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60 truths tag

The all so precious @kpopfanfictrash tagged me in this. Thanks love.

1. Nickname(s): Hani, Daisy (my friend can’t get over it), Hevaldson

2. Bias: Zhang Yixing is the very main one. But I love Park Jinyoung, Wen Junhui, Mark Tuan, Kim Jongin and so many more as well. There’s just too many of them.

3. Blood type:  O - (it’s me you’re thanking at the hospital lol)

4. Relationship status: Single as a pringle (I wonder why)

5. Birthday: January 26

6. Zodiac sign: Aquarious

7. Pronouns: She / Her

8. Hair length: long

9. Height: 5′7 | 172 cm

10. A crush: Mark and his jawline. Also my neighbors dog persists in being too cute for my well being. 

11. What do you like about yourself: My hands. They’re very dainty and I like what I can accomplish in writing and drawing with them. 

12. Right or left handed: Right

13. List of three favourite colours: Blue, Light Gray (?) and that rustic, metallic brown ish color….? Is that to pretentious? Maybe I should just go for black. That’s usually the color of my clothes. Yeah, I’ll take black. 

14. Right now eating: Sadly nothing at all

15. Right now drinking: Actually need to go get a glass of water now that you mention it. 

16. I’m about to: Go to sleep. But of course not before I’ve freaked out a little over all the things I have to do tomorrow. 

17. Listening to: There will be time by Mumford & Sons, and Baaba Mal. (LOVE THIS SONG)

18. Kids: Preferably adopted in that case. 

19. Get married: Not on tomorrows agenda. and won’t be until I so happen to write it there. 

20. Recent phone call: This random guy that works at a garden, to ask if he needed any workers during summer. Spoilers; he didn’t :( 

21. Have you ever dated someone twice: nope

22. Been cheated on: nope again

23. Kissed someone and regretted it: hard to say… hmm… oh wait. Have never actually kissed someone, So that’s a nope as well LOL

24. Lost someone special: No, and I’m dreading the day

25. Been depressed: I’m against self-diagnosing myself. So no. 

26. Been drunk and thrown up: Yes. And it wasn’t actually that bad. The minutes before was hell, yes. But it was such a relief getting it out of your body. 

27. Had glasses or contacts: Almost 20/20 vision here. Although I’ve recently discovered that that doesn’t mean you have good eyesight in all aspects. 

28. Had sex on a first date: For that you’d actually have to go on a first date though… and those freak me out. 

29. Broken someone’s heart: Not that I’ve heard. I certainly hope not.

30. Turned someone down: Next question

31. Cried when someone died: mmhhhm

32. Fallen for a friend: I wouldn’t say fallen. I’ve perhaps had a small crush, but nothing serious.

In the last year have you…

33. …made a new friend: YES (shout out to some amazing people!)

34. …fallen out of love: No. 

35. …laughed until you cry: A lot of times :D

36. …met someone who changed you: I think so. It’s hard to see change like that for yourself. 

37. …found out who your true friends were: Hhmm, well yes. But not that others have shown me how we’re not true friends. Just that people change and so do you. It’s life, you learn. 

38. …found out someone was talking about you: This guy had apparently said I smelled good. So that was nice to hear. 

39. Lips or eyes: Eyes

40. Hugs or kisses: Doesn’t matter if it’s with the right person

41. Shorter or taller: Definitely taller

42. Romantic or spontaneous: Just don’t get too sappy and I’m fine. 

43. Sensitive or loud: That very much depends on my mood. But it’s usually load I think. 

44. Hookup or relationship: Relationship

45. First best friend: Kindergarten, I was like four. We rode the same swing. 

46. Surgery: I’ve had a gastroscopy. (You basically swallow a little camera so the doctors can take #aesthetic photos of your intestines. Lovely huh?) 

47. Sports I joined:  All? Swimming, floorball, soccer, dance, golf, gymnastics. 

48. Do you believe in yourself: I try to <3

49. Miracles: are improbable but so are most things (okay so this is actually Shanna’s answer. But it was just so beautiful that I had to leave it. It was a very nice thought and I want to remember it ^^)

50. Love at first sight: Haven’t had the pleasure, no. 

51. Heaven: Unlikely. But maybe something that prevents us from just being bodies decaying in the ground. 

52. Do you have any pets: :( 

53. Do you want to change your name: I did when I was younger. But now I’ve grown very fond of it.

54. What did you do for your last birthday: Ate a bunch of delicious stuff. Laughed a lot together with the nicest people, and listened to good music.

55. What time did you wake up today: 6:35 AM…… I hate mornings……

56. What were you doing last night at midnight: Wishing I could sleep, but just tossing and turning in bed really. 

57. Something you can’t wait for: Summer vacation! Also just something exciting. Preferably new. Don’t know what, but I want it.

58. Last time you saw your mom: This Monday. So two days ago. 

59. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Maybe perhaps that it wouldn’t rain whenever I ride the bike to school. It would just make it a little easier.  

60. What’s getting on your nerves: My complete lack of sound, healthy thinking when it comes to sleep. 

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