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Scenario with Shinsou, kirishima, and maybe katsuki (separately) where their s/o movie binges like once a month and once they start they won't stop for a couple days please also your writing soooooo good

I hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it! Also, thank you so very much for your kind words <3


Sitting down beside his partner, Shinsou takes a moment to see what they’re watching. Then he leans back and his partner moves to accommodate him, before they’re lying cuddled up to each other on the bed.

“I haven’t seen that one yet.” He says quietly after a second and his partner gives a small hum.

“Do you want me to replay it?” They ask, already reaching for the remote. Shinsou nods and with the quick press of a few buttons, the movie starts from the beginning.

Settling back down, his partner begins to gently and lightly drag their fingers through his hair. It’s a soothing, calming motion and Shinsou feels himself relaxing, his body growing heavier.

It doesn’t take him long to doze off, even though he doesn’t know the movie.  His head is pillowed against their chest and shoulder and their fingers move to draw circles along his shoulders. It’s a very peaceful afternoon and Shinsou just lets himself drift off to their warm, nice touches and the sounds of the movie.


This time, Kirishima manages to convince his partner to try out a few new movies, movies Kirishima has watched before and that they don’t know yet.

Grinning, Kirishima starts the first movie and motions for his partner to sit down beside him. Once they do, they’re both moving to comfortably snuggle together and Kirishima wraps his arms around them.

“I’m glad you don’t mind me doing this.” His partner murmurs and Kirishima brushes a smiling kiss to their forehead.

“You are perfectly fine the way you are. I can’t promise that I’m going to watch every movie or that I’m going to be around the whole time, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you like. Besides, you do you; there is nothing wrong with it.”

His partner moves to press a quick, small kiss to his cheek. “I love you.”

Grinning, Kirishima pulls them even closer and leans his cheek against their temple. “I love you too.”


Bakugou feels comfortably worn out from training and once he steps into his partner’s dorm room, he realizes they started with their movie binging. They glance up to grin and wave at him and he grunts a small hello, before he shuffles over to their bed.

His partner shifts to make space and Bakugou lies down at their side and pulls them close to wrap them up in his arms. Glancing at the screen, he grins when he recognizes the movie.

“I fucking love that one.” He says, leaning his chin and cheek against their shoulder.

His partner smiles at him before they look back towards the TV again. “Me too. It’s a great movie.”

“It’s frigging fucking awesome.” Bakugou moves for a moment to bunch up a pillow and pushes it into a more comfortable position, before he settles back down. He feels relaxed and at ease and secretly happy to have his love close, their back now resting against his chest.

The movie ends soon enough and after his partner starts the next one, Bakugou feels himself nodding off, his arms still wrapped around them.

It’s SVU Day!

Guyssssss I’m aliive (but not for long, because soon you’ll realize I have no new Barisi to post just yet D:) (but more on that later)


S19 Thoughts

I just have one thing to say, for now. I’m hoping Season 19 gives us back our excitement for the show. I’d love to have something to post about tomorrow, and maybe even some inspiration for an episode tag :D

I’m here for more polarizing cases, for more courtroom discord, and even for more Liv/Noah drama (j/k i’m not here for that, LET OLIVIA AND HER SON LIVE), as long as it’s compelling television. I’ve been reading the new showrunner’s interviews, and I have to say, while I love the idea of strengthening the Liv/Amanda relationship (my Rollivia feels!) and showcasing Sonny’s legal knowledge (which will hopefully be achieved via constructive debate with Barba), I am slightly apprehensive about the fact Amanda seems to be defined by her relationship with Liv, Sonny seems to be defined by his relationship with Barba, and Barba seems to be defined by his relationship with the new ADA.

Still, the season (in the writers room) is still young, and the cast seems excited, so I’m hoping that, as the Season 19 goes on, we’ll get to see some stories about Amanda, Sonny and Barba as individuals, and not just as they relate to other characters. Season 18 was extremely light on, well, personality, and I hope we move away from those generic portrayals. As for Fin, at least we know he’s choosing not to make Sergeant because he wants to stay with SVU, which is a valid enough reason. And we’re getting Wildcard Fin in the premiere. So I’m cautiously optimistic about his arc.

That said, I’d be happy to forego character development (which seems to be a thing of the past anyway, since even Olivia seems to be reverting to Broken Woman Benson), if we get interesting cases which bring out new and interesting sides in our characters. The original L&O used to do that a lot, as did the early SVU seasons (remember Stabler’s arguments with Huang or Fin?). The new showrunner seems to enjoy that type of “controversial” writing, and I could live with a more updated version of that, as long as the characters stay mostly consistent in their beliefs. That would give us something to talk about, at least.


Fingers crossed for a more engaging, less boring and overall fresher SVU. I’ll be here to belatedly discuss it with you all <333

Anyway.  It's not the real probability that Caryl won't go canon in episode 100 that's pissing me off. I never really expected that.  Cautiously hoped for it, yes, but there's a difference.  No.  I'm mad as hell that the only remaining original female character is yet again being treated as an afterthought if we are to believe the various rumblings out there.  In Episode fucking 100.

To me, that is what is unacceptable. 

Oh, but give us more explosions.  Let the Saviors and Negass suck up more screen-time. 

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here munching on some popcorn watching the ratings sink even further because it’s all about the new and not-so-shiny with TIIC.  They don’t care about the heart of the show–and I don’t just mean Carol before anybody out there starts. 



Just thought there should be some clarification for where my hell mood came from 

5SOS Preference #3: Family (His Point Of View)
  • Calum Hood: "Whoa! Slow down, tiger." I say as I scoop up my two year old boy, Ryder, into my arms.
  • He giggles as he wraps his little arms around my neck while I walk into the kitchen.
  • "What's for lunch today, huh?" I ask out loud as I open the pantry with my open hand.
  • "We got Mac 'n Cheese." I smile but Ryder shakes his head very quickly.
  • "Nuh uh." He says.
  • "Okay..." I say before searching again.
  • "How about-"
  • "I got us McDonalds." A familiar voice says behind me.
  • I turn around and smile at my beautiful (Y/N), who is just glowing with pregnancy.
  • She sets the McDonald's bags on the counter.
  • "Mama!" My son squeals once he see's his mom, trying to wiggle out of my reach.
  • I laugh before setting him down and watch him run to (Y/N).
  • She kneels down and opens her arms out for him.
  • "There's my little man." She says while wrapping her arms around Ryder.
  • I smile as I watch them.
  • "Did you get me nuggets?" He asks, pulling away.
  • "Sure did." She says then kisses his cheek before getting up slowly.
  • "How about you go sit down," I say to Ryder as I walk to them. "While I make your plate, okay bud?"
  • He nods his head before storming into the dining room.
  • I grab (Y/N)'s hands in mine.
  • "Hello my love." I say before kissing her.
  • "Mmmm, hello Calum." She says, breathlessly with her eyes closed.
  • "How was your appointment?"
  • "It was good." She says with a smile.
  • "It was just 'good?'"
  • I laugh as I open the food's bag and start pulling out Ryder's fries and nuggets. She opens the other bag and starts pulling out food also.
  • "Yeah. It's just the uh same old check up on the baby." She says as she eats a fry.
  • "Well good." I say before walking to the fridge to grab the ketchup. "Everything's going alright?"
  • "Everything's wonderful." I hear (Y/N) say.
  • I close the door once I grappled the ketchup.
  • "I'm very glad to hear." I say as I squirt ketchup onto the plate.
  • "Mama! Dada! Nuggets!" Ryder shouts.
  • She laughs before grabbing his plate and walking out to our son.
  • "Here's your lunch, my prince!" I hear her say as I start grabbing out our food.
  • Ryder mumbles something that I can't understand. I bet his mouth is stuffed with a nugget.
  • "Baby?" I hear my bride call for me.
  • "Yes?" I say while squirting ketchup on my plate and hers.
  • "Can you grab Ry's toy? It's in our food bag."
  • I put my hand inside the bag and pull out some napkins and two toys.
  • Two toys?
  • I look at them both. One's a teenage mutant ninja turtle and one's a hello kitty.
  • Weird. We usually never get two toys.
  • "Uh...(Y/N)?" I ask as I walk out to the the dining room.
  • She sits next to Ryder, who is inhaling his lunch, but turns her head towards me.
  • "Did you ask for two toys?"
  • I hold to up the two toys for her to see.
  • She smirks.
  • "Calum," she says as she gets up. "The turtle is for Ryder and the kitten is for our new addition."
  • My eyes go wide and I instantly smile.
  • "A girl?" I whisper before wrapping my arms around her waist.
  • (Y/N) nods and kisses my lips.
  • "Ryder!" I say after pulling away.
  • He lifts his head up, his cheeks puffed out.
  • "You're gonna have a sister!" My wife and I say together, excitedly.
  • But we get a groan in return but we laugh.
  • Ashton Irwin: "Like this, watch daddy." I say to my son, Austin, as I pat on the pot with a beat with my youngest son, Jacob, sitting between my legs.
  • "Now you try." I say before handing it to him.
  • Austin starts banging on it, hard.
  • All three of us are sitting on the kitchen floor with pots, pans, spoons and wooden spoons surrounding us.
  • My three year old giggles at his five year old brother's actions.
  • "I'm a rockstar!" Austin shouts while banging harder.
  • "Yeah you are." I say with a laugh before grabbing a wooden spoon and a plastic bowl. "Now use these two."
  • I hand them over to him and he starts to pound again.
  • "I try." Jacob says while reaching over and grabbing a metal spoon.
  • I place a metal pot in front of him and he pats the pot gently.
  • I lean back on my hands, smiling proudly at my little musicians.
  • I'm glad it's entertaining them.
  • "Jakey, can I try?" Austin asks his brother if he could borrow his pot and spoon.
  • "What do you say?" I ask Austin.
  • "Please?"
  • Jacob holds his pot and spoon close to him.
  • "Nooo." He says.
  • "But Jacob." My eldest whines.
  • "Nooo."
  • "You have to share, Jacob." I say, sternly.
  • He pouts and then gives the pot and spoon to his brother.
  • "Thank you." Austin says before making loud noise.
  • "Here you go, bud." I say before placing a plastic bowl in front of Jacob and handing him a spoon.
  • Banging fills the kitchen again.
  • "I'm making a song daddy." Austin says, patting the pan softly.
  • "It sounds good!"
  • "What's going on here?" I hear (Y/N) ask.
  • The banging suddenly stops and I turn my head.
  • She stands with her hands on her hips and her hair wrapped up in a towel.
  • "We're making music, mommy!" Jacob says, excitedly.
  • "You are?" She asks with a smile.
  • The boys nod their heads.
  • "Soon, we're gonna be like daddy!" Austin chirps.
  • "That's great."
  • "But we're gonna be better than daddy." Jacob says while nodding his head, being completely serious.
  • "Really?" My wife says, trying not to laugh.
  • My boys all nod their heads again.
  • "Well alright. I'll let you guys get back to working. But please, keep the noise down a little."
  • "Okay mommy." Austin says.
  • "You got it, dude." Jacob says with a thumbs up.
  • (Y/N) smiles yet again, giving them a wink.
  • Then the boys start rocking again.
  • She then leaves the kitchen but I get up and follow her.
  • "You're crazy, Irwin." My wife says, obviously knowing that I'm following her.
  • "I know I am but they're really entertained." I say with a smile.
  • She turns around.
  • "You made a big mistake now." She says. "Because that's all they're gonna wanna do."
  • "I know and I'm sorry." I say before kissing her lips.
  • "Uh huh. And I hope I'm not the one picking up that mess in there Ashton."
  • "You won't. We'll pick it up." I whisper to (Y/N).
  • "Okay."
  • Then we kiss again and then the drumming stops.
  • "Austin!" I hear Jacob whine.
  • "Boys," I shout after pulling away. "You better share or no more music time."
  • "But daddy!" Austin cries.
  • Michael Clifford: "Boys, listen to daddy alright?" I kneel down to my two, four year old boys so that we're all face to face.
  • "We gotta be extra careful when we see mommy and Aubrey, okay?" I ask looking back and forth at my two twins.
  • "And quiet too?" Nick asks.
  • "Very quiet. Understand?"
  • Zach and Nick nod their heads.
  • "Good. Now let's go see your sister and mama."
  • I get up and hold both of my hands out to them, they each take a hand.
  • We walk into the hospitals sliding doors and go into an elevator.
  • "Is nana and pop pop coming?" Zach asks, looking up at me while the elevator goes up.
  • I nod my head and he shrieks.
  • "Uncle Cal and uncle Ash?" Nick asks, politely.
  • "Don't forget uncle Luke!" Zach says pointing his index finger at his brother.
  • I chuckle.
  • "They'll come later on." I say.
  • Then the elevator doors open up.
  • "This way." I say while turning us to the left.
  • Once we arrive to (Y/N)'s hospital room, I look down to my boys.
  • "You ready?"
  • They both nod their heads quickly.
  • "Mommy!" The boys whisper loudly once I opened the door. They ran to her bed side.
  • "There they are." My bride says groggily, kissing each of their heads.
  • "I missed you two so much."
  • "Where is she? Where is she?" Zach asks, jumping with excitement.
  • "She's coming, don't you two worry. Come and sit with me."
  • I walk over to them and grab Nick and set him next to (Y/N) and then Zach and set him next to her on her other side.
  • She takes each of their hands in hers.
  • "Oh and hello Michael." She smiles at me.
  • I smile and kiss her lips, getting an "ewww" from Nicholas and Zachary.
  • "Hello baby." I whisper.
  • "Mr. and Mrs. Clifford?" A voice says behind me.
  • I turn around and smile brightly at the nurse who's holding Aubrey.
  • "Whoa." I hear Zach whisper in awe.
  • I walk to her and reach for my little sunshine.
  • "Thank you." I say as I take her in my arms, cradling her.
  • She smiles and then leaves.
  • Aubrey sleeps peacefully in her pink blanket. She has on a tiny pink beanie on her little head.
  • "Hello my angel."
  • I kiss her forehead and then turn around gently for the boys to see.
  • I walk over to the bed and hand her over to (Y/N).
  • "She's so pretty." Nick whispers while watching his mom place her into her arms.
  • "And so tiny." Zach says.
  • The twins eyes never leave their sister.
  • (Y/N) smiles down at Aubrey and then up at me.
  • I smile at her.
  • "You guys like her?" I say after a few minutes of them staring.
  • I walk over to them and watch her also.
  • "I love her!" Zach says before placing a soft kiss on her head.
  • "She's a keeper." Nick says while looking up to me and nodding his head.
  • Luke Hemmings: "I found my sweet escape when I'm alone with you." I whisper-sing to my two month old baby girl.
  • Ella watches me as she blinks heavily. She's trying so hard to stay awake.
  • I chuckle lowly before kissing her soft cheek.
  • "You're not gonna give up, are you?" I ask and she squirms.
  • I sway side to side slowly, trying to make her fall asleep. Her sleepy wailing woke me up and I immediately came in to check on my princess.
  • "Go to sleep, sweetheart." I whisper to her.
  • Ella's eyelids start to droop even more and then they fully close.
  • I smile, proud of myself that I got her to finally sleep.
  • I keep swaying just in case she wakes up.
  • "She asleep?" I hear a whisper behind me.
  • I turn around slowly and find my (Y/N) leaning on the door post.
  • I smile at her and nod.
  • She walks over to me to check on our daughter.
  • "She's so beautiful." She says before kissing her head. "I love her to pieces."
  • "I hope she's a daddy's girl." I whisper while looking at my baby.
  • (Y/N) sighs.
  • "They always are."
  • I try not to laugh.
  • Ella starts to squirm a little, she makes a whimpering noise but her eyes are still closed.
  • "Shhh." I say softly to her. "Daddy's here."
  • "So is mama." My wife says with a smile.
  • "Quit being so jealous." I say to her, playfully.
  • (Y/N) shrugs.
  • We watch our little pumpkin after a few moments before laying her down in her crib.
  • "Goodnight my love." I whisper while taking (Y/N)'s hand.
  • Ella sighs happily.
  • "I want more." I say after I breathe in.
  • "What?"
  • Her grip tightens on my hand.
  • "Not now but later." I say before looking at her.
  • "Of course." She says before kissing my hand.
  • "Just think about all the other beautiful babies we'll make." I say as I lean in.
  • I peck her lips.
  • "I know but let's just worry about what we have now."
  • I nod my head.
  • "But we'll defiantly have more?"
  • "Yes, Luke." (Y/N) says before I kiss her again.
  • Man, do I love my girls.
FanFic: Forwarded to Farkle

A/N: Here we are… the final chapter.  I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank @me-youhaveme for the amazing header pictures. Each one was better than I could have ever hoped for.  I also want to thank @friarsriles  @jurcyte  @shebe67 and @imaginarybird for always being willing to read a snippet or quote when I needed feedback.   Finally, I would like to send huge hugs and thanks to @drizzyyjayy  @dream–try–do-good @zombeeegurl & @gmwpluto for always being there to listen, kick my ass or in the case of this morning, talk me off the ledge. I wrote at least 9 different endings to this fic…7 they have read, 1 I accidentally deleted and the last one appears below. I hope they are happy with the direction I chose. 

A/N2: One final thanks….. to MJ for giving life to Rucas. While I adamantly disagree with recent storylines and scene cutting, I am still thankful he gave us Rucas.

Chapter 10: Choices

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Hello! I love your blog so so much! Can I request a HC or Scenarios of Iwaizumi/Akaashi/Tsukki react to s/o tell them that she is give up on them and won't bother them anymore (she confessed to them long time ago and got rejected, yet she is still kind and always give them encouragement and sweets and things--for YEARS.) And at the moment the boys just realize that they like her too. Just wanna see them try to change her mind lol.

Thank you very much! I’ll work on these right away, so I do hope you’ll enjoy! Ah… poor reader-chan though! I’m working on cleaning out the inbox for a little! I appreciate sending in the request, thank you! -Admin 4AM


  • He kind of panics at first, and can’t comprehend what just happened?
  • “Wait… no, I like having someone dote on me”
  • Then he realizes that he enjoys the attention and doesn’t place that as an ego booster, instead the feeling would make him feel appreciated and truly wanted
  • He thinks back to all those kind things he’s received and those acts that many would think he’s not good enough for such a nice girl like her
  • Apologizes a thousand times at least by catching her before she’s about to head off
  • Look at her, still strong and going with a smile, but she looks really sad and it kind of breaks his heart…
  • He feels extremely guilty by not thinking much of her feelings in the situations before, so he attempts to make up for it by asking her out on a date
  • He claims he’s just going to give her a chance, but by now he’s trapped in her extremely warm smile and never wants that to go away


  • At her statement, he realizes what an ass he’s been to her without him ever realizing it and thinking about his actions beforehand
  • He starts thinking about how he never really returned the favors or gave her small trinkets in response to the heartfelt ones of her own, and the things he did give her were probably thinks she accidentally dropped and a blank face
  • Ah, takes him a week to get over all this guilt and try to make it up to her
  • So much thinking about her and getting distracted by her generous acts makes his heart ache that she’s thinking about moving on
  • He’s also pretty surprised that she’s stuck to him for years and is now only just moving on, he believes he has a chance still
  • He decides to go anonymous and do that “secret admirer” trope to get her attention, there are hints that it’s him but you’d really have to look for it in there
  • Some X-Files stuff right there
  • He’ll man up and reveal himself, apologizing and hoping he’d be able to change her mind on giving up on him


  • He sort of brushes it off, but that statement comes back to haunt him throughout the months
  • He’s done nothing about it, trying to keep up this cool facade of his, but the guilt is eating away at him a little too quickly
  • It isn’t until he sees her for the first time in a while since she was just no longer there with him that he feels kind of angry
  • She just received a confession from this guy and she’s about to answer
  • What’s her answer? Tsukki says: “Sorry, she’s taken right now.”
  • She’s pretty shocked at first, but gets a little angry with him because she just got over him and now he’s all of a sudden going after her? Not cool.
  • Okay, she’s really mad. She just slapped him in the face, pretty hard to do if he’s way up there
  • So what does he do now that he finally has a chance to talk to her again instead of flat out ignore her?
  • He gets on his knees and begs for a second shot at this, he’s determined to try and get her to change her mind
  • If this doesn’t work, he’ll be making up for it by returning her kindness from before in his own non-snarky ways

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Thank you for the, albeit disheartening, answer. Sometimes it feels plain awful that we cannot have nice things. Oh well, I won't give up hope. The show's not over yet and anything can happen. Let's just hug it out, shall we? The power of Sterek is bound to avail us, amirite?

As I’ve said at least 100 times, if you just look at the story on the screen, Sterek is the direction that the narrative is pointing towards.

After all, let’s talk about what happened in S4: Stiles goes into a different country and saves Derek- first thing out of the gate. And I don’t know if people in Europe get how big a deal that it, but it’s actually pretty huge. 

Then we get the tremendous chemistry between Wee!Derek and Stiles. Now, a lot of people credit Hobrien for the Sterek Magic, and certainly that’s a part of it, but here we had Ian manning Derek’s character, and the fire and sparks were still there. It’s not just the actors, it’s the characters, and I think that’s really important for the fans to grasp.

Then they separate (mostly) for awhile, and we get Stiles and his thing with Malia. During which he’s working on himself, he’s becoming a Better Stiles. He’s recovering from the Nogitsune, he’s coaching both Malia and Liam (the twins) on how to be a supernatural in a human world, he’s honing his detective skills and helping his Alpha and his friend Lydia with their powers. He’s very much on the ‘be a better Stiles’ program, but you’ll notice ANYTIME anything important happens involving Derek- he’s there and he knows- he’s one of the first to figure out Derek’s losing his powers, he’s there when Derek is named on the Deadpool and as a codeword- and each time, the show is being crystal clear that his reaction to these events are important. He might be working on himself, but he’s keeping close tabs on Derek. 

And Derek is going through fucking Bardo. Talk about self-improvement and self-discovery, Bardo is kind of the ultimate version of that. He’s discovering what being a Wolf actually means, by not being one. He’s discovering what a healthy relationship is, by not getting emotionally committed. Essentially, Derek finished his typical adolescent development, which he never did before because of the fire. 

In the same way, Stiles is getting everything he’d dreamed over in a girlfriend with Malia (pretty, sexy, listens to him, appreciates him) and by getting that, he’s discovering that maybe that’s not what he wants. I have a whole post on how Stiles should be madly in love with Malia, and he’s just not. Not even a little bit. And that’s also important. 

And then we get to the end, after that super-brief but Jesus-God-the-Symbolism scene in the loft, and Jeff rips the floor right out from under us. The Van scene, with them touching and finishing each other sentences and being the most absolutely perfect Alpha Pair Eveh! Followed immediately by the death scene that broke us all. 

All told, this was actually a surprisingly positive season for Sterek, even with Stalia and Draeden. I’ve said since before 3A that Sterek is following the Pride & Prejudice model, and yeah, we’re getting to the end of the seperation and Lizzy & Darcy are starting to get back together. They have both learned a great deal about themselves, and they’re starting to see that maybe the perception they have of the other person isn’t totally correct. 

So, yeah, if you’re looking to ‘Kill Sterek’ this is NOT the way of doing it. The narrative keeps pointing towards Sterek endgame, even if the PR noise is saying otherwise. Now, I don’t know what’s going to actually happen, but we have always, always said “Ignore the PR” and that’s what I’m doing.

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I find it ironic that "you don't want women to suffer", yet being forced to go through a pregnancy would literally be my greatest suffering. Because I would end up dead. Your ignorance KILLS women. By having safe legal abortion, women do not have to DIE. But you don't care, do you. As long as women give birth to babies they don't want. Who may end up in homes where they are abused on a daily basis (but who cares right). I hope you live the way you preach. God won't be coming to save you.

I think with freedom comes great responsibility. If you know that a pregnancy will kill you, then you need to make sure that you do not get pregnant. Most women who have abortion do it because it is inconvenience for them, not because it would kill them. There is always help for any woman who finds herself in a crisis pregnancy or are in a abusive situation. Just because abortion, at a glance seems like the easiest choice, it does not make it the right choice. I know women who decided to keep their babies even thought they were totally unplanned, I can assured you that they are super grateful that they made the right choice. You can do your own survey: ask women who decided to keep the baby even thought it was not the right time for them, and also ask women who decided to have an abortion, if they regret their decision. 


Messed up?
  • Am I messed up? I love you with all my heart and you try so hard to convince me you do to. Yet I don't believe you. Am I messed up for thinking of how you are going to leave me so when the day comes I won't be as shocked? Am I messed up for wondering who is gonna take you from me? Am I messed up for crying for what I believe the future will bring. A future without you. Am I messed up for still giving you everything I have in hopes my mind is wrong about you? Or am I just insane?

Maybe I’m being too optimistic or too naive, but….

Is there ANYONE out there that still has hope for Japril or am I all alone on the “Hope Train”…?

I feel like there is SO much left to tell within 9 episodes, good or bad….

My heart just CAN’T give up, yet….

Like or reblog if you still have hope!!! ❤️