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• Lovino and Antonio only know each other as fanfiction writers and not in real life. They were friends as writers but strangers in reality. So how things will go if one day Antonio catch a glimpse of what his favorite customer (he is a waiter in a café) writing about and it turns out it is the new chapter of his friend’s ongoing story? (Thank you again!)

This is essentially a text-fic! I didn’t know they could be so hard to write, but they are, man. With all that formatting. *Shudder*. But it was still fun and I’ve been meaning to write a text fic for AGES. 

tomato-turtles: Antonio
lovirage: Lovino
actual-prussian-badass: Gilbert
fancy-fucking-francis: Francis
actualsunshine: Feliciano

EDIT: I forgot to add, for the sake of this fic, let’s assume the two are writers in the Harry Potter fandom, mostly because Harry Potter is a well-known universe and it won’t confuse anyone. Also, let’s assume that they’re both Remus/Sirius shippers, because that pairing is cool. 

Antonio always dropped in his customary ‘good morning’ in the Tumblr chat. Lovi used to get super annoyed initially, but now he just played along. Antonio suspected Lovi looked forward to his good mornings. 

tomato-turtles: hi lovi!! how are ya

lovirage: hey tt. 

He always called Antonio ‘tt’, short for Tomato Turtles: his name on AO3, fanfiction.net, and of course, Tumblr. 

tomato-turtles: i reread your new chapter after you told me you were worried about it
tomato-turtles: and it’s so cute!! really youre such a good writer <3 

lovirage: thanks. 

tomato-turtles: why were you so worried about it anyway

lovirage: i got a fucking flame comment saying i needed to get hit by a bus and stop writing 

tomato-turtles: WHAT NO 
tomato-turtles: WHO IS THIS 

lovirage: relax tt. i don’t really care, i deleted the review
but it still made me worried that maybe the new update for my fic sucked

tomato-turtles: IT DOES NOT. IT’S SO CUTE

lovirage: good to know
lovirage: hows your morning going

tomato-turtles: mmh the same really. getting ready for work
tomato-turtles: im putting in a couple of extra hours this week because i want to go on a roadtrip with gil and francis over the weekend

lovirage: these friends of yours, they seem crazy. theyre the same ones that got drunk and spray painted moustaches onto every fashion hoarding they could reach?                                                                                                           

tomato-turtles: they never got caught for that lol
tomato-turtles: what are you gonna be doing today? 

lovirage: idk it’s a saturday so i’ll probably just sleep some more
lovirage: maybe write the new update

tomato-turtles: A NEW UPDATE ALREADY? YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

lovirage: calm down tt 
lovirage: i’m just keen to add a plot twist

tomato-turtles: oh god no

lovirage: what?

tomato-turtles: your “plot twists” always involve someone dying 

lovirage: that is not true


 lovirage: BUT I CURED HIM


lovirage: *sends gif with evil laugh*
lovirage: …and my cute fic is going to become…dark

tomato-turtles: ughhhhh i hate you

lovirage: really now? 

tomato-turtles: ok no i love you tbh but like
tomato-turtles: can you let my children live in peace

lovirage: HELLO EXCUSE ME, but YOU wrote that fic “SPEAKING OF SUNFLOWERS” and you fucking tortured remus with crucio until he lost his mind and I was screaming and crying 

tomato-turtles: we write such dark fics
tomato-turtles: we should collab on something funny!! fluffy!! 

lovirage: good idea. maybe soon

tomato-turtles: anyway i gotta go to work! bye lovi have a nice day :D <3

lovirage: bye tt 

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Girl Next Door

AN: (FIRST IMAGINE OF 2017 YAY) i read a prompt like this before but i forgot where i found it omg but i’ve had this in my drafts for so long and I only finished it now lmao (btw this one’s going to be in 3rd person POV just because I’ve never written in 3rd person and i want to practice lol)

Peter Parker x Reader

Send in prompts from this list!

Originally posted by septodragon

Y/N was trying to balance the giant box she was holding in one hand while she tried to grab the keys from her back pocket. She knows she could have easily just put the box down but she couldn’t be bothered to bend down and pick up the heavy box again. The struggle. Was. Real. Managing to balance the box on one hand was not an easy task. 

“Do you need some help?” 

Y/N turned her head to see a boy her age. He was standing by the front of his door. The girl weighed her options (she also noted that said boy was incredibly cute) before giving in. 

“Uh, yeah, if you could just hold this for a minute while I get my keys, that would be great.” She gave a shy smile. Peter Parker’s heart raced. Y/N’s smile, though, small was absolutely stunning. He froze for a moment before moving towards her. “Be careful. It’s kind of heavy, don’t want you getting hurt so just a little warning.” 

Her concern for a complete stranger fed Peter’s growing attraction. 

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Part I

Side Effects May Include
The third week of November Jack Zimmermann admits to himself that he cannot sleep.

you’re the only one i see
Eric glances at his door, which is shut most of the way, and crawls to the end of his bed, snatches Jack’s phone up and sits back down, cross-legged, both hands wrapped around its classic, boring black rubber case.
He takes a second to listen, but Jack still seems to be rifling around in his room across the hall, so Eric swipes the camera open, switches it to front-facing, and starts taking selfies. He crosses his eyes for the first one and sticks his tongue out in the second. For the third one, he does duck lips, but then he realizes that might look too much like he’s blowing a kiss and he starts to panic.

This Haus is a Home
Jack hates the Haus rooms party. He entrusts his room to the frogs, so he can wander about instead. Jack winds up in Bitty’s room, where he keeps stealing cookies, in the way boys steal things when they’re flirting by being jerks.

don’t cool off, i like your warmth
Summer is supposed to feel just like this, Bitty thinks, swim trunks and lemonade and the smooth slide of river rocks in his hand, Jack’s fingers curling around the inside of his knee where it tickles, the space between them small and getting smaller.

I Make the Moves Up as I Go
“Congrats, Bits,” says Lardo. “You did something stupid and/or really brave and it worked out for you. Now take your nice new boyfriend back upstairs and let the rest of us get some coffee.”
In which Jack and Bitty are the only ones surprised when things work out in their favor.

while stars cross the sky in their prescribed courses
Mo asks about balancing his course work with hockey, about making it to Frozen Four and losing, about being captain and the strangest class he took at college.
Jack talks about Women, Food & American Culture and baking a pie for his final and having to learn how to make a lattice top for his pie with disastrous results.
And that’s what starts it all, really. The hashtag, the influx of pies on game days and the whole thing with Bittle.

like a little clock that trembles on the edge of the hour
The Falconers play on February 14.
It is genuinely the only weekend Bitty can make it to town.
Vanner jumps off his bike, pats Jack on the shoulder. “Of course, Zimms. Just one of those coincidental things. No deeper meaning at all.”

Don’t You Wait
Here’s the thing, in the seconds following that buzzer going off, the first thing that crossed Jack’s mind wasn’t grabbing a hold on the cup. It didn’t occur to him what exactly that first cup, only two years after he had been drafted, was going to mean and what it already meant. He didn’t even consider going in its direction.
Instead, as he’s slammed into and bodies piled around him, foghorns blaring and confetti littering everything in sight, he was thinking of exactly where Bittle might be in that very moment.
(Or, how Jack Zimmermann accidentally came out to the entire NHL a couple of seconds after winning his first Stanley Cup)

Kent Parson is Not Getting Any Pie
The headline is there as soon as Eric turns on his computer in the morning
“Kent Parson Gay”
Eric puts down his coffee and opens the article, wide-eyed and breathing hard.
“Las Vegas Aces’ star and Art Ross winner, Kent Parson, was caught performing a sex act with an unidentified male at a New York bar last night. When asked for a comment, Parson’s publicist, Jose Flores, said the star wished to apologise to his team for the scandal and would make a statement later today at a press conference.”

Maple-Flavored Pie Hearts
It is a secret that Jack looks out for Bittle, until it really isn’t.

left the city, my family, my precinct
Bitty uses emojis like a second language, one that Jack’s slowly starting to become fluent in.

In Focus
Jack’s just taking pictures whenever he sees something worth photographing, something that seems to fit what he’s being told in class, about line and shape and color and beauty.
It’s like the camera knew before Jack did.

forget the wax and the feathers
Bittle scores against Yale and Jack acts like a son of a bitch. They’re not friends.

as sweet as
Jack invites Bitty up for a visit while he’s training in Toronto over the summer. To the utter surprise of nobody who’s ever met him, Bitty spends a lot of time baking.

fireworks in your heart
The terrible, awful, absolutely nothing good can come from this truth of the matter is that Jack Zimmerman – Bad Bob Zimmerman’s quebecois speaking, hockey playing, sometimes-mini pie-making prodigal son – loves Savannah.

lover of the light
Maybe they had always been working up to this moment. This moment, now, is just a culmination of all that hard work. Maybe it’s impossible to fall in love with someone all at once. It takes time. It takes weeks and months and late nights and early mornings and traipsing out of the rink, grinning and euphoric and leaning on each other. They say it takes a lot. But, if he’s being honest, now it just sort of feels like the easiest thing in the world.
It’s the easiest thing to stand, to move forward, to watch the fight drain out of Bittle’s shoulders and now he just seems tired. Jack wonders how long Bittle’s been in love with him and why haven’t they been doing this for longer and what a waste of time and oh–
Bittle’s looking at him and he must see something that gives it away, because he smiles up at Jack and Jack is helpless to smile back. Bittle is incandescent, always has been, but Jack is not afraid anymore.

a fifteen year plan
Jack brings it up at breakfast—voice quiet, but sure—before Bitty’s even managed to take a full sip of coffee.
“I’m thinking of coming out. Soon.”

i’ll make this feel like home
“Georgia is my home. Madison is my home! I couldn’t… I…”
“Bitty,” Jack said, so softly that he was surprised when Bitty turned to look at him, lower lip sucked into his mouth. “I don’t think the place you’re scared of returning to is the place you should be calling ‘home’.”

whatever the mess you are, you’re mine
Jack’s a photographer (who used to play hockey), Bitty is semi-famous vlogger, Ransom and Holster really like podcasts about bourbon.

Signs as Declarations of Love
The life and times of the “Yo marry me Jack Zimmermann” sign

let’s jump ahead to the moment of epiphany
Mama had always told Bitty that people who said God hated gay people were wrong, that God loved everyone and was kind and good, but she’s gotta be sorely mistaken. God definitely hates him. God is sitting somewhere up in the clouds laughing his holy ass off at him right now.

maybe it’s time
“I think I…” he bites his bottom lip and looks at Maple and the leftover blueberry pie on the counter and the quilt thrown over the couch and Lardo’s painting on the wall and says, “I think I’m going to marry him someday.”

we’re gonna fight til we do it right
It starts with an apple pie, and ends with a real friendship. Somehow.

and so all yours
It’s not exactly taboo to let other people see your soulmate’s first thought about you, but now, standing two feet away from the guy who spent the last five hours making him feel inadequate and small, he doesn’t really want to remind anyone that even his own soulmate doesn’t believe in him.

Double Jeopardy
“Eric Richard Bittle does not choke on his drink. He is not thinking about Jack’s hands, nor is he thinking about twisting, checking, or any combination of the two. He is just a small southern boy who came to play hockey and mind his own business.”

Capture this Moment
Once the NHL season is over, Jack goes to visit his old teammates back in Samwell for a few days. He thought he’d be able to relax and spend some time with whoever was staying at the Haus over the summer, he wasn’t expecting to get a boyfriend.

no open doors, no way to get through
You Can Play Project @YouCanPlayTeam
Food for thought in next week’s NY Times. Touching interview. nytimes.com/Anderson-S/gh5….

any time you’re needing me
The first time Sidney met Jack Zimmermann, it was mid July and he was sitting at the kitchen table of his parent’s house in Montreal. It wasn’t until more than two years later that he realised Jack was in love with a boy called Eric.

Bit of a short version than I’d have liked but I managed to fit in all the ideas I had. This one is again for @georghiousophia (who has perhaps one of the most difficult to spell URLs that I’ve ever type). I hope you enjoy it - I should be uploading a couple more one-shots today because I’ve been writing them over the course of the week. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Omg I loved it so much THANK YOU ❤️🔫 PLEASE DO PART 2

“Castigations and Celebrations” (Part 2)

Part 1

Your wooden dining table took up a lot of space in your sitting room. The dimly lit apartment was cramped and untidy but it was home. 2 windows let a little evening moonlight into the room and it complimented the yellow glow of the candle that sat in front of you. The solitary cupcake sat on a plate in front of you – gloating. You quickly blew out the candle protruding from the top and sighed as the wonderful smell of a freshly extinguished candle filled your nose.

Happy Birthday, you thought to yourself.

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Laslow/Takumi C-S Support Script rough draft


[BGM: The Wistful Wilds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44lOWc2Vs3M]

Takumi: And what do you think you’re up to so late at night?

Laslow: WAH!

Laslow: Er, Prince Takumi, what a lovely surprise! What brings you out here at such a late hour?

Takumi: Just what were you sneaking off to do?

Laslow: I assure you, it’s not what you think!

Takumi: Oh, I’ve heard about you, Laslow.

Takumi: You were sneaking out to flirt with the girls in the nearby village, weren’t you?

Laslow: …

Laslow: P-Please don’t tell Lord Xander!

Takumi: Hah! I hit the nail on the head!

Takumi: But isn’t it a bit late to pick up girls? Nobody’s ever up at this hour.

Laslow: I beg to differ, milord. You and I are up at this hour.

Laslow: Besides, you never know what kind of meetings you may have with someone if you don’t explore the opportunities!

Laslow: Say, since you don’t look like you’re going to bed any time soon, how about you come along with me?

Laslow: I’d been looking for the perfect wingman, and you fit the bill!

Takumi: No, thanks. Unlike you, I actually have a decent reputation to preserve.

Takumi: Besides, I’m heading to bed now.

[Takumi leaves]

Laslow: Whew. That was close. Now, where was I?

Laslow: Oh, that’s right!

Laslow: La DA, la da DA, laa da daaaa… 🎵

[Takumi returns]

Takumi: A-ha! So that’s why you’re out here so late!

Laslow: P-Prince Takumi! I thought you’d gone to bed!

Takumi: I was about to go back to bed, but then I heard you singing.

Takumi: You know, you sing really well.

Laslow: I, er, thank you, Prince Takumi, um…

Laslow: Say, while you’re here, you never answered my question from earlier.

Takumi: Oh?

Laslow: Why are you up at such a late hour?

Takumi: I…

Takumi: It’s… not important.

Takumi: Well, our chat was fun, but I’ve got to get some amount of sleep.

Takumi: Good night, Laslow.

[Takumi leaves again]

Laslow: Well, now I have to know what’s keeping him up late.


[BGM: Reminiscence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCahW3c5Ors]

Laslow: Up late again, I see, Prince Takumi?

Takumi: Yeah…

Laslow: Are you feeling alright? Your expression looks so gloomy.

Takumi: It’s nothing, Laslow.

Laslow: You say ‘it’s nothing’, but I know it’s something.

Laslow: You know what my favorite part about flirting with the ladies is?

Takumi: … What?

Laslow: I love making them smile, and that’s what I’m going to do for you tonight, milord!

Takumi: Please don’t flirt with me.

Laslow: I-I wasn’t going to flirt with you!

Laslow: But if you want me to cheer you up, you’re going to have to let me know what’s been troubling you.

Takumi: …

Takumi: I…

Takumi: I had a nightmare, okay?

Takumi: And… I had nightmares the other night, as well.

Laslow: Oh… I’m sorry.

Takumi: It’s not your fault.

Laslow: Would… would you like to talk about it?

Takumi: Well, I…

Takumi: It was a nightmare about my mother… and having to watch her die…

Laslow: Prince Takumi…

Takumi: But it was just a nightmare. I’m sure it’ll be out of my mind by the time I get back to my bed.

Laslow: Now wait just a minute, Prince Takumi!

Takumi: Hey! Let go of me!

Laslow: I promised myself I’d cheer you up, so I’m not letting you go until I see a smile from you!

Laslow: And don’t you worry, friend, I’ve got just the thing to perk you up!

[fade to black]

Takumi: Laslow, I don’t see how making these are going to help me in any way.

Laslow: It’s been keeping your mind busy, hasn’t it?

Takumi: I… I guess so. But making these flower crowns only reminds me more of my mother.

Laslow: Oh…

Takumi: She loved to make flower crowns with us when we were little. Well, mostly Sakura and I. Hinoka was too busy focused on training and Ryoma felt he was too grown-up for all of that.

Laslow: Nonsense! Nobody’s too old for a flower crown! They instantly add to anyone’s beauty!

Takumi: Are you saying that I’m beautiful?

Takumi: Because I thought I asked you not to flirt with me.

Laslow: W-Well, I… um… that is to say…

Laslow: Would you look at that? You’re smiling again!

Takumi: Heh. I guess I am.


[BGM: Petals in the Wind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hX9R2ILphuA]

Laslow: Prince Takumi, you’re up late again. Another nightmare?

Takumi: Yeah…

Laslow: Hm…

Takumi: I’m used to it by now, though.

Laslow: Well, it’s a good thing we found each other, then, because I’m going to make sure I get that nightmare out of your mind!

Takumi: So I guess it’s another night of making flower crowns?

Laslow: Actually, I had something else in mind.

Takumi: Oh?

Laslow: I wanted to teach you some dances I know.

Laslow: It’ll be good for whenever you’re caught at a dreadfully boring royal ball and someone forces you to dance with them!

Takumi: Oh, gods, no. The last thing I want to do is draw attention to myself at those kinds of outings.

Takumi: Sakura and I tried our hardest to avoid the last one.

Laslow: So the dance lessons are a no-go?

Takumi: No, I’ll still learn to dance, but there’s no way I’m gonna let anyone see me dancing.

Laslow: You sound a lot like me not too long ago.

[fade to black]

Laslow: You’re picking this up rather quickly, Prince Takumi!

Takumi: Thanks.

Takumi: Actually, now I’m tempted to try this out at the next royal ball.

Laslow: What’s with the sudden change?

Takumi: I might be able to do something better than my brother, for once.

Laslow: I know that feeling all too well, milord.

Takumi: Oh?

Laslow: Well, everyone says how they love Lady Azura’s singing voice and how her dancing is so lovely.

Laslow: But in my heart, nothing compares to my mother’s dances and her songs.

Laslow: I grew up trying to match her, but even now I fall a bit flat.

Laslow: So I stay up every night to try and get to her level.

Laslow: The only thing I’m better at than her is wielding a sword in battle.

Takumi: Hey, Laslow, what’s your mother like?

Laslow: Well, she’s incredibly beautiful and sweet, but horrendously shy.

Laslow: She’s so talented, but she doesn’t seem to quite understand just how gifted she is.

Laslow: Sigh… I miss her so much…

Takumi: Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know.

Laslow: N-No, it’s fine, she’s just… very far away.

Takumi: She sounds a lot like my mother, now that I think about it.

Laslow: From what I’ve heard, your mother does sound like she was a wonderful and lovely person.

Takumi: And what you described of your mother reminds me of someone else.

Laslow: Oh? And who might that be?

Takumi: You.

Takumi: I mean, you’re an incredibly gifted dancer, but you keep comparing yourself to your mother.

Takumi: So stop doing that, okay?

Laslow: Only if you agree to stop comparing yourself to your brother.

Laslow: Who cares how well Prince Ryoma fights with the sword? You’re the best archer I know, and I’ve met quite a few archers in my lifetime!

Laslow: There was one sap who genuinely called himself ‘the archest of archers’, but he wasn’t really all that good.

Takumi: Hah! That can’t be true!

Laslow: Oh, I wish I could have made that up!

Takumi: Hey, Laslow.

Laslow: Yes, milord?

Takumi: Thanks for cheering me up again. It means a lot to me.

Laslow: Not a problem!

[Takumi leaves]

Laslow: So, when Prince Takumi said that description of my mother reminded him of me…

Laslow: Did he mean all of it?


[BGM: Rejoice in Love (I mean what else are you going to use for an S-Support) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4faDsXWCWFM]

Takumi: There you are, Laslow.

Laslow: Oh, Prince Takumi! Are you up late because –

Takumi: Actually, no. I had a nice dream, for once.

Laslow: Then why are you so restless?

Takumi: Because that dream made me realize something.

Takumi: Something important.

Takumi: Something I had to tell you right now.

Laslow: Oh?

Takumi: Laslow, I don’t just see you as this nice guy who helped me calm down from my nightmares anymore.

Laslow: Are you saying that you want to be my friend?

Takumi: And more.

Laslow: M-More?

Takumi: It’s a bit sudden, I know, but…

Takumi: After those times you did everything to make me happy made me feel something.

Takumi: I soon realized that it stopped being what you did that made me happy.

Takumi: Now just the thought of being around you makes me happy.

Takumi: It wasn’t an accident the last few times we ran into each other late at night.

Takumi: I was looking for you because something about you managed to lift my spirits.

Takumi: I’m dancing around the subject, I know, so I’ll just be brief.

Takumi: Laslow, I think I love you.

Laslow: I…

Laslow: I’m speechless, Prince Takumi.

Takumi: Ah, I knew it. It was too sudden of me to –

Laslow: Prince Takumi, it’s not like that.

Laslow: Your very presence makes my heart sing! It always has!

Laslow: You’ve been so wondrously patient with me, and I’ve fallen for you, too, but…

Takumi: But what?

Laslow: Well, when this war is over, I plan to return to my homeland.

Laslow: My homeland is very far away, and I don’t know if I’ll ever return to this place.

Laslow: You may not believe it, but Hoshido needs you.

Laslow: I couldn’t bear to take you away from your kingdom.

Takumi: Hoshido has Ryoma, so they should be fine.

Laslow: Milord…

Takumi: Please, just call me Takumi.

Takumi: And, Laslow, I don’t care where we end up.

Takumi: Because, as long as you’re with me, I’ll always be happy.

Laslow: Takumi… I promise to make you smile all of the time, my darling!

(This is just a rough draft and I’m not entirely sure if I managed to keep these two as in-character as I’d hoped also I’m very nervous about this because I’m not used to showing off my writing to people that aren’t in my close inner circle!)

Cloudy Days Pt. 1 (Newt x No-Maj!Reader)

@dr-tardis-who Requested:Why hello I see you are taking requests. I was wondering if you’re not too swamped if I could have a Newt x reader request?
Where reader is a muggle/no-maj and She has always believed in magic and fairy tales, people see her as a daydreamer and a child at heart. And Newt meets her while he’s looking for a unicorn. And the unicorn senses the reader and Newt tells her that he’s a wizard and she’s amazed and there’s like fluff and Newt invites reader to see his creatures and she loves them all and seeing Frank take to her so quickly he invites her to travel with him?
I’m sorry it’s so detailed and long but I love your writing so much 😊😍

Warnings: !!!!!!!!!!!!!FLUFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A/N: I’m SO SORRY this took forever to write!!! Actually while I was writing it I even accidentally deleted it after finishing this first draft 😭 I hope you enjoy reading!

Originally posted by newtafidoscamander

Witches are among us, wizards walk with us. We are not alone, magic is everywhere

Clouds formed above your quaint London flat as you peaked outside and smirked. Another rainy day.


Today was the day. You were going to go visit the far forest.

The forest used to be your place to calm down, unwind from everything, but ever since that strange man arrived, he’s all that had your attention. Freckles and all, he was there every rainy day with his case. You didn’t always see what he was doing but something about him caught your eye.

“going out again?” You heard a stern but soft voice enter the room

You turned your head back with a smile “Hi Tinie, just going out for some fresh air”

She crossed her arms “yeah just like I’m staying in for work. What’s really going on?”

You grabbed your coat and started out the door with a sheepish smile “it’s nothiinng I promise, I’m just going out for a bit”

“(y/n) we weren’t sent to London for leisurely strolls to the park-” she wasn’t able to finish her sentence before you walked out the door

“Just let her go Tinie” A bright voice appeared behind Tina’s.

Ever since you were a little girl, all you wanted, was to be a witch. The simple idea of magic had fascinated you. It was entrancing, simply beautiful. Of course, when you were a simple nobody in a broken home, no one saw how you were able to stay so positive, and keep your mind so alive. Your mother who had given up on everything including you, and saw your fascinations with magic as sick and vile. You were a simple No-Maj in New York. So you ran. You ran from everything you knew, where you met your new family with Tina and Queenie Goldstein. Witches among us.

It was already pouring as soon as you stepped foot outside so you took your scarf and gently pulled it closer to your face. You looked around the street and called a cab, heading to the closest drop off near the forest.

London was an unfamiliar city to you, but the weather made you feel more than at home. Stepping out of the cab, you paid your faire and walked down the trail leading near two large trees. You walked up to them and gently brushed their bark, looking around the trunk to see if the freckled man was anywhere in sight.

You sighed thinking this may have been a wasted trip until you heard crunching leaves, causing you to turn your head sharply, your (e/c) eyes sparkling.

Standing there in front of you was a… Unicorn? Your eyes widened more and looked around. You knew they were native to these parts, but never expected to see one. You held out your hand and gently whispered “there there, I won’t hurt you..” The unicorn gently nudged your hand and let you pet it, quickly earning you it’s trust. The unicorn let out a small huff at your display of affection.

How little were you aware that there was a pair of hazel eyes gently watching you with the same affection.

It wasn’t until you felt the gaze close in on you, you quickly turned around to see a tall flustered man with star scattered freckles. His sudden appearance spooked you slightly causing your face to flush several shades of pink and stumble backwards into the unicorn, frightening it as well.

He backed up slightly shuffling “p-please don’t be frightened I mean no harm, I didn’t mean to frighten you”

The unicorn nudged you slightly as you stuttered “a-ah.. m-might I ask your name?”


“Your name”

You attempted to avoid his wide hazel gaze that was so alluring.

He walked past you, gently placing his hand out as the Unicorn cautiously approached him.

“Newt Scamander” he smiled softly “Magizoologist”

OMG IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG TO GET OUT NOT TO MENTION SPLITTING INTO TWO PARTS!!! I meant to write out the whole thing and I had it done around 3pm but when I went to post it I accidentally deleted it and just asdfghjkflflja so much frustration. But anyways I hope you all enjoyed it!!!! I’ll have Pt. 2 out tomorrow

OMG Check Please Fic Rec List January 2016

Alright so I know it’s been a long time since I did my Jack/Bitty list back in November, and I’ve been slacking on making my one for all the other ships, so here I am. This one is going to be set up a little different, and very long so prepare!

These are organized as follows:

  • by pairing
  • then chaptered or one shot
  • alternate universe or within canon/future
  • all in descending length longest to shortest
  • ** means my personal favourites

It’s very very long so be prepared and enjoy! 

If you haven’t seen my pervious Jack/Bitty list, it can be found here!

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Happy Birthday to Me...thanks, everyone <3

The Bias List

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[Translation] Weekly Playboy:  Matsui Rena Graduation Interview

For Matsui Rena “SKE soul” meant “strength.”

- So finally graduating.

Rena: Yes. I am really thankful to Weekly Playboy a lot ever since my debut. To talk about my memories with Weekly Playboy, it would be…. during the formation of SKE48 and interview was done of the members. I wondered why I was the center for the photo taken for the interview. I was really happy. I still have that photo in my entrance way!

- That was a long time! Any other memories with Weekly Playboy?

Rena: Of course, the gravure during the time of Aozora Katamoi. The 7 senbatsu members got to do a swimsuit shoot but a lot of snow had piled up that day.

- Such a time…..we are so sorry! (Interviewer shrinks back in fear.) But even so why did you want to return to the memories of that.

Rena: The snow was piling up and under the blue sky with a smile, I really thought I was going to die. Within these 7 years, that really had the most impact in me. I have a lot of painful memories but it was that one time I thought of “death”.

- For your first solo gravure, Weekly Playboy staff had gone to meet you in your parent’s house in Toyohashi and were greeted by your mother.

Rena: I thought Weekly Playboy had a certain criteria concerning idols so when it was decided, I told my family, “It was decided I would get a solo shoot for Weekly Playboy!” My parents too were glad and said, “That’s great!” Really, thank you for giving me such various memories.

- That should be our line! And in Matsui Rena’s last participating single “Mae no meri”, there is a coupling song “2588 days.” Rena-san’s solo song.

Rena: Yes. 2588 days. The days that I have been with SKE48. One third of my life. I also shot a MV for it, from my hometown Toyohashi to Nagoya station via the train. My feelings from the theater to the place of lessons, the content matters where from that time I repeatedly walk along that path. I remembered so many things.

- Did the sentiments from those days also return?

Rena; Hmm yes. “During a stage there are feelings like this huh”, “Such a lonely thing happened huh”, etc. I remembered while riding in the rain that I always used to carry a memo with me. I remembered thinking “Today, I wonder how do I talk about things that happened during stage MC that would remain in people’s memories” while writing in the memo. Same way while returning home after the show ended, I wrote in the memo the things that were no good and needed reconsideration.

- Before SKE48, Matsui Rena was a single fan who liked AKB48 right? What made and when were you able to convert to a “Pro”?

Rena: It wasn’t anything done consciously. But if I were to talk about it in certainty, from my home in Toyohashi while riding the train until I arrived in Nagoya station, it was like a switch in me that set in “From here onwards I am an idol!” That definitely happened. I looked up to AKB48 but with SKE48, everyday it was a switch that had to set in. Inside the train, within that 1 hour I used to think “I have become an idol.”

“I have absolutely no worries for SKE48′s future.”

- When we wanted to ask what “SKE soul” means to Matsui Rena, you said “strength” right?

Rena: “Strength of the heart”, “The strength of the feelings regarding the stage”, “The stubborn meaning of strength”. There are a lot meanings for strength. That is why for me, SKE soul means “strength”.

- In healthiness also Rena-san at first was thin, your physical condition also pulled you down right?….How did you put it on that strength?

Rena: Naturally of course. Eventually, all the feelings of strength, I believe is as I went forward with SKE48. Before entering SKE, I was this “useless and felt sufficient with life” sort of person. I used to take off from school immediately too….but SKE didn’t allow me to be that person. From the start I thought to withdraw but at the same I can’t. “I have to seriously face these two opposites.” is what I thought. But I suppose that also could be replaced with the words “sense of responsibility.”

- The “SKE soul” that started with the first generation, do you think it has reached the SKE48 of now?

Rena: I think it hasn’t reached strictly. It was something SKE48 of that period was able to do so i thought it was possible. Honestly, we were told by our juniors this a while ago, “We have not been there when making SKE48, the difficulty to make it too、our seniors ask us how much we can work hard, not telling us actually what to do instead stories. We don’t understand.”

- Well they said that clearly!

Rena: Yes, we were told that clearly! (Rena laughs) I thought, “Hmm that is so..” ….I think the SKE48 now will be halted and when I think about wanting to elevate it…. new SKE48 is something that the juniors who “don’t know about the past” must make. It is going to be difficult but now is the time I wish for a new SKE48. I want them to realize that they are “themselves the core to make SKE48.”

- What do you think is needed for the sake of making the new SKE48?

Rena: A huge collision. Staff too and the members too. They must make a huge collision with all their might holding strong mutual feelings. A long time ago Jurina and Mizuki during a piece of choreography called out and bumped with the other. Because one or the other stopped during the rehearsals (Rena laughs).

- If there was no affection for the stage or SKE48, then they would not be able to collide with each other. And I still want to ask another thing. About Matsui Jurina. Do you have anything you want to say concerning her?

Rena: I will probably come out as a cold person saying this but…..from here onwards Jurina has to truly become the lead to pull SKE48. Jurina has that straight forwardness and good qualities but from here onwards I want her to be an adult and stand alone by herself. “Because even if you fall down I can no longer be there by your side to reach out to you. You are not WMatsui anymore. You are Matsui Jurina.”

- Lastly, do you have any worries for the future of SKE48?

Rena: Absolutely not. Last month I saw an article on the 7th gens and 2nd draft members. In the net article there was a photo and I thought “Where have I seen this girls’ sparkling faces before.” And then it hit me, this was exactly like the first time we, the first generation, stood on stage!

- Ooo! Is that so!

Rena; I thought, “Fans are definitely enjoy cheering these girls on!” It is really going to be fun seeing the making of the new SKE48.

- Thank you! Just one thing. Please say a few words to our readers.

Rena: Probably not long until my last appearance with SKE48 but in order to meet as Matsui Rena, I will do my best. Again, let’s create various memories!

T6T Thoughts - Long Version

I’m by no means caught up on all the theories and what not, but I HAD TO write down my thoughts on T6T, otherwise I can’t sleep @_@ (I had written this up earlier but then my laptop froze hnnnnng)

//Sherlock must subconsciously know something’s up with Norbury in the beginning, otherwise he wouldn’t have talked to her like that, however silly the chitchat

//THE NEW INTRO SEQUENCE aslkdjfaslkdjf it’s all about John and Sherlock 💕

//The London aquarium as a setting omg SO GOOD. Lots of water = feelings and also the shark referencing Culverton from next ep. Magnussen was referred to as a shark as well (all connected to Moriarty’s plans always lurking in the bg)

//After that really dark scene with the merchant’s tale, it all gets suddenly very fast-paced and slapstick-y, they’re trying to pull wool over our eyes. >_>

//John is blogging (“221Back!”) but his blog isn’t getting updated anymore at all? I wonder whether that’s because of the fallout, if he deleted drafts or what.

//Sherlock is working like a MANIAC in those scenes. Overcompensation? Trying to distract himself from something or someone?

//John missed FIFTY-NINE CALLS from his highly pregnant wife while out on a romp with Sherlock (more giggling!). CLEAR PRIORITIES

//OK JOHN WITH THE FLOWER!! Listen this is huge, it MUST be a TPLOSH reference. When Watson has the flower behind his ear in TPLOSH, it’s when the whole theatre thinks him and Sherlock are a romantic couple. He dances with women which are slowly getting replaced by men. Later when he confronts Holmes about the rumours (and Holmes says he’s being presumptuous when he thinks there have been women in his life) he STILL wears that flower! Anyway, what I’m saying is the flower is Gay™. So while he sure seems flattered that the lady giving him her number, it’s made clear that his heart is elsewhere.

//WHEN SHERLOCK ASKS “IS IT MY BIRTHDAY”? alskdflasjdflksajdf my poor bb, yes almost 💜

//Sherlock hates Thatcher SO MUCH it’s like his soul leaves his body when he so much as sees a picture of her, it’s amazing. All of these shots of Thatcher being smashed peppered throughout the episode are hilarious to me.

//The effects (like Sherlock/Thatcher mash ups) & scene transitions (Mycroft exploding into pieces lol) are super OUT THERE in this ep, like they actually make you wonder whether it’s real life or not. This means that we’re wearing this whole thing through a heavy filter, whether it’s covered in a thick layer of symbolism (very likely), or hallucinations, a dream, mind palace… or HET GOGGLES? 😏

//Can we take a minute to appreciate how HOT Sherlock and John are in this, holy shitcakes I cannot

//Sherlock taking apart the client with the faded tattoo for shits & giggles, but ACTUALLY kind of talking about Mary? Saying the wife is a spy and linking her to Moriarty? Also when Lestrade is there later and Sherlock shouts at him “SHE’S NOT THE ONE!” while John is standing right next to him? Yeah….. #notacoincidence

//also that lovesick balloon jesus christ John

//UHM JOHN. when he says “Some people […] obsess over one thing and they can’t let it go” and then STARES POINTEDLY AT SHERLOCK

//Sherlock casually telling John “I like you” when they’re waiting with Toby

//Anyone else think the pool fight choreography was super weird? How they kept holding each other under the little waterfall thing? But anyway, wet Sherlock. Feels!

//Sherlock acting like he trusts Mary. Like is it just me?? Did anyone else not believe that for a single second? Or do I have a bias? Idk idk but all that talk about Sherlock’s vow felt very stilted to me and could potentially mean something else.

//Mycroft is so proud of sounding like wikipedia sldkfjsld bless 💛

//THE NIGHTTIME TEXT CONVO. I MEAN. Even when watching this for the first time live, it immediately stood out to me that THERE ARE NO NAMES. This must mean something. I instantly took it to mean that he’s actually talking to Sherlock. Now, the texts are kind of flirty, but not necessarily sexual. I wonder if it’s Sherlock, whether it means something had already happened between them or whether it was just dancing around the subject again, but with them obviously being a lot closer again than it previously seemed? What I wanna know is: In TFP, are we actually gonna see flashbacks of them just making out between scenes or something, I AM DEAD SERIOUS I’M ASKING. Flashback reveals seem to be a thing this series, lolol

//John and Mary sitting on that sofa before the ep’s finale, sitting so far apart. LOOK AT THEM. This is a non-relationship.

//OK SO Mary getting shot. She doesn’t take the bullet bc she loves Sherlock so much (I mean she almost killed him and then drugged him again to steal the AGRA USB this very episode). What she IS doing, however, is burning out his heart. She’s known all along that John and Sherlock are a unit, and probably also that they love each other. She knows that Sherlock can’t function without John anymore. So she makes SURE John will feel maximum guilt over this. First of all, he’s been ‘cheating’ on her with Sherlock, and it has been clear that his heart was never in the relationship. And THEN, in her dying moments, Mary lets loose an speech about how perfect her life was with him, how much she loved him and he was the perfect husband… reaaaallly driving home that guilt. John really badly hates himself in that moment and lashes out at Sherlock, whom he irrationally sees at the core of all of his problems at that moment. Sherlock, who came into his life all cheekbones and danger and he made him love again. Sherlock, who is infinitely more interesting than anyone else he’s ever met, including his wife. And now his wife is dead thinking John was perfect and not knowing he was a cheating bastard. John is FURIOUS with himself and with Sherlock by extension. He thinks their relationship possibly just killed his wife. When he yells at Sherlock about his vow, he’s actually blaming his own inability to be a good husband.

anonymous asked:

Please share your thoughts now on the line moving VERY fast at the ticket booth. I wondered what you wanted to add. I'm just super amazed she does it at all since the exchange is done after the standing ovation is done and people gather their things and head to the exit. Lol if it would have been me a would tops make an appearance wave and blow a few kisses and then be off in my town car to my hotel.

OK, well, I kind of went off on a tangent about this last night and then deleted it because I didn’t think it had a place in my happy post about seeing Streetcar. I want to emphasize that I think the majority of fans who go to Streetcar because they love Gillian are respectful and just excited to see her and be near her and watch her do the thing she’s so amazing at. And also that if she didn’t appreciate the fans and genuinely want to be generous with her time and show them that appreciation, she wouldn’t do it. 

I saved a draft of what I said last night so I’ll just dump it here: 

I possibly have a non-majority viewpoint on this, but I 100% do not feel that she owes everyone, or anyone, a big personal moment or personal attention or whatever, and maybe it’s just me but I sometimes feel this like, constant undertow of people being always disappointed because it’s always not quite enough or they always want to see her or talk to her just a little bit more or have her sign just one more thing or give her one more thing or talk to her one more time, and I’m sure I’m projecting quite a lot, but I find it kind of despair-inducing and I can’t imagine how it feels to actually be the focus of it. I think it’s wonderful that she will do this, it’s kind of crazy that it has to be organized and orchestrated by the theater people, but I think that’s DEFINITELY the way to go instead of just sending her out the door into the madness. The other actors walked by the line of people waiting for Gillian and like, basically no one gave a shit. I think someone yelled to Vanessa Kirby that she was pretty??!?!????(???)??!? So, you know, it’s clear where the obsessive attention is focused. So I think it’s wonderful that she pokes her little head out and makes a joke about hamburgers, and is so sweet and good-natured about it all, and even after doing that whole play continues to be “on” for however long it takes to get through that line. And I think it’s actually GREAT that they have all these rules like “she will only sign Streetcar stuff” and “only one thing” and “no pictures” so you don’t get people going “but please can I have a hug? I came all this way” and other stuff that makes my skin crawl, and again I’m very biased here. Because boundaries in situations like this can be very helpful and in fact essential for keeping the situation controlled so that everyone gets something of what they want.

Basically, when you buy a ticket to the play A Streetcar Named Desire, starring Gillian Anderson, you’re buying a ticket to sit in the audience and watch the play. You’re not buying a ticket for an autograph or a handshake or a photo. This isn’t a convention. Gillian must be ready to COLLAPSE after this play and it is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY GENEROUS of her to not only say that she’ll sign stuff after the play but to have a formalized arrangement about it. It’s good for her because she gets to be slightly separated from people (via the box office window) while signing, and she gets to make use of the theater staff to wrangle people to have it be done in a more orderly way so she’s not mobbed, and it kind of releases that pressure valve of people who MUST TALK TO HER AND SEE HER so that, hopefully, once she actually leaves the theater she’ll be left alone. So I’m not saying it’s ONLY the goodness of her heart that causes her to do it that way, but at the same time I think it’s good of her to face that situation the way she does, and be practical about how to manage it, instead of being like “eh whatever, I can’t deal with these mobs of fangirls, just please get me to my car.” She could easily do that, and this allows her to control that situation somewhat, but at the same time, it is a BONUS of access that she doesn’t have to provide, and it is kind of her to do so. 

I have no idea what precipitated the thing she tweeted yesterday about how she can’t sign every night and also SOMETIMES SHE MIGHT NOT COME OUT FOR A WHILE, but it’s that second one that made me crazy – I have no idea if it’s the case, but if people are actually bitching that they had to STAND AROUND FOR TOO LONG while she RECOVERED IN HER DRESSING ROOM before she came out and gave them a FREE MF-ING AUTOGRAPH, then that’s where I switch over from “I know you were excited at the idea of meeting her and it’s disappointing that she didn’t sign tonight, so I’m sorry you didn’t get to and I feel you” to “OMG YOU ENTITLED ASSHOLES, GET SOME FUCKING PERSPECTIVE MY GOD.” It’s possible that it was just Gillian her sweet self who’s worried about disappointing people by not coming to them soon enough and nobody has complained about it at all, and if that’s so, I’d be much relieved about that and I would also like to say to her TAKE AS LONG AS YOU NEED, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO WAIT FOR 45 MINUTES OR WHATEVER THEN THEY CAN LEAVE FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. 

Anyway. Can you tell at what point this morning I finally had my coffee? Heh heh. Basically, I think the autograph line is a very sensible way to deal with the “people love Gillian and want to interact with her” thing as painlessly as possible for her/them, maximizing the number of people who get to see her while not completely sucking her dry after her performance. An unfortunate side effect may (or may not) be that since it’s more of a formal setup, people may start to feel like it’s part of the “package” and start to get grabby about it if they don’t feel like they got ENOUGH time with her or it wasn’t fast enough or whatever. And I’m not saying she doesn’t like meeting fans and doesn’t appreciate the support – it’s very clear that she does. But I’m also sure that she’s tired after the play and that the idea of meeting a bazillion starry-eyed fangirls afterwards, all of whom have waited for months or years for this moment and will remember it for the rest of their lives and are laser-focused on her, has got to be overwhelming. I think it’s very generous of her to do it, I think we should remember that it’s a bonus and not part of the price of the ticket, and I’m glad it was thought through so carefully and that they came up with this setup that seems to give everyone what they want.