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**chants** bar fight!Everlark!!

Anon…you have no idea how much heartache I went through to write this for you. I started something almost immediately after you sent me this message, back in November (cringes to the max). But I just didn’t have the will to finish what I started so I sat on it. When I finally returned to try again, the dreaded in-laws were sucking all the creativity from a one hundred mile radius. Two more scrapped versions until I finally managed this. I hope you enjoy my humble offering. My thanks to @peetabreadgirl for pre-reading to make sure I hadn’t completely lost my writing mojo. If it still sucks, blame her. I kid, it’s all on me. RATED E: Because it’s me. And I somehow found a way to turn this into porn with a little plot.

The jukebox will need to be replaced. It’s cracked in three places and stuck on “What’s New Pussycat,” a fact that took them about twenty minutes to realize before Thresh tried smacking the thing around to get it to shut up – with no luck. He had to unplug it. The tinkling of broken glass being swept up provides a fitting accompaniment to the questioning as Darius flips open his tablet and levels Katniss with a serious look.

“Can you tell me how the fight started, Miss Everdeen?” She scowls at his use of a formal name for her, like he doesn’t spend every other Saturday in here, knocking back beers with his cop buddies, flirting shamelessly with her, and avoiding whatever fight he just had with Glimmer, his girlfriend.

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I just wanted to say thank you for what you do :) Your gifs are really appreciated. There is so much negativity towards the show and actors and now many are boycotting them, so I hope you won't join and keep gifting us with your talent. Thank you :)

Hey Anon! YOU ARE WELCOME! Thank ye kindly and I’m so verra glad you enjoy <3 I’m sticking around and posting what I can and I still love the show. I can separate the actors from the characters. I can still watch a scene and forget about the bullshit on Social Media.

Now, I ken you didna ask for this, but here I go… *bats down the hatches*

I fully admit to being negative about the show. I’ve had friends stop talking to me, probably partly because of that. It’s sad but I am who I am.  I won’t rehash what’s happened this past week. I’m sure everyone knows what’s been going on. But I will say this—I won’t stop ranting about the following on Twitter:

  • how it’s bullshit that their September premiere will, on a number of occasions, force me to choose between Outlander and getting day drunk and cheering for my Minnesota Vikings
  • how terrible Starz is at promoting the show
  • how ridiculous it is that they—the cast, the crew, the producers—can’t even show the minimum amount of unforced enthusiasm for their upcoming season
  • how I think if Cait has the time to post a pic of her costar’s girlfriend, she damn well has the time to post a pic from set
  • how I’m so sick and tired of reading about someone who IS NOT A CAST MEMBER
  • how I don’t need to see another damn picture of ships, because I watch Black Sails and I’ve seen plenty, and that’s also not what Season 3 is about (and I hope to God they know what it *is* about)
  • how it’s ridiculous that Poldark will have aired TWO seasons before Outlander even airs ONE
  • how, while I don’t think any of the cast owes me anything, I do think they all need to stop fucking with their fans and show more appreciation
  • how I will not stand for any complaining from ANY member of production when they’re basically on a vacation with some night shoots and filming thrown in there
  • how it’s ill-advised to spurn a portion of your fanbase, but, hey, it’s their ratings funeral
  • how I give zero fucks about what kind of moon appears in South Africa and/or the weather they’re experiencing
  • how I think they’re all such amateurs and don’t have a clue how fandoms work and how to harness that passion toward something positive
  • how it’s ridiculous they have a gag order on sharing BTS pics
  • how I think everyone involved in that production needs to take a fucking Social Media course

But on my blog (with the exception of this post), I’m going to continue posting gifs/videos. It’s a reminder of why I love this show, why I even bother. Why I’ve invested time and money into things that allow me to create what I share. But those investments were my choice and I’ll own them. I once told someone that I’m a creative person and this is my creative outlet.

If there are lapses in posts, it’s not because I’ve given up. It’s because it’s getting nicer out, which means this Minnesota Bear has begun to emerge from her winter hibernation. I kick and scream and threaten to not watch the show, but I know I’ll be there. Hopefully with some retained enthusiasm. I’ve weathered many shitstorms in this fandom, so why not this one? Over time, I’ve developed a healthy detachment. I’m like Claire, I’m not the woman I once was. With each one I’ve taken a step back, reassessed, returned with a different/new perspective.

BUT I’m still here for this, first and foremost:

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The thing is when people say "fight" they're expecting some chea cat fight from a reality show, and of course I don't want that. People think that becuase women fight/argue/confront each other is "MISOGYNY!!!" and it isn't like that. It won't make them less feminists if they don't like each other. Their "fights" need to be overflowing with tension and sassy phrases to counter each others arguments with reasonable facts. Alas, I think that this would be too smart for D&D to pull out. IMO.

“ Something like this—- "Dany: I came here to save The North. Sansa: you don’t need to bother so much, we just want your help. Lyanna: you came to save us and didn’t bring food? Arya: she burned it all just to make a point. Sansa: Like you know… a saviour.” all while Jon raises a piece of parchment that says “Help Me.”

I absolutely loathe this modern “feminism” that says that women have to all get along all the time. It’s one of the biggest lies I’ve ever seen. There is this idea that unless women form immediate friendships and braid each other’s hair and work together them you’re being anti-feminist. This idea robs women of their natural emotions and their agency to voice those emotions. It makes us one dimensional robots while men get to be full realized human beings to get to be angry and jealous and mad. Women feel jealous of other women sometimes. Women don’t always like another woman for whatever reason. Sometimes personalities and agenda’s clash. Women shouldn’t have to deny themselves those very natural feelings in the name of “feminism”.

That’s why this idea that Dany and Sansa need to be friends is laughable. What Dany wants and what Sansa wants directly conflict with each other. That’s a fact. To have that fact erased is to Deny one or both their characterization. The only way these two won’t have conflict is if Sansa forget all about her own wants and goals to worship at Dany’s feet or if Dany’ suddenly decides that all of her life’s long hard work can co go waste. It spits in the years of characterization of both women. That’s not what feminism is supposed to do, it’s the exact opposite of what feminism in literature is supposed to do. Sansa and Dany don’t have to get one glimpse of season other and start pulling each other’s hair. They don’t have to get into petty arguments over nothing. That’s not what we want to see, that’s basic AF. They should however approach each other with justified suspicion. Sansa should see Dany as a threat to the future safety of her home. Dany should see Sansa as a potential roadblock to her desire to rule of of the seven kingdoms. Those conflicts are natural conflicts that come from the narrative and the characters themselves, to deny them that is to deny then very important parts of their characterization purely because they are women. If they were two men we would never try to force them into a peaceful friendship but because they are women they just HAVE to go in that direction. It’s bullshit and it will always be bullshit in my eyes.

Into the night - Chapter 100

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you, I could talk to her, make her see sense, you know? She’s my friend too and I flew all the way down here for her” Nahla let go of Noah’s hand for a second as she walked up to him so the child wouldn’t hear, “I know, Nahla, I know you care about her, but I really need to talk to her in private this time,  I promise we’ll all go see her once this is settled, ok? but right now I need you to stay with Noah, he’s had enough to deal with lately” they all had..why could this not be as simple as hitting some reset button to erase the memories of the past and start over?. “Yeah..ok..” Nahla sighed a little dissapointed but she stepped back and wanted to take Noah’s hand but the boy pulled it away from her, clutching both his arms around his doll instead and just stared at Jared without saying a word until he broke eyecontact and closed the frontdoor behind him. Tom waited for him at the end of his driveway “Rough night, huh? I’m sorry for dumping all this on you yesterday, I..” he apologized as he saw the dark rings under Jared’s eyes, but he just shrugged “let’s just go and convince her to come home where she belongs”. Jordan stopped in her tracks on her way to the kitchen, where was she going? She was on her way to do something, but what? The last couple of days it felt like there was a huge hole in her head, she had so much difficulty concentrating on anything, her thoughts were starting to become such a blur like now, she knew she had to do something in the kitchen but what was it? Ok, think Jordan, think..she closed her eyes and forced herself to trace back her steps, she had gotten up, she had come down the stairs..and then what?..she had put water in that thing and pushed a button..what was the water for again? Oh..coffee, of course, coffee. The ringing of the doorbell made her stop in her tracks, and stare at nothing at all for a few seconds before she plodded over to the door and opened it. “Hey Babe…” Jared’s heart jumped in his chest “can we talk?”, Jordan stared at the two men on her doorstep without saying a word while behind her Per came walking down the stairs as well, tying up the belt of his bathrobe “I really don’t think that’s a good idea, gentlemen”. The voice of that man always made her skin crawl so she stepped back and pulled the door open a little further to let them in “Per, it’s ok, they..want..to talk” she walked up to her nurse who shook his head and hissed at her “No, it’s not ok, you still need to take your meds”. Meds, meds, meds it was all this guy could talk about, every time she took them her brain got all fuzzy again, “excuse me, but I don’t appreciate your tone of voice with her” Jared walked up to them “I’m the one who’s paying you, remember? so I would appreciate it if you gave us some privacy while I talk to my girlfriend, alright?” the ice in his voice made Per take a step back and go back upstairs where he came from. “I could say something really sarcastic right now, like how glad I am that I’m not the only one on the receiving end of your wrath, but I’m not going to..I guess I’m just too much of a childish brat for that” Jordan huffed and walked to the kitchen.

”Coffee?” she asked all casual, trying to hide the fog in her head but when she stood there with the hot kettle in her hand looking ever so lost, Tom stepped in “it’s ok, why don’t you sit down? I’ll get the coffee” he took the kettle from her hands and guided her to a chair. “I missed you, so much..” Jared reached for her hand as she sat down and their eyes locked for the first time in a while, “Did you?” she batted her eyelashes and pulled her hand away. Tom put the cups in front of them and sat down himself “Jordan, come on, of course he misses you, we all do, I know for a fact that Noah misses you terribly”, her head shot up hearing his name “Noah, how is he? Is he ok?” the worry in her voice take everyone’s breath away. “He’s fine but we do need to talk about him, especially about his future” Tom sipped his coffee, “what? But Tom?” she stammered but it was Jared who grabbed her hand again and squeezed it this time “Babe, Tom told me all about the letter”. Jordan’s eyes shot daggers at Tom “Why Tom? I trusted you!”, Tom put his cup down and stared back at her “I know and I told you that I can’t take care of Noah, I wouldn’t know what to do or where to start, you know I have absolutely no experience raising kids and neither do I want to”. Jordan put her elbows on the table and held her head “Tom, please, you know I have no other choice”, Tom could feel his heart break but he needed to be honest “Yes you do and you know it, if there’s one person who’s always been there for that boy then it’s definitely Jared, I don’t know why you refuse to see that!”. Slowly she raised her head and shook it keeping her eyes closed “Great, this is just..great..whose side are you really on, Tom?” she hissed as she hung her head again, “what? This is not about taking sides, Jordan” Tom grabbed her wrist to make open her eyes and face him but she just yanked it out of his grip and pushed her chair back “No, of course it isn’t..d'you know what, forget it! It was stupid of me to think we could even be friends, let alone think that you would respect my last wish”. All of a sudden Per came walking into the room “Jordan, come on, I’ll take you to your room, you really need to take your pills” his tone of voice hardened as he approached the table, “No, I don’t!?” she pulled away from him as she got up, “you do, Jordan, don’t be ridiculous, your life depends on it” he grabbed her arm. “Fuck off” she pushed back against him and stomped out of the room, just when Per wanted to follow her, Jared stopped him and shook his head at him “I’ll go”. Upstairs Jordan let herself fall on her brother’s bed, and silently cried holding one hand over her mouth to muffle the sobs and one over her painful heart, her doctor kept saying she had to worry less, but how could she when everyone around her kept piling on top of the already endless list. Jared stopped at the door, seeing her lying there curled up into a miserable little ball broke his heart, suddenly the matress dipped and her eyes shot open to see Jared lying on his side, staring at her.

“Go away” she mumbled, agressively wiping her tears away, “nuh-uh” he shook his head without breaking eyecontact with her, “I’m sorry” he breathed, moving closer to her “I’m sorry for losing my temper, for saying all those godawful things”. Jordan blinked a few times, never had an apology sounded more sincere but she kept her forcefield firmly up, for now at least..”I don’t want to do this anymore..” her breath danced on his face as he moved closer to her. “What? What don’t you wanna do anymore, Jordan?” Jared swallowed hard and held his breath, unsure whether she was talking about their relationship or their epic fights, “this! This whole..you know, this whole..oh fuck this” Jordan just couldn’t get the words out. “Ok, you’re gonna have to be a little bit more specific here, this whole what? Jordan? This whole mess we’ve created, us fighting? Is that what you’re sick and tired of? Because hey, so am I, ok? But we can handle that, just don’t say you’re sick and tired of ‘us’ because I won’t survive, I swear I won't” he rambled in a voice that was suddenly hoarse with worry as he pushed himself up on his elbow. “I don’t know, Jared, you and I..” she tried to get her clouded mind to function “you and I came together under some pretty sinister circumstances and I don’t know..I don’t know if we..I just don’t think you would have even so much as noticed me if we had just met without all this darkness surrounding us..half of the time I feel like some kind of distraction or something, someone to keep you occupied to stop you from missing her too much, I know you still love her and I know how much it still hurts, the wound of her death is still so fresh..Are you really sure you’ll be able to go through all that grief again?”. Jared felt like his blood was freezing in his veins “No, I’ll not be able to go through it again, because I won’t have to, you’re not gonna die, ok? You’ll get that new heart and we’ll get our happily ever after! That’s all I’ve ever wanted and all I’ll ever want, to spend the rest of my days with you and Noah” his face hovered over hers while his hand rested on her stomach. She didn’t say anything, she just lay there looking up at him like she was studying every single detail in his face, her silence made his heart thump in his throat, there was no telling what she would do or say, but then her hand slowly reached for his face. Her hand caressed the heavy stubble on his cheek and he closed his eyes, leaning in to the warmth of her touch “What is all that ‘happily ever after’ anyway? Come on, I know we’re in Hollywood right now and I know they invented the phrase but they sure as hell aren’t practicing what they preach, are they? Nobody believes in all that bullshit anyway, I mean, the average relationship here only lasts as long as what? 6 months?” she breathed. “Oh, you really are a romantic, are you?” Jared sarcastically grinned, at least she hadn’t said that she was breaking up with him “well, thank god we’ve managed to survive the 6 months itch then!”. The first signs of a slow grin on her face were starting to show “No we didn’t, we were friends longer than we’ve been lovers, so we’re not out of dangerzone just yet”. Jared felt the tension between them slowly fall away so he brought his face closer to hers, his lips only inches removed from hers “Well..Some might say ‘danger’ is my middle name”, the grin curled into a cheeky smile beaming up at him. “Oh really? Well that’s odd, because I did have a few dangerous men in my life you know? I do love a bad boy as much as the next girl, but you..this..I guess I just don’t feel any danger, at all, wait…” she frowned and pretended to be checking “nope..definitely no danger”. Jared played along and pretended to be shocked too “Ok, how about this then?” he gathered his courage and kissed her warm lips, hungrily biting her bottom lip before he lifted his head to look at her, she didn’t really participate, but at least she hadn’t pulled away or protested. “Uhm, no..nope..still no danger” she slowly shook her head at him, “ok, well, how about now?” he murmured before his mouth came crashing down on hers, within seconds his tongue was demanding entrance to her mouth all dominantly. And just like that, with nothing more than a kiss, she could suddenly feel the fog in her head clear and remember the excitement of the first days of their relationship and it brought an unexpected fighting spirit back into her, something she had thought had gone for good, so she broke down the wall that she meticulously had built between them, there was no reason to keep it up any longer now that she realized there was nothing left to fight over.

Noah pushed past Tom who tried to stop him and quickly ran up the stairs  ignoring Tom who chased him, heading straight for his parents’ bedroom but stopped in his tracks at the door looking at the scene in front of him. “Leave my aunt Jordan alone” Noah spurted forward and jumped on the bed, breaking up their passionate kiss by throwing himself inbetween them as they hastily let go of each other, “whoaaaa, whoaaa, easy, easy, buddy” Jared folded his arm around the boy to stop him from crashing into Jordan. Smiling and relieved she pulled Noah against her chest and held him tight “hey, hey it’s alright” she breathed in his tousled blonde hair, a little smile forming around her lips as she glanced at Jared, “I missed you so much, aunt Jordan, you can’t leave me” her nephew murmured against her chest, his little fingers digging deep into her skin. “I missed you too, Noah, and I’m sorry, I’m never leaving you again, you hear?” she kept kissing the top of his head while Jared scooted closer to them as well, caressing the young boy’s back which finally made Noah turn his head “can my aunt Jordan come back to live with us?” he asked as he reluctantly let go of his aunt and rolled on his back between them. “What kind of question is that? Of course she’s coming back to live with us..that is if she still wants too of course” Jared cocked his head. Jordan pretended to still think about, but then put them both out of their misery “I would like that very much” she said with a warm smile, “yaaaayyyyy!!!” Noah sat up and pushed a clumsy, sloppy kiss on her lips and jumped off the bed “Tom, my aunt Jordan is coming back home” running up to Tom who stood there, all doe-eyed at the door. “So I heard, come on, we’ll go tell everyone the big news and give your aunt and Jared a little bit of time alone” he winked at Jared and Jordan as he put his hand on Noah’s head and started guiding him out of the room, “they’re not gonna make babies, are they?”. Noah’s words had been just loud enough for her to hear “What did he say?” she gave Jared a worried frown but Jared tried to suppress a giggle “it’s a long story, he asked about siblings, about not having a brother, and he didn’t know where they come from so I kinda told him”. Jordan closed her eyes and shook her head completely clueless “wait, what? You had ‘the talk’ with Noah? He’s 5! you didn’t make it too graphic, did you? Because I know what you’re like”, her prudish reaction made him lean into her again “what I’m like? Ok, so what am I like?” he teased her mouth with a butterfly kiss before he left a trail of them on her chin, making his way to her throat. “You know what I mean, you’re not exactly the type who talks about the flowers and the bees..” she swallowed hard as his lips had now reached her collarbone, his teeth grazing her skin there was driving her slowly insane “I just don’t want to put images in his head, you know, of us having sex”. He pushed her back down on the mattress, his tongue drawing circles on the side of her neck “well, lately we haven't” she could feel his mouth curl into a grin “and I’m not against it”, wait, what did he just say?. “You’re not against what?” her hand stilled on his back as he crawled on top of her, “against us having babies” he whispered against her lips and kissed the tip of her nose, “Jared..” this was the first time they had ever talked about something as lifechanging as this and she didn’t know how to feel, hell she didn’t know if she would live that long or if she even wanted any. “Don’t panic, it’s just a thought, I’m not saying we need to have them right now, but maybe one day? And until that time, I was thinking we could start practicing tonight, in our own bed, how does that sound?” he claimed her mouth again in a hungry kiss.

I’ve got one coworker in particular that i usually enjoy talking to when I’m having issues, but whenever I bring up that I feel like I’m in a depressive episode, she always has to start talking about all of the bullshit she has going on (and I’m not saying she’s not dealing with a lot of shit, and she’s a good, hard working person who doesn’t deserve it, but still) and how she ‘just doesn’t let it get her down’.

I know she doesn’t mean it maliciously but I wish she’d realize that I know full and well that a lot of other people have it worse than I do. I get that. But that doesn’t help me. If anything it just makes me feel shittier for complaining.

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61 pls :)

“I love you. I’m completely and utterly in love with you. Please don’t get married.”

Zayn blinks at his own reflection in the mirror. It sounds crazy. He sounds like a lunatic and that’s just to himself, alone, in his bathroom. He even looks crazed: he’s got bags under his eyes and his hair’s a mess and he sounds a lot desperate just saying the words out loud. 

“Please don’t get married,” Zayn repeats, more forcibly this time. He wants to sound firm, but not like he’s begging. Not like he’ll break into a thousand little pieces if Harry goes through with this. Not like he already has, every day, for the past four months. 

I’ve met someone, Zayn.

Zayn curses and smacks his palm against the mirror. Four months ago, it was Harry had met someone new. Two months ago, it was Harry was moving in with her. Five and a half weeks ago, it was a sent-to-all-contacts photo, a modest silver ring with a small emerald set into it, set upon the third finger of a dainty hand.

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Episode 11 starts with an idyll.

This is about as prelapsarian as it gets.  About three straight minutes of Anthy and Wakaba and Utena just sitting around, having fun together.  Enjoying monkey jokes.  Just gals being pals.

What kind of person looks at that and sees this?

A snake, is what.  Or a snake in training, at the very last.

Run for your goddamn lives, it’s Satan in trousers.

He has come to level ruinous glances and sling pendulous metaphors.

In a fun moment, Anthy responds to Utena’s internal monologue about Touga maybe being her prince by laughing out loud, which is, if not evidence of psychic powers, some industrial-grade serendipity.

Having made his point, Touga withdraws to the balcony, which is infested with balloons.

Juri is on to Touga’s shenanigans, but she’s so mired in whatever she’s mired in that she’s not going to do anything about it, beyond the occasional smart remark.  Touga insists that he was merely trying to take care of his little sister.   A sudden hormonal surge gives Miki the courage to drop this zinger:

The audience hoots and throws things for six full seconds, as the balloon that represents Miki’s thought process drifts wearily across the sky overhead.

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You know what?

Actually I’m fine with this.

I was having the “oh god oh god I WILL JUST HOLD MY JUDGEMENT TILL NEXT WEEK” feeling but after talking it out, you know what? Nope. It’s completely fine. 

Yuuri’s been like this the whole time. Victor truly has no idea how fucking ridiculous his boyfriend is because he’s not the neurotic one in this relationship. This is literally the same misunderstanding that has been building the whole time. Yuuri has probably reached peak neuroticism by now. Peak stress = peak anxiety, thus his near panic attack after his skate because he doesn’t realize how hard he’s been trying to hold it together this whole time and how much anxiety he’s been supressing (he’s been spending a lot of energy convincing himself he’s fine with something that he isn’t actually fine with at all; see 2) below).

Victor is sweet and WANTS to be supportive and he’s really trying but he literally has NO FUCKING CLUE IN HIS HEAD about how Yuuri’s brain works, like, at all, because he’s kind of the opposite of neurotic. It’s not that he’s insensitive, he just has no frame of reference for how Yuuri processes things - likewise, Yuuri has no frame of reference for understanding that he, himself, just as he is, could be “enough” to make someone else happy because he’s never internalized that idea. I almost think the idea that he can make other people happy through anything other than skating well or “succeeding” by competitive standards - by just being himself and being around another person who likes spending time with him - may have never even crossed Yuuri’s mind in his life, honestly. (No, this isn’t an extreme assumption - I may have just cried writing this because I was nearly in my 30′s when I really started realizing that in most areas of my life I had a problem with *internalizing* the idea that other people might actually get something valuable and enjoyable out of my existence regardless of my “successes” or “failures”)

This “opposite” personality type thing is, of course, both bad and good for their relationship - it’s why they are complementary to each other but at the same time, these completely different viewpoints is probably the biggest difference between them and that is why it’s going to be the biggest and last hurdle standing between them and the mutual understanding necessary for a healthy relationship. And that’s exactly why I think it’s obvious that they WILL work it out.

1) Narratively, this show has been VERY solid and reliable. Everything in the narrative points to this as Yuuri being neurotic and Victor being clueless. If there were something to be gained by them breaking up, then I would be a little worried. However, no matter how I look at it, the only things that could be gained from a breakup are:

a) Victor would “be able to go back to skating” or whatever it is that Yuuri is “keeping him from” …except it’s clear by now that he literally doesn’t want to, he’s ENTIRELY happy with what he has right now, and Yuuri and everyone else wanting him to “return” to the past won’t change that.

b) If Yuuri wanted to continue his skating career or had some other goal but feels that he needs to develop his confidence on his own without “depending” on Victor for his self-worth, this might be a sensible reason to break up. It’s honestly the only one I could kind of see happening. Except that… we KNOW that his his breakup ideas are literally tied into his plans to retire from skating. He’s said it so many times that he plans for this to be his last season. So breaking up with Victor WOULDN’T “give him the chance to develop as a skater on his own” or whatever because that’s not even a thing he’s thinking about. Also, Victor’s earlier narration about spending so long trying to succeed alone and find strength alone also speaks to the fact “going it alone” and “the importance of not depending on anyone, ever” are definitely not meant to be the moral of the story for anyone here; after dependence and independence is interdependence; interdependence = healthy relationships.

c) Victor gets butthurt by Yuuri’s inability to believe in his feelings for him, thinks that Yuuri is somehow cheapening his feelings and doesn’t understand it as fear of rejection and self-deprication on Yuuri’s part, and they’d break up because of of failure to actually have a REAL CONVERSATION about it - but this is not a productive ending for any series; pretty much no story ends like that. The only case where I could see this happening is cheesy romance like BL manga, where after this scene they’d be apart for a couple of months until they ran into each other again, then one would realize he couldn’t live without the other, force the conversation, cry and have makeup sex *~the end*~ But that’s a lame convoluted narrative - not the style of this series - and takes way more than one or two episodes to deal with and still ends up with them together in the end. So it clearly won’t be that either.

So, honestly, there’s really nothing to be gained narratively by Yuuri winning the “let’s break up” argument, because all of his reasons are flawed and based on neurotic worries and assumptions about Victor but not actually knowing what Victor thinks. So far, everything in this show has made perfect narrative sense, so I’m not worried there.

2) Do you have anxiety? If you do, please tell me you are not familiar with the whole “JUST GIVE UP WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO FAIL” feeling? But then you justify it like “No, see, I’ve come up with lots of reasons (i.e. neurotic worries) why this is the ‘realistic’ and ‘pragmatic’ thing to do, I’m not ‘running away’, I’m doing what makes sense! D:”. See, that’s obviously where Yuuri is at. This is a huge case of “Give up Victor now while all of your memories are perfect and good (and make an effort to make those memories as perfect and good as possible! re: the date in episode 10) so that you have something beautiful to hold onto but you don’t have to deal with losing him later - no, no, I’m not being cowardly, seriously, this is best for both of us! Really! Victor can go back to skating and everyone will be happy and I’ll go live the life I deserve (whatever that is, but 8 months with Victor was more than I ever thought I would get in the first place it would be ridiculously greedy to ask for more, there is a limit to how much I can ask for, I’m going to stop asking before the answer is “no” because I couldn’t deal with the thought of that. Better to push him away myself than to wait until he’s annoyed with me and be pushed away by him!” If you’re not familiar with this thought process I’m not sure you’re familiar with anxiety because that’s… basically the crux of it. And the more I look at it the more I can’t see it any other way.

The end of this episode is just a confirmation of my feelings after episode 9;  In a way, I think episode 10 was meant to make you feel like maybe he’d solved that worry when actually he hadn’t: episode 10 actually just pushed him and Victor’s viewpoints even further apart, in a way:

Victor was feeling closer to a future together with Yuuri

Yuuri was feeling closer to being able to convince himself that he could end this memory on a good note; now he knew that he’d played an important part in Victor’s life and that was enough; he wanted to be able to end it without regrets that he hadn’t made the best of it.

This show is way too narratively clean to do something that doesn’t make sense now - and if by some wild chance they do break them up at the end it’s going to be in some romantic twist where they ARE still happy and love each other, (or else worst case scenario some cavalier move that relies on the hope of a second season but I seriously doubt that they won’t wrap this up, since all the metanarratives are already in place).

If you’re still worried, Here is a good thing someone else wrote

3) I know there’s going to be a ton of “NOO IT WAS QUEERBAITING ALL ALONG” bullshit because my friends have already been complaining about seeing a bunch of it (I’ve been covering my eyes) - but that’s what it is: bullshit. Sorry, but it is.

Guys, don’t be swayed by that doubt; You see, even if the unthinkable happens and they break up, you know what? This still wasn’t queerbaiting. Why? Because they were in love and are in love and when you break up with someone you loved does that you never loved them? No. It means you were in love and then you broke up - that’s what people do so guess what, QUEER PEOPLE DO THAT TOO. Let’s say a bisexual girl breaks up with a boyfriend she loved, and then a couple years later she falls in love with a girl - does that mean she is not bisexual or that she never loved that other boy? Obviously not. I would like it if people could stop thinking that breaking up means that somehow “it was never real to begin with”. That kind of thinking makes no sense. You can love more than one person in your life and if this show has made one thing clear it’s that these two love each other and have spent probably more than 8 months loving each other, and that their entire character arc was about falling in love - so even if they find some batshit crazy reason to break them up it doesn’t mean that this was queerbaiting because they fucking loved each other and breaking up won’t change the fact that those 8 months were real, okay? Seriously. I really don’t want to see any “it was queerbaiting” posts so I might just kind of be careful around tumblr for the next week.


47) "Why?" (part 2)
  • Anon 2: Do one where everyone tells Sammy why they love y/n, not just because y/n and Sam are dating but they have an actual reason why. title it "why?"
  • (SUPER LONG!!!!!!)
  • (This one is going to be more conversational. So this one is different than usual. enjoy. )
  • Sammy's POV
  • J: Aye Sammy, where's Y/N?
  • Me: She's in Y/H/T
  • G: When does she get here?
  • Me: She's not coming.
  • Mike: Oh, she's coming for christmas then?
  • Me: Nope
  • Nate: Wait, what? Are you going to her or something?
  • Me: No. We got in an argument last week. We were talking about when we get here for thanksgiving then she was like she's going to Y/H/T for thanksgiving so I was like ok we can go to Y/H/T for thanksgiving then you can come for christmas. Then she said she was going back to Y/H/T for christmas. And I was like wtf. We can't go to your family both times. What about mine? Basically she said SHE'S going home for the holidays and not spending time with me or my family. She did not want to tear me away from my family and she didn't want me to tear her away from her family!
  • G: Wtf that's kind of dumb. Madison is coming here for both events!
  • Me: SEE! THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING! and I'm so fucking mad and irritated with this!
  • Annie: Sammy, you need to realize that she doesn't get to spend time with her family very often! You don't either! She wants you to spend time with everyone while she spends time with everyone!
  • Me: But it's the holidays! I want her to spend time with us for her to enjoy how we are and I want to do the same with her family!
  • Emily: That's understandable but Sammy,
  • Me: But nothing! If Madison can come, she should come!
  • Emily: Y/N and Madison are two totally different girls! They do things differently! They think differently! And you can't expect Y/N to do something because Madison does it! You can't expect Y/N to dress how Madison dresses! You can't expect her to react or feel the same way. She's not Madison! You have to respect that!
  • G: None taken. but *WHY*? just curious. I won't get mad.
  • Ben: Oh, I have my reason. When we first met Y/N, we asked her, her opinion on things. Yo, she is straight up real. I asked her, if one or more of sam's friends does not like you, what would you do? and she straight up said, "If one or more of his friends do not like me, and I did EVERYTHING I could for them to like me, then we will have to break up." I asked her why? she said "if they are friends, especially close friends, then he will consider them family! If family does not like me, that's it! Done deal. Because that is God's way of telling me, WE DO NOT BELONG TOGETHER! That there is someone out there more compatible for him and his friends and family! Never will I make a guy put me before his family and friends. I just came along the way, but them, they were there from the beginning. And I'm not going to waste my time on some bs relationship when I could be out there looking for the right one for me." After she said that, I gained so much respect for her!
  • Emily: I REMEMBER THAT! I remember asking her, her opinion on like, no offense Jack, but nudes, sex tapes, and leaked nudes. She said, "I feel sorry for the leaked nudes because they trusted someone and then they lost their trust. But at the same time, it's hard for me to be sympathetic because no matter how much you like someone, no matter how much you want to "fuck them," nudes are degrading. You were the one who decided to send them, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRUSTED THE PERSON, YOU still sent them. It's hard for me to have an opinion. But at the same time it's disgusting how people are hating on the girls who do send it out like, why are we not hating the person that leaked it? Why are we destroying these girls' lives because of their trust in someone who threw that shit away? I love Madison, and I fucking HATE what people say about her because of this bullshit. LIFE HAPPENS. MISTAKES ARE MADE. GET OVER IT. In my opinion, the way I'd do it, I'd say, "the only time you'll see this booty and tits, you gotta be here physically, with your face between my legs. Until then, you gone have to wait."
  • Annie: I remember asking her about past relationships/hook ups and her past sexual experiences. She said, "I've had 2 real boyfriends in the past. Got cheated on both of them. So I'm very blocked off with my heart. As for past sexual experiences, I'm a virgin. so nothing to tell. As for hook ups, it's not that I won't do hookups, but I just haven't. I'm not going to have some random drunk guy stick his tongue down my throat. Nasty. I'm very conserved. If people do that stuff, do you. I'm not judging, but that kind of stuff, not my thing. And I'm not willing to just give my virginity to just ANYONE. It's not that I'm waiting for marriage, it's just I'm waiting for the right guy. Someone worth waiting for, as corny as it sounds, it's true." Since that, I've loved her.
  • Emily & Ben: Same.
  • J: Nate, Mike and I had a deep talk with her one time at like i think 3 am. When G and Madison were on a date and Sam was in New York.
  • (to be continued. these are too long for just one post. sorry!)
Send me an AU and I'll give you a Starter/Drabble (roles can be switched around)
  • First Kiss: Kissing means binding your souls together for the rest of your lives, so how about an accidental first kiss? Can we say oops?
  • Toy Mission: The toys are living beings, too, but they exist to make their owners happy. I didn't like you at first, you were a terrible owner, but I hate seeing you cry, too, so I'll fulfill my duty to you.
  • Thief by Accident: You kept stealing from your alliance in the game and we all decided to kick you out of the group, and then you messaged me to ask why and it turned out that you were new.
  • False Alarm: Your alarm keeps going off every time you get home and I'm getting very annoyed by showing up and it turning out to not be an intruder after all, but then when I took a while longer the next time, it really was an intruder.
  • Child of Ours: My baby got stolen away from me and now I've found the child, but you adopted the baby from an orphanage and have been raising the child for five years.
  • Summoning Ritual: You constantly annoy me so today I let you walk in on me pretending to be summoning the Devil to offer my soul in exchange for you going away except apparently this ritual was the real deal.
  • Accidentally Blind: You lost your sight in a traffic accident that I was the cause of and I had the bright idea to get you balloons and a card to apologize and I keep stepping into the salad every time I speak to you yet you still laugh at me.
  • Frog Prince: I was drunk and spotted a frog and figured I might as well try out the myth and it turns out the frog was poisonous but luckily you found me by the road and drove me to the hospital.
  • Costume Party: I was dressed up for a Parade but it started raining and it got cancelled so now I'm stuck in the city for hours without anything to do or anywhere to go, but on the plus side you were there for it when it got cancelled and live here, so now I'm mooching off of your hospitality.
  • Coven Terror: Your coven leader had found the perfect new member to turn into a Vampire but didn't have the time to do it themselves, so you had to do it and you picked the wrong person. Now I'm giving the entire coven Hell, because I definitely didn't sign up for this bullshit.
  • Music Loss: You ruined my headset by accident while getting out of the vehicle and now I'm stalking you on your way home to ensure that you suffer just as much as I did with the loss of music.
  • Sibling Rivalry: I was aiming for your sibling but instead I kissed you and now you won't stop pursuing me. It's actually a little flattering except for when you sneak into my home to leave presents. The flowers were nice, but the breaking into my home part isn't.
  • Dragon Slaying: You keep refusing my advances, claiming I'm not your type or that I'm just not good enough, so I decide to prove it by slaying a dragon. But the dragon is like a selfish puppy and followed me back home and every time I try to approach you, it starts breathing fire.
Ten Steps to Planning a Successful Wedding (and How to Ignore Every Single One of Them)

part 1/5
aka idrathersleepforever’s prompt from this post: “i’m your wedding planner, but i’m also falling in love with you”
pairing: micheoff (and obviously, references to michael/original male character)
rating: currently t but will rise in later chapters
no content warnings
on ao3

Giving in and making a website was probably one of the best decisions Geoff’s ever made.

It’s not like he’s old-fashioned, for what it’s worth, but sometimes he’s stuck in a pre-internet mindset, and so when he put an ad for wedding planning in the yellow pages, he figured that was good enough.

Turns out people don’t really use the yellow pages much anymore, and the people who do are over sixty years old and aren’t really in his main demographic for “people planning to get married.”

So after a few months of no work, Jack shoved him down in front of his laptop and told him to brush up on his HTML, and Jack’s pretty scary when he’s being serious about something—so, okay, giving in and making a website was probably one of the best decisions Jack’s ever made, but, hey, either way, Geoff got a shiny new website and shows up fourth down the page when you search “Wedding Planner Austin TX” on Google.

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