i won't even bite

Inspired by blackkat’s amazing crossover story “Bite” – just like, oh my god these two are gonna be the end of me hnrggghhh.

Also, please ignore the weird lines – I started drawing on a piece of scrap paper and ran out of room (because I have no spatial awareness even within a plane) so I had to tape on another piece of paper.

  • -Wanting to be a proper boyfriend, Oikawa bravely makes it official with Kageyama's "parents" by inviting them to lunch.-
  • Oikawa: Yup, so there you have it. Me and Tobio-chan are dating. So hopefully you can give us your blessing with this relationship~
  • Kageyama: //////[-Nervously eating as he looks down.-]
  • Daichi: Uhm, that's great news you two. It...sure was surprising to hear.[-still a bit speechless after being invited by their rival for an important news.-]
  • Suga: Yeah, we never would have expected you to actually have such deeper affections for Kageyama. Are you really serious about dating him?[-Although he was saying this calmly, there was a definite tone of hostility laced in that question.-]
  • Oikawa: Of course Mr. Refre-, Uh Suga-san. I'm more than serious about this relationship.
  • -Suga turned to Kageyama.-
  • Suga: What about you, Kageyama. Did you really think about this?
  • -Kageyama stayed quite before nodding.-
  • Kageyama: ...Yeah. I want this, too./////
  • -Suga still looked a bit skeptical, but decided to finally give in at last with a sigh.-
  • Suga: Well if this is what you want, then I won't argue.
  • -Kageyama takes another bite of his dinner, blushing even harder as Daichi smiled; completely relieved he didn't have to step in.-
  • Oikawa: That's quite considerate of you as his teammates...[-extends his hand to Suga-]
  • Suga: Well, please keep in mind that you are going to be held accountable for anything that might happen to our precious Kouhai. So do take care of him, Grand King. [-smiles warmly-]
  • Oikawa: ;;;;(...This guy is scary.;;;)

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SO. I just got my copy of Smut Peddler and found out you and your wife are fucking real and I just HAVE to ask this. Are you two up for threesomes or what? You two are fucking hot please PLEASE say yes I promise I won't bite!


(gasp) -oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow……

I’m not even going to throw in the obligatory “I’m so flattered, omg,” because this is exactly the thing you don’t ask people who share any part of their sex lives in the media. I’m not flattered. Let me lay it down for you:

Visible ≠ Available

Sharing ≠ Free

Enjoying Someone’s Creations ≠ Knowing Them Intimately

Friendly and Open ≠ Open to Propositions

Propositioning a complete stranger out of the blue who is not literally a sex worker (who, even then, has explicitly stated that they are open to being propositioned) is generally frowned upon and I’m glad you chose anon so that I don’t have to squint menacingly at you on a personal level. Apart from what K and I freely share with the public, the actual nuts and bolts of our sex lives and boundaries are still private. This is also something I’ve heard said many, many times before by other people who share their sex lives in any way, so don’t think I’m being weird, mean, or prudish.

Them’s just the breaks.

Let’s just pretend this Ask didn’t happen, I’m glad you enjoyed Smut Peddler, and I hope you (and everyone else) remember(s) this lesson on boundaries.

Does anyone else go straight to Troye and Connor’s accounts to see who they’ve replied to when they log onto Twitter? Or is that just me? Pretty sure it’s just me.

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Grant Ward is not a goddamn nazi he's an abuse victim.

Wow! I’ve had a long busy day and I get home and go on tumblr to relax and the first thing I see is Anon Hate.
Anon Hate from a Stand With Ward-er.
Nicest fandom who never bullies other people, my ass!

And maybe tagging this Grant Ward makes me just as big of an asshole as you are, but you and your fellow villain-woobifiers need to realize that SENDING ANON HATE REALLY DOESN’T HELP PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!

And now that we have THAT out of the way…

1) I personally have never said he’s a Nazi. That’s something other people say, but I genuinely don’t really have an opinion on that subject either way.
Some argue that Hydra are Nazis and some argue that they aren’t, and I could care less because regardless of who or what they are, Hydra. Is. Bad. And Ward is Hydra. Therefore, simple deductive reasoning would indicate that Ward is bad.
Is Ward a Nazi? Who the hell knows. Hydra is canonically worse than the Nazis were, but I really don’t care either way. Is Ward bad? Well duh! Sorry, but in my book if you murder innocent people/try to murder innocent people/willingly ally yourself with a group of people who does that for a living, you are a bad person.
That includes a myriad of many of my own favorite characters (Ward being listed among them). I love them for being bad.

2) I also never said Ward isn’t an abuse victim. But do you wanna know exactly how many murders that undoes? Zero!
Let me say that again to get it through your head.
Being an abuse victim does not undo murder.
Nor does being an abuse victim EXCUSE murder.
I’ll say that again too just to make sure you heard it.
Being an abuse victim does not EXCUSE murder!

Would you like me to name some characters who were a victims of abuse and did NOT turn into murderous assholes?
Clint Barton.
Bruce Banner.
Tony Stark.
I admittedly don’t know as much about Clint as I do the other two, but he was abused as a kid and STILL did not become a murderous asshole. Instead he became a hero.
Bruce Banner literally saw his mother murdered by his drunken father. And that isn’t even the worst thing that that man did to him. But he STILL did not become a murderous asshole. He became a hero. Even before being an Avenger, he was a hero, because a hero is somebody who will go out of their way to help others like he was doing at the very beginning of The Avengers.
Tony Stark was abused via neglect. His parents never had time for him, and his only friend was the family butler. Ever wonder why his computer system is named JARVIS and now HOWARD? Hint: it’s because Tony Stark’s father abused him (via neglect). Jarvis was his only real father. But he STILL did not become a murderous asshole. He had the potential to, but instead he became a hero.
Let me list one more person: Bucky Barnes.
That man was literally tortured and brainwashed for DECADES, but the INSTANT he had an opportunity to make a choice of his own, he chose the way of a hero and saved Steve’s life.

Now let’s look at Grant Ward.
Grant Ward was bullied by his brother. I am not going to bring his “my parents were worse” line into this because he was trying to con Skye, so who knows if that statement was true or not. But he was bullied by his brother. When he was old enough he was sent to military school which he ran away from because he wanted to murder his brother by setting his house, which his brother was inside, on fire. Because of that he was sent to juvie, and escaped their with the help of John Garrett.
He was then left in the woods (with a clear way back to civilization - and if you don’t believe that then please explain to me how he was able to steal all of those supplies), and was subsequently trained by Garrett to be the specialist we met on the show.

Nowhere in that list of events do I see something that will cause me to excuse Ward’s actions or decide that he’s not a bad guy JUST because he ONLY murdered people.
Grant Ward is a bad guy.
And you can NOT blame that all on Garrett because Ward attempted murder BEFORE Garrett entered his life.
Let me say that again to make sure you got it.
Grant Ward was attempted murder BEFORE John Garrett entered his life.

Being An Abuse Victim Does Not Excuse Murder!

Being An Abuse Victim Does Not Make You Incapable Of Choosing The Right Thing.

Being An Abuse Person And Being A Bad Guy Are Not Mutually Exclusive!

Being An Abuse Victim Does Not Automatically Make You A Good Person!

Now fuck off and leave me alone.

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The pic of Suho w/ the lip bite and I won't even address the gif of Kai because, well that just starts a downward spiral lol

I’m guessing you probably don’t want to see this then. 

Or this.

Especially not this.

And definitely not this.

Wouldn’t want any downward spirals to start, muahahaha.