i woke up with a migrane

i was starting to get a migrane in the bookstore so i decided to sit on the couch for it to chill out and i ended up takin a little nap. when i woke up there was a middleaged/senior woman sitting next to me reading and i just felt so safe that she sat down rather than someone else essentially supervising me, so i thanked her and im just so happy. women, dont forget to look out for other women #sisterhood

last night was so weird i went on a walk with my dogs & friend and as i was coming back my back started to hurt and i got super woozy. i thought it was just because i hadnt excercised in a while but when i got home i started getting the WORST migrane and i got a fever and either felt super super cold or super super warm it was awful but then i woke up and im normal again???? ?