i wonder how many songs start with that sentence

Anti-Christmas starters!

I’ve seen so many Christmas starter sentences with fluff and all nice things, so i wanted to make anti-Christmas starters!
Sentences taken from few songs

“Outside the carolers start to sing.. I can’t describe the joy they bring, ‘cause joy is something they don’t bring me.”

“Their whiny voices get irritating.”

“So I stand with a dead smile on my face.”

“Wondering how much of my time they’ll waste”

“Oh god I hate these Satan’s helpers.”

“And then I guess I must’ve snapped, because I grabbed a baseball bat and made them all run for shelter.”

“It’s time to be nice to the people you can’t stand all year.”

“I’m growing tired of all this Christmas cheer.”

“You people scare me!”

“Please stay away from my home, if you don’t wanna get beat down.”

“Just leave the presents and then leave me alone.”

“Well I guess it’s not cool to freak on Christmas Eve..”

“I won’t be home for Christmas.”

“There ain’t nothing more depressing than a pine tree gussied up candy canes and balls.”

“Those carolers have kept me up for hours.”

“It’s Merry Christmas seeping through my walls.”

“There’s one damn holiday that I can’t stand..”

“It ain’t Halloween or Thanksgiving or even April Fools, but it’ll surely make a fool out of every man.”

“If I ain’t drunk then it ain’t Christmas.”

“You know where to stick those jingle bells!”

“If I ain’t hammered it ain’t hanukkah.”

“Joy to the world and jack and coke.”

“Now every year the malls are just a madhouse.”

“Just the smell of Eggnog makes me vomit..”

“And those colored lights are fucking infantile.”

“I think we collectively as the people, should rise against this corporate jolly noise.”

“Tell the world let’s buy some piece and quiet for a change!”

“Before we spend it all on fucking toys.”

“Fa la la la la go fuck yourself!”

“Joy to the world of getting stoned.”

“Leave this god damn scrooge the fuck alone.”

“Merry fucking Christmas!”

“It’s Christmas day, i’m alone again.”

“Santa, you bitch.”

“Didn’t get a damn thing from my Christmas list.”

“I wish my old girl/boy would’ve never kissed Saint Nick.”

“Santa, you player, I thought we were friends.”

“Please come back home and leave that fat man alone.”

“I know I’ve been a real bad guy.”

“My name’s made the list, more than a few times.”

“You could light up a candle for every mistake that I’ve made.”

“Wrap me up like a present and throw me away.”

“Let the bells ring on a fool’s holiday.”

“I swear that I’m more than just broken promises.”

“Do not open til you’ve got forever to spend with me on a fool’s holiday.”

“Everybody waits for Christmas, but for me it’s New Year’s day.”

“Everywhere there’s joy around this festive time of year and happiness has never felt so far away.”

“I’m not supposed to feel this way.”

“All that I want this year for Christmas in New Year’s day.”

“It’s only seven days till Christmas. Six more till New Year’s day.”

“I remember how I used to feel, at Christmas..”

“Now last year’s summer romance, is this year’s winter blues.”

“Now i hope you’re happy with yourself, ‘cause i’m not laughing.”

“Don’t you think it’s kind of crappy what you did this holiday?”

“When i gave you my heart, you ripped it apart like wrapping paper trash.”

“Merry Christmas, kiss my ass!”

“I’m tearing down decorations, they remind me of your smile.”

“I hate that mistletoe, it makes me think of our first kiss.”

“I’m jingle belling and everyone’s yelling.”

“We’ll drink 'til the bars shut us down. Ain’t that just what Christmas is all about?”

“Merry Christmas, bitch!”