i woke up to these feels

real talk though?

i’m so awestruck at the fact that taeyong decided to pull through with it anyway. he didn’t try to explain himself, simply took the blame and apologized to all those who might’ve come to harm through his alleged actions and you know what? i fucking admire it. that’s what makes him better than all those who try to pick at his past, send him vile messages on sns and try to spread those rumors about him being a bully, a scammer, a thief. he stands above it, because he decided that he’d use this opportunity to show us how much he’s grown and how strong his devotion towards his work and his members truly is and he carried the burden; without ever complaining. that’s what makes a leader, kids. and if that doesn’t make you think that lee taeyong is god sent and a gift to us all, i don’t know what will.


Amends (part three)

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing.

A/N: Newest part! I hope you enjoy! Next part is the last one :) xx

There was a slight feeling of panic when you woke up the following morning (afternoon), without Carter by your side. This’d happened many times before, though back then, you woke up in a different state than this morning.

“Mmh, Carter?” you tried to blink away the sleep still clouding your vision to look around the lavish hotelroom. No sign of Carter. Well, goddamn it.

“Carter?” you called out louder, and your heart made a little jump when you heard him respond to you.

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I had a hard night. After a long day.
Baby had some issues and had been drinking alone at home (which is a *BIG NO NO*)
By the time I got home she was waaaaaayyyyy gone and threatning to throw up.
So being a good Daddy I put a bucket next to her and cooked food.
Fed my baby and took her to bed at 21:00.
She fell into a deep sleep.
Now I have trained her to give me a blowjob first thing every morning and then go make us coffee and come back to bed with it. I then have my coffee and a cigarette while she rides me. I know….my mornings are fucking heaven 😆
At 3 am last night Baby woke up and went on auto-pilot. So I’m having this amazing blowjob and I’m feeling great…when she stops and says… “Coffee?”
At this point I tell my sweetie:
“Darling, it’s 3 am”.
“Oh, sorry” she says and falls back asleep… So I do too.
I am awoken once again by her heavenly tongue and lips. At the point that I am about to fill her pretty little mouth with some well earned calories she stops and says….“Coffee?”.
I look at the clock.
“It’s 5am hunny”.
“Oh, sorry” and she turns around to go on sleeping.
I lie there with my pulsing cock for 15 minutes hoping to fall back asleep. I can hear she isn’t asleep yet….
I grab her hair and push her face onto my cock. She starts sucking like her life depends on it. Pushing her head further and further onto my cock till I’m nice and deep in her throat and know that she wants it badly. I take my revenge…I pull her back up by her hair and say…“Now, coffee”.


I was pregnant and I could feel the baby inside of me kicking and moving. It was my ex’s baby and he was avoiding me. I was so excited to be a mother but so scared at the same time. When I woke up I still thought I was pregnant. I had never been so relieved to be on my period before.

I woke up feeling pretty good this morning; there’s a wonderful thunderstorm and I got a decent amount of peaceful sleep, my cat was actually sleeping next to me (she doesn’t like to cuddle. Period.)

Silly me, I believed today would be a really good day. The best day I’ve had in a while.

But then the texts came in. Two of the stylists are sick and my boss forgot to pay taxes so of course its my fault. Technically it is, because I’m the one that pays them, but she always reminds me. Oops.

Oh, and the best text ever? My roommates wanna move out.

Normally, I’d be jumping for joy. They aren’t the best roommates or the easiest to get along with and I am not their fucking maid, but I degress.

Them leaving would either put me in a position of having to pay the $1,200 rent a month by myself or breaking the lease (also super duper expensive) and leaving me without a place to live. I cannot afford either of those options.

Thankfully, they’ve agreed to sit down and chat after we all get home from work tonight. Hopefully we can figure something out. Good thoughts, vibes, and prayers would be appreciated.

I can’t catch a break, can I?


Jacqueline woke up with a deep, guttural scream. Her throat was dry, her eyes full of tears, her forehead gleaming with sweat. Her breathing was still irregular, and she could feel a sharp pain in her neck right where she thought the knife had hit her.

Nate, besides her, stirred up. <<What’s going on, babe?>>, he asked confused, instinctively reaching for her belly.

Jacqueline shook her head. <<It was nothing, sorry. I was just having a bad dream>>, she reassured him, pressing her hand on top of his. <<We’re okay>>, she said smiling. Then, she curled back up into his arms and tried closing her eyes.

Just a dream. Just a dream. Just. A. Dream.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

You guys have absolutely blown me away.

This morning I woke up all bouncy because a year ago today I first started posting ‘He Knows He Needs to Stop’. I chirped “It’s my writer-versary!” to Mr. Downing and he sighed and said, “I was going to wait until tonight to share this with you but I just can’t.” Then he led me to the living room and put the laptop in my hands. Waiting was a 26-page document full of well-wishes, poetry, art, graphics, and a one-shot to celebrate my first year of writing.

I cannot begin to describe how overwhelmed I’m feeling. That you guys did this for me … well, I was stunned speechless then burst into tears. I have never felt so loved and accepted in my entire life and I will treasure this gift and your friendships for the rest of my life.

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Thank you so much (in order you appeared in the doc): Juulna, @thedarkside-and-thelight, @isharan, @reylorobyn2011, @shwtlee4reylo, @kyloshipsreylo, @reyofdawnworld, @i-am-thesenate, @reylosanctuary, @shadowlass, @applesith, @aliaoftheknife2015, @grlie-girl, @charlottecagain, @myjackiejackie01, @juliaaurelia-blog, @pissbabysithlord, @the-dark-becomes-you, @clockwork-cameo, @mweerden

I don’t want to share your creations because I don’t want anyone to think I’m the creator, but I do hope you’ll post them as they were all simply stunning.

I will write a post to the whole Reylo fam later, but I just really needed to say thank you to you all for this overwhelmingly wonderful gift. 

Welp last night I had the first panic attack I’ve had in like four years and it lasted for roughly 2-3 hours. I forgot what they were like, and it was different this time, so I panicked (obviously) bc I thought I was dying. I had to put together a puzzle to calm down and even then it didn’t really go away lol, I think my body just exhausted itself and I eventually fell asleep so that’s what I’m dealing with rn

I just woke up from the most realistic dream about my ex. We talked about the same kinds of things we used to talk about and I teased him for being a ditz, which he was at times. I could even see the little gold flecks in his eyes.

I think about him a lot lately. Not like I want to get back together, but just like… I hope he’s doing well. Not just doing well, I hope he’s thriving. They were laying off people at his job and had already cut his hours to 32 a week. Sometimes I pass places we used to go together or I end up in his part of town on a Friday and I wonder if I’ll see him and what I’ll say, if I even say anything at all.

I know it was the right thing for me to break up with him, and I don’t miss him, I really don’t… I just really and truly hope he’s happy, and if I’m being honest, I hope he’s so busy living his life that he never even thinks about me.

Pick Up, Put Down Method (PUPD)

So last night my husband and I partially set up Sydney’s new nursery.

I had made the decision that some type of sleep training needed to happen, so I decided to try the “pick up, put down” method (PUPD). Essentially, you put your baby down drowsy but awake, then move out of baby’s view. If they begin fussing or crying to the point you feel the need to intervene, pick them up to comfort them. Once they have stopped crying, set them back down and repeat the process until they are asleep.

I had prepared myself to be up all night. I had prepared myself to cry. I had prepared myself to get angry. But aside from the first one, everything went amazing!

As soon as I put her down, she was asleep within five minutes and I didn’t have to use the method!

After that, however, she woke every 1-1.5 hours. This seems like a really shitty thing, but on the contrary, whether I had to do PUPD or not, she was able to self-soothe EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! And within five or ten minutes!!!!!

I didn’t have to rock her once. I didn’t have to put her on the boob at all. I didn’t have to hold down any flailing limbs. I didn’t have to swaddle. I didn’t have to use the pacifier. I didn’t have to hold her to get her into a deep sleep before putting her down. Fed her three times instead of a million!

I also learned her “mantra cry.” Essentially, when she is put to bed by herself, she will cry in a way that allows her to self-soothe. It’s a repetitive cry that stays the same pitch. After realizing this is what was happening, I was able to let her do it without feeling guilt. And she would be asleep within ten minutes.

It was so awesome and I am so proud of her! I can only hope the longer we go, the easier it will be and the longer she will sleep!

I don’t know what changed – maybe the crib, maybe her not being able to see me, maybe my relaxed attitude, maybe everything. Whatever it was, it worked!

Been A Day

This morning I woke up around midnight feeling sick. Took a half dozen tums, used the bathroom a lot and finally dozed on and off. Called the OB at 7:30 and got told to come in. 90 minutes of monitoring later I got sent to the hospital for more intensive monitoring and another ultrasound because Grunt was overly quiet even though I had mild contractions.

6 hours strapped to monitors later, i was still technically having contractions but not progressing so they sent me home. Now I’m waiting for dinner to be done heating up and then I’m gonna crash. Next 2 days are going to involved bossing Mr Meggo around to get the house cleaned and limited activity so I *hopefully* don’t go back to the hospital until the c-section on Monday.

What a great day

I woke up feeling like a truck hit me while I was in south pole even if it was 30 degrees outside.

And, I need to get out of school early because me head is killing me and I feel like I’m going to throw up any second now…..

What a great day….

I wish I woke up to you.
I wish I rolled over only to find the comfort of my white sheets complimenting your blue compelling eyes.

I wish I got to see you every morning and learn your Dailey routine as my own;

Breakfast, bathroom, cigarette & coffee.

I wish the feeling and scent of your skin never left mine.

But instead, I wake up to the comfort of my sheets by myself.
With light from the sun piercing down on my empty bed.
I role over to find another pillow & barely have enough motivation to start my morning.

Thinking of you until I’m here.
Writing about you. Again.

-another one of my mornings

—  Loveme-never

02.24.17 // working at home today for a change of scenery!

This morning I woke up at 7:00, made pumpkin spice muffins (still need to work on the recipe a bit, but not bad), downloaded Mendeley, and started reading for my essay. I’m feeling a bit stuck on everything I actually have due next week (a seminar presentation in one class and reading for the other) but instead of forcing myself to do them right now and accomplishing nothing, I’m working on something else that feels more manageable/interesting to me.

I think that has been one of my biggest roadblocks in grad school - I get determined to finish X assignment today, can’t focus on it, and instead of moving on to Y, just stare at X and do nothing. So far doing something more interesting but less pressing seems to be working! This is also because I still have four days to finish my presentation though - this would not be my go-to method if it was due tomorrow!!