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All spongebob charachters are poc except squidward he's white. Discuss?

no i feel like squidward is a poc. he is very critical of authority and doesnt get involved with spongebob’s antics, cause he knows he doesnt have white passing privilege like spongebob and will get in trouble

explain how else spongebob can fuck up bikini bottom for 15 years straight and only be jailed one time? white passing privilege

remember when squidward acted up a few times and he was quickly put in check by everybody? exactly.

squidward woke lowkey tho. thats why he dont fuck /w mr krabs like that. he knows that mr. krabs is a greedy capitalist who values money over anything else

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Dear Louise, Your passion of cats put a smile on my face before I went to sleep. And when I woke up my cat was sleeping on my tummy so I could feel his purring and it made me feel all warm and toasty and I resisted squishing his adorable face. So motivated to clean my room. Going to put Harry Potter on audio and get to it. Looking forward to your video later :D have a gorgeous day xx

This sounds like the greatest start to a day!! <3 

Anybody else feel like the life got sucked out of them on the first 1-3 days of their period? Like, I have shallow breathing, I’m dizzy as hell, like I woke up and couldn’t walk a straight line, I was leaning, like I was drunk, but I haven’t drank in weeks since I’m on this medication for my leg. I can’t think straight. My brain is foggy. Every movement my body makes exhausts me. I can’t take a hot shower because I learned when I was 17 that hot showers on my period lower my blood pressure so much I pass out (fun times in the ER that day). On top of regular cramps. Is this normal??

Today’s August third. I tell the story every year, and like every story that gets told over and over, like my own love for my husband, it’s always new and always the same: Eight years ago today we woke up late, breathless; drove to the courthouse, breathless, having made up some lie about a water bill to explain our absence to our houseguests. We got married before a justice of the peace in a Cook county courthouse, weeping, breathless, and grinning through our vows, holding hands tightly the whole way back. The story’s old, now, and we will be too, soon, if we’re lucky. At twenty I didn’t know what twenty-eight looked like, I had no idea how it’d feel. Earlier, Greg rumpled Barnabus’s ears and said “happy Brennaversary” to him – celebrating when he became my dog, too, my family. When we brought our lives together. Eight years ago Greg and I got married on impulse and it took a long time before we settled in: I didn’t move out to Chicago till the following summer, I wasn’t even out of college yet, we barely knew anything about each other except that we were in love. Now, eight years in, we have a life, a family, a home. Loving one another is an easy rhythm: it comes naturally, it’s like brushing your teeth in the morning or blinking, it’s the only way we know how to live. Today’s August third, tomorrow will be August fourth, soon it’ll be cold again and then not too long after that it’ll get warm – it always does. In all my darkest winters, my husband has reminded me that summer will someday come and that he would be there when it did – more, that he’d be with me through it all. Happy anniversary to the best man I’ve ever known: to Greg, who inspires me always with his generosity, his constancy, his humor which is strange and witty and never cruel, with his kindness and integrity. Today I am laid breathless by gratitude that the kids who fell in love way back when have stayed that way this long already. Would that we be so lucky as to have many more years like these, defined by enjoyment and hope and love.

LOVE ME 11. Hard Body, Soft Pillow



When i woke up i was slightly confused about where i was. the pillow felt different then i remember it feeling when i fell asleep. It wasn’t as soft as i remembered and that confused me. Especially when i noticed it was slightly moving up and down.

When i finally opened my eyes i realized my head was resting on Luke’s body and suddenly it all made sense. i was cuddling with Luke in his bed…things really have changed since just yesterday. His body was surprisingly comfortable. It looked so hard but somehow he felt more comfortable then any mattress or pillow.  

My arm was resting on his chest and his arm was around my back holding me closer to his body if that was even possible.

Laying here with him felt so peaceful… I felt safe when i was with him. I didn’t want to move because he would wake up so i decide to stay in this position. I just laid on him and listened to his even breathing and before i knew it i had fallen back asleep


It must of only been around a half an hour when i woke up for the second time. I was confused at first because i wasn’t cuddled up to Luke this time, i was just laying in the bed alone. I reached my arms around the mattress but i only felt blankets and pillows. Finally i opened my eyes just to be sure and yep…He was no where to be found. I got up and quickly looked in the bathroom but it was empty also.

I guess he left. I couldn’t help but feel a little hurt. Last night was nice, I felt like Luke and i had gotten on good terms finally… But now here i am alone in his bed. I’m sure I’m just over thinking things. There is no reason to feel hurt i had to remind myself.

I changed out of the shirt Luke had given me to wear last night and put my pants and my own shirt back on. I grabbed my stuff and left. I had just remembered everything that had happened with Emma last night and i really wanted to go check on her.

As i was walking back to my room i walked around the corner of a building and was faced with Luke just a few feet in front of me. he seemed to be on a run. I noticed his hair was laying flat on his head instead of it’s usual quiff as he ran closer to me. He stopped in front of me bending over to catch his breath.

“so you run?” i ask not really knowing what else to say right now.

“Yeah… sometimes… helps clear my head” he says still not looking at me.

“So last night-” i started to say something but was cut off

“last night was nothing… don’t try to make it into something” he said harshly

“i wasn’t making it into something i just was going-” he cut me off again

“if you tell anyone about anything that happened last night i will find you” he says in a threatening tone

“oh look the asshole is back” i say as i walk past him

He didn’t say anything he just kept running in the direction i had just come from. He was the one that asked me to stay with him last night. Why is he such a dick. as i walked into my dorm i almost wanted to cry. Its not that he hurt my feelings or anything i just thought that after last night he was done treating me like trash…apparently i was wrong.

I pushed it all out of my head as i knocked on Emma’s door. I was happy when she answered it after just a few seconds.

“how are you feeling?” i asked as i walked into her room

“kind of hungover” she admitted

“Do you remember what happened last night?” i asked her not sure if i wanted her to say yes or no.

“No…not really…what happened?” i guess it makes sense she didn’t remember but i should probably tell her even though i didn’t want to.

“Well don’t freak out.” i tell her to start

“Okay…but you saying that makes me want to freak out” she says as we walk to her bed and i make her sit down.

“So… someone drugged you” i tell her waiting a moment to continue so she could let the information sink in.

“what?” she said seeming alarmed

“Apparenly a guy slipped something in your drink… and he took you back to his room but don’t worry nothing happened” i reassure her

“really? nothing happened?” she said sounding panicked

i explained how Luke had heard things and came in and took her back to his room and then i came and got her.

once i was done telling her she was happy that nothing happened, but shook up about what could of happened. a few tears escaped her eyes but she was a strong girl so she pushed them away. she decided that she wanted to be alone so i left.  

I felt bad leaving her alone but since that was what she wanted i had no choice but to just leave. I went back to my room and decided i should probably do some of the school work that i had been putting off for a few days.

i spent the next few hours working on some essays and projects that where due in the coming week. once i was done i decided to take a shower. I got undressed in my room and wrapped my towel around me as i gabbed my shower bag that had things like shampoo and body wash in it. Some of the dorms had rooms with their own personal bathroom..like the dorm Luke was in..others had one large bathroom that had to be shared with the other people on that floor. i was unlucky to be put in one of these.

after my shower i wrapped my towel back around me as i went back to my room with wet hair. When i opened my door and walked in my room i had what felt like a mini heart attack. Sitting on my bed was Luke.


A/N- edited quickly becuase i wanted to make sure it was posted on time since i have not been able to post in a couple days. if you like this chapter and want to know what the hell Luke is doing in her room request the next one

Wa Barak Allahu Feek

I’m going to take a major break from tumblr because there’s so much more to life that I need to discover and learn and see. Maybe I’ll come on a few times, but seriously, you guys…there’s so much more to life Alhumdulilah. We just need to step out of our comfort zone.

Everything is okay, everything is fine; I promise! I just woke up with this incredible feeling of “JUST DO IT”. Lol! I’m just so motivated Alhumdulilah. I wish you guys can feel this positivity; I want everyone to feel this motivation and somewhat of an inspiration.

I hope everyone is doing fantastic wherever they are in the world In Shaa Allah. Take care and don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Lots of water = happy body, okay.



good morning! i feel a bit regenerated, tonight i slept well and i woke up relaxed, thanks chamomile!
breakfast was unbelievably tasty and i’d like to replicate it as soon as possible but it’s hard to find great strawberries in my country; wholemeal toasts topped with vanilla greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon, white peach and strawberries + almond milk cappuccino on the side and three not pictured little apricots that my neighbour gave me x)




You woke up to the smell of tea, you sat up and saw Luke and Calum sat at the end of your bed. Luke holding a tray, carrying a pot of tea and Calum holding a tray with plates full of pancakes.

“We woke up early, so we decided to make you breakfast.” Calum smiled.

You lifted your quilt up and invited them in, they gladly accepted the offer. The three of you sat talking, drinking tea which they said made them feel very stereotypical English and eating the mildly burnt pancakes. 

“So, what do you say we go do something today? Michael and Ashton won’t leave their beds since it’s Saturday, so it would just be us three.” Calum said, a mouth full of pancake.

“I’m totally up for that. What do you feel like doing? We could go bowling.” you suggested, taking a sip of tea.

“Let’s do it, I can kick your ass and get to know you at the same time, win win.” Luke said in a serious tone.

Calum scoffed, “I’d like to see you try and win a game Luke.”

You climbed out of the bed, climbing over Luke to get properly out. You grabbed a baggy t-shirt from the floor and the skinny jeans from your wardrobe. 

“We could make it interesting, loser buys lunch.” you shouted into the room as you headed into your bathroom to get changed properly. 

“So sweet that you’re offering to buy us lunch.” Luke smiled with a teasing tone, as you exited the bathroom.

Throwing your pajamas at him, much to his surprise, you grabbed your bag. 

“You’re in for a surprise then mister, now let’s go before you mess my bed up even more.” you said, before they got out of your bed and followed you down the stairs. 

When you arrived at the bowling alley, the three of you went up to get your bowling shoes and Luke insisted on paying for you. 

“I got us two games, y/n ready to lose?” Luke smirked, whilst tying his laces.

“No, you ready to lose?” you retaliated. “Let’s start.”

In the end you ended up winning both games and Luke came last both times, he spent the whole way to pizza hut sulking about his loss, and complaining about you teasing him. 

“Well at least you aren’t gloating about winning” Luke sighed, as you mentioned his score again. Calum had gone to the toilet, leaving the two of you waiting for pizza.

“Not my thing,” you shrugged. “Still jet-lagged?” 

Luke rested his head on your shoulder, making you smile. “You have no idea how jet-lagged I am, I got up at 4am this morning and couldn’t sleep.”

“Aw that sucks. Oh pizza and Calum’s here.” you perked up, but Luke didn’t move his head until the waiter left. 

Half way through his pizza, he leaned closer to you. “Want to try some of mine?” You nodded in response, as he picked a slice up and fed it to you.

“Feed all your friends like that?” you teased.

He shook his head, “only the pretty ones and occasionally Calum.” He said seriously, causing you to burst into laughter and blush at the compliment.

“Back in five I need to use the toilet.” Luke said, quickly walking in the direction Calum pointed him in.

“He so has a thing for you and he isn’t hiding it.” Calum said, after Luke had been gone a while.

“I wouldn’t be so sure, he’s just being friendly.” you replied, taking a bite of your final slice.

“That’s what you think.” He said quietly, as Luke came back with a smile completely unaware of the idea Calum had put in your head. 



Jude and Connor are friends over the internet, and they’re both starting college. But surprisingly, it turns out that they’re roommates! As great as it sounds, both Jude and Connor are wrestling with developing feelings for each other, and close proximity may be the last thing they need. Will they fall in love? Or simply fall apart?

A/N: Okay so in the interest of not wanting to go two days without posting any new writing, I’m putting up this next chapter (because it’s the only thing I have ready to post) even though I posted the last chapter on Friday.

Find all the chapters here!

Chapter 7

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Last night I dreamt I was having a political debate in the middle of a zombie apocalypse; I managed to convince a dream person I was right but using Super Mario as a comparative.

“You keep saying everyone has the same opportunities but you are wrong. You like playing Mario right? Let’s say we both own the same version of the game. Now imagine mine works fine, I get to play it as normal and I complete it. You go to play yours and although the game itself is exactly to same as mine, set in the same place with the same levels and baddies, you have no access to power-ups. Would you feel it was fair on you? Would you feel like you had just as much chance at winning as I did?”

I woke up and I’m just sort of impressed with dream me tbh

i woke up this morning and the first thing i did was listen to trees. you’re in there. i feel that song was written so it can find you. I’ll try every morning. and even at night. when im scared of you the most.

I am more than just a pretty face.

I woke up this morning, with this high anxiety of disliking my body. I hate the rolls I get when I sit down, I hate feeling like I need to hide under baggy clothes. I need to get to the gym, I need to eat better…

So I decided that all of that was nonsense…I will get up, take a shower make myself feel nice and maybe take some pictures..I did..I feel so much better. I have a beautiful face and curves. Now I have the pictures to prove it..

I am good.. :)

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my boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue a few weeks ago. it shook me to my core. we talked about getting married and spending forever together, but he woke up one day and decided to give up. he became someone I don't recognize. he walked away. the Lord has been drawing me close to His heart in this time, but I still ache inside. I don't understand. he awoke a desire in me for that tender love and intimacy and then just left. I am trying to trust God but my life feels blown up.

This exact same thing happened to me a year ago. I am so deeply sorry for what you are going through right now. I can tell you that, with time, it does get better. You will hurt and not understand, but God is so faithful to restore you. The tender love and intimacy you need is found in His presence alone. Seek Him, feel all of the pain, and seek Him again.

Here’s something I wrote in the months after my relationship ended. It may help you in some way. Beauty in the Break-Up

If you want to talk off anon, do not hesitate. I’m here to listen.

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Hello.. I was just curious.. How and where did you find the motivation to feel happy about yourself and the courage to push your self to lose weight...

I just woke up one day and decided i was tired of hating myself and i deserved better.

Cristiano Ronaldo Imagine for Anonymous and Anonymous

The first thing you noticed when you woke up was the incessant pounding in your head. The second thing you noticed was someone shaking your arm. After much effort, you open your eyes to see Junior standing over you. “Y/N, I don’t feel good.” You almost said that you didn’t feel good either. Sitting up, you did your best to scoot over to make room for Junior on the bed. It didn’t take him long to get up on the bed.

The movement that both you and Junior made, must have woken up Cristiano because next thing you know, you can hear his voice. “What’s going on?” By now, Junior had tucked himself into your side. His skin was overheated, he definitely had a fever. You turned your face so you were looking at Cristiano, careful not to cause too much movement so as not to disturb Junior. “Junior’s got a fever.” Cristiano sat upright and looked over your shoulder, seeing Junior tucked into you. He reached out a hand to his forehead, his hand brushing your skin on the way. You could practically see the frown that accompanied a worried look on his face.

“You’re right, he does, but so do you. You’re both burning up.” You knew what he was saying was the truth but you would be damned before you admitted it. The last time you had gotten sick was about five years ago. You usually don’t get sick. Besides, Junior was already sick, you didn’t want to add to Cristiano’s stress. “I’m fine.”

Cristiano shot you a disbelieving look. Giving your coarse voice, you wouldn’t have believed yourself either, but you were hoping that he would just assume that it was because of the fact that it was morning. “No, your not. I’ll go and call the doctor’s to schedule two appointment.” Cristiano got out of bed and getting his phone from the nightstand, he exited the room, the phone already up to his ear. 

“I’m cold.” The small voice of Junior’s pulled you away from watching Cristiano’s retreating back. Upon seeing Junior, you could see the sheen sweat that had already formed on his forehead. Ignoring the need to say that you were cold as well, you pulled him closer to you and pulled the cover over the both of you hoping that the warmth would make you both feel better. After a while, despite the cover being there, both of you were shaking. The headache that you had  only seemed to be getting worse. 

The two of you had been under the cover only for about five minutes, when Cristiano walked back into the room, phone in hand. He set the phone back where it had been on the nightstand and took a seat on the foot of the bed. You looked up at him from under the cover, still not willing to leave the minimal warmth that it was providing. Junior had fallen asleep. “What happened?” Your voice didn’t sound anything like you. It was scratchy and so small you almost felt like you were listening to someone else speaking.

“I spoke to the receptionist at  the doctors office and was able to get an appointment for the two of you at 11 in the morning.” You looked at the clock, it was now about nine, so you still had two hours before the appointment. “Okay.” All of a sudden, you felt very fatigued. Cristiano must have been able to tell because he got up from the bed. “You and Junior get some sleep. I’ll wake you both up when it’s time to leave for the appointment.” All you could do was nod, not trusting your own voice. The minute Cristiano left the room, you fell asleep.


You woke up once more to the feel of someone shaking you. Your eye lids felt heavy, but after much effort, you were finally able to ope them. The first thing you saw was Cristino’s face. “Hey, you have to get up now, we have to go to the doctors.” You groaned but after much effort, were finally able to sit up in the bed. You looked at the other side of the bed to check on Junior to see that he was asleep once more, this time though, he was no longer wearing his pajamas, he was instead wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Cristiano must have changed him. You leaned over him and placed your hand on his forehead. He didn’t seem as warm as he had in the morning but he still had a slight fever.

Cristiano helped you out of bed and into the bathroom, handing you a change of clothes. You gratefully took them from him. He left the door to the bathroom unlocked in case you needed any help. You changed your clothes, much slower then usual, due to being sick. After you were fully changed, you walked out of the bathroom to see Cristiano waiting for you in the room. He as carrying Junior who had his face nuzzled in his fathers neck.

“You ready to go?” All you could do was nod, talking seemed like something that you weren’t capable of at the moment. Cristiano put a free hand on your lower back, the other being used to carry Junior, and lead you out of the room and out of the house, to the car. Once in the car, he helped you into the passenger seat before placing Junior in the back. He secured his seat belt before walking over to the drivers seat. The ride to the doctors seemed like it took forever, maybe that was just because of your hazy view of things. Once you finally reached there, Cristiano got Junior and then helped you out of the car.  

Once you were seated in the waiting room, all that was left to do was wait. The wait seemed to take forever, despite the fact that the waiting room was practically empty. Once Junior’s name was called, Cristiano went with him, after making sure that you would be fine. It was only five minutes later that your name was called.

After running a few tests, the doctor told you what you already knew, you had a fever. He did, however, prescribe you medication to take. You grabbed the prescription from him and walked out. Junior and Cristiano were already waiting in the waiting room. Once they saw you, Cristiano picked up Junior and the three of you walked out. “Before we go home, I have to pick up a medication for Junior.” That was when you remembered the prescription in your hands. “Can you pick this up as well?” You handed him the prescription and he took it simply nodding.

The ride to the pharmacy seemed shorter than the ride to the doctors, for which you were grateful. “I’ll go pick up the medications, you sure you and Junior will be fine in the car.” You nodded. “We’ll be fine.” Checking on Junior once more, who had fall asleep, Cristiano left the car. While waiting for him to come back, you checked on Junior. His fever seemed to have gone down more, which was a relief. The medicine would help even more, he should be better in a few days. You on the other hand, still felt as though you had been run over by a truck. 

Cristiano came back with the medication. He handed it to you. “Junior and you both have to eat something before you can take the medication. Let’s go home and I’ll make you something to eat first.” With those words, he started up the car, ready to drive home. “I’m sorry.” Every time you spoke today, your voice sounded weird to you. Cristiano briefly turned to you and then turned back to the door. “Sorry for what?" 

"For bothering you. I usually don’t get sick and I just had to get sick now. As if worrying for Junior wasn’t enough, now you have to worry about me too.” Cristiano leaned over and held your hand. “I like worrying about you. Never apologize for getting sick. You can’t help it. Besides, you take care of me and Junior all the time, I kind of am enjoying taking care of you. Maybe you should think about getting sick more often.” You did your best to smile. “I don’t think so." 

Once three of you finally made it home, the first thing Cristiano did was put both you and Junior back in bed. Assuring you that he would be back soon with soup for the both of you, he left the room to what you presumed was to head to the kitchen. Junior still hadn’t woken up. You, yourself felt tired. All you wanted to do all day was sleep, which given the circumstance that both you and Junior were in wasn’t a bad idea. If you went to sleep now, Cristiano would wake you up once it was time to eat. Closing your eyes, you let yourself drift off to dreamland. Even though you hated being sick, and you hated the fact that Junior was sick with you, you were glad to have someone like Cristiano to take care of you two.  

- I hope you like it Anons.