinda smiled stroking Kate’s cheek with the back of her palm. Kate smiled back, her cheeks blushing. She stood up from her crouched position. Bellinda followed Kate, her wings flapping effortlessly like those of a hummingbird as she raised two feet in the air to match Kate’s height and just hovered there.

“Now you’re in luck little lady. You see fairies like me that have been around a while have the ability to grant one major wish every month or so. I’m ready, are you?” Bellinda asked.

“Uh, well I-” “Great! Now take that hoodie off, we wouldn’t want to damage it. All you’ll need is a plain white t-shirt and some bottoms you don’t care very much for.” Bellinda said sternly as she began to wave some kind of magic over the end of the wand. Kate stood there for a minute confused before she turned around and walked to her closet and changed.

Two minutes later Kate emerged in a baggy white t-shirt and some running shorts. She stood there in a cute, awkward way with her hands in her pockets waiting for Bellinda’s approval. The Fairy turned her head, “Oh! Perfect! Now come here dear.” Kate walked over to Bellinda. “Stand here in the middle of the room” She said “Yes, perfect.”

Bellinda began to wave her wand in the air, magic glitter and sparkles appearing around the end of the wand as she muttered some nonsense spell.

“Bippity…Boppity….BOOP!!” She yelled as a pink laser blast shot out of the end of the wand, sending Bellinda across the room. The beam shot directly into Kate’s belly before disappearing and encasing Kate in a pink aura that made her feel funny for a moment, like her whole body had fallen asleep, and then the aura faded. Kate stood there in the moonlight, the room filled with silence, looking down at her body for any noticeable changes.

“Nothing happ-” Kate stopped herself. A small muffled sound could be heard, like an inflated balloon slowly letting out air. She looked down as she felt a pressure around her chest. She looked down the collar of her loose shirt and saw her bra slowly begin to push out and rise, obscuring the view of her flat stomach.

“Oh my god.” Kate whispered. She gently placed her hands onto her tits, feeling them press out into her hand. They were filling with air like balloons! She was completely fascinated, feeling her boobs grow bigger, rounder, and perkier. And it was soon visible as her breasts surpassed a B cup, pressing out against the white fabric. She was amazed, watching her once small boobs grow bigger and bigger before her eyes and they showed no sign of stopping. A sudden feeling of arousal washed over her.

That feeling was quickly overridden by a new sensation. She felt the same pressure as before only around her backside. She tried to look over her shoulder left and right but couldn’t. She jogged over to the standing mirror, her new still-growing tits bouncing with each step. She turned to the side and arched her right leg. What she saw she couldn’t believe. Her once loose running shorts seemed to be shrinking in size. The loose cuffs began to ride up her thighs as they thickened and plumped up along with her butt. Her ass began to grow fatter and fatter, filling out the backside of the shorts. She spun around, seeing her perky bubble butt continue to grow along with her new thunder thighs. She was being flooded with this feeling of arousal. She’d never been turned on by her own body, and now she finally could.

Her ballooning tits had stretched and lifted the white t-shirt to the point that it looked like a white crop top displaying her entire stomach. Her shorts were now practically panties, completely wedged between her ass cheeks. The erotic feeling was intense. She had been completely bomb shelled and bimbo-ified. The waves of pleasure ran over her again, as she moaned and quivered. She had to act on this urge immediately. She closed her eyes and absent-mindedly crawled into bed entirely powered by pleasure. Under the covers she began to rip off her ruined clothing and appreciate her new ass.

“I’ll leave you alone for this part dear.” Chuckled Bellinda as she fluttered out the window, it closing behind her leaving a trail of purple glitter tinkling to the ground.

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BTS on Your Birthday

Request: hey it’s my birthday and I was wondering if you could do a reaction of what bts would do on ur bday? (:

A/N: happy birthday sweetheart ❤️


You and Namjoon had gone to the movie theaters to see a new film - which admittedly sucked - on your birthday, and you two were giggling and chatting on the way home, until you stepped on your doorstep and reached to grab your keys, when he stopped you. “Wait.. Did you hear that?” he asked, resting his ear against the door. Your eyes widened and you shook your head, confusion written all over your face and he took the keys from you, telling you to step back. “Stay here y/n, and whatever you hear, don’t open the door.” You were beyond confused and afraid as he slipped through into the unlit room and shut the door tightly behind him, leaving you alone and in complete silence outside. You could make out the shuffling of footsteps and hushed whispers as you strained your ears, but everything went completely silent, so you opened the door and slipped inside. As soon as you shut the door behind you, two arms wrapped around your waist and you let out a short scream before the lights flickered on. There stood Taehyung, Yoongi, Jungkook, Jimin, Hoseok, and Jin all in front of you with a large birthday cake set out on the table and there were balloons and decorations set everywhere in your livingroom, along with multiple birthday presents scattered on the floor at their feet.


You: *slaps Namjoon’s arm* “You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

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Smut between the reader(or any og character you choose 😊) and Spencer Reid? Any setting or prompt will do!! Thanks 😘

I’m feeling some smut this weekend.  I can do this, and I hope you enjoy it.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

It had been a long day.  An absolutely exhausting 12-hour day.  You knew you were in for long days and short nights when you opened your boutique, but you had never planned for things like vandalism.

So, when you had gotten a call at 3 AM from the police with Spencer laying right beside you, you knew that it was the store.

It had to be the store.

“How bad is it?” Spencer asked as he slid a glass of wine your way on the counter.

“Well, the good news is I could afford some serious insurance on the place,” you sighed.  You took the glass as Spencer eyed you up and down.  He always did when you didn’t feel like talking.

“It’ll take everything to rebuild and replace, won’t it?” he asks.

“I honestly don’t know if I will,” you sigh into your glass.


Spencer knew your sighs.

He knew their different tones and connotations.  He knew their places and wants.  He knew their goods and bads.

He was very familiar with your sighs.

“Why wouldn’t you rebuild?” Spencer asked.

“Because,” you sighed.

He could see how tired you were.  How your words blurred together with air as your half-lidded eyes lobbed closed in the middle of drinking your wine.  He saw how sad you were behind the Y/C/E irises of your eyes.  He saw your defeat in the slumped posture of your shoulders.

How he wished he could change the connotation of your sighs.

“Talk to me,” he urged as he took your hand and led you to the couch.

“More wine,” you grumble as you drop down onto the couch.

“I know,” Spencer chuckled as he filled your glass up.

“Bless you,” you sighed.

Another sigh.

A relieved sigh.

He smiled as his ability to change the connotation of your sigh.

“What happened?” he asked as he sat down close to you.

His body heat was comforting as you leaned into him.

“The glass is broken.  Items have been stolen.  Looks like they took a baseball bat to some of my displays.  Register was cracked open.  They tried starting a fire in the back…”

“Jesus,” Spencer muttered into his wine glass.

“Yeah,” you sighed before taking another drink.

Uh uh.

No no no.

Not that connotation.

Not if he could help it.

“Come here,” he said as he took your wine glass.

“Nooooo,” you whined lightly.  “I like my juice.”

“Turn around,” he motioned with his hand.

You sighed in frustration as Spencer furrowed his brow, but quickly sighed in relief when he began massaging your shoulders.

“Oh, yeeeees,” you groaned, much to Spencer’s enjoyment.

He massaged your shoulders with his thumbs and prickled at the skin on your neck.  His hands glided down your back, maneuvering one vertebrae at a time as he slowly worked his hands around your sides and splayed them out over your ribcage.  He found his thumbs in the small of your back, pressing down deep as you groaned lowly in your throat.

And then, he leaned in to kiss your neck signaling that he was done.

And you sighed.

But, not just any sigh.

And he really recognized this sigh.

“Spencer,” you breathed as you leaned your head back.

And he didn’t have to be told twice.

He wrapped his head around you and locked his lips with yours, and as you laid yourself into his lap, he cradled your head like a precious gem as his other arm snaked around your waist and held your upper body close to his.  He felt your tongue press through his lips, desperately searching for his as he moaned into your mouth.

He wanted to feel all of you.

He wanted to make you feel better.

He wanted to make you sigh.

You laid in his lap as his hand slowly traveled down your front.  His hand slowly slid over your breasts before descending to your stomach, and as his hand inched up your shirt, your skin prickled underneath his touch as your arms tightened around his neck.

“Mmmmmm,” you hummed into his lips, and it made Spencer smile internally with joy at the sounds he could elicit simply with his fingertips.

Up and up and up he traveled, and when he slipped underneath your bra, his dexterous fingertips began pinching and tweaking your pert nipples.

You gyrated in his lap as your sighs ballooned off of his lips, and he let you loose as he began peppering your neck with kisses.

“Spencer,” you sighed.

“Oh, yes,” you sighed again.

He loved your quiet noises.  The ones at the beginning of the throes of passion when it was still just a secret between the two of you before you decided to clue the neighbors in.

He loved that secret time.

His hand began to travel downwards…down towards your belly button to the hem of your pants, and as he slips his soft skin underneath the fabric of your pants and finds his way underneath the skimpy fabric of your underwear, you begin to roll your hips into his hands as he bites down lightly on your breast.

“Oh, god,” you groan as his fingers lightly part your petals.

Round and round his fingers went, slowly and tortuously.  He nibbled and he sucked and he peppered your breasts with marks as you dug your heel into the cushion of the couch.  You wanted him to go faster.  You wanted him to go harder.

But he kept soft, and quiet…like a secret he didn’t want the neighbors to know just yet.

“Spencer, please,” you sighed, begging for your release as he smiled against your skin.

He loved hearing you beg.

“Please,” you choked out as your leg began to tremble.

“Have mercy,” you sighed.

And that was his cue.

Sitting you up and he removed your hand, he began unbuckling his belt as you slipped out of your pajama pants.  But, when he looked over at you, you weren’t laying down, but standing up.

You straddled his knees as he shifted his pants down to his thighs, and you watched his erection bounce proudly as he stared up at you.

Silently, you placed both of your knees on either side of his hips, and his body trembled in anticipation as he lined himself up with your entrance.  Slowly, and tortuously, you slid yourself down onto him.

And ever so slowly, you heard his sigh.

His wonderful, relieving sigh.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as you began to roll your hips into his, and you laid your foreheads together as your silent sighs and light groans intermingled in the same air you both breathed.  His hazel eyes stayed locked onto you and your eyes stayed locked onto those beautiful plump lips, and when he realized you were staring, he locked you into a furious kiss.

A kiss that always did away with the sighs.

Spencer grabbed your hips as he held you tight, and he girded his loins as he began thrusting into you.  His balls bounced against the couch and his legs gyrated with every pump, and your breasts bounced in his face as your sighs gave way to moans, and your moans gave way to cries.

“Spencer!” you choked out as the couch rattled on the floor.

“God, Y/N,” Spencer grunted.

Skin hitting skin.  Breath stealing breath.

Lips locking lips.  And bodies riding bodies.

You buried your face into Spencer’s neck as you felt the burning in your pelvis begin.  Spencer could feel it with the flutter of your walls, and he bit into your shoulder as you whimpered and moaned into his skin.

“Yes.  Please.  God, please,” you begged.

And then, he gave you one last thrust upward, throwing you over the precipice as your body shook and pulsated in his lap.  You could feel his dick give way, twitching inside of you as he filled your cavern with his essence, and when he was done you could already feel it leaking back down his shaft.

But he didn’t care.

Because when your body finally gave out, folding into his as he cloaked his arms around your back, both of your bodies heaving for air, he did the one thing  he had wanted to do since that very first frustrated slam of the door when you finally came home that afternoon.

He changed the connotation of you sigh.

And oh, how it was music to your ears.

“Whatever you want to do, I’ll support you,” Spencer murmured lightly into your ear.

“I love you,” you sighed into his neck.

And he smiled with delight as he ran his fingers through your hair.

an act of fearful symmetry // for @kateyes224, who wanted to know what Mulder did for Scully’s birthday to earn that smile in “The List.” // msr // fluff

“We’re going for a drive,” he said.
“To where?” she asked.
“To the end of the world.”

“I didn’t forget your birthday this year, did I Scully?”

Truth is she wanted him to. Truth is it was her first birthday since her father died and all she wanted was to forget, to spend a nice quiet evening at home and maybe talk to her mother and maybe call her sister so the Scullys can all pretend it’s not their first real family event without him.

She had planned it that way. When he asked if she had plans she vaguely mentioned getting dinner with Maggie. What she didn’t tell him was dinner was Chinese takeout on her couch while making a long-distance call to her mother and putting the phone on speaker.

And he nodded, and she thought that was the end of it.

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Make You Feel My Love

lin manuel miranda x reader 

prompt: you’re the new pianist in the orchestra for hamilton. one day lin hears music long after people have left the theatre and decides to investigate.

a/n: this is physically the most sappy thing i have ever written in my entire life (the song in this fic is make you feel my love by adele but for some reason i kept imagining it when lea michelle sang it on glee whoops)


You have always been the quiet type.

You loved engaging in conversations with people and adored being social, but for some reason, in every unfamiliar or new situation that appeared in your life, you turned into an introverted person, unable to maintain eye contact well with another person.

Especially if that person is Lin Manuel Miranda. 

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All Started With a Song Part 12 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1982

Summary- Conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) IT’S HERE! bet ya weren’t ready for that plot twist ;)


The night ended with all six of you heading back to the hotel. It wasn’t until about 2 am that the guys left.

“Wait!” you protested as they stood up. “We all need to switch numbers so we can have group chat after we leave!”

“Ok,” Justin laughed as he grabbed your phone.

“Gimme,” you motioned for Tyler to give you his phone.

After everyone had each other’s number, the boys left.

“Alright, I’m going to bed.” you said as you plopped onto the bed.

“Same,” Alice yawned.

“I’m gonna go call Sean,” Olivia grabbed her phone and headed to the balcony.


You three didn’t wake up until about 11 am. And none of you rushed to get ready.

“Hey, I’m gonna call Anth and see what the plan is,” you said as you walked out to the balcony, leaving the other girls to continue getting ready.

After a few rings, Anth picked up. “Hey, Y/n.”

“Hi. What’s up?” you ask, looking at the city below.

“Nothing, just chilling at home.” He sounded hesitant, but you brushed it off. It was probably nothing.

“Do you still want to go to the Santa Monica Pier?”

“Listen, Y/n…” he trailed off.

You laughed, “You can say no.”

“It’s not that…” he said and you began to worry.

“What’s wrong?”

“Y/n, Conor left.”

“What do you mean he left?” your voice cracked.

“He went back to London last night. He was really upset,” Anth was biting his slip almost to the point of drawing blood. He didn’t want either of his friends to be sad. He just wanted them both to realize that they were in love.

“About what?!?!” you yelled, tears threatening to fall. “What could he possibly be upset about?”

“He saw that you were hanging out with another guy,” Anth explained.

“Oh. My. God.” You sighed. “He’s so fucking childish! Maybe if he actually talked to me then he would know he was just a friend.”

“Y/n, just please try to fix this. You guys are perfect for each other.”

“Obviously we’re not Anth!” you began crying. “He plays me like a fucking game. He treats me like crap and then gets mad when I’m not interested anymore!”

“He likes you a lot,” Anth tried to level with you.

“He has a real shit way of showing it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” you yawned. “Sorry for flipping out on you; you didn’t deserve that.”

“It’s okay,” he chuckled. “You still want to go to Santa Monica Pier?”

“Sure,” you smiled even though he couldn’t see it. “Meet us there in an hour.”


You tried. You tired really hard. But you just couldn’t. Every time you weren’t talking, your mind would flood with him. Whether it be his smile, his hair, his voice or anything else. It was him. Always had been and always will be.

You walked down the pier trying to stay tuned in to the conversation, but you just couldn’t. You wanted to see him, feel him, and be with him. And you couldn’t. And that killed you.

You needed him.

“Y/n? You aright, love?” Alice asked, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“Yeah, just a lil homesick,” you plastered on a fake smile.

“C’mon babes,” Olivia smiled. “We’ll be home soon enough.”

So a few more hours were spent at the pier and then you four went out to lunch.

After lunch, you guys arrived at Anth’s apartment at around 2 o’clock.

“So, you girls are leaving tomorrow…” Anth said as you three entered his apartment.

“Yeah, our flights at noon.” Alice frowned.

“I don’t wanna leave,” Olivia pouted.

“Same, but I couldn’t stay here forever.” You said, sitting on the floor.

“I could, 100%. This place is like paradise,” Alice laughed.

“Have you ever considered moving to London?” Olivia asked Anth.

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “I have actually. But I’m super close with my family and I couldn’t do that to them. Tours are hard enough as it is.”

“That’s understandable,” you give him a small smile.

“So what do you ladies want to do on your last night in LA?”

“Hmmm, movie night?” Alice suggested.

“Yes! Let’s have a Harry Potter marathon!” Olivia squealed.

“Do you have the Harry Potter movies?” you asked.

Anth gasped and put a hand over his heart, “I am truly offended that you even had to ask.”

Anth put in the first of eight and you four spent the rest of the evening making jokes and reciting entire scenes.


As the fourth movie came to a close, you looked at the time.

“Bloody hell, its two in the morning!” you laughed.

“We better get back and pack,” Alice said.

“Since when are you the responsible type?” Liv giggled, earning a glare from the brunette.

“Do you guys need a ride to the airport?” Anth asked.

“Thanks, but we’d hate for you to go out of or way.” You said.

He laughed, “It’s no big deal, I promise.”

“Wanna help us pack too?” Alice said sarcastically.

“No, but I can keep you company if you like.”

“Sure!” Olivia said. “Let’s use the little time we have left to our advantage.”

“We’re not dying, Liv.” You laughed.


“Who knew packing could be so fun?” you laughed as you shoved a pair of shorts into your suitcase.

Anth had decided to show you girls his playlist; which was lit as hell. You all began singing while he watched you three back your bags.

Anth paused the music, “Its 10:30, you girls should probably be at the airport by now.”

“Just a few more things!” Olivia said, cramming a few more souvenirs into her bag.

“Here,” Alice laughed, grabbing one of the bags. “I can put it in my bag.”

“Thanks,” she sighed.

“C’mon, you’re gonna be lateeeeeeeee.” Anth whined, already halfway out the door.


The ride to the airport was also filled with many good songs. Once you got the airport, the goodbye to Anth was sadder than you expected.

“Thank you,” you cried into Anth’s shoulder. “For trying to help us.”

“Of course,” he hugged you tighter.

After you finally let go of your American friend, you three silently walked to your gate. None of you wanted to leave, but you all three wanted nothing more to be home. The flight back home was filled with sleeping. Alice and Olivia slept the entire way, except for small bathroom breaks. But you, you only slept for a little bit. After a tiny power nap, your mind was racing. You thought of all the things you could do when you got off the plane. But only one stuck out.

You had to see Conor.


“Do you guys want to go to my place, and just chill before we get back into our daily routine?” Alice asked as you three waited for your Uber.

“I’m down as long as you have wine and pizza,” Olivia smiled.

“Sure, but I have to go somewhere before that.”


You rolled your eyes sarcastically, “I wonder…”

“Do you want us to go with you?” Olivia gave you a heartfelt smile.

“No, this is something I need to do on my own,” you said. “But thank you.”

“Anytime,” she winked.

The Uber ride to Alice’s was normal. You girls quietly chatted until the car had arrived at her place.

“Alright, I’ll be back soon.” you said to the girls and gave the Uber address Conor’s address. The nerves started to rise in your stomach as you grew closer to the apartment. You had no idea what was to come.


You walked up the stairs to his floor and slowly walked to his door. You knocked, and stepped back, heart beating faster than usual.

The door opened and Jack Maynard stood there, a smile quickly approaching his lips.

“So you’re the girl my brother went to America for,” he chuckled, leaving against the door frame.

“Yeah, uh is he here?”

“Yep,” he said, opening the door and motioning for you to come in.

“Conor!” he shouted. “Someone’s here for you!”

You followed him into the living room where Josh was sat on the couch, controller in hand.

“Who’s this?”


“Oh. My. God. You’re her?”

“Yeah…” you said slowly, who else knows about you two?

Everyone. Literally everyone, you dumbass.

“Who could possibly be here to see me?” Conor laughed from the hallway.

You and Jack turned around, watching his expression change.

It went from comical, to confusion, to sadness but then settled on anger.

“What do you want?” he said coldly.

You were slightly taken aback, “I want to talk.”

“Why?” he crossed his arm.

“I think you know why,” you looked at him, your heart breaking into a million pieces.

“Fine,” he said and led you to the balcony.

“What do you have to say?” he scolded.

“Okay. First of all, you can lose the attitude. And second of all, I want you to explain.”

“Explain what?” he asked.

“I just want to hear your side of the story.”

“I don’t have one,” he said simply.

“So you can’t tell me why you did what you did? Why you flew all the way to bloody America for me, but then left before actually apologizing?”

“No,” he sighed. “I was just confused. I was jealous, but then I relished that I fucked up. But then I saw you with the other dude. And I just got so angry.”

“What other dude? Clayton?” you asked.

“I don’t know how he is. He was on your Instagram, and he was obviously into you. I just felt unwanted.”

“Really?!?! YOU felt unwanted? Are you fucking kidding me???” you yelled at him. “You treated me like actual shit but got pissed off when I wasn’t still hung up on you! You’re literally the epitome of a fuckboy, yet I can’t help being in love with you! You piss me off more than anything in the world yet you were the first person that I wanted to see when I landed! So don’t you dare say that you felt unwanted?”

“You gave me mixed signals! You would seem interested but when you had picture of you kissing a guy! How was I supposed to know if you were interested or not!!”

“What picture of me kissing someone?”

“The one with the balloon where you’re on his back!”

“Oh my god,” you laughed, yet you were far from showing humor. “That’s my fucking brother, which you would know if you bothered to get to know me!”

He stepped towards you, “I tried! You were the one who got short with me!” he poked you in the chest.

Jack opened the door to the balcony, “Mate, back up.”

“Stay out of this Jack!” he yelled, yet his eyes stayed looked with yours. “You said something. Say it again.” His features softened.

“Which part?” you asked.

“The part where you say you love me,” he said, turning his pointed finger into a flat palm, he wanted to feel your heartbeat.

“I am so incredibly in love with you Conor Maynard.”

“I’m in love with you too, Y/n.” he smiled. “Can I kiss you?”

You giggled, “Of course.”


After you two awkwardly went back into his flat and awkwardly said goodbye to Josh and Jack, you headed over to Alice’s.

You were all lounged around her living room, a pointless show playing in the background.

Conor was deep into an awkward fan story when there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it,” Olivia said.

“No! Alice should,” you smiled.

“Wow thanks.” She rolled her eyes but got up nonetheless.

Get up you mouthed at Liv who gave you a questioning look. You two and Conor followed the brunette to the door.

She opened the door and froze. Liv did the same, yet you were smiling ear to ear.


Our One Year-Jack Maynard Imagine

Word Count: 1,507

Request: jack imagine where he does something really cute for your one year anniversary?? if not that’s okay! love you and your imagines :)

Author’s Note: I loved writing this one. Especially because Jack is my fave and it’s super cute.


It had been one year. One year since you started dating your boyfriend Jack. Not only were you boyfriend and girlfriend, you were each other’s best friends. Out of all the guys you’ve dated, no one compared to him. He made you feel like a princess. You were his princess. He treated you like no other man had.

You awoke early to make you and Jack a special breakfast. It was a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining without a cloud in sight. You sat on the edge of your side of the bed, glancing back at your sleepy boy. He looked so cuddly. With his curled, blonde bedhead and his face nuzzled in his pillow. You took your hand and played with a little curl in front of his face. Then swept it back in place.You stood up to stretch. Slowly walking to the kitchen wearing one of Jack’s shirts.

You were busy making breakfast, when you heard Jack emerge from your room. “Good Morning J” you said sweetly. He walked over to you, placing a soft kiss on your cheek. Making you twitch and tense your shoulders up a bit in response.

“Good morning princess. Happy 1 year anniversary.” he smiled. “Oooh what do we have here?” Holding you with his arms around your waist.

“Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.”

“Oh my goodness! Look at you go! How did I get so lucky?” He spun you around to face him, giving you a kiss. Then resting his forehead against yours.

“I have something to tell you, but I don’t know if you’re going to like it.” he said abruptly.

“What is it?.” you asked with a puzzled expression.

Jack had his head down, bringing his arm up over his shoulder into a stretch. “Umm…I uh have to have some phone meetings today. And I’m not sure when I’ll be done. It probably won’t be until later this evening.” He had a nervous expression on his face, waiting for your reaction.

You crossed your arms, staring at him in disbelief. “Are you actually serious? On our first anniversary? We’re not going to get to spend any time together.” you pouted.

Jack reached out and grabbed your hands, “I know princess. I’m so sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. I tried to reschedule. No such luck.”

You knew if he could, Jack would do anything to be able to spend the day with you. That didn’t mean you were any less disappointed. He took his hand, lifting your chin to meet his ice blue eyes. “Hey I have an idea. How about you take my card and go to Piccadilly for a little shop. Then later when you come back, we can spend the whole night together. And we can watch whatever movie you want.” he suggested.

It wasn’t at all what you had in mind for your one year, but something was better than nothing. Right? You pouted then glanced back up at Jack. “Fine.” you huffed.

“That’s my girl.” he smiled, bringing you in for a hug. “Now go get ready! I have a special ride coming to take you out for the day.” You shot him a look of confusion as you walked back to your room to change.

After you got dressed and put on some makeup, you took a seat on the sofa. Wondering what Jack could possibly have in store for you.

*The intercom buzzed*

“Babe I’m on the phone, but go downstairs I think your ride is here. Have fun! I love you!” he called.

“Ok! Love you too!” calling back to him. You made your way down the stairs of your flat and stepped out to the curb. That’s when you saw a black Mercedes pull up in front of you. You instantly knew whose car it was.

*Beep Beep!* the horn sounded. The window rolled down to reveal the driver wearing a chauffeur hat. Of course it was Conor. “Hey did someone order a car?” he asked with a cheesy grin as he laughed to himself. You adored Conor. He was a big goof, but that’s what you loved about him. You also appreciated his humor, especially considering how your day was going.

“Was this your idea or Jack’s?” you giggled as you got in the car.

He looked back at me from the driver’s seat, “Both of ours. But the hat was my idea.”

“Of course it was.” shaking your head.

“What (Y/N)? You don’t like it? I think I look sexy, it suits me you know?”

“Oh for sure! Next time we go out, you should definitely wear that!” you said sarcastically.

He made a funny face in attempt to make me smile. But I just looked down at my feet, fidgeting with my fingers. He noticed I wasn’t in the best mood. “Look (Y/N) I know today isn’t exactly what you hoped for, but I promise it’ll be alright. You’ll still get to celebrate your anniversary and spend time with Jack. It may not be ideal, let’s just try to make the best of it. We can still have a good day!”

You realized Conor was right. Jack couldn’t help that he had to work. You could be flexible today. Plus, now you could spend the day with both of your favorite boys.

Conor took you all around London. He was an absolute trooper. You went shopping, dragging him around from shop to shop. He helped you carry your bags. You also had a lovely lunch and got to catch up, hearing all about his recent weekend gig. As the sun started to set, you realized you actually had a pretty great day. However, you were eager to get home and see Jack.

The car pulled up to your flat, Conor got out and opened the side door for you. You thanked him, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, and a hug. Then waved as he drove off. You were so excited to finally see your boyfriend after being away all day. Finding yourself quickly climbing the stairs, racing to your front door, while trying not fall or drop anything. You turned the key and swung the door open with your hands full.

“Jack? Babe?” you yelled, anticipating a response. Nothing. Where could he be? You set down your bags to go investigate. “Jack this isn’t funny. Where are you?”

Still confused, you stepped down the hallway to your bedroom. When you reached the doorway, you couldn’t believe your eyes. You walked in to see dozens of colorful balloons and fairy lights. Each balloon had pictures of you and Jack tethered to the end of the strings. On your bed were rose petals in the shape of a heart, and a box with a big bow on top. You put your hand over your mouth in surprise. Your eyes welled up with tears. As you stepped back and turned, there in the doorway stood Jack. You ran over to jump in his arms. He found his balance and held you close. You joined in a long, sweet kiss.

As you pulled away, “Do you like it?” he smiled looking into your eyes.

“Like it? I love it J! I can’t believe you did all this.” you delighted as he put you down from his arms.

“I know it’s not the day you imagined because I had to work, but I still wanted it to be special. You’re my everything. You deserve to feel important and loved princess. So here you go.” He handed me the box with the big bow. “Open it!” he insisted.

Inside the box, was a beautiful necklace from Harrods. Nothing too flashy. It was a simple jewel with just enough sparkle. “Oh my gosh, I love it! Thank you love. It’s beautiful.” you gasped, pressing a kiss to his lips.

You spent the rest of the night cuddled up on the sofa, with a glass of rose and watching a movie. It was perfect. You suddenly felt Jack untangle from you and saw him sit up to reach for something. Intrigued, you sat up next to him.

He turned to you and handed you another box. “I actually have one last gift for you.”

As you unwrapped the gift,“Jack! The necklace was lovely and more than enough…” you paused when you saw what was inside. “Seriously? Jack you cheeky boy! Are these a gift for me or for you?” glaring at him, holding up a set of lingerie and giving him a shove.

“I thought they could be for both of us!” he shrugged, laughing uncontrollably.

“You are something else! You know that?”

“I know. That’s why you love me.” tackling you back down to the sofa for a cuddle. He squeezed and wrapped his arms around your body.Then playfully pressed a kiss to your cheek.

“Yeah you’re right.” you smirked, nuzzling into his arm. “I love you Jack.”

“I love you too (Y/N). Happy one year princess.”

A Sweet Proposal

gif is not mine

Title: A Sweet Proposal

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Sam, Dean

Word count: 1,376

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I hope everyone is having a great Sweet Treat Saturday! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!!

This was requested by @riversong-sam: Gabe x Reader maybe where he asks dean and sam for advice on how to propose? love your work btw

You and Gabriel had been together for three years now.  He loved you more than anything in the world.  He loved everything about you.  He wanted nothing more than to make you his forever.  There was one problem; he couldn’t think of a way to properly propose to you.  If there was one thing that stumped the archangel, it was this proposal.

Gabriel walked into the kitchen early that morning, knowing you would still be asleep.  He had long become accustomed to your habits.  He also knew Dean and Sam would be awake and eating breakfast.

“Gabriel,” Sam spoke with a quizzical tone.  “[Y/N] isn’t awake yet, but you should know that.”

“Yeah Gabriel,” Dean chimed in.  “Why are you here so early?  Even Cas isn’t here this early in the day.”

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The Color(s) of Love

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Summary: Steve is a hopeless romantic and apparently Valentine’s Day is his favorite holiday. Steve goes out of his way to make the day special and confetti is involved! 

Warnings: Very smut, smutty smut! Brief mention of orgasm denial, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex, followed by more fluff than even I knew was possible. 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 3098 (WTF)

A/N: Valentine’s Day drabble (or not)This came out fluffier and smuttier AND LONGER than originally intended. It is my first attempt at Steve, so please be kind. 

“Please don’t buy that.”

              Steve Rogers was obsessed with Valentine’s Day. The tiny shopping cart he was pushing through Party City was loaded with pink and red and white streamers, heart shaped confetti, tall jars of pink gumballs and more glitter than any respectable person –much less a six foot two super soldier—should ever buy. Most recently he had encountered a giant Cupid balloon and was working to disentangle it from several smaller heart balloons but was quickly failing and a sudden panic set in as it dawned on you that if he didn’t succeed the two of you would be heading back to the Tower with all of the balloons.

              “Steve,” you said, trying your hardest to keep your tone firm. “We do not need balloons.”

              Steve frowned at you. “Tony said to get decorations, Y/N. Balloons count.”

              You rolled your eyes, making a mental note to wring Tony’s neck when you saw him again. “I’m pretty sure we’ve got enough at this point. I think we had enough about three aisles ago.”

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no strings attached

harry attends a wedding and finds himself spending the party with someone who is off limits

warning: again, there is a bit of smut towards the end.

I swirled the remainder of my drink around in my glass, sighing as I watched everyone else dance and laugh. Not one guy had asked me to dance tonight. Not a single one. And I knew why. I was off limits. A pariah in the eyes of everyone here. I was the groom’s baby sister and even though I was an adult, there was no way any guy in his right mind would come near me. It was a crime against humanity, really, and I would have a talk with my brother very soon about how he thought he could police every boy who so much as breathed near me.

Having enough of sitting by myself, I decided to travel to the balcony I had seen earlier in the day. I snuck off down a different hallway, the silence engulfing me once I left the reception hall. I reached the double doors leading out to the moonlit balcony, but paused as I realized they were already open; there was someone already outside. I squinted at the dark figure who was leaning over the balcony, staring at the stars. Something caught the light on his hands and I saw that both were covered in rings as well as tattoos that peaked out of one of his cufflinks. I bit my lip and as quietly as possible, attempted to back away from the balcony, walking on my toes to keep my heels from clinking against—

“You’re here, you might as well keep me company instead of trying to run away.” He had a British accent. I didn’t know that either my brother or his new wife knew anyone British.

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Birthday surprise // Minghao

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1408

Pairing: Reader x Minghao (The8)

Description: You have had a childhood crush on Minghao, and you spend all day cooking his favourite food on his birthday, but once again he fails to acknowledge your feelings…

Y/N’s POV //
You were in bed watching videos on your phone, and as soon as it hit midnight you immediately text Minghao:
‘Happy Birthday chinguuu~’

You felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside thinking about him, you two had been friends since you were very young, you loved everything about him, his amazing sense of humour, and how he was so cute but elegant all at the same time. You thought about how he had changed so much over the past few years, how he had gone from being a carefree teenager, to extremely sophisticated, helping his father run their family business. All these years you had secretly liked him, but you were too scared to tell him, you felt almost as if he didn’t care…

The next day you got ready super early, and made your way to Minghao’s apartment, and as expected he had already left for work, early. You both had the keys to each other’s apartments, as you both spent a lot of time together, but all your attempts for making Minghao accept your feelings for him had failed, and so today you were going to try yet again.

You wanted to decorate his apartment, and make his favourite meal to surprise him when he came home from work, you imagined how perfect the evening would be, just you and him, and maybe you would gain the courage to blatantly tell him your feelings after him seeing the effort you had put in for him.

After decorating the lounge in various birthday decorations; banners, balloons, and other ceiling hanging decorations, you finally collapsed on his sofa, worn out. After a short break, watching some youtube videos , you set to work making his favourite food, and it took a really long time, you felt yourself aching from standing in the kitchen too long, and the heat certainly wasn’t helping. You eventually set the table, for the two of you, and then went to the local bakery to collect his birthday cake. Once you arrived at his apartment again, you took the cute cake out of the box and set it in the middle of the table, and put his favourite wine on the table also, as well as some cute flowers which you had picked up from the florist on the way.

After everything was done, you stopped and admired all of your hard work, you couldn’t help but smile, you were so excited to see his reaction, he told you that as soon as work had finished up, he would be straight home, you sat on the dining table chair, and looked up at the clock. It was 8pm, and he was going to be here any second now, you felt the adrenaline rush through your body, goose bumps appearing on your skin.

You rushed upstairs to the spare bedroom you always stayed in when you slept over, and put on a velvet blue dress, some heels, and a bit of perfume. After fixing your hair in the mirror, you looked at the small cute necklace around your neck, and held it smiling; it was the one Minghao had given you for your last birthday. You thought about the present you had got him, a new watch, and you wondered if he’d like it, if he would always wear it, and think about you?

Another hour had passed, and you slumped in your chair, your eyes feeling heavy, he shouldn’t be this long you thought. You decided to call him, and after the phone ringing for so long, he didn’t even answer. Maybe he was still driving you thought; you didn’t want to disturb him so you continued to wait, in silence.
You hadn’t realised that you’d fallen asleep waiting, but when you heard the door abruptly open, you quickly picked your head up off the table, and looked at the clock, your eyes still adjusting to the light. It was 10pm, you felt your heart sink a little, but it was better late than never you thought. Maybe he had been to see his family, after all you hadn’t told him that you had made him dinner and was waiting, you wanted it to be a surprise.

You ran out of the dining room, your heels quickly clicking on the shiny white tiles, “Happy b-” you began, but then your heart stopped at what you saw. Minghao, still looking striking in his suit, was stumbling, drunk, giggling, and his hand was around the waist of a girl, her face full of makeup, her lipstick smudged, she too was giggling. You felt your heart break at the sight, your throat went dry, the back of your eyes were stinging so much, and several tears stained your cheeks involuntarily. They both just walked straight past you as if you were a ghost, and as you watched them walk up the stairs together, speechless, you failed to believe that once again Minghao had failed to acknowledge your feelings and your efforts, despite everything you had done for him, all the times you had spent together he just wasn’t interested. You hadn’t felt so hurt before in your life, were you not enough for him?
The next morning you woke to your phone ringing, you opened your eyes groaning in frustration, but when you hastily picked your phone up off your bedside table, you saw that it was Minghao, and you instantly rolled your eyes in frustration, ignoring him, slamming your phone back down, but like the stubborn pabo he was he just kept calling. You left your phone there and decided to have a shower and get dressed, once you had done you put your hair up into a messy bun, and went downstairs to do some studying.
You felt so frustrated and claustrophobic indoors, and so decided to go to the local coffee shop that was around 10 minutes away from your apartment, you needed the fresh air after all. After putting your shoes and coat on, you left, and the cold morning air hit you, finally waking you up properly, and as you were walking, your hands in your pockets, you heard someone call your name, stopping you in your tracks. You hesitantly turned around knowing exactly whose voice that belonged to, it was Minghao.

“y/n!” he shouted running towards you, you hated to admit that he looked so extremely handsome, but you were still so angry and hurt from yesterday, you were really not in the mood for talking to him at the moment. “y/n” he repeated, but you looked at the ground, not replying.
“Erm…I saw everything you did for me, thanks y/n you really didn’t have to, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend time with you yesterday..” he slightly slurred, obviously still not fully recovered from last night, you looked up to meet his eyes, he ran a hand through his soft hair. “Do you want to do something today?” he asked, as though nothing had happened.

“No Minghao, I don’t” you let out, rather bluntly, he furrowed his eyebrows, shocked at your unusual tone of voice. “I just want to be left alone, I’m sick and tired of showering you with my love, but do you not think it hurts when you just walk through me like a ghost? I’m fed up of waiting on you, for expecting things that I’m never going to get, for loving you with all my heart, but getting absolutely nothing back”, your voice was trembling, hands shaking like crazy. His height was towering over you, and just stared wide eyed and shocked. As you slowly turned around to walk away, a huge lump in your throat, you let out a huge sigh of frustration, but you suddenly felt someone grab you by the arm and turn you around.

You were so taken aback, Minghao looked deep into your eyes, his eyes slightly red, “y/n I’ve known you all my life, do you not think I know about your feelings for me? I feel the same way, you’re everything I could wish for, I just never want to hurt you that’s all, you deserve so much more than me” his voice was so placid, and you froze, unable to process what he had just said, “but you said-” he cut you off by crashing his lips into yours, and although you wanted to push him off you, you felt yourself kissing him back…