i woke up at like 1:30 today

One thing that has come back up in my life recently is the idea that
“No one is coming to save you”

I tend to be passive. Passive aggressive. Passive in romantic relationships. Passive about my career. And I bet people who know me would never guess that because my moves look ambitious. But if I’m being honest, anxiety and my fear of rejection has me giving 75%, 50% sometimes, of the necessary effort to land the desired outcome.

I’ve taken a backseat to a few active goals recently and that position has me feeling frustrated af.

Asking for and getting help is good and necessary sometimes. We aren’t an island.

But no one can put in the remaining 25% of the effort needed for you to accomplish the goal.

No one is coming to save you. And waiting for that will keep you stuck and frustrated and in a “woe is me” position.

Get up. Wipe your tears. Smooth the wrinkles out of your skirt. Adjust your crown. And make the moves you know you need to make. Be your own hero.

I was planning to be super duper productive on comic work today but I am so dead tired after my shift yesterday — I have done NOTHING


18 June 2014 - Now
1 Year Anniversary