i won last year

we will never be satisfied - bad-ass broadway feminists who have empowered women and changed the face of musical theatre

the schuyler sisters - hamilton // i can do better than that - the last five years // it won’t be long now - in the heights // right hand man - something rotten! // watch what happens - newsies // all to pieces - violet // ring of keys - fun home // on the steps of the palace - into the woods // naughty - matilda // everything’s coming up roses - gypsy // take me or leave me - rent // don’t rain on my parade - funny girl // colored woman - memphis // lot’s wife - caroline, or change // bring it on - bring it on: the musical // before it’s over - dogfight // astonishing - little women // shall i tell you what i think of you - the king and i // get out and stay out - 9 to 5 // satisfied - hamilton // defying gravity - wicked // so much better - legally blonde //


taylor york: the glue that keeps paramore together. i’ve been saying it since the day josh and zac left and i said it when jeremy left and i’m gonna say it till the day i die.

like we all know hayley would never give up on paramore, she’s expressed that many times, but taylor, he doesnt talk about it much, and to know that each time he’s literally been like “fuck everyone else i still love being in the band I’m gonna stay” just makes me really appreciate him so much. he should be more appreciated and it makes me mad when he doesnt get that

he really is a true friend, and really is just as passionate about paramore as hayley is. i’ve seen ppl say they probs won’t last many more years but they will cause hayley has taylor and they are literally so fucking talented they’re unstoppable.

conclusion: thank you taylor york for never giving up on paramore, for never giving up on hayley, for pretty much just never giving up on it all. you’re passionate af about all this and it’s the best thing

my #1 favorite thing about lardo duan is that when she meets a very famous nhl player at a party she doesn’t ask for his autograph or gets excited. oh no. she makes him play beer pong with her. she thrashes him at beer pong. she makes him write on a piece of paper that she beat him at beer pong. and then she makes him take a selfie with her. and she gets the whole thing on video.  

& she can’t even be bothered to properly brag to shitty about it ten minutes later. 

it’s lardo’s world & we’re all just living in it

🎃 And The Winner Is...?

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🎃 And The Winner Is…?

“Promise you’re not going to cheat?” you pouted holding your carving tools.

“I promise Jagi” Dean grinned.

Having a blindfolded pumpkin carving contest probably wasn’t the brightest idea. But you and your boyfriend have a carving contest every year, so why not raise the stakes? What’s the worst that could happen? Did you really need all your appendages? In the five years, you two have been together you both managed to win two and this was tiebreaker year.

Luckily Dean had the hindsight to cut open the pumpkin and remove the seeds before the blindfolds went on.

“Alright, 5 minutes to carve the pumpkin and winner will be decided by the first trick or treater. That way it’s fair. I was robbed of my victory last year.”

“I won fair and square.”

“Yeah right! Jiho crowned you a winner and that was bull.”

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Hello everyone! ♡

Here is a quick preview of my bujo, which I finally started today, taken from my instagram account @stephistudies 😊  I’m pretty satisfied, it looks quite good and I cannot wait to fill it and see if I’ll be able to keep my life organized - at least during January lol. Hope I won’t mess everything up like I did last year (I’m not that dedicated in this kind of things eheh).

How’s your day going? :)

Hello, Tumblr. Remember me?

Where do I begin? I’m not even sure where I left off. I grew this blog, met many wonderful souls through it, documented 4 years of my life here, and then one day went delete-happy on probably 80% of my posts. I’m not sure why, as now I somewhat regret doing so when I want to relive those moments of my life. 

I often find myself missing having a space as an outlet, but also fear being vulnerable in such a public sphere. 

Last year was one full of personal growth, and I’m trying to continue that into this year. I met a wonderful dude and traveled some more. Still living that corporate life, despite trying to decide if it’s the right fit for me lately. Trying to continue a healthy living journey and find more balance through it.

Anyway, maybe I’ll write again. I kind of miss it

  • Akashi: I had the most wonderful dream last night.
  • Kuroko: Was it about yourself finally getting your mental sanity back?
  • Akashi:
  • Akashi: No. It's about you bearing our child.
Iggy Azalea wins the Woman Of The Year Award in Australia!!

Rapper, actress and director Iggy opted for a short, sweet and funny speech that made oblique reference to mainstream media’s objectification of women.  

Thank you so much. I didn’t realize everyone was going to have such hilarious speeches and I didn’t prepare anything this week. I just want to give a big thank you to GQ for this award. I’ve won a lot of awards over the last few years, but this one means the absolute most to me because I can finally say I have an award winning vagina. Thank you.

     “My debate partner and I won the Nigerian national debate championship the last two years. This year, we got invited by Harvard to take part in an international debate tournament.”
     “What do you like about debating?”
     “Two things. First, I love to interact with people and get to know what they think about particular issues. Second, I love to learn a lot. When I listen to an opposing debater, I don’t just listen with a critical mind so I can defeat everything they said and tell them that it was all nonsense. I write a lot of notes to review later and to learn. It’s all about learning.”