i wonder how tall she is

vellichormanticore  asked:

How tall is Phil? You said her hair goes to the ground, and I was wondering how long that'd be. Has she ever cut her hair?

she’s definitely like, somewhere around the middle of four feet something. the only characters shorter than her are the Literal Children and even some of them are taller than her.

i definitely haven’t thought about the character significance of her long hair. it’s just cute :0

You know who is really, really great? SHAY.

Like honestly, she’s such a wonderful character and I’m so happy with how she’s portrayed. 

First of all, I love her character design so much. I love that she’s so tall and muscular. And sure, she has those big … earring things, but otherwise she doesn’t have any ridiculous facial features (i.e. huge eyelashes, lipstick, etc.) so that we “””know she’s a girl”””” Yet she is still super adorable!

Not that I don’t like the character designs of other, more “”””feminine-looking””” female aliens on the show (i.e. Allura obviously, and Nyma) but I just really, really like Shay’s design and how unique it is. 

But more than that, I absolutely love her as a character and how other characters treat her.

Tall/muscular female characters are so often made into stupid jokes and shamed by other characters for not being “feminine enough.” I was just bracing myself for someone to make some idiotic comment like “lmao that thing is a girl?!?!” but it never happens

Not only that, but she plays a fairly pivotal role in the story and her character is treated with so much respect. She’s not portrayed as some random extra character, but someone who is really important, really sweet and kind, and incredibly brave.

At one point Hunk is talking about her and calls her “a hero named Shay” and I just really love that––not “an alien” or “some girl” but a hero

And that brings me to the relationship between Hunk and Shay, which is honestly one of my favorite things about the whole show––and something that I feel deserves a lot more recognition. I mean, LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. 

And it doesn’t really matter whether it’s platonic or romantic, because either way it’s just so utterly genuine and important. What matters most is that they teach each other so much about freedom and bravery and fighting against injustice. They bring out the hero in each other. 

But I also like that even the possibility of it being romantic isn’t made out to be something to laugh at. Like yeah, Lance and Pidge both kinda poke fun at Hunk about it, but it’s more of an “ooooh Hunk likes someone!!” kind of way and not “lmao I can’t believe you like her kind of way. (Granted, I don’t think either of them know what she looks like when they make those comments. But as far as I recall they don’t tease him after they meet Shay, either.)

TL;DR - Shay is amazing and important, and I love how respectfully she’s portrayed. Bless her and bless this show. 

I decided I fully ship Newtina

They are the perfect ship. Here’s why!

-Both fully developed characters

-It’s shaping up to be a slow burn. They *didn’t* kiss at the end! Love it.

-They look good together. Like a very attractive and cute couple. And they are both tall and gangly. 

-They start out enemies (much like another wonderful ship, R/H)

-”I’ll catch you!” Swoon! I loved watching Newt going into sexy-badass-hero mode over TIna. How great was that? 

-Running while holding hands!  

-I liked how forward Tina was with her affections at the end. “Does Leta Lestrange like to read?” She just goes straight there. No balking. Great!

-They have complementary skill sets. Newt is a scientist and thinks outside the box. Tina has hunches, Auror instincts, and connections. She’s bossy, forward, and determined. She gets shit done. (Well, so does Newt in his own, more quiet way). Yet they are both very nurturing people. (Givers??)

-It’s so fun to see Newt struggled between his torch-for-Leta and new interest in Tina. Most exemplified during the final scene at the dock. 

-That hair-stroke in lieu of a kiss. Swoon!

Ok, I’ve embarrassed myself enough. 

America’s Parents as High School Relationships.

John Adams & Abigail Adams: Power couple. Everyone wonders how she can stand him. But she sees the light.

George Washington & Martha Washington: Those two who have been together for forever and you’re like how

Thomas Jefferson & Martha Jefferson: The relationship every one wishes they had. Feed each other strawberries by hand and giggle romantically in the corner and sing duets.

Benjamin Franklin & Deborah Franklin: “You’re the only girl I talk to, babe.”

Alexander Hamilton & Elizabeth Hamilton: Everybody wanted him until he chose her and then hurt her.

James Monroe & Elizabeth Monroe: Classic tale of the really cool cheerleader and the tall, sweet jock. 

Oh boy Pearl got terrified for a second here.

What has she seen YD do?

Also wow, kind of a skimpy outfit isn’t it? 



I don’t know how I feel about her head, it seems… disproportionate?

Also I love that her sit is actually kind of a bed, I guess work must be stressful to her. She seems like the bureaucratic kind of villain which I love to see.

Thing is YD, she’s gotten a taste alreadt of what people treating her nicely is.

You’ve already lost, fucker.

Whoa her sclera went yellow for a moment, wonder if it’s just an animation error.

Also seriously, her voice is wonderful. Probably one of the best in the entire show.


Paul x Reader

I loved writing this! Thank you for requesting<3 I think Paul would be someone that doesn’t believe in ‘imperfections’, he believed everyone was uniquely perfect. Whenever he found out that someone was self-conscious he’d feel so upset for them and he’d want to shake them until they realised how wrong they were. So if any of you guys are struggling with body image and all that, then just remember Paul would love what you deemed as ‘imperfections’ <3

Request:Hi I was wondering if you can make an imagine with Paul about the reader being chubby and tall but she’s really insecure about it so he cheers her up. Please!! Also I love your blog 😍😍😍💓💓

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IMISSEDYOU…omg she is gong to look so buff, tall and human like, cause you know..skill improvement..

ok..that was joke…
I think…

IF you’re wondering about the hyenas and the interrogation…I forgot to write in the top corner of page 13.12 “Next  morning” you will gt a few details on how it went, but this is a Wildehopps and MidLux(WildeNight) comic…So I focus on that..art-wise - but no information will be left out….and my god people; READ THE DESCRIPTION - it usually contains some neat information!

I am surprised you’ve forgotten about my scarred Tiger from the hospital chapter! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ABOUT SILVER TOO? The lion with the mane???????


I realize that the story might seem to go slow, and that there has been a lot of attention around Maxton, but that’s mainly because this takes ahellufalong time to make..and this is gonna be one hellaufalong comic. Maxton does indeed play a huge part in this comic, but there will be lots of Wildehopps yet to come

(Ive had a rather mean complaint you see..and my defense collar activated - so hope you guys can understand)

Teehee ^^

Love you            

Stray notes/ observations from the latest Steven Bomb.

Connie trying to tell Steven something on the phone before he leaves.

Gem culture and society is so interesting. Holly reminded me of a rich person who volunteers at a museum as a social status thing.

Zoomans are all gorgeous! But what even becomes attractive to you when everyone around you is beautiful? Someone different looking! Someone average! (Plus Greg is a good guy and a breath of fresh air.)

If zoomans don’t know sadness, I wonder how the zoo handles death. The zoo in general is fascinating. The probably rose quartz constructed artificial geometric foliage, the little voice. The conflict between being free but suffering pain, or living painlessly and ignorantly in captivity.

Will getting rid of the choosening ruin the utopia? Knowing this show maybe not.

The way Tom Scharpling says ‘these utopias always have a catch,’ just KILLS me.

Famithyst! So much character development and backstory has gone into Amethyst that we get so much payoff from this. She was worried she’s not like them because they’re so tall and strong, but they’re all just like her! Her humor… even her moodiness! There’s other ‘deformed’ gems too! Plus she’s not alone for being made on Earth!

The song isn’t “what’s the use of feeling blue?” It’s “what’s the use of feeling, Blue?” Yellow thinks if she just destroys all memories of Pink she won’t have to process her grief.
Love Patti Lupone with all my heart. I can’t believe the layers of emotion she put in that performance.

I’m trying to figure out the timeline in my head. Were rose quartzes the old zookeepers? Did Rose fall in love with earth… before she even visited the real earth? Did she fall in love with humanity … because of the zoomans? Is this why…she likes Greg? Greg had a lot in common with them.

edit: I find the Rose falling in love with Earth because of the zoo thing so fascinating because it’s like falling in love with a foreign country because of a movie that takes place there. She’s like an earth weeaboo
You’re fine the way you are. (Draco Malfoy x Reader.)

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This was requested by; bitchy-student
A/N: I sincerely thought this was a brilliant story line,
and I really had a wonderful time writing it!
Kudos, I hope you enjoy!

(Y/n) was sitting in the great hall, alone,
a warm tea sitting in front of herself as she read a book.
The hall was half empty during this time,
and that’s what the young girl enjoyed most.
The quiet part of her day.

Draco leaned onto the tall doors of the great hall,
both hand’s hidden within his pockets,
his eye’s only on one thing,
(Y/n), (Y/l/n).
The only girl, that could outshine the universe, and all of it’s stars.
He saw how sweet her small frame looked there,
shoulder’s loose, and un-caring.
Her green cloak half way off her shoulder.
In his mind he took a picture,
and stowed it away somewhere he’d never lose it.

He remembered when he first saw her,
and how beautiful she looked in green.
As much as he wanted to talk to her,
he couldn’t.
Because in reality,
she was the only girl who drove him off his wit’s.
And just to put it simply,
his mind drew blank’s whenever he saw those twinkling (e/c) eye’s.

In the end,
when he got enough courage from his two mates;
Crabbe and Goyle,
he made a dove out of paper,
and sent it to her.
That was how their whole friendship began.

Now here they were.
As lovers.
He wouldn’t have it any other way.
And as he stood there, alone in his thoughts,
he found himself gazing at those same glorious (e/c) eyes
he’d been thinking about all morning.

She was smiling warmly at him,
so he waved, and she waved back.
Within a couple of minutes,
she had all of her thing’s gathered.
Draco offered her some assistance,
which she kindly declined.
But knowing him, he insisted,
so she handed him her bag in the end,
and placed her small hand in his,
entwining their fingers.

“You looked busy over there.”
Draco said, as he glanced at (Y/n).
Who smiled and gave a small nod,

“Just catching up on some things.”
He nodded along, as they continued to walk.

“Where are we going?”
She asked, leaning into his side with a small hum.

“Not classes.”
He said with a slight tone of cockiness,
the usual smirk graced on his features.

But, (Y/n) halted and released Draco’s hand,
a weird feeling bubbling in the pit of her stomach.

His facial expression changed into that of confusion and worry, 
as he halted in front of her.
“What’s wrong?”

She pulled her shoulder’s up to meet her neck,
as she held her gaze to the floor,
an expression that was unreadable graced her features.
“Can we talk somewhere… Private?”

Draco was up to his head in worry,
was she going to finally leave him?
After everything they’ve been through,
was she going to finally end it?

“Yes, of course.”
Draco took the lead,
and decided that the black lake was most suitable.
So that’s where they went.

(Y/n) was quiet the entire way there,
sometimes releasing a casual sigh,
or kicking the dirt beneath her feet.
But that was it.

Eventually they came to a clearing,
and sat on the grass beneath themselves.
Draco glanced at (Y/n),
who was only gazing at the water.
“Draco, I have to tell you something.”

The sound of her voice soothed him,
so he let her carry on.
“Yes, of course, you can tell me anything.”

She nodded,
and took in a steady breath.
“Draco, I, I’m not into that stuff.”

She shot a stern gaze at him,
her (e/c) eye’s were like ice.
But they held something true.
“I don’t feel the need to give my body to you, in order for you to stay,
I won’t complete your sexual desires, Draco.
I’m not like that, and if you don’t want to be with me because of it,
than… than you can just leave, right now.”

Draco only held the gaze,
his expression unreadable, just like hers.
Yet his feeling’s remained.

“I’m not going anywhere.”
A warm smile grew on his face,
as he leaned in close to her.
“If that’s how you feel, and if this is what your thoughts are,
so be it, you’re fine the way you are, and I’ll accept that.”

His hand’s held her cheek’s,
as he let his forehead rest on hers.
“I want forever with you.”
She leaned up and gave him a sweet kiss,
letting her hands lace around his neck in a soft embrace.
He kissed her back and then gently pulled away,
letting his arms fall to her waist loosely.

“I love you.”
She whispered, rubbing his neck.
The biggest smiled grew on his face as he gazed down at his precious gem,
“I love you too.”

The mind of a Swiftie

“Taylor Swift”

“I need to check tumblr”

“Why is Taylor never on tumblr when I am on tumblr?”

“Why isn’t the radio playing Taylor Swift?”

“Which Taylor Swift shirt should I wear?”

“I can’t wait another two years to see Taylor again”

“Is there even a ten minute version of All Too Well or was that all a lie?”

“I just need to hug Taylor right now”

“How does Taylor have time to sleep?”

“Why does Taylor wear heels when she is already tall?”

“How does she walk in those heels”

“Can I work for Taylor Nation?”

“I wonder what Taylor is doing right now”

“Taylor’s squad is flawless”

“How do people get so many notes on their posts?”

“Why do people hate Taylor Swift?”

Tall,blonde and supergirl
She puts songs on her phone and keep them away
To sing to her fans or kill them
It’s the same thing to me
She’s got her mother’s eyes
I wonder if she knows how much I want meet her
I hang on every word she sings
And you smile and say “How are you?”
I say “NOW I’M DEAD”
I always tell you I love you, I love you… forever

I watch supergirl fly away
You’ve got a busy day today
Go to Disneyland I’ll be on tumblr

And I watch supergirl fly away

Come back, I’ll meet you someday
I’ll be right here on tumblr
When you come back from Disneyland

Tall,blonde and beautiful
She’s the 10 time grammy winner,she’s Taylor Swift
But I hope someday she’ll follow me and save my year
Something in her deep blue eyes has me saying
She falls off the treadmill
And I can’t stop laughing

And you’ll leave, got places to be
And I’ll be “Okay”
I always tell you I love you
I loved you from the very first day

“I’m tall, so at school I was always called, ‘tall girl’. Middle school and high school students would also look at me and whisper amongst themselves ‘she’s so fucking tall’ as they passed by. I wondered why they were swearing at me. Wherever I go I can’t do anything wrong. If you’re tall, whatever you do sticks out. However, when I thought about it, my height is only a disadvantage depending on how I act.”
“Why is that?”
“If you leave a good impression once, it will last a long time. Suddenly looking at me just once, you will remember me.”

“제가 키가 커서 학교에서 항상 호칭이 ‘키 큰 여자애’였어요. 중고딩들도 절 보고 지나가면서 ‘키 X나 크다.’ 하고 자기네끼리 쑥덕거려요. 쟤넨 왜 나한테 욕을 하나 싶기도 했어요. 어딜가서 나쁜 짓도 못 해요. 키가 크면 뭘하든 눈에 잘 띄어서요. 근데 생각해보니 그 단점은 제가 하기 나름이더라구요 ”
“좋은 인상을 한 번 남기면 오래 간다는 뜻이잖아요. 딱 한번만 봐도 기억을 해주니까요.”

There's Someone for Everyone

Summary: Y/N has always been use to people asking her how tall she is. Being 5'10 is more than average for a young woman, and it bring her a lot of attention. But that attention never seems to include romantic interactions. Sam is going to prove her wrong, sometimes you just gotta wait for the right guy. 

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader 

 Pairing: Sam X Reader 

Warnings: Fluff, make out session nothing to serious 

 Request:  Hi, I really like your writing and was wondering if you could do one where the reader is taller than a normal girl maybe 5'10 and thinks men don’t like her cause of her height. But Sam has a crush on her and loves her height?-Anonymous   

 A/N: Oh my God this one holy crap, this was freaking a lot of fun. The request kinda took off in my head and I couldn’t stop!

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Edgar Allan Poe once wrote

“But we loved with a love more than love”

Well I loved her more than me

I loved her more than shining stars

All above the sea.

Girl #1 was not the lucky one

At least not for me.

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Bellamy the Bartender

“What can I get you, princess?” A deep voice rumbles behind the bar. Clarke glances up for the first time since sitting down and in the din of the stale smelling bar she scowls up at a tall, dark skinned man with a small scar on the left side of his lip. She wonders briefly how he got it before ordering a double shot of tequila. “Bad night?” He inquires. Clarke gives him a scandalized look; she refuses to stoop to the level of pouring her soul out to a random bartender in the early hours of the morning.

“I got rained on,” she says simply, throwing back the glass he hands her and taps her hand on the bar for another.

“Just rained on?” He smirks. “For someone that isn’t having a bad night you sure are ordering drinks like you did.” She opens her mouth to say something but he is already sauntering down the bar to tend to a particularly disheveled looking hunched over man sitting in the corner. She surveys him for a moment and watches how he talks to the man with an air of ease and confidence as he leans against the bar. She can see that he is listening fairly intently as the old fool no doubt tells him his life story. At least, it looked like he was listening intently; that is until the bartender, as if feeling her eyes on him, turns to look at her and winks. Quirking an eyebrow, she finishes her shot off and turns back towards the dirty bar in front of her. She’s picking at a chip in the paint as he sidles back up to her.

“Anything else, princess?” Clarke has never been a heavy drinker and she is already feeling the effects of the tequila. She weighs her options briefly, looking at the chalkboard wall behind the bartender filled with a ton of colorfully written mixed drinks.

“Um, maybe just a water for now. And its Clarke,” she says finally, deciding that no, she would not like a… slippery nipple. Instead of pouring her a glass of water he reaches under the bar and hands her a bottle.

“Here, our tap water tastes like shit.” He leans against the bar, giving her a pointed look and she struggles to keep herself from rolling her eyes. “So you live around here?”

“Yeah, I live just around the corner actually; my building is a block away from here.” He nods, indicating that he knows the place.

“Have you always lived here? Or did you just stop in for the glamour?” He grins, spreading his arms wide and gestures around the musty old bar.

“School, actually. I’m in my final year of medical school.”

“A doctor, huh?” He leans back, impressed. “Isn’t tonight a school night? Shouldn’t you be at home studying?” Clarke knows that he’s prying, but well, if she’s being honest she doesn’t really have anyone else to talk to. This guy is here, and he’s probably heard plenty of stories, so he’ll forget hers, right?

“Yeah, I don’t feel much like studying tonight.” He lifts an eyebrow, but doesn’t say anything, leaving it up to her whether to continue or not. After sipping at her water for what feels like a lifetime with him staring at her so intently, she finally does. “I just found out my boyfriend has another girlfriend, and I’m the other woman. Not her.”

“Wow, that’s pretty heavy stuff,” he says, wiping absentmindedly at the bar with what looks to be a very dirty dishrag. “You know, you look familiar. Have you been here before?” Clarke shakes her head.

“Finn and I don’t really come to these kinds of places.” She begins picking at the paint chip again.

“Finn? Finn Collins?” By the look of surprise on her face, he figures he’d guessed right. “That dude is always in here. Actually,” the bartender’s ears turn a deep shade of red as he rubs the back of his neck. “He was in here last week bragging about having two girls.” Clarke groans, and despite being utterly repulsed by the bar she lays her head down on it.

“I’m so stupid,” she mumbles.

“Nah, that guy’s a tool.” As more customers come up he moves up and down the bar, filling drink orders and laughing with the other patrons. Clarke barely lifts her head until she hears him raise his voice for last call.

“What exactly is a slippery nipple?” She asks him as he arrives once more in front of her.

“Bailey’s and sambuca,” he answers as he pulls a shot glass out and pours the liquor in front of her, she watches as the two separate in the shot glass before her. “On the house,” he says with a wink.

“Thanks,” she says downing the shot and cringing at the taste. “That is awful.”

“Sambuca is definitely an acquired taste,” he laughs. The bar is cleared out except for the two of them so Clarke picks up her bag and stands.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you around, uhm, bartender-guy.”

“It’s Bellamy. And if you really don’t want to go home, you can hang around for a while. The owner won’t mind, he lives just upstairs.”

“Oh? How can you be so sure that he won’t mind you inviting strangers to hang out alone in his bar?”

“Because I’m the owner,” he answers simply. “And who said you’d be alone?” He smiles at her again and maybe it’s the liquor talking, but even in the dim light of his dingy bar she can see just how attractive Bellamy is.

  • Me with tall female characters: This is my wife and I love her and my feelings are 100% romantic. She is tall and wonderful and can reach the top shelf and that's so fucking hot.
  • Me with tall male characters: This is my son. He is pure and good and I want to take him for walks in the park and bake cookies for him and teach him how to make flower crowns. I am proud of my tall, strong son.
Fanfic - Allies to Start - 1/1

Prompt: Prince Barry and Princess Iris meet for the first time after they are arranged to be married. Written for Day 2: Royalty/Arranged Marriage for Westallen Hiatus Week

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1925

“Now Iris I’m asking you to give the boy a chance,” Joe leveled a stern look at his daughter.

Iris huffed in annoyance while crossing her arms defiantly across her chest. Her lips tightening into a thin line to keep herself from saying a rude word to her father. She instead turned to gaze out the car window to the city surrounding them. Central was a very pretty city. To the tall skyscrapers of steel and glass and the lush greenery of the parks. She watched the people walking down the sidewalks going about their normal lives. She wondered if they knew how lucky they were.

“The whole concept of an arranged marriage is archaic,” Iris finally spoke out. “Why can’t I choose the man I'am to marry?”

“Iris you know why,” Her father sighed out. “Your position does not allow for that. We must do what is best for our kingdom.”

Your kingdom, Iris thought to herself, one day it will be Wally’s kingdom that he will pass down to his heirs.

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anonymous asked:

How tall do you think Diana is compared to the rest of the league?

Good question! In the comics and even in cartoons, she’s depicted as pretty tall “for a woman” but still slightly shorter than the rest of the *glares* men, and Bruceman and Superclark are at about 6′2″ to 6′4″ - so I put Diana at somewhere between 5′8″ and 5′10″? 

(It’s interesting to note that I just googled this and found that actress Gal Gadot who will be plays Diana in the DCEU movies is in fact 5′10″)

Anyway, Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, Arthur Curry, Hal, John Stewart, J’onn J’onnz and literally every man on the League is 6 ft +. These guys are giants. I sometimes wonder if there’s a height requirement needed to get in.

Even the batboys are ridiculously tall lmao. But if you look at Stephanie Brown and Cassie Sandsmark and Rachel Roth, they’re all around 5′4 - 5′6ish. And then Donna Troy and Princess Koriand’r are basically the only other two tall girls - Donna being Diana’s height (sometimes depicted as shorter than her) and Kori being mega-tall due to her alien genetics.

It’s like,,,, Diana,,,, is the only tall woman allowed??? and all other women need to be short???…. but even then Diana cannot surpass Bruce/Clark in height….what kind of patriarchal misconception…..

One Call

Requested by @hoooli13

Tig looked at the number on top of the invoice, dialing the number. “Hello.”

The voice on the other end was incredibly soft, and sounded sexy. “Hi, this is Tig at Teller-Morrow Automotive, I’m calling to let Mona know her car is ready.”

“I’m sorry, you have the wrong number.” The sexy vixen replied. The line went dead, he looked down at the phone.

Hitting redial he wrote down the number, putting the phone to his ear he waited. Her voice was still sexy, yet aggravated this time. “You still have the wrong number.”

“I know, I was wondering if I could get your name beautiful. I mean you know my name..”

She let out a chuckle. “How do you know I’m beautiful? I could be four foot tall, hairy all over and live under a bridge.”

“Tell me which bridge doll face, I’ll come see you.”

“You’re a strange man Tig.”

“That’s not the first time I’ve heard that today.

“I’ve got to go.” The call ended too fast for him.


Tig laid in bed later that night thinking about the sexy voiced vixen. Pulling out his phone, he pulled up her number in his address book.

She was listed under Vixen, until he got her real name. Hitting the call button, he listened to the phone ring, she final answered.

“Are you stalking me?”

He laughed. “Tell me your name beautiful.”

She exhaled slowly. “It’s (Y/N).”

“That wasn’t so hard, now let’s meet for a drink.”

“It’s don’t think so.” The call ended too fast again. Tig frowned, only having her first name and phone number he went to Juice to find out her.


The phone calls went on for months, getting to know each other. He tried to get her to meet him every time, and she refused.

Afraid he’d be disappointed in what she looked like. He couldn’t explain it to anyone but he’d fallen for her.

Her laugh lit up his dark places, he looked forward to talking to her. She didn’t know it but he’d ride by her house to make sure she was safe.

He kept her wishes and didn’t try to sneak a peek at her. There was something about their relationship he didn’t want to betray.

He let out a sigh, picking up his phone, she should be getting home from work about now.

“Hey Tig.”

“How was your day?”

“Busy, check out book, help frat boys, re-shelves books, etc. Shit!”

“What’s wrong!”

“I’ve got to go, some one broke in to my house.”

“Don’t go in…get back in your car…”

“I don’t think their here…” Tig heard the phone drop and a struggle.

“(Y/N)!” The line went dead, he called Unser, running towards his bike, he took off to her house.

He saw the flashing lights as he got closer, parking his bike, he ran towards her house. Seeing her sitting on the back of the ambulance.

“(Y/N)?” He walked towards her, she looked towards him. Concussion masked her eyes, he cupped her face, leaning down kissing her lips.


“At last we meet. How could you ever think you’d be a disappointment?” He smiled down at her. “I don’t plan on letting you go.”

The End.

smolfukunaga  asked:

1. -slides 5$- ok so like imagine this since I'm like all up for Yachi ships and akayachi is in my mind rn like imagine when at the training camp Yachi sees him whenever they eat and she notices him time to time and always thinks about how well mannered but scary this guy is because cmon akaashi is like hella tall compared to Yachi and she just wonders what it would be like if she were to date him ( cus he's so pretty?!) But she thinks about how she would be too clumsy for him and doubts herself

2. -slides in pennies- however in akaashi’s perspective he totally thinks about how neat and cute she is cus like she’s so organized and her cute stars in her hair and and like I headcanon that like whenever she drinks stuff she always holds the cup with her pinky up (don’t judge man) and he just thinks how cute that is cus her tiny lil pinky and stuff. Like he notices this whenever they eat at the training camp cus he always has her eyes on her tbh and he stares at her during breaks and etc

3. -slides in sand dollars- (I’m going broke) and then like there’s this one moment when akaashi stares at Yachi where he’ll have a rival and just kinda tries to think of a plan to like get them away and like chill off but he can’t do he just slightly sulks (maybe like someone in the karasuno team being a rival ;^D) and bokuto notices this and kinda just does what he does and figures out about akaashi’s little crush on Yachi and kinda tries to set them up together by leaving them alone together

4.And like they have little talks here and there whenever they’re alone, but like the 3rd time they start to get a little more comfortable with eachother and then Yachi tends to come and visit akaashi’s team during breaks and akaashi goes to see if Yachi needs any help. and then by like the 5th time bokuto leaves them alone together akaashi finally confesses and Yachi just kinda can’t process and slowly comes back to life and says yes before akaashi gets embarrassed and they trade numbers and ya