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Mafia AU Aqours featuring FBI AZALEA, Police CYaRon! and our beloved expert mafia, Guilty Kiss

P.S : Never let Mari drives your car with Riko and Yoshiko Yohane tagging along if you don’t want your ears bleed from their bloody screams

wip meme

I was tagged by @thisbluegirl to post the last sentence of my current wip and I actually have one right now, so here are 3 sentences :)

Steve closes the door behind him and Bucky turns toward Sam, then lifts his left arm. Sam stretches out against his side, resting his head on Bucky’s chest just below where metal becomes flesh. Bucky’s fingers brush against his back in a slow, steady rhythm until they both fall asleep.

I’m tagging…ummmm…who has a wip right now? @biblionerd07? @thenomadsbeard? (I think you did this already though) @sproings@machine-dove? @mrsdawnaway? And anyone who’s doing the SWBB, cause I want to see your stuff!

New Russian Sherlock Holmes series (HD) - YouTube


That 360p quality has been haunting me for ages, ever since the proper version came out. So this week I decided to finally put that to an end and upload the entire series in the quality it should be. 

All of them are link-restricted, however, simply because I think the same series uploaded again in the open would look silly. Anyway, links to the GLORIOUS HD are always at the beginning of any old video, and the new videos themselves have all the other episodes linked too. This link above is the playlist. All of them have English and Spanish subtitles, all in fucking GLORIOUS 1080p all ready to be seen.