i won't see him again


The answer to my question to how to destroy the Sith is Obi-Wan Kenobi.


It’s really hard when kids know a lot. Now Judai’s cover has been blown.

Seriously though, what’s wrong with Judai being a Virgo?? (YUMA NO THAT IS SO OUT OF CONTEXT YOU SHOULDN’T SAY THAT EVEN IF YOU’RE IN THE OTHER ROOM)

//I only knew this just now since he has the same birthday as my friend and she told me she was a virgo. I am so slow.

  • dean: everytime you are near me i just want to grab you and kiss you
  • spencer: ........
  • dean: and the fact that you have a boyfriend isn't the problem..the problem is i don't care
  • spencer: .........
  • me: kiss him. kISs hIm. KISS HIM!

Don’t say ‘can’t’.

Say 'will’.

Don’t say 'was’.

Say 'is’.

Don’t say 'later’.

Say 'Now.’

Don’t say goodbye.

Say see you later.

silverwings104  asked:

Damn I've sent you quite a few of these LOL hope you don't mind "^-^ Using the sexual response cycle, what do you think Fushimi's resolution phase would be like? If you don't know what it is, tl;dr after an orgasm the person will be brought to a very vulnerable state and people's resolution phases can be drastically different, some will have a sense of euphoria, some will be brought to tears (or close to), panic attacks etc. + assuming sarumi how would Yata react? Thanks <3 you and this blog

The first time they have sex I could see Fushimi leaning more into the panic attack stage, because he’s in a vulnerable enough state that he can’t really keep all those usual walls in place that he uses to protect himself normally, like for once he’s actually feeling all these emotions and even though they’re largely good emotions he just has no idea how to handle them. Particularly going with the ‘dorky virgins’ headcanon, it’s the first time Fushimi’s ever let himself be touched by someone like this and Yata’s being all loving and intimate with him and Fushimi just can’t even quite deal with this sudden rush of feelings, like he’s happy and he’s nervous and he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to react in this kind of situation and all that piles up on him all at once in the aftermath. So Yata meanwhile is probably more in the ‘sense of euphoria’ state, he’s all content and snuggling and suddenly he realizes that Fushimi apparently can’t quite breathe. Fushimi probably kinda pushes Yata away as he sits up and tries to just even out his breathing. Yata’s all worried and wanting to know what’s wrong and Fushimi just shakes his head and stumbles out of bed towards the bathroom. Yata follows him and ends up sitting there for a while on the floor rubbing Fushimi’s back and trying to calm him down. Afterward Yata’s probably all confused, like what was that about, and Fushimi tries to avoid answering. Eventually he manages to somewhat awkwardly explain that, basically, he loves Yata and doesn’t know what the fuck he’s supposed to do about it and Yata’s like you know that’s not something to be worried about right. Yata’s extra careful the next time they have sex though, especially afterward because he doesn’t want Fushimi to spiral into another panic attack. Eventually once Fushimi’s accepted his feelings a bit more and gotten more comfortable being with Yata I think he’d be maybe a bit clingy in the aftermath, like he just curls around Yata and won’t let go and Yata always just rolls his eyes a bit and smiles as he tries to get used to sleeping with his boyfriend cuddling him like a stuffed toy for the next hour or so.