i won 2 out of 3 times

Carmilla as Vines

Season 1: “And they were roommates” “oh my god they were roommates”

The Christmas Episode: “Merry crisis”

U By Kotex videos: The one where the girl goes TAMPONS and throws a box of tampons at that guy

Season 2: “Remember one time I liked you?” “No” “Good ‘cause it never happened” “Oh” “Aha”

Season 0: “Honestly I don’t remember I was probably fucked up yeah I was crazy back then”

Season 3: “Two bros chillin in the hot tub, five feet apart ‘cause they’re not gay”



A brief tweetstorm about my dad’s Union job and how it benefited me through the years.


I have my dad’s 25-year Union ring. UAW 699 out of Saginaw, MI. So proud to have grown up in a union family. 1/

When my little sister was born, she was premature and sick as a result. My dad’s Union won health benefits helped keep her alive and safe 2/

When we were both young, we got sealants on our teeth & regular Dental checkups. We wouldn’t have been able to afford it w/out insurance 3/

When I was in elementary school I was depressed and miserable. My parents were able to afford to get me mental health care, thank you UAW 4/

At Xmas, we went to a show where all the kids got toys at the end. Some kids, it was the best toy they got that year. guess who did that? 5/

My mom only ever had to work part-time at a job she liked, and my dad came home at a reasonable hour every night. Thank you unions! 6/

In his 40s, my Dad decided he wanted to change careers. He went to school, he’s now an electrician & happy & still in the Union 7/

My life is measurably better because unions got my dad a living wage, great benefits, career mobility, and more. 8/

We lived in a nice place, went to good schools, my sister’s getting her PhD & I have a JD. And big picture, it’s because my dad is Union 9/

Don’t get me wrong, I know unions aren’t perfect. But they are sure as fuck better than the alternative. Solidarity&Brotherhood y'all 10/10

me at work today, depressingly staring into the distance with my thoughts concerning my future goals and ambitions

3 hours: works over and I can go home and watch tv or whatever for 5.5 hours

2 days: the weekend

~2 weeks: thanksgiving.  maybe ill use one of the four vacation days i have accrued so far and take black friday off. maybe ive earned it. i dont know, i probably won’t

1 month: maybe my boss will give a christmas bonus or whatever and i can figure out how to start doing a roth ira

2 months: i’d like a dog

3 years: maybe ill be established enough that i can start using my free time to write my novel about the great robot wars

10 years: AIs should be a thing by now so I shouldnt have to worry about much of anything. hopefully some universal income will happen and i can retire. otherwise maybe some cataclysmic event

20 years: probably have to get another dog by now. maybe a robodog because it’s unethical to have a real dog presently

30 years: live off of passive income, have an orchard and at least two dogs

greed1500  asked:

1:Hi i know it's hard to tell and you need to take jobs sometimes and it's still on the early stage but roughly when do you think w2h2 will be out? 1 year, 1,5, or 2? 2:You maybe won't give an answer to it and that's ok i'm just curious. I know that sockathan works like a headcanon and w2h didn't focused on things like that but in the future do you planning to work on it or it just remains open as headcanon. 3:What's the process of making W2H? I guess first is the storyboard.

I think W2H will be out some time in the next year (2018). 

Generally, there are 3 phases of the process (and this goes for most animation):

  1. Pre-Production: (storyboards/script–>animatic–>recording dialogue–>cutting dialogue together & adding to animatic)
  2. Production:  (Animation)
  3. Post-Production: (Comping/After Effects–>video editing–>sound effects/foley)

(Also at any point in this process: re-writes, re-records, and re-takes)

Right now, I’m still recording dialogue.  It’s the last step before jumping into animation, and I’ve been stuck on it for… I don’t know, maybe 4 or 5 months?  It’s insanely hard to get any recording done because everyone has their own schedules… I’ve got 3 voice actors, and I have to find a time that
1. works for me,
2. works for the actor, and
3. works for my friend who has access to a soundbooth in the studio he works at.
On top of that, we all have full time jobs, and/or families, and lives outside of this, so it’s been difficult.  Like, FRUSTRATINGLY difficult… I didn’t anticipate it at ALL, because in college it was just like, I can grab my friends and walk nextdoor to the soundbooth on campus and knock it out in a couple hours.  Nowadays it’s like… man, you’ll spend at least ONE hour sitting in LA traffic trying to get to the studio to record!  It’s just nuts. 

Now, I have started on the animation in a few places where I can.  I have all of Jonathan’s lines recorded, about half of Mephistopheles’, and none of Socks.  Good news is, we’re recording TOMORROW (YAY!!!!!!) so hopefully I can knock it all out then.  I’ll literally die if I don’t get it all recorded by the end of the month. I REFUSE to visit my family for Christmas unless I have W2H audio to work on. 

Honestly, I never thought I’d say this, but I think animating it will be the EASY part. 

As for Sock and Jonathan’s relationship, it’s definitely going to develop as the story progresses, but I haven’t decided what the endgame is yet.  And that’s not just for Sockathan, that’s for the story as a whole.  I have a lot of ideas, and I’m kind of leaving it open for myself as well, so I can develop it in a way that feels right, as I go. 

Hope that helps answer your questions!  (And counts as a general update for everyone else on my progress, or lackthereof, haha.)

So this happened a little while ago. Simply put: Holy crap.

This is insane you guys I’m so humbled and baffled and grateful you’re all here, this is a huge number for me. I appreciate you all so much, those of you who have just followed me and those of you who have been here for months, years. Each like, reblog, comment, ask, anything from any of you makes my day. I just ahh jfc I love you all hgfkhgkdf. Thank you.

So here’s a little thing for y’all, with some hopefully interesting prizes to go with it, namely art! :’)

The rules are pretty simple and straightforward:

1. This is for my followers, so you must be following me in order to have a chance of winning. When I pick the winners, I will check this. Though that doesn’t mean you can’t reblog it anyway if for some reason you want to do that hah. :’D New followers can enter too, of course, and are very welcome!

2. Enter by reblogging/liking this post. Reblogs and likes both count and you can reblog as many times as you want!

3. Please make sure you are able to be reached on tumblr via either the messeage system or your ask box. That’s how I will be notifying each winner they have won. If I don’t get a response/confirmation that you have recieved the messeage within 48 hours, I’ll choose another winner, so please make sure to check your inboxes around the deadline date!

(Check out my art tag “sanguithart” for some more examples of art on my blog if you like, there are only two example pictures here after all.)

I’ll be picking out the three winners randomly via a random numbers generator one by one (first place first, second and third after that etc).

The deadline is Saturday 20th of May! Good luck and thank you so much again<3

Jeremy’s initiation into the Fake AH Crew:

Successfully mug Gavin.

There are rules, of course.

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The Structure of Blood - Part 3 

[ You may have noticed that I’ve posted part of this before, but deleted it soon after. I thought I’d take it down and re-upload it as a full scene, but you can see how that turned out.. ^-^; The longer the time intervals, the less motivation I have.. I think I’ll go back to “posting as I please”. 

Now that my dominant hand is in a cast, it’ll be much more challenging to draw with my left, which will significantly impact the production of the comic. Hopefully it won’t change much for you as it will for me. 

Read part 1 here 

Read part 2 here

All star ~ Aaron Judge Imagine

A long (word count is 1000+) and super cute Aaron Judge imagine, which involves you to support him at the Home Run Derby and All Star Game and maybe a proposal?! 

To say that you were excited when your boyfriend, Aaron Judge, invited you to go to Miami for the Home run Derby and the All Star Game was an understatement.

You guys had known each other since college when you told him that you would agree to go on a date with him if he won the College Home Run Derby.

Flash forward to now, the two of you were on the way to Miami in a private jet.

“You’ve come a long way,” you said putting your hand on his thigh, “…I’m proud of you.”

Aaron took your hand in his, “thank you for coming with me.” Bringing your hand up to his lips, “after all, you are my good luck charm.”

You chuckled, “well, you definitely know how to charm a lady.”

He smiled, “my charm has worked on you, hasn’t it?”

You hummed in agreement.

“I smoothed talked you into agreeing to go on a second date with me after you’d agreed to that first date when I won the College Home Run Derby,” Aaron said, his gaze meeting yours.

“Hmm, that’s right.” You said, breaking eye contact as your eyes looked down to his lips, “…you got me.”

Aaron’s lips met yours, and his hands moved to your waist.

You suddenly remembered that the two of you were not the only ones in the plane when you heard Dellin, one of Aaron’s team mates say, “hey would the two of quit playing grab ass over there?”

“Yeah, save that shit for the hotel room.” Luis added.

You blushed, hiding your face in your hands.

“Can’t keep my hands off this beautiful girl,” Aaron said.

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Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve had 2 unexpected shows in a row, a con to prep for, and a ton of mundane-yet-major issues to work through, which I’m still working on. 

Anyway, here’s a much belated Vex’ahlia, who won my art poll a couple of weeks ago!

This was supposed to be a sketch, but got out of control because 1. she practically demanded something in pin-up and 2. she was really fun to work on.

I want to do more, but I haven’t the time. 

I like to think that when Percy looks at her, this is what he sometimes sees. :3

Shattered (Chapter 2)

Smutty Ayahina College AU

Summary: Hinami tries to deal with her sorrows through seeking Ayato out. Ayato can never turn away the girl he loves far more than he should. Two people with unrequited feelings, dealing with them in very different ways. Human AU. (5.5k words)

A/N: Morning after chapter! I’m going to turn this into a larger series, but the chapters won’t be out in chronological order I guess. There’ll be some Ayato and Touka scenes and Kaneki and Hinami scenes as well in future, something about Ayato and Hinami’s first time and how this started out and maybe more about the future and how Hinami starts to fall for him as well. The next stuff I’ll post is probably the deleted scenes some people are so thirsty for COUGHCOUGH. 
Please do reblog this and feel free to leave some comments!

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 3.5


Ayato swallows the lump that rose in his throat and he goes to the kitchen. She isn’t there either and while he pretends not to notice it, her bag that she normally places on the kitchen counter when she comes over isn’t there as well. Biting his lip, he walks over to the bathroom and knocks on the door.

“Hinami? Are you in there?” He waits for a short while, trying to ignore how the deafening silence is weighing down on his shoulders. He knocks again. “I’m coming in, if you don’t mind.”

The door isn’t locked. He doesn’t hear the sound of running water at all. There had been no reply to his call. He really shouldn’t be as surprised as he is to see the bathroom vacant. The clothes he had left on the shelf are no longer there, though the clothes she wore over to his place remained in the laundry basket, not that it is anything out of the ordinary.


He realises he feels more tired than upset. He walks out, taking another sweep of his apartment, softly calling out for her. There’s no reply, though he doesn’t expect one either. Throwing himself back down on his bed, he curls up into himself, burying his face partly in the duvet and partly in his arms.

It happened again.

He really should have seen it coming. The previous night was just too good to be true. Nothing really works out for him that well anyway– not his family, not his job and definitely not her.

Ayato closes his eyes and groans out loud. He can still feel the heat from his half of the bed, but the other half had gone completely cold, as if the person sleeping there had gotten out as soon as she can to make her escape. His mind replays the events from the previous night, trying his best to figure out where exactly things went wrong. She’d been the one to initiate it all, so why is she the one who’s missing right now? Hadn’t she been happy as well? Try as he might, his memories only conjure up happiness from both of them, obviously already tainted by his own biased recollections of the scene. He’d been too surprised and excited that he’d probably not realise anything off about Hinami, much less remember it.

I told you so. Somewhere, a voice sings at him mockingly– the same voice that kept asking him to push her away. She was doing it to make herself feel better after what he had told her while they were in the shower. He was the idiot who misinterpreted and build castles in the air of deluded fantasies of the two of them. None of them will happen now. They’re back in that routine. She’s gone now, but she’ll be back eventually when she’s upset again. They’ll fuck again. She’ll run off again. The cycle will start all over again.

And frankly, Ayato is tired. He’s been for so long, yet he can never turn her away and he can barely confront her about it. He’s hopeless, fatigued and undeniably miserable but there’s nothing he can do about it because he’s unable to bring himself to do something about it. He reaches over to caress the side of the bed she had slept on and he finds himself snickering as he pictures himself in the pathetic state he’s currently in.

She’ll be back one day.

And then she’ll leave again.

She always comes back.

And she always leaves.

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I just want to point out one more thing. I love how
Some fandoms and immature fans are getting on IKON for every little thing, for every time they breathe someone is down their throat. IKON are NOT flops at all. Did they not do as good on Korean charts? No. But that doesn’t make them flops. IKON won rookie of the year in 2015 MAMAs had a great debut. These boys are almost 2 years old they’re already holding DOME TOURS. But they’re ‘flops’ I forgot. You all assume they be super successful because they’re under the big 3. Their are many groups under the big 3 who haven’t gone that far like IKON has yet. Look at EXO, people called their debut a flop and then as a group as flops now they’re on top and quadruple million sellers breaking records and winning Daesangs. So Korea didn’t care for IKONS latest comeback. It’ll happen, they have so much more to show us. People were wanting hype up songs from them and that’s what they gave us for now. And the whole fighting with ICs and IKONics needs to stop. IKON aren’t favored like you think. I love both groups. YG only hyped up their debut. If you still think that IKON are flops just remember that IKON brings in the second biggest amount of money for The company after BIGBANG. If BIGBANG and IKON were to leave or disband. YG would be nothing anymore. So before you assume things get educated. Thank you for your time.

overwatch x jk

- round 1, 1v1 jungkook and he goes easy on you because he thinks you’re new at the game but you end up owning his ass “wow! i won! beginner’s luck, huh, kookie?” “y-yeah, i let you win”

- round 2, 1v1 again but he actually tries to play and you still end up owning his ass and he tries not to curse when your screen says “Eliminated Jungkook” but he still insists he was going easy

- round 3, 1v1 yet again and this time he goes all out, but you end up beating him again and he’s trying not to show that he’s angered because you look so innocently happy when you win “I won again?? Kookie, you better not be going easy on me!”

- trying to keep a straight face while watching him feign happiness for you while re-evaluating his own skills “hey kookie i might’ve lied about playing overwatch for the first time” “aRE YOU KIDDING ME” then him tackling you onto the couch and tickling you until you beg for mercy and do a rematch with him

anonymous asked:

Top 5 Mike and Eleven moments please?

1. The mileven reunion was perfeeeeeeeect! They are so in love and omfg it’s so swEET I CANT EVEN!!!
2. The snowball scene!! It was soOOOO CUTE!! ASDFGKLKAKDJKA

Warrior Wishes

According to the Novel, what the warriors would wish for if they won the Taisen would be as follows:

1. Rat- I wish to dream.

2. Monkey- I wish for peace.

3. Sheep- I wish for time.

4. Chicken- I wish for myself.

5. Dog- I wish to win.

6. Rabbit- I wish for friends.

7. Tiger- I wish for rightness.

8. Snake- I wish for money.

9. Dragon- I wish for nothing.

10. Ox- I wish to be saved.

11. Horse- I wish for Talent.

12. Boar- I wish for love.

Foxes & Hounds - Chapter 1

Hello, everyone!
This is a fic won in the STH auction by @the-vorkosigan. I had the most wonderful time writing this and am really excited to have written a buddy cop AU, something I had never attempted before. I hope you have fun reading this!

Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Ao3 link

Steve pulled out his flip phone as he walked out of the terminal into the bustling mess of the reception area. The reception was always a jumble with his Neolithic piece of tech, but Steve wasn’t usually a guy who liked to throw things of the past while they still held value.

Usually was a point to stress, especially at present, as Steve stepped into the familiar air of New York - a piece of the past he had abandoned five years ago.

He skimmed through the messages on his phone, sighing exasperatedly as he read the 13 messages from Bucky and Sam together in various degrees of snarky concern. He was reading the 12th message when the screen changed and a flashing name of Nick Fury came on.

“Rogers,” Steve said as he took the call, keeping his voice deliberately light and moving onto the curb to hail a cab, “I’m here, sir. Will be there in an hour.”

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‘` Drabble Game ‘`

@karougirl123 asked: 94 with JB please?

Masterlist (barely anything yet).

“You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.”

Sorry if it’s so short and I’m disappointing. I’m normally disappointing anyway.

1. Pick a drabble and give me an idol from GOT7, ASTRO, BTS. | 2. Ask me | 3. Be patient. | 4. Enjoy.

Word Count: 406

Originally posted by imjaebumisdaddyasfuck


               You frowned, nudging your husband; Jaebum. He barely reacted, meaning something was wrong. “Why can’t you tell me what’s up with you? You’ve been acting out this whole week!” 

           “Can you just leave me alone? You’re so clingy…” He would say, loud enough for you to hear. “Jaebum…” You grew upset. Jaebum wouldn’t say anything, knowing that he messed up big time.   

           “…Fine,” You got up, “You don’t want me to help, I won’t help. I won’t touch you, I’ll… Mind my own business.” You started to walk away and then that’s when Jaebum got scared that you’d leave him. 

           “[Y/N], wait. I’m sorry” Jaebum would grab your wrist. You yanked your wrist away and closed the door on him. “Stop messing around, [Y/N]!” Jaebum was desperate to get in. 

         Jaebum wasn’t one to be so salty when he was stressed, but he was too stressed to even realize who he was talking to. He kept shaking, turning and twisting the door knob until it got rough, as if he was going to beat down the door and unhinge it. 

       “Stop!” You shouted from the other side of the door. “Then open the door! I… Help me, [Y/N]” Jaebum sounded sad, too upset with himself. There was silence for a while before the door unlocked and created a crease. Jaebum pushed the door open quickly and hugged you. 

     “I’m so sorry, I’m sorry. You’re not clingy. I was stressed” Jaebum immediately apologized, kissing the top of your head. You were crying. “You’re an idiot. I married an idiot” You sniffled. 

     “I’m an idiot. I know…” Jaebum stroked your head, trying to hush the crying. “I was having a problem with writing a song for you. I wanted to write a song for you but it was denied…” Jaebum said softly. 

     “R-Really? Jaebum that’s so sweet of you… Thank you…” You looked at him with teary eyes. “Yeah… I was so lost in thought of trying to find a way to get them to accept it that I hadn’t realize I was being so different and insensitive around the person I’m writing it for” Jaebum looked down at you. 

     You smiled a little, and sniffled. Jaebum wiped a tear and pecked your lips, “Don’t cry anymore.” You would bury your head in his clothing as he would offer, “Let’s go and eat at a restaurant to be sure that you’ll forgive me. It’s my treat, your pick.” 

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53 Widowmaker holyshit please 😲

a-literal-trash-man asked: 53 widowmaker

So sorry for the delay!

53. “I’m flirting with you.” (x)

You had almost gotten used to the sideways glancing and whispering of other agents. The gossip was always the same anyway.

“Why didn’t Widowmaker kill them?”

“Why didn’t they kill Widowmaker?”

“Are they secretly a Talon agent?”

No matter how many times you had tried to explain yourself they didn’t believe you. In truth, you had no idea why Widowmaker spared you countless times. In turn, you found yourself sparing her. Whenever you fought, whenever one had the other on the ropes, neither could bring themselves to finish it. You were wondering would this cycle of rivalry would ever come to an end. Heaven knows you tried to be the one to end it but, damn it, you just couldn’t! You doubted the ruthless assassin would show the same sentiment when she grew bored of this game. Would now be that time? That thought raced through your mind with her rifle was pressed against your temple as she leered over you. You tried to hide your fear, after all she was always so stoic when you had the upper hand, but the fear only grew as the agonizing seconds passed. You flinched when she let out a harsh laugh.

“Looks like I won this round,” she purred, pulling the gun away and removing her foot from your chest. You were pretty sure she had felt your heart pounding even through those thick boots. “What is that now? 3-2 to me, oui? Looks like you need to step up your game for next time.”

“N-next time?” you stammered, pushing yourself up to sit. You stared at her in disbelief as she turned her back and sauntered away. “How long do you plan for this to go on? I’m your enemy and you could have killed me a thousand times, not just three. Why? What do you get out of us fighting?”

“Fighting?” she repeated, coming to a halt and looking over her shoulder at you. “I’m flirting with you.”


1. Well, I’ve successfully stayed away from sugar and alcohol all weekend. Actually it’s a week if you take into account that I was sick for most of the week. I’ll take it. I’ll take that win. It’s a week then.

2. Both the Noles and the Bucs won this weekend. Both games were ugly but a win is a win and I’m taking those wins too. Fuck it.

3. Brooke is pushing my buttons today like you don’t even know. She has been running around crazy all day. Every time I tell her to do something she just flat out says, “no, I don’t think I want to do that.” It’s so frustrating but so damn cute. I did get her to help clean her room and she is in the shower so I’ll take that win too!

4. Winning! Sorry couldn’t help it.

5. We had Kobe beef burgers tonight and they were so good. I love finding stuff at the store last minute and it turning out well.

6. Am I the only one who has a “go to” show? You know, the one you turn on when you can’t find or think of anything to watch. Mine is Parks and Rec. It used to be Friends but I love this show to its core. What’s your “go to” show?

7. Tomorrow is my co-worker’s last day before she retires. I missed her party because of the strep and I was bummed ‘cause food and cake. Anyway, in some ways I’m glad she’s leaving because she drives me crazy and in others I am not because she entertains me and she’s good at her job. I’m a mixed bag of emotions. Fuckin’ Susan.

Dealings with a Devil (Part 2)

Dealings with a Devil (Part 1)

Reader X Darkiplier

You, Reader, have made a deal with what you believed to be a fantasized version of your favorite YouTuber’s alter ego, Darkiplier after he’d visited you in a dream. You believed Darkiplier to only exist in your dreams and on Markiplier’s YouTube channel, but by some impossible way he’s real and he intends on collecting on your debt to him.

Originally posted by gillyplier

The next few weeks go by without incident and soon the only thing that reminds your of Dark’s unwanted visit is the brand on your skin, but you cover it with a ring or cover up meant for tattoos. It be comes such a habit nowadays. You made up some stupid explanation for the tattoo; a dare gone wrong with some online friends, and everyone accepting it as truth. In their defense you had done something similar after losing a bet to some friends online, so this is by no stretch of the imagination a false hood.

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Guys guess what


Are you guessing?


Okay I’ll tell you.

I mean you really should at least TRY to guess.

Alright alright

I won’t keep you in suspense for much longer

I mean maybe I will

You could have just scrolled down to the bottom this whole time


That’s technically



I’ll tell you





Now wait a second

Who says you should know this?

I mean it is kinda MY business




By our I mean me and her

not me and you

I mean

That is

Unless I let you

In on this

Little secret

I don’t know if I should


What the hell

You’ve probably already figured it out anyway


Here goes








Okay thank you for your time!