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How to start anew?

I would love it if I could jump back into this and really focus on making it work. I’m fairly disorganized which means that taking up multiple “projects” at a time is difficult for me. I tend to go “all-out.” So, in the spirit of trying out something new, I’m going to take on this fitness project as casually as I can and hopefully get to a point where I’m making some meaningful progress. 

To do this I’m going to give myself a warm-up period and structure. This first month will be about, re-learning how to work in fitness into my daily routine.

Structure: So, I’ll start by carving out 1 hour a day to this “project” (don’t know what to call it??). This means that I’ll only allow myself 1 hour a day to get my work-outs in, do any sort of menu planning or nutritional tracking, read about fitness, record my progress, etc. I won’t obsess over it. I want to learn how to push myself career-wise without compromising my health. Main goal for this: is to settle into a routine, so I’ll have to get my (awful) sleeping habits in check and set some limits in terms of how late I stay at work. 

In terms of concrete fitness goals for this month:

1) Minimum of 5000K steps/day

2) Eat breakfast and cut out junk food.

3) Drink water (It’s scary how little water I’ve been drinking lately)

4) Stick to a bedtime

5) Document my progress. 

6) If I feel the urge to do more at the gym or pool, I’ll go for it, but I can’t exceed the cumulative 7 hours per week limit I’ve set. 

My reasoning for the 7 hour weekly limit I’ve set is that I’ve never before tracked the time it actually takes to watch your diet, shop for healthy foods, meal prep, work out, research fitness programs, monitor your progress and document it. Also, 1 hour a day doesn’t seem like too much to me right now, but it may end up being too much time for me at this moment. I’ll try to keep it up for 1 month, then reassess. 

Anyways, I’m feeling a bit intimidated by this lol, but on the bright side, though I did stop working out for a long time and reverted to eating junk, I didn’t gain all the weight I’d lost back…so I did manage to hold on to some good habits I guess (or maybe I’m coming back just in time to avoid the full ballooning effect?)…whatever the reason, I’ll take it as a win. 

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Just watched the 2 music vids 'cause of your asks. I can understand, drummer boi, why you're into them lol. That Periphery one had the Q pop in my head "how the hell does he intend to keep his voice?" So! Questions for Jack: do you do vocal warm ups everyday?

I don’t but I really should!! My voice has definitely felt some wear and tear since I started youtube. I have to do them if I record early though because my voice won’t do anything otherwise :P

My kink is Yuri knowing people love and care about him, that he has every right to be upset or angry over things, that he can show happiness without it being a sign of weakness, that he’s so strong and talented and that people are beyond proud of him

What Are You Doing- Daveed Diggs X Reader

request from anon: daveed x reader with prompts 39 and 40

a/n: ahhh so i know it’s been awhile since i posted but i have a lot of tests and stuff i have been doing so i found time to finish this ! i hope you guys like it and i will try my best to write more often !!

warnings: alcohol consumption, mentions of drugging, mentions of sex, mentions of having a panic attack

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“We fucked”// Conor Maynard Imagine

Warnings: Light smut

Word count: 882

I sat in the backseat with Anna. Conor driving, Jack in the passenger. Awkward glances were exchanged between Conor and me in the mirror. We were on our way to the boardwalk and boy were Jack and Anna excited. Jack turned up the music to one of his favorite songs by Chris Brown. Anna sang along. My phone went off. I looked to see it was a text from Jack.

‘What’s wrongggg' 

I looked forward meeting Jacks eyes in the window mirror. Jack had been my best friend forever. We recently moved in together but we came down to Brighton to visit Jack’s family. I shook my head and looked out the window. Conor parked and Anna and Jack got out immediately. When the door closed Conor grabbed his sunglasses from the middle console. 

“Are we going to talk about last night?” I asked him. Conor and I have kissed before last night but let’s just say last night we did a little more than kissing. He looked at me and opened his door, getting out to join Jack and Anna. I sighed. I got out of the car and Jack grabbed my hand. He dragged me down the boardwalk to one of the games. I laughed “Jackkk,” I said. I gasped seeing the stuffed elephant. 

“That is so cuteee,” I said. He paid the worker and won the game first try getting me the elephant. I recorded him with his vlogging camera as he won. “You are the best,” I said. He gave me a cheesy smile. I took a picture of him holding the stuffed animal for my Snapchat and he handed it to me. “Thank youuuu,” I said. “Want one?” He said asking Anna. She nodded and he won another time. “Thanks, brooo,” she said. I saw Conor roll his eyes but I didn’t pay attention. We spent the rest of the day laughing and running around until we decided to go back to the Maynard house. 

I was sleeping in the same room with Anna and we decided to spend time together before I went back to England tomorrow. “Ok I’ll be back I’m gonna go find Jack, I want to tell him goodnight,” I said making her nod. 

I walked into the hall and ran right into someone. I looked up to see I ran into a bare chest, Conor Maynard. He looked at me and went to walk away. “No,” I said grabbing his arm. I looked around and dragged Conor into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. “Why aren’t you talking to me?” I said looking at him. “Is it because we fucked?” He looked at me and pushed me up against the wall and kissed me passionately. I kissed back and cupped his face.

 "Jump,“ he breathed. I followed his order and wrapped my legs around his waist. He supported my butt as he kissed down my neck. I ran my hands through his hair and he sat me down on the bathroom counter. He tugged on my shirt and I pulled it off leaving me in a black bra. Conor kissed my collarbone, leaving hickeys. All of the sudden the door burst open. "Oh my god,” I heard Jack said slamming the door. We broke apart and my face turned red. “I just needed to pee,” Jack complained.

 Conor laughed. I pulled my shirt back on and opened the bathroom door. “So is this like a thing? For how long? You didn’t have sex in our house did you?” Jack said talking fast. “Maybe. Last night. Not yet,” Conor said. I smacked him lightly and he kissed my cheek. “Ew,” Jack said pushing past us and going to the bathroom. I blushed again and Conor kissed my lips lightly. “Goodnight beautiful,” he said. “Goodnight,” I said turning red and walking back to Anna’s room. I looked to see she was already asleep so I laid down, turning the light off and did the same.


The next afternoon Conor, Jack and I went back to London. Conor invited Jack and me around his, which I gladly took the invitation. Jack on the other hand, however, was a bit hesitant. “You guys won’t be doing gross couple stuff, right? And you won’t fuck on Conor’s couch or something?” he asked. I hit his arm jokingly and we laughed. We sat on his couch for a while watching tv until Jack decided to leave. “Well I’m gonna head home, are you coming with me?” Jack asked. I shook my head.

 "Do you have condoms?“ Jack said pointing at Conor. "So funny,” Conor laughed. “And if you really want to know, yes I do,” he said. I blushed and hugged Jack as he left. I sat back down and Conor pulled me closer. He kissed my forehead making me smile.

 "Y/n?“ he sid breaking the comfortable silence. "Hm?” “I was just wondering if um you would like to be my girlfriend or something?” he asked nervously. “Of course I would,” I said with a huge smiled on my face. His soft lips met mine and I kissed back. His arms wrapped around my body, fitting perfectly. I wrapped my legs around him. “Do you want to stay tonight?” He asked. I nodded, kissing him on the cheek.

  • My Sibling with a migraine: and I just want Hak and Soo-won to have a really nice bedroom together and love each other.
  • Me: what about yona?
  • Them: I mean Yona can be there too.
  • Me: and what about all the dragons?
  • Them: they can be there toooo
  • Me: all of them in the same bed?
  • Them: oh, well yeah, yona can have her own bedroom.
  • Me: not with hak and Soo-won?
  • Them: um, yona get's all the beds because everybody wants her. She can come in and cuddle and stuff.

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I have some horrifying food poisoning situation so DUMB PROMPT YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO FILL- 5 videos of Aaron Robert has on his phone that he probably sadly watched when he thought aaron was gonna leave him bc he wanted to hear his voice xxxx

we keep this love in a photograph 

ao3 link

Robert took a lot of photos, and videos. He was a sentimental sort of person, at heart, and he liked having the memories. He’d take all sorts of videos, silly ones, videos of a nice view, videos of Aaron doing entirely mundane things.

He had five favourites.

o n e. wales

“Robert, what are you doing?” Aaron asked, hands on hips as he glared into the camera lens, Robert’s sunglasses perched on the bridge of his nose. He was standing at the small barbecue that had been sitting in the shed of the little cottage they’d rented in Wales, burgers charring on the too high heat.

Robert remembered the heat of the late afternoon well. They’d gotten lucky, with the weather, getting a whole week of close to constant sunshine, the summer well and truly kicking in as they enjoyed their beachside holiday.

They’d decided to have a barbecue, their last day, buying all sorts in Tesco, burgers and salad and a crate of beer, overly enthusiastic about the summery sun and their last evening as a trio.

“I’m capturing the moment,” Robert’s disembodied voice replied. For posterity.”

“For posterity?” Aaron responded, barely holding back a snort. “I’m cooking tea, Robert.”

“Yeah, cooking tea on our first holiday together,” Robert responded, the camera still focused on Aaron as he flipped the burgers, sunshine blurring the focus of the camera. “I’ll want to remember this, you know. The first time we had a proper holiday together,” he explained.

Aaron’s face softened, more close up now as Robert moved across the small garden of their rented cottage. “We’ll have more holidays,” he said, decisive.

“But this will always be the first.”

Aaron smiled, really, genuinely smiled at the camera, tongs in hand. “You’re such a soft lad,” he teased, affection clear in his voice. “Now turn that off, and give us a hand. You’re supposed to be helping me, not arsing around on your phone.”

Robert had watched the video a hundred times, but the genuine love, and affection in Aaron’s voice, even back then, a mere few months after they’d decided to give their relationship a real go, astounded him.

It had been the beginning of something so good.

t w o. the beach

“Robert, are you filming me again?” Aaron asked, exasperated. He was sitting on a low sea wall, ice-cream in hand. The weather wasn’t half as nice as it had been when they were in Wales, but they’d braved the chilly day to spend a few hours at the beach.

“I wanted to record the day you won me a keyring,” Robert had the camera in selfie mode, pointed at the two of them now. He held up a gaudy keyring, a horrifically bright yellow and blue snooker ball. “Aaron Dingle, reluctant romantic, won me a keyring.”

Aaron rolled his eyes, tongue darting out to lick away some of the melting ice-cream. “Its only because I didn’t like it,” he shrugged, hoodie tugged up around his ears. His hair was mostly gel free, the aftermath of the quick splash they’d taken in the freezing ocean.

Robert nudged his shoulder against Aaron’s, wrapped up in his leather jacket. His own hair was lowing wildly in the wind, half flat against his forehead, cheeks flush with the late summer chill. “Have you had a good day?”

“You need it on camera to prove I’m not lying or summat?”

“I need it on camera because I want to remember all the good times we’re having,” Robert said, resting his chin on Aaron’s shoulder. “For when we’re old and grey.”

“You afraid we’re not going to be happy when we’re old and grey?” Aaron inquired, his focus on Robert now, an intent expression on his face as he licked at his ice-cream.

“I know we will be,” Robert said, stealing a lick of Aaron’s ice-cream.

“Oi, this is mine!”

“Whats mine is yours,” Robert said cheekily, taking another lick of the ice-cream, Aaron yanking it out of his reach.

“We’re not married, mate, and even if we were, I wouldn’t let ya have any.”

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the only consistent thing about you is how unnervingly inconsistent you are and i can’t work with that, baby. that just won’t do.
so here’s to you and the late night drives, the beach i won’t go to anymore and the broke down record player i got rid of before you got to listen to it. i don’t regret a thing. not even this.
so we’ll say goodbye by not saying it at all, and i’ll stop drinking that beer you like, and we won’t talk about it. we don’t have to talk. i told you we were love drunk once. i think we finally threw it up.


On this day in music history: July 28, 1979 - “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson is released. Written by Michael Jackson, it is the first single issued from the landmark “Off The Wall” album. The melody for the song comes to Jackson while walking around the family home in Encino, CA in 1978. Enlisting the assistance of his brother Randy and sister Janet, they help him record a demo of the song in their home studio. For the official studio recording of the track, producer Quincy Jones assembles a crack team of A-list studio musicians which include Brothers Johnson bassist Louis Johnson, Rufus drummer John Robinson, guitarists David Williams and Marlo Henderson, keyboardist Greg Phillinganes, percussionist Paulinho DaCosta, and the Seawind Horns (Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Bill Reichenbach, Gary Grant and Larry Williams). An instant classic upon its release, the record marks the beginning of Michael Jackson’s meteoric rise to an unprecedented level of superstardom as an adult performer. Originally clocking in at just over six minutes, the song is released with various edits for the original 45. An edit cutting Jackson’s rap at the beginning running under four minutes is initially considered for the US 45 release, but is nixed by Jackson. The shorter edit is reserved for promotional copies issued to Top 40 pop stations that feel that the stock 45’s 5:45 running time is too long. the 3:55 edit is also released in some foreign territories including the UK. A second edit featured in the songs music video which includes the full intro running 4:11 is issued on US re-service promo 45’s, and to date has never appeared on any Michael Jackson compilation. The single release of “Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough” is backed with the “Off The Wall” track “I Can’t Help It” written by Stevie Wonder and former Supreme and Wonderlove backing vocalist Susaye Greene, which also comes a fan favorite. “Don’t Stop” hits #1 on the R&B singles chart (5 weeks) on September 8, 1979, and on the Billboard Hot 100 (1 week) on October 13, 1979, becoming Jackson’s second solo chart topper on the pop singles chart. “Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough” also wins Michael Jackson his first Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance in 1980, earning a second nomination in the short lived Best Disco Recording category (won by Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”). “Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

“Do a trick already!” Someone yells. I turn and lock eyes with them and swallow my entire skateboard while keeping eye contact. They cower and run in fear. That night they’re awoken with terror to find me squatting off the edge of the bed. I’m shitting out the skateboard. As it falls I jump off the bed and land on it. Officals from Guinness records cheer and come out from behind furniture. I finally won the record for longest skateboard trick.

blue night radio ♡ 170228
translation: fantaemsie 

jonghyun: back then lim heon il-ssi came to the concert.
lim heon il: at the concert jonghyun appeared at the main stage then he moved, suspended in the air over the stage. it was really “hallelujah”. it was really cool. i really received a shock thinking: so, one single person can express that much, big amount of diverse things on stage.
jonghyun: aigoo. thank you. next time you must come again and let’s spend a fun enjoyable time - yet again! jae won-ssi, please come too. don’t just offer to play the guitar on my album.
jung jae won: please invite me too. i’m curious to see it too.
jonghyun: i heard you’re recording tomorrow!
jung jae won: yes. that’s right. i’m recording for jonghyun’s album.
jonghyun: without knowing when you’re supposed to come! i said: “what about my guitar?” you said you’ll play it for me! then jae won-ssi! (said he’s recording it tomorrow)! i only knew when i came to the recording studio today. please take care of me~.
jung jae won: i’ll work hard~.

I’m sorry, I’m still laughing because “I won’t record a clean version of my Explicit language song so radio stations have to mute the swears because integrity” is exactly the kind of hill a man can afford to die on when he’s not oppressed to within an inch of his life.


“We played a game of four flanks and drogoz against a balanced team, from first thought people would think we screwed up big time..however, we actually won! We flanked from the same way and kept helping each other, it really felt amazing saving your teammates and being saved by them, we won 4-3! heck I even got my new record of 58 eliminations as Maeve in this one ~”

-Submitted by @nejiretadesu

[DL] Drama Yowamushi Pedal Season 2 #4

I finished recording todays episode… but I won’t be back until tomorrow, so please be patient… I will send you the link as soon as I’m back home!!!

update: back home^^ 

you should read them because I added something new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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