i woke up at like 1:30 today


depression, flare, headache, irritability, joint stiffness, nervousness, anxiety or mood swings, forgetfulness or lack of concentration,difficulty falling asleep or sleep disturbances,muscle tenderness, delayed onset muscle soreness, or muscle spasms, fatigue, feeling tired, or malaise, intense pain at night, nausea, difficulty digesting correctly, Tension or migraine headaches, Increase in urinary urgency or frequency (irritable bladder)
Reduced tolerance for exercise and muscle pain after exercise.

The above are SOME (not all) symptoms of fibromyalgia. These are all ones I deal with daily.
Fibromyalgia is often ignored by people and even the medical community as being all in ones head. I assure you, it is not.
In fact, my computer even keeps tagging fibromyalgia as not even a real word.
It is a real word. A real disease, too.
When people , family or “friends”, have said I complain too much , or I over react, or I don’t look sick, or tell me I should just exercise to lose weight, I just feel a pit opening in my stomach. How do you explain to someone that you are going through all this, along with diabetes, arthritis, a still undiagnosed back condition, and an immunity disorder and NOT sound like your complaining?
Im posting this for all the people who suffer with this same type of invisible illness, and who have been scoffed at, ignored, or misdiagnosed.
Today I have done nothing but sit on the couch since I woke up at 1:30 since I was up til 6 am . Like most night. I did walk to the end of my block, and was in such pain by the time I returned I had to pop some pain pills. Which I dont like because 1)the barely help 2) the cause constipation, and 3)They cause me to be hyper, so I cant take them at night, when the pain is the worst.
Not looking for sympathy or anything like that, just understanding.
Ive been called lazy, and whiny for most of my life, and told theres nothing wrong with you.
Sometimes that hurts more then the disease.

My first concert experience:

So, for anyone that doesn’t know, I went to Paramore’s GMA show today, marking my first official concert!!!!!! I went to bed around 12am, and I don’t think I actually fell asleep until about 1:30……. meaning I had 1 ½ hours of sleep. I woke up and took a shower and got ready, and before you know it I was on the line for GMA !!!!! I had vip tickets and took my sister along, and we both went inside and were in the second row (which was only a few centimeters away from the barricade anyways). Before the show began, the girl next to me had like a mini seizure and had to leave bc she fell on the floor and started twitching (I hope you’re doing okay now friend) and then we all kinda went silent until Paramore came on stage. They performed hARD TIMES, FAKE HAPPY, CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE, AND ROSE COLORED BOY DURING THE SOUNDCHECK AND I FREAKED n sang vERY LOUDLY. Also, I put my sign up (this one) and Justin read it and then gave me a thumbs up, which made me pretty happy!!! Time flew by and before you know it, it was time for Paramore’s actual TV performance. The interviewer mentioned how After Laughter was #1 on the rock charts and blah blah blah, and hayley quickly mentioned that charts don’t matter and that they did it for their enjoyment and for the fans (love u hayley) and bOOM CONCERT BEGAN!!!! WE SANG LOUDLYYY AND PEOPLE WERE DANCING IT WAS FABULOUSSSS. hayley’s pants zipper from the back side kept unzipping and after every song someone had to zip it back up (it was funny) and then the gma taping ended. paramore played 2 extra songs even after the tv performance ended just bc they love us so much. i believe the order was: Hard Times, Fake Happy, Rose-Colored Boy and then the extra songs they played just for us were Told You So & cAUGHT IN THE MIDDLEEEE. It was such a great experience and I’m glad I got to see so many different fans together enjoying themselves.

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So you are accepting prompts So I'd to send you mine. A cute sciles about them confessing their love/crush through texting? I love this texting dynamic but I hardly see it. Xx

Scott [1:25]: hey

Scott [1:26]: you awake

Stiles [1:27]: i am now

Scott [1:27]: sorry 😞 

Stiles [1:28]: don’t worry about it. i always have time for you, dude. what’s up?

Scott [1:28]: had a bad dream

Stiles [1:29]: normal bad or weird bad?

Scott [1:29]: there’s a difference?

Stiles [1:30]: yeah normal bad is run of the mill nightmares like showing up to class naked

Stiles [1:30]: weird bad is supernatural shit

Scott [1:31]: i don’t think this dream was either

Stiles [1:31]: but it was still bad?

Scott: [1:32] yeah. maybe. idk

Stiles [1:38]: you wanna tell me about it?

Scott [1:40]: nvm. it’s stupid. sorry i woke you up. night.

Stiles [1:41]: morning


Stiles [7:14]: i passed my physical today! 😀

Scott [7:15]: dude that’s awesome! i’m proud of you

Stiles [7:16]: i jogged 5 miles can you believe it? i can’t.

Scott [7:16]: was it hard?

Stiles [7:17]: lol yeah but i did it!

Scott [7:18]: when we meet up i’m taking you out

Scott [7:19]: to celebrate

Stiles [7:19]: out?

Stiles [7:19]: oh “out”

Scott [7:20]: yeah. What did you think i meant?

Stiles [7:20]: you were going to kill me like in a mob hit or something lol

Scott [7: 21]: lol wtf 🤣

Stiles [7:21]: or ask me out on a date lmao

Stiles [7:26]: scott

Stiles [7: 27]: scotty

Stiles [7:28]: dude you gotta remember to charge your phone


Scott [4:03]: stiles i have to tell you something

Stiles [4:04]: shoot

Scott [4:05]: i had the dream again last night

Stiles [4:06]: ready to share?

Scott [4:06]: it was about you. us. together.

Stiles [4:07]: wait didn’t you say it was a bad dream

Scott [4:07]: only bc it’ll never happen

Stiles [4:08]: you want it to happen?

Scott [4:11]: maybe

Stiles [4:11]: cool. let’s do it.

Scott [4:12]: but you don’t know the details

Stiles [4:13]: if i was with you i’m sure it was a good time 😘😉

Scott [4:13]: stiles stop i’m already dead

Stiles [4:14]: you made a love confession via text

Stiles [4:14]: that’s kinda cute tbh ilu2

Scott [4:15]: 😊

Today i Woke up at 1:30, stayed in bed till 3, havent eaten anything, havent done homework, and I’m over thinking, but I also feel fine. Its like the destructiveness of depression minus the sad

I woke up feeling like I’d done 100 sit ups today. The combination of 3rd trimester growth spurts and uncomfortable Braxton Hicks are taking their toll. This past week its felt like I’ve been carrying 15 bags of sugar with me everywhere so my pace has slowed right down, my heart rates gone up. Literally can you believe I’ve put on 15kg since April! Ah pregnancy… Can’t wait to meet this little baby now. It’s all getting very real!!

The Beginning to a new start Part 2 (Hayes fanfic)

A/N here’s the link to part one if you haven’t read it yet: http://magconn-lifee.tumblr.com/post/83634159587/the-beginning-to-a-new-start-part-1-hayes-fanfic oh btw I’m aware that Hayes is actually 13 and in 7th grade, but in this story he’s 14 turning 15 and in 8th grade. ok thanks!! -Keara

I woke up to the sound of my alarm playing “Primadonna” by Marina and the Diamonds. I looked over at the time, 6:30… great. Today was my first day at my new school. I’ve lived in the same town all my life, so I didn’t know what being the new kid was like. I got out of bed, took a quick shower, got dressed, did my hair, and applied light makeup. (final look: http://www.polyvore.com/first_day_school/set?id=120234400) Before going downstairs to eat, I looked in my new mirror mounted on the wall. I wasn’t the prettiest girl ever, but I also wasn’t ugly. I have bright blue eyes and long, wavy brown hair that goes to about the middle of my back. I feel like I’m always underestimated because I have glasses. After looking at my outfit one more time, I finally went downstairs to eat. When I got downstairs I noticed a note on the counter, “good morning Keara, your father and I have already left for work. Feel free to make yourself some cereal before walking to school. Have a good first day you’ll be fine! love you! -Mom”. At least it was warm today in North Carolina, so the 5 minute walk to my new school would not be a problem. I poured myself a bowl of cereal, eating quickly while scrolling through twitter. Once I had finished eating, I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door. I put my headphones in, listening to “Give me Love” by Ed Sheeren. As I was walking out my door, I noticed the boy next door was also leaving. As I walked by his house, out of the corner of my eye I saw him staring at me. I looked down at my feet as I walked, humming along to the song playing. I could feel the boy getting closer to me, so I picked up my pace a little bit. “Hey wait up!” the boy said, finally walking along beside me. I took one of the earbuds out of my ear and smiled over at him. “U-Uhm where ya goin?” the boy asked looking down at his feet nervously. He had long, dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with blue eyes that bright! “Oh I’m just walking to my new school”, I said. “Oh cool what school?” he asked, finally looking up at me. “Davidson Day” I replied smiling shyly. “Oh no way that’s where I go” he said, returning the smile. Okay well maybe now I’ll have a new friend at school. The rest of the way, we just walked in silence until he finally spoke again. “Oh by the way I’m Hayes” he said. “I’m Keara” I replied. “Keara, I like it it’s pretty” he said, causing his blue eyes to sparkle. I giggled a little saying, “thanks it’s gaylic, it means saint”. “Well then that name seems to fit you perfectly” he said smiling once again. We finally arrived at the large middle school and walked through the door. “Well bye Keara it was nice meeting you, enjoy your first day at Davidson Day”, Hayes said before giving me a little wave and walking down the hall. Since it was my first day, I had to stop at the guidance office to get my schedule. As I walked down the hallway kids started giving me dirty looks. I looked down at my black vans, avoiding all the looks and glares. Once I finally reached the office, I was greeted by a young, tall blonde woman. “Hi, you must be Keara! Welcome, I’m the 8th grade guidance councilor Mrs. Ford!” she said smiling and shaking my hand. “Hi” I replied back with a genuine smile. Mrs. Ford gave me lots of information about the school and the classes, before finally giving me my schedule and assigning me a locker. She walked me down the hallway and guided me to my locker. Since I’m only 5'2" and I was assigned a top locker, I had to reach on my toes to turn the lock. Once I put my bag in my locker and grabbed my notebook, Mrs. Ford escorted me to my first class. Since I was always very intelligent, I would be taking all honors classes. My first class of the day was honors English, which I was excited for because English is my favorite subject. Once we got to the class, I was introduced to my teacher before being assigned a seat in the front of the room. As I took my seat, I noticed the other students whispering and pointing at me. I opened my notebook, jotting down notes trying to ignore the constant laughs and glares. I was in the middle of copying down something from the board, when a little piece of paper was thrown at me. I carefully and quietly unfolded the little piece of paper. It read, “welcome to Davidson Day four eyes”. Great so this is what being the new kid was like. My thoughts were interrupted by the bell ringing. I quickly copied down the homework assignment, before getting up to walk to my next class. “Ok first period wasn’t great, but maybe next period would be better” I thought to myself. I was about to approach the door to my honors math class, when all of a sudden I was shoved into a locker. My back slammed hard against the wall, causing me to fall to the ground, dropping my notebook, along with my glasses flying off my face. A group of three girls and two boys stood there watching me and laughing. I tried to reach for my glasses, when one of the boys kicked them further down the hallway. This made the kids laugh even harder. “Oops sorry four eyes” a girl with blonde hair said smirking. The group of kids walked down the hall, as I returned to my feet collecting my notebook and glasses. I was already dreading the rest of the day, and I hadn’t even gotten to second period yet.