i woke up and my first thought was of this fic

ill always feel you in my blood

this is for @fangirl4everyours

philip shea au based off this quote today was the first day i woke up and didnt think of you

The first thought on Philip’s mind when he wakes up every day is his mother. Sometimes he remembers the way her hands felt in his, sometimes he remembers the way she laughed, sometimes he remembers the stories she whispered to him when he was little.

He never remembers that she’s dead. Not at first. No, his mind lets him rest comfortably in the memories of the only person who stuck with him his whole life for a few minutes before slamming the door in his face and reminding him of what he’s lost, of what he’s never going to get back.

But today, for the first time since she died, she isn’t his first thought. Rather, it’s about Helen, and how she danced like an idiot in the car on the way home from the diner last night with him and Gabe. Gabe looked back at Philip in an I can’t believe I married such a dork way, and Philip just smiled.

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Not My Problem | 03


pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5

Words: 8.118

Genre: Modern kingdom au + angst

Summary: If you were to ask your parents, they’d burst out sobbing. Just looking at their picture was enough for you. You may have seemed rough on the outside, but inside, you were just as broken as everyone else. And there was nothing wrong with that.

A/N: there’s a lot of storytelling in this chap, so I’m sorry for that. to make it up, there’s a special surprise in this part ;)

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Love At First Sight (V x Trainee You)

(NOTE: This was requested to me a while back on Amino. I thought why not post it here to celebrate my 100 followers! (might not be a lot for you guys but I really appreciate everyone’s support) 

Masterlist is now updated!

[requests are always open]

Summary: You’re the new trainee at BigHit and you meet BTS for the first time…by accident. fluff fluff fluff so much fluff

Word count: 1478

It was a pretty average day for you. You woke up in the morning thanks to your Mom’s morning call, cooked –or at least attempted to cook– some breakfast, ran some errands and now you’re walking through the BigHit doors.

This was actually your sixth month being part of the company. Saying it was an honor to be part of the company is an understatement, you were actually ecstatic and determined to become the best; You would do absolutely anything to keep your spot in the company.

The plastic bag that contained your take out moved alongside as you blissfully walked through the (for the most part) peaceful hallways.

“Good Afternoon,” a fellow employee greeted you as you passed by, giving you a smile and a little bow.

“Good Afternoon, Park Sajangnim,” you briefly stopped walking to bow, showing respect. Your boss (well, one of them at least) nodded in acknowledgement before continuing their journey.

A small breath escaped your lips, trying to calm your nerves down. Even though you were totally confident about your talent there was still a little doubt about whether you were cut out for the K-Pop idol life. In the attempt to calm yourself down you walk towards a white chair by the wall. You placed the take out on your lap, trying to regain yourself. Even little encounters like that still sparked a little anxiety within you; Even after six months and countless meetings with your sajangnim.

The plastic chair made a weird noise as you got up from it, your right hand once again hold the plastic bag. You forced a smile to your face knowing the endorphins would trick your mind into being happy again; Something you had gotten into the habit with ever since your science teacher talked about it.

Loud voices caught your attention before you’re able to walk off. A genuine smile stretched across your face as you spot familiar faces. It was the Bangtan Boys causing the ruckus, the same group that you had admired ever since you discovered them. Though after being part of the BigHit family for a couple of months now, you hadn’t had the honor of meeting them. With their busy schedules and yours as well, it was nearly impossible, but for some reason today felt right.

You could tell straightaway that Jimin was recording as Taehyung spoke to the camera. The halls were filled with the boys’ voices and laughter.

“Hey, are you new?” You felt your ears heat up as Namjoon acknowledged you. His eyes were intense, he payed attention, actually he gave you ALL the attention; It caused the word “overwhelming” seem like an understatement.

There was no escape now, so you walked closer to them. “Not really, sunbaenim.” You glanced down at your shoes trying to cool off.

As your eyes wandered to Taehyung you noticed that his stare lingered on you for a moment, sending chills down your spine and causing the butterflies in your stomach to flutter.

‘Is this what love feels like?’ You thought to yourself before dismissing your emotions. After all it’s crazy to fall in love with someone just like that. Right?

“What’s your name?” This time you had the pleasure of hearing J-Hope’s voice.

“(Y/L/N), (Y/F/N),” you bowed your head. Your eyes met with the plastic bag that you still had. You teeth sank into your bottom lip regretting to have waited so long to eat it.

'It’s probably cold now,’ you mentally groaned.

As your eyes once again met with the group you noticed the curious stare. “I’m a trainee,” you hope to have answered their questions, “And I actually have to go now…” you looked down at your shoes then at them, “It was an honor meeting you all.” You bow once more before walking away.

However walking away wasn’t enough, your mind replayed the look Taehyung gave you. Your brain had a way of over romanticizing the moment, though a tiny part of you enjoyed every second of it. Deep in your heart you hoped to bump into him a lot more often.


The steady clicking sound of your flat heeled boots created a steady beat as you walked across the empty hallways of the company. It was late and you should have been asleep but for some reason you were not able to go to sleep. So, with your friend’s advice to tire yourself out, you decided to walk around the building while listening to classical music. Even though classical music was your guilty pleasure it also made you sleepy.

Your eyes glanced to the top of the phone’s screen; 12:34 AM.

“Oh, come on,” you groaned to yourself. You stood in the middle of the hallway, your neck snapped back as you stare at the ceiling. “Maybe I should count tiles,” you thought out loud already getting bored.

“Trouble sleeping?” A deep voice interrupted your train of thought, gaining your full attention. In front of you stood a sweaty Taehyung, he looked tired just like you, if not more. He wiped the sweat of his forehead with the collar of his shirt.

“Y-yeah,” you stuttered, mentally cursing yourself. “I-Umm, should probably be getting back?” You purse your lips together once the supposed confident response failed.

Taehyung’s hand grasped your hand before you could walk off. “I know a good way to fall asleep.”

The feeling of his touch against yours sent electricity up your arm and sped up your heart rate, the sudden feeling making you pull your hand away. “I don’t want to trouble you.”

Even with his tired eyes he was able to present you with one of his boxy smiles, “It’s no trouble.”

He extended his hand to you, even with many reasons telling you not to do it, you placed your small hand on his big hands. You never really quite understood the infatuation fans had with his hands but the moment your hands touched and you noticed the difference, it all made sense. When his hand wrapped around yours you felt those emotions your mom talked about when you asked her how she felt about your father.

Taehyung led you to a room close to where you both bumped into. It was an office with a round table in the middle and chairs surrounding it. On the middle of the table a gray projector sat next to a laptop. Taehyung didn’t waste time setting it up with the computer, before you knew it a video was playing.

“It’s a documentary on cell reproduction,” he mentioned, “Namjoon mentioned it to me once and I got pretty bored so this might help you sleep.”

You couldn’t help but you stifle a giggle, “Thank you.”

You walked up to a chair, but your eyes glance to the boy whose stare made you nervous. He watched you with a smile on his face, it was a subtle smile, not too big not too small. As you sat down you patted the neighboring chair, inviting the curious boy. He didn’t waste time to join you. He moved the chair next to you, the armrests touching each other.

He was right. The documentary was boring. You two ended up falling asleep within minutes.


“Ya! I told you he would be here!”

“He works fast…”

“Hobi let me see!”

“He’s going to hate you all for this.”

“I can’t believe he actually watched this!”

“Ya! Stop being so loud! You’re going to wake them up!”

“Yeah, 'cause your screaming won’t.”

“Shut up she’s waking up!” You fluttered your eyes open to see the Bangtan Boys intensely staring at you. As you rubbed your eyes, you notice the weight of someone against your shoulder. When you looked to the left you noticed Taehyung who was still sound asleep.

“Oh my,” you tried to carefully move his head without disturbing him. “Oh my,” you mumbled again finally moving his head as the group watched you struggle. Once you were up from your seat you bowed your head in embarrassment, “This isn’t what it looks like. I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Suga asked with an amused scoff.

You lifted your head up just as Jimin spoke. “This is pure entertainment.”

“This is kinda sweet actually,” Hoseok thought out loud as his attention rested on his phone.

“Agh,” you furrowed your eyebrows, “I have to go.” And you do without Taehyung stopping you this time.

Once you’re gone Taehyung raises his head, opening his eyes to see his hyungs and Jungkook with teasing smiles.

“You like her don’t you?” Jimin teased, his short finger poking maknae (by two months) Tae’s cheek.

“So what?” Taehyung slapped Jimin’s finger away.

“You met her yesterday,” Suga pointed out.

“It was love at first sight,” he joked, but deep down he was right. Though he had yet to discover it.

A Christmas Miracle (Musical?)

So this was one of my fics for Eternal Sterek Secret Santa 2016! I had so much fun writing this. Thanks to those who helped me, and enjoy this hot office smut. 

Summary: Music from literally nowhere started to fade in, the familiar holiday tune echoed through the loft–

“I really can’t stay,” Stiles sang, much to his surprise.

“Baby it’s cold outside,” Derek called back.

Oh dear god. They really were cursed; they were stuck in a freaking Christmas musical.

AO3 or read below

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The one with the muffins

Summary: You get into trouble by a couple muffins, which leads to a funny and crazy day in the Avengers Tower, Bucky has to take care of you. (Based on an episode from “Freaks and Geeks”, when Lindsay smokes weed for first time and she gets completely stoned).

A/N: Hello! This is my first fanfiction ever, I’m sorry if it some characters are OOC, I hope to get better with practice. I thought it would be funny to see the reader in this kind of situation, and how the others avengers would react. I hope you like it, oh! and english is not my first language, so I started to write to practice too, thanks, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy!

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: mention of drug use, cursing, sexual innuendos, alcohol consumption and some fluff.

Originally posted by luvinchris

All started with some innocent muffins or so they seemed. You woke up hungry looking to have a nice breakfast, finding Bucky in the kitchen.

“Hey doll” he said with a sly smile, he got close hugging you and kissing your forehead. This put an smile on your face “Hey handsome!” you answered, kissing him on the cheek. “You already had breakfast?” you asked him looking disappointed noticing he was about to leave the room.

“Yeah, I’m training with Steve and Sam today…” he looked at your pouting. “Don’t give me that look doll, I had to get up early today, by the way you sleep a lot!” He chuckled as you smacked him on his flesh arm.

“Yeah well, I need more hours of sleep, I’m not naturally beautiful as you are” he just rolled his eyes at your answer.

“Look who’s talking, everyone thinks you’re hot and you know it, so drop that lame excuse” He said, kissing you on the lips this time. You lost yourself in the sensation, whining as you felt him ending the kiss. “See you later beautiful”, he said with a sweet smile, and left the room.

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the equation of love (pt. 5)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9

→scenario: When you met Yoongi in a club, you thought it was fate that brought the two of you together. But after you walked into your college math class for the very first time, you weren’t so sure anymore.

→genre: smut | fluff | angst

→word count: 8,075

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Couldn’t sleep, so I finally got this done for you m'love! Again I wrote this on my phone, so I’ll make some edits and such in the morning! @edwardthreeway

“If you’re good, maybe I’ll show you my other tattoo” Sam Drake x Reader

Jerking a little woke you.

When you woke, you looked around the room in slight confusion. You don’t remember being on this far end of the sofa, in fact, you don’t remember falling asleep on Sam’s lap. The last thing you remember is sleeping with your legs across his lap and your head on the armrest. But here you are; cuddled up against Sam’s chest, while his arms are wrapped around you like a toddler with a new teddy bear.

When you first started dating Samuel Drake, the last thing you thought of was him being a hugger. Kisser? yeah, but never one for always hugging you, no matter where you are; making dinner, brushing your teeth, sitting at your desk, even laying upright in bed, he always found a way to have his arms around you. It didn’t bother you, it surprised you.

“Sam?” You mumbled against his chest, rubbing your cheek against him since your arms were firmly locked in place on your stomach. Gaining no answer you tilted your head up and chuckled. Sam was knocked out too. Head rolled back against the sofa, his neck completely exposed.

“Your neck is going to hate you.” You whispered.

Tilting your head a little more against his shoulder, you managed to get a better view of his tattoo on his neck; 4 birds flying upwards on his neck, slightly faded clearly indicating he has had them for a long time. You’ve never asked him about it, you always wondered what was the meaning behind them. To you tattoos had to have some kinda meaning, whether it be in remembrance of someone passing, an important achievement in someone’s life or that special day. You never understood people when they got a tattoo “just for the hell of it!”. So what was so significant about this one?

Wriggling a hand free, you feather-lightly run your fingers down his neck, against the tattoo, your eyes studied them. Sam shivered at your touch, making you jerk your hand away slightly.

“You don’t have to stop…” his voice was rough as he slowly woke up “…I like your touch.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you…” you smiled up to him, he promptly shakes his head.

“No no! Don’t apologise.” His voice was groggy as his cheek rests on your crown and his arms tightened around you. He slouches a little to get comfy.


“Hmm?” He mumbles a reply.

“I’ve always wondered…” resting your head on his shoulder again, your run your fingers back down his tattoo “…what’s the meaning behind this tattoo?”

You felt his breath stop a little in his chest, before he let out a sigh and sat up straight. He rolls his head against the back of the sofa and stares up at the ceiling. You started to regret asking him that, clearly there’s a big meaning behind it.

“You don’t have to tell me if-”

“Remembrance…” he cut you of as he continues to stare at the ceiling.

“Remembrance?” You repeated, tilting your head. Making his turn to you.

“I…don’t want to go into huge detail…” his brows furrow a little bit as he looks down.

“You don’t have to.” You smile.

“It…reminds me that even in my darkest times, I’m able to become free from it and choose a new path…” his eyes dart back to you. You furrow your brows at him and he sees the worry in your eyes. He blinks quickly “…you know, some sort of shit like that.” He chuckles, trying to lighten the mood. Your brows still furrowed.

“Sam, if you ever need someone to talk to or help you…” you place a hand on his cheek “…you know I’m here, okay?”

He stares at you for a moment before he smiles “I know you will be…” He chuckles again a little and pushes you down against the sofa, you falling back with a laugh and yell mixed. He’s towering over you now.

“But that’s just a simple meaning behind one of my tattoos.” He smirks down at you.

“One? You mean you have more?” You dart your head up and down his body. He laughs.

“If you’re good, maybe I’ll show you my other tattoo.” He begins to lean down, your face flushed before a smirk graced your lips.

“I’ll try my best then…” running your hands through his hair “…if not, I’m going to find out what that other tattoo is, one way or another.” You giggle.

“Can’t wait for you to try.” He winks, landing his lips against yours.


*spends an entire week crying over mysecretfanmomentsbokuaka zombie au*


Pairing: Castiel x Reader (very vanilla)

Summary: You get a bad stomach ache and Castiel helps make it better. Fluffy.

Words: 1200~

A/N: I got this idea because I am a glutton for spicy food even though it is not a glutton for me. Also this is the first fic I’ve ever posted on here! I’m kinda shy to post this because I know people in real life on here, but screw it. Fanfiction makes me happy and I appreciate all the people who write it, so I thought I’d share mine. Feedback is very much so appreciated.

I’m gonna tag a few people if that’s okay? @castielohcastiel @my–supernatural-romance @thran-duils I’m sorry if you didn’t wanna be tagged I just wanted to share this with you guys, this is very experimental for me haha


The smell of onions and spice woke you from your daydream. You got up and started walking over to the bunker’s kitchen. “Is that dinner I smell?” You peeked your head in.

“Sure is!” Dean looked back at you and winked.

You walked closer and looked into the frying pan, “Ooooh, fajitas! Spicy!” You wiggled your eyebrows at Dean.

“You got that right sweetheart,” he turned his attention back to the sizzling vegetables, “I added my own secret ingredient. You can bet your ass it’s gonna be spicy.”

“Is that a threat, Winchester?” You raised your eyebrow.

“Like I said, you bet your ass it is.”

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lemon and ginger | luke coffeeshop au

a/n: the moment that you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! the first (of i think ten) part of my new luke coffeeshop au! im so so so proud of this story, and i really hope that you guys like it and give me feedback on it. please let me know what you think by reblogging it to share, or sending me an ask or message! im going to spread out the parts, but maybe if in high enough demand, they will come faster! enjoy!


Every day for you was the same. You’d wake up, get dressed, go to work, come home and go to sleep. Repetition, repetition, repetition. When you woke up this morning, you thought it was going to be just like every other day at work; but little did you know that something new was going to make its way into your daily routine.

You worked at small, independently owned coffee shop in between 4th and 5th avenue in downtown Los Angeles. It was in a hidden corner of a street, usually attendance being quiet. You recognized some familiar faces that you would see a couple times a week, being able to distinguish between the old and the new.

Working eight hour shifts every day at a coffee shop to pay your rent wasn’t your ideal idea of what living in Los Angeles would be like, but it worked; you were happy with your job and with your independent life.

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❤️️Day 76 (Love letter!)

I want to confess something.

I had a weird dream after watching Mizumono for the first time. When Hannibal draws the blade he does not gut Will but kisses him instead, and in that dream I was both Hannibal and Will at the same time. I woke up as a new person.

I want to confess my love to the fandom. It’s been only a while since I came here but already almost every day I can’t help thinking just how beautiful you are, guys. You are clever and creative, and hilarious, and thoughtful, and supportive. And it makes me want to be a more significant part of the community.

I want to confess my love to @the-winnowing-wind and @domusquedarius and their beautiful work. I loved it so much I started translating it, three chapters a week. Working on this fic is the best way for me to cope with it being paused. (wow, it’s been a year already?)

Here is a picture of me, ugly crying while working on Year 6.

Don’t judge me for it! I don’t know why I took it in the first place. God, just tell me how it’s going to end, I’m suffering here!


I want to confess love to my significant other, who for the first time referred to Hannibal as Hanni while talking to someone just yesterday. While not being a fan of the show. ❤️️❤️️❤️️

I want to confess love to my best friend who I know reads my blog from time to time. Люблю тебе, Кускус!

You guys are so inspiring, I love you all!

I found his jumper3||Dan Howell

First Part, Second Part

A/N: Here is part 3. I decided to continue this series since so many of you sent me lovely messages. Thank you so much for that I appreciate every single one of you.


I woke up earlier than I normally would. Somehow I had too much to think about and Dan followed me into my dreams. My bare feet skipped over the wooden floor as I made my way to the kitchen. Charlotte’s room was still empty. That meant that she had found a substitute for Dan at the party yesterday. Sun was flowing through the windows in the living room. The bright light made dust grains visible that danced thought the air. I couldn’t forget Dan’s nightly visit but seeing him asleep on my couch made me jump in surprise anyway. Maybe I thought that he would have left already or it was just hard to believe that after all this time he’d come here and actually apologize. His little snores were the evidence for the fact that last night didn’t just happen in my dreams. The fact that we had no curtains in the living room didn’t seem to bother him. He was still sound asleep. Even when I started to make myself breakfast and rummaged through the cupboards in the kitchen he didn’t wake up. His upper arm was put over his eyes so they were shielded from the sun. I decided to not disturb his sleep since he looked so god damn peaceful. Never tickle a sleeping dragon they say.

Even Dan’s giant body couldn’t take up all the space on the couch so I sat down next to him and continued reading a book that I was already half way through. At about midday the front door opened and revealed Charlotte who looked like she hadn’t slept in five days. She was still wearing yesterday’s outfit but somehow it didn’t look as pretty anymore. Charlotte closed the door behind her with a little bit too much force. The loud sound caused Dan to snap out of his dream.

Just as my room mate entered the living room he sat up straight and rubbed his eyes with a drawn out yawn.

“Morning” I said. My word was addressed to both, Charlotte and Dan. Both reacted with total confusion. Dan looked around like a lost puppy. He carefully examined the blanket I had put over him last night then his eyes landed on me. I couldn’t really tell what was going on in his mind at that moment. The look he gave me was filled with embarrassment, gratefulness and something else but I couldn’t quite figure what it was.

Meanwhile Charlotte froze in the middle of the room. Her mouth hung open and she stared between me and Dan whose hair was a complete mess. I put my book down on the coffee table.

“How was the party?” I casually asked Charlotte, trying to hide the fact that Mister Super Popular had slept on my couch.

Her eyes formed into slits when she turned her head towards me.

“What is he doing here?” she asked, her voice was a dangerous growl.

I quickly eyed Dan. What was I supposed to say? His eyes hid a little twinkle that meant nothing good. Just as I was about to tell her a stupid lie he interrupted me.

“We just fucked. Edwards couldn’t resist.” Dan lied with a cocky smile plastered all over his face.

I shot him a death glare and noticed in the corner of my eye that Charlotte was shooting me a death glare as well. Somehow her eyes had become even thinner slits and steam was basically coming out of her nostrils and ears.

“I should go now.” Dan said standing up. He stretched, causing his t-shirt to rise up and reveal a little bit of his stomach. “I’ll hopefully see you at another party of mine.” he said with a smile as he walked past Charlotte. She was too angry and startled to smile back. He was nearly out of the door when he turned around again.  

“Oh and Edwards, thanks for the fuck. I’d love to do that again.” he grinned and before I could yell at him in anger the door had fallen into it’s lock and he was gone.

“You hooked up with Dan?!” Charlotte snarled as soon as he had left. “You knew I wanted to get with him!” she shouted with her hands on her hips.

“I can’t believe you would stab me in the back like that. You are dead, Edwards.” Charlotte threatened. I silently cursed Dan in my head. He always manages to make my life miserable.

“Nothing happened between us!” I yelled back, throwing my hands up in defence.

Charlotte’s flushed cheeks and her with hatred filled eyes revealed that she wasn’t having any of it.

‘Time to dig yourself a grave’ I though to myself as soon as she stormed away into her room.

When I walked to class after that weekend I noticed a few of Charlotte’s friends glare at me. Some even started to whisper when I walked past them. 'I don’t understand why Dan would even fuck her. He must have been pretty drunk. She is such a bitch for doing that to Charlotte. ’

Wow thanks, that didn’t hurt at all. Shout out to Dan for ruining my chance of living a happy life and having friends here. When he apologized I thought there was still a good part of Dan left, hidden behind his fuckboy behaviour. For the blink of on eye I thought he was still the same guy he was back then before Sophomore Year. I guess I was wrong. And that realization hurt more than all of those dumb comments that were said behind my back. It hurt more then seeing him again for the first time after a year at the party. It hurt more than hearing him say sorry. But it didn’t hurt more than what happened in high school. Although I was now sure he wouldn’t change and my hate for him wasn’t going to fade there was still one question left.  

Why did he say 'I wish we could go back to the times when you didn’t hate me’ when all of his actions made me hate him?

Birthday Blues

Summery: It’s Sebastian’s birthday but no one seems to remember.

Warnings: none really

Word Count: 500+

A/N: So I wrote this like really quickly coz I wanted to but people are over from Italy so I had to show them the beauty of London. It’s kinda short and my first actor fic, so I’m open to feedback. As always I got help from the beautiful @helllaellla. @bovaria @marvel-ash @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @marvelfanfichq @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @starstar1012 @fairy-frills @annadier @buckystories @shamvictoria11

Key: Italics are Sebastian’s thoughts

*gif not mine

send request to my ask if you want!

Originally posted by bovaria

The first thing Sebastian did when he woke up was check is phone for a message from you. But his screen was blank. His lock screen was all he could see, it was a picture of you and him growling at the camera after quite an intense workout. Maybe she hasn’t woken up yet. So he called you.

‘Hi Seb!’ Your voice was happy and awake.

‘Hey baby’ his was completely the opposite, sad from no morning text and sleepy from just waking up. ‘When did you get up?’ He tried to make his question sound as if there was not alternate motive.

‘About half an hour ago. Why?’

‘No reason’ he sighed at your response. How could she forget? ‘Well I gotta get ready for work, I’ll see you soon. Love you’

‘Love you, too’. He hung up the phone so quickly he almost missed your reply.

Sebastian had to admit he was angry. No. Not angry. Upset. He thought he’d distract himself so he got ready for a long day at work. He brushed his teeth, washed his face, he didn’t shave because he role he was playing requires stubble (something you enjoyed).

‘Hey, Mack-Attack! What’s up’, Seb sat next to Anthony. Quickly someone had come over with some sort of makeup, he didn’t know what it was.

‘Nada, Sexy Sea-bass’ did he forget, too?

‘Big fight scene today, boys. You ready?’ the two turned to see Scarlet walking toward them. Her suit was on and her hair was curled, it had to stay like that during filming so she had about an entire can of hairspray in it. Sebastian could tell by the smell.

‘Always ready.’ The makeup artist had finished making “The Falcon”. ‘Ready to kick your pretty ass, Seb’

‘This pretty ass is going nowhere near your smelly feet’

‘It’s in the script, genius’, Sebastian let out a small “damnit”.

The rest of the day went as normal. Nobody could work because of Anthony’s jokes, Sebastian being his best friend at work was dragged into it. At the end of it the cast had to take a 10 minute breather before returning to the set and bursting into a fit of laughter again.

When the work day was over Seb and Anthony went out for a drink, or a few drinks. The whole laughing extravaganza gave them a topic to talk about even though conversation was very easily between the two. It even made Seb forget what day it was and what was wrong. Since Anthony was two drunk to drive anywhere they decided to go back to the small hotel room Seb was staying in while filming.

When he walked in you and all of his friends were standing there waiting to shower him in confetti and love.

‘SURPRISE!’ Everyone was as loud as they could be but his eyes were only on you.

‘This is all for me? You guys are the best’ he ran over to pick you up. ‘I thought you forgot’ he whispered it so only you could hear. You pulled yourself from his grasp and picked up a party hat from behind.

‘How could I forget the most important man in my life’s birthday?’ You put the hat on his head and he was spun round by someone to socialise with them.

All the time he was there he was thinking how lucky he was to have such an amazing girlfriend. And when everyone left, you showed him.


Summary : Bucky is having nightmares once again, his screaming wakes you up and you go to comfort him. He’s surprised that you where the one to check on him and you help him go back to sleep.

Warnings : Nightmares, flashbacks, angst maybe?

*Bucky x reader*

Notes: its reallg short and its my first fanfiction so bear with me, it probably has some spelling or grammar errors ( I wrote it on my phone), feel free to send me requests if you want to see more!

The night seemed peaceful, the whirring of the ventilation system was all you could hear. You where half asleep when a muffled cry woke you up. You squeezed your eyes and groaned. You thought maybe it was just your imagination, you had been prone to nightmares since leaving the Hydra prison. You turned to your side and prayed that the noises in your head would stop. Or so It seemed.

A few minutes later another strangled cry pierced the silence. You knew the voice wasn’t from your crazy head. The voice was gruff and human. You sighed, you knew Bucky had it the worst when it came to nightmares. His screams became more and more urgent as the minutes went by so you decided to check for yourself. You hesitantly stepped onto the cool tiles flooring, doubting your decision. What if he’s more comfortable with Steve?… What if he doesn’t want you there? You shook the doubts away and walked on deciding that it was at least worth a try.

You opened the door and a stream of light shone through. In the room, Bucky lay wih his head in the pillow; screaming bloody murder. You became frantic and ran to his side. You placed your hand on his metal arm and shook him. At a blinding speed he turned at you and grabbed your neck. His eyes searching for the enemy that isn’t there. My breath hitched in my throat from the stinging pressure. His eyes softened and turned to agony when he realized it was you. He immediately let go of your throat and you gasped for air. “ y/n! I’m so sorry ” he yelped. “ it’s okay Bucky. I just came to wake you up. You where screaming in your sleep” you replied in a hoarse voice rubbing your throat, he wiped his watery eyes and sighed shakily. He turned to you, “how bad did I hurt you?” “Not very much, your grip wasn’t that tight, I’ll be fine with no bruises. Don’t worry about it” I rubbed his arm in comfort. Feeling his muscles and smooth skin. His perfectly sculpted arm… wrapping around you, touching you. You quickly snapped out of your daze and shook your head. You need to calm down. With that thought Bucky laid back down. He looked up at you, : “ will you stay?” He whispered. “As long as you need” you replied and sat down on the soft mattress. You stretched your legs out and sat up with your back against the bed frame. Bucky turned on his side and rested his arm along your thighs. He traces lines on the outside of your legs and you hold back a sigh of pleasure. He closes his eyes and whispers to you “Sing for me please”. You freeze and your heart stops. “ What?”. He looks up at you, “I know you sing when you think nobody is listening but I’m always listening, and you sound beautiful” You turn away feeling a blush rise to your cheeks. Thank god for the darkness. “Will it help you sleep?” You could see the hint of a smile in the dim lit room. “Yes it would” you sigh and think “just this once" you begin singing “Make you feel my love” by Adele. You’re voice very soft and sweet. You tried to keep it quiet not to wake the other Avengers. Through the middle of the song, Bucky grabbed your hand and squeezed it tightly. He nestled his head beside your thigh. You ran your hand through his hair as you sang. When the song came to an end you saw that Bucky was fast asleep. You took his hand and kissed it tenderly feeling your heart swell. His face peaceful and calm when he slept. You leaned your head against the wall and closed your eyes. ~~next morning~~~ Steve and Natasha lean against the door frame looking into Buckys room. Y/n and Bucky wher fast asleep together. Bucky being curled up beside y/n thighs and y/n in a sitting position ; one hand on Buckys head and the other intertwined with his hand. “Well would you look at that” said Nat in a surprised voice.
The War is Coming (Hamilsquad x Fem. Reader)

So this is my first fic I’ve ever written and these are just for fun and something to do so if you have any kind suggestions to improve my writing it’d be helpful.

This is going to be a series because I have ideas for ways this can keep going.

Overview: Reader and Alexander play a prank on the rest of the Hamilsquad

Word Count: 1,050

Trigger Warnings: Swearing, nothing else I can think of

Part 2

You woke up groggy and tired to the sound of your phone ringing, or at least that was what you thought. You removed your hair from your face and checked your phone and saw that no, nobody was calling you, but your friend Alexander kept texting you one word over and over again to get your attention. “Y/N”.

Y/N/N: Why are you texting me it’s like 3 in the morning

Ham da man: Come over to my place as soon as you can. Bring a camera. Be quiet. Let me know when to let you in.

Y/N/N: Why? Can’t I just sleep?

Ham da man: I’ll explain when you get here just come pleaseeee

Y/N/N: Fine, but it better be worth getting put of bed at THREE IN THE MORNING FOR

Ham da man: Trust me it will be

You threw your phone back on the bed and got out of bed. You didn’t need to get dressed, did you? You’re just going to the apartment that your best friends Lafayette, John, Hercules, and Alexander share for some strange unknown reason at three in the morning. That didn’t really convince yourself. You decided not to change and then threw on a jacket, grabbed your camera and phone, and left your own apartment. Good thing you live in the same building because you really weren’t in the mood for driving.

Y/N/N: I’m right outside your door Hammy.

Ham da man: Don’t call me hammy

You were rolling your eyes when the door opened quietly and no one other than Alexander Hamilton was standing behind it. He had his long, dark hair pulled back in its usual ponytail and was wearing sweats and a tee shirt.

“Morning, sunshine,” Alex whispered as he gestured for you to come in. You smiled brightly and sarcastically.

“What’s the deal? Why do I have to be here at 3:07 am?” You asked as you checked the time on your phone.

“Right, well, I forgot to ask if I can spend the night at your house after this.” He semi-answered. “So, could I?” He asked and made puppy dog eyes that you probably couldn’t resist even if he was asking you to break into a house for him.

“Sure, whatever. You still haven’t answered my question though.” You started braiding your hair, realizing how messy it must be.

“Oh, right. Well you see this?” He asked as he pulled a picture up on his phone. The brightness was all the way up in the dark room, causing you to squint as it was like a flashlight shining in you eyes. Alex laughed as he turned the brightness down so you could see the picture of cups of water filling up an entire room. You nodded. “Well, I went out to Walmart today and bought a ton of disposable cups and a bucket to fill with water and fill the cups in. You want to help?” He asked hopefully.

“Let me think….No.” You heard him sigh as you started to leave before you turned around and said “Did you really think I would say no to this? I’m definitely in.” You walked quickly over to Alex while he pumped his fist and started opening to cups.

“You go fill the bucket in the sink.”

Eventually your work was done and the hallway leading to their rooms and part of the dining room floor was covered in cups full of water. It only took two hours with both of you working on it. Once you thought you heard Hercules wake up and get out of bed but he must’ve just rolled out and slept through it.

“Thanks for helping me, Y/N. I almost called the Schuylers but I decided it would be too many people and it’d be too loud or something,” Alex said as you both threw away the packaging the cups came in.

“Anytime. But you do realize what happens after this, right?” You asked as you set up the camera.

“Yeah, I’ve probably started a war. What’s the worst that could happen though?” He said, obviously trying to convince himself more than you.

“I guess. So, you ready to leave before someone gets up?” He was drying out the bucket before putting the clothes and other items he grabbed to bring over to your place.

“Almost, let me do this first.” You have him a questioning look as he grabbed one more thing out of the Walmart bag. Liquid water flavoring. The kind that will stain of it gets on the carpet. “If we put this in some of the cups they won’t be able to just dump it out on the carpet and let it dry.”

“Good idea,” you answered as you took it from him and started to squirt a little bit of it in some of the cups. After a few rows of cups you decided it was enough and left with Alex.

The next morning you woke up to your- No, not just your phone buzzing, Alex’s phone buzzing too. He was already awake on your bedroom floor watching something on TV and trying to not laugh too loudly at the texts.

“Morning,” You said as you adjusted yourself to read the texts on his phone.

“Good, you’re awake Y/N. Check out all these angry texts from the guys,” Alex said as he handed you his phone.


Baguette Man: WHAT?

Turtle Boy: Guys what are you talking about

Horsefucker: OPEN YOUR DOOR

Turtle Boy: [Image Attached] WHY

Baguette Man: Why isn’t Alex answering

Turtle boy: DAMMIT ALEX

Horsefucker: He’s not even home

Turtle Boy: I bet he’s with Y/N, she’s not answering either.

There were many more messages but you two were laughing way too hard to read them right away. You both got up and went to the kitchen to get breakfast before going to Alex’s place when your phones suddenly stopped receiving messages from the boys.

“Shit,” Alex whispered as he checked his phone. “They must’ve figured out how you’re supposed to get out of it.” That’s when you both heard loud knocks and yelling at the door.

I’ll Take Care of You (James x MC Fluff)

(Alright, I finally finished the fluff! :D Btw, there’s a scene where fainting happens and that’s totally based on real-life events of when I got the flu last year. Even my response was the same as in the fic lol. 

Also I wasn’t sure about the story at the end, but I guess ten points to anyone who recognizes it? :P And no he wouldn’t tell her the exact same story!



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Not Good Enough (9/?)

/Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/Part 7/ Part 8/

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, and Johnny Storm x Reader (what’s going on tho)

Warnings: Swearing, smut, harassment, violence, and misjudgment

Word count: 1,022

Summary: your life has had its ups and downs before but this was something completely different were you good enough for him… Were you good enough for anybody?

Notes: yo yo yo here’s chapter 9 sorry for  the HUGE delay but I pushed my self to write this for the 1 yr anniversary. Nothing new with me n if you’re reading this send me your thoughts about Tom and Taylor pls. Anyways I would recommend rereading chapter 8 to refresh you memory but you do you enjoy <3-Anahi

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of first meeting and impressions

(i suddenly woke up at 3am and i was scrolling through my posts and saw this and this  again and the thought of them having a casual conversation about that time just wouldn’t let me go back to sleep so..) 

emma: hey do you remember the first time we met in the enchanted forest?
regina: i’m not sure i remember it quite well but do refresh my memory
emma: well your guards caught me trying to escape this party after i just helped snow.. and then you made me kneel before you
regina: [smirks] that does sound like the evil queen
emma: and you were wearing this black dress sort of like a hallo-
regina: if you say halloween costume i may have to rip your heart out
emma: well it did look a bit scary
regina: now that you’ve mentioned it, were you wearing a red dress?
emma: you do remember!
regina: [laughs] well i also remember having you thrown into the dungeon
emma: yeah that was some night i had
regina: but you did look lovely in that red dress, miss swan
emma: yeah? [blushes] and you didn’t let me finish but i was gonna say that the ha-
regina: [raises an eyebrow]
emma: i mean that the black dress may have looked a little scary but you, you were nothing short of breathtaking, your majesty 

First Dance (Olicity, post 4x10)

Something fortuitous happened today. @captainsamell sent me a prompt regarding this scene, and I flailed about because I’d just had this thought when I woke up this morning after seeing a post… This was the result.

“Hey,” Oliver said softly. Felicity heard the rustle of pages as he set his notebook down. “What is it?”

Her hand was frozen in midair, the ring catching the light from the lamp on his nightstand perfectly, making the diamond sparkle. 

A fine tremor danced along the edge of her fingers and she made a light fist, turning towards him just enough so he could see the smile on her lips.

“Nothing. I was just admiring,” Felicity said, her voice clear. She wiggled her fingers for emphasis. The ring caught more of the dull light, and it made her heart clench. It was flawless, absolutely beautiful. “It’s so shiny.” Oliver made a little sound in response and she leaned back just enough to give him a smile. “I’m still very ‘oh shiny!’ from all those drugs they had me hopped up on.”

She didn’t give him a chance to respond before she turned away again, curling into her pillow, fighting the grimace at the still-strange sensation of her legs

“Oh,” Oliver said and then she heard the distinct sound of his pen sliding into his notebook. He shut it and set it on his nightstand.

She expected him to turn the light off and curl around her, just as he had for the last several nights since she’d gotten home, holding her as tightly as he dared until he fell asleep, until the weight of his arm around her waist grew heavy enough for her to take a deep breath and let out the single tear she allowed herself…

She could really use that tear right now, and Felicity bit her lip, pushing it back down along with the question that’d been pressing at the edges of her mind since she watched that movie earlier. She could wait.

But he didn’t follow his routine.

Instead, the light stayed on as Oliver pushed himself closer, wrapping his arm around her waist and tugging her back into him. It used to be her favorite thing, how easily he could move her, how fond he was of pressing every inch of his body against hers, the little stretch and moan she gave him when she felt him

But now she felt a lot less and it was the only thing she could think about before she pushed that down as well.

Oliver used his other hand to brush the hair off her neck, dropping a light kiss along her hairline. Her eyes fluttered shut, her chest tightening with affection and something else she didn’t know how to name as he pulled her closer, laying his head on hers.

His stubble bit into her cheek and ear.

“Talk to me, Felicity,” Oliver whispered.

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