i wonder how hard sam wanted to punch him at that point

Enough is Enough

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,067

Warnings: slight panic attack, language, asshole Dean 

Request: Can I request an imagine where the reader lives with the brothers at the bunker & Dean is always a jerk to her & then one day she has a panic attack & then fluff ensues…

Summary: Reader has lived & hunted with the boys for 3 years & usually puts up with Dean being a dick pretty well. One night, she can’t take anymore and has a panic attack.

A/N: Enjoy!! Feedback greatly appreciated!! And thank you to @mamapeterson for just reading over this before I posted it lol wasn’t too confident on it tbh but I hope y’all like it!!

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Requested By Anon

Pairings: Loki x f!Reader

Y/B/F - Your best friend

Loki has created a chatroom.

Loki has invited Y/N.

Loki: Greetings, my love. I have a surprise for you. I’m sure you’ll love it! Please wait in your room.

Y/N: Really?! Thank you! You shouldn’t have. What is it? Tell me please!

Loki: A surprise, love.

Y/N: Can’t I have a hint? Please, please, please!

Loki: Tony is going to have a fit when he sees it, that’s for sure. Ehehehehe!

Loki: I’m going to try and sneak it in. Give me 10 minutes.

Y/N: … You didn’t get me a bilgesnipe, right?

Loki: I considered it but we already have Thor, one is enough. It’s a midgardian animal however.


Loki: No, my love.

Loki: At times I really do question your friendship with Barton…

Y/N: Speaking of which, he’s trying to enter the chat. What did you put the password as?

Loki: Don’t worry, he’ll never guess it.

Clint has joined the chat.

Loki: What sorcery….




Clint: Get it? Because I have a farm.

Clint: You… are dating Loki?

Y/N: No! Who said that?

Loki: Er, why would you think that Y/N and I are courting?


Clint: “My love.” A private chat. Surprises! I’m deaf not blind!

Y/N: … We’re really close friends?


Loki: I’m one of Y/N’s best friends?



Clint: Also what kind of stupid password is “LokiLaufeysonIsTheFutureAndRightfulKingOfAsgardWithHisQueenY/N”?

Y/N: Really babe, really?!

Clint: Seriously judging you, Loki.

Y/N: Of all the possible passwords!

Clint: At least add numbers to make it more challenging!

Loki: It’s a good password! Thor would never guess it!

Clint: Wait, wait, wait. We’re moving off topic. Y/N, how could you not tell me you’re dating this ice sculpture?

Y/N: I was going to! I was just waiting for the right time. Please don’t tell anyone yet! They’re not going to take it well.

Clint: You’re dating a psychopath, of course they won’t!

Loki: I’m not a psychopath, I’m a highly functioning sociopath.

Clint: Don’t taint Sherlock!

Clint: So, I’m the only one who knows about this?

Loki: Yes, thank Odin.

Clint: It would be a shame

Clint: If the others found out


Clint: If only there were donuts to keep my mouth shut

Clint: But there aren’t any…

Clint: Maybe I’ll add the team and ask them if they have any.

Y/N: How many do you want?


Y/N: Deal.

Y/N: Loki, love. Get Clint some donuts, please?

Loki: … Fine.

Clint: And I want to go to Asgard.

Loki: I’ll see what I can do.

Clint: I want the fancy armor too!

Loki: Of course.

Clint: And your helmet.

Loki: Absolutely not!

Clint: Let’s ask the team how they’re doing, shall we?

Y/N: I hate you.

Clint: Love you too, Y/N.

Loki: The helmet is yours but nothing else! Do we have a deal?

Clint: Deal. Remember, hurt my lovely Y/N and you will regret it!

Thor has joined the chat.

Loki: NO!

Clint: I didn’t tell him.

Thor: Brother! You are courting Lady Y/N?!

Y/N: It’s a good password, you said. Thor would never guess it, you said.

Thor: How could you keep this from me! We are family!

Thor: Did you think I would not be happy for you?

Loki: Do you approve?!

Thor: Of course I do! Lady Y/N is a wonderful person, I could think of no one else better than her for you. Hearty congratulations brother!

Loki: I am surprised… Thank you… Brother.

Thor: But Lady Y/N, I must offer my most sincere and heartfelt apologies to you as my brother is far from wonderful.

Loki: Outrageous!

Y/N: Don’t worry, Thoreo! Loki has been a marvelous boyfriend.

Clint: So far… And when he messes up, I will be there to fight him.

Loki: Why do you have a cute nickname for Thor…?

Loki: And dammit, Barton! I love Y/N. I would NEVER hurt her.

Thor: We must celebrate! I shall ask Stark to take us to one of the finest dining places on Midgard.



Thor has added Tony.


Thor: Better now than never!

Thor has left the chat.

Loki: FOOL!

Clint: I’m still getting my donuts despite Tony knowing, right?

Tony: what

Tony: is

Tony: THIS

Loki: … A chat?

Y/N: …. Surprise!

Tony: Did you cast a spell on Y/N? Is it blackmail? Y/N you can tell me!

Y/N: Tony. I know this must be hard to accept but… Loki and I are in love.


Y/N: He’s no longer the man who tried to take over New York and who threw you off a building. Give him a chance, please!

Loki: My love, I know that you are trying to resolve the situation, but perhaps try not to mention my past misdeeds?

Clint: Are we at the part where Tony shoots him with his little blasty things?

Tony has added Natasha, Steve, Bruce.

Clint: We’re all going to kick his ass? I’ll get my bow.

Loki: I thought you were on our side, Barton!

Clint: I still didn’t get my donuts.

Tony: Steve, do something!!

Natasha: I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I think their relationship is good.

Y/N: But Nat, you just found out?

Natasha: I’m a spy, remember?

Tony: Don’t… encourage them!

Natasha: Ever since they started dating, Loki has been nicer, more kind. Less creepy and evil. Which is really good for us.

Steve: Natasha has a point. I don’t think Loki would jeopardize his relationship with Y/N by trying to take over the world and he seems to love her a lot, I don’t think he’d do anything to hurt or upset her.


Clint: … Tony. I think we’ve entered an alternate dimension.

Y/N: Stevie, you’re taking this really well…

Loki: Stevie…?

Steve: Natasha told me about you and Loki as soon as you two started dating.

Clint: BUT NOT ME??????????

Y/N: Awwww you guys, you knew this whole time and didn’t make a big deal about it unlike a certain bird and billionaire here. Thank you Nat and Stevie <3

Steve: Oh I’m trying my best not to punch Loki.

Nat: Not a day goes by when I don’t want to shoot him.

Loki: I can’t blame them.

Steve: But he makes you happy.

Nat: And you make him a better person, so we grudgingly approve.

Loki: Banner, you’re more quiet than usual…

Bruce: I’m just thinking.

Loki: About?

Tony: He’s trying to think of ALL THE WAYS TO HURT YOU IF YOU HURT Y/N!

Bruce: Tony is right.

Loki: I will gladly accept becoming one with the floor if I dare hurt Y/N, which I would never.

Bruce: Excellent.

Y/N: Soooooooo, now that everyone knows, can you all leave?

Clint: NEVER!


Y/N: …

Y/N: Love, did you uh, manage to bring in my surprise?

Loki: Oh yes, ehehehehehehehehe.

Steve: When he laughs/types like that, it means he’s up to something bad.

Loki: I’m feeding it first and then I’ll bring it up to your room.

Tony: What surprise?

Tony: Feeding it?!

Tony: Look, we have enough strays. We took in Loki and Bucky, we can’t take in more.

Nat: What is it?

Bruce: I’m kinda curious too. Spill.

Scott has joined the chat.


Scott: A LEMUR

Scott: LEMUR

Scott: WHY

Scott: Also, gross. Y/N, why him?




Loki: I remembered how after watching that movie… Madagascar? You said you thought the lemur was cute. Do you not like it?

Clint: Can I pet it?!


Tony: My*


Scott: I swear it wants to start a fight




Scott has been disconnected.

Y/N: Is he okay?!

Loki: It attacked him.

Natasha: … I’m not breaking that fight up.

Clint: Who shall come out as the victor? Scott or King Julien II?

Bruce: Probably the lemur.

Tony: I guess we can keep the lemur? Just make sure to keep it out of the lab and my room.

Tony has left the chat.

Steve: I should help Scott…

Steve has left the chat.

Loki: What shall we name him, love?


Y/N: Clint’s name is good.

Loki: Alright, we shall name him Clint.

Y/N: No, I meant King Julien II

Loki: Ehehehe Clint it is!

Clint: .. I’m kinda touched, not gonna lie. Clint Jr. So cute.

Loki: Oh.

Bruce: So now we have a lemur, a raccoon, a hawk, an ant, two spiders, a panther and a falcon.

Bruce: … Can we get a penguin next? 

Natasha: No.

Bruce: Please?

Natasha has left the chat.

Bruce has left the chat.

Clint: What a great day.

Clint has left the chat. 

Loki: Finally! I thought they’d never leave.

Y/N: If you’re done settling in Clint Jr. can you come to my room where I’ve been waiting for the past 20 minutes for you?

Loki: To thank me, I presume? ;)

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: ewwwww.

Sam has added Bucky.

Bucky: ewwwwwww.




Sam: I’m insulted, Y/N.

Bucky: If you ever break up with him Y/N, you know where to find me.

Sam: And me.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Loki: Would you be upset if I set Clint Jr. upon them?

Y/N: Yes.

Loki: Consider it, please.

Loki: Clint Jr. has stopped his attack on the bug man. See you soon, love.

Y/N has left the chat.

Loki has left the chat.

Vision has joined the chat.


Vision has left the chat.
Request: My Whole World

Request: Can you write one where the reader is being really petty towards dean for something he did and he gets fed up in a cute and fluffy way please.

Request: Could you write one where the reader is taking a nap and she’s pregnant and wakes up to dean talking to her stomach and it’s just all fluffy and cute

Word Count: 1,673

Thank you! I hope it’s what you were hoping for. Lots of love<3

“So anyway,” You continue, dipping the spoon back into the ice-cream carton and digging out another generous mouthful, “I get into the kitchen and he’s sat there, just munching on the last cookie. I’m not even kidding. I’d been craving them for weeks and I’d finally managed to convince his protective, overbearing ass to take me out to pick up the ingredients and he eats the last bloody one.”

Sam eyes the carton, balanced precariously atop your growing bump, and smiles a little, “He can be rude sometimes.”

“I know, right? And he acts like it’s nothing, like I haven’t been dragging his spawn around inside me for… what, seven and a half months?” You sigh dramatically, “All I wanted was a cookie and now all I have is…”

“Ice-cream?” Sam quirks an eyebrow with an amused smile, but you just shoot him a sardonic glare.

“It isn’t what I want. And you and Dean are so close, this might as well be your spawn too, so watch what you’re saying.” You manage to get the spoonful of ice-cream into your mouth just in time to point the spoon at him accusatorially, but he only laughs at you – it’s been like this for nearly three days now, considering that you’re not exactly on speaking terms with Dean unless it involves backrubs or food.

“I’m sure he feels awful.” Sam attempts, picking up another plate and setting it in the warm, soapy water of the sink – baby-proofing efforts are fully underway in the bunker, which, according to Sam, means turning the place into a clean, half-decent child-rearing environment. The brothers are so concerned with making it completely perfect and safe that you’ve barely had anything to do with it, which you’re perfectly fine with at this point.

“No, he doesn’t. He feels bad that I’m grumpy with him. But he enjoyed that cookie, and I know it.” You narrow your eyes, “They were damn good cookies.”

Sam turns to you after a moment, “Y/N, can I say something without you… spontaneously bursting into tears or throwing your ice-cream at me?”

“Probably not, but go on.” You nod, scraping out the bottom of the carton and giving him a roguish grin. He offers a small, though hesitant, smile, drying his hands off on the towel draped over the oven door handle.

“I think you’re scared. About Dean, about the baby, about everything.” He watches warily as your eyes narrow, and you sit forward slowly, a protective hand moving over your stomach as if his words could somehow hurt the tiny, helpless infant inside, “And I can’t help but wonder if you’re finding excuses to keep him at arm’s length so that if something does go wrong, he doesn’t blame himself. So he isn’t so hurt by losing one or both of you.”

“Sam-“ You try, but he has a way of reading you that not even Dean has managed to grasp – he really is your best friend, your brother in all but blood – in the least weird way, considering you’ve been with his biological brother for years.

“You’re going to be fine, Y/N. All three of you.”

“All four of us.” You correct, and he gives a conceding nod.

“All four of us. We have heaven and hell on our side, Y/N. Trust me on this one, alright?” He moves half a step closer to you, the smile on his face reminding you that he’s as excited as you are for this, and has mulled over every single one of the same possibilities, “We’ve gotten through everything else. This is just another adventure.”

You let the silence hang between you for a few moments, before hauling yourself to your feet and fixing him with a look that lets him know that he’s absolutely right, but that you’re less than impressed about it.

“One of these days, Sam Winchester, you’re going to tell someone a home truth that they really hate and you’re going to get punched.” You tell him, though the smile on your face instantly negates any kind of seriousness in your statement, “And fair warning, I am going to laugh.”

“Fair point.” He smiles, stepping forward to take your shoulders in his hands and press an affectionate kiss to your brow, “Go on, Y/N, get some rest. I’m almost done here.”

He can tell how obnoxiously tired you are, and even how hard you’re trying to hide it. It’s been a difficult transition, and one you’re still struggling with, going from reckless, active hunter, to careful, nurturing mother – though it’s one you’re more than willing to make.

“Alright, Sammy. I’m going for a nap.”


Naps have recently – even over the last three or four weeks – have become your primary source of sustenance. Depending on the hours that Winchester junior decides to make your bladder/ribs/kidneys into his or her personal trampoline, you’re not getting as much sleep as night as you perhaps should be, which means that the couch is your new favourite spot – these days, if either brother or anyone else needs to get a hold of you, that’s usually where you can be found.

When you find that the something pulling you from the warmth and comfort of sleep is Dean’s voice, you’re less than surprised – for a man who pretty much makes a living out of being sneaky and stealthy, he doesn’t half know how to make a racket (and then some) when he wants to. What you are more surprised to find is that, from where his voice is, he’s sat on the floor in front of you with his face up close to your shirt – more specifically, to your stomach.

“… And she’s stubborn; don’t ever try to get in her way. I’ve known her forever, and I’ve only actively disagreed with her once or twice. She’s clever, too. Probably too much for her own good. And beautiful – hopefully you’ll look a lot like her, but not too much, because then you’ll be charming the living shit out of everything in a five mile radius from the minute you’re born and none of us will stand a chance.”

He’s speaking in a low, soft tone that is difficult for even you to pick up at this point, but what you do feel is his hand lightly ghosting over your stomach – at first, you thought it was a bit odd, the way he’d like to randomly feel you up, but it eventually became more endearing than anything else.

“Another thing you’ve gotta watch out for with your mom is that she’s funny. Too funny, sometimes, like when we’re in a life or death situation and she comes out with a comment and man, does it piss off whoever – or whatever – we’re hunting and it distracts us all but it just makes the whole thing more bearable. But you’ll never know any of that, anyway, if we get our way. You deserve better, and I’ll be damned if that’s not what you’re going to get. Then again, I’m probably damned anyway.”  

He sighs softly, and after a moment, you feel his nose up against your skin.

“God, kid, I hope I don’t screw you up. I hope you get the childhood I couldn’t. I’d never be able to live with myself if you were scared for one minute of it.” He’s choked up, you realise, your heart skipping a beat and stomach lurching, “Kid, you are so, so loved. Whether your mom is pissed off at me or not; whether you know it or not, you two are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I promise you, you’re not going to forget that. And neither am I.”

There’s a long moment, and he takes a deep breath, obviously trying to collect himself – you’ve heard him speaking to the bump before, of course. He’s played music to it, cranking the volume up in the Impala as soon as he’d read in one of those books that the baby had hearing organs (‘Have to get their tastes refined early, Y/N. I refuse to have a child who can’t appreciate a bit of rock.’) and belting out lyrics even when it was just the two of you – but never like this. Never with that… vulnerability; never with that kind of feeling.

You prise one eye open, watching him for a few moments, “You really just can’t let me be mad at you for more than three and a half minutes, can you?”

His head snaps up and his eyes widen as he realises that you’re awake, and have been the whole time – his eyes are still shining and slightly glazed, but he plays it off by clearing his throat and giving you a small smile.

“So you’re not mad at me anymore? I can’t keep up.” He says softly, searching for your hand, and, once he finds it, he twines his fingers with yours sweetly.

“I was never mad at you. Well… not once the damage had been done.” You concede with a smile, slowly pushing yourself into a sitting position so he can come and sit beside you, one arm around your shoulders and the other hand still laced with yours.

“I’m sorry about the cookie. I’ll go and find more, Sam and I were thinking about-“

“It’s not about the damn cookie, Dean. Not even a little.” You interrupt, pulling your hand from his to hold his palm to your stomach, “I… was being dumb. And stupid. And rude. And it was uncalled for, whether I was being funny and petty over a cookie or not.”

“Is that an apology?” His eyes widen, but a grin spreads over his face as the baby kicks against his hand. You quirk an eyebrow.

“Don’t push your luck. And whether I’m mad or not, you owe me cookies.”

He doesn’t hesitate to nod, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to your lips, “Anything you want. Everything you want. I don’t care, Y/N. You – both of you – you’re my world now.”

Bar Fight (Avengers x reader)

Happy Friday! We made it to the end of the week. God I’m so tired, but that’s okay because now I get to sleep and write all weekend long. I came up with this idea while I was making mac and cheese and spinning around in my living room. Be proud. 

Description: You decided to join your friends, who happen to be the Avengers, at a bar on a Friday night. Everything was going great till some drunk guy decided to grind up against you. 

Warnings: Cursing, drinking, sexual harassment

“There she is. We were starting to wonder where you were.” Thor raised a glass to you, smiling. He was sitting at the bar with the rest of your friends, as you came through the door. You gave everyone a hug, and joined them. You sat in between Steve and Natasha.

The bartender came up to you, drying a glass. “Hm, I’ll have martini.” He nodded and began to make your drink. You pondered on the thought and decided that you definitely weren’t going to get drunk tonight.

“I’m so glad you were able to come for drinks tonight, it’s been lonely at the tower without you.” Natasha pouted her lips and gave you the puppy dog face that always made you laugh.

“Why don’t you just move back in? You know you wanna come back to us.” Steve winked playfully nudged your shoulder. You were a field agent, but you had some personal things you needed to take care outside of the Avengers and that required you to take some time off.

“Guys, come on. Don’t do this to me.” You looked between your two best friends with helpless eyes. “You know I’m going to come back, I just don’t know when. I’m working on it. I promise.” You threw your hands up in surrender, not knowing what more you could do for them. The three of you had a good laugh. They always teased you about how lonely it was during missions without your snarky comments and kickass presence.

“Thank you.” The bartender had placed your drink down and gave you a smile.

You had only two drinks in the span of two hours while Natasha had about four. Clint tried to stop her, knowing that she’d be complaining all of tomorrow about how he didn’t, but she wouldn’t listen. She finally dragged you to the middle of the room, forcing you to dance with her. When she tried to take you, you brought Steve with you, who then grabbed Sam’s sleeve and dragged him out. Soon enough, the whole team was out there dancing.

This was the bar you always came to with the team. It wasn’t crowded and people honestly couldn’t have cared less that you guys were the Avengers, so it was a safe place to hang out without having people constantly coming up to you, asking for pictures and autographs. The night went on, all of you laughing and having a good time. That was until some drunk guy stumbled towards you.

You were having a conversation with Thor and Tony about their latest mission. They were telling you the whole story, exaggerating how “amazing” they were. They always did.

“And then I burst through the door and said to him, ‘Did you really think you were going to get away from me?’ Thor was reenacting the face he had made when he said it, making you burst out laughing.

“You guys are such dorks.” You loved them, but sometimes they were total airheads. “Remember wh-” You were suddenly cut off by a completely wasted man who wrapped his arm around your waist.

“Hey baby. I saw you from over there and I couldn’t help myself from coming over here to talk to you.” He was smirking, checking out your body very conspicuously.

“Okay, one. Get the fuck off of me.” You threw his arm off of you and spun around so you were facing him. “Two, there is no way in hell that I’d even think about having a decent conversation with some prick who’s as drunk as you are.” You were getting pissed off now. Your friends were standing behind you, beginning to feel very overprotective.

“F/N, is there a problem?” Tony gave the guy a glare, trying to tell him to back off.

“Yeah, he was just leaving.” You hated guys like these. You began to walk away, your friends in tow. Their long strides made them walk in front of you, and your back was turned to the guy who you had left in the dust.

“You really want to play hard to get?” He was suddenly right behind you, whispering in your ear. He grinned against you, and your face showed complete shock. You scoffed, elbowing him in the face.

"Hey, don’t touch her!” Steve yelled across the room, catching the attention of everyone in the bar. “Back off. Now.” At this point, all your superhero and bad-ass friends were behind you. And then the prick’s drunken friends stumbled to rally up behind him.

“You mess with him, then you’ve messed with us.” One of his friend said, slurring his words, swaying back and forth like a tree that was about to fall. 

“Guys, walk away. They aren’t worth the fight.” You said to your very defensive group of friends while still making eye contact with the drunken douche bag. You turned away from him and walked towards the door. Thor and Bucky gave them all cold looks as they turned their backs to the group of drunks, following you out.

“You’re really one hell of a bitch, aren’t you?” The man who had harassed said, smirking. Now, you were completely done with his shit. You stormed back towards him and socked him in the face, breaking his nose. Blood began to run down his face. It was your turn to smirk. But, out of nowhere, one of his friends threw a beer bottle at Bucky’s head. Bucky didn’t even flinch, he just slowly turned his face towards the perpetrator. He punched him in the gut, and the guy fell over, cursing. Suddenly, it became an all out fight. Steve was fighting one drunk, while Sam was blocking hits from another, and even idled customers got into it. Why they did, you’ll never know. A woman came up to you while you had just taken the harasser down to the ground and slapped you across the face.

“Really? Was that honestly really necessary?” You rolled your eyes and swept her legs from underneath her. “Just stay down.”  

The fighting continued, and ten minutes later, all the people who joined the fight in the bar were out cold on the floor. You looked at the rest of your people, your family, and saw that not one of them look phased by what just happened. The bartender crept up from behind the bar and look at all of you terrified. 

“Uhm, sorry about this.” You chuckled awkwardly. “I’ll stop by tomorrow with a check for the damages, okay?” He nodded, looking completely scared of you and went back to hiding himself behind the bar. 

“Hey, at least we got our training sessions done for the weekend.” Tony’s snark comment was towards Steve who gave him a scowl in returned. You all started laughing, trying not to trip over the sleeping bodies. 

“Well, guys, that was… fun?” You chuckled. 

“F/N, you get us into so much trouble.” Sam said, teasing you.

You opened your car door, a sly grin on your face. “Exactly why you wouldn’t want me back at the tower now, right?” 

And before anybody could say anything, you hopped in and sped away. Steve watched you drive away and turned to the rest of the team, laughing. 

“She’s definitely something else.”

I hoped you all liked this little one shot! Let me know if you want to be added to the permanent tag list! I love you all and the countdown to Battered and Bruised: The Final Chapter begins now!!! xoxo


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Not Over You pt. 3

Prompt: “I was getting over you, why did you have to come back?” or it’s been a year since you and Steve broke up. He’s moved on, you haven’t.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,760

Warnings: language

A/N: another part for you all. i’ve made some decisions about where this is all going to go and i’m so excited. also, side note! a few people that asked to be tagged, it wouldn’t let me? i’ll send out messages to those people, letting them know it’s been updated. let me know if i missed tagging you (i have a scatter brain sometimes) or you want to be added to this list.

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Part 1 Part 2


Originally posted by imultifandomstuff

It felt like ages before anyone said anything. The tension just continued to grow between you two as Natasha was all the sudden M.I.A. You looked around for a quick second, silently cursing her for leaving you alone with him. You definitely weren’t ready for this.

“How have you—“ you started, but were cut off by Steve.

“How have you, uh,” He chuckled awkwardly, looking down and rubbing the back of his neck. His eyes travelled your body, an all too familiar, yet completely foreign sight. “How have you been? You look great.” He swallowed hard, nodding. “Yeah, you look great.” He finally made eye contact with you, his blue eyes practically lasers through yours.

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The Storm Within

Summary: How can you hope to move forward when the past won’t leave you alone?

Pairings: GabrielxReader,

Tags: smut, angst, fingering, unprotected sex, possessive!Gabriel (NSFW below the cut)

Word Count: 8447

Author’s Note: This was written for @girl-next-door-writes Celebration Challenge

My song was Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows with the gif below.  

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Special thanks to the wonderful @sumara62 for the beta and coming up with the title.  Your feedback has made this fic that much better!  I’m so excited and grateful for your help :)  

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You weren’t exactly sure how you ended up playing hide and seek in the bunker on a Friday night with Gabriel.  Then again, you were pretty tipsy and the archangel had said he was rather fond of games.  

“How old are you again?” Came a peevish voice from out in the hallway.  

So maybe this wasn’t what he had in mind, but driving him mad for once had certainly been fun for you.  

Even in your inebriated state you recognized it was probably not wise to mess with him.  He was an infinite being, after all.  Then again, if he didn’t want to play along, he didn’t have to.  He probably could have heard you breathing from clear across the bunker, let alone picked up the giggles that slipped out despite your best efforts.  Yet, he continued to do a slow walk around the perimeter of the room, as if none the wiser to your whereabouts.  

He finally made it to the bookshelf on which you were hiding.  It was a miracle you had even made it up that high without breaking anything, structurally or physically.  He paused, coming to a stop directly beneath you, and your breath stilled. You tried to slide out of view as he turned in your direction, only to go toppling over the side as your hand missed the edge. Instead of connecting with the floor, a pair of sturdy arms broke your fall and you found yourself staring up into warm hazel depths.    

“My hero,” you sighed, throwing an arm across your forehead, your head dropping back in a theatrical swoon.  You could practically hear his eyes rolling as he carried you across the room.  While you expected him to find a spot to put you down, you were not anticipating the unceremonious way he dumped you on top of the nearest table.

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The shield

Originally posted by dailymarvel

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x (sister)reader, slight Steve Rogers x reader
Genres: angst, platonic fluff, overprotective big sis Natasha
Words: 1.285
Summary: based on an imagine: “Imagine Natasha coming to rescue you after you are taken by HYDRA” - requested by Anonymous

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Them’s the fighting rings.

Dean goes ring shopping.

This story is inspired by the engagement rings ranked by their ability to break someone’s nose post. I can totally see him ranking rings like that.

Let me know what you think (and remember that English isn’t my first language, so bear with me with any errors you find). Also let me know if you want on, or off, my tag list

Word count: 1452

The door chimed cheerfully as it opened and closed. Ellie hurried over to welcome the two customers, but something about them made her hesitate. They talked in whispers to each other, so she busied herself around the two, catching glimpses of their conversation. And while most of what they were saying made no sense to her, she understood enough to know that these were people she would never voluntarily spend time with, and she wasn’t going to here either. Not if she could help it.

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Demon Inside

A demon!Dean x Reader / smut


Originally posted by gurl

A/N: To my new, sweet, fellow demon!Dean loving friend, Rose - here is your Galentine’s Day fic! I hope you love it, because I wrote it just for you and I threw a little bit of angst in there. Enjoy babe! Big thanks, as always, to @balthazars-muse for being a kickass beta! xo

Word Count: 3,724

- language
- without ruining it for Rose, this is porn. utter filth. do not read any further if you don’t want to read about any types of sexual situations.
- always wear a condom kiddos, even with sexy demons.

Tags: @abaddonwithyall@kittenofdoomage @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @kayteonline @oriona75 @manawhaat @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog@fvckinpayno @latinenglishfandomblog @salvachester
* sorry if I missed anyone. I am terrible at tagging.

*gifs are not mine.

“Please just keep an eye on him, Y/N,” Sam said in a low whisper, the noise sounding so loud in the empty, dark hallway it startled you. He placed his hand on your shoulder and leaned down so he was perfectly eye level with you. “For me?”

You shifted your feet and looked up into Sam’s beautiful, tired eyes. You had both been through so much in such a short time, and you wondered when the last time was he slept.

“You know I can’t be around him like that, Sam.”

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Head Lights

Sister Winchester : Head Lights

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/N = Your Name

Word Count: 2715

Summary: Sam has disappeared and whilst you and Dean try to find him, Dean turns into a jerk like your father and becomes reckless whilst driving to an unknown location.

Warning: Car crash

A/N: Firstly I apologise for the title, I couldn’t think of anything. ALso sorry for wrecking Baby it hurt my heart doing so. Lastly I have done so many ‘happily ever after’ endings to my sisfics but for this one I thought I’d try something different hahah sorry xx. Idk if there is room to add a second part but i’ll just see how popular this gets and if anyone asks for it I can work on it. love you long time, thank you for the 500 followers xx

Part 2

Dean’s expressionless and stony face had his gaze entrapped on the vacant highway whilst the pair of you sped off into the night. You were used to Dean driving over the speed limit, but right now going double the speed limit was a little too fast for your liking. The cabin of Baby was thick with tension radiating off Dean and you knew better then to poke the bear, so you stayed quiet and prayed to Chuck that you wouldn’t crash.

Dean wasn’t in the right mind and therefore it was just plain dangerous that he insisted on driving. Since Sam disappeared, Dean had gone from bad to worst until he wasn’t even himself anymore. He hardly ate nor slept and just kept researching leads to find Sam. When no leads would appear, Dean would drink and drink and drink. He had bags under his eyes and he was paler then normal due to exhaustion and malnutrition. He had also lost weight making his clothes baggy on him. You tried as best you could to look after him and make him better but he always pushed you away and there was no way of persuading him otherwise once he had decided on somethig. Therefore, why you found yourself in the Impala in the early hours of the morning with your maniac brother driving.

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All Is Beautiful - Part 2 of 2

Read Part One Here

Your name: submit What is this?

Word Count: 4,000

Summary: Part Two. After saving you from a violent attack, Sam keeps in touch and you grow closer. This ended up being pretty smutty. It really took on a life it’s own. I’m not sorry. 

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, language and an animal death (briefly mentioned).

Tags: @impalaimagining @spontaneousam​  

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Requested By Anon

Pairings: Loki x Reader

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has invited Sam, Vision, Bruce, Wanda, Scott, T’Challa.

Thor: Greetings my friends. I would like to inform you all of the riveting secret I have uncovered.

Bruce: I did not take you for one to gossip.

Wanda: If it’s a secret, we should not know about it.

T’Challa: Respect peoples privacy, Thor.

Vision: It is most likely something embarrassing, in which case do not inform us about it and tarnish someone’s reputation momentarily.

Scott: If the person wanted us to know, they would have told us, but they didn’t.

Thor: It concerns my brother.

Bruce: Why didn’t you just say so?!

T’Challa: Tell us everything!

Scott: Oh thank god. I really wanted to know the secret but my conscience was getting in the way.


Wanda: Go on.

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Fading Away

pairing- SamxDeanxSister!reader (mostly Dean) 

warning- very slight langue, hospitals, mentions of surgery  

word count- 3100 

summary- The youngest Winchester finds herself in organ failure an d Dean is willing to do anything to save her

A/N- this is told from Deans POV, and flashbacks are in Italics, this is sad but it gets fluffy  

Originally posted by spnjensenlove02

Originally posted by spntrista

“Sammy, i don’t know what to do anymore man. They said she’s not getting any better.” I couldn’t even bare to look at her body in the hospital bed anymore. The first time we came she seemed to fit so nicely in it, that was when we thought this was all just the flu. She didn’t even want us to bring her, because she hates hospitals. I didn’t really think she needed to come either she’s a tough kid, I mean she’s a Winchester for god sakes she can beat anything. It was Sam’s idea to take her in, now i thank god we did if we hadn’t  she’d have probably died before we made two states over, or at least that’s what the doctors said. I remembered the first time we were here like it was yesterday, when in reality it was months ago.


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Girls Night-Part 12

*edit by @strictlyncisconfessions*

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 Part 10  Part 11

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: show level violence, angst

Word Count:1270

A/N: I’m not always comfortable writing canonically, so forgive the pieces that are generalized. As always, feedback is 100% appreciated and welcomed (reblog, tag, asks, etc)

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Slow Burn - Part 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,806

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned.

Part 1 Part 2

“Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls.”

It’s taking everything you have not to jump on him right now. Play it cool, Y/N.

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I Can’t Save Her: Part 5

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language and Alcohol

Word Count: 1168

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: A little fluff, and a little humor. Bucky is going to drive us all to drink. Also, Tony is just buckets of sass and I love writing about him. Tags are on the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged. I hope you enjoy! I always love hearing from you all. I’ve written roughly twenty-one pages for this fic so far (some of which may or may not be in it as I edit and polish). Fair warning – things are probably going to take a darker turn soon – so brace yourselves and enjoy the fluff. 

Originally posted by i-lost-my-puddin

“Wait… what the hell did he say after that?” Wanda asked me looking shocked. I groaned into my hands – I couldn’t give a play-by-play of this. I was mortified about the whole situation. I felt like there had been a connection between Bucky and I…. like two puzzle pieces that just snapped together suddenly. It had now been a couple of days since Bucky had left with Steve. Before he left I had hidden in my apartment feigning illness to avoid him… like a mortified child. “Y/N!”

“What?!” I groaned exasperated. “I seriously can’t talk about it anymore, Wanda. I just need something to take my mind off of it.”

“Mind off of what, or who?” Tony asked curiously as he walked into the room. I groaned in exasperation. I didn’t need the entire team to know about my situation.

“Oh Y/N is just having…” Wanda was cut off by the wicked side-eye I threw in her direction. “What I mean is…,” she added cautiously, “Y/N has been really bored lately…. Now that I think of it… I have been too.”

“Well now that you mention it – we are all going out tonight. I’m throwing a party at this new club downtown,” Tony said casually. The casualness in his tone was a trick – Tony never really suggested anything.

“But…” I countered reluctantly. In all honesty Tony’s parties were usually one of the more exciting things happening in the city. Before I could even get another word out Tony gave me his signature look that basically said ‘what I say goes, and that’s final.’

“Oh please, Y/N! We will have so much fun!” Wanda begged.

“Okay… fine… fine,” I replied sourly.

“Wonderful. Be ready in an hour – Sam is coming with us and Nat and Clint will meet us there,” Tony quipped as he strolled victoriously out of the room.

We arrived at the club in Tony’s favorite sports car, which was undeniably too small to fit all of us comfortably. Nothing drummed up business like the Avengers stopping by your establishment. I felt uneasy getting out of the car. I hated having my photograph taken, and I absolutely hated being the center of attention. Clint and Nat were always able to sneak into these things without being noticed. That always left Sam, Wanda, Tony, and myself to face any press. Tony, and Sam loved it. Wanda seemed okay with it. I absolutely hated it. 

Once we had been blinded by flash after flash and stopped multiple times for photos with patrons we were finally able to enter the club. I immediately bee-lined to the VIP section where Nat and Clint were already casually sitting. “Thank god,” I muttered as I grabbed a bottle of open vodka and took a swig from it. I flopped dramatically onto the couch next to Clint with a grin.

“Always the lady!” Clint laughed as he playfully punched me in the shoulder.

“It’s been a week,” I grinned and took another swig. If anything – I was going to find a way to stop replaying my moments with Bucky. I hadn’t slept in days and I would be damned if Bucky Barnes was going to keep me from having a good time after confusing the hell out of me. I drank a little more and a little more. Within a couple of hours, the lights were blurring comfortably, and I was fully enthralled in all the conversations happening around me. As Wanda was teasing me about a man eyeing me from across the room my phone buzzed. I fished it out of my pocket and saw that I had a text from Bucky. It simply read: Back. Where is everyone? In my inebriated state I found it particularly hard to hit the right keys on my phone. I managed to type back: Having fun and by the way….  – Before I could finish giving him a piece of my mind Wanda snatched my phone with a tsk.

“No,” she said while slipping my phone into her bag. “That never ends well, and we are here for FUN,” she emphasized. “Speaking of which… I love this song… come on… let’s go!” Before I could protest she grabbed my hand and drug me onto the dance floor. I could hear Clint laughing behind us while the others watched. I finally submitted to Wanda’s wishes and began to dance – she was right; we were there to have fun after all. The lights, the bodies swaying, and the rhythm of the music put me in an odd dream like trance. If I’m being honest… the alcohol was the main culprit. I was certainly having fun before all hell broke loose.

“Come on you lush,” Tony chastised as he hauled me from the elevator.

“What the hell happened to her?” I could hear Bucky say from the common room. I couldn’t really see much but blurred colors when I opened my eyes.

“Just a little fun” I slurred as Tony propped me up on my feet.

“Stark. What the hell?” Bucky and Tony had never really gotten along that well, but at this point I was less worried about that and more worried about the spinning room.

“I’m just going to lay down,” I said as I collapsed on the floor. “This is good,” I muttered spreading out my arms and legs on the cold tile.

“Well Y/N has been a little down… I can only imagine why,” Tony said accusingly. “And… well… we all went out to have some fun, Barnes. You remember what that is right? Or do you only know how to sulk? I didn’t monitor how much she was drinking since she’s a big girl. Apparently she didn’t monitor it either. The next thing I know she’s on the dance floor and has the son of the Head of Defense in a chokehold. She passed out on the way home.” There was a hint of humor in Tony’s voice at least.

“He deserved it,” I whined from the floor. I could vaguely remember the little punk making a pass at Wanda.

“I’ll take her to her room,” Bucky gruffly replied. Even with my eyes closed I could feel the tension between the two. I was mortified and just wanted to be alone.

“No,” I heard myself say. “I’m okay… I can take care of myself, thanks.” I was able to stumble up with at least some of my dignity still intact. As I was passing Bucky I lost my footing and he caught me before I could topple onto the ground. I looked at him for a moment and the spinning stopped. I could feel that odd sensation again— like a piece of me had snapped into place, but when I looked in his eyes all I saw was pity. My thoughts were cut short as the spinning started. “Bathroom!” I yelled urgently and stumbled down the hall to my apartment with Wanda following me.

“Great job, Stark.” I could hear Bucky say bitterly behind me.

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Moments - 2

(part 1) | (part 3) | (part 4) | (part 5) | (part 6) | (part 7)


soulmate au where the first words you’ll hear your soulmate say are inscribed on your wrist.

warnings: swearing, slight injury 
word count: 1160

Soulmates? C’mon, that’s fucking bull.

He remembers laughing at Steve when he’d shown up to Bucky’s apartment, cheeks red and hair messy and shirt buttons done up unevenly. I like her, but Buck–, he’d said, eyes wide, then pointed to the solid black line just on the inside of his left wrist. And Bucky? He’d laughed until there were tears in his eyes, because Steve might have been taller and stronger, but he was still the stupid sixteen year old who kept landing his dumb ass in a fight.

“I can’t believe–“ Bucky’d said, between bouts of uncontrollable laughter. “I mean, Steve– you can’t be serious. You actually– you actually believe in this soulmate crap?” And then he’d laughed some more and punched his best friend in the arm, and eventually the both of them were lying back on the bed, calming down until there were just snips of laughs escaping their lips. Then Bucky had put his hand on Steve’s shoulder and said, “Go get her, you jerk. There’s no such thing as soulmates.”

He’d lied, right through his fucking teeth.

Every day that’s passed by, he’s thought about her.

He loves Natalia. He knows he does, said it himself a few nights ago, and not a part of him regrets it, but– he also knows she’s not the one. Her wrist has a solid black line, just like Steve’s.

And so he lies. He lies to everybody he knows. Lies to Sam, lies to Tony, lies to his best friend and the woman he loves, tells them that soulmates don’t exist and that the entire concept in itself is so flawed because the last thing he needs is their pity. He doesn’t want their tight smiles, their sad looks, and their ‘It’s okay’s. And he sure as hell doesn’t need Steve going all fucking therapist on him.

He lies and it’s amazing, because they all believe him, every single one.

He lies and it’s awful, because it’s the only goddamn thing that he thinks about now.

He fucking hates it, hates that it’s always got to be him. He lost his goddamn arm over seventy years ago and of all the things he’s recalled so far, he can’t remember the words on his wrist. It doesn’t matter how hard he tries. It doesn’t matter if he’s helping out the fucking Avengers, for god’s sake, because at the end of the day, he’s still being punished for the things he’s done, he supposes. It’s why he can’t remember the words.

On nights when he’s not plagued by recurring nightmares of every single person he’s held at gunpoint and all the families he’s ruined and all the people that have begged him to have mercy, he sees his wrist sometimes. There are always two words there, but every single time they’re just specks that he can’t make out and he wakes up feeling like he was drenched with a bucket of ice water. Natasha’s always there, scarred hand on his chest and genuine concern on her face, and he always pulls her into bed with him and holds her close to her, burying his face in his neck so that he can feel her heartbeat– but as she falls asleep, he stays up, thinking.

He’s had enough. All he wants is some fucking closure, something to let him know what would be on his wrist if he still had his left arm. Would it fade to white? Would it still be black? Or would there be a solid line instead? All he gets is a metal arm and no recollection.

He wants to scream, let his voice claw out of his throat and fill the air until his lungs give out, let everyone know just how fucking angry he is, with her (because fuck, if she’s someone he knows, it’d be real damn great if she just could tell him), with the world (for treating him like he’s a piece of shit), but mostly, with himself (for not remembering.)

He can’t tell anyone though, because he’s not a child but that’s all they’d see him as– some petty, emotional boy whose primary occupation is being a goddamn liar.

The punching bags become his best friends, and he’s down in the training room right now, like every night before he goes to bed. And fuck, he’s feeling so many goddamn things and he just wants to let it all out.

All he wants is to remember.


He doesn’t want to think about her, doesn’t want her to plague his mind when he’s in love with a beautiful woman.


But it’s all he can ever think about.


He wonders what she looks like: Nat, with calculating green eyes and soft red tresses? Or is she like Sam, with beautiful dark skin and warm smiles?  

He wonders if she thinks about him.

He wonders if she would like him, if she would forgive him for all the things he’s done.

He wonders if she’s even alive.

He throws punch after punch after punch, but the feeling in his chest doesn’t let up and it’s like there’s smoke in the room that’s filling his lungs and scratching his throat and burning his eyes and suffocating him and–

Soft hands wrap themselves around his flesh arm, pulling him back. He struggles, rolling his shoulders and trying to shake it way, until his gaze falls on his knuckles. He stares at the split skin and the blood everywhere. He swallows back the lump in his throat.

His arm tingles uncomfortably, like pins pricking him all over, and he looks down at the hand before his eyes shoot up to the associated face.

Y/N, the new girl, widens her eyes and her touch is gone in an instant, as if his skin’s burnt her. “I’m sorry– I–“ she stumbles over her words and her eyes get even wider and her hands shake. “You’re bleeding,” she finally stammers out.

Bucky doesn’t look down at the blood covering his hand. He stares at the girl in front of him, sees the way she’s looking at him as if he’s an injured puppy, and his fists clench and throat tightens and jaw twitches. He doesn’t need her pity. He doesn’t need anyone’s pity.

He pushes her away, harder than he means to, and she stumbles back, but he doesn’t care. What matters is that she’s seen him at his worst, seen his red eyes and his trembling, bloody hands and his shaky breathing. She’s seen him at his most fucking vulnerable, and fuck, he hates it.

So he points a finger at her, eyes narrowed, heart hammering against his chest. “Don’t you dare tell anybody about this. You understand? Nobody.” Then he’s turning on his heel without waiting for her reply, walking as fast as he can out of the training room.

He half stumbles out the door, arm still tingling where she touched him.

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MEA: From the Ground Up - Part 4

Fandom: Mass Effect Andromeda
Pairing: Amanda Ryder x Reyes Vidal
Rating: T
Previous Parts:
1: https://tatooine92.tumblr.com/post/159231311635/mea-from-the-ground-up-part-1
2: https://tatooine92.tumblr.com/post/159234117740/mea-from-the-ground-up-part-2
3: https://tatooine92.tumblr.com/post/159424302975/mea-from-the-ground-up-part-3
Spoilers?: Depends on your definition of spoiler. It’s set post-game.
Summary: After having a bad day fighting leftover kett, Mandy has to stay bedridden. Of course, this gives her a great chance to catch up on emails…

Mandy woke safe and warm in the Tempest’s medbay, awakened by the soft chirping of medical equipment and the sharp bluish light in the room. Dr. T'Perro stood nearby, reviewing Mandy’s charts.

“My professional recommendation is that we buy you a padded suit,” Lexi said without looking up.

“I’ve gotta find me a new doctor,” Mandy snorted. “Maybe one who opens with ‘Why hello, Pathfinder, I’m glad you’re alive because I worked really hard to keep you that way.’”

“If you don’t like my bedside manner, stop ending up in my medbay,” Lexi retorted, her lips curving in a smirk. “Nevertheless, I’m glad you’re awake.”

She came over to check Mandy’s vitals, shining her penlight into Mandy’s eyes to check her pupils. Mandy groaned as green spots danced across her vision where the light had been.

“How long was I out?” she asked.

“Two days. Long enough to start your recovery. You’re not mission-ready for a while, though.”

Mandy tried to sit up, but Lexi pressed her shoulder back into the bed.

“I have to get back out there,” Mandy insisted. “There’s an entire kett stronghold–”

“Good morning, Pathfinder,” SAM interrupted. “Regarding the stronghold, in your absence, Lieutenant Harper and Jaal have contacted the Collective’s forces for backup.”

“They what?!”

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anonymous asked:

What are some ways I can take my writing from passive to active? I feel like what I have been writing is a lot more description that action.

Thanks for your question, good sir!  Sorry that my response came a little late.  That’s Christmas for you, I guess.

Originally posted by wall-of-thoughts

The topic of active storytelling is a complex one, and very dear to my heart – because I’ve been struggling with it for years.  It’s easy for me to lean toward description and passivity, so you’re definitely not alone with this problem!  Fortunately, since I’ve been reading about this for a few years now, I have some tips that should (hopefully) help :)

Active Storytelling

Keeping your story in active mode can do wonders for your work, whether it be short stories or full-length novels, poetry or songwriting. Active prose compels the reader to continue reading, even throughout less engaging scenes or sections.  Your characters could be sitting in a waiting room, completely still, completely silent, or lying in bed and staring up into the dark abyss of the bedroom ceiling – but with a strong narrative voice that emphasizes action verbs and sentence structures, your readers won’t be able to put it down!

The point of active prose is to create the most concise, hard-hitting, engaging sentences and paragraphs possible.  There are three main parts of your story that you can shift from passive to active…


Active voice is largely a grammatical issue, involving the form of your sentences.  This was the topic of one of my recent posts, which can be found here.

The two types of “voice” in writing are active and passive:

Active Voice – voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is performing the action or causing the happening denoted by the verb.  Appears: “Subject + verb (+ object),” in which the subject is performing the verb. Examples

“Amelia danced.”  (Subject = Amelia, who is performing the action “danced”.)

“Sam opened the box.” (Subject = Sam, who is performing the action “opened”.)

“He punched John.”  (Subject = He, who is performing the act “punched”.)

Active voice is preferable in most situations, as it is the most condensed form of writing.  Of course, when you add in adjectives, prepositional phrases, and so forth, your sentences will become longer – but these things should be good words.  The point of active voice is to remove small words, such as excessive pronouns, prepositions, and helping verbs.

Passive Voice – voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is the recipient, not the performer, of the action denoted by the verb.  Appears: “Object + verb (+ subject).”  Examples:

“Amelia was asked to dance.”  (Object = Amelia, who is NOT performing the action, “asked.”)

“The box was opened by Sam.”  (Object = box, which is NOT performing the action “opened.”)

“John was punched by him.”  (Object = John, who is NOT performing the action “punched.”)

Passive voice can sometimes be preferable, if you want to pointedly express passivity.  For instance, the passive form of Sentence #1 paints Amelia as a more reluctant character, who is only dancing because she was asked.  Likewise, in Sentence #2 – imagine that Sam’s brother, William, finds the box opened on the floor, and wonders who is responsible for it.  In that instance, saying that “the box was opened by Sam” keeps the focus on the box, which may be more desirable than its active comparison.

The first step to creating a more active storytelling voice is to learn how to spot these two different sentence forms.  Try to make a majority of your sentences active, so that your passive sentences stand out and carry more weight.  This will eliminate small words and long sentences – plus, it’ll keep your reader’s eye on the subject, which is where you probably want it to be.


Active vocabulary is in the similar vein of verbs – specifically, it is the use of action verbs over being or helping verbs. Action verbs are typically the most concise verbs, and the better they are, the fewer adverbs you should need to modify them.  

Action Verbs (doing) – run, walk, laugh, cry, eat, sleep, say, shout, ask, give, receive, hug, kiss, etc.

Linking Verbs (being) – am, is, are, was, were, be, been, being.

*Helping Verbs (____ + verb) – am, is, are, was, were, be, been, being; do, does, did, have, has, had; may, might, must, could, should, would, can, shall, and will.

*Action verbs and linking verbs are the only verbs that can stand alone – helping verbs must lean on another action or linking verb.

Many writers will tell you that linking and helping verbs are like cushioning.  They soften and weaken your sentence form, but in doing so, they make you more comfortable, less insecure about your writing.  Think of it as if you were going swimming: the more clothes and covering you have, the more comfortable you may be… but the slower you move in the water.  And writing isn’t a casual day at the beach.  Writing is Olympic swimming, and extra words and baggage won’t win you any medals.

Paring away your linking and helping verbs, restricting yourself mainly to action verbs, is the second step to more concise, more engaging prose.  Sometimes extra verbs will be necessary, but the more you indulge, the more you trust your readers will push through – and sometimes, they just won’t.


This third step to active storytelling is not commonly discussed in writing communities, but I think it’s every bit as important as the other two steps.  In fact, I think the more active characters you create, the easier it is to create active prose and vocabulary without even thinking.

To define active characters, though, allow me to use an example of an inactive character: Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Now, I probably sound pretty crazy in saying this.  Indiana Jones does more in an hour than I do in a week.  How can I call him inactive?

Well, if you look at the plot of the entire movie, Raiders, you find that the story would not have changed if Indy were never there. The plot would have progressed the same, and the result wouldn’t have been any different at all.  So while we watch the whole movie, as Indiana Jones runs around and does a lot of crap, the real question is… does he really do anything of consequence?

The same could be said for a lot of popular stories out there, although to less of an extreme.  Many writers make the mistake of creating “observer characters” – think Watson from the Sherlock Holmes books, who observes Sherlock but isn’t the main character.  Imagine if not only Watson were an observer, but Sherlock, also, and Moriarty and Lestrade and even Irene Adler!  Imagine if the plot were the master, and things just happened to all these characters.  Would there be a story at all?  No.

So while your individual sentences, and individual verbs, should be made active participants in your chapters, so as well should your characters.  The more your characters are actually doing and making happen, and the less they’re watching happen, the more engaging and interactive your story will become!  So make sure that your characters are the performers of the action – that you have the right POV chosen, so that the reader is constantly engaged in what is being done.  Make this effort, and your story will improve drastically.

I’ve rambled for nearly three pages on this, so I hope I’ve answered your question somewhere in this!  If you have any further questions, please feel free to hit me up and I will answer the best that I can :)  Thank you for your question, and for reading my blog! Happy writing!

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Slow Burn - Part 5 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,177

Summary: The reader is reluctantly setup on a blind date and it doesn’t go as planned.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

“Damn. You look good, baby. As always.” Dean compliments strolling into your room.

You wink at him and walk over to your ridiculously large jewelry box.

“I just need to put on some jewelry and my heels then we can go.”

Dean nods his head and walks over to where you are. He’s so nosey.

“Hmmm.” You hum looking through everything.

“So many choices.” Dean makes fun of you.

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