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Quitting Ouat

So I’m pretty certain I won’t be watching Ouat anymore when it returns. It saddens me, but the show I loved so much in s1 is just not there anymore, and I only kept watching on s5 because I thought the dark swan plot looked so promising. Of course we didn’t get any of what was promised (Dark Emma in that Enchanted Forest prison anyone?)

And before you say so, no, this is actually not at all because of a ship not being canon. Not rumbelle, not swan queen. I’ve never even hated captain swan, I even kind of shipped it for a while - then I just thought it was done poorly and it was too rushed and I couldn’t really ship it.

But no, this is because the writing on this show is so lazy and poor at this point that I just can’t see a point in watching. We have gone from season 1 being about different fairytales, all given a new spin, to following only what, 4-5 main characters and the rest just pop up when it’s convenient. Is Guinevere still brainwashed? Why was there no resolve with Arthur and the things he did? Who the hell is watching after baby Neal and Roland all the time?? (was this show not supposed to be about families??)

There’s so much OOC action going on that I don’t even know what is IN character anymore. From Hook going from literally five minutes ago saying he loves Emma and wants to live with her to attempting to murder her entire family? Because what, she turned him into the dark one to save him? Pissed off? Sure. Murder your entire family? Seems a little far fetched. And don’t tell me it’s because he was now “dark” cause he was dark the entire time he was in Storybrooke this season and was no different?? To Regina freaking Mills NOT wanting to spend her potentially last minutes on earth with Henry, and then dragging their son to literally Hell, for no obvious reason?? (I mean even if the adults all wanted to go help Emma or whatever, there is no way s1-3 Emma or Regina would be ok taking their son there!)

The writing is just so lazy. All the writers know how to do is have curses thrown at us (remember when it was really difficult and complicated for Regina to manage it in s1, and now Emma what, waved her hand and a massive curse appeared out of nowhere?), erasing their memories.. They spent the entire season building Rumplestiltskin to become a hero, having a pure heart and all, and then threw that out the window last minute because *PLOT TWIST*. But see it’s not really a surprising plot twist when it’s literally all you have done the past seasons.. (And why did he do that?? I mean I get that he’s a Villain again now and all, but they didn’t even attempt to give him any motive, any plan, why would he need the darkenss now, especially if no one else would have it either, there was no threat of another dark one??)

And I know they’ve always had a lot of plotholes (the writing always being shitty is a pretty bad excuse to keep watching you know..) but now we’re going against the fundamental rules/logics of the entire world they’ve created. Dead is dead, anyone? And somehow that’s now thrown out because there’s a convenient Death Pool on their backyard (that it seems to me they could’ve used all the time whenever anyone died)?

So no, this is absolutely not about a ship and what is and isn’t canon. I just can’t see myself watching this show anymore, because the writing has sunk so low it no longer even makes sense, and I can’t see this show redeeming itself.