i won't watch that again

Having re-watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol 1. today, and happened to see the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer…

I am reminded of how much I wished for AUs where after Thor 1/ Avengers 1 Loki escapes, leaves Earth and ends up in the Marvel Cosmic setting and becomes a member of the Guardians.

I feel that would just be a much better fit for him than fics that try to shoehorn him into the Avengers. The Guardians are much more a set of misfits and outcasts rather than the Most Best Elite Of Two Planets that the Avengers can be, and a lot of them come from very shady backgrounds to start with.

Also, trying to make him a hero on Earth is just not fair to Earth.

seto’s personal trashy update

my last day of vacation is tomorrow, these 3 weeks i’ve been animating for the islands MAP, watched hours and hours of gameplays, read the entire snk manga, and watched anime

i’m a productive child

Guys. Guys. Go listen to the adventure zone. I don’t care if you live for d&d or if you’ve never played it in your life. These guys tell such an amazing story. I mean, fuck. How am I supposed to just settle down to sleep before work after an episode like that?

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I feel like I've been dancing & singing along around the house to Still The One ever since Ellie published her video.. It just makes me so happy ❤

That video seriously messed me up, I wasn’t even close to being prepared for it!

They love each other so much??? Yes of course always?? Still the one???

Okay, I know we live in an extremely christian-centric culture, but there’s a line where christianity-based metaphors are so unsuitable it’s distracting and making a Magneto fanvid set to Take Me to Church is WAY beyond that

I haven’t watched Reign since Francis died, but hell yes I’m watching the finale because guess what?! Frary is the ultimate endgame. After all the crap the writers put us through, we get what we needed. Frary together in the afterlife. Frary is truly forever. 

Death is just the beginning of our happy ending. 

sgu for the sake of robert carlyle - 2x02

Rush is literally going insane, the crew is a mess, leadership is in constant fluctuation, Young just killed a man, and the ship got even more confusing than it already was

what a MESS. 

[continues to next episode]

King's Cage WhatsApp 2
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Mare:</b> Let's meet on Friday evening!<p/><b>Evangeline:</b> For what?<p/><b>Mare:</b> A movie. 😊<p/><b>Elane:</b> I hope that we won't watch "LOTR" again. Or "The Hobbit".<p/><b>Tolly:</b> What about "R.E.D."? Or "James Bond"?<p/><b>Cal:</b> 🖒<p/><b>Mare:</b> Nah... typical boy movies.<p/><b>Evangeline:</b> What about "The devil wears Prada"?<p/><b>Elane:</b> 🤔 Everytime I see Miranda Priestly, I have to think about your Mom, Evie.<p/><b>Evangeline:</b> 😎<p/><b>Cal:</b> "The Avengers". "Ninja Turtles".<p/><b>Farley:</b> Stop that. I'm actually puking.<p/><b>Mare:</b> "Avatar".<p/><b>Maven:</b> Adult smurfs...<p/><b>Tolly:</b> 😂 LOL<p/><b>Mare:</b> "Marley and Me".<p/><b>Elane:</b> No, not that. I will cry.<p/><b>Iris:</b> "Vaiana".<p/><b>Maven:</b> Too much water.<p/><b>Evangeline:</b> "Pets".<p/><b>Cal:</b> Your Mom would like that.<p/><b>Evangeline:</b> 😂 Stop that guys.<p/><b>Farley:</b> Hahahaha!<p/><b>Maven:</b> "The Unborn".<p/><b>Cal:</b> Urgh... nope.<p/><b>Mare:</b> 😧<p/></p><p/></p>