i wonder how she reacted

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Shit man I totally forgot Touka doesnt know about the whole bone breaking lol. Does Hinami know? I don't remember if she knows or not but if she doesn't, I wonder how she'd react.

She doesn’t as far as I can tell. I wonder how Hinami would react as well tbh. Hinami’s fine with Kaneki’s violence because he’s still kind and protective of her. But Ayato is a really close friend to her, so I wonder how she’s react. Same with Touka. I don’t expect Touka to simply be silent about the incident if she knew, especially since Touka is very protective of Ayato. 

Personally, I don’t think they’ll ever find out, at least not from either Kaneki or Ayato. 


Peacefulness wasn’t enough. She’d keep fighting. And fighting wasn’t enough, she’d win. But once I remembered that she was fighting a fight she’d already lost, all I had to do was change the fight. Take her back to Bahrain.


you’ve married an   i c a r u s
                   he has flown to close to the   s u n

i wonder how ivy’s gonna react when she meets ed the first time. and like finds out that THIS guy with the ugly bowler hat, wearing a glittery green suit and calling himself the RIDDLER (lol i love u eddie) is in fact ozzy’s old flame.

i can totally picture her giving oswald a judging look and going “…seriously? him?”

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I adore your Voltron fam au!!! I was wondering how Pidge would react when she hit puberty and how her family react to that? Since she was the only female in the family, I imagine everyone, except Shiro ofc, would be so flustered and worried. But then maybe both Keith and Shiro already thought about it, but how would Lance and Hunk react? Would Pidge be a moody teenager and demand all the chocolate and cry like a rive when the cramps happened?

I’d like to expand more on this! But there’s also a Pidge Period Trilogy:

  • Part 01 - The Daddies telling them about body changes and the talk
  • Part 02 - Pidge finds out about her period
  • Part 03 - Hunk and Lance pampers Pidge and Shiro being supportive

[The Voltron Family] Pidge and Puberty. 

Shiro was the one who was always so attentive with Pidge because she was his baby girl. So when he noticed Pidge was finally entering puberty…

Shiro: *enters Pidge’s room and sits on the bed* Sweetheart.
Pidge: Yes?
Shiro: I think it’s time for you to wear a bra.
Pidge: A what? *eyes widens*
Shiro: Well, more like a baby bra if we’re looking at your size. *rubs chin* 
Pidge: *looks down on her chest* Do I really need it, Daddy Shiro?
Shiro: As sucky as it is, you do. *frowns* However, you can take it off when you’re at home though. Just when you go out, you have to wear them. Supports your chest and all. 
Pidge: *cups her chest* It’s not even that big. *frowns*
Shiro: *chuckles* Well, for now. But it will eventually grow bigger.
Pidge: *glares at Shiro* I don’t want it to grow bigger.
Shiro: *boops Pidge’s nose* Pray to the gods you remain flat chested then. C’mon. Get ready in 15 minutes and we’ll go shopping. 

Shiro and Pidge walked around the mall holding hands until they went to the department stores that sold women’s underwear. Pidge was surprised her Daddy Shiro wasn’t even flustered when they entered. In fact, he was the one asking the sales ladies. 

Shiro: Do you have those baby bras for her size? *looks at Pidge*
Sales Lady: *beams at them* *looks at Pidge* What’s your size, Miss?
Shiro: Can you give us the first three sizes from the smallest? One should at least fit my daughter. *smiles*
Sales Lady: If you’ll follow me. *walks towards a section* *presents Pidge a bra* This one is quite popular for the girls. Pink and—
Pidge: *scrunches her nose* *squeezes Shiro’s hand*
Shiro: *squeezes back* *smiles at her* *turns back to the lady* Maybe something gray? She doesn’t really like pink.
Pidge: If you have green… I love green. 
Sales Lady: Oh, okay! *gets another one and shows Pidge*
Pidge: *takes the bra and shows Shiro* What do you think?
Shiro: *rubs chin* Hmmmmm. *looks around* How about this one? *takes another one* It has cute little aliens on it? *beams while pointing at the small print on a corner*
Pidge: *laughs* That. That is definitely cute. I like it. 
Shiro: Great! Can you give us the sizes for her to try on?

After that they still went around and have gathered pretty much a lot of different designs. When they went to the fitting room, Shiro was helping Pidge put it on since she didn’t know exactly how they worked.

Pidge: *looks at the mirror* This feels so weird.
Shiro: It does at first. But you’ll get used to it eventually. *laughs* So?
Pidge: I like this one. *points at the one she’s wearing* And that one and that one too. They’re all so nice. *pouts*
Shiro: *smiles fondly* You can choose whatever you want, though you have to make sure it all actually fits. Does it make you feel uncomfortable?
Pidge: *shakes head* Just weird. 
Shiro: Good then.
Pidge: Daddy Shiro, if it… um, do I just tell you if I grew out of them?
Shiro: Of course. Then we’ll go shopping again. 
Pidge: Thank you. For doing this. I know usually Moms do this with their daughters but I’m so glad you’re willing to do this with me *smiles as she looks up at Shiro* Thank you. I wouldn’t be able to do this all by myself to be honest.
Shiro: *pulls Pidge into a hug* *kisses her head* Anything for my baby girl. 

When they got home, she showed Daddy Keith, Lance and Hunk their purchase and Lance was surprisingly quite thrilled saying “This baby bra is so you, Pidge!” while Hunk’s all teary-eyed “You’re growing up, dude.”

Keith: *whispers to Shiro* She wasn’t weirded out?
Shiro: *shakes head while looking at their kids* Nah. She was touched actually. She probably thought I wouldn’t go with her. Like c’mon. I’m a doctor. *rolls eyes* Things like these don’t phase me anymore. 
Keith: *laughs* That’s very true. 

I wonder how Summer reacted to Rick’s leaving. I think she would be of the mindset of “fuck you, Rick!” while she tells Morty (in an attempt to hide her own feelings and express her anger) that their grandfather is a piece of shit and that she’s glad he’s gone, while simultaneously secretly trying to join the underground rebellion against the Galactic Federation and coming up with plans in her head as to how they could possibly get Rick back.

Sidenote: Ok you know how we always see fan art of Morty wearing Rick’s lab coat? I want to see some of Summer. I think Summer is a fucking awesome character, and I can’t wait to see where they go with her in season 3.


It’s amazing how fast you get used to such a big place. I tell you, when we first came up here I thought it was kinda scary.


Chloe has SEEN Tikki. Sure, she thought the kwami was a toy, (Princess Fragrance episode) but tbh I wonder if she will put two and two together when she meets Pollen.

“Marinette had a toy that kind of looked like this, but it was red and black. This one looks like a bee, can talk, and tells me she can make me a hero. Maybe the red one was a knock off ladybug kwami? But theyre supposed to be a secret! Who would have made a toy like that when they shouldnt have known or were sworn to secrecy? WAIT A SECOND!! WHAT IF IT WASNT A TOY?!?”

You get the idea.

Chloe is mean, but she isnt stupid.

Of course, I do wonder how she would react to seeing Plagg (and how Plagg would react tbh).

I think i smell a fic.

New Desires // Choi Youngjae

Pairing: Youngjae x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary; Youngjae decides to take more of a dominant role over you in the bedroom for the first time~

A/N: Please note that this scenario includes mature content and mentions of Dominant and Submissive Sex, Dirty Talking, Over-Stimulation, Pulling out.

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Thoughts on Madi Scott

I keep thinking about the conversation between Madi and the Queen Mother and how innocent she truly is, was. Personally, I think Madi was not only inexperienced physically (virgin) she also didn’t know how cruel the outside world could be. 

She’s been sheltered for pretty much her whole life. I’m assuming she was not raped as a girl while a slave at the Guthrie’s, I believe the show would’ve given us a glimpse of that. Therefore, I know that while at the Maroon camp, there would’ve been no fraternizing with the boys due to her being royal and people feared her (reverential and REAL fear) because the Queen Mother would’ve rained hell on them. The Queen Mother is not someone to be messed around with, so they’ll be careful around her and the Princess. 

I’m thinking Madi’s first real life experience was when the pirates came to the camp which led to her going back to the mainland after so many years being sheltered.If that was also her first real life experience, then Silver was also her first sexual experience. 

If this is true, then I wonder how the Queen Mother will react. She will be mad as hell, i think. If the Maroons have kept any of their Akan/Ashanti beliefs (most of the rebellious maroons were from the Ashanti Kingdom) then she’s in deep doodoo because Akan royal marriages, are arranged and if any one guy is interested in their daughters, them and their parents and a few elders must go to the girl’s family to ask permission for him to court the girl.

So, Madi has broken several rules already. Back to the conversation with her mother; the Queen will be angry because Madi has allowed herself to be seduced both physically and mentally. Which is what she warned her about during the night Madi came to ask a reprieve for the Pirates, after her talk with Silver.

What do you guys think? Do you believe Silver was her first lover? How angry do you think the Queen Mother will be if Madi returns home and she sees how cozy Madi has become with Silver? 

Dauntless: Daddy Dearest (Part 7)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, almost smut, children

I strode forward, dust clinging to my uniform, knowing I looked like shit. The cut on my face itched as it healed, and my boots were caked in mud as I took the stairs three at a time. I was in a hurry, I had to get to Camille and our kid — I was running late.

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Congrats, Dad (Ant X Reader)

WC: 2119 

Summary: Reader is pregnant and is afraid to tell Ant. Mother Philippa swoops in and saves the day.

Warnings: Pregnancy, allusions to smut, smut lite at the beginning, mom friend Pippa

“Ant! Babe, I’m home!” I called, walking through the doors of our apartment, my hands full of groceries. “In here.” Anthony called from the living room. I smiled and placed our groceries on the kitchen counter. I walked into the living room and Anthony smiled widely at me from the couch. “Sit with me babe.” He said and I chuckled, obeying his wish. As soon as I sat down he pulled me into a side hug, his head resting in the crook of my neck. “Well hello to you too.” I said playfully, pressing a kiss to his temple. Anthony smirked and pressed a light kiss to my neck. “How was your day baby?” He said, fiddling lightly with the hem of my shirt. “Well, my boss, who usually is a placid kind of guy, decided to lose his shit today. That led to a very productive yet stressful day. I swear my neck is semi-broken from having to look down at my desk all day.” I said, sighing as I ranted about my less than ideal day. Anthony frowned and he removed his arm from around my waist. “That’s terrible. He didn’t yell at you, did he?” He said, looking at me with worry in his eyes. “I mean he shouted a little in my general direction, but.” I said, shrugging my shoulders slightly. “Y/N, you shouldn’t have to deal with that.” Ant said, something unrecognisable glinting in his eyes. “Ant, babe, I’m fine. It’s nothing that hasn’t happened before.” I said and Ant clenched his jaw, clearly unhappy. I had to admit that he looked incredibly hot doing that. He suddenly pulled me into a passionate kiss, his arms encircling my waist. I kissed back with fervour and Anthony let out a low moan. We broke apart, panting slightly, a smirk on Anthony’s face. “Should we take this some place more private?” Anthony asked, his voice low. I let out a short laugh and he looked at me quizzically. “Ant, we’re in our apartment. Everywhere is private.” I said and Anthony rolled his eyes, clearly frustrated. “You know what I meant Y/N.” Anthony said and I almost gulped in nervousness. He suddenly attached his lips to mine in a heated kiss and picked me up, my legs instinctively wrapping around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair. He let out a moan and I smirked into the kiss. He broke the kiss briefly and took a hand off my waist to open the bedroom door. He placed me on the bed and I looked up at him, noticing the sheer lust that glazed over his eyes. “Now, where were we?”

Four weeks later

“I’ll try to be at the theatre between shows babe.” I said and Anthony frowned, pecking my forehead. “No Y/N, you’re sick. You’re going to stay here, ok?” He said and I sighed, realising that fighting with him was useless. “Ok. I’ll see you tonight?” I said and Anthony nodded, smiling brightly. “I’ll see you tonight.” He repeated before kissing my cheek lightly. I waved goodbye to him as he closed the apartment door behind him. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and grabbed my phone, immediately dialling Pippa. “Hey Y/N!” She said cheerfully, picking up almost instantly. “Hey Pip.” I said, my tone nowhere near as bright as hers. “Are you ok?” Pippa asked, sensing that something was off. “Yes and no. Can you come over?” I asked, almost pleading her. “I’ll be there in 5.” Pippa said and I smiled, hanging up the phone. I got off the couch and began pacing, wondering how she would react to the news I had. My pacing was suddenly interrupted by a loud knock on the door. “It’s me!” Pippa said and I swung the door open. Pippa smiled warmly at me before engulfing me in a hug. She rubbed my back and I smiled into the crook of her neck. “What’s up Y/N?” Pippa asked once I broke the embrace. I grimaced and sat down on the couch, Pippa following suit. “Pip, I, uh. I’m pregnant.” I said quietly and Pippa beamed at me, letting out a squeal of joy. “Oh my god Y/N, congratulations!” Pippa said, pulling me against her side. I smiled weakly at her, and she raised an eyebrow in confusion. “You don’t seem happy about this news.” She said and I let out a shaky breath. “It’s just, I don’t know how Ant will react. We’re not even married yet, God.” I said, feeling tears well in my eyes. Pippa rubbed the small of my back soothingly, looking at me with pity. “Y/N, trust me when I say that Anthony loves you no matter what. The boy would jump off a bridge if you told him to.” Pippa said and I chuckled slightly, knowing that her words were true. “And I love him. It’s just, we’re young and I’m nervous that he’ll have to drop out of Hamilton to look after me. He loves that show so much.” I said and Pippa frowned at me. “He loves you more than the show, I promise you.” She said and my lips turned up in a small smile. “How do I tell him?” I whispered and Pippa sat quietly for a moment, lost in thought. She suddenly let out a gasp and I nearly jumped at the noise. She nearly leapt off the couch, beckoning for me to follow her. “What master plan have you come up with, Soo?” I asked curiously, following her into the kitchen. “Can you bake?” Pippa asked and I nodded hesitantly, now incredibly nervous. “That’s good. Where are your baking supplies?” She asked and I pointed to a shelf in the pantry. She smiled and made her way to the shelf, pulling out various ingredients. “Philippa Soo, what the hell are you doing?” I questioned as she pretty much emptied my pantry onto the kitchen counter. “You’re going to bake a cake and on the top write ‘congrats dad’ and give it to Ant after today’s matinee show.” Pippa said and I nodded in agreement, realising that it was actually a good idea. She clapped and pressed a kiss to my cheek. “Told you it was a brilliant idea.” She said before pulling out her phone. She gasped and I looked up at her in confusion. “I’ve gotta be at the theatre now. I’m so sorry Y/N, but text me when the cake’s done.” Pip said and I nodded, glancing at the ingredients on the counter. “Great. See you later Y/N.” She said before waving at me as she walked out the door. I sighed and looked at the kitchen counter. I grabbed my phone and pressed shuffle on my music, chuckling as the opening chords to Alexander Hamilton filled the apartment. I began to sing along as I measured out the ingredients, praying to god that Pippa’s idea would work.

A few hours later

I looked at the completed cake, a proud smile on my face. It was a chocolate cake topped with buttercream icing, and written in blue on the top was 'Congrats, dad!’. I looked at my watch and saw that it was just after 3, meaning the matinee performance had finished. I took in a deep breath and texted Pippa.

Y/N: Cake’s all done. I’m on my way over now.

I picked up the cake, and was about to open the door when I heard my phone buzz.

Pip 👌🏻: AAH! I’m so excited. Ant will be over the moon, I promise.

I smiled and shot her a couple of emojis before turning off my phone, shoving it in my pocket. I made my way to the elevator, carrying the carefully covered cake. I hailed a taxi and gave the driver the necessary address, sinking back into the seat. Once we had arrived I thanked the driver and handed him the money, making my way out in a manner that protected the cake. I let out a sigh and approached the Richard Rogers theatre, hoping that the cake was still in tact. “Y/N! What a lovely surprise. Ant told us you were sick.” James, the security guard said and I chuckled nervously. “That’s partially true James. Still, I come bearing baked goods.” I said and he chuckled, gesturing for me to walk in. I smiled at him once more before making my way through the maze of backstage corridors. I saw that the 'break room’ door was open, and I heard Michael Jackson playing from inside. I chuckled at the predictability of my friends and knocked lightly on the door. “Come on in!” I heard Lin shout and I rolled my eyes, pushing the door open slightly. “Hey guys!” I said and I was met with a series of cheers and smiles from everyone but Anthony. “Y/N, how are you? Ant here told us you were sick.” Daveed asked and I nodded halfheartedly. “That’s partially true Diggs, but I’m well enough to visit my boyfriend and the rest of you. Also, I brought cake, so.” This earned cheers from the cast, and even Ant cracked a small smile. I put the cake down on the bench near the sink and Oak made his way over, attempting to pull the cover off. I smack his hand lightly and he  stared at me with fake hurt. “Not yet Onaodowan.” I said and he chuckled, raising his hands in mock surrender. “Ok, ok. Nice pronunciation by the way.” He said and I smirked, shrugging my shoulders. “All in a days work.” I said and Oak laughed. Pippa coughed from behind Oak and he looked over at her. “Can I speak with Y/N for a second?” She said and Oak nodded curiously, moving to the side. “How about we talk outside?” I said and Pip nodded, taking my wrist and leading me out the door. “You feeling ok?” Pippa asked and I nodded, looking up at her with determination. “I’m doing this.” I said and Pippa smiled brightly at me. We walked back inside and I suddenly saw a very confused Anthony hovering over the now uncovered cake. “Uh, Y/N?” He said and I hummed in response. “Why does this cake say 'Congrats, dad!’ Did you pick up the wrong cake at the bakery or something?” Anthony said and I shook my head, my stomach churning. “No. I made it.” I said and I heard a few gasps from the people who’d put two and two together. Anthony still looked confused so I let out an annoyed sigh. “What the hell?” Anthony muttered and I heard an exasperated sigh come from Jasmine. “You idiot, she’s pregnant!” She said and I glanced over at Jasmine, who looked like she immediately regretted her words. I shot her a sympathetic smile and then looked over at Ant, whose eyes were wide and his jaw slack. “Y/N, is what Jasmine said true?” Ant whispered, the entire room quiet. I nodded slowly, and I watched as the look on his face changed from confusion to outright joy. “Oh my god, you’re pregnant.” Ant said and I nodded, feeling tears well in my eyes. I heard a loud whistle, presumably from Daveed, and I brought Ant into a loving embrace. “We’re gonna be parents. My god I love you so much.” Anthony whispered in my ear, his lips brushing against my skin. “I was so nervous about telling you. The cake was Pip’s idea.” I said and he chuckled, letting go of me. “Thanks Pip!” Ant shouted and the rest of the cast chuckled. “You’re welcome!” She replied with equal enthusiasm. “Congratulations you two. You’re gonna be incredible parents, I have no doubt.” Lin said, clapping us both on the shoulder. I smiled at him warmly as Ant pressed a kiss to my cheek. “I see you all eyeing off that cake. Go on.” I said and everyone chuckled as they made their way over to the bench that housed the cake. “How long have you known?” Anthony asked and I chuckled at his unintentional reference to the show. “A month or so.” I said and Anthony shook his head. “I can’t tell if you’re being serious or just quoting the show.” He said and I pecked his lips. “A little bit of both.” I said and he laughed, pulling me into another hug. “We’re going to have a family of our own in a few months. I can’t believe it.” Anthony said wistfully, placing a lingering kiss to my forehead. “Believe it.”

  • Blake: *During a trip to Vacuo Team Rwby have decided to spread one night exploring one of Vacuo's most famous cities Los Sega during which the four girls split up, Weiss and Ruby visiting the arcades while Blake and Yang went to multiple clubs and bar. However, the next day Blake woken with a aching pain as she slowly sat up in bed.* Mrrrrr, Ow my head. *The cat faunus groan as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes before opening and instantly becoming aware that she was not at the small hotel to which She and her friend were staying but instead a rather expensive penthouse sweet.* What the? Where?... Where am I?... And Why am I coooOOOH MY-!?! *Blake started to think to her as she looked around and became aware of three things that caused she to begin to shout her thoughts before smacking her mouth shut with her hands. First, aside from her sheet she was naked. Second, She was not the only one naked as her girlfriend laid also naked sleep beside her. And the third and most surprising to the huntress was the blonde cat ears upon Yang's head and, to Blake secret desire, a fluffy cat tail coming from her lovers butt.* Oh my god! Oh My God! What happened last night!? Why does Yang have a tail!? although it does complements her butt and hips very nicely-FORCE BELLADONNA! *Blake shouted to herself inside her mind, blushing as she ran herhands through her hair, only to pause for a moment as her cat ear felt something odd on one of her fingers.* Huh? What's this?.... Oh My god. *Blake quietly said as she stared at her hand, more specifically the golden ring with her girlfriend crest engraved on it around her ring finger.* Is this? It can't be... Can it? *Blake rambled to herself before quickly searching for Yang's hand to find another ring except with her crest engraved upon it.* OH god it is... Yang... YANG! WAKE UP!
  • Yang: Mah!? Huh? Wha? *Yang mumbled, rising up then rolling to her side and tiredly smiling at the site of Blake.* Hey Good morning Blakey. Did you sleep... Uh, Why does my ass hurt?
  • Blake: Yeah Morning to you too love. Yang do you remember ANYTHING from last night Because I think we may have gotten MARRIED? Also, Your butt hurts because you have a tail. *Blake questioned in a panic, taking a moment after to calmly answer her lover.*
  • Yang: *For a moment Yang stared at her panicking girlfriend, blinking twice, before looking at Blake's ring and raising her hand to look at her own, and lastly reaching behind her to take hold of her "tail" and giving it a tug.* Mph. Heh, I guess it wasn't a dream afterall.
  • Yang: Well you see. *Yang started as she moved to sit up, moaning slightly as she removed the tail from her behind causing Blake to blush.* Ah.~ That is going to be sore later. You see after the I think fifth bar we went to we got pretty smashed and you wanted going to this Faunus only club, to which I picked out that I wouldn't be allowed in. However, You got the great idea of making me look like a faunus and we proceed to go to the only store open that had Cat ear which happen to be a sex fetish shop where we got the cat ears. *Yang paused for a moment to feel the top of her head and removed said ears.* These. Anyway, Before we buy them I saw the tail and told you I wanted the tail so you could play with my ass since you love to do that. So we did. We then found a quiet private place, had a quickie which ended with the tail in my butt for the rest of the night as we went to the club you wanted. We drank, had fun, got into a bar fight, started a riot, ran from the cops, hide in a church, Possible dragged race a couple of midgets, I proposed to you, you said yes, bummed into I thought Sun's uncle who happened to be able to marry us, hit the tables at a casino, won like millions, got the honeymoon sweet, and made sweet passionate drunk love til we fell asleep. Aaaand that's about sums it up. Give or take a few times I passed out in between. *Yang said as a matter of fact with a smile. Blake Meanwhile stared at her Wife dumbfounded.*
  • Blake: ... And you remember ALL of that?
  • Yang: Blakey, My Last name may be Xiao-Long Belladonna but I'm still a Branwen. We may do stupid shit while drunk but we remember it all.
  • Blake: ... You... You took my last name?
  • Yang: Yep. *Yang nod with a pop to the "p".* You kinda did the same.
  • Blake: *Blake ran her hand over her face trying to process everything she just heard, muttering to herself how her parents were going to kill her before looking at the wedding ring on her finger once more.* Okay then. So where did we get the rings? Winnings from the money we won?
  • Yang: Actually... No. *Yang stated with pink cheeks.*
  • Blake: No? Yang, from just looking at this I can tell that this are pure gold rings with I think dust in the engraves.
  • Yang: Purple dust in mine. Orange red in yours. *Yang added trying to hide her blush.*
  • Blake: *It only took Blake a second before she realized with a soft gasp how Yang knew the exact details of before rings.* How... How long were you planning on asking me?
  • Yang: For as long as we have been dating. Though honestly, I was going to when and propose to you When we got back to Vale and went to Forever falls. *Yang admitted, unable to look at her wife out of embarrassment until her cheeks were cupped by Blake who lifted her face u to give her a gentle soft yet passionate kiss.*
  • Blake: *After a few minutes as the need for air became to great the two broke apart and Blake smile.* Well we can always have a proper wedding their AFTER you ask my parents for their blessing when explaining how you married their daughter.
  • Yang: *Yang Smiled brightly as she gave Blake another kiss and hugged her.* I am perfectly okay with that and having a blackeye from your dad during our wedding.
  • Blake: Hehehe, We'll wait till it heals but first I need a shower. *Blake said as she hopped out of bed and made her way to the bath room.
  • Yang: *yang meanwhile watch with glee as her naked wife exited the room and flopped back down of the bed as she heard the shower start.* Sigh, I finally married the girl of my dreams. Hehe, I wonder how Weiss and Ruby will react? Eh? *she ponder until she noticed her robotic hand was missing a finger.* What the? I don't remember losing a finger. Sigh< Maybe its around here somewhere. Go thing I got Ruby to put in those homing trackers on my arm. *Yang thought as she pressed a tiny button at the end of her arm when suddenly from the shower.*
  • Yang: SORRY KITTEN!!
  • ~Else where~
  • Ruby: I THINK I'M CLOSE THEN! TELL ME IF YOU SEE ANY PUMKIN PETES! *Ruby shout as she swam through the stuff anaimal she has drunkenly won the night before.*
  • Weiss: I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST TIME I AM TAKING YOU TO AN ARCADE!... Aw~ a cute plushie Zwei.

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How would the boys react to a bride who's easily embarrassed if they even mention anything about sex or kissing. Like they say "give me a kiss" and she's blushing and freezing bc she's embarrassed or smth xD

Shuu: “If she just shuts up because of her embarassment, that would be so nice. Such a quiet person… but if she’s gonna be agitated and whiny… Tch, annoying, l would just teach her how to sing more pleasant sounds… if you know what I mean, heh”.

Reiji: “If I demand her to do such a thing, she should just comply with it. Hasn’t she learned her place yet? There’s no need to be embarassed. Though… I admit that sometimes it’d be quite entertaining seeing her blushing face.”

Laito: “Aaaah, that’d be sooo cute~ Fufufu, if she just blushes with such a little request, I wonder how will she react to moreAaaaa-” [MTK: JUST STOP HERE.]

Kanato: “Oh, a cute blushing face would just suit my doll, right, Teddy? As long as she do as I said, I will accept her embarassed behaviour. But if she doesn’t… DOESN’T SHE LOVE ME?! WHY DOESN’T SHE DO WHAT I WANT?”

Ayato: “Heh, this would be fun! What matters is that she won’t refuse to do so; everything Ore-sama says it’s an order! I would tease her so much that her embarassed attitude is just gonna duel the moment!” [MTK: I think you meant “fuel”…]

Subaru: “T-That’s…” [MTK: She’s just like you, we know.] “What?! I’m n-not easily e-embarassed! Tch, whatever, who cares! I don’t care how will she react, I’ll just do as I please!” 

Ruki: “Mh, such a cute Livestock. As long as she do as I say, I will let her blush and be embarassed about it… Oh my, but what if I order her to kiss me without being shy? Heh, I’d love to see her reaction.”

Kou: “Hehehe, that’s bit mean, Ruki-kun~ But she would be cute indeed, ne, Yuuma-kun?”

Yuuma: “I agree, heh! Sow would just such a mess everytime we play… Just making me want to do more~”

Azusa: “Mh… Yes… she would be… really cute… would she blush… even when… I ask her… to cut me…?”

[MTK: Uhm, guys…??? Stop it! O^O]

I’ve become far too used to playing it safe, and I’ve also realized for myself that playing it safe gets me absolutely nowhere worth going.

Welp. That’s one email I’m not getting back. I wonder how she’ll react?

squattingpotatodreamtofland  asked:

Shini has big dorky crush on Karai. How does she react to Karai hugging her, I wonder?

“I can’t thank you enough,” Karai is saying, her voice right next to Shini’s ear as she does. “You’ve been there for me this whole time, and I don’t know if I could have made it this far without you.”

Shini- through years and years of learning to fake any emotion she pleased- manages to maintain a steady voice and form as she hugs her dearest Senpai back. “Of course, Karai. I would never think of abandoning you in your time of need. I will be by your side for as long as you need me to be.” And decades longer, if you’d let me.

Karai’s chin is on Shini’s shoulder, digging in as she nods, and Shini fights the soft blush threatening her cheeks as Karai’s arms tighten for a moment. “Thanks again, Shini. You’re a true friend.”

Shini very nearly lets a nervous giggle escape, but somehow keeps her smooth persona in place. “The very same to you, Karai.”

When Karai finally steps back, Shini’s heart cries out at the loss of contact and warmth. Of course, she hides the falter in herself, and bids her Senpai goodnight. Only once Karai has disappeared down the corridor, headed towards her quarters, does Shini finally give into the need to clutch her hands over her heart and sigh dreamily.

The things Karai does to her. The things Shini wishes she could do to Karai.

Oh if only.

Shini settles for now with sighing dramatically again, and retiring to her too-empty bed for the night. Perhaps one day soon, as she can only hope, she will retire to one that is not so lonely, and won’t have to steady the excited thrum of her heart every time she brushes against Karai.