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BTS Stans As Described By My Observations of Them on Tumblr

Hoseok Stans: Very kind and really just want to make other people happy. They adore Hobi above everything else and just want people to recognise him as the triple-threat that he is. Often are subject to sudden screaming while watching Hobi freak out, effectively freaking out with him. They also deeply resent him for his hip thrusts in the I Like it Part 2 choreography while also worshipping 1 Verse. Some of them used to bias someone else and decided to bias Hobi purely because he is under appreciated. They are dedicated. When he is rude, it literally hurts their fucking souls because they are used to seeing this dorky ass dumb person they love and then suddenly he is like BAM and then they feel super attacked, especially because he likes to smirk like a little fucker whenever he does decide to be rude. 

Jimin Stans: They are the most thirsty mother fuckers to hit this planet. Their urls are always ridiculous like jiminstranglemewithyourthighs or some shit like that. However underneath the blatant thirst, and I mean I don’t blame them he is a such an extra little shit on purpose, they are literally sweethearts. They care extensively about Jimin rather it’s his weight, confidence, or happiness. They want him to know how much they care about him at all times and seriously just want him to know how loved he is. They often find themselves crying about him and his sunshine-smile at one point or another. I’d say about 50-60% of them used to bias someone else. They have many pictures of his butt on their phones and computer and scream about how rude he is on a regular basis. Sometimes he is so rude that is comes with legit rage in tags. Also, this vine represents their souls.  

Jin Stans: Jin stans honestly seem like the most bitter people out there…but with really good reason. Due to the fact that literally no one seems to pay attention to him, they tend to come across as very naggy and permanently pissed off about the blatant inequality of line distribution (along with other things.) However, in truth, they are just really passionate about Jin and just want people to recognise how supremely talented he is. Once you look past the fact that they can get quite defensive of him, they are actually really nice and extremely loyal people. All they want is people to finally acknowledge Jin as amazing and to recognise his place in BTS and how essential to the group he is. The reason for this is simple, when Jin gets pushed aside or seems upset, they hurt for him. That one video of Converse High where Jin has the centre spotlight is pretty much their religion. 

Jungkook: From what I can tell, Kookie stans are split two ways. They either hate his existence with a burning passion (probably because he ruined their bias list) or they adore him to pieces. They love him for all that he is but most often scream about how he is such a brat in their tags (probably because he keeps doing that “I’m 18 and I know what I need to know” bullshit.) Whenever he wears leather pants, they are usually are torn between freaking out because ‘holy fuck his thighs’ but also because ‘he is literally five, who put him in those clothes???’ His bunny smile is their favourite thing on this planet and they are often torn between how much they want to jump him but also how much they want to snuggle with him because he is fucking adorable. A common tag for him is definitely #square up. I am pretty sure 90% of them used to bias someone else. 

Namjoon Stans: Namjoon stans are a little similar to Jin stans but come across as more chill to me? They hate how much he is under appreciated and constantly make posts to prove just how beautiful and talented he is. (IF ONE MORE PERSON CALLS HIM UGLY I SWEAR TO GOD.) They also deeply hate how nobody will recognise Namjoon has learned from his mistakes and grown as a person. They also really dislike the blatant hate he gets and will get very sad with how real he can be about not expecting much love from fans on an individual level. On another note, Namjoon stans tend to be really thirsty all the time. For him. At any given moment. In my experience with interacting with them, they are fairly kinky too. They tend to be really nice people but have a bite of sarcastic humour and are not afraid to fuck you up if you step out of line. They worship his mix tape and really admire him as a person and how much he had grown over the years, especially as a rapper. His smile is literally the light of their lives because of his adorable dimples and I feel like if you met them in real life they’d have a pic of Namjoon on hand to show off just to reassure everyone how beautiful he is. 

Taehyung Stans: Tae stans are actually really sweet people, but I find they tend to be younger in age (though this isn’t like a solid rule.) They are very carefree and are actually just happy to be here and talking to other BTS fans. They really adore Tae and how adorable he is…but then they have this other side. They have a love-hate relationship with Taehyung’s tongue and either scream at him to put it back where it belongs or…well, somewhere else. They are fairly thirsty, but their thirst is downplayed even though it is pretty high-key. They adore Tae for his voice, especially when he sets aside the raspy yelling to sing because his voice is literally beautiful. His smile can make them go from sad to really happy. They have a weakness for Tae hugging cute little animals, especially puppies. 

Yoongi Stans: Yoongi stans are constantly really really chill…but like in the way everything around them is on fire and they’re sitting there like “this is fine.” I find they are actually deeply sensitive people and practically worship BTS’ lyrics as a whole, but especially the songs Yoongi writes. They tend to love all members of BTS but Yoongi pretty much firmly owns them. They often find themselves smiling and thinking about Yoongi and how great he is, even when they are just doing something normal, like eating dinner. Their urls almost always are a play on ‘Suga’ and are usually pretty tame. Their thirst level is low, but when Yoongi is suddenly rude out of nowhere and for no given reason, it fucking gives them heart palpitations. There is like this short moment where they wonder if they’re actually going to die and then they’re fine again. They worship Yoongi’s raps and pretty much live off Cypher pt 3 like its oxygen. I’d say 50% of Yoongi stans have always been Yoongi stans and the other 50% had their bias list completely destroyed by him. They are very loyal to their bias. 


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