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I have a folder labled ‘ESO Sass’ for moments like this. 

Between Abnur being a sassy piece of shit and Lyris’ rebuttals, I couldn’t resist taking a screenshot. 

I think most things Abnur says are some of the best lines in the game, but that third one makes me laugh everytime. 

♥️THE CARYL SPELL♥️ Why are we so mesmerized by the slow burn Caryl relationship?

At least I can say for myself that Caryl is my real OBSESSION.But I came into the Caryl tag and was flashed how many people feel exactly the same. I have the feeling that this ship is really special,extraordinary,precious,simply addictive.I never met people so devoted to a ship than in the Caryl fandom.

I wondered,why is this?Why does Caryl trigger our most colorful fantasies,sweet,awkward,or even really dirty?Why do we feel so lovesick reading good Caryl fanfiction,imagining headcanons or watching Caryl scenes?It just NEVER EVER gets old.I could easily spend my whole day thinking about these 2.Forever.

A while ago I read an article about the slow burn phenomenon.

It says, QUALITY TAKES TIME TO CREATE. And time as much as quality,are rare these days…we are “a generation of professionals who have mastered the short-lived adrenaline spike of excitement, but have miserably failed at conquering the fine art of the tease.” We are literally virgins when it comes to the “let’s take it oh-so slowly, indulgently draw it out until you’re pulling the hair out of your head, biting your lower lip until it HURTS, begging, swearing, cursing and trembling because you want it so bad” tease. We are simply and totally used to the INSTANT GRATIFICATION.

So,Caryl is a PREMIUM QUALITY TEASE for us. There is a RESTRAINT we don’t get to feel in real life very often anymore.We literally CRAVE the physical action between these two, because this is what the real world normally shoves into our faces instantly every day,if we want it or not.

But Caryl is different.With them,the writers and actors delivered a masterpiece.

There is so much mental stimulation,devotion and emotion( which plant the sexual seeds),there is a ton of delicious tension,so thick we can literally feel it hanging in the air. And all we want them to do is grab it,finally able to touch, see and taste it – and we know the release for them (and us) will be absolutely mind-blowing.

Right now Caryl and we all are in a state of out-of-control frustration.But there is no denying that in a way, this is also a huge turn-on. This turn-on is building for 6 years,and we are breathless with cravings and anticipation.

The payoff/release has to come soon, and it has to be HUGE.We reached this  point. Brace yourself for the Caryl love ( almost wrote orgasm☺️) earthquake.


anonymous asked:

I've made my blog and posted pictures but like people hardly like my posts and I don't have many followers, how do you get your blog popular or even more out there?

Maybe make some friends?? Collabs? I really enjoy seeing collabs down my feed and i like reading long posts, and I also love like relationship posts xD how cuddly they are^-^

But idk other than that, I personally post for my self but I do LOVE the followers I’ve gained from my posting.

I do suggest tags also❤️❤️ have a wonderful day/night ! Thanks for the ask ❤️

The Signs As Things My Friends Have Told Me (Part 2)
  • Aries: "I stayed up until 4am watching a pacifist Undertale play-through with no commentary."
  • Taurus: "Hey girl wanna get some grilled cheese?"
  • Gemini: "I can read minds...you're thinking of something gay."
  • Cancer: "Well the goldfish crackers can fuck off!"
  • Leo: "This lake is so pretty I wonder how many people have been DROWNED IN IT?"
  • Virgo: "Get a picture of me grabbing this statue's dick."
  • Libra: "I'm gonna shove my hand up the other statue's ass!"
  • Scorpio: "*singing* Stab yourself with a pencil."
  • Sagittarius: "hey lil mama lemme JUMP OUT THE WINDOW."
  • Capricorn: "Alright but just think...Pete Wentz"
  • Aquarius: "*puts leg on desk* mmmm hey guuurl."
  • Pisces: "Satanic porn."

Oh gog I can’t stop listening to this while I sketch

do you guys know why

go ahead and take a guess

your guess was probably wrong

it’s because it reminds me of Yuuto and Deneb

I think Den-O broke me a little, please send help.

When people post ship hate or “you should ship this instead” in a ship’s tags, I always wonder what they think they’re going to accomplish. Do they really think people are going to read it and think “my GOD they’re right! i’ve been shipping the wrong thing all along!!!” and then change their lives?