i wonder how drake feels about this

Actual Wild World Song Meanings
  • good grief: someone close to him dying
  • the currents: wow your political opinions are scary i'm just gonna stop talking to you bye
  • an act of kindness: someone did something good for no reason at all. no seriously. this is easily the most depressing song on this album and it's about a good thing happening
  • warmth: everything is terrible and i need a hug
  • glory: people who focus on heaven are focusing on death but you're so cool that i don't need to
  • power: "why would i put on a vest i expect you to aim for the head"
  • two evils: yeah i'm a bad person but not *THAT* bad
  • send them off!: help
  • lethargy: i worry i'm not as creative as i used to be
  • four walls: jail
  • blame: snitches get stitches
  • fake it: let's end things quickly and pretend to be happy, okay honey?
  • snakes: i'm going to pretend this isn't happening right now so i don't have to deal with it
  • winter of our youth: i choose to look at my childhood as the mess that it was and not as the great time i wanted it to be
  • way beyond: 2016 is fucked up and if you don't care then fuck you
  • oil on water: a woman has sex with a bunch of men and posts about it on facebook
  • campus: the guy who you pay to do your homework has feelings too
  • shame: "ever since i left the city you..."
  • the anchor: you keep me grounded and i love you for that
Growing Up

Dick Grayson & Damian Wayne
One Shot Work

Damian tells Bruce about his feelings for Dick and wonders if his father disapproves his want to be Dick’s partner- not in a Batman & Robin way and Bruce just has to accept that Damian’s growing up.

Nothing romantic really happens in this story, It’s basically Bruce and Damian talking.

Mentions of Jason Todd & Tim Drake
Minor JayTim

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People who have said there was no Drake/Taylor moments in episode three I think are forgetting good scenes.

Drake is walking out of class when he sees Grayson and Taylor standing closely and talking. He looks mad and jealous.

But why is Drake so upset though?

It’s can’t be just about the ribbon. Drake isn’t one to instigate a fight, he doesn’t back down from a fight but he hasn’t been shown starting one. I think the only reason he said something at all is because it was Taylor talking to another guy.

Plus Drake had no problems with Grayson before so I think he was mad over Taylor and him looking so affectionate.

But to kind of prove to himself he’s not worried about her, he says something directly to Grayson and not her, but in the back of his mind he knows it will probably get a rise out of Taylor and he’s right she retorts back angrily at him. He got what he wanted he got a reaction out of her.

Taylor and Drake are the ones talking for the majority of the conversation not Grayson and Drake.

Taylor informs Drake about how Grayson’s brother died on arrival day and Drake tells them how most of his tribe was killed but he moved on because he had to.

At the end Taylor looks sympathetic. This is the first time she’s ever shown any feelings of remorse and compassion towards the Atrians and Drake. So I think it was a pivotal moment for her and their relationship.

Then at the end of the episode Drake is walking off the stands and it closes up to Taylor’s face who is the only one who noticed him leaving and wonders out loud where he’s going.

The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference and Drake and Taylor are anything but indifferent to each other.

The thing that fucks me up about Andrew is that Drake wasn’t even the first man to take advantage of him. Even years before Drake started taking advantage of him, some else had already hurt Andrew. And Andrew loved Cass and the rest of the Spear family, he so badly wanted to be Andrew Joseph Spear, that he was willing to put up with Drake’s abuse because Drake would likely be gone most of the year and Andrew finally found someone who deeply loved and cared for him as a son in Cass. Right until Drake threatened Aaron. Andrew didn’t even like Aaron, he barely knew his brother but the thought of Drake doing that to anyone else pushed him over the edge. He gave up on his family, he did something so terrible that he ended up being sent to juvie for years. And when they finally released him, it was on the terms that he would remain heavily medicated. He was only about 12/13. And he put his faith in Luther and told him about Drake with the hope that at the very least no other foster kids would end up in a house with him. But Luther called it a “misunderstanding” and did nothing. And combine that with learning of Tilda’s abuse of Aaron, no wonder Andrew has issues trusting anyone at all. How long did it take for him to learn to trust Wymack or Betsy? To even trust Nicky and Kevin?

Hotline Bling chapter 6

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Just as you was getting ready to slip out from Justin’s bed he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer, stopping you. You stiffened up knowing he’s holding you naked, I mean yes you two fuck now and then but you’ve never really held each other or even cuddled.

“U-um Justin,” you stuttered.

You felt him inhale in and out as his hot breath touched your neck.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

His breath was so husky making you suddenly melt into his arms without even realizing it.

“Home, where else?”

“You can stay here a little longer.”

“No, I can’t, I’m not even supposed to, it was against my rules in the first place.”

He suddenly loosened his grip form around your waist and you wished he didn’t.

“Oh, but the rules don’t apply to Drake does it?” he said a little too coldly for your liking.

You sat up quickly holding the covers up to your chest looking at him as he turns on his back to look at the ceiling.

“What the hell does that even mean?” you watched as he licked his lips and his brown orbs connected with yours.

“Meaning.” he sat up leaning on his elbow.

“You’re a hoe Y/N…you just met Drake and a day later you going home with him to fuck. Weeks later you’re in my bed fucking me, you sure didn’t stop me either.”

Your blood was suddenly boiling at the fact he got the nerve to call you a hoe and jumping to conclusions like you would ever do such a thing. Unlike Justin who probably didn’t give a fuck and let his dick do the talking like he always did. He probably slept with Selena without second thoughts.

“You shouldn’t be talking BIEBER when you went home with Selena the same night.”

Justin stood quiet for a second as his lips curved up to a smirk, “Me and your situation are different, you only knew drake for two fucking days, I love Sel-“

SMACK. Your hand collides with Justin’s cheek. The smack had such an impact that it echoed through the room. You were so pissed off. How could he say he loves Selena but have the nerve to text you every day to come over? You suddenly started swinging at him uncontrollably catching him off guard making you both fall off of the bed having the covers go down with you both. You were still swinging, not even caring if you both were still naked. You connected your fist with his lip causing it to split a little.

“Fuck you Justin!! I fucking hate you!!” you continued to swing as he finally got control of your hands turning over as you were now on your back.

He was between your legs on top of you looking down at you and pinning your arms to the floor as you struggled to get lose.

“Get off of me Justin so I could punch you in your top lip, I can even it out for you!!!”

He licked his bottom lip tasting blood as you looked at him in disgust. His eyes roamed your body thinking about the way Drake was touching you. He wasn’t roaming your body in a pleasant way. He was just as disgusted. He was wondering if his tongue had been around your nipples, if he’d squeezed them. How he made you moan? Did he make you feel good? Was the sex better than his?

He made eye contact with yours as you both stared at each other in disgust and anger. “You like being a hoe don’t you?”

Again you tried to move out from his grip as he gripped your wrist tighter and leaning into you more, you felt his hard penis on your lips. “

You can’t just be a hoe for everybody Y/N,” he spoke whispering in your ear you wiggled, but his penis brushing against your opening made you moan slightly, you blushed bit you were still pissed.

“Get, off of me Just-” you moaned slightly as he interrupts you sucking on your neck marking you.

He wanted to let anyone that comes across you especially Drake that you were his and only his. He then made his way to the other side of your neck marking you again. Your body relaxed knowing he knew that was your week spot. He let your hands go as he kissed his way down to your breast biting and sucking on your right breast while squeezing the other one with his hand. It was different, you were liking the sudden roughness. He knew you did as he heard your breath getting uneasy.

“Does he make you feel this good? Huh Y/N?” he then bit down on the other one making you squeal out in pleasure.

You were still pissed at him. Just as you were about to swing on him again he slipped into your opening as you arched you back, moaning out closing your eyes. He scooted you closer to him wrapping his hand around the back of your neck forcing you to look at him as he continued to thrust inside you slowly and deeply.

“Don’t close your eyes. Look at me.” He grunted through his teeth.

As you followed orders looking him In the eyes, “You’re gonna know the right feeling, the correct feeling. I’m gonna fuck you so good that you won’t ever open your legs to him again.”

He thrusted into you harder as you got wetter and wetter. Heat started building up and you were loving the feeling. It was different this time, the feeling was different. The way he touched you was different. As you caressed his cheek and gripped his arm with the other looking each other in the eyes, Selena flashed through your head.

His words “I love Selena.” ran through your head constantly and you got heated all over again. You suddenly wanted to hurt Justin, and that’s exactly what you were gonna do.

He held on to you tight as you both never broke eye contact until he kissed you passionately. You felt it but you felt hurt that he would mess with your feelings just so you wouldn’t mess with Drake. He went deeper as you moaned softly feeling that tingle in your stomach. Both of your breathing were uneasy as you closed your eyes getting prepared. If he thought that you fucked Drake then you was gonna make it clear that you did exactly that.

“Drake,” you moaned.

You suddenly felt the sensation in your stomach stop. You opened your eyes to see Justin looking at you with so many emotions in his eyes, anger, hurt, so many. He unwrapped his arms from around you making you fall back on the ground as he slipped out of you. You stopped yourself with your elbows. He just looked at you as you scooted yourself back to his dresser.

He got up silently as he put his boxers on, he turned around as he through your clothes at you. “Get out.”

Suddenly you wished you hadn’t said what you said. It was on purpose yes but now you feel bad.

“By the time I get out of the shower, you better not be here,” he said a little too calmly.

He walked out of the room as you sat there for a while thinking before you decided to leave.

“You did what?!” Kendall yelled in shock as she took a sip from her drink.

You guys were at the mall sitting in the café eating.

“I know… I’m a horrible person,” you sighed still feeling bad.

It’s been a month since you and Justin last made your encounter. You wanted to talk to him but you were afraid to. That’s something new to you. You didn’t know this was gonna dwell on you so much. But you and Drake have been in contact still.

“I mean no, not exactly a bad person, he fucked Selena so he deserved that. I mean you didn’t even sleep with Drake.”

“Shh, can you not be so loud?” you asked looking around.

“Oh relax, nobody is listening,” she rolled her eyes playfully.

“If I’m not a bad person, why do I feel bad?”

“Because, you care for Justin’s feelings whether you want to admit it or not. I’m just surprised that you didn’t go to Hailey to talk about all of this since you two are closer.”

“I don’t know, I mean, I would’ve but she’s been pretty busy also lately with her shoots and stuff.”

“I’m a model too you know.” Kendall looked at you with her lips curved to the side.

You laughed softly. “I know, but you were free.”

“Good point.” her eyes adjusted from me to behind me.

“What?” you asked confused as to what she was looking at.

You turned around to see Selena sitting three tables down from yours. You both made eye contact and you rolled your eyes turning back around.

You shrugged, “She doesn’t phase me, I’m good.”

“So you’re the hoe Justin was talking about?” The voice that you didn’t want to hear said as you looked up at Selena.

“Excuse you?” you asked irritated.

“Oh, you’re the girl who went home with Drake?” she asked looking at you as she tilted her head looking at you up and down, “Humph, I think Drake could do better.”

You stood up quickly as your chair scooted back face to face with her. “I think you should watch your mouth, unless you want your lip to match Justin’s.”

She laughed softly looking down and then looking back at you. “Was that a threat sweat heart? I honestly don’t even like you since Justin told me what you did, I mean hoes will always be hoes right?”

You smiled softly about to say something when Justin walked over.

“Sel, I got the foo-“ he said stopping himself seeing you in his presence. He didn’t exactly know how to react, should he be happy? Or still be upset?

You both made eyes contact but he quickly broke it turning his head to Kendall. “Hey Ken.”

Kendall, slightly smiled and waved. You looked at her confused since she always give Justin a more of an open welcome, was she upset with him?

As you turned your head they were already walking towards there table. You sighed and sat back down.

“You wanna go now?” Kendall asked worried.

“No I’m fine.” You laughed softly hiding the pain you were feeling.

“Maybe you two should talk it out, like tell him you and Drake didn’t sleep together, dragging this out is only gonna get worst.”

“That still doesn’t change the fact that he slept with Selena.”

“True.” She shrugged. “ I don’t know what to tell you then.”

“Tell her what?” Justin said as he pulled up a seat and sitting on it backwards.

You and Kendall looked at him surprised that he’s even over here. You just looked down picking at your foot with your fork.

“Where Selena?” Kendall asked.

“She went to the bathroom.”

You felt his eyes piercing through you but you didn’t bother to look up.

“Still fucking Drake?” Justin asked not carding if he just said that out loud.

“Still fucking Selena?” You asked him with a question.

“Yes he is.” Selena said walking up behind Justin putting her hand on his shoulder.

You and Kendall rolled your eyes. “You can go back to your table now, you’re not wanted here.” Kendall said looking straight at Selena.

“Come on Jay.” She said taking his hand, he was about to get up when Justin was pulled back down by Kendall.

“Not him, I have to talk to him, but you can go.”

Selena looked at Justin for an assistance. “I’ll be over there in minute babe alright.”

She smiled and walked off confidently as you balled your hand up into a fist and let it go.

Justin turns his attention back to Kendall. “What’s up?”

“You two need to talk.”

Justin looked at you but you didn’t say anything, so he looked back at Kendall.

“Talk about what?” He asked confused but knows exactly what.

“You know what I’m talking about Justin, are you really fucking Selena?” She whispered but enough for you to hear.

Justin smirked looking at you and then back at Kendall again. “Is this what she told you? I’m not the only bad one in this situation, she’s fucking Drake, but why does it matter who I’m messing with, we aren’t together, we were never together.”

“But she’s n-“

“You’re completely right Justin, we aren’t together, so let’s just drop it Kendall.” You smiled slightly at her interrupting her before she could finish.

Kendall looked at you both and sighed. “Fine, you can go now.”

But instead of Justin getting up he turned his attention back to you. He looked like he wanted to say something. He opened his mouth a few times but no words. He seemed like he was getting frustrated so instead he just got up and walked back to his table.


This is the first time Tim and Superboy meet.  Metallo is attacking in Gotham and Tim needs some backup, so he calls Superboy’s manager and blackmails him into sending Conner to help.  The dialogue is a lot of fun–lots of jokes and puns.  (“Something tells me this isn’t one of the Legendary Flying Graysons!"  "Funny I haven’t set it off–I’m pretty ‘rad’ myself!”)  Conner is very headstrong and refuses to follow Tim’s lead, even though they’re in Tim’s hometown.  He ends up getting ensnared by Poison Ivy and dragged back to Hawaii, which leads Tim to unlocking the Kryptonite Ring.  It’s interesting to see that Bruce gave Tim access to the ring.  If Tim has access, I’m sure Dick does as well, and who knows who else.  I wonder if Superman knows about the extra access, and if so, how he feels about it.

This was a comic that was on my pull list for a while before I finally got a hold of it.  The art is completely gorgeous, and the colors are beautiful.  It’s a nice little two-part story if you’re a fan of Tim and Conner.

World’s Finest III #1