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“I woke up for this? Ugh.” LadyNoir, please. :)

“I woke up for this?” Chat Noir yawned. “Ugh.”

“Someone’s a grumpy kitty,” Ladybug teased, ruffling his hair. 

He leaned into her touch with a sigh, eyes sliding closed. “Sorry. I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m exhausted.”

“Hopefully we can end this soon and get you back to sleep.” She pulled away slightly and leaned over the edge of the roof. “Do you see the akuma?”

Chat Noir bumped his head against her hand with a grunt.

Ladybug laughed, scratching lightly behind his ears. “Come on, Chat, we need to focus.”

“Fine, fine,” he grumbled, gazing over the edge. “Are you sure there’s an akuma? It’s seems pretty quiet out.”

Ladybug frowned. “Tikki said there was one but she was acting a kinda funny, now that I think about it.”

“Yeah, Plagg was being weird too, but to be fair, he’s always a little weird.” Chat Noir yawned again, eyelids heavy. “Should we patrol?”

“You look like you’re about to drop.”

“It’s a possibility,” he admitted.

“Why don’t you go home? I’ll do a patrol just to check but I think maybe our kwamis were mistaken this time.”

“I’m not leaving you. What if there actually is an akuma?”

“Then it’s a quiet one,” she shrugged. 

“Maybe we can just stay here for a few minutes and see if anything happens,” he suggested, taking her hand and leading her to the low wall by the roof door. The sat down and Chat Noir placed Ladybug’s hand on his head. She chuckled softly and began to massage his scalp, paying special attention to the junction where the black ears sprouted from his hair. A deep purr rumbled from his chest as he leaned into her touch, eyes closing.

“I needed this,” he whispered.

Ladybug paused for a moment. “What?”

“Time with you,” he replied, voice dreamy. Within seconds, his breathing evened out and he was asleep. 

Ladybug’s fingers stilled and she carefully pulled her hand out of his hair but let it drift down to grip his shoulder, holding him close to her. “Spots off.”

Tikki appeared in front of her with a sly smile. “How very interesting.”

“I knew there was no akuma,” Marinette accused, keeping her voice low. “What’s going on?”

“Plagg and I have been communicating and he said Chat was having a really hard time with nightmares. He suggested getting you together at night and seeing if he could get some rest.”

Marinette looked down at his head resting on her shoulder. “He does seem exhausted.”

“I think bad things are coming, Marinette. Chat’s going to need you.”

“He’ll have me,” she promised. “Always.”

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An awesome incest taboo experience! A new beginning...

I am a 19 y/o girl living with my dad for the last 2 years, after mom divorced him. One night I there was a thunder and lightning which scared the hell out of me. I got up and ran to my dad’s room and cuddled up with him. It was then that I realized that i was only in my slip-on and not wearing undergarments. He did not realize it until about an hour later. He was hugging me in sleep. I was fast asleep, when I felt him straining against me, pressing his hard-on on my crotch. I woke up and felt his naked body hugging me and also that he had lifted my slip and caressing my boobs. For a minute or two, I felt odd. A strange feeling. But then he knew I was awake and started kissing my lips. Spontaneously I responded to his kiss, opening my mouth and sucking his tongue. He swiftly got up and took off my slip. From that moment on, I was so turned on as if it were my lover. I was a virgin until that night, about 3 weeks ago. We never spoke a word, but the kissing , touching, foreplay went on for over an hour. He fingered my pussy and uttered or rather whispered “…oh you are still a virgin it looks like…” and then went down on me, licking my pussy, sucking on my clitoris. I came at least once and then he entered me. It was a sharp needle prick or pain and I held him tight, moaning and crying a little out of pain. He did not stop, though he slowed down. About 20 minutes inside me, he came in me… and so did I. The next morning we made love again. Since then I sleep with him and we make love like any other couple. Taboo…? well i do not feel any taboo as I am an adult, was not forced into having sex with my dad. We are a happy couple planning a honeymoon trip next week. 

I love you J…  

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Today I woke up super sick but couldn't call in since I was working opening (6) and you can't call in on opening shifts. There was supposed to be 3 other people opening and noone showed. Every horrible customer in town showed though. I got my entire ass chewed by a grown man and had two grown adults get into a physical fight. I was supposed to get off at 11, and no other workers showed up until 2. So I couldn't even leave until 2 and didn't get a single fucking break.

I was being robbed with a gun for candy and my old principal gave no shits and I cried because I’m a loser. Then I remembered I was late for my train home and it was snowing in May and the whole station was just covered in snow and I climbed this huge mountain of it only to realize that the train departed on the other rails. Then I woke up feeling stupid.

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I just woke up from a really weird dream where Stan and Richie were at Walmart and Richie turned into a muppet but instead of helping him Stan was just like 'I can find a new boyfriend' and fucking left him


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wow i can't believe finn wolfhard dropped a spoiler for the wheeler parents in season 3!!!!!!!

Ted Wheeler, Season 3, Episode 1: ‘sup guys! day one of vlogging! just woke up in the bathtub! also did i mention i just woke up in the bathtub? *nervous giggle* that’s because my ex-wife karen put me out, took the dog, took the house, and now i’m staying in the bathtub uhhh it’s cool!

Aside from the sadness/disappointment/self-deprecation induced tears, from canon we know that Bakugou is an angry crier, Kirishima a sympathetic crier and Kaminari a stress crier, which, when you really think about it, means that once one of them starts crying the possibility of all three of them ending up in tears is pretty high


The Punisher + Thor Ragnarok

How the team finds out Lance is Bi

*teams is at a male only populated planet*

Shiro: I wonder why there’s only males here.

Hunk: At least, I think they’re all males?

Pidge: *nods* Yeah, Allura and Coran both told us that this is a male dominate planet.

Keith: *I don’t know, he just, licks his knife or something edgy like that*

Shiro: Lance? Are you okay? You’ve been unnaturally quiet.

Lance: *folds hands, crouches down, and deeply inhales*

Team: ……

Aliens: …..


Keith: jeSUS CHRIST!

Hunk: *whispers* hallelujah it’s raining men

Lance: AMEN!!!