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Through the Years (Part 1)

Summary: Through mysterious circumstances, you find yourself exchanging letters with a man who lived 70 years in the past.

Word Count: 1,404

Warnings: None. 

A/N: I’m in love with this idea, and I hope you all like it. Thank you to the beautiful Bella for reading this over for me @thenightmarebeforebucky. And to my angel, Lyds, for always being there to plan things out with me @khaleesinarylfiel

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The last boxes were packed, everything you had called your life neatly wrapped in cardboard, all of it labeled, ready to be moved wherever you would call your next home. Giving a soft sigh, you stood by the threshold of the apartment you had called your own for the last five years and smiled. It was all bittersweet. Excited for something new, you knew you were taking a step forward into your future, your happiness. Yet you couldn’t help but to feel a little sad at leaving this tiny place that had seen you cry, laugh, despair, and even fall in love with the man you now called your fiancé.

Before you was what you had made the common living room. It used to house your first set of furniture, the one you had bought after saving for months, after sitting on lawn chairs you had picked up from a yard sale when you had first moved into the city. But this room was empty now, the light from the setting sun coming in through the window and you could see the dust swirling through the air.

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Wings of Butterflies

A/N: Adele believes in trilogies, I believe in pentalogies. This is the fifth and final installment to Rotation (I mean it this time). 

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain //

Who knew the South of France could be boring?

Neither the wine nor the men, either the beaches or the crystal clear water could interest you. Your family knew something was up with you, your brother even attempting a heart-to-heart one night to pry deep into the corners of your mind to understand why you weren’t your happy, bubbly self. Even Harry’s family had taken notice, his sister struggling to get more than three word answers from you, either via text or in person, over the last few months.

But you stayed mum. You hadn’t much to say anyway. You’d done a lot of growing, a lot of thinking, since Harry had left you all alone.

If life were divided into chapters, the night he came round and the morning he left made for a very distinct Ending and Beginning.

Harry hadn’t been able to ignore you for much longer than a week. Not because of your persistence—no, you hadn’t reached out to him again since the day he all but vanished from your bed—but because guilt kept gnawing at his conscious every time he looked at his phone. He’d read all the texts—and saved them, too—stared at the missed call notifications, but he hadn’t brought himself to listen to the voicemail you’d left late that evening. He hadn’t mustered up the courage, and he was disgusted with himself for it.

So, with a deep breath, he listened to the message. Better a week late than never, right?

You were crying; well, sobbing was more accurate. You didn’t say anything at first, probably not realizing the recording had clicked on as you choked in search of air. Once you settled down, you laid into him with a few choice words—all of which he agreed with—but it wasn’t the name calling that stuck with him or the way you hoped to never see him again that plagued him with regret. It was your final word, your final question, that haunted him.


Because there were a million reasons why and none of them excused him for being such a dickhead. And that made him angry, very angry, because there weren’t many situations he found himself completely lost in, unable to navigate the waters, yet here he was drowning in your tears without a buoy or damn life preserver in sight.

So he called.

And, despite being in the library studying for an exam, you answered. You hesitated at first, the stitches holding together your heart pulling at the seams with the sight of his name and his face across your screen, but answered nonetheless.


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Reggie x Reader: Fingers and thumbs, baby. (Part IV)

A/N: YOUR SELF PROCLAIMED MOTHER HAS ARRIVED TO PROVIDE! Anyway I hope y’all enjoy part four of this mini series. We’re almost there my lovelies.

Plot: When Reggie and (Y/N) have been bestfriends their whole lives but the universe had other plans.

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You fixed your hair for the third time as you sat at your usual booth at Pop’s. The whole day got you thinking and you decided, it was unfair to Reggie’s part if you were going to hold it against him that he didn’t like you back. You can’t put all the blame on someone who didn’t have any idea of your feelings in the first place.

You toyed with your necklace.

Maybe, it was God’s plan that you weren’t able to confess. Maybe it was fate’s way of stopping you from destroying your most precious friendship with Reggie. What’s so wrong about being just friends, anyway? You did it once and it was the happiest moment of your life, you were pretty sure you can handle this.

It was time to fix everything. You already lost the chance of Reggie being your boyfriend but you still had your position as Reggie’s bestfriend and you will not screw that up. Not now, not ever.

You glanced at your watch and noticed one hour passed from the supposed time Reggie was supposed to arrive.You finished your first milkshake and ordered another while replacing Reggie’s melted one. Coach must be killing them right now. Well, it would make sense since their championship game was just right around the corner and Reggie had been killing himself to prepare for it.

Hour two.

Maybe, he fell asleep. You texted him once again and tried to call but it was left unanswered. You called a few more times hoping the ringing would wake him up but you gave up after the sixth try.

Hour three.

He didn’t forget, did he?

No, he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t do that to you. Reggie wouldn’t ditch you like that. You waited. For a call, a text, an excuse, a sign to show you that he still cared. That he didn’t forget. That he didn’t forget about you.

That you mattered.

Hour four.

You woke up with a start when you heard the familiar ringing of the bell when the door opened eager to see if it was Reggie’s disheveled hair and guilty face that would greet you but instead, you found the boy next door.

He ordered his usual from Pop’s before glancing around and beaming when he saw you.

“Hey there, bud.” He said sitting in-front of you. “Late night?” he asked as he pouted towards my laptop.

“Nah, I’m just waiting for Reggie.” You said closing your laptop that you used as a distraction to keep you entertained.

Archie’s smile suddenly dropped. “What?”

“Reggie,” You repeated, to clarify that you were waiting for him without needing to repeat the whole sentence. You rolled your eyes when Archie still looked surprised. “He said we would meet here. Y’know the usual.”

“But (Y/N) –“

“But he is late though and I can’t wait to drown him in guilt when he arrives.” You said stretching your arms a bit and felt the smallest relief as it popped.

“(Y/N) – “

“Have you seen him after practice? Maybe he fell asleep and –“

“(Y/N),” you stopped in the middle of your sentence when Archie took your hand to get your attention. “Reggie isn’t coming.”

This time it was your turn to find the right words to say. “What?”

“I …” Archie sighed. Goddamnit, Reggie. “I saw him leave with V after practice he –“

“No.” You slammed your palm in the table making Archie flinch. “He wouldn’t do that to me.” You repeated the very same words you have been using to convince yourself that Reggie did not forget about you.

Archie stared at you as you looked away. Embarrassment and self-pity filling you inside. Tears tried to escape your eyes but you didn’t give them the permission to fall.

“You’re right,” you gave a glance to Archie who smiled warmly. “He wouldn’t do that to you.”Your bottom lip trembled but you masked it with a cough. “I’m sure he’s probably running here right now and kicking his ass.”

That got a small laugh out of you.

“I’ll just wait with you okay?” You shot him a look. Knowing full well he is just staying to make sure you had someone to take you home if Reggie did ditch you. “So that he’ll feel even guiltier when he arrives.” He lied with a smile.

You bit your bottom lip and nodded. “Okay.”

Reggie woke up with a start from a bad dream he couldn’t remember. He heard ringing from the other side of Veronica’s room only to see that it was his phone that was the source of it. Thinking it was the alarm he set he stood up to turn it off but felt his hands being stopped by a heavy weight only to see his girlfriend sleeping peacefully.

“Babe, hey,” he whispered, shaking her gently. Veronica groaned in protest. “Wake up, I need to go home.”

Veronica opened her eyes only to see Reggie already reaching out for his shirt and letterman jacket. “Come on now, stop pouting.”

Veronica groaned even more and reached out for her phone. “Reg, can’t you just sleep over? It’s like –“ She squinted from the bring screen on her phone. “It’s 11:12, baby. Can you please stay? Pleeeease?”

Reggie froze. “What did you say?”

“What?” Veronica watched as her boyfriend literally sprinted towards the other side of the room to check his phone.


Reggie literally felt every bone in his body turn frozen solid when he saw that it was in fact past 11 and the ringing did not come from his alarm that he missed four hours ago but from Archie who had been calling him non-stop. Along with a bunch of missed calls from you.

“Ron,” he whispered. Afraid that if he spoke any louder his heart would give out. “I need to go.”

“Wait, wha—“

“Sorry! I’ll see you tomorrow. I just – I got to go.”

Reggie forgot all about his car or the fact that he just left his girlfriend, who is probably thinking of ways on how she can break up with him, in her room, too focused on the fact that he just left you all alone on that booth in the middle of the goddamn night.

He just ran and ran and ran the image of your sad distant stare as you waited for him only giving him more adrenaline to run faster. He could feel his legs shaking but he saw the fading lights off Pop’s in the distance and nearly broke the door as he pushed his way inside scaring the life out of Pop’s.

“Jesus, boy,” Pop’s reprimanded. “You gonna give me a heart attack.”

“Pops- wh- where’s –“

“Oh, (Y/N) just left with that Archie boy a few moments ago.” Pop’s said following Reggie’s stare in your booth. Mental images of your hopeful face making his chest tighter by the second and the sudden information of Archie being with you tonight started to fill his veins with poison. He didn’t know what was worse, you being alone or you being with Archie filling up his spot. “Was she expecting you? She looked like she was waiti-“

He ran outside hoping to see a glimpse of you or that red- headed—Archie!

Reggie immediately dialed Archie’s number. “Come on Arch, come on—Archie!”

“Reg, where the fuck were you?!”

“Look I fell asleep and –“

“You better not use that goddamn excuse on (Y/N) she waited for nearly seven hours at Pop’s!”

Reggie was starting to get irritated. Since when did Archie become so attached to you? That was Reggie’s job, not Archie’s, not anyone’s. “What the fuck were you doing with her anyway? Tryna score with my girl, Andrews?”

“What?” Archie’s brain could not even comprehend Reggie’s nerve but he understood that this was Reggie’s defense mechanism.

“I know you like her, Andrews ever since when we were young. And if you’re tryna use this opportunity to –“

“I’m not trying to use anything, Reggie! I just stayed with her because it was late and she had no one to take her home!” Archie nearly screamed on the phone. Defense mechanism or not, he was being an asshole and Archie is going to put an end to it. “In fact, you should be thanking me because if it wasn’t for me your girl would be walking back home in the dark!”

Reggie sighed trying to calm down. “Can I just … can I talk to her?”

“Yeah … that’s the problem pal.” Archie knew that was the closest thing he can get from Reggie as an apology .

“What?” Reggie was pretty sure he was literally gonna die if his heart doesn’t slow down but his fear surpassed his worry about the state of his body.

“I don’t think she’d even want to see your shadow by the looks of it.”

Reggie slumped in the middle of the parking lot. His legs finally giving out. “Is she … is she mad?” Reggie closed his eyes when he realized that mad was the overstatement of the decade.

“No,” Archie said but he sighed making Reggie confused. “Just, I don’t know, sad? Distant? I don’t know how to explain it.”

Reggie couldn’t help but rub his face, trying to calm down. Fuck, that was so much worse. Reggie would’ve preferred if you actually had fun with Archie and completely forgot about him and his slip-up.“Just … where is she? Is she safe?”

“Yeah, I just took her home. But Reg—“

Reggie ended their call before standing up and running towards your house. He’d be damned before he’d let you sleep sad. He felt a buzz on his phone but ignored it, guessing it was Archie trying to stop him.

Reggie literally prayed the whole way to your house to anyone or anything listening from up above. Praying his legs doesn’t give up on him so he can arrive at your house in one piece. Praying you are still awake so that he can apologize properly and you can just forget about this and cuddle. Praying for anything, hell, he’d even accept your anger but he can’t handle you being sad because of him.

When he arrived in your house he swore the ground was moving under his feet but he ignored the urge to throw up. He looked up at your window and saw that you were, in fact, awake. You even looked like you were waiting for him but of course you weren’t. Your gaze was far from him. Your eyes were roaming at the view of Riverdale from your room, trying to memorize every crevice and houses, afraid of forgetting and at the same time wanting not to remember.

Your attention was suddenly torn from your broken yet beautiful town and into your phone.

I’m sorry I’m late.

You looked up from your phone and saw Reggie, a breathless mess, the one thing that was anchoring you into this town. The one thing that somehow managed to become everything you wanted. The person who managed to make you realize that you have a heart while simultaneously breaking it, all without his knowledge.

You wanted to hold on to him until your fingers started crumbling from the pressure but you knew you had to let go.

The tears started falling.

Me too, you replied.

Before Reggie could finish reading the text and trying to call you to try to talk you have already closed your curtains and turned off your phone.

“Goddamnit!” Reggie kicked the grass, trying to find a way to let his anger and frustration out. Once again he sat on the floor, leaning on the tree beside your house.

This was probably the worst fight you had with him. God, did he fuck up.

He opened his phone again to try and call you once more only to see Cheryl’s text from a few minutes ago that sent a chill down his spine.

I warned you.

Reggie was early at your house. Way too early. He brought your favorite sunflowers from the other side of town and drove twice the speed limit to your home to make sure he didn’t miss you even if he had an hour to spare.

“Reggie!” your mom greeted, giving him a hug. “What a pleasant surprise, darling. Come in, come in.”

“Thank you, Mrs. (Y/L/N)” He said giving your mom a hug. “Is (Y/N) –“

“Oh she’ll be down in a few. Sit, darling.” Your mom went back to the kitchen. “Breakfast?”

“Oh no thank you Mrs. (Y/L/N) I’m good.” Reggie doesn’t think he’d actually have the strength to keep whatever he ate inside him, too nervous at your reaction.

“Hey mom I’ll be going early –“

Dumbfounded would be the word to describe as you saw Reggie sitting at the sofa with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and a nervous, almost sheepish smile on his face.

“H-Hey.” He said handing you the bouquet. Before you could turn away you saw your mom looking at you at your peripheral view that you gave him a small smile before taking it. “Thanks.” You walked away from him and looked at your mom. “Mom, do you have anywhere to place this on?” you asked.

Your mother smiled sweetly. “Of course,dear.” She said taking the flowers. “I’ll put this in a vase and place it in your room.”

Before you could protest she already walked away going to God knows where. Which left you in an awkward silence with the person you least expected to have an awkward silence with.

“Let’s go?” he asked, trying to slice the tension but trying to ease his way back to you.

“I forgot I actually had to do something –“

“I can wait.”Reggie said too eagerly.

“Reggie –“

“Please (Y/N),” he pleaded. The mask finally falling off to show his desperation. “Let me fix this.”

(Y/N) stared at him but looked down. “There is nothing to fix.”

“I hurt you.” That statement hurt Reggie more than he realized. Saying it out loud really made everything too real. “I fucked up and you are still hurting. God, you couldn’t even look at me for three seconds straight anymore and—and I hate that. And that’s what I want to fix.”

You kept staring down at your shoes while Reggie kept looking at you. Not realizing why he was so afraid to take his eyes off of you. Afraid that you’ll run, which was stupid, but Reggie couldn’t take any chances.

“Walk me to school?” You muttered, looking at him through your lashes.

Reggie gulped but nodded. “Whatever you want, pup.”

When you said ‘walk’ Reggie expected that you wanted to talk but you seemed to be focusing on everything but him. And Reggie is just itching to talk, to hold your hand, to assure himself that he have not completely fucked up the one thing that was constant in his life.


“Where were you?” You suddenly spoke, making his heart jump. “Last night.” You clarified.

“I fell asleep. Ronnie and I,” the silent wince in your face did not go unnoticed by Reggie and he knew he literally just made everything so much worse. “I—We were messing around and we fell asleep. I set an alarm but I slept through it I’m really sorry (Y/N/N).”

You just nodded and that’s when Reggie started getting defensive.

“Really, pup, why are you making such a big deal out of this. I promise not to do this again, I swear.” He said standing in front of you and offering you his pinky.

“What did you just say?”

“I said I promise –“

“No,” You scoffed and opened your mouth but no words came out. “Wow, you really forgot, huh.”

“What do you mean?” He started getting nervous, if that was possible.

“I thought … I thought that’s why you invited me for a sleepover and—and at Pop’s but …”

“(Y/N/N) please tell me.” He said putting his hands at your shoulders.

Your sad glare made Reggie want to travel back in time and punch his sleeping ass just to stop this from happening. You suddenly looked inside your bag and shoved at Reggie a neatly wrapped box. “Happy anniversary, asshole.” You muttered. “Or is that invalid too since you have a girlfriend already?” You shot at him adding weight on the guilt on his heart. “I hope getting laid was fucking worth it.”

Reggie felt numb.He couldn’t believe he actually forget your ‘anniversary’. His mind got so messed up with football and Veronica that he forgot to buy the bracelet he reserved at the local jewelry shop.

“Jesus fuck, Reggie,” he whispered. He whipped around and ran towards you. You, on the other hand, tried so hard to stop the tears from falling but you were just so full of it.

“(Y/N/N) please I can fix this.” Reggie gasped trying to hold on to you but you just shoved him away. “(Y/N/N)! Wait please!”

“Shut up, Reggie!” you screamed, scaring the shit out of Reggie. “I … I need to go.”

Reggie wanted to protest but you were already on your way so he decided to respect your request. He didn’t realize how literal you meant that.

He didn’t realize he just made the mistake that will screw his life upside down.

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headcannon where Victor is so #extra: Yuuri takes off his ring to wash the dishes and Victor sees it on the counter and posts a video to instagram holding the ring with tears in his eyes singing Total Eclipse of the Heart... "Once I was falling in love and now I'm only falling apart"

Yuuri is at the rink when he sees Victor’s Instagram post.

A video of him holding a golden ring between his thumb and index finger, singing the words to Total Eclipse of the Heart. There’s a look of heartbreak on his face that Yuuri is certain could raise several thousands of dollars on GoFundMe if that expression were the cover image.

Yurio watches over Yuuri’s shoulder. “What the hell is that about? Are you two fighting?”

Confused, Yuuri glances down at his finger. Oh, his ring is missing–that’s odd. “No, we’re not.” Then, he realizes: he must’ve forgotten to put it back on after washing the dishes this morning. Yuuri watches the video one more time, biting his lip, then takes his phone out of his pocket. He dials a familiar number. “Victor?”

“Yuuri!” Victor shouts, and Yuuri has to pull the phone away from his ears, the audio painfully loud. “Yuuri, what happened?”


“I found the ring this morning, and then you weren’t in bed beside me when I woke up. Did I do something? I’m so sorry for whatever I did. Do you still love me?” There’s a brief pause. “I still love you,” he promises, and his words are hurried, desperate.

Yurio, evidently, can hear every word that Victor has said. He rolls his eyes and heads back out onto the ice, though there’s something more to his stare than anger–pity, perhaps?

Yuuri bites his lip, unsure of how to phrase his answer. “Um, I took it off when I did the dishes. I didn’t want to, like, drop it down the drain. Or get my hands wet with it on, you know?”

“But you didn’t put it back on,” Victor states, sounding far too much like a detective for Yuuri’s liking.

“I forgot.”


“It doesn’t mean I don’t love you,” Yuuri promises. “I do. I just forgot. And I decided to come to the rink early today, Yurio wanted my help with his newest routine.”

“You’re sure you still love me?”

Yuuri can’t help but smile at that. He covers his mouth with a hand, then nods before remembering that Victor can’t see him. “Of course.”

“Good. I’ll be there soon. With your ring.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a minute. Love you.”

“Love you.”

Yuuri hangs up, puts the phone back in his pocket.

It rings again a few seconds later.

“Why is Yurio asking you for help with his routine and not me?”

I Forgive - Jimin

This is pretty long, sorry not sorry. Oh well.

This was requested by a lovely anonie, and actually, I want to thank you for all your requests! They’ve really helped me :)

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“All I’m saying is; Maybe you should stop flirting with other girls! At least when you’re on a fucking date with your girlfriend!” You yelled, your hands clenched into fists from the fury you were feeling, to your bones.
“I wasn’t flirting with you for fucks sake Y/N!” Jimin yelled.
You were both in the kitchen, the only light coming from the cooking canopy.
You were dressed in a silk black dress, your jewelry hanging loosely on your chest, your earrings swinging back and forth.
Jimin, standing only with a couple inches taller than you, dressed in his suit. His face was red and a thin layer of sweat tickling on his forehead.
“Oh so you just randomly kiss other girls’ hands? Laugh at every fucking thing that leaves their mouths?” You were out of breath “Fuck you Jimin!”
His eyes widened, and he stepped closer to you.

“Say that one more fucking time” His voice was cold as ice. Your mouth was shut, as tears began forming in your eyes. But you wouldn’t let him see you cry.
“You’re so full of yourself, Jimin. You shouldn’t flirt with others while you have a girlfriend. Show at least some respect” You shot back, your chest rising and falling in an agile pace.
“You’re just so damn clingy!” He raised his voice even more. You saw nothing but fury in his eyes, making a strike of fear run down your spine.
“I hate how you completely steal my friends! And how I need to let you meet the person, before I can even think about befriending them! I just really hate you sometimes” You were startled to say the least.
You knew that you at times, could get overprotective, but he was out of hand tonight, and you couldn’t be blamed.

Your bottled up emotions, got to the best of you, and your knees gave in under you, your tears falling freely, ruining your mascara and the eyeshadow you’d spent a handful of hours on. But you didn’t care. All you could think of, was his words that kept replaying in your head; “I just really hate you someti-” your cries were louder than your thoughts.
“Y/N, please don’t cry” You came back to reality. Jimin’s arms were holding on to your shaking body, his head in the crook of your neck.
You felt wetness staining your neck, letting you know that he was crying too.
“Don’t cry” He whispered again, rocking you back and forth.
“I’m sorry I said that. I was so mean and-” A sob escaped his plump lips, startling the both of you. “I was caught up in the moment. B-baby please don’t” Words were leaving his mouth like a waterfall.
“Don’t cry” He repeated. His voice was cracking and hoarse from the crying he’d done.

You shifted in your bed, the sunlight blinding you.
Sitting up, you pulled the silk sheets closer to your naked body, feeling slightly colder.
You looked down at Jimin, who was beside you. Lips apart with hair falling over his closed eyes, he looked ‘fuckable’.
The thought sent a smile to your lips.
The smile was replaced with a frown as your mind wandered to the incident, just a few days back. Sure, you and Jimin had made up, but his sour words still haunted your mind.
Shaking your head, you decided to push the thoughts away.
“Jimin” You whispered. Your head was so close to his, you could hear his breathing.
You placed your hands on his chest, the sheets falling down, exposing the top half of your naked body.
He groaned, his morning voice making it sound a hundred times better, as his eyes fluttered open.
He looked at your face, and then his eyes began traveling down your body. He got up, resting on his elbows, his eyes fixed on your boobs.
“Y/N, wha-?” You captured his lips with yours, not wanting to talk, you didn’t need to talk.
You held onto his face, caressing his cheek with your thumb, as you deepened the kiss.
Jimin pulled away, breathing heavily. His lips were a bright pink and swollen with your love. You smiled at the picture in front of you.
Jimin ran his fingers through your hair.
“Shouldn’t we get up?” You asked, your voice low and tired. You leaned against his chest, still straddling him, letting him wrap his arms around you.
“We should” He chuckled, caressing your back.
He patted your butt through the silk fabric and slowly got up, hands on the back of your thighs.
“Mhm, Jimin” You closed your eyes and rested your head on his shoulder as he lifted you up and placed you on the end of the bed.
He picked his dress shirt, from a couple of days ago, and handed it to you.
You placed the shirt next to you on the bed, not wanting to wear any of his clothes anymore.
You knew deep down, that it was silly to hold onto stupid words, but they still haunted you. And you didn’t want to seem like that kind of girlfriend.

You quickly took your silk robe from the hook near your closet, and tightened the belt around your waist.
“Let’s get some breakfast” You smiled sourly as you walked past Jimin, heading for the kitchen.

“Y/N! Want to come with?” You looked up from the couch. Namjoon was curiously looking at you, from where he was in front of the front door. He was waiting for Jimin to get ready.
You guys had planned for you to come with too, but you had declined kindly, saying you weren’t feeling well, when Jungkook asked you for the hundredth time, why you decided not to come with.
You had thought a lot about what Jimin had thrown at you, a couple of weeks ago, and you decided that it was for the best, to just not go.

“Bye Y/N!” Jimin yelled after you, as they closed their door, probably running to the car, where the other boys were.
There you were alone, for the first time in a while. You couldn’t tell if you were comfortable with the thick silence.
You’d been used to being either with Jimin or the other boys for so long, that the silence of the secret loneliness, had become an unfamiliar feeling.
“Yah, don’t be stupid” you scolded yourself as your mind wandered the wrong way.
“He loves you” You assured yourself, not quite believing your own words.

A door slamming, woke you up from your deep sleep.
You placed your phone on the coffee table and sat up, rubbing your eyes.
“Hey baby” Jimin said, as he sat down beside you.
He was wearing a denim jacket, actually the one you’d bought for him as a birthday gift.
“Hey” You said, getting up from the couch to go make some tea.
You felt your back aching and tried to lift your shirt up, to massage yourself, but forgot that you were wearing one of your tight shirts today, making the action impossible.
You’d been so used to wearing your boyfriend’s clothes, that it had felt like your own.
Jimin walked into the kitchen and stood behind you, rubbing your belly through the tight fabric.
“I’m going out tonight” He said as he placed a gentle kiss on your neck.
“Okay, that’s fine” You simply answered, his voice replaying in your head, over and over.
He pulled his arms from around your waist and turned you around.
“What?” He asked, a smile playing on his plump lips.
“I said okay?” You chuckled, and wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Oh?” He seemed surprised, searching your eyes for an answer for your obvious strange behaviour.
You smiled reassuringly at him before turning around, pretending to be too busy with your tea.

You kissed him bye at about 9 PM, again chuckling at him, pointing out that you were acting strange.
You shook your head at the boy as you closed the door in his face, trying to get rid of him before hurrying into the living room. Turning on your TV, you found your favorite drama.
It was actually Jimin who got you into watching drama. You would always watch it on saturday nights, or any days when he had a day off.
Those were the good times, where there were no fights. No other girls, no jealousy.
You’d thought about breaks, or maybe even breaking up, and a while back, you’d shared your thoughts with Jimin, but that didn’t result in anything but tears and pleas for you to stay with him till the day you took your last breath on this World, and even *after* that.

You did love Jimin. With every atom of your body, and every second of your existence you fell even more in love with him. No argument on that point.
But sometimes, holding on can cause more pain than letting go.
But you were not mentally nor physically prepared to loose Jimin, not now, not ever.
And that was crystal clear to you.

“Y/N” Jimin was standing in the door to the living room, looking at you with red eyes and ruffled hair.
“Yes?” You asked, standing up. He fell into your arms, which made you fall down on the couch.
“Did you have a good time?” You asked, running your fingers through his locks, feeling him relax under your touch.
“Y/N” He whispered and lifted his head to look at you. You could now see how red and puffy his eyes were. Had he been crying?
“Have you been crying babe?” You asked, a frown forming on your lips.
He nodded silently before burying his head in the crook of your neck.
“Hey hey, Jimin. What’s going on?” You asked, your voice below a whisper as you rocked back and forth.
“I’m just” He gasped for air “So sorry”
He wiggled out of your grasp and sat beside you, holding onto your hands.
“I’m so sorry for the things I said that night. They haven’t left my mind, and they haven’t left yours either. You talk in your sleep sometimes” He lowered his eyes, not daring to look into your eyes, that were brimming with tears.
“But I’m sorry. I was so stupid for saying that shit, a-and *of course* I’ve noticed how you’ve retreated yourself from me *and* the boys. But Y/N please, please, don’t change because of the stupid things I said. They were out of line and not near the truth!”
“Breathe Jimin” You said, caressing his cheek as you watched him, struggling to get everything said, like he was trying to escape from something.
“I just, I love when you wear my things, I love when you’re overprotective, I love you so much” He finished, his cheeks damp from the crying he’d done.
You sniffled and pulled him into your arms.
“It’s okay now Jimin”
“I forgive you baby boy” You said, meaning it in every bone of your body.

The Persistence of Memory (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut

A/N: This was surprisingly difficult to write. Sorry for how long this is, I was originally going to just do smut, then it turned into just fluff then it turned back into smut. Also, all the art talk was self indulgent as fuck, sorry, I’m just an art nerd.

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Anon…. Anon I got this message at 2pm. What time zone are you in?!

Also, writing this was a challenge for Saeyoung, Saeran, and Vanderwood, as… well, if you’ve played Saeyoung’s route, you know why.

Sorry this is going up so far behind schedule, I’ve been sleeping for almost two days solid and I woke up and couldn’t find my computer. Turns out my roommate borrowed it and forgot to give it back. But here it is.


  • MC played LOLOL
  • I mean, she was nowhere near the level of SuperYoosung, the #2 of the shooting star server, but she’d gone toe to toe with a dragon alone once
  • On more than one occasion, MC got the change to fight SuperYoosung in game, and every time, even though her level was lower and she always lost, MC kept getting closer to beating him
  • When MC found out SuperYoosung was her Yoosung, she nearly flipped, having chatted with him on an open forum more than once
  • He’s super excited too, though he thought she was a guy because she didn’t have an open mic, and thus didn’t talk to people online
  • After a few months of either playing with Yoosung or watching him play, MC or MasterCoordinator finally manages to beat SuperYoosung in front of his entire guild


  • MC was a barista at a cafe Jaehee frequented for a while
  • Because Jaehee came in often and MC had a little bit of a crush, she knew Jaehee’s order by heart
  • MC also attempted to leave cute messages on the cups and draw cute images in the foam
  • However, Jaehee was usually so busy or stressed, she either didn’t notice, or  thought it was a cute cafe aesthetic
  • It wasn’t until Jaehee and MC were actually working together and MC made her a cup of coffee with an image drawn in the phone did Jaehee connect the two
  • MC revealed that one time, in a truly desperate attempt to get Jaehee’s attention, she wrote her number in the foam, but it was missed completely
  • Jaehee’s embarrassed she didn’t notice sooner, apologizes, and is happy things ultimately worked out
  • The main reason Jaehee kept going back to that cafe was because of the cute barista, that just so happened to be MC


  • Well, I mean, MC is a casual fan of his
  • But they take the same train
  • Now, Zen doesn’t ride the train all the time, but when he does, they usually end up on the same one
  • More than once she’s taken a sneak pic of him
  • So, in his route, MC was on the train home from work, in a chat, and Zen posted a selfie of himself in the train
  • A quickly scan located him, and he moment she was off the train, she posted it with a little comment
  • “Hope to ride with you again soon~ 😘”
  • Zen freaks in excitement
  • He all but interrogates her about her travel schedule, but MC gives him nothing
  • After he meets her in person, he recognizes her, grins from ear to ear, and say, “I knew you were my type!”


  • Well, ironically, she was already a party planner for the rich and famous
  • They met in passing, a tense business smile here, and brief chats about the weather there, so on
  • And needless to say, his father had hit on her, but she turned him down in an instant, stating professionalism, but the truth was, she was creeped out
  • So when she was thrown into the midst of planning an RFA party, she practically had the whole party planned in an instant more out of habit than anything else
  • Jaehee host? Pfft, MC could do it! Not like it’s anything new!
  • One thing MC would remark on for years to come was Jumin’s face when he realized that she was the woman he was speaking to in the chats
  • While she “stayed” with him over the next few days, he was impressed with her work ethic and her ability to plan an entire party from flower arrangements to table settings to music and guests all from her phone
  • If anything, watching her keep a cool head when things went horribly wrong and one thing happened after another, it made Jumin fall more in love with her
  • He genuinely regrets not getting to know her sooner


  • Well, it took them a little while to recognize each other, but MC put the pieces together eventually
  • It turned out they grew up in the same neighborhood, going to the same church
  • MC had seen him a lot in passing, but had only spoken to him once or twice
  • MC didn’t know much about him, not even his name, she just knew that things were bad at home, he had a twin brother, and if he wasn’t with his twin, he was alone
  • A few times, she came over and gave him things like food, candy, and the like, in the hopes of coaxing a smile out of him, but they never came
  • Saeyoung didn’t immediately recognize her because (1) she had short hair back then, and (2) MC had changed a lot with puberty
  • And while Saeyoung doesn’t like talking about his past or his childhood, he likes that he has someone who was there and understands who is here for him


  • MC worked at a gallery as a glorified secretary for the curator
  • V had sold his pictures at the gallery and they’d spoken casually a few times, but he never knew her
  • However, being the polite guy he is, V always remembered her name
  • When they met again, he wasn’t sure until he saw her picture, and he continued to be friendly and polite
  • MC was the first to ask why he hadn’t released any new works lately, as she was a fan
  • When they did meet again, face to face, she openly admitted to him that she’d always harbored a small crush for him
  • The blush on his face was super cute


  • Did you think he did his pink tipped hair alone?
  • I don’t think so
  • … okay, after a while he did, but not at first!
  • No, at first, Saeran had to go to a hair stylist
  • MC was new to being a stylist, but she did his hair with impeccable care
  • he found that having her do his hair was incredibly soothing, even if the environment was not
  • Until Saeran could learn to do his hair by himself, he went to MC to get his hair dyed and touched up whenever his roots started to show
  • Because of this, he was able to watch her and get an idea of the kind of person she was (namely that was naive enough to fall for her coworkers tricks from time to time)
  • So when he needed to find a person to plant into the RFA, MC immediately came to mind


  • MC had once worked with the agency as a independent consultant
  • She didn’t know any details of their operations
  • All she did was consult on several projects
  • She was also legally gagged and threatened
  • One of the projects she worked on was with Vanderwood directly, but not for any long duration of time
  • And honestly, he didn’t remember her until she remembered him
Fix It

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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: No.
Word Count: 1,538
A/N: So I had the idea to do this earlier and…now I’m sad. I didn’t go into too much detail with this one, but bear with me for the beginning. Please leave requests and yeah…That’s really all I have to say. If you want to ‘enhance’ the experience, a song you can listen to while reading this is Surrender - IAMX and then also Easier - Mansionair. Enjoy!
Warnings: Mentions of Suicide attempt
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff, Bold Italics = Friend’s mom
(Y/F/N) = Your Friend’s Name, (Y/F/LN) = Your Friend’s Last Name

 Your heart raced as you picked up your bag and dashed out of the classroom. Voices from behind called out your name, but the sound became faded as you neared to main doors. You were upset, beyond upset. (Y/F/N) had been emitted to the hospital earlier that day, and it broke you heart. They’ve been with you through everything, they were always there for you and you couldn’t stand to know that they were hurting. The newly brought pain pricked at you as you sprinted to the hospital, you decided it would take too long to drive, you needed to be with your friend now. The run was shorter than you had expected, but still you were out of breath. You burst through the glass doors of the building and leaned over to try and catch your breath. The people there turned to look at you, and a few even asked if you needed help, but you waved them off. Slowly you walked up to the front desk and asked for your friend. The lady, who was wearing a knee length white dress, eyed you before speaking. “Excuse me Ma'am, only family members are allowed to see Mrs. (Y/F/LN) at this time.” Your hands balled into fists and you shook your head, “Excuse me but-” “It’s okay, she’s with me.” (Y/F/N)’s mother put a hand on your shoulder while looking at the lady behind the desk. She politely smiled before motioning for me to follow her. You took this time to examine her, and it was obviously that she’d been crying. The stains from her tears left that part of her face a different color, she was still dressed in her work clothes but they looked wrinkled and sloppy. You both arrived at the elevator and stepped in. Mrs. (Y/F/LN) pushed the button that would take you guys to the appropriate floor and leaned back. It was quiet because you were the only two, and you didn’t know if you should ask about the situation or not. You’d spaced out looking at the floor, but was brought back into reality when the elevator ‘dinged.’ The doors opened, and Mrs. (Y/F/LN) exited first with you following close behind. She stopped at a room with the number 537 printed next to the door. It was odd, she didn’t move to go inside, but rather just stood there. It seemed that she’d drifted into thought, and you’d really felt bad for her. You could see that she was learning how to cope with it all, and you knew it wasn’t easy. The sound of the doorknob twisting was brought to your attention, and the doctor stepped out. He kindly smiled, moving around to get to where he needed to be. Your throat became dry as you stepped into the bright, white room. (Y/F/N) was lying in the bed, with a mask over their face. Their eyes were closed and it looked to be that they were sleeping. But everything was so real, you could see the hint of pain written all over them. You sat down in the seat next to the bed and grabbed your friend’s hand. The mother walked back in and quietly sat next to you. “I guess I never told you why (he/she) is here.” She looked drained, and you thought it was weird what grief could do to you in a short amount of time. “It was a suicide attempt, overdose to be exact, (Y/F/N)’s in a coma and the doctors don’t know if (he/she) will make it.” You wondered if she could hear you heart break, because to you it was loud. You were blaming yourself for everything, and you thought that maybe (Y/F/N) had accused you of not caring before attempting to take their life. The tears rolled down your smooth cheek, but it was silent. It was the type of agony that was hushed, the type of agony that didn’t show exactly what you were feeling. Because in reality you wanted to bawl, and not in silence. You wanted to scream, and show everyone that you were hurting. The ringer on your phone went off, and you stepped outside to take the call. It was your boyfriend Jeff Atkins. You were debating on whether or not to tell him what happened but you knew, at the end of the day, that you’d need him. “Hello?” Your breath was shaky as you answered the phone. “Hey, what happened to you?! You just left, is something wrong?!” Jeff was practically yelling and you moved the phone away from your ear until he finished speaking. “I’m at the hospital, can you…I need-please?” You had tried forming a proper sentence but your voice was failing you. “I’m on my way okay?” You didn’t answer but dropped your arm to the side of your body. Turning, you walked to the end of the hall to take the elevator down to the first floor. Upon reaching the ground floor, you walked into the waiting room and sat in one of the cushioned blue chairs. You leaned your head against the wall, waiting for Jeff to arrive. It took him about thirty minutes to get there, and when he walked through the door you saw he was carrying two bags. “What’d you buy?” Taking the seat next to you, he pulled out some small baggies with sandwiches in them. “I thought you’d be hungry.” You took one of the bags as he handed you a bottle of water. Instead of digging in, you put your head on his shoulder. Jeff then pulled out a notepad and a black pen, handing it over to you. “I didn’t think you’d want to talk about it, so I thought maybe you’d write about it.” Setting the food aside, you took the materials and set them in your lap. “My friend tried to overdose,” “(Y/N) you don’t have to-” “And I blame myself, for everything.” As much as you tried to blink away your tears, it didn’t work. They were stronger then last time, you were crying. Jeff pulled you into his lap, and rubbed your back. You buried your face into his neck and continued to cry. When your wails had died down you started again, “I could’ve saved (him/her), but I wasn’t there enough. I didn’t listen enough, I…I didn’t care enough.” “Stop, stop…you can’t blame yourself for something like this.” You could hear that he was crying too, “I hate seeing you like this. It’s a terrible thing, yes, but you can’t do anything about it. Maybe we’ll never know why they did what they did but you shouldn’t blame yourself for it.” “I messed up…” “You’re only human (Y/N).” You stayed silent for a while, in the comfort of your boyfriend’s lap. You’d become tired from the amount of crying earlier and fell asleep.
   You woke up and it felt like you had only been asleep for a few minutes. Your eyes were red, and stung a bit. Jeff was already up and kissed your temple, “Morning beautiful.” You chuckled, knowing you looked like mess but that was Jeff, a complete sweetheart. You got up to stretch and decided that you’d go upstairs to check on your friend again. “You coming?” You asked. He got up and followed you to the elevator. When you reached the floor, multiple doctors and nurses kept running out of the same room. Mrs. (Y/F/LN) came out with her hands covering her face and walked towards you grabbing your hand. “You’ve been a good friend, but I think you should go now honey.” “What’s going on, is (Y/F/N) okay? What’s happen-” “Just please…you should go.” You’d guess that Jeff go the message because he pulled you back to leave. You weren’t slow, you had an idea of what happened but you didn’t want to believe it. “Your mother has been blowing up your phone, I should get you home.” Jeff had carried you to the car and put your seatbelt on for you. You didn’t really move around because you felt dead inside without your best friend. His hand found you thigh, and rubbed it in a comforting motion, “It’s okay babe, you’re gonna be okay.”
   Soon you had arrived home, greeted by your mother yelling out at you. You left Jeff downstairs to explain what had happened, and walked up to your bedroom. Not bothering to change clothes, you laid down on your back looking up at the ceiling. Jeff walked in not too long after and crawled on top of you, laying his head on your chest. Your hands instantly started playing with his hair, and for a minute you forgot just exactly what you were dealing with. “I know you’ve tried your best, and I know you’re hurting but…you shouldn’t beat yourself up. I know your heart is broken but I can fix it.” “Hold me.” You sounded desperate and you were. He rolled over to your side before putting his arms around you. “Get some sleep, it’s been a rough day.” Jeff left a few kisses on your neck and closed his eyes. But what he didn’t know as he drifted to sleep was that you weren’t nearly as broken anymore.


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MC taking all the covers (include V and unknown please)

Author’s note: It’s 3AM here & I’m currently in bed so posting this was only fair ♥


  • Impossible
  • It’s basically an ongoing tug of war when the two of you sleep
  • Half the time you just end up on top of him not that either of you mind
  • Even if you sleep feet apart you will ALWAYS wake up cocooned next to him
  • You suggested sleeping under two separate sheets, but Yoosung shot that idea down SUPER FAST
  • “NO!!! I like our night time cuddles…”
  • “But I get sooo hot!”
  • “Then why don’t you sleep outside of the blanket?”
  • “That’s too scary!!!!”
  • “…”
  • “What?? Why are you looking at me like that?”
  • “…Looks like you’re stuck snuggling with me!!!!!”


  • He will try to scoot as close as possible to you BEFORE you fall asleep
  • So when you inevitably take away the warm blanket from him, he’s still partially covered
  • Most nights he just holds on to you for dear life so you don’t toss around
  • he definitely has some bruises from where you sleep kicked him
  • There’s this roll and pull method he uses to get some of the blanket from you
  • Basically he rolls you over and gently pulls out the blanket
  • roll you and pull you
  • roll and pull
  • okay good you woke up and gave him back some covers MISSION SUCCESS


  • As SOON as she felt the covers slide off of her, she rolled over and grabbed one of the many blankets she has stashed under her side of the bed
  • She happily covered herself and went back to sleep
  • But then you stole HER SPARE BLANKET TOO
  • She was NOT expecting that
  • You were ruthless in your sleep
  • BUT luckily she still had more blankets I’m telling you she keeps like 5 down there
  • This time she tucked it underneath her nice and firm you’re not gonna get it now MC
  • No more cover thievery occurred that night, HOWEVER
  • When Jaehee woke up, you were missing and she was somehow tangled up in all three of the blankets
  • Why does this always have to happen to her


  • He wouldn’t even ATTEMPT to steal the covers back from you
  • I mean, you were his sleeping angel why would he risk waking you up??
  • Carefully, SO CAREFULLY, he got up and walked over to the closet
  • When he found the fluffiest blanket he wrapped it around him and went back to the bedroom
  • Of course when he got back you had rolled over to the center of the mattress and were NOW TAKING UP THE ENTIRE BED
  • V slept on the couch that night
  • When you woke up and he was gone you panicked DID SOMEONE KIDNAP YOUR HUSBAND
  • You saw him curled up on the couch and what the hell was he doing there???
  • Regardless, you felt bad and made him breakfast ♥


  • You took a bite of your protein bar, “I do not hog all the covers!!”
  • Jumin sighed and leaned up against the kitchen counter
  • “Yes, you do… and try not to talk while you chew.”
  • damn rich kids
  • You glared at him before dramatically swallowing, “…Whatever. I still don’t believe you.”
  • “I have proof.”
  • Without saying another word, he left the kitchen
  • “Don’t just say something like that and walked away!! You know I hate-”
  • “Got it.” Jumin walked back in the kitchen, waving his phone in the air
  • He proceeded to show you photos of you wrapped up in all the blankets
  • “I understand…but… ”
  • “But?”
  • “Why do you have pictures of me sleeping?”
  • “…”
  • “Jumin?”
  • “I sent one to Seven and asked if he could get it developed for me. I bring it in my wallet when I travel so I don’t have to sleep alone.”
  • you smiled and gave him a quick hug
  • “I love you,” you pulled away and kissed his cheek, “but don’t take anymore pictures of me sleeping.”
  • “I won’t… as long as you stop stealing the covers.”


  • Saeran woke up… cold ????
  • He got up to turn down the AC when he saw you all snugly warm wrapped in his blanket
  • So, instead of grabbing another blanket like a NORMAL PERSON, he just lied back down and endured it
  • He literally just shivered until he fell asleep
  • The next morning, when you woke up and saw him STILL shivering, you immediately covered him with a blanket
  • “W-wha-”
  • “Saeran, please don’t tell me you’ve been freezing your ass off all night just so I could stay warm.”
  • “It wasn’t that bad. I’ve been through worse.” someone please give him a hug
  • “I’m just gonna have to give you extra warmth now!”
  • “No-”
  • “Cuddle time!!!!” he glared at you BUT he didn’t try to fight it


  • Hell hath no mercy like a sleep disturbed Seven
  • So when he was brutally awoken by a gust of wind from the fan that he forgot to turn off he looked to see where his blanket had gone
  • Of course he didn’t have to look far since you had it wrapped around your entire body like a burrito
  • “You’re so cute when you sleep… but I’m not dealing with this.”
  • And just like that the covers were RIPPED OUT FROM UNDER YOU
  • and now you’re on the floor
  • You waited for an answer and oh my god he’s already asleep
  • A good 20 minutes of your night was spent fighting off the temptation to suffocate him with a pillow
  • Fortunately for Seven, your good morals got the best of you and you slipped under the little bit of covers your boyfriend had left you
  • When you closed your eyes you felt his arm slip around your waist
  • “Sorry… had to… tired… love you… night.”
  • You would’ve been mad had it not been for how ATTRACTIVE his sleepy voice was
  • “I love you too.”
Tom Holland Imagine: Broken

Summary: after getting out of a toxic relationship, you meet a very handsome boy on your train. (Loosely based off of both Yes Girl and I Can’t Breathe by Bea Miller)

A/N: sorry for being gone for so long… writers block kicked in…😤

Warnings: physical and mental abuse


I let out a sigh of relief as the train took off down the tracks. I watched as the town I once knew and loved flew passed me. I wondered what He would do when He came home from work to find me gone. I fidgeted with the strap of my duffle bag before deciding to pull out my book to help the time pass.

“Hello? Sorry to disturb you, but would you mind if I sat here?” A voice said.

I shook my head without meeting the stranger’s eye. Yes, I would prefer to be sitting by myself but considering I bought the last ticket for this train, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I heard the stranger let out a heavy sigh as he placed his bag under his seat.

“Whatcha readin there? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Uh, it’s called Ordinary People. By Judith Guest. It’s my favorite book, I’ve read it like 10 times.”

“Huh, maybe I’ll read it sometime.”

“Oh you definitely should, its incredible.”

I finally looked up from my book to see a very handsome boy smiling at me.

“I’m Tom by the way.” He said as he extended his hand to me.

“Uh, I’m Y/N.” I said as I shook his hand.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

I blushed at his compliment and closed my book and looked back up at the him.

“So what’s bringing you to the city? And by train? Not many people go on these anymore.”

Tom smiled and looked out the window.

“Well, I do a lot of traveling. I’m always in the air and so I just wanted to see the trees for a change. And I’m staying in the city, actually. I just felt like I was going insane from only seeing buildings and angry people everywhere I went and I need some time to figure things out so I found the smallest town I could find outside of Atlanta and left for the weekend. What about you?”

“Uh, that’s a story for another time…”

“That’s alright. Let it be yours.”

“Well, your accent gives it away that you don’t live here, so why are you in America?”

“I’m an actor. Filming a movie.”

“Oh, I love movies! What movie are you filming?”

Tom let out a light laugh as he looked down and fiddled with his thumbs.

“Uh, Spider-Man, actually.”

“Wait, really!? I love Spider-Man! Are you the guy that plays him in Civil War? I haven’t gotten to see it yet but I want to so bad. See, my boyfri- ex boyfriend wouldn’t let me go see it.”

I looked down to avoid Tom’s confused face, hoping it would give him the hint to not ask any questions.

“Well, maybe I can take you to go see it sometime.”

“Uh, yeah! But if you don’t want to you don’t have to. I’m sure you’ve already seen it like 500 times…”

“Yeah, but never with a girl as beautiful as you.”

“Pft, are you kidding me? Have you seen Scarlett Johansson!?”

Before Tom could reply I heard my phone go off. I reached into my bag to pull it out and felt my heart stop.


He wasn’t supposed to be home this early.

I felt my heart drop to my stomach as I looked at His name written on the screen.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and turned my phone off before shoving it back in my bag.

I felt Tom’s gaze on me. I looked up and gave him a weak smile, trying to get him to drop it.

Luckily, he did.

—3 months later—

I laid on the couch, wrapped up in Tom’s arms. We started dating shortly after we met. I didn’t think I would be able to date anyone for while after what happened with Him but, Tom was different. I knew he was different because he cared.

Unlike Him. I knew He was searching for me. I had been forced to ditch my phone and buy a new one to get Him to stop calling me and leaving hurtful voicemails.

Now, 3 months later, the thoughts of Him felt like only a distant memory of a childhood nightmare.

But that quickly changed.

Tom and I were watching The Way Way Back when it happened.

First there was the pounding on the door.

“I’ll get it, love.” Tom sweetly whispered in my ear. He kissed the side of my face and got up from the couch.

I instantly missed the feeling of his arms around me. I turned my attention back to the film, thinking it was just Harrison who forgot his key again.

But then I heard it.

I heard Tom’s angelic voice asking who they were but getting cut off by a punch to the jaw.

And then His voice calling out my name.

I sat up immediately and felt my self beginning to hyperventilate.

But while I was breathing hard, it felt like there was no oxygen in my body at all.

As His figure walked into the room, I felt myself black out from fear.

I didn’t even feel Him pick me up by my hair and throw me into the glass coffee table.

I didn’t even feel the blood begin to fall from my skin from where the glass had cut it open.

I didn’t even hear Tom scream my name.

I didn’t hear Tom tackling the guy.

I didn’t hear Harrison come in and call the police.

I didn’t hear the ambulance as they asked me questions.

But I watched all of it.

I could see everything.

I could see Tom attacking Him.

I could see Tom as he stood over me, crying.

I could see his lips saying words like, “Please say something, love” or “Please don’t leave me” as tears slipped from his eyes.

I woke up hours later. I looked around and saw Tom sitting to my right, holding my hand tightly as he cried into my side.

“Tom?” I asked.

His head whipped up and let out a sigh of relief when he saw me awake. He immediately began to pepper my face with kisses and held me tightly to him.

“Thank god you’re okay. He’s gone, Y/N. They’ve locked Him up. You never have to worry about Him again. I have you and I will always protect you. I love you, Y/N. So much.”

And those words, those few words, put every little broken piece in me back together.

King and Queen- Josh Dun

Request-  Can you do one where Josh and Y/N are 10 years apart? He’s 28 and she’s 18 and a lot of fans are giving them shit but both their families, Tyler and Jenna are super supportive Because Y/N treats Josh like a freaking King and she’s mature for her age

“Y/N I love your senior quote in the yearbook. It’s so poetic. I’m shocked you didn’t pick a quote from a Twenty One Pilots song.” Your friend Maddie told you.

“Yeah, I just really liked this quote better. Also I thought I would be a little weird to quote my bo-” you cut yourself off from saying anymore.

Nobody but your parents,Tyler, Jenna, and his family knew about you and Josh’s relationship and you weren’t planning on telling anyone soon.

“Your what? Fantasy boyfriend Josh?” She teased.

“Yeah. Exactly.” You pushed it off not wanting to let it slip that you have been dating Josh for the past 15 months.

You had met Josh about over a year ago at a club. You were underage and used a fake I.D. to get in. You saw Josh from across the club and his bright pink hair caught your eye. He came over to you and started to talk to you and the both of you instantly had a connection. He didn’t know you were only 17 at the time until he asked if you wanted to head back to his place. That’s when you warned him that you were only 17. He didn’t care, because he wanted to get to know you more than to have sex with you. You were pretty mature for your age and the connection you two had made the age difference seem like nothing.

After hanging out and going on small dates for about 2 months Josh finally asked you out. You didn’t want to tell your parents, fearing they would say it was unacceptable that you were dating someone 10 years older than you. Josh insisted saying it was the right thing to do. They took it fairly well just warning Josh to not mess anything up.

Now 15 months into the relationship you were about to walk across the stage of you high school and be in the real world. You were excited, because that meant you and the yellow haired boy you loved so much can go far away for a bit together.

Your friends were all fans of Twenty One Pilots and whenever they brought them up you so badly wanted to talk about Josh. When your friend went on about how hot Josh was you got a bit jealous, but she didn’t know you were dating so you couldn’t be mad. When Josh went on tour you facetimed nightly and he made sure to stop by whenever he had a day off to see you. You and all your friends went to the concert that was closest to you and when you went missing after the show you had to come up with an excuse that you got sick and your mom came to pick you up, when really you were hanging out Tyler, Jenna, and Josh then later went to Josh’s hotel room for some “privacy”.

Everyone who knew about you two were super nice about it and often forgot you were still in high school. You talked about mature topics and you got along with everyone. Jenna and you were extremely close too. She always said you were like her long lost twin.

When you turned 18 Josh made sure to see you and spend as much time with you as possible. It was hard since he spent a lot of time on the road, but you didn’t mind, your facetime dates were always some of the best.

It was the night before your graduation and you were on the phone with Josh. It was one of your usual facetime dates. He was at the airport on his way back to you and you laid on your bed taking in the sight of your boyfriend.

“So you excited to graduate babe?” he asked.

“Yup, but I’m more excited to see you.” you said.

“I know. Only 11 hours, 45 minutes and 43 seconds.” Josh said looking down at his watch.

“That’s cute you have a count down.”

“I’m always counting down for you baby.” he said and you laughed.

“I love you, but it’s getting late and I should probably sleep.” you said while yawning.

“Alright. Good night love.” he said blowing you a kiss then hanging up.

You fell asleep and before you knew it the feeling of lips on your forehead woke you up.

“Josh.” you nearly tackled him with a kiss.

“Good morning beautiful.” he said before kissing you again.

“I’m so glad you’re here” you said hugging him close.

“I know and although I would love to hold you all day, it’s almost 10 and you need to get ready.” he said letting you go.

You frowned before walking over to your vanity where you started your makeup. After 2 hours of makeup, hair, and conversation you were finally ready.

“Wow, you look stunning.” Josh said before kissing your lips deeply, then there was a knock on your door and you mom came in.

“Sorry to barge in, but we have to go. Oh Josh It’s good to see you.” she said hugging Josh.

“You too. Now you heard her Y/N, go get our graduate butt in the car.” he said and you rolled your eyes while walking out of your bedroom and downstairs.

Once at the ceremony you had to part ways with Josh early and you left him with your parents. They all got along quite well so you had nothing to worry about. It was better if he wasn’t near you, because you didn’t want anyone knowing you were dating. You hoped nobody recognized him or asked who he was with.

You met up with a few friends and took a seat. After waiting for a while Maddie nudged you.

“Y/N look there is someone with Yellow hair over there.” she said pointing to Josh. “what if it’s Josh Dun.” she laughed.

“Maddie stop, why would Josh Dun be here.” you said then changed the topic again.

It was finally time for your name to be called so you could walk across the stage.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” the speaker said and many cheers were heard.

You knew Josh was cheering and it made you happy knowing he had come.

Once the rest of the ceremony ended you quickly found Josh and your family (thanks to his hair).

“Y/N congratulations.” Josh hugged you tight.

“Thanks, but keep it casual.” you whispered in his ear and he let go of you.

“So let’s get out of here before anyone recognizes Josh. We’ll do pictures back at home.” your dad said.

You and Josh walked back to the car distance between the two of you. It was times like these that it was hard to not be able to hold hands with your boyfriend or simply walk next to him, but it was better this way.

Once you got in the car you pulled out your phone that was buzzing like crazy.

There was a bunch of texts from your friend Maddie telling you to look at Josh’s snapchat story. You immediately opened snapchat and went to Josh’s snapchat story. There was a 10 second video of your name being called while you crossed the stage and him cheering.

“JOSH.” you said while hitting his knee.

“What?” he asked confused.

“Why did you put this on your story?” you asked while playing the video again.

“Oh shit. I meant to send that to Jordan and Ashley. I’ll take it down.”

“Josh I bet a lot of people already saw it. What are we going to do?” you aid franticly.

“I say just leave it. Let people guess who you are. I mean it’s only a matter of time before people catch on.” he said calmly, helping you calm down.

“You’re right. Plus people are just going to think I’m like your younger cousin or something. Which is gonna be weird when they find out we’re dating.” you said and Josh laughed.

“See it’ll all work out. Now let’s go back to your house and party.” he said pumping his fist in the air.

-2 months later-

“Y/N, I’m so glad you and Josh decided to make your relationship public. It’s so exciting being able to go out with the both of you and not have an awkward distance between the two of you.” Jenna told you.

“Yeah it’s great.” you said with a fake smiling.

“What’s wrong?” she asked sitting down next to you.

You sat there and listened to the song playing in the background for a minute before answering.

“Just people say things about us and our relationship and they don’t even know anything about me. People say I pay for Josh to date me and I’m probably a complete nag being 10 years younger than him and all.”

“You can’t listen to them. They all just want to be in your shoes. Josh loves you and you’re not a nag at all. I often forget you’re even younger than us. You’re very mature and I know for a fact that they don’t know the first thing about you. If they saw how much of a king you treat Josh, they would love you. I think once you give it some time, they will warm up to you.” Jenna told you and the music ended.

You saw the two boys running off stage so you stood. Josh opened his arms for a hug and you dodged him, but he still got a hold of you.

“Ew, you’re all sweaty and gross.” you whined trying to squirm out of his grasp.

“Say you love me and I’ll let go.” he told you and you laughed.

“I love you.” you rushed.

“Say it and mean it.” he told you.

“I love you.” you said slower then kissed him.

“That’s better.” he said letting you go.

“So adorable.” Tyler said walking away with Jenna following him.

No it was just you and Josh. well there were other people around, but it just felt like the two of you. It always did.

“I always mean it when I say it.” you said.

“I love you too.” he said kissing you again. “Now you need a shower and so do I. What do you say we save some water and take one shower.” he said with a smirk on his face pulling you along to the shower.

He really was your king and you were his queen. You didn’t care what his fans said. They didn’t understand and they never. They didn’t know you but Josh did and his opinion was the only one that mattered to you.

Summer Nights. {Rowaelin AU}

Okay. This is my end of a prompt exchange with @throne-of-ashes-and-beauty​ (read her end HERE), and follows the prompt: “The fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the apartment next door is standing next to me in his underwear,” with a Rowaelin pairing. It may not be my best work, but I think we can all agree that this gives us major Rowaelin feels.

Are we the only ones that picture Rowan as a boxer-brief guy?

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Aelin thought she was still dreaming when she heard the fire alarm, but her eyes opened to find the terrible truth: it was real. To her dismay, she rose from her bed, groggy and annoyed, and slipped on her flip flops before grabbing her phone off her nightstand and running out the door.

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Like In The Movies

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Words: 3147

A/N : and now everyone: ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE AND THIS IS NOT EDITED. Please keep that in mind. There are probably some mistakes.

the lovely @lovelydob and @morethanonefandom sent me some promts 💕😊I really hope you aren’t disappointed with this.. 

Thank you for giving me the courage to post this piggie  🐷💖you already know how much I love you @golddaggers


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Shattered Glass. [A Faded Epilogue]

A/N;This series has been my baby. I thought it had finished long ago but the story took on a life of it’s own. It’s time to close the book and bid a due to the story that started me down this path of writing. Thank you all so much for your kind words and encouragement over the course of 2016. I wish you all the happiness in the world and thank you. I love you all. xoxox Lau

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Request: Yes. 

Warnings: Smut.

Word count:  6,346

Part one.   Part two.   Part three.  Part four.  Part five.   Part six.  Part seven.  Part eight.  Part nine. 

Based on this song and this one

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If you’ve ever lost someone everyone will tell you that it gets better. That it will pass. You wanted to find anyone who had ever said that to anyone. You wanted to scream in their face that the hurt doesn’t fade, it doesn’t just disappear like it never happened. It’s like a wound that you can’t treat, the darkness gets inside it and it festers and you can feel it throb everyday. Now imagine that you had lost a lot, lost your friends, your family, your life. You lost yourself, now try and get the strength to go through that everyday whilst you can watch everybody around not even notice.  

If a girl screams behind glass can anybody hear her?  

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When EXO Wants Cuddles

This is my first EXO reaction that no one asked for!!  Please enjoy!

Contains: fluff / snuggling / kisses / warmness / cuddles

[  // Masterlist //  ]

//  Minseok

“There will be a “coffee of the week,” so I customers can try a new brew all the time,” Minseok said, continuing to dream about his future café as he held your hand.

“Hmmm, what else?” you asked, eyes half-opened, head resting on his shoulder.

“And there will be a tea of the week, for people like you,” he said looking down at you, referring to your distaste for coffee, even his.  “Do you want tea or bed?”

“Bed,” you said.

It had been a long day for you, and you passed out almost as soon as you hit the bed.  You felt Minseok get in next to you and pull you against him with an arm and a leg.

“Good night, Jagi,“ he whispered in your ear before placing a soft kiss on your neck.

You woke up feeling parched.  You were sure you could wriggle out of Minseok’s hold without waking him up, but you were wrong.

“Hn?  Stay,” he said, pulling you back with his leg.

“I’m really thirsty,” you said.

He sat up.  “Water or tea?“

“Just water.”

He came back with two glasses of water, and when you both were done drinking, he pulled you against him and stroked your hair as you lay on his chest.

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//  Junmyeon

EXO was about to tour in North America again, and Junmyeon came to you for help with his English vowel sounds.

“Not Chreestmas, it’s Christmas, with the short I sound.“


“Yeaaaaah, you got it!” you said with a long yawn.

“I think it’s time for bed.  You’ve been so helpful today, Jagi.”

You changed into the new silk pajamas he bought you and got into bed next to him.  Instead of the usual quick good night hug and kiss, Junmyeon pulled you close to him and placed his hand over your heart with a sad sigh.

“What’s the matter?” you asked.

“I was just thinking about how I’ll be leaving again soon… and Skype stopped working on my computer.”

“We can fix it by then… probably.”

“I can’t feel your heartbeat through Skype.”

At some point, you’d fallen asleep, and when you woke in the middle of the night, Junmyeon’s hand was still resting on you, and he was peacefully asleep until your stirring woke him.

“Jagiya?  What is it?”

“I’m getting a snack,” you said from the edge of the bed.

“No, no, you stay here, I’ll get it for you.  What do you want?”

He was back in a flash with a small bag of pretzel sticks.  Junmyeon kept trying to play the Pepero game with them, but you didn’t understand what he was doing.  He put his arm around you, took your chin, and guided you to bite the same pretzel that was in his mouth.

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//  Yixing

You had already gone to bed when he came home from the studio.  Normally, he would let you get your rest, but he was a little less than quiet as he changed clothes and climbed into bed.


“Oh, you’re awake,” he said with a livelier tone than you expected as he lay on his side.

“Did you just get home?  It’s almost 2AM!”  You rolled on your side to face him.

“I finished the song!”  He grinned so big you could see it in the dark.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!  When do I get to hear it?”

“As soon as we get some rest,” he said, taking your hand and kissing it over and over.  You loved it when he did this, and you could have sworn he fell asleep in the middle of it.

When you woke up again, it was an hour later and Yixing still had a gentle grip on your hand.  You could feel his soft exhales on your palm.

You slowly inched away, trying not to wake him, and left the room to go to the kitchen.

When you got back, Yixing was sitting up in bed with the lamp turned on, looking like he’d lost you at a big mall.

“Baobei, where did you go?”

“I just got some water,” you said, sitting back down.

He turned off the light and reached for your hand again, interlacing your fingers with his.  “Take me with you next time.  If you’re gone, I can’t hold your hand.”

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//  Baekhyun

“When will you be done?“ Baekhyun asked, sitting down next to you on the couch.

“I don’t know… it’s taking me way longer than I thought it would to get through this book.  Don’t wait for me, I’ll come to bed when I finish.”  It was going to be a long night.

“Orrr…” he began, scooting closer, “You could come read in bed?”

You sat up, still trying to tackle the tome from your reading list and Baekhyun slept soundly with his head in your lap.  He had fallen asleep shortly after you began petting his hair.

The book wasn’t interesting enough to keep you awake in the living room, much less in the bedroom.  It wasn’t long before you also fell asleep, sitting up, back against the headboard.

About an hour later, you woke up and realized you were still sitting upright and the lamp was on.  You put the book on the nightstand and reached to turn off the light, trying not to wake Baekhyun, but you had to move his head so you could lie down.

He looked at you with sleepy eyes as you replaced your lap with a pillow for him.

“Jaaagi, you need your rest,” he said groggily.

“I know, I’m resting now.”

“Good.”  Baekhyun kissed your cheek as you got comfortable and pulled your head to the crook of his neck.

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//  Jongdae 

Jongdae came home with sore legs from dance practice and he said was discouraged that he wasn’t learning the choreography as quickly as he wanted to.

“Aww, I’m sure you’re doing the best you can.  You’ve been improving so much, don’t think everyone hasn’t noticed.“

“We don’t have to talk about it, I just want to snuggle,” he said, reaching out for you.

“Wait, wait, shower first!” you laughed.

He took a quick shower and came out wearing a singlet and boxers, smelling like shampoo.

You gave him a short thigh massage to ease his soreness (literally can’t get over Jongdae’s thighs omg) and climbed under the covers.

“Thank you for the massage, Jagi,” he said into your hair as he pulled your back into his chest.

“Ahh waee~” Jongdae whined.

You had barely begun to get out of bed, and you found yourself being forced back against his chest.  He held you tightly around your waist with his strong arms (literally can’t get over his Jongdae’s omg).

“Don’t squeeze me, I need to pee!” you said.

Jongdae pushed you out of bed and said a little too loudly, “Hurry up!”

When you came back, he resumed aggressively cuddling you, squeezing you from behind, as if he couldn’t get close enough to you.  He gave you a few kisses behind your ear before he fell back asleep.

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//  Chanyeol

You sat in the living room, half asleep, waiting for him.  He’d promised he would come home early so you two could watch something before bed, but here you were, texting him to remind him to leave the studio.

By the time he got home, it was way too late to start a movie or even watch an episode of a show.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Jagi, it’s just I got so into the music, and got the harmonies just right, and I was on a roll with the lyrics and–”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, let’s just go to bed,” you told him, eyes half open.

Chanyeol felt very guilty since you wasted your evening waiting for him.  You could tell, because instead of just letting you sleep like normal, he sat on the bed, pulled you against his chest, and quietly hummed a song you’d never heard, probably the one he’d been working on for the past seven hours.

His soothing, deep voice combined with your exhaustion put you to sleep.

You didn’t remember falling asleep, but you had forgotten to change into your pajamas and now you felt uncomfortable.

When you lifted your head from the pillow, you were startled when you were engulfed from behind by four long limbs.

Kajima.  Mianhae.” Chanyeol whispered into your ear.  “Don’t go.  I’m sorry.”

“I’m literally coming right back.  I don’t want to sleep in jeans.”

Even after explaining, it took him a moment to release you.  And as soon as you were back on the bed, he had you in a tight hold with his arms and legs that couldn’t possibly be comfortable for him.

“Chan, don’t worry, I’m not upset.”

Chanyeol let out a sigh of relief and adjusted so you were both more comfortable.

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//  Kyungsoo

You came home to find the house smelling like your favorite food.  You went into the kitchen where Kyungsoo was turning off the stove.

“I didn’t expect you to be home!” you said and kissed his cheek.

He explained that he was ready to go earlier, but his schedule got all mixed up and his appointments would all be delayed to tomorrow and later in the week.

“So, I decided to take my frustration out on this,” he said with a small smile, and you smiled back.

The meal was delicious, and instead of saving some for later, you both ate everything he had made.

“Soo, you’ve given me the itis!” you said holding your tummy.

“The itis?”

“It’s when you get really sleepy after a big meal,” you explained with a yawn.

Kyungsoo nodded and led you to the bedroom.  You both quickly changed into pajamas and climbed into bed, Kyungsoo opening his arms to invite you to lie on his chest.

In the middle of the night, you realized with a jolt that you’d forgotten to do something.  You tried to get up without waking Kyungsoo, but he reached for your hand and put it back over his heart.

“We forgot to set an alarm,” you whispered.

He gave you a sleepy nod and you got your phone.  He told you what time his first appointment was and you set an alarm early enough for him to have enough time to get ready, have breakfast, and cuddle some more, if he wanted.

You set the phone on the dresser so you’d have to get out of bed to turn it off and walked back to the bed.  As soon as you sat back down, Kyungsoo pulled you back against his chest, rubbed your back, and kissed your forehead.

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//  Jongin

You and Jongin walked into the house feeling exhausted after the multiple adrenaline rushes you had while playing with the dogs at the animal shelter.

He flopped down on the couch and let you shower first.  While he was in the shower, you made ramyeon for both of you and you ate it together.

Jongin looked at the clock.  It was 10PM.  “…Want to just go to bed?”

The two of you sat holding your phones, going through each other’s photos of the dogs, comparing to find the best shots of each one.  He giggled nonstop at all the funny poses and faces that you two had captured.  At some point, Jongin had put his arm around you and left it there.

When your yawns became more frequent, you turned off the lamp.  “Let’s sleep.”  He put his other arm around you and pulled you backward onto the pillows.  You fell asleep in his gentle embrace.

Sometime around 4AM, you had a craving for something salty, and figured you could leave the bed without stirring Jongin.  You were right, and tiptoed to the kitchen.

But when you came back, he immediately said, startling you, “Come back!”

“I just went to get a snack.”

“…Did you get me any?”

You shared your bag of crackers with him, feeding yourself one, then feeding him one until they were all gone.

Jongin pulled you back down against him, kissed you, and patted your back until he fell back asleep.

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//  Sehun

You found Sehun in the bathroom, clothes soaked through as he bathed Vivi in the tub.

“Do you need help?” you asked with a laugh.

“No, he’s clean now…” Sehun sighed.  “I don’t know what’s got him so bothered… it’s been a long day.”

“Yeah, it has.  Come to bed when you’re done.”

You were half asleep when you heard Sehun open the bedroom door, shuffle out of his wet clothes, and climb into bed.  He reached over you and pulled himself closer to you, causing you to wake up a bit.  You leaned into his embrace and rested your head against his.

Several hours later, you woke up with his arm still over you, and you tried to move without disturbing him, but he clutched your side when he felt you rolling away.

“Nooo,” he groaned.

“I’m just going to the bathroom.”

“Can you take Vivi outside too then?”

You hadn’t planned on it, but you said, “Fine.”

“And make sure he stays away from the mud.”

You sighed.  “Of course.”

“Thank you, Jagi~ ♡“ he said, kissing your cheek before you left the room.

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A Bite Of Sin (M)

Genre: Smut, vampire!AU, (a bit of angst?)
Word count: 4748
Description: After one fateful accident your entire life changes, but so does Jimin, leaving you bitter and lonely until you both break down.
Warnings: Mature content
Author’s note: Inspired by Jimin in BST MV (his outfit was screaming vampire to me ><). Also I started writing this yesterday without even realizing that today is his birthday, so great timing getting inspired! #HappyJiminDay everyone!

You had known Jimin for a couple of years already, when you actually got to know the real him. Who knows if he would have ever shared his secret if it wasn’t for that one fateful day.

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Overboard | 4

It’s too much, feels like I’m drowning without your love…

Intro: When you’re on a cruise ship to get away from life, the first thing on your mind isn’t to find love. That is, until you met him. Part 1 2 3

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It started out as any other day. I woke up had my coffee and went to school. It was about 2nd period when i first felt the urge to pee but i wanted to hold it because the bathrooms at my school are gross. It was 8th period and i really had to go but i clenched by legs on the bus hoping i would make it to home. The bus stopped and i felt my bladder was about to explode. i waddled home but with each step i found myself getting closer to wetting my self. I open the door of my house to see nobody is home. I walk to bathroom thinking my bladder could burst any second. I open the door to the bathroom and i can feel pee dripping into my panties. Luckily i was wear a cute, plaid skirt so i lifted it up, sat on the seat, and peed into the toilette through my panties. Instead of feeling disgusted i found my self actually enjoying the piss running though my panties. It felt so warm and right.all that warm piss really felt good. I should clean up these panties. Better take a shower in these panties to make sure there is no pee stain. This shower feels like the piss that was running down my panties. well time to throw these in washing machine. (the next day) I wake up today want to wet my panties again. However, i get my coffee this fine tuesday. I get dressed with blue and green plaid skirt i own and shove off to school. It was the time between first and second period i get the urge to pee. I hold it all the way to 8th period. I squeeze my legs holding the pee in while on the bus. it stops and i almost squirt. I waddle home and into the bathroom. I push up my skirt and wet my panties again. oh it felt so nice. this goes one till friday. about 4pm on friday i get another urge to pee. this is great since no one will be home today. I hold it till 1am when i get the idea ill pee my panties standing up this time. So i go to the bathroom and step in the tub. then i just let loose the warm piss going in and down my panties. It then goes down my leg. I was filled with such sexual arousal that i ejaculated soon after. After i cleaned up i checked my phone to tell me that my parents will be gone this weekend. This was going to be an awesome, wet, and warm weekend.So i slept in to about 12pm. I awoke with the urge to pee but i was going to  hold it for as long as i could. since no one was there i decided to wear panties and a t-shirt. I went downstairs to eat some cereal. Afterwards i turned on the tv. My urge to pee was getting really bad so i grabbed my computer and started watching a movie. about midway through the movie my bladder had enough and wet my panties without me initiating it. It was pure ecstasy. I got cleaned up and decided to go out to dinner. I went to my favorite fast food place. I decided to get 3 large refills of some mountain dew. As you can imagine i really had to pee but i went to my house. I then dropped my pants but before that i put on 2 more panties over my panties that i had been wearing. I then went to the tub and wet myself. as my panties filled with piss it felt even better with the extra thickness. I cleaned up my self and head off to bed. I awoke that sunday morning with another urge to pee but like i had been doing for the past week i held it in. When i felt that i couldn’t hold it any longer i headed to the bathroom and got the idea to add a pad to my panties. THen i just let go my pad more slowly filling up was arousing. I then started to press the bad against my skin and it felt so good. I then started to masturbate with it and it was a very pleasing experience This was the best wetting yet. As i was cleaning up i thought to my self would a diaper be even more pleasing than just a pad. so i went on a website to get a free sample of a diaper.It says the diaper sample will be her in 2-3 days. Well i better be off to bed. I wake get my coffee and i go to school. I feel the urge the pee just as 1st period is about to end. I keep on holding it all the way until i get home. I rushed towards the bathroom pull up my skirt and release my pee into my panties. I let out a big sigh of satisfaction. I then here my mom comment “oh you must of had to go.” I forgot she was off today so I nervously say “yeah, you know the bathrooms at school.” She then goes “yeah, i know.” I say let out of sigh of relief but then i realize my ordeal is  not over. My panties our soaking wet with my pee. I grab the toilet paper and try to dry my panties. It stops dripping and i decide to get a shower to cover my wet panties. I then grab the towel making sure the panties i soaked are covered. My mother then questions why i took a shower so early. I just say “oh i got really sweaty during gym class.” She then says “id do that to.” I couldn’t believe i was getting away with this. I then shove my panties under my bed and went to do some homework.I get home from school with a full bladder. I look around the house to make sure that nobody is their. As i walk upstairs i can feel my bladder on the edge of collapse. I walk towards the bathroom with a few drops of pee making their way into my panties. I dropped my pants and sat on the toilet and let go. It felt so good and all my anxiety was relieved. as i was enjoying the aftermath and the warm and wet panties i had on i heard the door bell go off. It must have been my diaper samples. I can’t wait to try them. So i go downstairs get my diaper sample and walk back up to my room and hide the sample under my bed. I then drink some diet mountain dew till i get the urge to pee. I wait till i can’t hold it anymore and i grab my sample diaper and put it on.This is going to be awesome. I have my diaper on and i am about to explode. I keep holding in that pee. Oh this is going to feel so good. Oh it is starting to drip. Oh i am getting squirts. Oh now i just lost it. oh it feels so good that pee. oh my diaper is starting to sag. oh it is still going. Ahh ahh. Oh that felt so good. I am just going to rub my diaper against my body. oh ooh. (1 hour passes)  I guess i should clean up. I take my diaper off and wipe down my diaper area with some baby wipes. I then put my diaper in a garbage bag. and i throw it into the dumpster of the apartment plane next to my house.Oh that diaper wetting was the most pleasuring experience of my life. How can i afford to keep this going? I don’t have a job and my money that i do have will run out fast. oh what do i do. Maybe i can convince my parent to buy them for me but to do that i would have to convince them i need them and i am not just faking it. I take my computer out and research how some people get wet themselves by accident. I research that some people who wet into their teens can suddenly start wetting themselves again at night. THis is great because i wet myself till i was 13 and 7 months. So just before bed i drink a lot of water before bed. I set my alarm to wake me up at 3:30am. I lay my head down to sleep and wake up at 3:30am with the urge to pee. I turn off my alarm quickly and lay my head back onto the pillow. Then i just release my piss. I feel it trickle down my panties down into my back. I start to feel my piss is making a puddle. I start to fidget in the puddle oh it feels so good. After wards i fall asleep and awaken the next morning.My mother comes in only to see me in puddle of my own piss. I said i just had an accident. She tells me to get a shower. so i walk towards the shower with a smile on my face. I go to school come back with a full bladder and i wet my panties again. it felt so good. I eat dinner and i head up to bed. I set my alarm for 3am. I wake up at 3am to create a puddle of my piss. I then fall asleep again. This repeats for a few days until my mother buys me some diapers for me to piss in at night. my plan was a success.So it finally friday after school i can just enjoy myself. I walk into my house to see that nobody is their. I walk up to my bathroom with a full bladder of course. I Walk towards the toilet i lift up the seat and my dress. I wait there for about 15 minutes and my desperation was severe. I managed to hold out another 2 minutes before i burst and wet myself. I think to my self i have really got good at holding. Anyways, I eat dinner and i head up stairs and i let out a quick pee in my panties. I then take a shower. It bed time so i put on my diaper and set my alarm for 3pm. I awaken suddenly and see that it is 2:34am. I wonder why i woke up and then it hit me. I wet my diaper on accident. Have I trained my bladder to release pee at night?My diaper was wet and i did not voluntarily wet it. I decide to sleep on the matter. I wake up with a note on my desk telling me that my parents will be gone for the weekend. This is such good news it means i can wear my wet diaper anywhere. Wait! That means i could wet it again. I had the urge to pee when i woke up but i decide to hold it longer. It felt really good constantly feeling the wetness and sag of my diaper. It was about lunch time and i decide to wet my diaper. It was even better wetting it a second time all the wetness becoming warm again and my diaper sagging even more. I though why not wet it a third time.I had some nice sweatpants on when i got the urge to pee my diaper a third time. This was going to be great but i held it till i couldn’t hold it anymore. I started to feel the wetness becoming warmer my diaper starting to sag. but then something unexpected happened. i felt my piss going into my pants and i couldn’t stop. i rush to the bathroom while piss was filling my pants. I get to bathroom but its too late i have pissed my diaper so full that it leaked into my pants. I look in the mirror and it looked like i just pissed myself. So i take off my diaper and take a shower with my pants still on. I then take them off and put them in the washing machine. I then put them in the dryer. I then got some mexican to eat that night. after dinner i check the dryer to see that my pants show no pee stains. I was so relieved. I watch some tv till about 1 am. I put on my diaper and go to sleep. I awaken at 2:57am with my diaper wet. I think, with horror, i am incontinent when i am asleep. I force myself to sleepI awaken that sunday morning with another wet diaper i didn’t pee in voluntary. I get out of bed to feel that sag and wetness. I decide that i will pee like a normal person and do it the toilet today. So i take off my diaper and get my clothes on. It is about lunch time when i have the urge to pee. i get up and walk towards the bathroom about halfway their i lose control of my bladder and i piss myself. I collapse into a puddle of my own piss and cry. I can’t even control my pee during the daytime. I rush towards my bathroom take a shower and wash off all the piss. I then put my cloths in the washer. I then rush over and i get a diaper on. I order some Chinese for dinner. I finish and i get the urge to pee. I think that wetting incident earlier today was just a fluke. I get to the bathroom door my diaper still dry. I take it off and let the piss go into the toilet. I felt so relieved in more ways than one. I get up and put my diaper back on. I go to bed and fall asleep. I awake with an extreme urge to pee. I waddle towards my bathroom. I take off my diaper. I close my eyes and let the piss go into the toilet. I open my eyes only to realize that was a dream and i did indeed wet my diaper again. I had to confess to myself that i have no bladder control at night.I awake that morning with a wet diaper. I take it off and dispose of it. I then get ready for school. I try to forget what happened that weekend. I go and get through my classes. I get on the bus and i go home. I walk in the door and my mother is home. I get an urge to pee. I rushed towards the bathroom only to wet myself. My mother comes down to see what is up and she sees me standing in a puddle of my pee. She tells me to take a shower. As i get out she tells me that you are going to the doctors to figure out was is wrong. She drives me to the doctors. The doctor does his examinations. He comes into say that i have rare genetic condition brought on by stress. He says once you get this disease it can be years till you cure yourself of it. That means i will be in diapers for years 24/7.I get home from my doctors appointment. I get on a diaper. I just sit in my bed for the rest of the day. I don’t even go down for dinner. I felt an urge to pee and a few seconds later i wet my diaper. I then change myself into a new diaper and i go to bed. With no surprise i awaken that morning with a wet diaper. I then change myself. I get ready for the day. I walk out the door with a crinkle sound every time i walk. I go to my classes till lunch. I walk towards my friends as nothing is wrong. I eat my lunch when i get the urge to pee. I quickly go to the bathroom. Fortunately no one is their. I go into the stall and lock the door. I then pull the seat up. I thought to my self i am not going to wet my diaper this time. I started to take off diaper when i lost control and wet in it. Oh why couldn’t i hold it. I take it off and stick it into the toilet and put on a new diaper. I walk out of the bathroom with a fresh diaper.People are to notice that diaper i left in the toilet. I walk towards my next class hoping not to make my diaper crinkle. I get into my next class and sit down without everyone hearing it. When my teacher says their is a pop quiz today. I think to myself i cannot afford another bomb quiz. As i realized that i pissed into my diaper. Oh god now i am wet. I go to the bathroom after the quiz. Luckily, no one was in their but i got the urge to pee again and wet my diaper again. It was really sagging now. I rush towards the toilet and release my diaper into the toilet. I freshen up and put on new diaper. I walk out. I get on the bus after my last class. I get off the bus and  i started to walk home. I think to myself how am i going to keep hiding this as i wet my diaper. Why can’t i just hold it. I just need to calm myself down and research some calming down techniques. I get home and my mom left a note saying that the doctor called. The doctor gave me the worst news i will be using diapers for the rest of my life and if i get really stressed i could start poop uncontrollably to. I think to my self i just need to keep moving with my life. This is not going to stop me. Ha look at that! That was some stressful news and i didn’t wet my diaper again. So i go up to my room and change into a fresh diaper. I keep on going till friday hiding my diaper when its wet or dry. My mom tells me she and dad is going going to be going away for the weekend.I wake up that saturday morning with a wet diaper. so i go change into a new one. My phone starts to ring. So i pick it up and say hello. It was a guy that i liked. He said he wanted to take me on a date sunday. I say of course i will. I hang up the phone and i didn’t even notice that i wet my diaper. So i put on a new one. I then go to my room and get on my computer and i grab dildo and i start to masturbate. I look up some porn and i get going. I then leave the dildo in their when i am about to ejaculate. I release the dildo and ejaculate into my diaper. then i just played with my diaper for a few minutes. I decided that i would pee in before i threw it away. I order some mexican food and eat it. Then i got a sudden urge to poop. I think to myself if i am going to poop my diaper on occasion i mine as well experience it now while i am alone. I keep waiting till i can’t hold it anymore and release the poop into my diaper. It made it so heave and warm. I play with my diaper for a few minutes and i get the urge to pee so i release it. Know its wet, warm, sticky and heavy. It felt so good.So there i was standing in my soiled and pissed diaper. It felt really good. All heavy and warm. I played with it for about 30 minutes. I then decided to change my self. I put on a super thick diaper that i was sampling. I got to admit it is really bulky but it is some comfortable. I decide to drinks some pop. I wet my self soon after i am done with my first one. I keep the diaper on so i can keep wetting it. I drink some water and i wet it again and again. Man this diaper can hold a lot. i decide to push it till its limit. I order some Chinese for dinner. After wards i wet it again. Wow for wets and it is still not leaking. Oh it is really heave and sagging right. now. I keep on going and drink some pop. I wet my self again. It just started to leak a little. It is sagging so much that you can see it under my skirt. I decided to change into some sweats and keep my 5 time use diaper on. I eventually get an urge to go. I walk into the bathroom and stepped into the bath tub with my heavy, warm and sagging diaper. I then release my pee into it. It starts to leak about half way though my wetting. I just stood there enjoying the diaper getting heavier and piss going down my legs and onto my pants. Oh this felt so good. I then decided to sit down and play with my diaper. I made it leak more and the piss went into my pants. I took off my shirt and bra and rolled around in my piss with my wet diaper and sweats on it felt so good. I did this till i got the urge to poop. So i just let it go into my diaper. I then smashed my poop. I was so tired that i decide just to lay down in my piss puddle. I just lay there till i get an urge to pee. I just let it go and my diaper immediately leaking into my pee soaked pants. it felt so good.So i sat their it a really overused diaper. I enjoy it for few more minutes then i get up and take my diaper off. I clean up which was no small task. I really had to scrub to get all my piss and poop out. That was not the last of my troubles. I had to get the stink of my pleasuring out. It took some intense scrubbing, some air freshener, and opening the windows but it was done. So i put my self in another diaper and decide to get some dinner.Tomorrow was my date so i need to pick a dress that was cute and that hid my diaper. I eventually picked out a nice black and white dress. It was cute and the white should be enough to camouflage my diaper. So the door bell rings and i take my dinner. As i eat it i start to think about how my date will go. What will we do? Where would  we go? It was going to be great. THen i thought to myself what if he saw my diaper or i pissed and he heard. This tension made me wet my diaper. I go to my room to get changed and then it hits me if he found out would he tell everyone at school? I started to imagine how my life would fall apart if he told everyone. Then suddenly i soiled my diaper. This time it didn’t feel so good. but i changed myself into a new one. I then came up with a plan. If he ever finds out i can merely tell hime that it is a condition and not by choice and if he doesn’t break up with me i know he will be the one. Though i may not always wet my diaper voluntary it still gives me pleasure. I think to myself he will eventually find out but i want him to find out on my own terms. I tuck myself into my bed and i decide to watch some tv. I decide to watch a horror movie. Unavoidably, It caused me to wet myself. I decided not to change since i am going to need the diapers i have left for my date. I then fall asleep.I wake up with some regret because it appears that i wet diaper during the night and leaked into my be. Before i cleaned up i decide to enjoy it by feeling up my diaper and and squirming in my pee puddle. I then got up and changed into a new diaper. I then cleaned up my bed. I go through my day waiting for Matt to pick me. I mentioned that was his name right? no? Oh well. It was about an hour till my date so i put my make-up on. I then put on my dress and tested it out so he would not see my diaper. I hear the doorbell ring. He says hello and that i look beautiful. I smile and then we go to his car. He says that we are going to dinner and a movie. I liked the sound of this date so far. We get to  Vitello’s which my favorite italian restaurant. We sit down and begin to talk and he was very charming. I almost forgot that i had to be careful to not reveal that i wear diapers. I decide to order some some spaghetti. I know its a standard dish but it was always my favorite dish. We left once he paid the bill. We went to our local theater and we saw The Day of Fire. It was an apocalypse movie and then i thought he must have been talking to my friends no way he would take me to my favorite restaurant and take me to a movie i wanted to see. I didn’t tell what i thought because i wanted to give the satisfaction of planning a very good date. About half way though the movie he held my hand and i couldn’t stop wetting myself. Luckily he didn’t hear my wetting. I stay in my wet diaper till the movies ends and i then tell hime i need to go to the bathroom. So i go to the bathroom and change my diaper. I then drink some water from the water bottle i had in my bag. He then takes me home and at the door he kissed me. It was so nice but then i realized it was going to cause me to wet my self again. so i said good bye. I went in and waddled to the bathroom but i wetted my self before i could get their. That was my last regular diaper. Looks like i need to wear that other super thick diaper diaper i have. It was only ten so i decide to to watch some tv and drink a smoothie that i had. As i was watching i kept thinking how perfect our date was. I eventually wetted myself just thinking about it. Since this diaper is super thick i did need to worry about it leaking when i wet myself while i sleep.

I awake that monday morning with my diaper wet and heavy. My mom managed to pick me some diapers. Today was in service day for my high school so i had the whole day to my self so i didn’t bother changing my diaper just yet. I decide to get some cereal for breakfast. I then go back to my room where i receive a text from Matt. He said how awesome it was taking me to dinner. As i thought about it i wetted myself. We kept text for an hour and then he said he had to go to work. It was about lunch time when i got the urge to pee so i release it into my diaper. I figured its time to change since it will probably leak if i pee in it again but i decided i would keep it on because i like the warm and heavy feel to it. It was about 3pm and i decide i should change it now since my mom will be here in an hour. So i changed and enjoyed having a fresh diaper on. My phone started to buzz. it was matt. he wanted to take me out on another day! That is going to be so awesome. He set the date for next friday at 6pm. It should be great!I awoke friday morning with my diaper wet. It was going to a great day. So i changed myself and got ready for the day. I got to school and went to my first period. Then i went to my second period but on the way there Matt said he had something awesome planned. I got home and i decided to pick out a dress to where for the date but as i looked for a dress there was none. Oh no! How am i going to hide my diaper this time? Oh i wetted myself. So i change my self and look for ways to hide my diaper. One pair of jeans was perfect it made my diaper look like it wasn’t there. I then picked out a nice shirt to wear. THen i waited till 7pm where i heard the doorbell. It was Matt. He said i looked cute in my outfit. I thanked him. We We went out to dinner and then to his house where we watched movies. It was great. I then go home and lay on my bed. Then horror struck my face. I left my bag with my diapers at his house. I peed and soiled my diaper. I got a text from matt saying that i he would give my bag back to me at tomorrow. I said not to look and he said of course. I said why not come over and we can hang for a while. I could only hope his curiosity would not get the best of him.So Matt came over and i said lets watch some tv. We talked and talked. We laughed. We both knew we loved each other. It was about 8pm. Matt turned to me he said that he accidentally knocked the bag on the floor. Horror filled my face and i released some pee into my diaper. He said that he notched the diapers that where in their. I said oh my god i can explain. I said i have a rare genetic condition called. He then interrupted me and said UDS? I know i have it too and i am glad i have finally found a girl who has it too. Wow i think i have finally found the one. I told him come to my room. He followed me and i could hear the hissing of him peeing his diaper. I said lets do it in our diapers. He said that was the kinkiest thing he could think of. So we had sex in our wet diapers for an hour. We both ejaculated. Then we just laid there. I said that was great and we kissed. He then said i know this might be weird but he asked if he could change me. I said Hell yes. It was so great having someone undo the tape and take off your diaper slowly and then put on a fresh one. I then kissed him and said no its your turn. I take off his diaper and put on a new one. Then we just laid there. We turned to each other and said I love you to each other. We where both so moved that we wet are diapers again so we changed each other again. I knew he was going to be great.( 5 years later)

We both lie their in our apartment. Wow i am so glad i found you matt. He said love you let get it on. I was like sorry i already have a ring. We both laughed because he was one to give it to me. We went to our room and took off all our clothes and left our diapers on we started to make out. We wet are diapers and began to have some diaper sex. It was great. We got into such intense passion that we eventually ripped off each others diapers and had normal sex. It was great and i knew we where going to happy forever with each other.

Blind As A Bat

You have had a long week trying to prepare for a presentation that was supposed to be the turning point in whether you could be promoted as your company’s director. Hell, you’ve been having a long week for the past three months trying to get this shit together. You’ve worked so hard for the company that when they offered you to do this job, you couldn’t say no.

Although Jay has been expressing his support for your career, you couldn’t help but feel guilty about not being able to spend time with him as much as you’d like. He was busy too with the new ventures he’d setup apart from his label. You were scared that work would eventually put a wedge between your relationship.

“I hate adulting,” you sighed as you and him were working through your breakfast on the kitchen counter.

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