i wonder how much improvisation there was in this movie

How far are those actually "Bechloe" moments?

Snow/Chloes lip stare

Kendrick/Beca looks at Snow/Chloes butt.

Kendrick/Becas lip stare

Kendrick/Beca looks at Snow/Chloe and gets “caught” and has to awkwardly look away.

Kendrick/Becas lip stare no 2.

I was just wondering….how far are all those “Bechloe moments” actually Bechloe moments? Like:

  • Did the producers tell them to look at each other like that?
  • Was it written down in the script?

–> In which case Kendrick and Snow know damn well that Bechloe is a thing that’s going to happen. They probably aren’t allowed to tell us. (Even tho they already kinda did.)

  • Or was it just Kendrick and Snow improvising because they thought it would be fitting? Because you all know how much they both ship Bechloe (yay).

  • Or maybe: Was it just not a Bechloe moment at all, and never planned for the movie, and just a Sendrick moment?

–> That’d be nice too but…that means Bechloe was never planned to be as….real and as awesome as it is. It would really give the producers problems of whether to really make Bechloe happen, really make Chloe and Beca be in a relationship even if that was never the plan in the first place…

That’s what I am asking myself. E.g. why did Anna Kendrick stare at Brittany Snows lips like that?

  1. Someone told her to do so, for the movies sake. -> Bechloe
  2. Kendrick: “Staring at someones lips is a sign of attraction. And Beca and Chloe are so cute together, I’m gonna do it ^^”
  3. Anna Kendrick is attracted to Brittany Snow. -> Sendrick