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yo I was wondering what you think would be the villain's bedtime routines??? how many blankets do they sleep with???? if they have a S/O, do they cuddle or nah???? thank you!!

….. @el-thorios? Hon is this you?

Anyhow, since you didnt ask for specific villains and there are sO MANY I’m going to go ahead with The Douche Brigade.

Tomura Shigaraki / Tenko Shimura / Fuckhands McMike

Routine: Tomura literally only sleeps when he’s about to pass out. Unless he is at the point of ABSOLUTE exhaustion, he stays up. Still, he usually just throws himself on his bed and is out like a light by the time his head hits a pillow.

Blankets: Two. one to throw other him, another for him to have as a backup in case he, uh, disintegrates the other.

Cuddling?: Nah.

Dabi / Smokey Todoroki / MCR Fan boy

Routine: He sleeps whenever he can, realistically anyhow. The couch at the league is where you’re most likely to find him, napping. He goes home to sleep too, dont worry, and there he crashes on the bed and maybe scrolls through his phone for an hour before he drifts off to sleep.

Blankets: He probably has a few spare ones hiding around his apartment, but for the most part he just sleeps with a heavy comforter and a couple pillows.

Cuddling? Yes. He smothers his s/o sometimes if he isn’t too careful, but he does like the closeness of someone else in his bed.

Kai Chisaki / Overhaul

Routine: Chisaki takes a shower every night before bed, slips on comfortable pajamas and slips into his tightly tucked in bed. He has a glass of water at his bedside, his alarms set, and he will read over medical journals for a few hours before he ACTUALLY calls it a night. 

Blankets: He has a whole comforter bed set, but only sleeps with the sheet over him.

Cuddling? Nah.

All these people sneering “well how would YOU have done it better?” to people who hated TLJ like there isn’t a simple answer–focus on the stormtroopers.

Keeps Finn center stage. Puts Phasma in a key position for a bigger role. Not to mention it puts Star Wars in the unique position of not relying on the default “blow it up and we win” position. What if the Resistance, with nothing to blow up, focuses on the people? What if it decides to undermine the First Order that way–by attempting to liberate the very people trained to kill them? And who would lead the charge? Finn.

Finn wakes and there is a doctor who rushes in and calmly answers his questions, who helps him extricate himself from his suit with dignity and informs Poe and Leia immediately. They sit him down and talk about their plan–starting a stormtrooper rebellion. It was Poe’s idea, but he wouldn’t have thought of it if he had never met Finn. Leia looks at him critically, and takes his hand. With that touch, they can both feel how powerful the Force is in him.

“You’ll be a symbol of hope,” she says, and Poe beams. There could be no greater compliment from the general. They spend a little time preparing, but they need something else. They need Luke.

Luke Skywalker, in this version, did not run away, did not even consider running away, but rather went looking for the Jedi’s beginnings find the balance of dark and light–Luke Skywalker felt Rey and Finn awaken across half the galaxy, and settled on Ach-To, and waited. And when Rey came to him, he taught her the way he himself had been taught. He had her run. He had her face her demons (in this version, it is less her longing for her parents and more her fear of abandonment), and when she is ready, he lifts his X-Wing out of the sea. She didn’t need to. She already has faith. She started with the trust Luke worked so hard to find.

They leave when she has a vision about Finn being in trouble, because she needs to help her friends. Luke smiles. He knows that feeling.

Meanwhile, there’s another young stormtrooper feeling the stirrings of rebellion inside them. Perhaps it’s Rose. Perhaps she’s a lowly mechanic and kept to herself, kept her head down, just trying to survive. Perhaps her older sister (unrelated by blood, perhaps, but they knew what they were to each other) was still killed as battle fodder and she’s had enough. He didn’t know her but she recognizes him. Pulls him aside to a corridor and hisses “traitor” but she says it with a degree of awe, not condemnation. By the end of the conversation she’s nodding and saying she’ll help. By the end of the conversation, Finn catches himself asking her name and she says “R0S-E23” and he thinks of the flowers Poe showed him on Yavin and he asks if he can call her “Rose”. She beams.

And somewhere out in hyperspace, Luke and Rey and Poe are speeding toward their location–Phasma’s caught the scent, and they’re in danger. Rey could feel it.

They manage to get enough stormtroopers on their side to start a rebellion and symbolically blow up the ship in the process (because they have to blow up something), but Phasma confronts them in a huge hangar bay. Brothers and sisters, face off against each other and Finn has had enough. He walks right in the middle of all the shooting and calls for a cease-fire, his eyes flashing, his stance tall and proud. Everyone knew FN-2187. Everyone knew how high his aptitude was, and of his escape. He’s legendary among the stormtroopers, envied and hated and revered. Phasma screams at them to keep firing but all of them stop and listen. Several of the stormtroopers on Finn’s side forcibly wrestle her to the ground, disarming her and ensuring she doesn’t move.

“My name is Finn!” he calls out, and it echoes through the hangar bays. He is a person. He has a name. He was not born for this, being cannon fodder and less than nothing, and neither were they, he tells them. Some of them shift, unsure of what to believe. Rose, who was wearing her helmet, takes it off and goes to stand by Finn. “My name is Rose,” she says proudly. Another takes their helmet off. And then another. And then another. “There is still hope,” Finn says, looking every single person in the eye that he can. “For a life beyond this. There is still light beyond the darkness.” He turns to Phasma where she is being held on the ground. “Even for you.”

“TRAITOR!” Kylo Ren screams from where he has arrived, one cue, at the end of the hangar bay. Finn, without a lightsaber but still armed, goes to fight him and is losing ground fast, and just as Kylo goes to strike the killing blow, he is intercepted by none of other than Rey. She had built a double bladed lightsaber during her training, and untwists it now, handing one half to Finn. He lights it, and they charge together.

At one point, Kylo Ren escapes to the upper levels of the hangar, and spots Luke, who has been evacuating as many stormtroopers as he can to Leia’s ship. They take Phasma with them as a hostage. Poe, meanwhile, has been coordinating a separate assault as a diversion. “I DESTROYED YOUR ORDER!” Kylo screams, pointing an accusing finger at Luke. “THERE IS NO HOPE LEFT FOR THE JEDI!”

“Wrong,” Luke says, dropping his cloak and striding forward, gripping his father’s lightsaber in his hand, going to stand by his students (for Finn, he knows, will be among the greatest of his pupils). “The word ‘Jedi’ means hope. These two are Jedi, but so are all of those people back there, who you took as children and corrupted. Every spark of light that is still left inside you is the Jedi.”

“Hope is like the sun,” Leia says, striding up in front of her brother and his students and standing, her old lightsaber finally in hand again, blue as the sky of Alderaan. “If you only believe in it when you can see it, you’ll never make it through the night. And they all will,” she says, nodding back to the stormtroopers. “So can you, Ben. Come with us.”

Kylo hesitates, but ultimately bares his teeth and charges toward his mother, rage radiating off of him like a tidal wave. He never makes it within five feet of her–Luke Skywalker Force-pushes him so strongly he flies a hundred feet down the corridor. Before the hangar doors close, we see his face contorted with rage, and possibly confusion.

They all make it out, and Rey is wondering what they do now, since they didn’t defeat Kylo. Luke puts his arms around both her and Finn’s shoulders, and says, “Now the real training begins.”

Why Half-Elf Doesn’t Mean Half-Human...

I recently had a Player approach me about playing a Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf Character for My next Short-Term Campaign.

I, being the kind DM I am, told her that I’d be willing to Homebrew something for her.

But when I told her that, she gave me a confused look, and told me that “I though Half-Elf meant Half-Elf and Half-Anything else?”

And that’s when I became a little confused…

After reading through the passages on Half-Elves and their Racial Traits, I’ve noticed something I think is incredible…

Despite saying the words “Human Parent” about 12 times in the Passage, implying that Half-Elves mean Half-Elf & Half-Human, their Racial Traits suggest that Half-Elves mean “Half-Elf and Half-Anything”!

And here’s my look into it, I hope you enjoy!

Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 2, the standard for any Half-Elf. But it’s also followed by “and two other Ability Scores of your choice increase by 1.”

So this could as simple as +1 Strength, +1 Constitution for a Half-Elf/Half-Orc, or a +1 Constitution, +1 Wisdom for a Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf.

And if you wanted to be a little stranger, and perhaps go for a Half-Elf/Half-Gnome, Half-Elf/Half-Dragonborn, or Half-Elf/Half-Tiefling, this Ability Score Increase of a +1 to two Abilities of your choice allows for you to show the heritage of both parents.

Age: Age is strange, because many races such as gnome, halfling and dwarf live much longer than a half-elf, but the idea of an extended lifespan due to the heritage of both parents is still there…

Alignment: This depends a lot on the other half of the half elf. A Half-Elf/Half-Orc would most likely be Chaotic Neutral with hints of Evil, while a Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf would most likely be Chaotic Good.

Size: Keeping to the Half-Elf Traits so as to not make it homebrew, your size would be medium.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Which would be almost default for your character…

Darkvision: Almost all races have darkvision, and seeing as how half-elves get it from their elven side, this wouldn’t effect the rest of your character in any major way…

Fey Ancestry: Keeping to the Half-Elf Traits so as to not make it homebrew, your half-elf character, no matter what their other parent would be, would have the Fey Ancestry trait.

Skill Versatility: You gain proficiency in 2 skills. This is great for any Half-Elf character.

A Half-Elf/Half-Orc would most likely gain proficiency in Athletics due to their Strength, and Intimidation, much like the Half-Orc’s Menacing trait…

A Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf would most likely gain proficiency in History, much like the dwarf’s Stonecunning trait.

And if you wanted to create an even more unusual race, this Skill Versatility  allows for you to show more of the heritage of your other, non-elven parent.

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common, Elvish, and one extra Language of your choice.

So for a Half-Elf/Half-Orc it would be Orcish as an extra Language. For a Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf it would be Dwarvish.

Again… this lets you show more of the heritage of your other, non-elven parent.

And below, using only the half-elf template and a little change to flavor text, is an example of a Half-Elf/Half-Dwarf, with the Traits of a Half-Elf and a Dwarf put together into a wonderful, and technically official, race.

It just goes to show how a Half-Elf doesn’t have to mean Half-Elf/Half-Human…

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When cancer tried to ruin Christmas, Taylor Swift came through in a Big Way…
I would like to tell you a wonderful story about my friend and someone I do not know…Taylor Swift.
By Lisa Mo' Chin

I would like to tell you a wonderful story about my friend and someone I do not know…Taylor Swift.

How do I begin…

My friend, Linda, has had the most terrible history with cancer. She’s a single mother who has tried everything within her arsenal to stay positive, healthy and motivated. So when she found out it was back, with the holidays approaching, she started to reach out to her friends.

She wrote on Facebook:

I helplessly watched her post messages of her condition for months. I read through them trying to find any opportunities of things I could help her with, or just to try to make her feel better. When I saw this post, and read that she wanted a card from Taylor Swift, I thought to myself, there’s no way I can make that happen. Still, you can only ever try, and that is good enough for me.

So I started to try.

To understand exactly what she had gone through, I asked her to write me the details. She replied:

I had a brain tumor removed in May of 2010.
An adrenal tumor removed in aug 2010.
Diagnosed with neurofibromatosis in 2014.
Thyroid biopsy and hysterectomy in 2015.
Triple neg breast cancer stage 3. In August 2017
Double mastectomy and DIEP Flap reconstruction after Dec Bilateral Mastectomy with DIEP Flap reconstruction. Then six weeks of radiation

In August I had the biopsy. The I went bi-weekly for chemotherapy. My last treatment was Nov 29th. The Bilateral Mastectomy and DIEP Flap reconstruction is where they use my stomach tissue to create new breasts.

I hadn’t known her history before, but to think of one person having to go through all of this tore my heart into two. Life really isn’t fair at times. Okay Linda, I’m going to try my best!She told me her daughter Jolynne, 8, was the biggest Taylor Swift fan and sent me a few adorable photos.

Of course, the first thing I thought of was to ask my wonderful boss, Arianna, if she knew Taylor Swift. She replied that she unfortunately did not know the her, but would love to. I was immediately disheartened thinking, well of my limited connections, that was the only path that had a glimmer of hope. Still, I had to move onto plan B. I posted a heartfelt ask to my friends on Facebook. Maybe someone knew someone who knew the Megastar.

With a stroke of luck, my friend Dwayne Seaton came through. He is a long-time friend, but also Founder of “Sounds of Tomorrow”, a wonderful company that takes at-risk talented youth and gives them an opportunity of a lifetime by helping connecting them to industry professionals. One of those is Dwayne’s partner, Jerry Wonda (who has produced the Fugees, Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige and a long list of amazing musicians after), who happened to know Taylor Swift’s managers! Dwayne gave me the contact information and wished me luck.

I received his message late at night, after a long day of work, putting the kids to sleep, taking care of the dog and going through more of my friend’s sad posts. I was mentally exhausted but Dwayne’s message gave me hope, so even though it was after midnight, I began to draft this letter.

I wanted it to be on paper so it wouldn’t be lost in the hundreds of emails their office must get. I wanted the important parts to stand out so I used some pictures and hand-wrote the notes all over it. I really hoped this unorthodox approach would get someone to open it and notice it. I drafted it, noticed that some of the sentences barely made sense but still, shrugged my shoulders and wrote the address on it. I thought, someone is going to think that this letter is from a crazy person. Whatever, nobody is going to see it anyway…

I honestly didn’t think anything would come of it. To me, just the effort of making this would probably make my friend feel less alone, that there were people out there who were doing their best to try to salvage the holiday for her. I put it into the mailbox the next day.

Many days passed and I didn’t hear anything. Some friends asked me a week later about it and I shrugged my shoulders. Who knows how many letters her manager gets. What’s the chances they would see it.

A few days ago, I saw some sad news.

The next day, she had surgery. She kept a pretty positive attitude. Her boyfriend, this amazing man that has been there helping her through this entire ordeal, started to post updates. He said the surgery went well, the cancer hadn’t spread and there was a chance that she would be able to be released for Christmas. What amazing news! We were all ecstatic. I was so happy for them.

But then last night, I checked Facebook for updates and saw a post that she had tagged me into…

All in all Taylor Swift sent a huge package of Christmas ornaments, scarves, pictures, an album and more. Some of it was even autographed. I don’t know what to say except that Taylor Swift saved Xmas for this family. My friend went to bed hearing that her surgery was a success, that the cancer hadn’t spread, that she may leave early and just having the peace of mind that her daughter was preoccupied with these tremendously generous and amazing gifts from her biggest obsession. Her daughter probably didn’t sleep at all ha. I can’t believe how wonderful Taylor Swift and her team is. We are ever so grateful. It was the most generous thing they could have done and it means so much. Truly a miracle.

Then this Christmas Eve morning, I woke up to this…

Wherever you are Taylor, I’m going to have to agree, you definitely do have a Big Reputation, with all of us here in New York. Thank you for making this one giant magical amazing Christmas. You are truly an angel.

It Started With The Eggnog

@imcalledweasley requested: “Ok so I was thinking kylo ren x reader au where they’re like best friends or some thing (solo triplets Matt Ben & kylo) and Leia and han host a Christmas party, and like once the party’s over reader & kylo carry on drinking and fuck?”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 3.4k

Warnings: this is….. filthy

“And… there.” Ben puffed, finally relaxing his arms as the final decorations were put up.

Leia smiled brightly at Ben and Matt as they climbed down from their ladders. “It looks wonderful boys.” She gathered them both in for a quick hug. “I only wish your brother could have helped.”

Matt snorted, pushing his frames up on his nose. “He’s too busy mourning Halloween to come down.”

“If he had half as much holiday spirit as you two he’d be jumping at the chance.” Han chimed from the kitchen, busy with preparing the food.

The blonde son smirked at the remark and watched as his brother gave him a warning look. He went ahead and said what was on his mind anyway.

“He’d be a lot merrier if he knew (Y/n) just texted to say she can make it.”

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Baby Blues (Intro)

Baby Blues: Eleven months after a one night stand, Bucky is faced with raising his daughter and things are getting tough. That is, until he meets you, his extremely introverted neighbor. 

A/N: This is just a smol intro to the smol series that I need to get off my computer before my brain implodes, so bare with me, y’all. ;) I hope you guys like it! - D.

Pairing: Single Dad!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angsty as heck. Mentions of drug abuse. Swearing. Smut is implied. Bucky’s a dad. (If you’re uncomfy with any of these, keep scrolling.)

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How would you describe Oedipus? I've been asking around and most people either give a generic description or "motherf*king" jokes so I was wondering how you'd describe his story? I see it as tragic but I just can't seem to paint the story from my mind to my mouth. I'm clumsy with words but I admire yours. You have this way with powerful, lingering stories, haunting tells and perfect endings. So.. how would describe the tragic hero named Oedipus?

oh, it’s a tragedy, of course it’s a tragedy, how can it be anything else?

but i think the tragedy is not in his actions, not in the father he killed nor the mother he wed nor the children he sired. no, it’s not in what he did, it’s in who he was, the tragedy here is that oedipus was a good man and a good king and unlike so many mythical figures, he did not reap what he sowed

the tragedy here is not that he was human and erred and suffered due to his errors.

it’s that he did not err, and suffered, it’s that the sins of our fathers are our sins too and we cannot escape them

the oracle of delphi gave a prophecy that foretold that any son of king laius would kill his father and marry his mother. so when his wife and queen jocasta bore him a son, he had the baby’s ankles nailed together and ordered him to be left to die.

laius erred. laius planned to kill his son of blood, who had committed no crime, who was in perfect health,  who had done nothing but be born. it is laius who committed the sin of infanticide, and through this sin all other such events transpired

a shepherd spirits the infant away instead of leaving him to die, and he is eventually brought to the house of king polybus and queen merope, where he is adopted. laius and jocasta have no more children, even though this leaves laius heirless. since we know jocasta will later bear four more children, we know it is not her whom is the issue here. after laius commits this grievous crime, he is left sterile, and this, here, is where i believe the curse truly begins.

the curse over thebes does not begin with oedipus’s rule, with his supposed transgressions. it begins with his father’s sin.

oedipus grows up a devoted and loving son. he eventually hears rumors about his strange birth and consults the same oracle his birth father had, and is told the same prophecy. not knowing he’s adopted, he think the prophecy refers to polybus and merope, and he flees his home, horrified at the thought that he could ever harm his beloved parents in such a way.

he’s traveling, and upon a crossroads he meets his birth father, laius. they do not know or recognize eachother. they quarrel about who may precede first. it’s important to note that laius is the one who attacks first, who’s so offended that this unknown man will not move for a king that he tries to kill him, unknowingly attempting to murder his son a second time.

oedipus kills laius, not knowing he’s a king or his father, rather than let himself be killed, and fulfills the first part of the prophecy. once again, it is laius’s actions that are the incendiary actions here. if he had not attempted to kill oedipus, perhaps he wouldn’t have died. if he hadn’t thrown his son away, oedipus never would have killed him, since he was so aghast at the possibility of harming his adopted parents that he ran from his home and his life rather than risk it.

oedipus acts in self defense. even if he hadn’t, laius had already tried to kill him once, although neither of them had been aware of it. a trial by combat would be the least of what oedipus would be owed. he breaks no laws, does not act in hate or malice or fear. oedipus kills laius, kills his father, but no great sin is committed. patricide is a sin, but defending yourself is not, refusing to die is not a sin.

so he travels, and lands upon thebes, where a sphinx has taken residence, eating anyone who attempts to enter the city and cannot answer it’s riddle, effectively cutting off all trade to thebes and trapping all its residents inside, lest they leave and never be able to return. was the sphinx here when laius left? we do not know. it doesn’t say.

but if it was – did laius leave his city to die? was this sphinx just another piece of the curse laius had brought down upon thebes by attempting kill his freshly born son?

oedipus, a cleverer man than any who have yet tried to enter thebes, answers the sphinx’s riddle, and the creature leaves, having been defeated by this man’s intellect.

oedipus is a man who has shown himself to be strong enough to kill a king, and clever enough to defeat a sphinx. he has not harmed any who did not first try to harm him, was so against committing harm against those he cared about that he simply left them behind. oedipus so far has shown no fatal flaw, no poor judgement, nothing damning or ruinous.

jocasta’s brother, creon, had said any man who could rid thebes of the sphinx would be named king, and given his sister’s hand in marriage. oedipus had not known about this before arriving. he had not come to thebes with the intention of becoming king.

but king he becomes.

he is given jocasta’s hand in marriage, and the final portion of the prophecy is complete. he weds and bed and fathers children with his birth mother.

notice, however, that this only happens in the first place because of how honorable and kind oedipus is to begin with.

jocasta is in her forties, at least. she may be a beautiful woman, but she’s not a young woman. yet there are no accounts of oedipus being unfaithful, or cruel. jocasta bears him four children, two sons and two daughters, when during those long years after oedipus she had not had another child with laius. if oedipus had rejected this widowed queen, said her age made her unsuitable, had taken mistresses, had kept her as a wife in name only – then perhaps so much pain could have been spared.

but he didn’t do that. oedipus took a wife twice his age, at best, took a woman who was not a virgin, who had been the wife of this land’s former king, and he dedicates himself to her. he is faithful and attentive, and she must be fond of him, because she later tries to shield him from the truth when she uncovers it.

which part of his actions can we take account with? yes, jocasta was his mother, and it is incest – but he didn’t know that. he didn’t want that. to do otherwise than what he did, to cast aside his gifted bride, could only be considered cruelty. and oedipus was not cruel.

many years after this marriage, a plague strikes thebes. why is not clear, because if it were truly due to oedipus’s actions, to the gods taking offense at this incestuous union between mother and father-killer, surely it would not have taken years to come to fruition?

but a plague comes, and the oracle says that the only way to lift it is to see that laius’s killer is brought to justice.

(is it laius, yet again, bringing sorrow upon his city? is it his restless spirit which curses all of thebes? it is a strange coincidence that the infertility which he was cursed with after trying to kill his infant son is the same plight that now faces all of thebes.)

and of course, of course, honorable and kind oedipus vows to bring the killer to justice, says that this killer will be exiled for his crime of murdering the king.

exiled, not killed, what a peculiar punishment, what a merciful punishment for a king killer, what a merciful judgement from a merciful man.

but things unravel, as they do. he tells creon to bring him the blind prophet tiresias, who tells oedipus that he must stop digging into this matter. but the good of his city is at stake, so he can’t, of course he can’t, and tiresias calls him false for not knowing his true parentage. he and creon quarrel, and slowly, oh so slowly, the truth comes out.

a messenger comes, saying that his adopted father has died, and oedipus is relieved. not for any malicious reasons, but because it means he won’t fulfill his prophecy of murdering him. he refuses to go home because merope is still there, refuses to take up the title of king that is surely his by right, because he fears harming his mother. when the messenger says that oedipus is adopted, and there’s no reasons for him not to go home, jocasta finally realizes that oedipus is her son. she begs him to stop his search for laius’s killer, desperate to keep the truth from him.

jocasta knows, and tries to protect oedipus. she must believe he’s worthy of being on the throne, he must have showed her kindness and affection if she’s so desperate to protect him from the truth, even at the expense of the well being of thebes.

but oedipus does not listen. he leaves, and finds the shepherd who gave him to his adopted parents so long ago, and discovers the truth.

he is the son of lauis and jocasta. lauis is the man he killed at the crossroads. he has killed his fathe and married his mother, all them each unaware of each other.

after this, there are differing accounts of what happened next.

sophocles’s account is most popular. he returns to find his wife and mother jocasta has killed herself, and he takes the pins from her broach and blinds himself, unable to stand the sight of her. he is then exiled, as he said laius’s killer would be, and his daughter antigone guides him until he dies soon after.

in euripides’s version, jocasta does not kill herself. oedipus is blinded by a servant of laius, and so justice is still served to laius’s killer, and he continues to rule thebes. i like to think jocasta rules with him, alive and well, because she no more deserved death than oedipus deserved blindness.

the tragedy here is not in oedipus. it is in lauis, the clear villain of this story, the one who damned and hurt and cursed all around him. he who caused so much strife, and then left it all for his son to fix, for his son to struggle with.

but he did fix it.

oedipus was a fair and just ruler of thebes, a kind husband to jocasta, a good father to his children, from all accounts, since antigone was so devoted to him, and he was disappointed in his sons for their selfishness because that’s not how he raised them.

perhaps oedipus is a story of how our fathers, our predecessors, those who come before us will curse us and damn us and leave us more problems than solutions can be found

perhaps oedipus is a cautionary tale, and our tragic figure is not oedipuis, but laius, who made his own ruin, who’s spiteful hands left scars on all they touched.

oedipus is a tragedy, but only because it reminds us that our own undoing, our own unhappy endings, aren’t necessarily within our control. our own tragedies may not be our fault, may not be due to our mistakes, maybe we didn’t earn our unhappiness.

it’s not fair.

it’s not fair, and that’s the true tragedy of oedipus. that good, kind, clever, merciful people can do their absolute best, can show kindness and sacrifice and love, and in the end it won’t be able to save them from the mistakes other people have made.

oedipus was a good man, and a good king, and it may not have saved him – but it saved all those in thebes.

yes, oedipus was blinded. yes, jocasta died.

but the spinx was gone, their line continued, and thebes thrived.

the tragedy of oedipus is the idea that we’re not in control of our own destiny.

the triumph of oedipus is the idea that we need not control it in order to have a destiny worth remembering.

Bygones of the Sun | 08 (M)

Originally posted by hobismole

Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 4.6k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08  

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Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1301

Warnings: F L U F F. A few swear words. A really cheesy Han and Leia reference at the end. And a lil bit of making out.

Characters: Kylo Ren; Reader (Y/N)

“Y/N? Are you awake?” You slowly opened your eyes, slightly annoyed that you’d been disturbed just as you were falling asleep by a familiar tugging sensation in your head and chest.

“Hmph-yes…” you mumbled tiredly into your pillow.

It wasn’t uncommon for Kylo to contact you through the Force when you were on a separate part of the base and vice versa. You being a Knight of Ren meant you saw a lot of each other, so you’d become pretty close during the years you’d known each other. Your relationship was often hard for outsiders to understand - you were close as two peas in a pod and even if neither of you were Force sensitive you would still be able to tell what the other was thinking. Many people would make the assumption that you and Kylo were romantically involved, and at times you yourself wondered if that could ever be a possibility. You would be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t have a thing for Kylo but you would never tell him that, it would probably make him feel uncomfortable and it would ruin your friendship entirely (at least, that’s what you’ve led yourself to believe). But yes, there were those times when Kylo would look at you a certain way, or he’d be a little more physically intimate than ‘just friends’ usually were with each other. It frustrated you to no end, not knowing for sure how he felt. You wouldn’t ever pry through his mind, though. You had a mutual agreement to not invade each others’ privacy. And even if you did decide to ignore the agreement, he would be capable of pushing you out of his mind as you would be if he were to do the same to you.

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champagne kisses {b.b}

summary: bucky hates tony’s parties. so, (y/n) decides to cheer him up a bit with a hot tub and champagne, just for the two of them.
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
word count: 3.6k
listen to: stargirl interlude - the weeknd, lana del rey
warnings: PURE FILTHY SMUT, language
notes: posting this before new years bc i just really wanted to share this with you guys also as a present for 1k followers!! like holy shit!! thank you guy?!?!! :)

Tony’s New Year parties are legend, for multiple reasons, but this year is even more so than usual. Besides the copious amount of alcohol that, more often than not, leads to a complete contrast of morals, Tony goes out of his way to ensure that there are all kinds of crazy forms of entertainment available. 

When one is drunk enough, even the bouncy house smashed into the corner looks fun. (Y/N) is used to these parties. She’s been with the Avengers for several months now and Tony’s over the top celebrations hardly even faze her at this point. The same cannot be said about the latest member of their group though.

Bucky Barnes looks utterly lost. He’s been downing shots like a broken record for the past hour, though he’s as sober as he’d been when he buttoned up that impeccable suit and fumbled to make the tie look presentable. His super soldier qualities apparently don’t make it easy for him to get drunk, because any normal person who be stone cold by now. “Hi, soldier,” she greets, sidling up to him with a smile. He gives her a forlorn, ‘what-am-I-doing-here?’ look and she laughs. When she peers at the shot he’s currently cradling between three fingers, though, she starts coughing. “Is that Patrón? Jesus, how do you not have alcohol poisoning by now?” she mutters to herself, and quickly intercepts the shot before he can down it.

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anonymous asked:

mhm as a depressed person i'd love to hear someone say that they dont understand me and make me feel like a fucking alien. he's SOOO sensitive for being ignorant right? how can you defend him even now, you really haven't changed from the past.

*warning, long*

you didn’t read the entire fanacct, that was the first half of the first sentence. it took op 2 pages to describe the entire encounter and 5 seconds for the translator to translate one sentence, maybe less for netizens who wanted something to fight about. obviously, more happened than what you and many people are aware of.

btw i don’t want to make this personal! but please don’t be condescending in my inbox when i’ve had severe depression for the past 7 years of my life. i’m a (small albeit active) donor to active mental health research and recognition charities and a very active participant in the fight to understand, fight against, and overcome mental illness so aside from this baekhyun situation, this message is inflammatory to me as a person :/ but i digress bc those two things aren’t related so dw about it too much. i’m here to talk about baekhyun’s “situation,” not my own feelings.

don’t you think op, who was clinically depressed, would have also been offended by his words, had that been all he said? damn if he stopped right there then i agree!! but she shared the fanaccount bc it touched her, comforted her, and made her feel a bit more cheerful in that moment.


netizens who berate him for breathing took like 10 of his words out of context. it was a forum issue that people shut down. imagine if i said “i hate baekhyun, he’s so wonderful and perfect in every single way.” two opposing ideas spliced in two make for very very different situations. imagine if a netizen took the first half, translated it, and made everyone think that i literally hate baekhyun? i’m not sensationalizing this situation at all, this is…exactly what happened,.

the international translator who did this was being ignorant of her mistake, and the NETIZENS she used as “”proof””” were picking apart everything for the sake of being mean (as usual.) also, it’s not her fault alone, but i admit she had quite a big hand in blowing it up. did anyone who was supposedly offended read the entire thing? besides…i wouldn’t coin netizens as the ultimate supervisors of sensitive comments regarding mental health if you look at their track record. i’d look at OP instead.

btw this was a fansign with a very limited amount of time allotted for each person so he said as much as he could while having very little time to sort through his words. but he was sincere and heartfelt.


“i don’t fully understand depression BUT i hope i can be a comfort to you. i HOPE you can find strength.” the misconstrued first half of the sentence is actually a really important clause. why?

if he omitted the first half of the sentence it would seem like he’s evading the real topic. he used it as a disclaimer. doesn’t the internet only listen to ppl who have personal experiences with things anyway?? lmao what changed?? he said, “i may not understand it but i want to listen and i want to understand this better. just because i don’t personally experience it does not mean i can’t try my best to be a source of comfort and happiness for you.” BTW we do this all the time in english to avoid sounding insensitive…think about it for a moment. yeah.

is it not a good thing for someone to not understand the feeling of or have depression? contrary to what the internet thinks, not everyone knows everything about everything. depression is an abstract concept that’s very difficult to describe if you’ve never had it. you and i should know that firsthand. what makes this GOOD is that he handled the convo elegantly. he tried his best to convey his more sincere thoughts and tried hard to be sensitive of her situation. in this world, we’re going to encounter things that we don’t understand and it’s important that we approach it intelligently and carefully, even if we stumble around our words. THAT’S what makes it a good thing. there are too many people who don’t understand and blow it off as a phase, or blow it off as depressed individuals being lazy or weak or whiney. he’s not one of them.

this is one sentence out of many. baekhyun didn’t judge her but responded the best he could to his understanding. its not about what you say, but how you say it. that’s the sign of a responsible person who DOESN’T pretend to know more than they do. that’s humility and sensitivity even if you’re unsure of something.

he was compassionate and attentive, but didn’t treat her like a nut case. he treated her like a person and a friend. he wanted her to have strength. according to op, WHO WAS ACTUALLY THERE to witness his body language and words, said, “we ended the fansign brightly and cheerfully.” op is clearly not offended and in fact, felt brighter!!! so the atmosphere was definitely a positive one. her words, not mine.

she shared it because it was a pleasant memory for her..who the hell are we to say anything otherwise? personal experience should only have to comfort whomever is involved. what’s non negotiable though, WHETHER OR NOT you’re comforted by what he said, is that he DIDN’T SAY “i dont understand why you have depression damn girl bye!” even though that’s what headlines are saying.

again!! regardless of this essay i just typed, what is 100% objective is that he DID NOT say ‘i dont understand why you have depression” and then end the conversation right there?? he used it as a DISCLAIMER. those are the real facts because we can both read. and you can read it in the original tweet lol. AND in the clarity posts op made. you do realize.. she feels really stressed and sad about the situation. that should tell you something right there!

here’s op’s clarification post. i’m not linking her handle (most people aren’t) bc she doesn’t want random people to tweet her or talk to her anymore. 

even op’s apologizing :/ and for what!

i don’t want to make it seem like i’m angry at you because i’m not. it’s not about you or me or even baekhyun, it’s about the fact that we need to look at the full picture before acting!

i hope that you look at this situation and future situations in a more responsible manner. rumors CAN get out of hand; what’s trending is not necessarily the truth. in fact, what’s trending is usually NOT the truth because people like drama and refuse to apologize for starting it. truth gets buried under drama, ALWAYS. baekhyun thinks he did something wrong because he’s under the impression that he shouldnt have said “i dont understand how depression works BUT…..” uh no, that’s usually what you want to say to dispel the idea that you think you know more than you actually do. that’s called being aware of your own situation. that’s a fact. that’s actually a fact. i’m not trying to be funny with the fax™, that’s an ACTUAL fact, like, if you were to ask the internet of depressed people or a therapist for advice, that’s what they would generally advise you say to someone with depression. so..this is an awkward situation now 🚶🏻

and the problem is, he didn’t actually offend anyone who read the entire story, that’s why it was a non issue to exo-l’s who saw the entire fanacct.

he approached the situation as responsibly as he could, provided he was given a couple minutes to speak eloquently about something he has not experienced. you can read every research paper in the world about depression but if you don’t have it.. you just don’t understand. but we don’t NEED OR WANT everyone to understand. we just need people to be compassionate and kind. we want them to be willing to listen. we want them to be positive for us so that we may have a role model to look up to.

all WE can do now…is to be responsible for how WE consume content and look at the full picture before acting.


PAIRING: park jimin x reader

GENRE: enemies to lovers au, seven minutes in heaven au, university au, one shot

WARNINGS: language


A/N: two people suggested similar ideas and idk if it’s the same person bc they’re on anon, but idc i love this so much~~ happy new year i hope you have fun and do everything you want to do!

SUMMARY: You did not have an explanation for why you hated Park Jimin, you just did.



anon said: Could you do a 7 minute in heaven for jiminie?? Sort of like an enemies to lovers au..~

anon said: An enemies to lovers au for jiminie.. Please I love your writing♡



You first encountered Park Jimin when you were around the age of fifteen in your dance academy. Jimin was one of the older boys in another group, but he stayed back to help your instructor teach you and the girls in your class. Your teacher had often compared you to Jimin, which resulted in your expectations of the boy to be set fairly high; after all, he had gotten into every competition you had, he was the most talented in his group, and he just so happened to be your school’s heartthrob. Everything was perfect about the boy a year and a half older than you, yet you could not adore him similar to the other girls. They swooned under his presence and made mistakes purposefully to have him assist them, while you performed the choreography with no issues or critiquing words from your instructor. You did not care for the boy everyone else admired.

Whenever you were placed in one of the higher classes full of students all older than you, Jimin was the one boy who caused you problems. Every opportunity he was given, Jimin would point out what he believed was not up to par. You were both set at the same skill level, yet he felt the audacity to critique you whenever he was not worthy of it. The class full of your seniors was difficult to keep up with along with your studies, but somehow you managed to rank the most intelligent student among your peers, skipping a grade up to Jimin’s. Jimin then decided that since he thought knew you that he would invite you to his friend group; there you met his six guy friends who all possessed bold personalities, and the girls who you soon called your closest friends.

Everything was perfect for a while, Jimin stayed away from you for the vast majority of the time and you tolerated one another for a bit. He did not make any comments whenever you performed in front of the class, and you didn’t trip him on the way out of the studio. Trouble only began brewing when your instructor noticed the tension between you two when a solo was announced. None of the other dancers attempted to win your teacher’s heart, but you and Jimin once again returned to your old ways. Fights occurred often, and you slapped him more times than you can count, which resulted in your instructor to notice and come up with a solution. A duet contest would be taking place a few weeks before the concert, and you and Jimin would perform alongside one another. She should have known the problems that would occur because of her suggestion.

Your duet received a perfect score, and Jimin got the solo.


“How can two lovable people despise each other so much?” Sana laughed joyfully as you walked alongside her to the frat house the boys all lived in together. You rolled your eyes, deciding not to tell the story of your hatred in regards to Jimin, understanding Sana knew it well. She smiled while walking beside you, noticing the frown you carried thanks to Jimin who had continued to cause more problems. Even now with university, you and Jimin continue to be strict rivals constantly battling for the top spot, which he had just won today. When everyone began applying for colleges, you and Jimin just so happened to share the same dream of attending one of the most popular art and science universities while majoring in dance. You both got accepted into the college with a full ride of scholarships.

Approaching the front door of the frat house, Hoseok opened the door with a warm smile. Hoseok was another dancer, but he had attended another institution for dance than you and Jimin. He was just as talented, but specializing in a different genre. Hoseok found Sana during one of the first days when you introduced them to one another; being that Sana is your roommate in the dorms, they were constantly surrounded by one another and eventually began dating. Sana giggled as she was soon swept off of her feet by Hobi; you continued to walk past the happy couple into the frat house full of boys that you had grown close to, except Jimin of course.

“Namjoon, it’s to early to begin drinking,” you laughed, stealing the bottle from the boy who you often studied with. Namjoon was just as intelligent, only using his knowledge to become a doctor.

“Hey! It is too early to be scolding me like you’re older!” Namjoon teased you, taking ahold of the bottle of beer again. He wrapped his arm around you as you both laughed, being the big brother you never had. You were still the youngest of the group, even in university. The boys always found a way to help and protect you no matter your situation, including Jimin. Even if your competitive spirit with Jimin is severe, he still finds a way to help you whenever you need it. Many times you deny whatever he might suggest or offer, but he gives you the opportunity and reveals that he definitely does not hate you as much as you hate him. You peered up from your phone, your eyes meeting Jimin’s as he sat on the counter in the kitchen. “Your nemesis is here, Chim, and she’s looking furious.”

“Shut the f—”

“Y/N,” Jin giggled before you could speak what you initially wanted to respond with.  You glared up at Namjoon who held in his laughter, Hoseok and Sana walking in wearing big grins.  You never really desired having a relationship, always being so focused on dancing and your studies, which takes up all of your time.  With Sana and Hobi around, a small part of you wished you had someone as well, but you pushed that thought out.  Jin smiled at the couple as he handed you a sample of whatever food he was preparing for the small get together.  You grinned widely at the sight of the food Jin had made, loving anything that he cooked being that it all tasted wonderful.  You were not a very good cook, but you knew that with Jin’s help you could definitely become one. “This is my parents’ favorite.”

“I came up with a few games to play,” Taehyung stated as he stood beside Yoongi, who appeared as if he was going to fall asleep if we did not begin to play a game.  Everyone began clapping as all attention focused on Taehyung and his sheet of paper that he held close to his chest like a child doing a presentation.  You leaned on Namjoon, knowing he wouldn’t fall if you pushed him as hard as you could.  Jimin let out a sigh as he faced Taehyung, being the last person to give him their attention.  “A few of these are kind of risky, but the only two allowed to opt out are Sana and Hobi-hyung. The rest of us are fine being that we are not tied down into a relationship. Okay we have: spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven, and truth or dare!”

“This is stupid! There are only three other girls!” Jungkook laughed, pointing to you, Jisoo, and Yeri.  Taehyung laughed as he covered his face with the sheet of paper, a groan escaping your lips knowing that the games always ended in you doing something crazy with one of the boys.  Out of all of the seven boys, you had kissed two of them thanks to Taehyung’s games — Namjoon and Jungkook.  Both of whom you promised to never speak of again, and an awkward feeling swarmed the two of you for at least a month.  Taehyung then shrugged, Jungkook facing you as he began laughing.  You shot a glare in his direction, your eyes meeting Jimin’s right after.  You had not noticed his gaze until you met it, realizing that he must have been staring at you for a while.  He did not flinch once you looked back, your cheeks reddening, but not his.


“Alright! I nominate the first round of seven minutes in heaven to…” Yeri peered around the room, her bottom lip stuck out as she pondered who would be the best. Yeri was given the opportunity to pick because she was the only person who didn’t kiss someone else during spin the bottle. You kissed Namjoon for the second time, which was not that bad being that you could have had to kiss the pizza delivery guy, which ended up being Jisoo’s job. Yeri smirked as she leaned over to Jungkook, whispering in his ear for a second to have his eyes light up. He nodded rapidly, clapping his hands while waiting for Yeri to say the couple. “Y/N and Jimin!”

Soon, both you and Jimin were screaming at Yeri words that Jin would disapprove of. Everyone besides you two began laughing at your reactions which mimicked one another’s.

“You don’t have to do anything! You could both sit in there not saying a word!” Yeri laughed, yet you still did not want to be in a small space with Jimin. No matter if you both spent hours practicing with one another for multiple duets, his hands placed on your waist and hips at times, your faces merely centimeters away from touching, being close and not related to dancing slightly scared you. You were not scared of Jimin when it came to words, but you knew why he attracted girls — he has a way with moving that the average boy does not have. He is a talented dancer whose facial expressions differ from anybody else’s, and those expressions do not change depending on his location. “You two seriously danced the most intimate duets and made perfect scores. There is no reason why you can’t sit in a small space with one another!”

“For fucks sake!” You groaned before standing up and grabbing Jimin by his wrist. Everyone began cheering as you walked into the closet and sat down in the corner, scowling as Jimin closed the door. Darkness cascaded, and you heard as everyone stated outside that they were going to get more drinks in the kitchen. You huffed, your heart pounding in your chest as you heard Jimin take a seat. You understood he did not want to be in the situation either, but if neither of you had gotten up then you would have never lived the moment down. You rested your head against the wall, taking a deep breath as you screwed your eyes shut. Silence fell in the space, and not a single sound was heard outside of the closet either. You wanted to crawl into the floor right there and disappear for the rest of eternity.

“Why do you hate me?”

Seriously? You do everything to put me at a lower rank,” you replied, and you heard Jimin shuffling around.

“I do not; I simply want you to use the talent you have to the best of your capabilities! You’re younger than everyone so we all want you to be the best! I only tell you what’s wrong because you’re good enough to do anything,” Jimin stated, and soon you felt his arm against yours. He had moved to sit closer to you, which was not expected being that you both had put up a fight to not be stuck with one another. Jimin sighed, yet the small action made you feel small. Jimin had always been intimidating, you had just suppressed the feeling and pushed yourself to be better. He was gentle, and you knew that, you just did not comprehend it.

“Why do you hate me?” You asked.

“I don’t,” Jimin breathed. He must have held his breath until you responded, which you had not noticed until then. You nodded although you understood he could not see you, feeling your heart pounding rapidly due to the close space you both were forced to be in. You attempted to lower your legs from your chest, and your feet hit the wall opposite of you and Jimin. Despite the proximity, you still found yourself able to be comfortable. “I sat on a box over there and it didn’t feel too safe, so I’m sorry if I’m close. I don’t hate you, because if you haven’t noticed that would be very hard. You’re very likable, and everyone I know wants to be with you or your friend. You have this thing about you that I, yet alone anyone, can not figure out.”

“Says the guy who has girls crawling to his feet!” You replied, hearing a chuckle leave Jimin’s lips. He did not even deny your accusations, which proved your point. You and Jimin are complete opposites — he is confident, definitely not a virgin, and a pro at everything he attempts; you are shy, a virgin, and it takes you forever to master something. You rolled your eyes, Jimin’s side resting against yours which caused him more problems then it did you.

Jimin, like every guy he knew, found himself fascinated with you. You are unapologetic about dancing sensually, and compared to the other female dancers, you’re a goddess. Whenever you would perform duets with one another, he was conscious of placing his hands on you, believing you’d snap at him if he did not hold you right. Jimin believed the blush appearing on your cheeks whenever you danced together was simply from practicing, unaware of the fact that you remained single.

“Not the girl I want,” Jimin muttered. “She is focused on what really matters, unlike me. She is devoted to her work, while I am struggling to pay attention to anything because she’s on my mind.” You bit down on your tongue at Jimin’s words, not really knowing what the feeling is like. You wondered how long you had been cooped up in the closet for, but you did not mind the time either way. You and Jimin had a different understanding of one another after being forced into the same compact space. You felt your heart beating, your head telling you to make a promise to not treat each other like you used to. You lacked the confidence to actually speak up though, not wanting to interrupt Jimin with his small story. Minutes ago, you wouldn’t have cared.

“Do I know her?” You whispered, running your hand through your hair.

“She just spoke.”

“You fucker!” You laughed, playfully elbowing his side, expecting Jimin to laugh back and say that he got you. Only he didn’t, remaining silent while waiting for you to continue. You felt your heart racing in your chest by this point, not knowing how to continue the conversation being that Jimin had just confessed to you, and your cheeks were definitely red and hot. Jimin was the only boy you knew who was potentially worth your time, and you shared the same hobbies. Jimin had no flaws, which meant he was completely perfect and your younger self who didn’t know him would have told you to jump at the chance. You squeezed your eyes shut as you waited for Jimin to tell you that it was a joke, or ‘how could you ever believe such a lie?’

“I’m serious.”

“Then show me.”

You crawled onto Jimin’s lap, your legs on either side of him. You did not know where your confidence originated, being that you would have never made such a move with anyone. Jimin did not hesitate, placing his hands on your hips and pulling you closer to him which you didn’t realize was possible. You felt his breath on your face, his lips connecting with the skin of your neck. You squeezed your eyes closed as you clutched onto the thin fabric of his shirt, his fingertips raising the hem of your shirt so he could touch the delicate skin lining your waist. You felt your cheeks warming as you realized what was occurring, tapping your hand against Jimin’s chest.

“You idiot, don’t leave a mark where they can see,” you whispered, and Jimin nodded before stretching the collar of your shirt to connect his lips to your shoulder. You smiled faintly while struggling not to make a noise that could possibly be heard outside. Your hands lowered, your fingertips gliding down Jimin’s chest which you never realized was completely muscle. He hummed, which turned into your motivation to keep going. You began to slowly move your hips, Jimin’s lips removing themselves from your shoulders. You did not know if you were correctly starting what you figured would be a long night, but Jimin seemed to be enjoying your actions. You continued lowering your fingertips until they met the waistband of his jeans, your fingers lingering over the button of them. Jimin rubbed small circles on the small of your back, breathing softly against your neck.

Times up! We’re not going to open the door because nobody wants to get up, but get out of there!”

You snapped back into reality, the lust that once filled your eyes disappearing. Jimin gently placed a kiss upon your lips, almost hesitantly like everything that once occurred never did. You smiled faintly and nodded, getting off of his lap and sitting on the floor. You then realized that noise was happening outside of the closet, and that everyone was laughing while clearly having a fun time. Jimin placed his hand on your thigh while softly chuckling, your hands meeting his hair to flatten it down so it does not look too crazy. Despite the lack of lighting, you understood both of you looked different then when you first entered, which would raise some eyebrows. You took a deep breath as Jimin squeezed your hand, the both of you standing up to begin walking out to see the group of people behind the act. As you opened the door, words were spoken that you never thought you would ever hear.

“You don’t hate each other anymore, do you?”


It Ain’t Me: Part 10(II) |Last part|

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.4 K

Genre: Angst

Part 10(I)

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Jungkook was ready. Thirty minutes had already passed since you had hung up and his house was as neat as it could be. The bed sheets were neatly plastered on the bed with minimal creases. The glass door facing the city was spotless and glistening with the orbs of lights emitting from the skyscrapers.  The wine was ready in cabinet but he daren’t take it out yet. He didn’t want to seem too at ease with the situation, which he really wasn’t, but if it came to that, he was ready to please you with some of your favorite wine. Double-checking everything for the 20th time, he nervously looked at the clock. 9:30 pm. You should be here anytime.

As if it was a rehearsed play, his doorbell came to life. His heart almost leapt right out of his chest but he steadied himself speed walked to his front door, opening it with more haste than he intended, to find you standing in a black dress and a thin overcoat clearly not meant for the kind of chilly winds gracing the city from past few nights. You were paler than he remembered and slightly thinner.  You were frowning, and your lips were in pursed in a tight line.

You cleared your throat, clearly unnerved by his shameless ogling.

But he couldn’t help himself, you looked as beautiful as the first day he had seen you. Just as ethereal.

“May I come in?” You finally spoke up.

The formality in your words cut through his heart like a knife. He swallowed and forced a smile on his face.

“Of course you can.” He moved back, giving you space to enter and you did. You avoided his eyes and walked right past him into his living room. Jungkook tried not to show the hurt on his face when you didn’t even glance at his bedroom. He wasn’t sure if he was successful.

He followed you into the living room and took a seat on the modest sofa chair beside you. This was making him nervous. You were making him nervous. He stuttered when he spoke next. “W-would you like some wine? I have your favorite-“


Was it possible to hear one’s name and go into cardiac arrest? Jungkook wondered as he struggled hard to keep the smile on his face. He certainly hoped not.


“I forgive you.”

His eyes grew wide. You forgive him? This was too different from what he had expected, too different from how things had played out in his mind.

“…but?” He prompted you.

“But…I cannot be with you.” You finished.

You saw the hope dissipate from his face and desperation set in. Forgetting the awkward tension between the two of you, in a second Jungkook engulfed your hands in his own.

“___, One chance. That’s it. That’s all I’m asking for. Never again will I do something so stupid. Please…just give me one chance.” He cracked.

You felt your eyes starting to water at his words. It was tough for you too, to finally accept your own words, to think beyond only the good memories and stand face to face with the unbiased reality of your relationship with Jungkook.

“Listen to me carefully Jungkook.” You freed your hands from his grip and held his face in your hands with tearful eyes. Whatever the outcome, you had to stand your ground. You had accepted the reality and you wanted to show it to Jungkook. You carefully ran your eyes over his face. His chocolate brown eyes fixed on your every word brimming with tears that his stubborn ass won’t allow to drop down, his messy and yet perfect hair that you’re always curious about because goddamn his hair was so soft, his quivering lips that you knew tasted like heaven. You swallowed the lump building in your throat and closed your eyes for a long second. You sigh when you opened them next.

“This is tough for me too. You…you mean a lot more to me than just a lover. You’re my friend. And-“ You released a frustrated sigh and continued. “And I love you in so many ways. But I can’t be with you without hurting myself.” Jungkook opened his mouth to say something but shook your head, pleading him to let you finish. “It’s the trust that’s missing Jungkook. It’s not just you. Maybe it’s the both of us, maybe you could have believed me and maybe I could have tried harder. There’s so many things that could have happened but things proceeded the way they did and” A tear left escaped and then two. You ran your hand over his hair and he leaned into your touch. “And maybe it was for the better.” A strangled cry left Jungkook’s mouth and your heart broke at the sound but you continued, pulling him closer until his head was on your chest and your arms around him tight.

“Shh, it’s okay. This needs to be done.” You said softly because if you attempted to make your voice any stronger you knew you would cry. “ Maybe we need to know each other a lot more than we believe we do. We need to meet as new people again….as strangers.”

Jungkook removed his face from your chest but he didn’t look up. He was holding your hands around his neck and looking down at his lap. His shaky breaths told you that he was crying still. It felt like an eternity before he spoke next.

“How will I ever forgive myself for this ___? For hurting you? For breaking us apart?”

You found your voice again and with a sad smile of your own you said-

“Because I have already chosen to forgive you.”

Your heels clicked nastily on the scratchy surface as you struggled to drag your suitcases across the road.  A rash driver barely missed you by an inch. You swore under your breath when you twisted your foot and took a silent pledge to lead a protest against the terrible airport drivers who clearly paid no mind to the lives of the people crossing the road. Taking a deep breath, you collected yourself but just when you were about to move forward, a hand swiftly crossed your inattentive form and took your bag from you. To say you were freaked would be an understatement. In fact, you were pretty sure your scream had reached the spaceships on Mars.

“Yoongi! What the hell?” You said through grinded teeth while your hand moved to soothe your erratically beating heart.

Yoongi flashed his gummy smile and shrugged. “You looked like you were struggling, so I helped.”

“By scaring me half to death?” You hissed.

“You should’ve seen your face.” He snickered and you rolled your eyes, speed walking towards the café settled on your right when you entered through the crystal doors of the airport. Yoongi caught up and took your suitcase from you. You gave him a thankful salute as you entered the café.

“So,” You began, taking a seat across Yoongi on one of the corner tables. “I reckon there must be something incredibly important for you to have insisted on meeting me before my flight?”

“Of course.” Yoongi said, his face getting serious.

“Great. This better be good. I’m sitting here 3 hours before my departure time.”

“Of course it is.” Yoongi replied sipping on water.

“Hmm, so tell me. What is it?”

Yoongi leaned forward, more serious than you had ever seen him. His hand snaked across the table towards your hand and settled above it. A look of passion covered his eyes. You were silent, waiting for him to begin. This must be a lot more serious than you expected.

“What’s up?”

For a second, your mind went blank. Then confusion spread.

“What?” you said skeptically.

“What’s up? How’ve you been?” An innocent smile covered the devil’s face.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” You said unamusedly.

“No? Can a friend not even ask how you’ve been? Geez.” He smirked, clearly unaffected by your annoyed gaze.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. “My dearest FRIEND Min Yoongi, I happen to have a flight in…oh THREE HOURS, and I’m sitting here at 8 in the morning and all you want to ask me is ‘what’s up’ ?!”

“No. I’m here to say Goodbye.”

Your anger dissipated at the sudden change in his tone and this time you knew he wasn’t kidding. You faintly smiled as you called on the waiter to order your tea and Yoongi’s coffee.

“I’ll be back soon.” You pointed out, turning to Yoongi after giving your order.

“Yeah, a year qualifies as soon now does it?” He grumbled.

You smiled at his pout. Sometimes, your friend could really be a darling.

“It is. My colleagues are being posted out for 3 years you know. I’m getting out pretty early compared to that.” You sipped on your tea.

“Yeah, I know.” He sighed. “It’s okay, you deserve a break from…this place.”

A dull pain formed in your chest and your eyes grew slightly melancholic. “How is he?” You asked quietly.

“Well, you know, he’s faring. He’s laughing again. He speaks of you often.”

“Does he now?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Yep. He totally does.”

You smiled and sipped on your tea. It had been a month since you had parted ways officially. It was like your first break up all over again. The pain, the tears, the sorrow. The weight your break up being final this time was weighing you down. Only this time, you weren’t helpless. This time you weren’t craving closure. This time you weren’t regretting your choice. This time you weren’t waiting on anyone’s words. Yes, it was painful. But it was bearable.

“So you never told me what happened that day when you showed up at his house.” Yoongi pulled you back from your thoughts. You took another sip from your tea of green and a mixed emotion settled across your features. What had really happened huh…

“Because I have already chosen to forgive you.”

Silence stretched after you made your revelation, and all you and Jungkook could do was look into each other’s eyes. Then slowly, a smile began to form on Jungkook’s face and a twinkle appeared in his eyes.

“Thank you ____.” He said softly.

You returned his smile and gave him a nod.

“I know…” He began, pulling away from you and leaning back in his position. “I know this wasn’t easy decision to make for you too. I know I did some horrible, horrible things. But, maybe you are right. Maybe we need to meet again as strangers. Maybe one day…” His voice cracked and you felt the lump rise in your throat.

“Maybe one day, we can find each other again. Maybe one day, we’ll bump into each other at a party again. Maybe one day…I will run after you again.”

Your eyes couldn’t hold back the tears and they fell freely. This finality of the entire situation was a little scary but in one part of your chest, a load weighing you down started to diminish. And this time you smiled through your tears when you answered.

“Maybe we will.”

“Hello? ____? You okay?” You were drawn back from your thoughts with Yoongi’s deep voice once again. You blinked twice and focused on his puzzled expression.

“Uh,” You found your voice again. “Yeah…Yeah I’m good.”

Yoongi gave you a weird look and began speaking again.

“So…hey…I uh wanted to say that it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me and all that but you know um…apart from that, when you, uh, come back…that is…when you come back…you and me…can we uh…shit.”
You watched with eyes wide as Yoongi fiddled with his hands and tried to complete his sentence. Wait, was he sweating? Is Min badboy Yoongi nervous?

“Hey, Yoongi, are you okay?” You asked him, your voice full of concern.

Yoongi sighed and then took a deep breath. He looked up.

“Okay, I’m gonna say this quick so listen carefully. When you come back for a break this winter, can you and I go somewhere….like to an amusement park or something? I mean, wherever you want to go of course. I’m not forcing you and I know what-“

You laughter stopped him in midst of his wreck of a sentence.

“Hold on, I gotta record this. Min Yoongi asking me on a date.”

Yoongi blushed so hard, you were sure he could be considered a close relative of tomatoes at that second.

“You-..I-..No! Not a date! I-I just want to be better friends with you and know you better.”

“At an amusement park?” You teased him.

“I said wherever you want to go!” He blushed again.

You smiled mischievously and gave your hand across the table for him to take. He suspiciously took your hand and shook it.

“Sure, let’s hang around. I want to know you better too. You are the closest friend I have right now, believe it or not…” You smiled fondly. You knew Yoongi and you knew that this was an effort on his part. He considered you a friend and with Yoongi, your friendship had blossomed under odd circumstances, which meant that you did consider each other close but didn’t really know each other that well and this was Yoongi’s effort to know you better. Only, you knew he didn’t do this often and how awkward he must feeling, so of course…you had to tease him.

“But right now I’m really hungry, so treat me to some good pancakes. My wallet’s packed and locked inside. If you do this, I will let you take me out on a date, Mr. BadBoy.” You winked.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “In your dreams, you pumpkin.”

Voices faded in the background as you and Yoongi bickered back and forth, and your mind wandered to the events of last two months. So much had happened. You had lost the love of your life, you had lost your best friend, you lost your backing but you also gained. You gained friends like Yoongi. You gained an understanding of your relationship and where you went wrong. You learnt to forgive. You learnt to let go. If someone asked you now whether you would choose not to take Jungkook up on that offer the time he ran after you, if you could, you would say no. You would do it all over again. You would take yourself back to the night you met Jungkook and do it all over again. Because maybe some day, you will meet again as strangers.

Maybe someday, he will chase after you again and you will spend the night drowned in beers and laughter.


a/n: I feel like I just married off my daughter. This marks the end of It Ain’t me. Thank for all your love!

Much love, 


anonymous asked:

did you see taehyung talking about the meaning behind stigma? what are your thoughts on it??

yeah i have many thoughts on it. firstly, trigger warning because i will be talking about sensitive subjects. secondly, another trigger warning because i’m going to be talking about a sensitive subject in relation to the boys, and i know how some people in this fandom tend to overreact (which is part of the reason i haven’t talked about this until now. however this is my blog, which is 99% speculation and theories, and i’m not gonna sugarcoat or withdraw my thoughts from you guys anymore) 

so if you think hearing something concerning about bts will disturb your thoughts or trigger you in any way, (especially with recent events, i know everyone’s very sensitive) this is not the post for you. please, please click away (i recommend watching the new run episode, it’s hilarious) 

now that that’s clear, here is what he said:

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“Don’t marry him.” {One Shot}

|Pairing| {Min Yoongi 𝕩 Reader}

|Genre| {Slight Angst}

|Word Count| {2,402}


Originally posted by bangtanboysbutterfly

I was looking forward to seeing her. She comes to most of the fan signs, and every time I see her I can’t help but smile because every time I see her, she tells me I’ve made her day; I made her smile. She asks me how I’m doing, if everything’s going well and the way that I want it to. She cares about me and the members, she doesn’t just come to get her albums signed; she comes to see us, or she tells me that she comes to see me, because I - Min Yoongi is her bias. She comes to give us gifts, to thank us for changing her life and tell her what she thinks about new music, new shows we’ve been on, music award shows and our achievements. I see her every so often, but somewhere down the line in the four years she’s supported us. I think I fell in love with her.

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Jump Takeoffs, Yuzuru Hanyu Style

Merry Christmas! I’m wondering if you girls and guys would like to look at some Yuzu takeoffs with me. I’ve found that watching his takeoffs in slow motion has the same effect on me as watching falling snow: it’s incredibly therapeutic. And we all deserve something nice this Christmas, after all we’ve been and are still going through.

Here’s a quad toe loop:

The thing I love about Yuzu’s toe loop, and all of his toe jumps, is how he always keeps his tapping foot low and his picking light, which give his jumps this appearance of effortlessness. His toe tap is also very quick and in tune with the connecting steps leading up to the entry, it’s like, step-turn-pick-jump, 1-2-3-4: no break in the rhythm, no loss of flow, easy and graceful. Furthermore, his technique is what I’d call a pure toe pick, in that he would tap with his toe pick straight down and leave the ice immediately without putting pressure on any other area of his blade. It is the kind of exemplary technique which leaves no room for pre-rotation.

Here’s a triple toe loop in combination:

The toe loop done at the back end of a combo is the most frequently cheated jump, so much so that the ISU feels the need to call it out in the section on cheated takeoff in the technical handbook. This is because the second jump in a combo must be done with little to no speed, thus it is very challenging for skaters to get enough elevation to complete the required number of rotations. The toe loop is also a jump which lends itself to pre-rotation, thanks to the completely open body alignment on takeoff. Both these factors make it very easy for skaters to end up rotating their combo triple toe on ice for more than 180 degrees before taking to the air, either deliberately or subconsciously due to lack of focus. Yuzu doesn’t do that. As you can see in that jump above: he pointed his toe at 45 degrees and left the ice immediately, exactly how he usually does it for his quad toe.

Here’s a quad Salchow:

You might’ve noticed that Yuzu’s toe loop and Salchow look strikingly similar in real time. This is mostly because of the speed at which he executes them. One, as I pointed out above, his pick in the toe loop takeoff is subtle and blink-and-you-miss-it fast. Two, his spring on the Salchow is just as quick. Normally you’d be able to distinguish the Salchow jump by looking for that moment before takeoff when the skater brings the knees together to form a distinctive / \ shape: that position facilitates the shift in center of gravity from the push-off leg (right side) to the swing-up leg (left side), which is the mechanics of a Salchow. Yuzu also does that, but his transfer of gravity and the release of energy afterwards both happen in rapid succession, again, blink-and-you-miss-it. Another beauty of Yuzu’s Salchow is in how he keeps his upper body movement in perfect sync with his sweeping takeoff: see how the right side of his body rotates as one solid block? It is another measure which ensures no risk of excessive pre-rotation and is the hallmark of excellent jumping technique. You will see it in all of his jumps, not just the Salchow.

Here’s a triple Salchow done in combination, in which you’d see the same speed and synchronicity:

Here’s a quad loop

Yuzu has a very peculiar loop takeoff, of course: his left back outside edge on his quad loop is deeper than what many other skaters have on their Lutz (a jump which is required to be taken off from an outside edge). This in theory makes his loop unnecessarily counter-rotated and closes up his body alignment. The orthodox approach is to keep your free leg on a slight inside edge, which would prevent both those things from happening. I’ve always found it fascinating that Yuzu apparently can only jump a quad loop by making its takeoff more difficult than a triple.  

This, by the way, is one of his triple loops from back when he was still able to do such things:

See how his outside edge was visible but much shallower here? You might also notice he got such height on this triple that he finished rotating and started opening up his position for the landing when he was still way up in the air. It’s a side effect of practicing the quad loop.

Here’s a triple flip:

Look, I told you so, he has this pure toe pick technique that exudes an odd sense of tranquility. His love for everything contradictory is as present here as ever: see how he pointed his toe away from the rotational direction? Pre-rotation is a thing that doesn’t even exist in his flip, excessive or no. Because of how he picks and how fast he leaves the ice, he actually rotates his triple flip for more than the required degrees of revolution.

And if you are wondering if he also does that outward toe point thing for his Lutz, well what do you think? Here’s a triple Lutz:

The Lutz by itself is a counter-rotated jump, but this effect in Yuzu’s Lutz is extraordinary, owing both to that quirky toe pick and his cutting deep outside edge on takeoff. There is simply no question about the correct takeoff edge in such a jump, and, same as with his flip, he rotates this jump for slightly more than 3 revolutions in the air.

Going by his approach to the quad loop, obviously you shouldn’t expect anything less when it comes to how extra he is when he moves from a triple Lutz to a quad Lutz:

I have a running joke with my skating friends that Yuzu’s quads are actually under-rotated quints. That quad Lutz clearly has more than 4 in-air revolutions to it, you know? Any non-Axel jump with no less than 3.75 in-air revolutions is recognized as a fully rotated quad by ISU standard (a standard which they don’t even uphold that strictly) so, yeah, I do think I have a case for a quint here.

Saving the best for last, here’s a triple Axel:

I don’t have any word left to adequately tell you how perfect his Axel takeoff is, the elegance and the sureness and the power infused in it, so here, have a bonus gif instead, in which you can also confirm there is no sloppy takeoff even in the simplest of his jumps, a double toe:

You might also want to note, in all of these takeoffs, the uncanny speed at which he gets into an ideal tight air position: his feet are always tightly crossed at the ankles well within the first revolution. This adds to the height and distance he achieves, and further makes his jumps very aesthetically pleasing to watch, especially in slow motion. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and the next time you run into anybody saying that Yuzu cheats his jump or some such stuff, feel free to rub these gifs in their face, no credit required on my part. 

Pink (A Sehun One-Shot)

Genre: Humor / Fluff / Smut (18+) / Neighbor!AU

Pairing: Sehun x You

Description: You run into your attractive neighbor in an unexpected place.

Word Count: 11.4K

A/N: This story is a Secret Santa gift for Alba @messyscriptorium , I was so excited to receive Alba for the gift exchange as part of @kpoptrashnetwork ’s Secret Santa Project / Holiday Haul, because I actually know her and because she’s an amazing human being whom I adore. Alba provided a few of her biases and Oh Sehun happened to be the very last one… I picked him because I’m feeling pretty fucking noodly lately and Alba, I hope you enjoy this story that I wrote just for you. :D I used Pink since the color pallet you provided included pastels and Neighbor!AU seemed doable to me as a one shot.

Also thank you to @dancinghell666 for coming up with the location for the opening scene of this story. :D it was perfect! 

It wasn’t your scene. The neon lights and bright colors when you walked through the door and that smell, what was that smell? Like a layer of industrial cleaner over something flowery and just below that was something else. Something dirty and biological maybe. Most definitely. You eyed the rows of red curtain covered doorways that lined the back wall with the sign at the top that read, in an innocuous font, a simple and nowhere near as explanatory as it should have been, “viewing rooms.” Your mind flashed to the sign on the front door with the scary message.

‘Absolutely no persons under the age of 18 allowed to enter.’

You wanted to leave.

Well, you kinda wanted to leave.

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Hold on to the memories

OMG HI HELLO wonderful person, who sent me one of my first prompts ever!!! :D 💖💖💖 Man, I feel like that was aaaages ago :D Thank you so much for this ask! I would NEVER ignore this!! :D Although, I have to admit I rarely write sequels, well in this case prequel, to any of my ficlets. BUT a few other people have messaged me about a sequel, too. And you guys were all so sweet about it! So, @potterlocked16, once again, thank you so much! 💖 :)

This time, it’s from Draco’s pov.

It’s on AO3 as well, if you prefer to read it there :)

And you can find part 1 here or also here on AO3 :)

“What are you smiling about?”

Making sure he wouldn’t spill his coffee, Draco slowly leaned back in his chair. Without breaking eye contact with his boyfriend, he placed his feet on the table and crossed them at the ankles.

“Nothing,” he said, his smile widening.

“You’re wearing the socks,” Harry remarked.

“I know.” It didn’t even occur to Draco to give Harry some snarky or witty retort. His mind was preoccupied with other things. Happiness, for the most part.

They had come a long way since they had first moved in together over two years ago. What a roller coaster ride it had been! For almost a year, they had just been flatmates. Sure, they had spent a lot of time together, but it had taken quite some time before things had changed. It had all started with their mutual desire to spend their evenings at home, rather than going out. They’d just eat dinner and sometimes watch television together. Draco had become quite fond of spending their evenings like this.

At first, he had been wary of this weird Muggle device that had suddenly replaced one of their shelves in the living room. Harry had assured him, he’d like it. And he did. This television thing was quite entertaining. But that wasn’t the part Draco liked most.

At that point, there wasn’t much they didn’t share. Except for Draco’s shampoo. But Harry knew not to touch it. Just like Harry knew Draco would be cold on the sofa. He distinctly remembered that one night, when Harry had gotten the ball rolling…

Draco felt his lips stretch into a smile as he watched his flatmate approach, a bowl of popcorn in one hand and a blanket in the other. They were so in sync by now, they barely needed any words to know what the other needed. Draco took the bowl from Harry while he draped the blanket over the both of them.

“What are we watching tonight?” Draco asked. Not that he really cared. Rather than watching the movie, he usually watched Harry. His face and his reactions to the plot twists were so captivating. Tonight was no exception. Harry’s eyes were wide and he absentmindedly shoved popcorn into his mouth every now and then, while the bloke in the weird black suit with pointy ears (apparently he had a thing for bats or something?) speeded into the night on his motorcycle.

As much fun as it was to watch Harry like this, Draco realised he had been sitting in the same position far too long. His left leg felt numb and his neck was beginning to hurt. He started shifting, causing the blanket to fall on the floor.

“Sorry,” Draco mumbled. “My leg has gone dead.”

“Hold on,” Harry said, changing his position and putting the popcorn aside. “Here, give me your feet.”

Draco frowned.


“Give me your feet,” Harry repeated. He patted his lap and gave Draco an expectant look. Slowly, Draco stretched out his feet. He wasn’t sure how he felt about this. He didn’t like people touching his feet. Not many had done so, but he just knew he didn’t like it. As soon as his heels touched Harry’s thighs, Harry put the blanket over them again, slipping his hands underneath. He started rubbing Draco’s ankles, much to Draco’s surprise. Huh. That didn’t feel so bad. Actually…

Draco let out a contented sigh. Who would have thought having Harry Potter as a flatmate would have such benefits?

Out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at said flatmate. It had been a long time since he had thought of him as ‘Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived’. To him, he was just Harry now. No more ‘Golden Boy’ or ‘The Chosen One’. Just Harry. The potential love of your life. Oh, Merlin! Not that again! Draco inwardly groaned. His mind was such a traitor sometimes. Actually, lately, it was all the time.

It didn’t matter if Harry was cooking dinner, coming out of the shower, or reading in one of the armchairs, Draco always stopped in his tracks and just watched him. He couldn’t not do it. It was like a reflex. Speaking of reflexes… Draco’s right knee suddenly jerked when he felt Harry’s fingers on his bare skin.

What was he doing? Harry’s fingers were brushing his shin. Draco had been so preoccupied in thought, he hadn’t realised how Harry’s hand had slowly found its way up his trousers leg. Was Harry even aware of what he was doing? He seemed to be completely absorbed in the movie.

“I need something to drink. You want something?” Harry asked, not taking his eyes off the television.

Draco just shook his head and watched Harry as he went into the kitchen. He could still feel Harry’s touch on his skin and it utterly confused him. He desperately wanted him to touch him again, but would that even happen? Had that just been an accident?

When Harry returned with a glass of water, Draco tried to act as normal as possible. Which wasn’t that easy to do, because holy shit, what was Harry doing? He hadn’t been sitting this close to Draco before! Now, Draco’s thighs were on Harry’s lap and Harry was almost touching his bum. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit!!!

The following twenty minutes were the most uncomfortable in Draco’s life. Okay, maybe not the most uncomfortable, but uncomfortable enough. Because he didn’t dare move a muscle in his body. He stayed completely rigid, afraid of making Harry realise Draco was basically sitting in his lap. But he had to move sometime.

Not wanting to end this but feeling curious at the same time, Draco slowly leaned forward. He acted as if he was just stretching a little bit, but instead of leaning back to his original position, he rested his head on the back of the sofa, right next to Harry’s shoulder. Now, he’d just have to move his head down a few inches and he’d basically be snuggling with Harry. Sweet Merlin! Okay, stay calm. Act natural. Do it gradually.

When his cheek made the first contact with Harry’s jumper, Draco almost made a strangled sound. Almost there! It seemed almost too good to be true when he was finally nestled on Harry’s shoulder. Draco couldn’t resist reclining his head. As a result, his nose was pressing against Harry’s throat. Oh dear God! He smelled so, so good!

When Harry suddenly started moving, Draco thought he was about to be pushed away. Instead, Harry draped one arm around Draco, pulling him even closer to him. He placed his free hand on Draco’s forearm and then Draco felt Harry’s cheek on top of his head. Merlin’s pants! Now he was really sitting in Harry’s lap and there was no denying that this was full-on snuggling!

It wasn’t like they hadn’t had physical contact before, but not like this. Draco had often imagined what it would be like, having Harry’s arms around him, but he had never dared to hope it would actually come true. It was a curious feeling. He felt warm, giddy and secure.

Being held like this was a completely new experience for Draco. Sometimes, especially as a child, his mother had hugged him or patted his back… But it had always been because Draco had been crying, because he had a nightmare or had scraped his knee while playing in the garden. There had always been a reason. She had comforted him because he had been upset.

For the longest time, Draco hadn’t thought he needed anything more than that. From anyone. Being hugged for no reason at all seemed like such a strange concept. Until Draco discovered there was always a reason, wasn’t there?

He desperately wished he could look into Harry’s head right now. What was his reason for doing this? Did he feel the same things Draco felt right now? It wasn’t likely. Then again…

Draco peeked at Harry from under his lashes. How many times had he been hugged as a child? As an adult? Draco still didn’t know everything about Harry’s past, but the things he had told him, still appalled him. Looking back, Draco hadn’t had the best childhood either, but, at least, he had been happy then.

The urge to take Harry’s pain away often clouded his judgement, resulting in soppy little presents or biting his tongue when they were about to fight. It was so unlike him and he wasn’t even sure if Harry had noticed any of it. It wasn’t like Draco was trying to woo him or anything. He just… couldn’t help it. But maybe, judging from their current snuggling situation, Harry wanted to be wooed? Maybe he even wanted to woo Draco?

Well, there was only one way to find out…

Heart beating wildly, Draco decided to push his luck. He started drawing circles with his thumb on Harry’s hand. His mind was so firmly programmed on being rejected, he couldn’t believe it when Harry started to do the same.

Sitting so close to him, suddenly made Draco extremely nervous. And because of his traitorous body, Harry would know exactly how nervous he was. Draco’s whole body shook with every violent heartbeat. There was no way this was going unnoticed. And surely, Harry had noticed Draco was breathing heavily, too.

But as embarrassing as this was, Harry hadn’t pulled away. That was a good sign, right? Well, he was still watching the movie intently. But he couldn’t be so distracted, he didn’t realise what was going on, right? Right? Well, Draco would have to get his attention to find out…

Slowly, he leaned his head back further and started caressing Harry’s jaw with the tip of his nose. If Harry just turned his head a little bit… Come on, look at me! It would probably knock all the breath out of Draco’s lung, but he already felt breathless. All he could think about was the fact that he might be kissing Harry Potter in the next few seconds. If he would just turn his head and look at me!

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Merry Christmas!! Let me just say, that after this past week, sitting and drawing this was a stress relief and a challenge. This was the first time I was able to sit and work on something aside from commissions in the past week and I really produce something cute for you guys for Christmas!

So, I’ve got a lot I want to say, so I’m putting it under a read more, so you can skip it if you want.

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Author: @knockknocksoosthere as a part of the Bound series with @kpopfanfictrash 

Creative Content Contributor: @everybodykpops with another absolutely gorgeous moodboard. 

Rating: M - explicit sex, cursing, drinking

Word Count: 7.2k

Summary: Your fates were sealed long before your paths crossed. Get your diploma and get married. You were similar in that way – both bound by outdated customs. Falling in love was never something either of you dared to dream about. Until it happened.

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