i wonder how many takes it took to film this


Something I noticed. Move version vs. Chinese Artbook

The second photo (book photo) seems to be from a different take than the one that made it to the film. He’s significantly closer to her in the second one.

It makes you wonder how many takes they took of each scene and how the details were different in each of them.

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I was watching WestAllen kiss for the thousandth time and I never noticed this (if people noticed then I'm sorry lol): if you watch when Iris says, "The reason I couldn't stop thinking about you was because I didn't want to," it looks as if she takes hold of the lapels of Barry's coat because they move slightly. When the camera zooms out to the frame when their lips first meet, you clearly can see her gloved hands are on his chest. She freakin gripped his jacket when she confessed. My heart!



Please see below the cut for all kinds of all caps, freaking out, and gifs galore. :)

If you’ve already noticed this, kudos to you and my freak out session might have you rolling your eyes. Feel free to keep scrolling, I won’t mind. :) 

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