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Day 47 of #365Days
& Day 5 of Rizumo Week

They say you draw what is in your heart, then your body follows.

// The dream all Rizumo Shippers wants to see. XD

Rin, visiting Izumo at the middle of the Night (after Izumo’s Arc)

Izumo: Rin, what are you doing here? It is the middle of the Night.
Rin: Nothing. *kisses Izumo* Just making sure this is real.
Izumo: I am alive Rin, you saved me. Everyone had save me. Thank you.
Rin: Haha. You’re right, this is real.

This is real.

Restless Mornings

A/N: **SMUT AHEAD** YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. This is something I have had in my draft for a while now and finally decided to finish it. Dear lord help me I can’t believe I am actually posting this… I am not a pro at smut so I hope you enjoy lol. I need to go find some holy water RIP…

Sinful. She woke up with an unbearable heat between her legs and his name on her lips. Shawn had been on tour for months and his management generously gave him a weeks break before he returned for the last leg of the tour.

Not enough. She needed more time. She needed him.

She let out a shivered breath as she pulled back the duvet and her tiny, cold feet hit the floor. Walking through the house, she was desperately looking for the curly headed boy she was privileged to call hers. When she reached the kitchen, she found him standing with his muscular back exposed. Her eyes became darker at the sight. The things she wanted to do to that boy. He was in the middle of making them tea as he did every morning because he was always awake so much earlier than her. “Tea is the key” he would always joke and tell her and every time it made her laugh just as much as the first time. She walked behind him and snaked her arms around his waist, laying her head against his strong back. Feeling his muscles contract. He laughs softly when she childishly sticks her tongue out to touch his back. He reaches to lay his palm on the back of her hands.

“Well good morning to you too my love,” he says in a soft tone sending chills down her almost naked body. She kisses gently between his shoulder blades making his body shiver. He loved when she was like this. So sweet and needy. Needy for him.

“How did you sleep?” she asks him as she stands on her tip toes to softly peck a few kisses on his neck. “Pretty good but I forgot how much you like to move in your sleep” he laughs. He turns, now facing his beautiful girlfriend wearing his favorite t-shirt that was too big for her petite body, the sleeves falling off her shoulders. Her legs bare. She stares longingly at him for a while. Noticing how his jaw clenched at the sight of her. His cheeks rosy. She loved knowing she has such an affect on him. Her need for him was unbearable. He let his eyes rake down her body.

Oh how he worshiped that body.

“So what’s on your mind?” his thumb gently stroking her cheek, the warm contact making her want for him blossom. She needs more of him. He could tell she was bothered. Sexually frustrated.

“Oh nothing, I’ve just missed you is all,” sending him a smile. She cups his face in her hand, caressing his cheek with her thumb. He leans his head into her small hand. Closing his eyes to take in every ounce of her touch. “I’ve missed you just as much ya know, love?” he whispers then placing a hungry kiss on her lips. He grabs her hips trying to pull her as far into him as possible as if she would slip away from him at any time if he loosened his hold on her. She whimpers into the kiss making his body tense. God, all her noises were so sexy to him.

Slowly his hands slid under her shirt, sliding up her stomach. Her whole body went numb, and she couldn’t control herself anymore. She wants him with every ounce of her being. She needs to hear his moans, her moans. Together. She is begging to be touched by him right here, 
right now. Without hesitation, her hands are around his neck. She searches for his eyes desperately as she licks her dry lips. “I need you,” she spoke quietly in his ear, “so much.. please.” He smirks at her broken words because he knew, he
 fucking knew she was done for. Shawn kisses her neck softly. “Oh darling, you drive me so fucking crazy,” he whispers against her skin. He looks down at her. His eyes hungrily look over her beautiful body. She is flawless to him.

She is absolutely breath taking.

He kisses her, biting her bottom lip. He sucks it in between his teeth causing a moan to tumble from her plush lips. He picks her up without breaking the kiss. Her legs tangle around his body tightly as he heads for their bedroom. He lays her on their white duvet and quickly rips his shirt off her body. She’s completely naked underneath. He could never get used to seeing her body. She’s perfect to him. Every cute freckle, luscious curve, and beautiful scar. He just runs his fingers down her stunning body as he stares in awe.

“Fuck, I love when you don’t wear panties for me,” he says admiring her bare skin. He leans down to connect his swollen lips with hers. He begins leaving wet kisses on her neck, making his way down her body. Stopping at her stomach. “You’re so fucking beautiful you know? I just can’t ever get enough” he whispers against her skin. His hands ghost down her body as his lips make their way back up to her neck. Leaving open mouth kissing on her skin. Sucking on her skin as his fingers dig into her thighs making her skin burn from his touch. He slowly slides his finger across her entrance only to pull it away. She whines softly causing Shawn to smirk cheekily. He was pleased with the reaction he was given. “Oh goodness. You want my fingers inside you, doll?” he keens as he strokes his finger back across her slowly before pulling away his finger again. “Please, please do something,” she pleads. The lack of contact was killing her.

Hell he couldn’t stop. Not now. She needs him too much.

He can’t get enough. Seeing the desperation on her face. Watching her body tremble for him. “You want to fuck yourself on my fingers? Mmm, so needy for me. You’re fucking lusting. I love it. I really do, doll. But you’re gonna have to beg for it. You’re gonna have to tell me how bad you want it. How bad you want me.” He began kissing and biting on her neck while awaiting her response. The correct response. If she wants him, she is going to have to prove it. She began to beg him the only way she knew how, "Shawn please. I-I want you. God. Just fuck, fucking I need you. Need you so much.” By now she was panting. Longing for some kind of contact from him.

She begs so beautifully. How could he deny? “You sound amazing with my name on your lips like that, doll,” he whispers into her ear. His nose grazes the shell of her ear as he begins to slide two fingers inside her. She tosses her head back at the feeling of euphoria that’s consuming her. He loves knowing only he could drive her crazy like this. Only he could see her unravel like this. Only he could make her soaking wet. “Shawn, please,” she pleaded. He smirks knowing he’s got her good. He curls his fingers inside her. Just missing her g-spot leaving her helpless. She let a sigh fall from her swollen lips. He craves the glorious sound. He continued to move his fingers inside her slow as his other hand reaches up her body to play with her pink, stiff nipples that were lacking attention. He slowly pinched one between his thumb and index finger. Her back arched at his touch. Craving more. His mouth began leaving marks are her breasts as he kissed them. Assaulting them with his plump lips. Biting her skin, she is at his mercy and she needed more. He knew. But not yet. She has to wait. His fingers then take on another angle that barely brushes against her clit which causes her to let out a strangled whimper beneath him. He could tell she was starting to get close, so he slid his fingers out of her. Her cunt aches at the loss of him. Going down her body, he replaced his fingers with his tongue. Slowly sliding his tongue across the slit of her pussy. She was dripping for him. “Don’t tease me Shawn, please.” He began flicking his tongue across her throbbing clit. She arched her back again in pure bliss. “You like that baby? God you taste so sweet. Do you like when I fuck you with my tongue?” All she could do is moan in response. Holy fuck her moans drove him wild. “Dammit, you’re so good. So fucking good to me.” She lets a grumbled moan escape her lips trying to hold back. “It’s okay kitten, scream for me,” he says as he begins sucking hard on her clit. She could feel herself soaking his fingers. Dripping down her round thighs. She became a mess underneath. He continued licking her out, completely devouring every bit of her sweetness. He love the taste of her. He craved her. He circled his tongue around her clit as she came for him. Pulling his curly hair, she caused him to groan into her cunt. Sending vibrations through her core. She was moaning his name so gorgeously. Earning another growl from his parted lips. He slowly makes his way back up her body. Leaving open mouthed kisses as he licks all the way up to her neck. He stops and stares at her body underneath him. His cock is aching for her. He ruts his hips into the bed to give himself some relief. 

What a gorgeous sight she was.

Breathing deep, chest heaving. Ready for him. He wants to be inside her so terribly. Making her moan. Not yet. He needs to know how badly she wants it. He needs to hear how desperately she wants him, again. “What do you want, darling?” he asks as he begins kissing a line from her jaw to her breasts. Sucking harshly on them. “Please Shawn, you know what I want,” she says blushing. He looks up, smirking at her, “oh my pet, but I need to hear it from your beautiful lips.” He drags a finger across her bottom lip. She opens her mouth and sucks on it hard.  Taking him off guard, making him wince and groan softly in pleasure. So much that he almost completely lost it. She’s so good. "Shawn I want you to fuck me. Please baby. I need to feel you inside me,” she states quickly. She would usually be blushing at the words coming out of her mouth, but not this time. This time, she is completely shameless. This time she is tugging down his boxers. Begging for his cock to be inside her tight hole. She had longed for this moment ever since she got out of bed this morning. Actually, ever since he stepped through that door a few days ago, she’d been needy for him.

Her words turned him on even more. He grips onto her and flips them over. Placing his hands firmly on her waist. “Ride me, kitten. God please, let me watch you come undone for me. I wanna see you,” he whispers to her. She places her hands on his chest and begins grinding on him slow. Teasing him. His lips parted as he let out a low, throaty moan. She smirks watching her effect she has on him already. She then lowers herself onto his length nice and slow. Letting herself adjust. They both let out a moan together. Beautiful. She begins to ride him slow. Bouncing on him. Her breasts moving as she did. He was losing his focus as he watches his cock disappear into her cunt. He begins digging his fingers further into her skin. Leaving nail marks. “Fuck, you look so good on my cock. You feel so good. So good to me. So tight. So wet,” he was mesmerized as he watched her. He needed more of her. Now. He bucked his hips making his length go deeper into her, hitting her . She threw her head back in pleasure and screamed his name. Their bodies move in sync together. Their hips colliding as she quickens her pace. She began to scrape her nails down his toned chest making him wince beneath her. She was picking up her pace as her climax approached. “Baby, please,” she begged him. “Not yet my pet, I haven’t given you permission,” he growls. Spanking her for even proposing the sinful idea. “You have to tell me how bad you want it. Come on baby.” She strangles a moan. She knew she couldn’t last much longer, so words began pouring out of her mouth as she pleaded. "Please baby, let me come. I’ll be good for you. Please,” her lips trembling as she spoke. He can never win with her. She knew that all to well. He was obsessed with her. Consumed in the moment. “Shit, okay kitten okay.” He bucked his hips hard and fast as her orgasm rushed over her. Her legs shaking as she screams his name is pure bliss. "Shawn, please baby, don’t stop don’t stop”

“Fuck…” He thrusts inside her. She’s soaking his cock. Dripping all over his thighs. She continues to grind on him slow until he flips them over where he is now on top. Her hands grab onto his biceps as he leans down to her ear. “It’s my turn to have a little fun now, kitten.” She winces as he pushes his cock inside her swollen cunt. He starts slow but eventually picks up his pace. Their skin rubbing together creating friction between them. She whimpers trying to fight with the mixture of pain from being sensitive and the pleasure of feeling him inside her again. He can feel himself start to lose it. She can see that he’s close and she uses that to her advantage. “Come on love, let go for me. I want to see what I do to you, show me.” He keens at her words. He is completely done for. Making his thrusts become sloppy as he released into her. He came so hard his juices running down her legs. She doesn’t mind. In fact, she loves it.

He pulls out slow and looks at her body in awe. Her sore legs still trembling. He kissing her lips and tells her that he will be right back. He heads for the bathroom and comes back with a damp cloth. He presses it to her thigh and she shudders at the cool contact. He cleans her up and presses a kiss softly to the inside of her thigh. She whispers a soft thank you as he tosses the rag to the floor.

Shawn crawls in the bed next to her and wraps his arms around her small frame. Pressing her back into his chest, he moves her hair and leaves soft kisses on her neck. Her skin is so sweet as always. She turns around to face him and places her hands on his firm chest.

“Thank you,” she says so quietly that her words are barely audible.

He presses his lips to her forehead, and she smiles. This is his tender way of saying you’re welcome, I love you. He pulls her tighter into his chest as he whispers sweet dreams into her ear.

As she starts to drift off she feels him stir.

“Are you okay, love?”

He looks down at her and smiles. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking about you. Somebody was bold today with the dirty talk. Very sexy. Maybe you should try it more often.” He winks at her.

“Oh my god. Go to sleep you ass,” she says hitting his chest as she giggles.

He rests his chin on her head and she snuggles her face into his neck as they start drifting to sleep.

She smiles to herself because she knows wouldn’t rather be anywhere else than with this boy of hers. 

The Art of the Unusual Courthsip: by Kurt Weller and Jane Doe

1. First date: take her to one of the most popular landmarks in the city. Make sure she gets shot.

2. Second date: take her on an urban whack-a-mole adventure. You’re the moles. A drone is the whacker.

3. Third Date: take her to a cemetery and expose her to radioactive material.

4. Fourth date: time for something exotic. Take a trip together to somewhere you will be hunted like animals in the wilderness. Bonus points if she’s scared of flying.

5. Fifth date: take it up a notch. Don something fancy and go dancing at an upscale cocktail party. But make sure someone there tries to kill you. At least once.

6. Sixth date: ladies it’s time you take things into your own hands. Surprise him with something unexpected. Like showing up at his place and kissing him. And after that? There’s nothing a man loves more than you suddenly pushing him away and confusing the shit out of him.

7: Seventh date: plan something big and elaborate and get the both of you kidnapped by terrorists.

8. Eighth date: make things interesting. Start dating other people. But make sure you dial up the sexual tension between you and make sure everyone else is painfully uncomfortable.

9. Ninth date: don’t tell her she’s fat but challenge her to a race up 70 flights of stairs. Then promise her drinks but never end up going.

10. Tenth date: one of you take the initiative and frame your boss for a double homicide and then when things look like they cannot get any worse, get them killed.

11. Eleventh date: one of you get the other arrested and hand them over to the CIA to be thrown into a dark site  and tortured for three months.

12. Twelfth date: reunite after a period apart at some seedy motel and beat the shit out of each other. Wall slamming is encouraged.

13. Thirteenth date: dudes, surprise your soulmate with the news that you got another woman pregnant. They love that.

14. Fourteenth date: and again, start dating other people while being obviously so in love it makes people squirm in their seats. Sacrificing your lives for each other is also highly encouraged.

15. Fifteenth date: men, risk your career/job/future for the woman you love - but I mean, still, don’t tell her how you feel.

16. Sixteenth date: out of the blue, open up emotionally and expose all your vulnerabilities. Person on the receiving end of that sudden outburst must counter with showing up with first person’s favorite beer and offering a shoulder to cry on.

17. Seventeenth date: get her brother out of jail just because it will make her happy even if it makes no sense on any other level.

18. Eighteenth date:: take her to that cool hipster place that just opened, wear matching outfits and pour your heart out. Later, try to make out in a crowded bar with your friends sitting across the table.

19. Nineteenth date: thai curry. Or maybe help your friend break out from prison. Both very exciting.

20. Twentieth date: get stuck at work and make out in the basement.

21. Twenty first date: save the world from a nuclear disaster together and them admit your feelings over open comms for everyone to hear. It’s ok, it won’t come as a shock to anyone except to her because everyone has known since day one.

22. Twenty second date: show up at his place, make your friends scramble to leave awkwardly before you start tearing each others’ clothes off.

23. Twenty third date: get married.

24. Twenty fourth date: surprise him and disappear.

25. Twenty fifth date: surprise her and show up in the farthest corner in the world where she has been hiding. And then make her glow.

last night i woke up around 3 am, wrote 222 words of fic, closed my laptop and went back to sleep. i forgot doing it until around midmorning, and then i wondered if i’d dreamed it, but i checked my drafts file and nope 

since i have no idea what middle-of-the-night me was doing, i’m not likely to ever finish it, so here ya go: 

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gajevy-trainwreck  asked:

Ohhh could you do one where the RFA + V + Saeran switch bodies with MC for a day please? I really enjoy your writing! :D

Sorry for the delay with this one! This submit has been sitting in my inbox for awhile now and I apologize. There’s been a series of mishaps, such as me finally finishing this imagine and my internet shutting off. Or my drafts just magically not saving. All of which sucks because this request is so fun!^^

I also apologize if this is too long for your liking.

Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it~!


  • you woke up cuddling with zen in his bed
  • you were the big spoon???? how is he fit so snuggly against you like this??? Why he so smol???
  • your eyes open in panic
  • “WHY AM I CUDDLING ME” you scream “WHY IS MY VOICE SO DEEP” you scream again
  • the MC that you were snuggling with opens their eyes in panic when they hear you scream
  • “WHY ARE YOU ME?” they scream, then clamp their hands around their own mouth once they hear their own voice
  • You get up and run to the bathroom to look in the mirror
  • White hair, red eyes, gorgeous looks
  • “I’M ZEN!” you yell
  • you hear running and suddenly the MC from before is right next to you, also staring into the mirror
  • “I’M MC!” they yell
  • you both look at eachother “I’M YOU!”
  • *cue panicking in the bathroom for like 2 hours*
  • when you both finally calm down, you’re sitting on the floor with your backs pressed up against the walls
  • MC/Zen speaks up first, “MC?”
  • “Yeah, Zen?”
  • “Can I just say that you look absolutely beautiful today?” He winks.
  • You giggle, “Oh thank you! I’ve been working out!” You lift your/his shirt up to show off your/his toned abs.
  • You spend the next hour making jokes of the similar caliber
  • While laughing, you go to run your hands through your/his hair and are greeted with a long silky ponytail
  • A devious smirk crosses your face as you think of a joke
  • “Zen?”
  • “Yes, MC?”
  • “What would you do if I were to…” You slowly stand up. He/you looks uneasy.
  • “…cUT OFF YOUR PONYTAIL” you take off running toward the kitchen where you know a pair of scissors is
  • he’s screaming pleads and chasing you


  • baby wakes up next to your warm body and decides to go make breakfast for the both of you
  • he goes in the kitchen and makes omurice (which i highly recommend that shit is GOOD)
  • once it is plated he sets the two dishes onto the counter and goes to wake you up
  • the other Yoosung stirs and slowly wakes up
  • they make eye contact
  • and sCREAM
  • “ARE YOU ME??”
  • Both confused. both screaming. both end up hugging each other for comfort.
  • while crying he gets a glance of himself in the bedside mirror
  • he sniffles “Oh…I’m so cute…”
  • “Me too!” you dramatically cry.
  • “Thanks, honey.”
  • “Thank you too, honey.”
  • you calm down and try to make it through the day
  • the blind belief that this will all be sorted out in the morning was the only thing driving you
  • thank the stars that it was a weekend and neither of you had anything planned.
  • you both eat breakfast and chat, still getting used to your new bodies
  • after a bit of settling down, you get notification from a guild member requesting your assistance in LOLOL
  • Yoosung tells you that you need to play for him
  • and omg
  • you suck
  • the guild members are yelling and asking you if you are alright
  • Yoosung needs to take over before you destroy his ranking
  • Everyone hoots and hollers at the girl in the voice chat and Yoosung is pissed
  • Why can’t he be a girl and play without being harassed
  • Makes a mental note to scold the men in his guild once this is over


  • she wakes up next to you
  • immediately sees that she was sleeping with herself??
  • silently panicking
  • checks a mirror to see if she’s a ghost or something
  • she’s you??
  • you’re her??
  • silently panics harder
  • shakes you awake
  • “MC, something is wrong.” Her voice comes out fast and urgent.
  • You immediately see that she is you
  • “WHAT.”
  • “MC, I have work today! I can’t go into the office like this! You don’t work there! And there’s no way Mr. Han will give me a day off!”
  • You realize what you are going to have to do
  • You start silently panicking
  • she helps you slip into work clothes and heels
  • you wink at yourself in the mirror and put up finger guns
  • “None of that. I would never do that.” She scolds with a smile.
  • “Yes, ma’am.” You salute
  • “I wouldn’t salute either.”
  • “Yes, ma’am.” No salute this time.
  • Once you get to C&R, a crushing anxiety hits you
  • you walk in, heart pounding
  • you find you desk and sit down
  • there are sticky notes everywhere with reminders of what you need to get finished
  • and people keep coming by your desk to glare at you and give you more work
  • it’s hell
  • you don’t even know the password to her computer
  • you give up and just start throwing office supplies at your co-workers when they have their backs turned
  • it was fun for about an hour until THE Jumin Han catches you
  • he leads you to his office
  • P AN I C
  • he sits down at his chair behind the desk
  • “Care to explain.”
  • “Uhhhh, Jumin-I MEAN- Mr. Han.”
  • fukin nailed it
  • “You are acting quite strange today, Assistant Kang.”
  • “N-No, I’m not!”
  • He raises an eyebrow and you feel your face go warm in embarrassment
  • You cough. “Sorry, sir.”
  • “Care to explain yourself?”
  • You don’t know how to respond.
  • “I could fire you for this. You have done nothing productive all day and have even interfered with the productivity of other employees,”
  • You’re freaking out. You can’t be the reason Jaehee loses her job!
  • he continues, “furthermore-”
  • he looks taken aback, “Assistant Kang-”
  • “I’m not Jaehee!”
  • it takes A LOT of convincing but he finally gives you a ‘sick day’ until this is all cleared up.
  • you go home and collapse into Jaehee’s arms
  • she works so much
  • you’re glad that she at least got to sit at home and do nothing in your body


  • he’s mentally freaking the fuck out when he first sees you sleeping in his body
  • keeps calm and emails the correct people to tell them that he can’t come to work today
  • you wake up to the smell of strawberry pancakes
  • you follow the scent to the kitchen
  • you let out a little shriek and the MC making pancakes jumps a little
  • You hear them inform you of a little mishap
  • it’s weird to hear your own voice sound so formal
  • “Jumin.”
  • “Yes, MC?”
  • “I’m in your body.”
  • “yes, it appears so.”
  • The rest of the day is you just breaking his character
  • You call the chef
  • they pick up and ask you what you would like
  • “Is our company’s refrigerator running?” you ask, making sure your voice sounded deep and stoic
  • “Yes, sir.”
  • “Hmm, you better go catch it.”
  • Before the chef can even respond, you start laughing like a school girl and you hang up
  • You go into the chatroom
  • You text Zen:
  • you: I LOVE YOU ZEN
  • zen: ??????
  • you: I. LOVE. YOU.
  • zen: wtf????? ew????
  • zen: aren’t you with MC????
  • zen has left the chatroom
  • Jumin can’t tell if this is the worst day of his life (his image is destroyed) or the best day (he’s been staring at himself in the mirror all day. you can’t leave him if he is you)


  • you wake up to loud screaming
  • “Luce, what the hell?”
  • then you open your eyes
  • to meet…your own eyes??
  • You look around the room…well…you try
  • “I CAN’T SEE!” You panic.
  • “Oh, here!” He puts his glasses on you.
  • “Oh, hey gorgeous.” You wink.
  • “Hey~” he bats his eyelashes
  • “So what happened?” you ask, sitting up.
  • “We switched bodies. I don’t know how or why.”
  • “Oh cool. It’s like a filler episode, right?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • You study him/you
  • he seems to be also studying his own body
  • he starts by touching his/your face, feeling your features
  • then he touches your hair, “Hmm, soft.” he mumbled
  • then he pulls the blanket off of his legs and trails his hands up and down them. then to your arms.
  • he drops back down to your hips and trails him hands up, resting them on his breasts.
  • he squeezes
  • he squeezes again
  • “SEVEN!”
  • he looks at you innocently, hands still cupping boobs
  • You gesture to his hands.
  • “Hey, you can touch whatever you want on me, deal?”
  • “Okay, deal.”
  • You run your hands over his body a couple times
  • You get bored pretty quickly
  • You gasp, “CAN I TRY ON YOUR OUTFITS?”
  • He gasps, “CAN I TRY ON YOURS?”
  • “YEAH.”
  • “THEN YEAH!”
  • “AWWW YEAHHHHHHH” He runs over to your closet and immediately starts making outfits
  • You do the same.
  • You both try them all on and strut around.
  • fucking nerdssss


  • You wake up in the morning and stretch
  • you open your eyes
  • “V, HELP, I CAN’T SEE!”
  • V wakes up to your screaming
  • immediately turns to the source of your screaming
  • is shocked to see everything so clear and bright
  • he sees himself/you looking around frantically
  • how was he looking at himself, and how was he looking??
  • “Calm down!”
  • You turn towards the sound of your own voice
  • “Is that you, MC?” he asks, trying his best to keep calm.
  • “Y-yeah?”
  • You cannot see anything out of one eye, and the other only supplied you with a huge blurry mass
  • but you could see colors
  • and the person talking to you did not have the same colored hair as V
  • they actually had the same colored hair as you
  • “Is that you, V?”
  • He hums a yes, “I think we are not in our correct bodies”
  • You take a moment to process this, you suddenly get really excited
  • “Wait…so you can see!?”
  • he matched your excitement
  • “Yes, everything is clear!”
  • You heard him take a sharp intake of breath
  • “I’m going to go look at you.” and with that you could feel him get out of bed and almost run to a mirror
  • it took longer than a look in the mirror usually should
  • but that boy was trying to memorize every detail of your face
  • deep down he knew this wasn’t going to last, so this would be his first and last time seeing you
  • when he hears you calling him, he hesitantly looks away from the mirror and goes back to you
  • “You’re beautiful.” He greets.
  • You blush, “V, let’s go everywhere we can! You need to see things!”
  • He helps you out of the house
  • You go to the park, stare at the sky, and feed the birds
  • V takes the prettiest pictures
  • You even call 707 to give you a ride to the   b e a c h
  • he stares out the window the whole time
  • He watches the ocean and observes the tiny granules of sand
  • throughout the trip he cannot stop looking at himself in reflections and his phone camera
  • takes so many selfies in your body
  • the nicest selfies
  • better than any selfie you’ve ever taken
  • he sees so many pretty things that day, but he thinks that you were the prettiest by far


  • you wake up to see yourself staring at you with wide eyes
  • he is not saying anything
  • “I’m you.”
  • he says nothing
  • “And you’re me.”
  • still silent
  • you cannot tell if he’s calm
  • or just silently freaking out
  • he is expressionless in your body
  • you, however, are having a great time taking as many selfies on your own phone as possible
  • smiling pics of Saeran, fuck yeah
  • he keeps playing with his hair
  • “It’s so soft.” he mumbles.
  • is constantly brushing it
  • “so pretty.” he whispers to himself when looking in a mirror
  • he feels so fragile he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you so he tries his best to stay still
  • keeps gently touching your face
  • he just sits somewhere and makes a bunch of facial expressions just to know what it feels like when you make them. just imagine him scrunching up your face and smiling and just trying to make faces that he’s seen you do
  • you haven’t mastered the art of bitch facing like Saeran
  • everytime you look in the mirror to imitate his glare, you just start giggling at how cute you look
  • you’re both too cute
Worst Kind Of Torture - Kylo Ren

Here’s a little drabble I wrote about Kylo Ren!!

Originally posted by kylos

Your eyes slowly fluttered open and you were met with the soft glow of starlight. From your side of the bed, the window shed the light on your face and illuminated the rest of the room. You turned over from under the covers, reaching over in search of warmth. Your hand was met with bare sheets. Despite your tiredness, you sat up to scan the room. Under half lidded eyes, your gaze landed on Kylo Ren’s exposed back. You scooted out of your bed, letting your bare feet hit the carpeted floor. Taking quiet steps, you made your way over to his form.

“Hey,” you whispered, gently resting a hand on his bare shoulder. He jumped a little under your touch and you knew instantly why he was up. You sat down next to him, on the edge of the bed. “Another nightmare?” You trailed your fingers down his spine and every so often, you’d feel the rough skin of a healing scar. He shivered slightly under your touch, but not because he was cold. He looked up, turning his head to look into your face. His dark hair was long enough to fall in front of his eyes. You moved your hand from his back to brush the strands away from his face.

“It was a memory,” he whispered, chilling you to the bone. His voice was drenched with exhaustion and something you could only place as sadness. Kylo grew quiet again, turning his head to stare off at a blank wall in the room. Your hand placed itself comfortingly on his upper back, warming the soft skin there. “It felt like I was back there,” he whispered, “the draft of cold air and the adrenaline. I felt everything, all over again.”

He had described to you what it was like many times before; how, in a split second, he ignited his saber and burrowed through his father’s chest. The first few nights after Han Solo’s demise, Kylo woke up in sweats and haunted by night terrors.

“It’s part of my training,” he had said, “don’t worry. It’s alright Y/N.” As it turned out, it wasn’t alright. At least one night a week, possibly more, you were stirred awake by Kylo’s mumbling. He would often recite his internal monologue of the moments before his father fell off the bridge and into the darkness below. Some nights, you’d ignore it since the nightmares occurred so frequently. Nights had passed quietly until now, the horrors of Kylo’s past choices haunting him once more.

“Memories,” you said quietly, “are the worst kind of torture.” He turned his head, dark eyes peering down at your face which was cast in moonlight.

“It’s not torture. Supreme Leader Snoke mentioned that old Sith-” you pressed your thumb to his bottom lip. His voice stopped at your touch, knowing better than to continue when you had something to say.

“Memories are the worst because, even when it’s the furthest thing from thought, your mind replays them. Over and over again. It dwells on them, brings them to light and puts on a show of your past choices.” Kylo’s jaw clenched at your words, he knew you were right.

“Your mind knows what you refuse to believe,” he swallowed hard at that. Blinking to keep possible tears from spilling down his sharp cheeks. “You regret what you have done.”

Underneath your fingertips, you could feel his back muscles tighten. His whole body was reacting to your words, not in a kind way. The prolonged nights of reliving such vile actions as chipped away at him. His memories leaving his heart as scarred as his skin.

“H-How,” he paused, looking down at the floor, “how do I stop it?” You moved your hand slowly against his skin, rubbing his spine once more with a gentle touch.

“You make new memories,” you whispered, pulling his face by his chin and making him look at you. Shame covered his features and you felt your heart break looking at him. “Make memories to be proud of.” You offered him a soft smile, one that he tried his best to mimic. He was far too tired to show any other emotion, other than sorrow. You brushed his hair away from the side of his face and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek.

“But in order to make those new memories, you have to rest.” You stood up and Kylo let out a small sigh. One of relief, having his worries calmed by you. You walked to you side of the large bed and crawled back underneath the sheets. Kylo followed suit, scooting closer to you than he was before you’d fallen asleep. You settled your head on a pillow, facing Kylo. You met his gaze and smiled lazily once more.

“Thank you, Y/N.” Your steady breath tripped up at his words. You were fortunate in that you saw a side of Kylo Ren that no one else got to see; a softer, more vulnerable man than he cared to admit. Despite your unique view, you knew that Kylo Ren rarely uttered the words “thank you” to anyone. Those two, soft-spoken, words melted your heart.

You scooted closer to him, tucking your head beneath his chin. You felt him un-tense and relax into your warmth. It was these little moments your mind played over and over again. Not to torture you, not exactly. It was the memories of moments like this one that reminded you there was still something human in the man you dared to love.

Next Door ~ S.Coups Pt.1

Word count: 2.2k
Genre: College!au, fluff, drama, comedy, slice of life, romance
A/N: This was in my drafts for so long I forgot to post it. *smiles shyly* 
Enjoy reading! 

Y/B/N - Your brother’s name

Pt.1 || Pt.2 || Pt.3

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“He deserves a punishment.”

You woke up to the sound of the alarm clock, too lazy to get out of bed and continue the same routine everyday. You couldn’t take it anymore but you had to endure, since the boys you were staying with were the boys you loved the most.

Your nephews, Jaewon & Jaemin- your older brother’s sons. He left them in your care about 3 months ago when he suddenly barged into your new apartment, panting with the kids.

“Y/B/N, you know how much I hate people who don’t ring the door bell before coming in…” you whined as you turned around. “What’s going on? What happened?” 

You saw your brother, who was dead exhausted, soaked from the rain with his sons in his arms and bags behind him. 

“It’s Hana.” he paused. “When I got home from work, Jaewon ran to me, crying- saying their mom brought home another man. Out of anger I took the boys and left. You wouldn’t mind if we stayed here for a while until I save up for a new apartment?” 

With pity you hugged your brother. “Of course.. yes. I’ll let you stay here even it takes years.” 

Looking back at that time, you couldn’t believe how your sister-in-law would do such a move to your brother. When she was introduced to your family, she looked pure and innocent and was someone you trusted. She was the sister you never had. But in the end you confirmed the saying that “seeing is deceiving” was indeed true. 

You cooked pancakes and Jaemin started to cry. “Shh now Jaemin you’ll wake the neighbors.” you cooed him as you carried the almost 1 year old child in your arms. “If you cry, no pancakes from Auntie Y/N.” you singsonged.

Jaewon, the 3 ½ year old, woke up in his pj’s. The little boy tugged the ends of your apron. “Hungry, Jaewon?” He nodded, taking the first bite of pancake, and you knew the smile on his face was enough for him to stay happy. 

“Aunt Y/N. More more?” he pointed at the sliced pancakes. “Alright dear, but only one okay? We have to hurry to bring you to Grandad and Granny.”  

Seungcheol woke up with sun rays that blinded his eyes. It was 7 in the morning and his friends slept over after another party at his place. “Ugh.” he grunted lowly, staring at his group’s drunk dead bodies. “Guys wake up, we have school. Class’ at 9.” 

The rest of the boys, that is, not even half of his squad- Jeonghan, Soonyoung and Joshua. “5.. more.. minutes..” Soonyoung said in his morning voice. Seungcheol sighed at the younger one, pulling the blanket in irritation. 

“Yeah your definition of 5 minutes is an hour.” Seungcheol rubbed his temples. “Get up or I’m leaving you behind.” 

Seungcheol lived alone since when his father kicked him out of the house, which was a little over a year ago. He was against his father’s new intention for the company, much to that it will benefit his family and not the world. His mother wanted for him to come back but there was no guarantee that that’ll change Seungcheol’s mind. 

Breakfast was always rushed whenever the boys were around. Either they all took a bite or nothing at all. This time, they skipped, again. “Are you all ready?” 

Seungcheol yawned, fastening his seat belt. “Cheol, isn’t that Y/N?” Joshua pointed at you, who was now putting Jaewon and Jaemin in the booster seats.

“Hm yeah. She lives next door.” Seungcheol looked at you. “She has kids?” Jeonghan raised a brow. 

Seungcheol shrugged. He didn’t know much about you but this view of you to him was, very interesting. “I think there’s something the entire school doesn’t know about.” 

“I’ll see you later boys.” you kissed their foreheads, Jaemin already crying in Granny’s arms. 

You drove off and to be honest, the school wasn’t that far from your parents but you’d rather drive than to walk. As you arrived by the entrance of the school, a crowd already gathered at your usual spot. “What’s going on?” you murmured. 

You got out of the car and swung your bag to your back. “Why are you all here?” you asked the others, who were slowly walking backwards. Since you got no response, you ignored them and went to your locker. 

Irritated because you felt the presence of people tailing you from behind, your head ached after seeing people crowded the newsboard. Pushing your way through, you saw words of false statement. Y/N has kids. I got proof. 

There was an arrow pointing below, and the picture showed you with your nephews, clearly taken this morning. “Who did this?” you asked. Frowning, you angrily tore the paper from where it was, turning around to the people you knew who were following you. “I said who did this?!” 

No one dared to look at you, after all you were part of the Student Council and never have you raised your voice besides the President. You crumpled the paper and threw it to the ground, and without stopping to think for a second, you entered the meeting room with heavy steps. 

“Pres,” you loudly pushed the door open. “What is this lie?!” you wriggled and shoved the picture to his face. 

“Y/N I can’t see it if you put it that close to- oh wow.” Jonghyun was taken aback. “If it’s that act then we all know who caused it.” He stopped to put scratch his chin. “Oh what’s his name? Seungkwan?” he furrowed his brows. 

“That’s definitely not me, I’ll never do that to Y/N.” Seungkwan butted back, the secretary. 

“It’s Seungcheol, Pres.” Nayoung gave him a glare of frustration, while she continued to count the finance. 

“Mingyu, you better do something about it. I mean he’s your friend,” you sighed. “Can’t you talk to him?” 

The boy just smiled, like he always did. He let his legs rest on the meeting table while he twirled his pen around. “I’ll talk to him.” 

“Make sure you do it or else,” Jonghyun warned as he sat back down. “Anyway, let’s start. Minutes ready?” 

Lunch came and you were in queue to get your meal. You thought anyone could do that but, Seungcheol? He used to be in the Council up until last year. 

The cafeteria became noisy when he came with Jeonghan and Mingyu. “Yawawoh! What’s today’s menu?” Your head fumed, rolled your eyes as you went to an empty table. 

Your phone vibrated in your pocket, assuming it would be your mother, who would always send you pics of the boys at this hour. Flattened lips curved as you saw Jaemin’s face covered with oatmeal. You giggled, at least this one bit made you happy today. 

“How’s your son doing?” you hear Seungcheol approaching your table. 

“Fyi, he’s not my son.” your hands balled into fist as you turned to Mingyu. “Hey I thought you’ll talk to him about it?” Mingyu just shrugged, “Tried to, he won’t listen.” 

You glared at Seungcheol, who smirked at your reaction. Oh how you wanted to kick his stomach for being obnoxious. Just the sight of him ticked you off. “Well Gyu, you’re not aggressive enough. I’m leaving.” 

Seungcheol pulled you as you stood up, your back against his chest. The chairs screeched the floor, your palm slammed onto the table. It was that much force the entire cafeteria had their eyes on you both. “You’re being rude.” he whispered to your ear. 

“Talk about being rude.” you wiggled from his hold and left. 

“She’s so mad at you.” Jeonghan chuckled, popping a fry to his mouth. 

“I like teasing her, with or without reason. She’s cute when she goes all feisty.” he joined Jeonghan and they both laughed. 

“You have to know your limits, Hyung. You and I both know what you plotted was not true.” Mingyu took a sip from his coffee. 

“It was all for fun, Gyu.” Seungcheol wiped his hands. “Just how much longer do I need wait to have a normal conversation with her?” 

Your hand curled in anger as you heard Jaemin cry for the 3rd time. The boys next door were so loud and your nephew couldn’t get some sleep. It was already 9 in the evening and they were not ashamed of themselves. You carried Jaemin in your arms and Jaewon soon hugged your leg. 

Got outside of your apartment and knocked- actually slammed several times- onto Seungcheol’s door. “Choi Seungcheol!” 

The door opened with Chan’s soon-faded smile. He raised his hand and clicked a button on the stereo’s remote. “Y/N noona..” The loud music halted and you stormed into the apartment with no regrets. 

“Choi Seungcheol!” your eyes widened with the amount of boys in his living room. “Where is he?” 

Soonyoung’s lips agape and pointed towards the kitchen. You gave Jaemin to the surprised boy and Jaewon soon sat on his lap. 

You entered and saw Seungcheol drink water. “Ah you’re here. I don’t remember inviting you though.” 

“Cut the crap Seungcheol, my nephews can’t sleep because of you.” 

He nodded, gulping the few litres left from the glasses. “Me? I’m just here. Ask them, they’re the ones who’re noisy.” 

“But you’re the one responsible.” you rubbed your temples. 

“Fine I’ll apologise on their behalf.” he rounded his words with sarcasm. “I’m sorry for being a jerk and spreading lies in school. If you want I’ll do anything you say, to keep you convinced.” 

You stayed silent and noted his sincerity even if there was sarcasm, and honestly, you like where this was going. You left the kitchen and into the living area. “You’ll do anything I’ll say?” 

By this time the rest of the group watched you, curious with the conversation. “Yeah. Anything, no complaints.” Seungcheol scratched his head. 

“Okay, you’ll babysit my nephews on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, and a whole day on Fridays.” you turned to him as you eye-smiled the boy, he raised his eyebrows and you sensed the shock in his eyes. 

He remained his cool. “Hm, already know my schedule huh. Never knew you stalked me.” he stared at you and tried to reach for your waist, but you knew his intentions and backed up a little. 

“I’m not into guys who thinks the girl’s flirting on them. There’s a schedule stuck on your pinboard.” you nod your chin up, pointing to his back. “And it belongs to.. Seungcheol.”

The boys laughed at their friend, flustered in embarrassment. Some of them already hitting each other because they have never seen him so silent. You carried the Jaemin and Jaewon held your hands. 

“F-fine.” he rolled his eyes. “When do I start?” Seungcheol sat down on a massaging armchair. 

“Friday, that is tomorrow.” you kept your smile. He sighed at the sudden schedule. You chuckled with bitter. “I thought you said ’no complaints’?” 

“Too soon.” he excused. 

“My parents went on a vacation and my brother’s relocated to Japan. I’ll be busy for council camp. I’ll leave them to you.” you waved to the rest of the boys. “Hope you have a goodnight.” 

A little over an hour since you left his apartment, Seungcheol received endless of savagery and laughs from the group. 

“If you weren’t such a jerk you wouldn’t have to come to this.” Jun hit Wonwoo so hard from laughing. 

“Hyung deserved it! Noona is so kind to everyone.” Dokyeom swayed in his seat.

“Everyone but me!” Seungcheol stood up, he flung his arms in the air. 

Jihoon laughed, “You just had to spread it.” 

Jeonghan, who knew a little of Seungcheol’s past, decided to cut the conversation. “If you didn’t.. well did that- I bet you, Y/N wouldn’t behave this way.” 

Seungcheol knew what he meant. It was only a mistake and he couldn’t believe you hated him for that. “Up until now you actually believe I was at fault, Han?” 

“I didn’t say anything further and I wasn’t siding on anyone.” Jeonghan laughed as he lightly punched Seungcheol. 

“Okay let’s end here.” Joshua chuckled. “Movie night everyone?” 

Seungcheol rested his head onto the pillow, he reflected on what had happened that time. What the heck has gotten into you Y/N? 

“Here’s the bag for the diapers and milk. The onesies are in here too, good for 5 days. Bibs are at the pockets inside. Remember to read Jaewon books before he sleeps. Put Jaemin to sleep first, then read. If there are any problems,” you handed him the list. “Just call me. I gotta go. Nayoung’s waiting.” you pecked your nephews’ foreheads. “Be good to Uncle Seungcheol.” 

“Won’t I get a peck too?” he pouted with puppy eyes. 

“Keep dreaming.” you left as you shut the door behind you. 

Nayoung waved at you and gestured to hurry up. She had been your best friend since kindergarten. She knew about the incident and was quite disgusted of what Seungcheol had done. Once you got into the car, Nayoung was a little worried. “Is it alright if you leave the boys to him?” 

“He deserves a punishment.“ you said as you buckled up your seatbelt. “Let’s go?” 


Oh No? Hybrid!Joshua Fluff

Oh No?

words:601(I know it’s short)

Originally posted by visual-17

You stubbed your damn toe, for like the 7th time that week. You heard the jingle on Jisoo’s collar as he ran down the stairs hearing your mumbled curses. You took your shoe off as Jisoo had sat you down.

“Jagiya..You really should be more careful.” You sighed as your boyfriend tried to pamper you.

“I’m really fine Jagi..” You groaned as you sat up, his hand rested on the small of your back as he looked at you in concern. You always get hurt, you’re such a klutz. You’re lucky you had someone like Jisoo around, you’d lose your limbs without him. He sat you on your couch and had run to the kitchen probably to get some medical supplies.

Sigh. sometimes he’s too sweet. It’s sickly. But you still love him for it. He ran back into the room with a band-aid, some Tylenol, and an icepack. He started to apply the band-aid when you struck some conversation.

“How was your day Jagi?” He looked up and hesitated from being broken from his concentration. He blinked and said, “Well.. It could have been better, I wish you could stay at home all day.” You wish you could too.

It would be better than to work your horrible job. You had to be in contact with angry people, your boss wasn’t really any different. You wish you really could just sit in bed with Jisoo all day. You felt bad because he was a hybrid, you couldn’t invite people over because you would have to shove Jisoo in a room. People can’t know you have a literal cat human as your boyfriend. It killed you to have to basically lock him in there with food and a tv and computer. He had to be entertained somehow. When you would leave him in there, he would still text you things that would just break your heart. So you kind of just didn’t ever go out or do anything other than to go to the store and go to work.

When he did go out, however, he would wear some type of hat and stuff his tail somewhere. Sometimes you’d take him when you were gonna shop for the next week or two. He would always want things and sneak him into the cart. Sometimes you thought he was a puppy more than a cat. Only sometimes.

Back to reality Y/N.

You were brought back from your thoughts when Jisoo had just finished putting everything on and placed an ice pack on your foot. You squealed at the cold feeling. He smiled gently as he covered you in your favorite soft blanket and sat next to you.

It was so cold, he was so warm. You quickly cuddled into his form and he chuckled softly.

“Oh no? Is my baby cold?”

You smiled at him slightly as his arms wrapped around you. Whatever was on the tv was lost. You couldn’t care less about what was happening other than Jisoo nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck. You started to fall asleep to the slight purring from Jisoo and the muffled voices on the tv.

You woke up to the slow breathing of Jisoo next to you. You slowly opened and rubbed your eyes. You checked the clock next to you, 4:03 am… You smiled at your boyfriend’s peaceful state. He moved slightly in his sleep and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. You decided that it was for the best that you fell back asleep. Maybe you will be calling out sick tomorrow.

SORRY, I HAVEN’T POSTED IN SUCH A LONG TIME! I’ve had a writer’s block and a bunch of complications, so here’s something that’s been in my drafts incomplete. -Young-sook.

Cole lurking on tumblr?

So yesterday around 1 am European (German) time, I posted this old picture of Cole:

with this caption:

link to the post

I randomly stumpled upon this picture about a week ago on Google images (I don’t even remember what I’ve searched for, but it was very specific), found it hilarious and interesting, because I’ve never seen this pic before and therefore saved it in my drafts. Yesterday I discovered that I still had it in my drafts and decided to post it.

And today I woke up to this tweet:

He posted it around 3 am European time, so roughly 2 hours after I posted this on tumblr.

I’m pretty sure some people who saw my post later thought that I got the picture from his tweet when they saw my post, but I didn’t. Sure, he could’ve gotten this picture from somewhere else, but let me tell you: This picture is (or at least was up until this point) very rare and it’s a really weird how he posted it just shortly after I did….I tagged it with “Cole Sprouse”, so maybe he found it after searching for his name (or maybe Lili found it and showed it to him?)…

Maybe it’s just a huge coincidence and he really got it from somewhere else, but it’s still kinda weird…

I Love You, Not Your Gender

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Request: howdy, could you do a tyler x reader where they meet at a coffee shop or something and they fall in love, but turns out that the person ty falls in love with is trans Ftm (female to male) and they get beat up or something and ty is like “fuck man. i really love them……” idk just an idea!!!!!! thank youuuu!!!!

Summary: So basically Trans!Reader (FtM) meets Tyler one day at Molina’s Coffee House and they hit it off but then some bad stuff happens but happy ending as always.

A/N So this was definitely different than what I’m used to, but I really got inspired this morning while I was at Starbucks working on some other stuff with some friends so I wrote this! Kinda long, but I’m actually very happy with how it came out! Hope you guys enjoy! Also, I do support the LGBT community, so please don’t take anything I wrote in this fic (slurs/intrusive thoughts) as anything that I personally believe. As always, anything in italics is a personal thought in first person that the character is having. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1572, much long I’m v sorry

Warning: I cursed, used a homosexual slur, a little bit of violence, and mention of mental issues such as anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and being self conscious.

This request really got me out of my comfort zone, but I’m very happy with how this came out. I’ve never written a Tyler fic or a trans!reader fic so please be nice. I tried my best to get into the mind of what someone in this situation might be feeling and experiencing, but I obviously am not perfect. Anyway, feel free to request! I’ve got a few lined up in my drafts, but the more the merrier!

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BTS x Reader School AU!

Genre: angst, maybe some fluff, AU!School, 

Summary: It’s the beginning of the final exam period and drama rises for a group of teens from opposite schools who get stuck in-between their school’s financial controversy when a new transfer student causes more trouble than needed. 

Words: 14.7k

A/N: Sixth Form is basically college but on High School campus and Year 11 is the last year of High School. 

part one, part two,

My dark blue blazer had been freshly ironed crisp until no wrinkles could be seen. I had been practising how to tie a tie for the past few days as prior to my transfer, my previous school had allowed students the freedom to wear a tie or not, I was the not. Like my previous school, I woke up precisely on the time I had set my alarm at. 

Almost. I woke up when my alarm rang, Seven. Then stayed in bed half asleep while scrolling through my phone, until Seven-Fifty-Five. My school was only a fifteen minute journey by foot yet five minutes by car, due to my late departure from my soft, heavenly bed, I convinced my mum to drive me to school instead of walking in the early morning of dawn.

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