i won't let go jack

When bitty and jack come out to Shitty he takes it super well and proceeds to throw a party in their honor (even if the other guests don’t know it). 

Anyways, everyone is properly scwasted and Shitty gets Bitty alone and stage whispers “Jack and I have something that you will never be able to replace”

Bitty just nods and says “I’m not replacing anything. I love what you and Jack have”. And Shitty just shakes his head and slurs out 12 “no”s one after the other. 

“nah not that. I’m super secure in that. But there’s one thing that he’s done with me that he will never do with you” 

Okay so this peaks Bitty’s interest. He motions for Shitty to continue his thought. 

“Jack Zimmerman, totally wrecked and  belting Celine Dion on a karaoke machine”

“No fucking way”

“It’s the TRUTH. He wasn’t even looking at the words! He knew them all”

“If you say that to a field it’ll be fertilized”

After five minutes of Bitty screaming Bullshit and Shitty saying “nah man” Jack finally returns to them from wherever he was as confirms that, yes, he did sing Celine Dion’s “it’s all coming back to me now” in his first year. and that, no, he don’t think he’d do it again. 

Shitty and Bitty both exchanged a look, and then decided to spend the rest of the night to get Jack to sing at all. No such luck. But it doesn’t stop there. They keep trying whenever they are able to all meet up. It’s always like “hey Jack do you wanna sing along to some tunes in the car?” or “hey this bar has good drinks and…wow there’s a karaoke machine that sounds fun doesn’t it???” 

So when the newest video on Falconer’s TV is a karaoke competition between Jack and Tater, and Jack (the competitive lil shit) is going all at it is uploaded. Shitty and Bitty both text him like crazy. 

“Jack Laurent Zimmermann what the hell were you thinking”

I Won't Let Go- A Jack Johnson Imagine

I text Jack back before I finish my makeup,“Can’t wait to see you!” Tonight I was going to a party with Jack, and he was driving me. I finished the last of my makeup and fixed my messy bun. “Alright, let’s do this.” I hear the doorbell, and open the door to see Jack smiling, in a tank top and shorts. “Jack, you know how I am about you in tank tops.” He smiles, and says, “I know, I know, it turns you on.” We both laugh as I close the door and he places his hand in mine. “Ready?” “Ready,” I say as we walk to his car. He opens the door for me, and I get in. “Thank you.” “Anything for my lady.” He smirks. He gets in and starts the car as I find a good radio station, the usual. We talk about the party, and how we haven’t been the beach in forever. “We met at a beach party, remember?” “Worst first impression of my life.” Jack says, laughing. “Yeah, I mean spilling coke all over my white shirt is never a good way to introduce yourself.” “Hey! I was nervous!” He says. “Alright.” There is a comfortable silence as we drive. “Jack, we should-” That’s when the car hit us full force. The driver was texting while he ran a straight red light. The car flipped as I held onto Jack’s hand tightly. My breathing was shortened and heavy, as i felt my hand slip away from Jacks. The car had stopped rolling. My legs went numb, and I started to cry. “Jack, Jack please, tell me you’re okay.” One of his legs was jammed in the car, and his arm quickly found my waist. “I’m here, it’s okay.” “Jack, I’m scared.” His grip tightens a bit as he breathes out softly, “I won’t let go. Ever.”