i won't let this ship sink!!!!

This Ship Won't Sink

Summary: Dan is doing his live show, and he finally says what everyone has been hoping- he and Phil are in a relationship.
Paring: Phan
Genre: Drabble/Fluff?
Warnings: I swear once, if that counts.
“Alright, guys, lets do a couple of questions.” Dan said to the audience. He was doing his usual live show on Tuesdays, but this time he had something planned. He and his boyfriend, Phil, were both planning on coming out. They were constantly trying to drop hints on things like they’re radio show, and they knew that some people got the hint that they were dating, but they wanted to make things official. They were both sick of hiding their relationship in front of everyone. They only told their families and closest friends, but now they wanted everyone to know that Dan was Phil’s, and Phil was Dan’s. Their relationship has been going on for two years, and now the time was right.
Phil was sitting next to Dan, playing with a paper clip he found on their desk. He started to tap his foot softly, something he always did when he was nervous. He wanted to do this. He wanted to be able to hold Dan’s hand in public, not caring about who saw them. It was time.
“Ready Phil?” Dan asked him. Phil nodded.
“Ready.” he said.
“Favorite Panic! song?” Dan read from the chat.
“Can’t decide. Favorite state?”
“I’ve only been to California and Florida, so I can’t really decide.” Dan said with a shrug. He glanced at Phil, and he couldn’t believe that he was doing this. Dan has been wanting to come out for a while, but he knew that Phil wasn’t comfortable with it, so he didn’t want to make him do it. Finally Phil was ready, and if he was ready, then Dan was ready.
“Least favorite food?” Dan asked.
“Cheese.” Phil said, making a face, and Dan chuckled. They read more questions from the chat, until Phil spotted one that knew would help making them come out easier.
“Most recent lie?” Phil read from the chat, looking at Dan. Dan looked back, and Phil gave him a look to say that it was time. Dan nodded slightly and looked down before he said,
“Saying that Phan wasn’t real.”
They both looked at the chat, and they couldn’t help laughing when they saw it explode with people saying things like, ‘OMG PHAN IS REAAALL’ and 'THE SHIP HAS SAILED.’ They both looked at each other and smiled, blue eyes staring into brown.
“Yes, the ship has sailed, and it won’t sink.” Dan said, the smile not leaving his face.
“Hopefully.” said Phil. Dan looked at him.
“Excuse me?” Dan said, and Phil laughed, making Dan smile more, his dimple making an appearance.
“But yeah, Dan and I are dating, and we have been for about two years.” said Phil, grabbing Dan’s hand underneath the desk and giving it a squeeze. Dan squeezed back.
“And if you hate us because we’re gay, then you can go fuck yourself.” Dan added. Phil made a fake gasp.
“Daniel! I forbid you from swearing!” Phil said, making his voice girly. Dan laughed.
“It’s my live show.”
“Don’t care. Still forbidden.”
Dan rolled his eyes, and Phil smiled. The chat was still exploding, and a bunch of people were taking screenshots.
“So yeah,” Phil started,“I think we’ll end this live show now, because we need to do things, like make dinner-
"Have sex.”
Dan giggled, and Phil poked his cheek. They both sat there, giggling and poking each other in front of six thousand people, until they were both able to calm down.
“Okay guys, but we really have to go, so we’ll see you next week.” Dan said, smiling his famous half smile.
Phil looked through the chat, and one comment asked for them to kiss. Phil smiled and quickly kissed Dan on the cheek. Dan froze and looked at Phil, blushing like crazy. Phil’s smile deepened, and then Dan kissed him on the mouth. Phil instantly kissed him back.
When they pulled apart, Phil looked at the camera and smiled. The chat went insane again.
“No seriously bye.” Dan said, and he pressed a button to end the live show. He closed his laptop, turned around, and smiled at Phil.
Phil smiled back, and he leaned over to kiss Dan on the mouth again. Dan smiled, and he knew that this ship won’t sink.