i won't be as invested anymore

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"It WON'T Last." <<<See that's why I'm not too pressed anymore if they decided to go that route for next season. They can probably do flashbacks to flesh out the relationships, but at the end of the day a majority of the audience won't get too invested. Cause lbr, there is no way in hell any of Bellamy's romantic relationship from that 5 yr time frame could survive as long as Clarke Griffin is still breathing. No partner of his will ever feel like they're adequate enough to overcome that tether.

Like… I get that people are nervous about Bellarke because it’s been dragged out SO long and there were so many missed opportunities and that can cause a bit of “well, what if it’s not really happening?” but at the end of the day, you’re right. None of them would survive as long as Clarke is still breathing. 

Gina was a perfect example of this. She was an amazing girlfriend!!! In the short time we got her we found out she was nice, was friends with his friends and brought out the best in him. But she never saw that side of Bellamy that Clarke saw in 1x08, or 2x16 when they pulled the lever together, or 3x05, or 3x13 on the beach… He never quite opened up to her like he does with Clarke, he doesn’t do that with anyone, not even his sister. That scene in 1x08 when he just literally let it all out to Clarke shot their relationship into an area where no other relationship has ever gone on this show, and I don’t think any future relationship will match that, either. Give him another relationship and it would be the same - he would never open up to them like he does with Clarke.

And then we have Raven/ALIE basically calling Bellamy out, saying he was never as devoted to Gina as he was to Clarke, and in a sense… she was absolutely correct. Bellamy has this complete and utter sense of loyalty to Clarke that he doesn’t have to anyone else. He gets mad at her but literally not a breath later he’s pouring his heart out to her. 

And, like… even if the show did decide to go that way, and give him a love interest somewhere in those years in space, it really wouldn’t last at all. Because not only will he still love Clarke (which, by the way, I’m not saying you can’t love two+ people at once!) that deeper relationship will still be there, and at the end of the day, that will always drive a wedge between Bellamy and whoever he’s with, because really, no one wants to play second fiddle. It sucks when your significant other has a love that’s deeper than yours, and if there’s an off-screen relationship, I guarantee that will be the reason it ends.

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why won't you date a nice girl?

I’m not going to date anyone except myself. I need to spend the next several years caring about and for myself. I’ve spent too much time giving to people when I needed to give to myself first. I’m currently in the process in learning to love myself more than anyone in the world. No one can save me except myself. Once I have invested enough in myself, I will find someone who invests in themselves as well. We will be beautiful together, and have beautiful children and be able to contribute more to society.

I already have a family. I have parents, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandmothers that need to be fully appreciated before I bring any other person into my family. I’m not ready to exclusively date anyone right now.

Of course I’m going to get lonely, but so will other people and in appropriate times I will join them for a few nights. There’s so much networking to do.

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Hey! I'd like to be a bit of a voice of hope and say that if SMC will be meant for TV next season, we might just get some slight improvements. The fact that Munehisa Sakai (or whatever his name is) won't be directing anymore gives hope that they might import a new, more competent team for SMC. I'm not saying that SMC S2 should be free of criticism now, but it won't hurt to hope for something we deserve. (btw to the person running this blog, may the power of the moon be with you!)

I definitely see a ray of light with the leaving of Sakai but to be honest even though they hire the most professional director they also need to invest in animation and use a more professional (or skilled or experienced or whatever you wanna call it) animation studio.

Crystal was outsourced and the output was catastrophic which is ironic when you take into account that this is a shojo and thus the visuals, aesthetic, and the feeling to it is all about being beautiful, dreamy, ethereal, etc.

Something that Crystal couldn’t pull of and / or didn’t give a fuck about.

I think this is a bigger issue when it comes to shojo (I don’t really care if, for example, Goku doesn’t look ~gorgeous~ on screen).

Also, the fact that it’s directly going to be aired on TV doesn’t mean much. Dragon Ball Super was aired directly on TV and still suffered from awful animation (to be fair not as bad as Crystal’s, which is once again ironic when Crystal should be the one with better animation since the visuals are more relevant and have a bigger impact on the show).