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Rules: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by the lovely Kate @accidental-rambler and I’ll tag @modernbookfae @ships-and-saints and @squaddreamcourt 

I actually try not to start writing too many things at the same time or else I know I won’t finish a lot of them but I have a 5 page long word document of ideas of fics I want to write so it’s a struggle lol. I’ll only mention the fics I have actually started writing

1. ACOSAP - I won’t mention which characters’/ships’ edits I’m working on or that will take the fun out of the guessing game but I’ve got the next 3 (potentially 4) edits planned out

2. Lumberjack! Cassian - the monster Nessian spanking/camping sex with a dash of Lumberjack! Cass added into the mix that sprouted from this crazy conversation Sarah and I had and it’s only one of the many lumberjack cass edits, fanart etc that were made after that ridiculous post took off.

3. ACOTAR Politics Modern Day AU - a monster multi-chapter project that I’m EXTREMELY excited about and it’s one of those I-just-have-to-write-this-and-get-it-out-of-my-head-fics and I’ve actually told no one except for Sarah and Luiza about this. It’s a modern AU where Rhysand is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the inner circle are all part of his cabinet (Mor is Secretary of State for the Home Department, Cass is Secretary of State for Defense, Az is Director General of MI5, Amren is Secretary of State for Justice) and all the other High Lords are different presidents/prime ministers from around the world (Tamlin - the US, Helion - France, Kallias - Canada, Tarquin - Australia etc). Feyre is a young journalist who keeps undermining Rhys and asking him tricky questions in press conferences and then she gets a private interview and they may or may not bang in his office in 10 Downing Street. It’s a secret relationship type thing and it’s my baby and I’m so excited for this project you have no idea. Idk if people would actually want to read something like this but I just need to write it!

4. Amren/Elain one shot - Amren is a tough tattooed biker chic who finds sweet flower child Elain - who’s a student who works part time at the flower shop near Amren’s tattoo parlour - extremely irresistible and the whole thing is basically Amren eating Elain out in the back of the flower shop (classy as usual i know)

Disclaimer: It will take me a while to finish these I’m sorry I know and I’ll may start writing other things (like a continuation to Koev Halev or the Nessian Illyrian Sunbathing fic or many others) so sooooooorry just putting this out there

!!!Giveaway is closed, thanks for you’re interest!!!

To celebrate Seventeen’s 2 year anniversary and their comeback I decided to give away 2 albums.

What are we giving away?

I’ll be giving away 2 of the new albums (Al1) with the cover of your choice. So, there’s 2 winners. I can’t promise that posters will be available by the time the winner is announced, but if they are they’ll be included.

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When will I choose to announce the winners?

Let’s say I choose the winners on the 11th of June. I’ll message the winners first and give them 24hrs to reply. If there’s no reply within 24hrs I’ll choose a different winner.

** If you have any questions don’t hesitate and message us.
**The winner will of course be choosen randomly

So this happened a little while ago. Simply put: Holy crap.

This is insane you guys I’m so humbled and baffled and grateful you’re all here, this is a huge number for me. I appreciate you all so much, those of you who have just followed me and those of you who have been here for months, years. Each like, reblog, comment, ask, anything from any of you makes my day. I just ahh jfc I love you all hgfkhgkdf. Thank you.

So here’s a little thing for y’all, with some hopefully interesting prizes to go with it, namely art! :’)

The rules are pretty simple and straightforward:

1. This is for my followers, so you must be following me in order to have a chance of winning. When I pick the winners, I will check this. Though that doesn’t mean you can’t reblog it anyway if for some reason you want to do that hah. :’D New followers can enter too, of course, and are very welcome!

2. Enter by reblogging/liking this post. Reblogs and likes both count and you can reblog as many times as you want!

3. Please make sure you are able to be reached on tumblr via either the messeage system or your ask box. That’s how I will be notifying each winner they have won. If I don’t get a response/confirmation that you have recieved the messeage within 48 hours, I’ll choose another winner, so please make sure to check your inboxes around the deadline date!

(Check out my art tag “sanguithart” for some more examples of art on my blog if you like, there are only two example pictures here after all.)

I’ll be picking out the three winners randomly via a random numbers generator one by one (first place first, second and third after that etc).

The deadline is Saturday 20th of May! Good luck and thank you so much again<3


[Signal boosts appreciated!] I’m opening commissions! 

Limited slots, I may be re-opening more slots later. Please e-mail me any questions or filled out forms if interested.

  • All copyrights of finished commissions belong to me.
  • Please do not reprint/resell
  • I may upload finished commissions on my sites (twitter/tumblr) later, please let me know if you don’t want them posted!
  • Paypal only, I’ll be sending you an invoice.
  • Payment needs to be made full upfront before I get started on your commission
  • Commissions will be done in the order of payments made first
  • 2~3 weeks of working time
  • It won’t be first-come first-served; No claiming slots
  • If you really like a particular style of mine, link me the drawing and I’ll see if I can work on your commission in that style. Prices may vary depending on the style.
  • You can get one type A + one type B per slot


Commission Type:
Your handle:
Your paypal e-mail(so that I can send you the invoice):

Visual references:
Character personality: (only a few words please)
Other specifications: (poses/expressions/prompts etc that you have in mind!)

For more examples of my art check out my art tag!


My Prince Model (part 2)

Ok time for a little break on this comic since I’m still trying to figure out how part 3 will work. It won’t be a long break, but a little one. And Lisa’s experiment was a success. What is will happen next? Find out next time on My Prince Model (part 3).  Back to other work.

BTW…drawing age progressions are HARD…Especially in comic form. OTL

And thank you for 320+ followers. <3

PS. I think Lisa put too much milk in her invention…which she will mention in the next part.



I’m just starting out with 3 slots!!

INFO under the cut

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Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve had 2 unexpected shows in a row, a con to prep for, and a ton of mundane-yet-major issues to work through, which I’m still working on. 

Anyway, here’s a much belated Vex’ahlia, who won my art poll a couple of weeks ago!

This was supposed to be a sketch, but got out of control because 1. she practically demanded something in pin-up and 2. she was really fun to work on.

I want to do more, but I haven’t the time. 

I like to think that when Percy looks at her, this is what he sometimes sees. :3

akai-anna  asked:

If you still accept writing prompts could you consider #2 or #32 for Natsume Yuujinchou? (The last one is very Nishimura worthy in my opinion, while the 2nd breaks me while I think about Natsume, let me die.) Your Natsume fics are so healing and on point, I adore them! Thank you so much for blessing the fandom with them. <3 May you lead a happy life and your day be filled with gentle sunshine.

writing prompts
2. “i swear it won’t happen again.”


It wasn’t Natsume’s fault. That much is obvious.

They were in the kitchen when that fat cat went crazy, jumping over the table and knocking everything to the floor. Then a wild gust of wind filled the room and slammed the kitchen window closed on its way out again, nearly breaking the glass and all but knocking Satoru over. 

By the time Satoru’s mother runs in to see what all the noise was about, the room is a mess – and it had nothing to do with Natsume, but he’s still as mortified as if he’d wrecked the place himself. 

“I’m so sorry,” Natsume says quickly, all but wringing his hands. His cat is its usual self again, sitting lazy and well-behaved at his feet. “I’ll – I’ll pay for everything, I swear it won’t happen again. Please don’t call my- my parents.”

He looks hunted, but more than that he looks certain. As though he’s been right here in this exact spot a hundred times before and it always plays out the same way. 

Satoru stands up sharply. 

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hey everyone i decided to do blogrates and i know the last time i did i didn’t finish them (which i still feel bad abt) but i wanna try again!


  • follow me
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  • send me an ask telling me whatever u want or ur fave emoji
  • (optional) check out the page i have for my novel if u want, id rlly appreciate it! (u can ask me q’s too if you have any!)


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When you're super sick you can barely function but you still come in to work intending to just get your paperwork done (admin in retail store) but your boss won't let you unless you cover the rest of your shift. 1. Nope. 2/3 No answers. 4. Going hiking but will call back in 15 mins to let me know. The manager left in the middle of the day on Saturday to work on his deck with out replacing himself, I've spent time at the doctor and need to go home but nope. Thinking of calling our HR director.

I would



I uh… I’m derailing here I won’t lie… WHO WANTS TO SEE HOW IT ENDS?? PART 1!
PART 2!!
PART 3!!!

anonymous asked:

1/2 Oh my god the possibilities of Larry's tattoos in a Hogwarts au... Imagine Harry's butterfly flapping its wings when Louis touches it, and the mermaid swimming around his wrist and making flirty gestures at louis, giving away Harry's feelings, or the anchor and the rope actually intertwining when they're spooning and the arrow sublty points towards Harry all the time <3 or Louis sits in

This is part 2, hope it sends now! x: Louis sits in class, bored and playing tic tac toe on his arm when suddenly there’s a hand out of nowhere that taps on his arm a few times. Louis looks up to a grinning face that’s framed by beautiful curls and has the AUDACITY to say “I won” and that’s how they meet.


People get to work and give me that shit.

About the upcoming ONS Artbook

1. It was only just announced, so there is very little information for it, including a release date. Please rest assured I would have given such information already in the announcement and will announce information asap when it does come out.
2.Releases in Japan are pretty slow things. They get announced early, sometimes an approximate time of year release date announcement, then actual release date announcements with maybe some additional info sprinkled in from time to time like size, cover, etc. It’s a process.
3. It is just like any other published good, so it won’t be purposefully limited in quantity.
4. If you want to purchase it when it eventually comes out, check out my FAQ page which has places to buy Japanese merch listed.

if betty ran a blog

How I Solved A Murder With My Emo Boyfriend

Part 2: My Boyfriend Joined a Biker Gang and Now Wears A LOT of Leather

Part 3: What Is With This Gang and Interrupting Us When We’re About To…  But Bright Side I have a Jacket Now Too

Part 3.5: Our Romance Is Now An Anti-Capitalist Narrative Because It Turns Out The Gang Wasn’t All That Bad

Part 4: I Won’t Have Time To Finish This Essay Because Me And My Boyfriend Kind Of Rule The Southside Now

@bettsythe​ ;)

Fitzsimmons Fanfic Contest: Angst VS Fluff!

Basically, I will ask a prompt and you will write 1 to 2 fics. One should be angsty, and one should be fluffy but they will both be on the same prompt. You can write one, or you can write both. :) 

“What makes you think this was an accident?” 

1. You submit your fanfics by Wednesday, June 28th at 11:59 PM eastern time. That gives you more than a week to write. 
2. Must be under 2,500 words each. 
3. You can write one fic, or two. But I won’t accept more than that.
4. Must be Fitzsimmons related!  
5. Please submit it by sending me the link to it in my inbox. 

I’ll pick a winner out of these categories!
1. “The ‘Say What?’ Award”- Given to the most unexpected fanfic that is submitted.
2. “The AU Award”- An AU so good it should be real, this award will go to the best fanfic set in an alternate universe! 
3. Best Overall Angst Award- The angsty fanfic that seemed the most well rounded. 
4. Best Overall Fluff Award- The fluffy fanfic that seemed the most well rounded. 
5. “The Laugh ‘till you Cry Award”- Was it angst or fluff? Because I sure couldn’t tell! Awarded to the best fanfic that is a mix of the two. 

1. One fanfic written by me. You can prompt me almost anything related to Fitzsimmons, and custom it based on your desire. 
2. A shout out on my tumblr to almost 5,000 followers :D 
3. A review on another fanfic of yours. I will read a chapter and let you know what I think. If you haven’t written anything else, we can see what other things I have to offer you :D 

Let me know if you have questions! Also, reblog this and tell me if you’re interested in joining so I know how many fanfics to expect! Love you! <3

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oh you know I’m here for:

Edward being the one back in season 2 to pull Oswald out of his spiral when his mother was murdered, by telling him that love makes you weak, and now that everyone he loves his dead, he’s free.

Edward being the “one time I (Oswald) let love weaken me” in season 3, leading to him being trapped in ice so Oswald won’t ever make that mistake again.

Your Bad Boy

Originally posted by softsugamon

Bad boy Jimin one shot

Bts jimin X Reader

What does it feel like to fall in love? Well most people think its like the movies where you meet and fall in love at first sight and have big family dinners where you all eat and laugh and people come up to you and tell you how perfect you and your boyfriend are for each other and that they are glad your life is going well. For you that wasn’t the case your parents were happy of the choice of boyfriend. He was a bad boy always getting in to fights with random men at bars we always won but wasn’t known for being a typical good guy .He also had a habit of coming over to your house and 2 or 3 o clock in the morning waking you up for help or a place to stay or even sex. I mean the sex was amazing and great best you had every had in your life but half of the time your boyfriend couldn’t remember the night of passion cause he was either drunk , high or to out of it from the drugs he took .

You met jimin 1 year ago and started dating 3 days later he was kind and sweet but from the day you met him he always took drugs and drunk far to much. But there was something about him he was your drug he was addictive you couldn’t get enough of him he made you so happy. Your parents were good kind parents but they were always a work and missed your school plays and parent open days they missed a lot so most of the time you would come back home from school and college to an empty house with no one around to talk about your day or your problems. Your father still worked long hours so you never really saw him your mother retired a few years ago after a knee injury but your relationship never really fixed itself your were still hurt from all those years ago when the only contact you had from your mother and father was a note they left you telling you to order take out as they would be gone for while, You spent many days crying and being sad as you had no one to talk to you told your parents this a but all the did was get you a cat and tell you  were fine.

You missed people asking about your day and if you were okay so this had a significant impact on your social development as you grew up.

So when you met Jimin you fell for his good lucks and his hot sexy body but also cause after everything e.g the drinking and the drugs he would still ask if you were okay and hug you of you had a bad day. Which is something you needed you felt alone for years and felt like no one cared so having someone pay interest in you made you feel happy and changed you making you smile which you hadn’t done in years.

So they you were thinking about your life and how you ended up here while laying of jimins mattress at his house. He didn’t have loads of money so you would make love on his mattress since he didn’t have a proper bed. His apartment was clean and nice but there weren’t much there just standard living things he needed.

You turned over and covered yourself with the bed sheet while facing jimin he was fast asleep and still look so beautiful his hair parted at the sides showing his beautiful forehead you leaned over and kissed one of the moles on his forehead. No matter how much he was trouble you wanted him and loved him he made you feel wanted and alive. You never had a real boyfriend before jimin you had never been intimate with a man either jimin was your first and hopefully your last you didn’t want anyone else you wanted this man which made your heart pound in your chest.

How did you meet? You met a house party your first house party actually you showed up and laid eyes on him straight away he was sat with 7 other men at the back at the end of house smoking and drinking. He eventually came up to you a few hours later and you began talking you found out that he owned a tattoo store a few years ago and he even showed you a few of his tattoos which he had a lot of. Yes he has tattoos which your mother wasn’t very happy about  when you told her she had been happy that you had found someone yet lost her smile when you told her about Jimin.It hurt you to be honest when people would tell you to break up with him or he’s no good he made you happy which your parents and your friends couldn’t see

You were brought out of your thinking to a raspy voice

“ you still awake baby? I thought I tired you out last night” he said with a laugh as he brushed his hair back with his fingers as he sat up in bed.

You let out a giggle in response he wasn’t wrong he did ,you also hurt from the intense and rough love making but it was worth it.

“ Wanna order pizza “ He asked while lighting a cigarette and taking out his phone to order your favourite pizza

“ ermmm sure “ you said while waiting for him to lay down so you could lay on his chest and play with his tattoos. That had always calmed you when you were nervous and you had a good reason to be nervous.

You laid on his chest and genteelly traced he tattoos with your fingertips making him kiss your head in response.

“Is there something wrong” he asked while giving you another peck on the head

“No its just your not high or drunk is something wrong?” you replied

That might sound bad to wish or to be worried that your boyfriend wasn’t drunk or high but he wasn’t normally like that but you had known him for a long time and he had never been like this. He was always kind and loving but he always had something in his system so this change made you worried that something was wrong.

“ oh babe don’t worry I ran out of the good stuff the shipment is coming in tomorrow and as for the beer well I am cutting down”

“really” you answered while still playing with his tattoos

“Yeah I want to remember stuff for once last week I forgot I had meeting with my boss I nearly got fired so I thought it was time to quit” he said with a smile.

Many people thought he didn’t work cause of his appearance and reputation but he didn’t work at a local office but just didn’t get paid as much as some other people. Even though he didn’t get paid loads he always made sure to buy you little things like chocolate or teddy bears to cheer you up which you apricated.

To Many people, he was a bad boy and trouble which he was but to you he was always nice and kind to you making you feel happy and respected.

“So, what were to you actually worried about” he said taking another puff from his cigarette before putting it out.

“I love you “ you said with a small giggle you had never told him you loved him so telling him this made you nervous

“That’s it “he said with a laugh

“ I thought you were pregnant or something you know I love you to very much and will always try and give you everything I can “he said and gave you a kiss on the lips.

“I’m not pregnant I promise but maybe one day” you said as you laid your head on his chest and fell sleep with him placing his arms around you pulling you in for a tight hug.

This is where you wanted to be in your bad boys arms .

hope you like :)

anonymous asked:

B (male) is in love with A (female), but A chooses to ignore it so she won't fall in love with him too

1.B:”I love you..” 

A:”Yeah.. Okay, No thanks..” 

2. B:”You could say something!?” 

A:”I have nothing to say on the matter..” 

3. A:”No comment.” 

B:”You cant just ignore me every time I ask you out, I am being serious here! Will you please go on a date with me?” 

A:”Hmmmm…No comment.”

4. B: “I love you.” 

A:”I know, could you please stop reminding me.” 

B: “Not until you give me an answer.” 

A: “Well you’re never getting one, so just knock it off.” 

5.B:”Why can’t you just give it a chance? Huh? What are you so afraid of?” 

A:”Love. Okay. Love is scary, and I dont wan’t anything to do with it, alright. So just leave it alone…” 

I hope these work for you, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask. 

Friday Five

1. Wife is getting pissy about “nothing being accomplished”. Welcome to summer. Except a lot has been accomplished. Just nothing on “her” list.

2. Minor league baseball for the next four nights. I’m constantly torn between not wanting to work too much and wanting to make some money to help pay for vacations. This weekend, five games won out. (Working a doubleheader tomorrow)

3. The weather has been so nice the last few days. Not like South Carolina at all. I at least got outside one of those days!

4. I’m a champ at washing clothes. I’m a chump at getting them put away in a timely manner.

5. I hate that damn phone batteries can’t keep up with the system updates. I still have about six months before I can change out my phone. But the battery sucks. It’s all part of the scam!