i won't be able to pull it off

  • Stiles, slamming Jeep hood closed: At this rate, I won't be able to afford next semester's tuition.
  • Derek: I could help you pay for it....
  • Stiles: No. No! I'm not taking your money. I'll figure something out.
  • Stiles: I'll..I'll become a stripper or something.
  • Derek: *low key (read: highest of key) growling*
  • Derek: You'll accept strangers' money but not mine.
  • Stiles: It's not that, I just...
  • (Stiles pulling off flannel shirt & tossing it to the side)
  • Stiles: I just rather you spent the money on something more importa-
  • Derek: *flings twenties at him*
  • Stiles, gaping: What. Are you doing????
  • Derek: Well you started stripping, thought I'd be a supportive boyfriend.
  • Stiles: ....
  • Derek, smirking: I'm not going to stop, you shouldn't either.
Suddenly kissing them
  • Eren: He would blush furiously and hesitantly kiss back. He may think that the person's just mistaken or forced to do so because they may know about his little crush. Nonetheless, he would still enjoy the moment and stay quiet since it's something he's always been waiting for.
  • Armin: Thinking that the whole kiss might be a whole mistake or just a sick joke, he'd immediately pull away and stutter out his apologies. He'd also ask why was the person doing that, or who told them to play that kind of prank. When he finds out that the kiss was really intentional, he'd start smiling to himself while mentally celebrating.
  • Reiner: After the kiss, he wouldn't really say much, but he'd give out the smile that says "I knew you liked me all along". Of course, he's really nervous deep down but the happiness that he'd feel would outweigh it. He would also plan on giving a surprise kiss with the next chance he gets.
  • Bertholdt: The poor boy would get so nervous, that he might end up falling backwards from the shock, but he would still try to keep his lips together with the kisser's. When the whole mishap's over, he'll immediately get up and apologize like there was no tomorrow. He would then ask if there could be a take two with a mischievous grin.
  • Jean: He would be the cocky little shit he is and kiss back with a smirk. He might even try to go as far as making out with that person, just so that he could savor the moment. Once sated, he'd blush a little and grip the back of his neck as he goes on about how that was great of a kiss that was, along with a rushed but sincere confession.
  • Marco: He'll be very grateful towards the kisser, since he wouldn't be able to have the same confidence to do such, and it's been something he'd want to experience for a looong time now. He would also think that the kiss came too soon and feel bad that he didn't get to clarify his feelings first.
  • Connie: At first, he wouldn't believe that it's actually happening. Once it sinks in, however, he would be completely overjoyed but he'd still try to hide it. Before he can start his victory dance, he'd ask the kisser if there were legit feelings involved, and if there were, well, he'd be the happiest man on earth!
  • Levi: He wouldn't do anything at all, nor would he say something, which could turn the situation into a painfully awkward one. He would break the silence on how the kisser would need more practice, and he might even show the proper way to do it. He'd also tell the kisser to warn him next time.
  • Erwin: He'll have a small inkling that something like that would happen one way or another since he's able to feel the tension between him and the person who feels the same way, so he'd be a little prepared for it. He'd feel less manly for making the first move when he should've, but he'd make up for it with small kisses after the big smooch.
  • Mikasa: She'd think of the kiss as something insincere because it was so sudden, but then she would try and eventually find the sincerity of the action. She would panic a little, so the kisser may be a little concerned as to why she's not moving, however, she'd be assuring that it's okay and all... plus she'd mention that she needs more kissing practice.
  • Annie: It would be a big surprise for her to be suddenly shown affection, so she'd struggle a bit and try to push away, but she'd start to feel the love given through that gesture, so she'd oblige later on. She wouldn't bring up the topic after the whole thing, so it would leave the kisser wanting more.
  • Sasha: Yes, she would be just as shy as any other suddenly kissed girl would be, but she may react violently as well, since she might mistake the action for something with perverted intentions. Once she's done with all the slapping and scolding, she'll ask what's going on, and when the air's all cleared, she'll start giggling girlishly and will playfully slap the other's arm.
  • Christa: She would freeze with her eyes wide open and her cheeks redder than Rudolph's nose. She wouldn't have a clue on how to deal with situations like these, so she might be the first one to pull away; she really won't be disgusted, she'd just be very surprised and taken off-guard. However, she would really appreciate the gesture, and think about it from time to time.
  • Ymir: I think she wouldn't be able to take this lightly because she seems like the type who wouldn't want her personal space to be invaded out of the blue, so she might end up throwing a couple of punches. When her head's all cleared and she's calm, she'd apologize for suddenly jumping like that. She'd also suggest that giving away more hints would work next time.
  • Hanji: In her opinion, having someone give a surprise kiss would be something that only exists in the movies., so she would be super lovestruck and dazed once she gets a movie-like moment of her own. It would also tickle her to know that the person she's after is after her as well.
  • Petra: She doesn't wanna look too eager or anticipative, so she'd pull away and try to hide the blush that's slowly painting her cheeks, when in reality, she would want to keep on kissing the person and never let go. She really wouldn't be able to hide is her giddiness and giggles whenever she'd remember what had just happened, and she would try her luck in going for more.
Strengths and weaknesses
  • Yuuri: Victor, what are your strengths?
  • Victor: I fall in love easily.
  • Yuuri: Okay..What are your weaknesses?
  • Victor: You, everything about you from the way you skate to those beautiful eyes of yours that seem to be always pulling me in
  • Yuuri: ////
  • Victor: ;)

Honestly sometimes I forget that there was only like… a 5% chance my step brother would survive and like a 2% chance he would ever be able to wake up if he did survive. I remember when my mom found out she almost drove off the road she was crying so hard, I had to take the wheel and pull us over. Nobody really thought he’d survive, we all kind of accepted that he wasn’t going to make it but we never said anything. So the fact that it’s been 4 years and he’s sitting next to me on the couch laughing at my dog is. Wow. It’s amazing

'Driver roll up the partition please' : Harry Styles

A/N: This dirty Harry imagine is for Mahaley. This one is really rather dirty, I don’t think I’m okay after writing this. I hope you enjoy!

’…and that’s when I turned round to him and said he was a douchebag!’ Everyone laughed at Niall’s joke, including me. But I certainly couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying. Harry kept brushing his hand up my leg, getting closer and closer to my now soaking wet pussy. He’d been horny ever since we left, trying to delay me from getting ready. I had to barricade the bathroom door, just so he couldn’t climb in to the shower with me. I swatted his hand away and turned to glare at him. He sat there, a lazy grin spread across his face. I neared my mouth to his ear, keeping my voice low.

‘Stop what you’re doing right now, or I may just have to make you suffer on the way home.’ His eyes lit up, he loved it when I threatened kinky sex. I wish I’d kept my mouth shut, as it did nothing to deter his wandering hands. Zayn and Louis started talking to me, asking how the book writing was going. I tried to keep my composure, as he decided to slip two fingers into me. I kept my face neutral as I chatted away, explaining to the boys the plot to the sequel of my number one best selling book. He pumped himself in and out, listening to the words that fell from my mouth, and watching my expression.

The bill was all totted up, and we each chucked in our part. Harry had manged to slip his hand out and keep it off of me as we paid up and ade our way to our waiting cars. Zayn and Perrie were sharing with Louis and Eleanor, and Liam and Sophia, were sharing with Niall. Barbara had been unable to make the dinner. Me and Harry walked to our waiting Limo, hugging and kissing cheeks, and shouting byes to everybody. Harry held the door open and I climbed in, on the seat that stretched down the side of the car. He positioned himself in the middle of the back seat, and poured us both a drink. As we pulled off, he spoke up. 'I thought I would be suffering on the ride home. Can’t you stick to your word, or do you not have the guts Mahaley?’ he teased. I sipped my drink, giving him my best poker face. 'I see, full of fake promises’ he said.

I move down the bench to the driver, and kept my voice low, as I asked him to roll up the partition, and drive around the town instead of going directly home. Handing him a $100 bill, he did as I asked. As quick as a flash, I moved to Harry, straddling his hips and kissing him. I put everything into the kiss, so I could distract him from what I was doing with his hands. I slipped off his tie, and brought his hands to behind his head, I looped the tie through the headrest and tied both of his wrists together, making sure to push my breasts to his chest, distracting him from the work I was doing behind him. Once I had secured his wrists, I moved away. He tried to come after me, but was stopped when he realized he wouldn’t be moving much further.

'Oh so we’re playing rough are we? What are you going to do? Blow me?’ he smirked.

'You fucking wish Styles. I told you I’d make you suffer. So I’m going to lay here’ I took off my dress and laid down onto the seat, propping my head up with cushions. 'And I’m going to pleasure myself, right in front of you. I’m going to make myself cum and there is nothing you can do. You can’t get your hands on me, and you can’t even touch yourself for any kind of release.’

'I’ll just shut my eyes’ he shot back, gulping as he said it.

'Oh try as you might baby, but we both know you’ll watch, because you won’t be able to help yourself’ I said, stroking myself through my panties. His eyes shot down to the movement of my hands 'And there’ nowhere you’ll be able to cover your ears from my moans. So either way you’re screwed Styles.’ I slipped off my panties and parted my legs, as he parted his mouth.

'You can’t do this Malahey, this isn’t fair!’ he shouted.

'I told you what would happen Harry, and you disobeyed me. So just sit back and relax baby, we won’t be home for another 10 or 15 minutes.’ I circled my middle finger around my clit and let a small moan slip from between my lips. He pulled at his restraints, desperate to touch me, or even himself. I carried on my teasing and I could hear him panting. I looked back to him, he looked like a dog that had food dangling right in front of his eyes, but wasn’t even allowed to sniff it.

'Malahey, please. Let me free. I promise I’ll behave’ he pleaded. I ignored him and carried on circling slowly. 'Oh for fuck sake! At least stick a finger in yourself’ he growled. I could tell how turned on he was, his erection desperately needing to be free from the tight confines of his trousers, his voice all low and husky. I did as he asked, and slipped two fingers in, pumping in and out slowly. I let my head loll back, and carried on pumping. He barked instructions at me, to move faster, use my other hand to rub my clit so I would cum faster. I ignored him and carried on going at my pace. He stopped talking and went quiet, probably biting his lip. I heard him shuffling around the seat. He was probably trying to find a way to sit comfortably, especially with that raging hard on. I carried on for a couple of minutes, before opening my eyes.

'You did a good job of tying me up, but I always get myself out’ he said, hovering over me, his face an inch away from mine. I moved my hand out, preparing to wrestle him back into his seat when he slammed into me hard and moved. He didn’t let me adjust, especially not after all the teasing I’d just put him through. He gripped onto my shoulders, so I wouldn’t slide down the seat due to the nature of his rough thrusts. 'Think you can tease me huh? Think you can pleasure yourself in front of me and get away with it? Not a chance, your body is mine, and you won’t violate it by yourself, until I say so. You got that?’ I bit my lip and nodded. He carried on pounding into me, building me up for an explosive orgasm. 'Touch yourself, rub your clit fast, I want to see your eyes roll back into you head. I want you to know who gives you the best orgasms.’ I did as he said, rubbing fast, trying to reach the point of no return. He pounded harder, even though I was certain he couldn’t when he first started. My hand got lazier as I rubbed, feeling the heat pooling from my stomach all through my body. I felt the wave of pleasure wash over me, Harry encouraging me to let go, although his words were hazy as my hearing went funny, and my vision blurred I felt him pound away, urging on his orgasm, and he stilled, pouring himself into me. I laid there, legs feeling like they were non-existent, vision coming back slowly. He pulled me up, and cradled me in his arms, my head pressed to his heaving chest. He retrieved my dress from the floor, and helped me back into it, then it was his turn to get dressed. As he put on his tie, I picked up my panties that had been chucked on an empty glass, he took them from my hands, kissing me and shoving them in his pocket.

'No need to put these back on baby, I’ll only have them off you again in a couple of minutes’ he purred, as we pulled up outside of his apartment block. He took my hand and helped me out of the door, tipping the driver as he hauled me into the building, desperate to have his hands all over me once more.

To Break the spell
  • Tiny Genos: *pulls on Genos' pant leg* Mama, I think dad is dead
  • Genos: *arches a brow as he looks out in the main room*
  • *Saitama is laying on his back, the rest of the tiny Genos' jumping on him and patting his bald head to wake him up*
  • Tiny Genos: He won't wake up.
  • Genos: I think I might be able to help. *kneels down next to Saitama, leaning down close to his face* sensei....there's an 80% off sale at the market and they close in 20 minutes
  • Saitama: *springs to his feet with two tiny genoses under each arm* GRAB THE REST OF THE KIDS!!!WE CAN STILL MAKE IT!

(This is my first smut so sorry if it’s sucky!)

-Y/N and Nash have been best friends since they where little kids. They’ve always been just friends, and nothing else.

Or at least that was until Y/N had a certain dream about her and Nash-

Y/N= your name Y/F/N= your friends name

Y/N/N= your nick name

“Come on! I told you who mine was about!” Y/F/N whined as you two walked down the school hallway to math. “But it’s so awkward!” You argued. “Please! I don’t judge Y/N/N!” You sighed in defeat. “Fine. It was-uh- about Nash.” You mumbled. “NASH!” Y/F/N screamed. “SHH! I don’t want the whole school knowing I had a wet dream about my best friend!” You said in efforts to make her quiet. “Was it good.” She asked you smirking. “What? It was just a dream.” You laughed. “Yeah but dreams are things that you think about and want to happen in real life.” She pointed out. “I had a dream I got ate by a giant banana when I was younger. That doesn’t mean that I want to have a banana eat me.” You said smartly. As the two of you approached your class Y/F/N made one last comment. “You can’t deny it forever Y/N.” She wasn’t wrong. You have thought about it. But Nash was your friend and nothing more Besides he’d never feel the same way

Later that night you sat down on your bed blasting music as loud as possible. You’re parents where out on date night and since that usually meant they’d spend the night in a hotel, you could do whatever you wanted. As you scrolled threw your tumblr you heard a tap on your window. You walked over, still in your spandex and thin white tank top, and pulled your curtains open revealing Nash standing in his bedroom with the window open. “Hey Y/N!” Nash said climbing out his window and into yours which wasn’t more then 5 feet away. “Hey Hammy what’s up?” You asked knowing it pissed Nash off when you called him that. He glared at your for a minute before you both burst out laughing. “Soo, you won’t believe what Y/F/N told me today.” ’shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Does he know!? Please say he doesn’t‘You thought. “Um-.. What?” You gulped. Nash walked closer to you until his body was touching yours. “I think you know Y/N/N.” Nash said staring down at you. “Ya know if you wanted me you could have just said so. I’d be down. All you need to say is that you want me as much as I want you” He said into your ear. Your heart raced a thousand miles. China could probably see you blushing. Then you did something that to this day you don’t regret. “Nash- I want you.” Just then you felt Nash’s lips smash onto yours. At first it was slow, as if he was unsure of my reaction, but then I felt his tongue at my lips asking for an entrance. I hesitated for a second before parting my lips and letting nash deepen the kiss. After a minute or so we basically had each other’s tongues down our throats. The he pulled away. “Hey!” I groaned. “Are you sure you want this. Once I start I won’t be able to stop.” Nash said, his eyes begging mine to say yes. I didn’t respond. I just smashed my lips back onto his. Nash seemed to take the hint because we ended up on my bed. “I’ve wanted you since I laid eyes on you.” Nash said pulling away only to smash his lips to mine again. “You do realize we met in kindergarten right.” I said removing my lips from his them placing them back on. He laughed a little and deepens the kiss again before sliding his hand up and down my shirt/ Then he, quite literally, ripped it off. “Hey! What if I liked that shirt.” I teased. “Too bad, it’s mine now.” Nash smirked. ’oh dear lord does this boy know what he does to me’ I thought still in trance about how sexy that sounded. He unhooked my bra and his eyes immediately locked on my chest. “Beautiful.” He whispered before he started kissing my nipples. “Ow!” I squeaked. He had bit one a little too hard. “I’m sorry! Should I stop?” Nash said worried. “No!” I said a little to loud, “uh-no.” I said again, this time with a lowered voice. I pulled Nash in for another kiss as his hands left my tangled hair and went to play with my boobs. I moaned a little and I didn’t have to open my eyes to see Nash was smirking with pleasure. He started to kiss lower down my body. “Wait!” I said sitting up. I grabbed a fistful of Nash’s shirt and pulled. Nope. Nothin. Not even a little tare. He chuckled “sorry babe.” Nash pulled his shirt off in one swift move. I started to kiss down his toned body, making sure to feel every muscle he had. Me moaned once my mouth stopped right about where his jeans fell. I confidently tugged on his jeans and he stood up pulling them down all the way and kicking them near my dresser. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled his boxers down and his 8.5 flew up and slapped his stomach. (Fun fact that’s Nash’s size in real life👍 #the more you know) I hesitated for a moment. This time he noticed. “Y/N you don’t have to if-” I cut him off my taking him fully in my mouth. I had never realized I could deep throat until now. I swirled my tongue around his tip, which left Nash a moaning mess. “Y/N- don’t. Stop. Oh my go-odd.” I could tell his was close so I pulled away from him. “Babe!” Nash whined: “Not yet.” I smirked. To be honest, I loved having this effect over Nash. He pulled down my black spandex all the way down to my ankles and threw then onto the floor. I suddenly felt the need to cover up. No! Y/N, you’re beautiful. Don’t hide.“ He smiled. I was well aware that he could probably tell how horny I was considering my panties where soaked. I felt his hand rap around the sides at he pulled them down. He placed a finger at my entrance. "No- nash.” I said looking him in the eye. “I cant wait any longer.” Nash smirked and positioned himself at my entrance. “You’re on the pill right?” I nodded and nash spoke again. “You trust me right?” “Yes.” I said. And it was true. I trusted nash with my life, there was no doubt in my mind that that wasn’t true. “Good.” He said before pushing my back down and tracing his tip at my entrance. “God dammit Nash stop being a fucking tease.” He didn’t hesitate as he slammed into me moaning my name. I wanted to cry but at the same time I didn’t want to, because knowing Nash he’d stop and make sure I was okay and god knows I didn’t want that boy to stop. The pained soon turned into pleasure as Nash started to thrust faster. “N-Nash.” I moaned. I had sex twice before, but that was a couple months ago, and both weren’t even close to how good nash was. “Y/N-” he moaned and that itself almost threw me over the edge. “I’m close.” I shouted. “Me too baby- me too.” I felt my peak as Nash shouted. “Come with me Y/N.” My walls started to close in as a released on him. Nash did another thrust before he threw his head back and releasing into me. He pulled out and laid down next to me. He pulled me closer into his arms. “I love you Y/N.” “I love you too Nash.” I said as everything turned black.

//hope you guys liked it! I’m starting to do imagines almost daily so if you want one about a certain boy or theme just go to my ask box and say •The boy you want one if •dirty, cute, ect •and if you want any theme then that too(: Thanks guys! Make sure to like and reblog for more\