i woke up in a snowglobe

alldolleduppink  asked:

How about Mulder celebrates Scully's birthday vs Scully celebrates Mulder's birthday :)

this is too fucking long for it’s own damn good. the timeline here on some of these is kind of me trying to make sense of these episodes so it’s kind of out of skew here shhh i like it. also headcanon that my struggle took place in october because i’m sorry but that mess of six episodes DID NOT take place over six weeks. no way.

also i wrote most of this mess on my phone rip.

(these mulder vs scully prompts are so fun feel free to send more!)




Being back in the office is kind of strange. It’s been a few months since she’s been in it, of course, and she didn’t really expect to be back after leaving. Mulder’s almost different, too. He’s less animated, stares at her like he thinks she might break.

(They’ve only talked on the phone since his visit to the hospital. She’d prop the receiver between her shoulder and ear, sitting on the couch under at least three blankets at her mother’s demand, with his videotape in her lap. She’s missed him.)

“I missed your birthday,” she says. She reaches into her bag, past the tape, to the snowglobe she’d picked up at the hospital gift shop. It had a mini version of the Lincoln Memorial in it, which is kind of stupid, but it works.

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