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All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

Cole Sprouse took the character Jughead and turned him into something completely different than any other actor would. Every dark expression, small smile, even soft touches with Betty, all of that is Cole. He may have a script, but HE is the one who really created Jughead to be as lovable and wonderful as he is. The depth we get from his character is intensified by how Cole interprets him. Jughead may have already been a lovable outcast, but it was Cole who brought him to life, Cole who made him magical and soft.


Look, I don’t care if it’s just you and me. We’ll figure out a way but I won’t let it come to that. I’ve been out recruiting other members from other packs. Trust me, plenty of wolves wanna eat at the Jade Wolf.   No they don’t.


My Top 3 pick: #1 Independent Trainee’s Kim Jaehwan (the god’s voice)

“I thought I would be walking down the flower road once the program (The God’s Voice) ended. But the reality is hard. So I vaguely practising. Just practising alone.”

P/S: I was worried a lot that you couldn’t make it. You have no idea how happy I was when your name is called. Congratulations on #4 out of 101 trainees! Let’s only walk on flowery paths from now on!

  • me, a year ago: g/t is my deepest darkest secret.... i can only view terribly rendered giants in icognito mode.... i can never tell anyone, i will be seen as a Freak, no one must know that i am small

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could you do a blurb about y/n being dan's piano teacher? y/n is a bit younger than him (&he feels quite self conscious) and after a few months they fall in love?

- after your online ad as a piano teacher had been up for weeks you were starting to lose hope that someone would hire you

- so you’re sure as hell surprised when you check your email to see someone inquiring about your piano skills

- when you read the email, you notice his age of 25, facing a choice to delete the email in fear that he may be some random psychotic killer

- you decide against it and shoot him an email back, agreeing to meet at his house the next day to begin his lessons

- when you arrive the next day at his flat, hair slightly wind blown from rushing to the underground and dressed in your typical grandma-esque attire you’re amused when the tall man opens the door with a warm smile

- “hi! i’m dan. you must be y/n!” he grins, leading you into his home and to his tidy room where a gorgeous old piano sat

- “it’s beautiful!” you smile, excitement in your voice as dan stares at you, nodding to himself and smiling at you, “sure is.”

- dan surprised you with his evident talent, able to play most of the beginner exercises you had for him after you demonstrated once

- after weeks of lessons, you and dan grew closer and you felt very comfortable, more times than not bringing him coffee to lessons every week

- you walk in, having a spare key as he was sometimes too lazy to come downstairs to greet you, shutting the door quietly and setting your keys on the coffee table

- quietly walking to his room, you hear the faint notes of a very familiar song, the one you told dan was your favorite

- standing at the doorway, waiting for the song to end before clearing your throats and watching the older man scramble bashfully

- “why were you watching!?” he says shyly as you sit next to him on the bench, “because you play beautifully.” he scoffs, “nothing compared to your playing. you’re so young and you’re so much better,” he says insecurely as you roll your eyes, “you’re beautiful dan, don’t be so insecure.”

- facing each other, dan leans in, brushing hair out of your eyes before placing his soft lips on your own

- the kiss felt like hours, that is, until you leaned against the piano, causing a loud crash of notes as you both jump before bursting into giggles

- “i meant what i said,” you smile as he rolls his eyes, kissing you again, “and i meant what i said the very first day, beautiful.”

- soon after, dans piano solos turned to duets, enjoying himself more with your hands dancing beside his own and especially enjoying when your delicate fingers intertwined with his own, holding onto you; his muse.

I have a challenge for black tumblr: on the September 21st Blackout Day, reblog/queue the photosets of more people than you ever have before.

Every single photoset needs the chance to gain notes. We won’t all get thousands upon thousands because that’s not possible but people shouldn’t feel left out. Use the tags correctly. Make sure you are looking at the “most recent” instead of top results while browsing the tag. If you see a photo or photoset with 50 notes or more, odds are it will do better than those with 10. Reblog every low note selfie you can. Talk to people, make friends. Tag the bloggers that have larger followings and have expressed that they are ok with it.

Stop fighting about it and let’s get a move on to make it better for ourselves. We know it’s a problem so let’s do something about it.

What do I want?

I want a girl who is kind and caring towards me. A girl I can’t keep my eyes off of because she is beautiful inside and out. I want a girl who is goofy and has a great sense of humor. I want a girl who will take pictures with me and show me off to her friends. I want a girl who will surprise me and do the little things because those are what matter. I want a girl who will be honest with me and tell me what she really feels. I want a girl who won’t walk away if we have a fight. I want a girl who will support me as much as I will support her. I want a girl who will send me flowers or show up if she knows I’m having a bad day. I want a girl who will never stop to make me happy because that’s what I would do for her. I want a girl who will go on adventures with me and motivate me to go out into the world and experience new things. I want a girl who will want to meet my friends and hang out with them, even ask them for their help to surprise me. I want a girl who will accept me for who I am even when I’m at my worst. I want a girl who will make the time to see me even if her day is already busy but makes the time to see me because it will make her day better. I want a girl who can’t get enough of my kisses and can’t get enough of being around me. I want a girl who will put in as much effort into the relationship as I do and show me that she cares. I want a girl I can’t get enough of inside and out. I want a girl who won’t waste my time.. and make the most of it.
I’m tired of trying for girls who don’t put forth the effort to be with me. I’m tired of trying, but I’m also tired of always being lonely.. I want a girl who won’t make me feel that way even when we are together.
More importantly I want a girl who will be herself with me and isn’t afraid to hide even her worst moments from me because she knows I’ll accept her for everything she is.

Ugh, just when I dedicated time to fanart, a webcomic’s comments section has to be shut down. No fair. *flops dramatically*

This is fanart for the webcomic “Never Satisfied”. I’d put a link here, but we all know how tumblr likes links recently. It’s about teenagers being dicks to each other during a magic contest. Seiji here demonstrates how not to deal with bullies (and feelings). He died for our benefit and entertainment.