i wonder how many takes it took to film this

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Hasn’t Ben still been working all this time and if you believe that tweet about working out next Ben he was in LA at some point. So he’s not spent any time with his new born 🍼. I wonder how many different sizes, color of hair and genders this ones going to do, will he be just as magical as his brother.


Well @captainjcat, now you’ve gone and reminded me of this sighting on the 13th of March:

I guess Weirdo felt like taking a stroll around the Heath to decompress after giving birth 10 days earlier?

And I guess Ben took Pilo to the park to feed the ducks, just to get out of Weirdo’s hair a day later…

Meanwhile, we got a bunch of SunnyMarch announcements since the start of March and we don’t know whether Ben is filming Infinity Wars or not at the time, do we?

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Something I noticed. Move version vs. Chinese Artbook

The second photo (book photo) seems to be from a different take than the one that made it to the film. He’s significantly closer to her in the second one.

It makes you wonder how many takes they took of each scene and how the details were different in each of them.